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In today's CMU Daily:
- Apple not impressed with Real's Harmony
- Labels and ISPs work together against piracy in France
- Post-Tarrant capital suffers in RAJARs
- Galaxy cautioned over wife slapping call
- BBC admit it was wrong to air "lewd" Eminem performance
- Universal music helps Vivendi improve performance
- Album Review: Mark Lanegan - Bubblegum
- Wilson talks about Smile
- Rare Jah Wobble dates to promote anthology
- New Fatboy Slim single previews online tomorrow
- Faithfull collaborates
- Primal Scream man gets damages over Moss story
- Wonder Stuff return
- Prodigy man on Clever Brains Fryin
- Lil Kim pleads not guilty over perjury allegations
- Single Review: The Libertines - Can't Stand Me Now
- Jude Law a possible for Ian Curtis biopic
- Bloodhound Gang return to UK
- Tower Records up for sale?
- Amy Winehouse announces tour
- Busted boy says his fans are all ugly ... or mad



Touted as "karate dancefloor style inna east end fashion", this promises to be a mix of drum, bass, hip-hop, R&B and experimental bizness and should be very good indeed. Drum and bass legends Ray Keith and the wicked Randall (who is well underrated) will be on hand, and are allegedly varying their sets (so not pure d and b). Wiley hijacks the upstairs for a 'ip-op' set with rantin from MC Lowqui.

Sat 31 Jul, 9pm-3am, Herbal, Kingsland Road, EC2, £4 b4 10.30pm, £6 after, info at

Why not make a Herbal weekend of it, because the 'mighty mighty' DJ Grooverider returns for his Grace night that was a bit hit and miss before last year but is now becoming a solid part of the Sunday jungle massive. Tonight Grooverider hooks up with Bryan G and still rising Friction, with MC Fats on toastin duty. Eclectic Breaks crew will also be on hand for some leftfield/ off centre - the sound system downstairs is where I'd be cos it's thumpin.

Sun 1 Aug, 9pm-2am, Herbal, Kingsland Road, EC2, £5 (£4 NUS), info at


Apple has responded to Real Networks' announcement earlier this week that their new Harmony system will output tracks in the AAC file format played by the iPod.

Currently Apple's own iTunes is the only download platform that supplies tracks in the AAC form. Real's new technology aims to break down the system where customers with a specific digital music player are tied to specific download platforms (ie the one run or approved by the player's manufacturer) by outputting tracks in whatever format the customer needs. However Apple turned down Real's offer to be involved in the project, so Harmony outputs tracks in an unauthorised version of AAC which, although works fine on iPods, isn't approved by Apple.

Although Harmony arguably makes iPods more user friendly, Apple aren't very impressed with the way Real has gone about including the facility to output AAC files. In a statement issued yesterday the company said: "We are stunned that RealNetworks has adopted the tactics and ethics of a hacker to break into the iPod. We are investigating the implications of their actions under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and other laws".

In addition to legal threats, Apple implied they would take technical measures to ensure the AAC files outputted from Harmony do not work in all iPods: "We strongly caution Real and their customers that when we update our iPod software from time to time it is highly likely that Real's Harmony technology will cease to work with current and future iPods".

Real argue that they used publicly available information to develop their version of the AAC codec, and haven't done anything underhand. Real boss Rob Glaser told reporters this week: "We have excellent lawyers and they assure me that we are 100% within all of the legal precedents and the letter and spirit of all laws".


Record labels and internet service providers in France have teamed up to combat online music piracy through a deal brokered by the French government. As part of the agreement, the ISPs will instigate a number of methods to stop illegal downloading - those found to be downloading copyrighted music illegally will firstly be given a warning and, if they do not cease and desist, will be cut off. In return, the record labels have pledged to make more music available through the legitimate download services.

Although the ISPs would look for the record labels to prove a customer was illegally sharing copyrighted music in court before going as far as cutting them off, the deal represents a level of collaboration between the internet and music industry that has not been forthcoming elsewhere.

In the US internet service provider Verizon fought (initially lost and later won) a long court battle against the Recording Industry Association of America in a bid to avoid having to hand over the contact details of individual customers who the record labels reckoned were guilty of 'serial downloading'. This makes the legal process of suing individual downloaders much more time consuming.

As part of the French deal net providers Free, Noos, Club Internet, Wanadoo and Tiscali France will now share that information with the music industry, making it easier for French labels to pursue suspected serial downloaders through the courts.


Don't the months go fast - yep, it is RAJARS time again - meaning the radio industry has gone all stats obsessed.

This round of RAJARS are of most interest because they cover the period during which Chris Tarrant left Capital's breakfast show. And while most people accept it will take time for the new Johnny Vaughan show to build, Capital will be disappointed to hear the 187,000 listeners have turned off since Tarrant hung up his headphones for the last time. The breakfast time changes also impacted on Capital's overall audience share - it's down from 7.9% to 6.6%.

Needless to say, arch rival Heart 106.2 are the main benefactors of Capital's change of fortune. Their audience share has risen to 6.5% from 5.8%, with a gain of 140,000 listeners.

Commenting on the latest figures Capital boss David Mansfield told reporters: "We should not be too surprised. What we decided to do was to reinvent breakfast radio in London, and anyone that listens to the breakfast show can hear the distinct difference between us and what others are offering".

Phil Riley of Heart parent Chrysalis Radio said it was expected for Capital to undergo an initial slump in listeners post-Tarrant, and that it would take some time before it became properly clear who had won the breakfast show war in London: "I think we will be fighting it out for the next 18 months, and I am not convinced that either one can land a knockout blow on the other. And that's fantastic for listeners and advertisers".

More on the rest of the RAJARS on Monday.


Elsewhere in radio news, and the Manchester branch of the Galaxy Radio franchise has been rapped by industry watchdogs for a phone-in last Oct where one listener admitted he regularly slapped his wife, adding that a "regular slap" was a good way to keep women in line. But it didn't stop there - the presenter of the show suggested the caller - who went by the name of Irish Frank - should be called Irish Wank.

Shortly afterwards a 12 year old girl called in to comment on Frank's comments, describing him as a "fucking wanker". And as if that wasn't enough - the original call was recorded and replayed the next day.

All things considered, it says a lot about the average Galaxy listener that only one person complained about the incident.

But regulator OfCom held up that complaint - saying the Chrysalis-owned station had behaved irresponsibly at a time when children were likely to be listening, breaching several sections of its programme code. Although Chrysalis apologised for the sequence and stressed the "edgy nature" of the station, OfCom said: "If a broadcaster wants to be edgy, there were responsibilities that accompany this; these related to the audience, the emotive nature of the material and a preparedness to deal with the unexpected. The call had been broadcast live the previous day after 9am but was recorded and repeated the following day at 8.15am. A deliberate editorial decision had therefore been made to repeat the item at this time."

A spokesman for Chrysalis said this week: "We fully take on board the complaint and accept it was upheld. We know mistakes were made and apologise for that. We are disappointed to be fined but will not be appealing it."


And elsewhere in 'really shouldn't have been aired' news, Eminem is among the personalities against whom complaints have been upheld by the BBC, according to a new report published by the Beeb yesterday.

They admitted that it was inappropriate for Top Of The Pops to show the Slim Shady routine back in April in which he was seen rather enthusiastically grabbing his crotch. The performance led to 12 complaints from viewers who described Eminem's actions as "lewd" and "offensive".

In its report on complaints received against its programmes in the last year, the BBC admitted: "The performer had been asked to tone his act down after rehearsal but ignored this request during the live broadcast. Although his gestures were part of the rap culture, they had gone beyond what is expected."

Also rapped in the report are Radio 1's Sara Cox, for giving a prize to a listener for admitting he'd once urinated in a train compartment, and fellow presenter Colin Murray who was told off for swearing on the Colin and Edith show last Nov.


Vivendi will be glad they weren't tempted to sell off their music division as part of the sale of their other entertainment companies last year, because it turns out Universal Music has been performing quite well of late, and has helped its parent company slow down the expected decline in sales. Sales at Universal Music rose by 2%, helped by the success of Keane, Scissor Sisters and Grammy award-winning jazz vocalist Diana Krall. That helped Vivendi cut its sales decline down to 12%.

Analysts were surprised by Universal Music's good performance and cautious as to whether it could be sustained for the rest of the year. However experts did say the news demonstrated a general recovery in the music industry, and that there was therefore reason to be optimistic about short term future growth for both Universal Music, and others in the music sector. Bear Stearns analyst Mark Harrington told the BBC: "We have to wait until the third and fourth quarters to see if this is a sustainable trend - but I think industry growth is the real driver here as opposed to it being anything company-specific."


ALBUM REVIEW: Mark Lanegan - Bubblegum (Beggars Banquet)
Some things aren't meant to be beautiful; but nevertheless evolve into being that way. Mark Lanegan (he formerly of the Screaming Trees and hedonistic troubadours Queens of the Stone Age) doesn't immediately spring to mind as being the kind of singer that can grab your heart and play it like a vengeful lover, but with the self-written and self-produced 'Bubblegum' he presses all the right buttons, putting one more in mind of a Johnny Cash or Kurt Wagner figure than a rampant rock god. Whilst lighter than Lanegan's previous solo offerings, don't take this to mean that it's filled with sunshine. Indeed, tracks like 'One Hundred Days' and the PJ Harvey assisted duet 'Come to Me' are filled with a sad beauty that rumbles through your ears like tender thunder.
Assisted by his fellow luminaries-Queens of the Stone Age, bandmates Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri, Izzy Stradlin, and the Afghan Whigs' Greg Dulli to name but a few, Lanegan manages to whip up a dark mish-mash of both the simple - heard in tracks like 'Bombed' - and those frenetic guitar swirls that have become his trademark (most notable on 'Can't Come Down') all accompanied by that voice - dark and mournful, a voice stained by years of heartbreak and whisky binges. Indeed, despite the title, which puts one in mind of something easily disposable, 'Bubblegum' is anything but. This is an altogether murkier treat, and one which should be celebrated as the crowning achievement of Lanegan's career. CMc
Release date: 2 Aug
Press Contact: Beggars [all]


Brian Wilson has spoken to the NME about his performances of the lost Beach Boys album 'Smile' at London's Royal Festival Hall as part of their Heroes & Villains season.

Wilson created 'Smile' back in the late sixties, but though most of it was recorded it was never actually released. The whole recording was locked away and later lost, and many expected the album would never be heard after Wilson had a nervous breakdown and fell out of the public eye. But after returning to the stage two years ago, Wilson decided to perform the album live in London earlier this year. That was so well received he agreed to a whole season of performances of the album, plus he has returned to the studio and a recorded version of Smile will be released in Sep.

Talking about the current Smile shows, Wilson told NME yesterday: "I love being in London again. I feel like I belong here. Performing 'Smile' brings back lots of memories for me and I feel like the audience are all my friends, every night. We're really blowing peoples' minds. When we get to the encores, I feel like the roof is lifting off the hall and we're all going to take off".


To coincide with the release of Jah Wobble's three disc anthology album 'I Could Have Been A Contender' on Trojan Records on 23 Aug, the former Public Image Limited (PiL) bass guitarist will be performing three rare UK live dates. Word is he will be performing classic tracks that appear on the album, including PiL's 'Public Image', 'Poptones' and 'Death Disco', and numberous solo tracks, including the hit 'Visions Of You' (which was an original duet with Sinead O'Connor). Dates as follows:

4 Sep: The Farm Venue, Chapel St Leonards, Lincolnshire
5 Sep: Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
9 Sep: Cargo - London
Press info from Noble PR


With a track called 'Slash Dot Dash' it is logical it should demo on the web. The first single release off Fatboy Slim's new album 'Palookaville' will be available to preview at Fatboy Slim's website - - tomorrow, though his people are encouraging you to register in advance.

The new single, released properly on 13 Sep, is described by Fatboy's label as: "The biggest and dumbest track off the whole album. Repetitive samples and monstrous guitars. This is the right calling card. Fatboy Slim back in business".

For his part Norman Cook says: "'SlashDot Dash' is a mix of old and new Fatboy. There is repetition but this time the track actually has live guitars! The plan was to throw in a bit of Buzzcocks and The White Stripes."

As for the title, he continues: "The track is just a comment on this new language people seem to have - although I don't even own a computer. Well, I do, the Atari in my studio, but no one ever sent me an email on that!"


Another veteran artist is releasing an album featuring celebrity collaborations in Sep. Marianne Faithfull will be joined by Damon Albarn, PJ Harvey and Nick Cave on her new long player, 'Before The Poison', which will be released on 27 Sep on NaÔve Records. Three of the tracks on the album were co-written by Nick Cave, while his Bad Seeds - Warren Ellis, Jim Sclavunos and Martyn P. Casey - accompanied Ms Faithful on their recording.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, meanwhile, also release a new single and album in Sep - the album 'Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus' is out on 20 Sep, single 'Nature Boy' is released on 6 Sep.


Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie has received damages and an apology from the News of the World over allegations he had split from his fiancÈe Katy England and was having an affair with supermodel Kate Moss. The paper made the allegations in an article headlined 'It Moss Be Love'.

But today the tabloid admitted the story was wrong and apologised to the singer and England for the "distress and injury" they had caused. The couple will now receive damages from the paper.

Speaking to the Guardian, Gillespie's solicitor Gerrard Tyrrell said today: "The claimants are in fact happily engaged and living together. The claimants are both good and longstanding friends of Kate Moss and are both godparents to her daughter."


The Wonder Stuff will return this Sep with their first studio album in eleven years. Having reformed three and half years ago to do gigs, the band were persuaded back into the studio and are now ready to release new album 'Escape From Rubbish Island' and single 'Better Get Ready For A Fist Fight', both in late Sep.

The band will embark on a UK tour to celebrate the release, dates as follows:

30 Sep: Leeds Metropolitan University
1 Oct: Glasgow Barrowlands
3 Oct: Manchester Academy
4 Oct: Nottingham, Rock City
6 Oct: Liverpool Academy 4
7 Oct: Keele University
8 Oct: Birmingham Academy
10 Oct: Norwich UEA
11 Oct: Bristol Academy
12 Oct: London Astoria


The Prodigy's Keith Flint has been talking about his new dance band, Clever Brains Fryin, who will make their festival debut at Global Gathering this weekend. Talking about inter-band relations Flint told Radio 1: "We feel so passionately about the music we often come to blows. We were having an argument backstage and Jay decided to empty two litres of orange juice on my head. A bottle of vodka went on the floor and I ended up barefoot dancing on that, trying to do my Frank Bruno impression. And then, two minutes later, we were back hugging and being clever brains, frying".

Flint plans to tour with Clever Brains Fryin later this year, and is also due to tour with the Prodigy to promote new album 'Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned' - out on 23 Aug.


Lil Kim has pleaded not guilty to various perjury charges relating to evidence she gave to a grand jury investigating a shooting outside a New York radio station back in 2001. The perjury allegations were made against Kim earlier this year - it is claimed she lied to the grand jury to protect associates involved in the shooting outside the studios of Hot97 in which one person was wounded.

After submitting her not guilty plea, Kim's attorney Mel Sachs told reporters: "Kim has been unfairly accused and unjustly charged. She's been wrongfully targeted and singled out because of who she is in the music industry".

Kim's business manager Hillary Weston was also in court facing similar charges. Her lawyer, Michael Bachner, said: "The charges against her have to deal with an alleged obstruction in the grand jury. Hillary didn't obstruct anything. I think she may have obstructed traffic once at a younger age but that's about it.

These are allegations being made by the US attorney's office purely as a result of the fact that she's affiliated with a very well known and very popular rap star, and the charges against Lil' Kim, as far as we're concerned, are completely meritless. we're comfortable at the trial that she's going to be acquitted."
A proper trial into the allegations will kick off on 28 Feb.


SINGLE REVIEW: The Libertines - Can't Stand Me Now (Rough Trade)
With Pete Doherty's much publicised drug addiction still dominating the headlines, this single really seems to highlight the dramatic (and frequent) falling outs between Doherty and the band. Doherty and co-leader Carl Barat alternately growl the song title, like two lovers who hate each other but can't bear to be separated. Perhaps it's the real life dimension that helps weave a certain energy into this track: it sounds like a musical mosh pit, with an air of confusion akin to that which runs through the history of the band - one of the defining groups of the noughties. JD
Release date: 9 Aug
Press Contact: Anglo Plugging [CR, RR, NR]


Jude Law is set to play Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis in a new film about his life. The intention to make a biopic about Curtis, who committed suicide in 1980 aged just 23 having already contributed some ground breaking music to the world, was announced at Cannes back in May. Law's possible involvement was revealed by Joy Division / New Order bassist Peter Hook in an interview with local newspaper the Macclesfield Express. He told them: "The whisper I've heard is that Jude Law will probably play the role. It's not a bad choice. The film is being made by Hollywood, but what's important is that they get the story right."

Producer Tood Eckert would give nothing away except to say they were in serious talks with an actor to play the part of Curtis. According to the NME, he told reporters: "We are speaking with an actor who is huge and looks rather a lot like Ian. He has just finished a couple of films in which the only thing he listened to was Joy Division and New Order. Should this guy ultimately agree that he is going to play Ian, it would make it a much bigger film."


The Bloodhound Gang will return to the UK next month, after a four-year absence, as their current world tour hits London, Glasgow and Manchester. Dates as follows:

16 Aug: London Astoria
17 Aug: Glasgow Garage
18 Aug: Manchester Academy

Meanwhile, according to the NME, the Bloodhound boys have revealed they let Michael Moore use their 1996 song 'Fire Water Burn' in his film 'Farenheit 9/11' without charging any fee. On the movie they say: "Anyone that pisses people off while making people laugh is okay in our book. Our president is a clown, so Michael Moore invited the whole world to laugh at him. We're proud to be a part of that".


Gossipers in the US say that Tower Records is about to be sold. Those with a very good memory will remember that Tower Records nearly went bankrupt last year. The company rescued itself through a complicated debt-for-equity deal. The company's CEO at the time, Allen Rodruguez, said that was a move to rescue the company, and not a clever precursor to reduce liabilities prior to a sale. But word is an acquisition may now take place.


Amy Winehouse has confirmed details of a UK tour for Nov - following up her successful 12 date outing back in Apr and May. Dates for the Autumn tour as follows:

4 Nov: Edinburgh's Liquid Room
5 Nov: Liverpool Academy
6 Nov: Sheffield Octagon
8 Nov: Newcastle Northumbria University
9 Nov: Nottingham Rock City
10 Nov: Norwich UEA
12 Nov: Birmingham Carling Academy
13 Nov: Manchester Academy
15 Nov: Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall
16 Nov: Bristol Academy
17 Nov: Southampton Guildhall
19 Nov: Brixton Academy, London


Busted boy Matt has been explaining to Radio 1 why he isn't tempted to 'get cosy' with his female fans - apparently they're either ugly or mad. Matt: "I get asked a lot, 'Have you slept with any fans?'. And the answer would be... No! If you'd seen the girls that were waiting for me backstage you would understand why. That's a really horrible thing to say I'm never gonna have any fans for the rest of my life. OK, then backtrack. Seeing 60% of the girls that wait for me backstage then, no but there's a 40%... actually there are a few fitties that follow us around. She may be a fittie but the thing is that she's following you around everywhere and I think it's a bit weird".

Meanwhile, Matt revealed the band are already being filmed for the previously reported MTV reality show which will follow them backstage as they undertake their current tour. He added: "Charlie knows how to hide - I'll get followed round by a camera, but Charlie will have ducked out somewhere."

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