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In today's CMU Daily:
- Future of SBN looks bleak as parent company withdraws funding
- Apple and Motorola make iTunes mobile
- MacColl investigation reopens
- Jay-z tops the nominations at the MTV Video Music Awards
- Single Review: Lazyboy Feat. Roddie Frame - Western Skies
- More Jacko allegations - "he imprisoned his accuser"
- Dios change name to please DIO
- Extra Weller covers to feature on single release
- Libertines joined by guest vocalists
- Thrills announce UK tour
- Kasabian instore
- Next Ian Brown album will be Solarized
- Osbourne family merchandise sales top $35 million
- BMG to release special edition Ramones DVD
- Album Review: The Album Leaf - In A Safe Place
- Katie Melua tour
- Busted and Chili Peppers headed for top spot
- Basement Jaxx booked for South Africa anniversary celebrations
- Anti-bush remarks get better reception in Sweden
- Euro royals get down in Ibiza


The future of the Student Broadcast Network is looking doubtful today following a decision by its parent company last week to withdraw funding. Unless a buyer can be found the service will be closed down.

The Student Broadcast Network was established in the mid-nineties with the plan of providing premium and overnight programming for student radio stations around the country. The business model was based on the idea that advertising and sponsorship would be sold on that programming which would both fund the service and provide an additional income stream for cash strapped college radio stations.

Despite recruiting the majority of college stations in the UK, and producing some well-received programming, the business side often proved problematic. In the early days a massive falling out between the Network's two financial backers, and the later bankruptcy of one of them, nearly destroyed the service.

SBN was then acquired by the Channelfly group, and later ownership was transferred to sister company Campus Media. Despite gaining a bit more stability in recent years SBN remains an expensive operation - especially as it essentially buys the airtime it takes from subscriber stations - and, given the advertising recession of recent years, advertising and sponsorship income was often not sufficient to make the operation viable - even when EMAP's advertising division took over the sales operation. With that in mind Campus Media last week announced it would stop funding the Network, essentially closing the operation down unless a new funder can be found. The actual company that runs the network on a day to day basis - SBN Ltd - will be put into liquidation.

If, as most now expect, SBN ceases to operate, the UK college radio sector could be badly hit just as the new academic year kicks off. While gaps in the programming schedule where SBN programming used to air can no doubt be filled with local programming, back to back music, or feed from other radio stations, those stations that have budgeted on receiving an income from SBN could now lack the funds to go on air. The sums of money aren't huge, but they often make up a large percentage of a student station's income.

Commenting on the news the Student Radio Association, the representative association for college radio in the UK, told its members yesterday: "We at the SRA realise that, should a buyer for this service not be found, that this could have serious implications for a number of our member stations. We were given no prior warning to this announcement, and have so far had no other official communications from the company. The hope is that over the coming days and weeks the situation will become clearer. What we can advise is that the homepage will have all of the latest news on the situation".

Needless to say we'll also have the latest on the SBN situation here each day in the CMU Daily.


The online and mobile music sectors came closer together yesterday with the announcement that Apple will work with Motorola to extend the iTunes download service to mobile phones.

As a result of the joint venture iTunes users will be able to transfer their digital music collections to 'iTunes-enabled' Motorola phones via USB or Bluetooth. No word on how many tracks the average 'iTunes-enabled' phone will hold, or what effect playing them will have on battery life.

Announcing the partnership Apple boss Steve Jobs told reporters: "It is a phenomenal opportunity to get iTunes in the hands of even more music lovers around the world and we think Motorola is the ideal partner to kick this off".

Motorola boss Ed Zander added: "We can't think of a more natural partnership than this one with Apple, the brand synonymous with easy-to-use, legal music downloading, and Motorola, the innovator in mobile technology. Being able to transfer songs you've purchased from iTunes to Motorola mobile handsets expands the market reach for both of us".

The new service could be up and running as soon as the New Year. Neither side seem to have committed to any exclusivity in the deal, meaning Apple could hook up with other phone manufacturers, while Motorola could offer a similar facility to Napster and Sony Connect customers.


The investigation into the tragic death of Kirsty MacColl has been reopened in Mexico after new evidence was uncovered by a private investigator hired by the singer's mother. Officials there will decide if the new evidence is sufficient to warrant a retrial.

MacColl's family do not believe that deckhand Juan Jose Cem Yam, who was found guilty of culpable homicide in 2003, was actually driving the boat that crashed into MacColl while she was diving off the Cozumel island. They were also shocked when Cem Yam's sentence was a £61 fine and an order to pay the MacColl family £1450 in compensation.

Speaking to BBC 6Music, MacColl's mother, Jean Newlove, said: "We don't believe for one moment that he [Cem Yam] was driving the boat. The federal prosecutors will decide if there's sufficient evidence to re-open the case. It'll be new evidence based on people who were there at the time, who were witnesses. All I'm asking is justice for Kirsty".

Commenting on the fine Cem Yam received back in 2003 she continued: "It has never been about getting money, you cannot put a value on human life, but a £61 fine has shocked everyone".

A one-hour BBC documentary, titled Justice For Kirsty, will be featured in the Edinburgh Television Festival on 27 and 28 August.


Franz Ferdinand and The Darkness are representing the Brits at this year's MTV Video Music Awards each getting two mentions when the nominations were read out by Usher and Missy Elliott in Miami yesterday. So no surprise there then.

Actually no surprises all round really. As expected Jay-Z, Beyonce and OutKast dominated. Jay-Z took six nominations in total, while Beyonce and OutKast got five nominations each, as did No Doubt.

The awards themselves will take place in Miami on 29 Aug. Organisers have said most of the stars attending the event - which will include Usher, Jessica Simpson, Kanye West, Jet, Hoobastank and Yellowcard - will arrive by boat. With that in mind Usher told the press at the nominations event about the boat he plans to use: "There's going to be a lot of muscle out there. So I'm going to have to have a sexy one".

Elsewhere in the nomination lists, Britney Spears, Kanye West, Steriogram, The White Stripes and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs all scored four nominations, Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys, D12, Jet and Modest Mouse were all nominated three times, while Christina Aguilera, Hoobastank, Jessica Simpson, Maroon 5, Missy Elliott and Yellowcard are also up for two awards each.

Nominations for the big prize of the night - Video Of The Year - go to Jay Z for '99 Problems', Outkast for 'Hey Ya!', Usher for 'Yeah!', Britney for 'Toxic' and D12 for 'My Band'. Nominations for Breakthrough Video Of The Year include Franz Ferdinand for 'Take Me Out', Modest Mouse for 'Float On', Kanye West for 'All Falls Down', New Found Glory for 'All Downhill From Here', The White Stripes for 'The Hardest Button to Button' and Steriogram for 'Walkie Talkie Man'.


SINGLE REVIEW: Lazyboy feat. Roddie Frame - Western Skies (Sunday Best)
Lazyboy (aka Mr Dan and Rob da Bank) are the duo whose past work includes presenting 'Blue Room' on Radio 1, running their own label (Sunday Best) and co-writing and producing 'Slow' for Kylie Minogue. Impressive credentials. And now they're set to release their debut album 'Penguin Rock' in Aug, preceded by this single. The assistance of former Aztec Camera front man Frame is very intriguing indeed. Normally a fairly reclusive figure, it must have taken some persuading for him to lend his talents to this track.
However, it's a rewarding collaboration. Backed by a mandolin riff that's sure to remain in your subconscious for a while, and some laidback beats, Frame sings a rather poignant lyric; a nostalgic lament for Summers past on the coast. It's a very beguiling combination, and perfectly seasonal. We're in chill-out territory here, and comparisons can be fairly made to Lemon Jelly and Zero 7, but hopefully the album will be sufficiently varied and intriguing to avoid 'coffee table' jibes. A perfectly respectable effort, which if given enough airplay, could become a moderate hit. KW
Release date: 26 Jul
Press contact: Darling [CP, RP, NP] Sunday Best [CR, RR, NR]


The Michael Jackson child abuse case took a bizarre turn yesterday when the prosecution revealed details of the conspiracy aspect of their case. They claim that Jacko imprisoned the main accuser at his Neverland ranch, and then coerced him into making a videotaped statement denying any molestation had occurred, all the while 'conducting a campaign to seduce him'.

At a hearing in Santa Maria, California - without Jacko himself in attendance - Deputy District Attorney Gordon Auchincloss claimed that following the admission on the infamous Martin Bashir documentary that he let boys sleep in his bed, Jacko was shocked at the media backlash and began a proactive campaign to win some good press. Part of the campaign was an attempt to get the current accuser, who appeared in the documentary, to clearly state no molestation took place. Having invited the accuser to Neverland, Jackson, it is claimed, enticed and threatened the boy (and at times seduced him with alcohol) in order to secure a videoed statement. Jacko was allegedly reluctant to let the boy leave his home until such a statement had been made - hence the claims of false imprisonment.

Jacko's lawyer, Thomas Mesereau, who is trying to have the whole case dismissed, said of those allegations: "The idea that they were imprisoned and forced to fly on private jets to Florida, to socialize with celebrities such as Chris Tucker, is absurd on its face. It would be laughed out of court by a jury."

Elsewhere in Jacko In Court news, it was revealed yesterday that Jacko's lawyers are trying to get the date for the actual court hearing on the child abuse allegations (currently mid-Sep) pushed back a little. Well, pushed back four months, which is actually quite a lot. Pre-empting opposition from the prosecution in the case to their request, the defence team have blamed the prosecution for the delay, saying they have made the case overly complex. Defence attorney Steve Cochran said: "The expenditure of resources by the prosecution is unprecedented and extravagant. This is not a usual criminal investigation. It is an effort to take down a major celebrity. The defence team requested the delay because of the complexity of the case. In virtually every respect, this litigation is unusual and complex".

As is the case with everything related to the current Jacko case, details of the defence application for a delayed trial, which was made earlier this month, were both delayed and censored before being handed to the press. No word as yet on when a decision regarding the defence's request will be made.


Californian band Dios, whose eponymous album is released in the UK this week, have been forced to change their name after complaints from veteran rocker and former Black Sabbath frontman Ronnie James Dio, who has performed under the name DIO since the mid-eighties.

The band's management have issued the following statement: "In May, Dios received a curious letter from Ronnie James Dio (better known as DIO). His attorneys decided to serve the Hawthorne five-piece with a cease and desist order, threatening harsh consequences if immediate action wasn't taken. The former Black Sabbath frontman believes it likely that folks will be confused. So, to help Mr DIO protect his trademark and avoid costly litigation, young dios would like to announce their new name. After long nights of debate, twelve pages of crossed out lists, and hours of soul-searching, we are pleased to offer you this improved, DIO approved moniker: DIOS MALOS."

Ronnie James Dio fronted Black Sabbath for three years after Ozzy Osbourne's initial departure from the band. A compilation of the band's music while Dio was in charge will be released by Warner's label Rhino in Sep.


The first single release off Paul Weller's new covers album will feature two bonus tracks which don't appear on the album. The first single release from the album will be a cover of Rose Royce's 1978 track Wishing On a Star. That single will include Weller's version of both the Everley Brothers track 'Let It Be Me' and Sly Stones 'Family Affair'. The two extra tracks will also be released as a 7" vinyl single.

The single will be released by V2 in early Sep. The whole album - called 'Studio 150' - will be released on 13 Sep.


The Libertines may be without Pete Doherty just now (he's still furthering, I mean trying to kick, his drug addiction), but the rest of the band seemed to be getting on fine on Tuesday night at the London club run by that other Libertine Carl Barat - Dirty Pretty Things. During a late night set, the band were joined by guest vocalists Tim Burgess (of the Charlatans) and later by one Har Mar Superstar. According to the NME, the former contributed vocals to 'Death On The Stairs', the latter to 'Don't Look Back Into The Sun'.

Elsewhere in Libertines news, the aforementioned Pete Doherty will guest at an upcoming gig with Wolfman, the band Doherty helped get into the Top 10 earlier this year with the excellent 'For Lovers'. Doherty and Wolfman will play London's Scala on 3 Aug.


The Thrills have announced a series of UK dates for Nov. The tour will follow the release of the band's second album, 'Let's Bottle Bohemia', and next single 'Whatever Happened To Corey Haim?', which are released on 13 Sep and 30 Aug respectively. Dates as follows:

10: Birmingham Carling Academy
12: Manchester Carling Academy
13: Norwich UEA
16: Cambridge Corn Exchange
17: Northumbria University, Newcastle
18: Carling Academy, Glasgow
20: Sheffield Octagon
24: Brixton Carling Academy

The Thrills will also play at the V Festival on 21 and 22 Aug, and at the Cambridge Corn Exchange on 6 Oct.


Up and coming rockers Kasabian will play a free live set and sign copies of new single 'LSF (Lost Souls Forever)' at the Leicester branch of HMV on 11 Aug.

Playing in a record shop should prove quite an ordinary gig for Kasabian. The band played London's Cabinet War Rooms last month, and have previously gigged at a farm where they live, and in a large football pub next to the home of the band's beloved Leicester City.

Entrance to the HMV gig is by wristband only. These will be distributed on a first come first served basis in store on 9 Aug. Press info on the in-store from Coalition, press info on Kasabian from Triad or BMG IH.


According to the NME, Ian Brown's next album - his fourth as a solo artist - will be called 'Solarized'. It will be released on 20 Sep by Fiction - 'Keep What Ya Got', a track recorded with Noel Gallagher, will be released just before the album. So don't go saying we didn't tell you.


Well, they say all the money in music these days is in merchandising, and that seems to be true in the Osbourne camp.

Signature Networks, who manage the merchandising rights for the Osbournes, have revealed that the sales of Osbourne family merchandise sold at Ozzy gigs, including Ozzfest, have now topped $35 million, with an additional $15 million made in merchandise sales through retail outlets.

And that figure will no doubt continue to rise as the third series of the Osbournes show airs on MTV - especially given that an Ozzy vintage clothing range has just gone on sale in Bloomingdales and an Osbournes slot machine is in the pipeline.

Commenting on the success of recent Osbourne merchandise launches, Sharon Osbourne told reporters this week: "I think the 'Ozzy for President' and the 'Passion of Ozzy' shirts we just released will be some of the best-selling and most popular among his fans. Of course, I love Ozzy so much I sleep with one of his shirts on every night."


BMG will release a new Ramones DVD in Sep. The Special Edition collection, called 'Ramones Raw', will include vintage concert footage from 1980, much of it archived and nearly forgotten for over 20 years, plus clips from rare TV appearances, backstage footage and a plethora of home videos from the Ramones personal archives. We're also promised numerous 'celebrity appearances' with Drew Barrymore, Carly Simon, Gilbert Gottfried, 'Grandpa' Al Lewis (of 'The Munsters'), Bono & U2, Debbie Harry & Chris Stein of Blondie and Robbie Krieger of the Doors all appearing at one moment or another. The DVD will be released on 27 Sep, press info from Noble PR.


ALBUM REVIEW: The Album Leaf - In A Safe Place (City Slang/Sub Pop)
Since 1999, Jimmy LaValle (no, not James Lavelle), erstwhile member of Black Heart Procession, The Locust, and Tristeza, has been recording under this guise, releasing progressive and contemplative instrumental work, to little awareness or acclaim. However, this album could be his breakthrough, at least within critical circles. LaValle recorded 'In A Safe Place' in Iceland, assisted by musicians from Black Heart Procession, Sigur Ros, and Mum, and he has created a mesmerising, and quite astonishing work of beauty and splendour. It is rather rare for an American musician to absorb the unique sounds and atmosphere of a foreign land (both Sigur Ros and Mum are from Iceland ). This album has undoubtedly been affected by the environment LaValle was working in; it is of paramount importance to the shape it takes.
This is an album entirely about atmosphere, and LaValle has created hypnotic and slow burning soundscapes that are incredibly evocative and vivid. The album's title is terrifically appropriate. It almost feels like a tribute to Iceland, which seems to bring out the creative impulses of those who record there, and it's touching to envision this conceit seeing as LaValle is not a native. This is an album to immerse yourself in, and it exudes feelings of calm and comfort. It is poignant and epic, down-tempo and sedate, but not mournful and never dull. It has obvious influences, but is the equal of them. A vastly impressive effort, and an album which should raise awareness of this artist. It would be highly deserved in my opinion. KW
Release Date: 26 Jul
Press Contact: City Slang IH [CP, RP, NP] Anglo Plugging [CR, RR, NR]


The unnervingly successful Katie Melua - whose debut album 'Call Off The Search' remains the biggest seller of the year so far (just wait till Robbie releases his greatest hits in Oct) - has announced a UK tour for October. Those of you who haven't bought her entire upcoming schedule off eBay might want to know the dates are as follows:

11 Oct: Glasgow Clyde Auditorium
12 Oct: Belfast Waterfront
15 Oct: Cardiff International Arena
16 Oct: Blackpool Opera House
18 Oct: Birmingham NIA Academy
19 Oct: Plymouth Pavilions
20 Oct: Brighton Dome
22 Oct: London Royal Albert Hall
23 Oct: Bournemouth BIC
24 Oct: Ipswich Regent


Early retail reports for this week suggest Busted and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, between them, will end Mike Skinner's reign at the top of the charts this Sunday. Busted's double a-side single - '3AM / Thunderbirds Are Go' - is expected to top the singles chart, while the Chili Pepper's new live album is currently the best selling album of the week.

A number one will end a good month for Busted, with the boy band reportedly about to sign a TV contract with MTV and a £500,000 sponsorship deal with Pepsi. They also hope 'Thunderbirds Are Go', taken from the new Thunderbirds movie, will help them break the US.


Basement Jaxx have confirmed they will play two gigs in South Africa in Oct as part of a series of events celebrating ten years of democracy in the country. The Jaxx will perform at the Cape Town Convention Centre on 15 Oct and Johannesburg Gallagher Estate on 16 Oct.


A quick lesson for Linda Ronstadt - if you want to mouth off about President George Bush, do it in Stockholm not Vegas. While Ms Ronstadt was booed off stage and asked to leave the Aladdin venue in Las Vegas last week for making comments in favour of Michael Moore's anti-Bush film Fahrenheit 9/11, a fellow American - Grammy award winning country artist Bonnie Raitt - was performing at the Stockholm Jazz Festival in Sweden. She dedicated a song to the US president telling her audience: "We're gonna sing this for George Bush because he's out of here, people!" The response was received with thunderous applause from her Swedish audience.


Erick Morillo's Ibiza club Subliminal Sessions, which takes over Pacha every Wednesday, went a little regal last week when the Prince of Monaco Andrea Casiraghi (son of Princess Caroline) paid a visit with girlfriend Tatiana Santo Domingo and joined in the celebrations for the launch of Erick's new album 'My World'. Word is the Prince joined Erick behind the decks, on the Dance floor and at the after hours party back at Erick's villa. Meanwhile, Subliminal Session will be joined by hip hop royalty on 4 Aug when P Diddy performs at the club.


Just for you info the press contact [CP, RP, NP] for the Hope of the States single we reviewed yesterday is Darling.

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