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In today's CMU Daily:
- Piracy galore
- Great White survivors kick off massive lawsuit
- Digital music player sales to boom
- Dirty Vegas return
- Ozzfest edit out anti-Bush snippets from video
- Pogues tour
- New specialist schedule kicks off at Radio 1
- Sacha Distel dies
- Jerry Goldsmith dies
- Single Review: Antihero - Don't Trust The Dj
- Wyclef Jean to stage peace gig in Haiti
- Napster to be promoted through News Corp papers
- Ozomatli let off SXSW charges
- LIVID festival cancelled
- Melua concerned after life plan goes on sale on eBay
- Mint group ready to relaunch legendary Camden venue
- Embrace tour
- Top media lawyer to aid Timberlake in his lawsuit against NoW



Shoreditch's 'Music Drink Food' kewl venue hosts the Champion Sound Friday night once again with Resin Dogs, DJ Friendly, and still upcoming UK hip-hopsters The Nextmen. Resin Dogs are a 'live' breaks outfit from Australia and at least one person has told me they were just amazing at the Brisbane leg of The Big Day Out playing with all manner of beats in a funky flow. Friendly is putting out stuff on TCR, and has featured on Paul Arnold's Fat! records compos - and apparently he's OK on the 1s and 2's. And finally Nextmen, on Scenario records, will no doubt be getting the crowd seriously involved. All in all, should be a goodun.
Fri 23 Jul, 8pm-3am, Cargo, 63 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2, £6 b4 9, £10


We promised you piracy news, and when do we ever not deliver on a promise (no, don't answer that question)? The International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry launched their latest piracy report yesterday and it made for gloomy reading, unless you count the fact that in percentage terms the piracy sector grew less in 2003 than in 2002 as positive (down from 14% to 4%) - but it still grew. In fact a third of all CDs sold around the world are now pirated copies, costing the music industry $4.5 billion a year.

The report highlighted the ten countries it reckons harbours the most prolific piracy sectors, and the IFPI will now put pressure on those countries' governments to take action. The list includes Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan, Ukraine and Spain.

Launching the report IFPI boss Jay Berman told reporters: "Commercial music piracy dominates large swathes of the world's music markets, despite an encouraging slowdown in growth in 2003. This illegal trade is funding organised crime, fuelling widespread corruption and costing governments hundreds of millions of dollars in lost taxes. The responsibility is now on governments - and especially in the 10 priority countries - to act decisively against the problem."

The IFPI are confident the decline in growth of the piracy sector is in part down to their various anti-piracy efforts - which include forensic techniques that match CDs with specific manufacturing plants and the use of Interpol's new Fighting Fund set up to tackle intellectual property theft. While acknowledging that piracy "would never completely disappear", Berman says that if the various governments assist them in their ongoing work he is confident the piracy problem can be reduced in the next few years.


Lawyers representing 226 people yesterday issued a lawsuit in relation to the tragic club fire that took place during a Great White gig in Rhode Island last year. Representing most of those who survived the fire, and the relatives of those who died, the suit sues the venue owners, Great White, the local fire inspector and the State.

The fire, in Feb 2003, was caused when pyrotechnics used during a Great White gig set fire to flammable sound proofing materials. 100 peopled died, including Great White guitarist Ty Longley. Ever since the fire there has been disagreement between the band and the venue as to whether or not the pyros display was ever given the go-ahead.

The lawsuit isn't the first to be filed relating to the fire, although it is by far the biggest. It is likely that all the cases, while filed with the local State courts, will be moved to the Federal courts because they involve numerous defendants based all over the US.

The venues owners Jeffrey and Michael Derderians and Great White's manager Dan Biechele also face criminal charges over the incident, though all three have pleaded innocent and await trial.


If you like proving stats people wrong then you're going to have to resist the temptation to buy a digital music player. A new report by Informa Media reckons 10 million people will buy an MP3 player of some description this year, and that by the start of 2005 21 million people around the world will own one - of which 5 million will be iPods.


Dirty Vegas will return with a new single on Sep 24 - 'Walk Into The Sun' - to be followed as a yet-to-be-titled album in Oct. The single will feature a remix by the group themselves, and a separate mix by King Unique.


Two clips have been removed from a video sequence used during Black Sabbath's set at Ozzfest because of their anti-Bush sentiments. The video in question accompanies performances of track 'War Pigs' and features an image juxtaposing Georgie Boy Bush with Adolf Hitler accompanied by the strapline "same shit, different asshole". Another image shows the Prez with bearing a red nose with the strapline 'White House Clown'.

Despite reports the scenes had been cut from the sequence because of external media or political pressure, it is most likely the decision came from within, most notably from Sabbath drummer Bill Ward who wrote on his website recently: "It has been brought to my attention that the widescreen portrays President George W. Bush with a clown nose appearing with past warmongers, including Adolf Hitler. I wish to say this video structure does not represent my personal views towards President Bush. This video was made without my prior knowledge or consent."

Ozzfest organisers said the images had not been picked to be intentionally controversial, and explained they had been removed because they didn't want media attention to be distracted from the music to the pictures. A spokesman said yesterday: "The Ozzfest 'War Pigs' clip is a video montage of conflicts and war protests from the last century to today with stock footage secured from third parties. The image of President Bush and Hitler is taken from a CNN news feature that shows a protestor holding a sign with President Bush and Hitler. The video is part of a musical performance and the images should not be taken out of context. The montage was edited because too many media outlets were taking the footage out of context, and it steered attention away from Black Sabbath's performance."


The Pogues will stage a brief reunion tour in Dec, which will see Shane MacGowan rejoin the band. Dates as follows:
13 & 14 Dec: Glasgow Academy
16 Dec: Newcastle Arena
17 Dec: Birmingham Academy
18 Dec: Manchester M.E.N. Arena
20-21 Dec: Brixton Academy, London
23 Dec: Dublin Point


Radio 1's new specialist schedule kicks in on Monday.

As previously reported, key features of the changes include the moving of Mike Davies' underground punk show The Love Up to Tue night at 9pm, the shifting of the very fine Bobby Friction & Nihal Asian Beats show out of the graveyard shift and into Wed nights at 9pm, the addition of an extra edition of Rob Da Bank and Chris Coco's Blue Room show at the weekend, a new Thursday night dance show with Annie Mac and an extra show a week for our old friend Zane Lowe.

Meanwhile for those of you looking for some cultural programming at 3am in the morning (happens to us all from time to time, surely), probably the most exciting addition to the Radio 1 schedules in the middle-of-the-night 'Experimental' slot which will feature sessions from the Radio 1 archives on Mon, a Marquita Oliver fronted lifestyle show on Tue, a guest presenter slot on Wed (the first week is with Jamelia), James King with a film show on Thu and a new comedy 'mash up' strand produced by the genius that is DJ Osymyso on Friday. Fingers crossed these shows will be available on demand on the web, cos they really deserve bigger audiences than the 3am slot will ever deliver.


French singer Sacha Distel has died after a long illness, he was 71. Distel, who recorded more than 200 songs after beginning his career as a jazz guitarist at the age of 16, died yesterday in Rayol-Canadel in the region of Var.

Tributes aplenty overnight for the singer who, despite being best known for his hits in the 60s and 70s, enjoyed a long successful career as a singer, actor and TV host.

French singer Mireille Mathieu told reporters she was "devastated" by Distel's death, adding: "I owe him so much. He gave me first chance to sing on the Sacha Show [Distel's US TV show] in 1965. He is the spiritual son of Maurice Chevalier. His songs enchanted us. Listening to his songs made us feel young again. He was an ambassador of charm and French romanticism. We will always remember Mr Scoubidou."

The producer of the West End musical Chicago - in which Distel appeared for three months in 2000 - told reporters: "I'm deeply saddened by the news of Sacha's passing. The West End company of Chicago was honoured to count him as a member of their family. His legendary talent, warmth and generous spirit will be greatly missed."


Other talents lost this week - famed film composer Jerry Goldsmith has died aged 75 after a long battle with cancer. While you may not be aware of Goldsmith, you're sure to be aware of his music - he penned the soundtracks for numerous movies and TV shows including Planet of the Apes, Alien, Total Recall and the Star Trek film franchise, plus he created the Oscar winning score for the film The Omen.

Fellow composer Vic Mizzy told reporters this week: "I remember first meeting Jerry during a scoring session at the Dr. Kildare TV series in the '60s at MGM and I knew then that I was listening to an exceptionally talented composer."


SINGLE REVIEW: Antihero - Don't Trust The DJ (Alpha Engine)
After releasing two promising singles, both championed by Lamacq and Peel, Antihero seemed to take a hiatus from the music scene. But those in the know knew they were plotting a grand scheme and making some fine music - and here it is. Following on from the online release of the marvellous 'Fell Bad Hit Of The Summer' her comes a proper single. 'Don't Trust The DJ' winks slyly at Queens Of The Stone Age, but here's the catch - whereas Queens are rotten old men jacking in their trade, the 'Hero are fresh-faced young boys, hell bent on some action. Distorted sirens open the track before the mean-ass guitar riffage kicks in. Misanthropic lyrics highlight the edginess, 'Don't Trust The DJ' could only have been written and performed by boys this young. But Mcfly they are not. There's no cute "look mum, I can play guitar" rubbish here. Anyone who thinks boys with guitars = Busted needs to listen to 'Don't Trust The DJ.' No, scrap that, EVERYONE needs to listen to 'Don't Trust The DJ.' FC
Release date: 19 Jul 2004
Press contact: Alpha Engine IH [all]


Wyclef Jean is planning a gig in his native Haiti to promote peace and stability in the Caribbean country - he hopes some 2 million people will be able to see the show. Announcing the gig, Jean spoke of his increased optimism for his home country: "I was in Haiti three weeks ago and I was hanging out on the block in the ghettos, in the baddest parts of town, with no security. All that stuff you see on the news recently, with the guns and things, I didn't see none of that."


Napster will be making free tracks available to readers of News Corp owned newspapers - initially the Sun, and later the Times and News of the World. Readers of the three papers will be able to download a handful of free tracks via the Napster website - the bid being to hook the masses into downloading the Napster way.

In other Napster news, Roxio have reported that their first quarter revenues have exceeded estimates - though they haven't given exact details on any figures.


Charges against LA based Latin combo Ozomatli that related to an incident at this year's South By Southwest Music Conference have been dropped.

As previously reported, bassist Wil Dog Abers, percussionist Jiro Yamaguchi, and band manager Amy Sue-Blackman Romero were all arrested back in Mar when their SXSW gig tumbled out on to the street and they found themselves violating city noise regulations. During their altercation with police Yamaguchi was charged with assault on a public officer, Romero was hit with a misdemeanor offense and Abers was charged with failure to obey a lawful order. The first two faced jail sentences for their charges - Yamaguchi could have got anything up to 10 years!

But local police have now said they will drop the charges against all three. At the time of the altercation the band said in a statement: "We are musicians and we were just playing music when this whole thing spiralled out of control".


Well, as reasons for cancelling a festival go, I suppose this one is novel. Australia's fifteen year old LIVID Festival has been cancelled because organisers could not secure suitable headline acts. Promoters say they are unwilling to stage the event without artists they can get excited about, and given that they are currently lacking they would rather wait until Autumn 2005 to stage their next festival. Festival dates in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in Oct 2005 are now planned.

Announcing the cancellation of their 2004 festival, LIVID organisers said: "Given the scarcity of headline acts on this year's international festival touring circuit, the decision has now been made to allow LIVID a one year hiatus in order to ensure the festival's reputation for presenting only the best in line-ups."


Much drama in the life of Katie Melua after papers detailing most of her plans for the rest of the year (gigs, flights, public and media appearances etc) were put up for sale on an auction website - and a man who has been stalking her joined the auction.

According to the Sun, a friend of Katie's said: "These sensitive documents will cause her a lot of trouble if they get into the wrong hands. Katie loves performing and meeting her fans. But she's a young, attractive, single woman and it's not a good idea for exact details of her whereabouts to be available for sale on the internet. Katie won't be able to sleep at night knowing there could be people lurking around outside."

The seller - known only as bandro1186 - claims to have come across Melua's schedules backstage at last weekend's Guilfest 2004. In the blurb attached to the eBay auction he says: "I found this at Guilfest in the VIP bar behind the main stage. It is genuine and does tell you where she is going to be for the rest of the year. When her live appearances are, where she's flying to and what airports."


Venue chain The Mint Group has confirmed a date for the relaunch of the Camden Palace, which it acquired back in 2000. The legendary venue will be relaunched on 21 Sep as Koko, its original name. Regular nights planned include Club NME and a Kitsch Lounge Riot night. You can sign up to receive more info at


Well, they've got a very dedicated fan base who will be happy - even if the rest of you find it hard to get too excited about the news that Embrace have announced a UK tour for the Autumn, dates as follows:
29 Sep: Newcastle University
30 Sep: Glasgow Barrowlands
1 Oct: Manchester Carling Academy
3 Oct: Nottingham Rock City
4 Oct: Sheffield University Foundry
5 Oct: Bristol Carling Academy
7 Oct: Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall

The tour will support new album Out of Nothing which is out on 13 Sep.


Keith Schilling of leading media lawyers Schillings will personally represent Mr Justin Timberlake as he sues the News of the World over allegations printed last Sunday that he had been unfaithful to Cameron Diaz. The NoW stuck fast to its kiss and tell story yesterday, saying: "We stand by our story and will vigorously defend these proceedings in court". Timberlake will be hoping Schilling can deliver a similar result to that he won for Naomi Campbell when she sued the Daily Mirror over privacy violation and Nicole Kidman, who got "substantial" libel damages from the Sun and the Daily Mail in out of court settlements secured by Schillings after the papers claimed she had an affair with her Cold Mountain co-star Jude Law.

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