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In today's CMU Daily:
- BMG and 3 network launch mobile jukebox
- Microsoft ready to soft launch iTunes-esque service
- Shortlist Listmakers announced
- BBC & ITV battle it out for Robbie rights
- Busted top the singles chart
- Thin Lizzy top live album poll
- Arrest warrant issued against Weiland
- Shady radio launches on Napster
- Single Review: Freq Nasty - Sil Num Tao
- The Darkness pull out of rock n roll anniversary show
- US bank launch Usher-card
- The Belles go on tour
- Album Review: Bravecaptain - All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace
- Will Young rumoured to be concerned about Fuller's cut
- Manics discuss the new album
- Dedbeat plan storming line up for Carnival weekend
- McFadden pens song about Westlife frustrations
- Britney's fiance's ex plans reality show


More from the world of mobile music. Hutchison's 3G phone network 3 has teamed up with BMG to launch a mobile video jukebox which will allow the tel co's customers to stream or download videos to their mobile phone. The service, which launches today, will be available for £1.50 a track, or via a monthly 'full access' subscription of £10 a month.

At launch forty videos will be on offer from BMG artists like Christina Aguilera, Dido, Outkast, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Will Young. Around five additional videos will then be added each week.

Announcing the new venture on Friday, BMG UK boss Tim Bowen told reporters: "The mobile phone has already demonstrated to the industry its versatility as a platform to carry music content. 3's new technology develops on from ringtones by giving a brand new must-have music application to consumers on the move."

The new service has won the support of the BPI. Their chairman, Peter Jamieson, told reporters: "The UK recording industry is committed to making its repertoire available as widely as possible. We welcome 3's investment in turning mobile phones into video jukeboxes. This service typifies what you might call the Martini approach to music distribution - the industry is committed to making music available any time, any place, anywhere the music fan wants to listen to it."


Back to more conventional downloading and, according to the Financial Times, Microsoft is ready to soft launch its rival to Apple's iTunes music store. The new download platform will go live this month, although a full launch and publicity campaign will follow in the Autumn once the system is fully tested.

Early indications are that Microsoft's store will be very similar to iTunes in many ways - it too will have a song search function, searchable playlists and chat areas. However, Microsoft will hope to win some competitive advantage thanks to the fact that music bought via their store will be playable on all sorts of MP3 players (whereas iTunes tracks only play on the iPod). Plus the platform will be hosted within the MSN portal which already gets 350 million unique users per month, which, Microsoft hope, will secure them access to the mainstream audience yet to discover downloading.

On the technical side, word is that Microsoft have developed their DRM system so that subscribers can transfer music from their PCs to their MP3 players, but will only have access to tracks on their portable device as long as their subscription is valid. The subscription model, however, is unlikely to be available at launch.


Organisers of the Shortlist Music Prize - what has become something of an American version of the Mercury Music Prize - have released details of the people who will be voting this year, what are known as the 'Listmakers'.

The all star list of judges includes Norah Jones, the Dixie Chicks, John Mayer, Jack Black, Perry Farrell, the Cure's Robert Smith, System Of A Down's Serj Tankian, Black Eyed Peas', Dashboard Confessional's Chris Carrabba, Massive Attack's 3D and Queens Of The Stone Age's Josh Homme.

MTV2 and XM Satellite Radio will be the prize's TV and radio partners respectively, the former broadcasting a special programme from the awards ceremony in Nov where the overall winner of 'album of the year' is announced.

Commenting on this year's programme, Shortlist co-founder Greg Spotts told reporters: "The growth we're seeing is the size of the platform we're able to offer the finalists. Here we are just starting, and we've already cemented programming with two of the most progressive national [music] outlets."


Word is both the BBC and ITV are desperately trying to sign up the rights to Robbie William's next UK gig. He will be performing live over here again in the autumn to coincide with the 18 Oct release of his greatest hits album. According to the Sun both TV networks are desperate to get the screening rights.


No surprises at the top of the singles and album charts yesterday - as expected Busted's double a-side featuring the theme song from the new Thunderbirds film topped the former, the Red Hot Chili Pepper's new live album is at number one in the latter.

Other new entries of note in the singles chart include D12's 'How Come' in at 4, The Charlatans' 'Try Again Today' at 24, the Futureheads 'Decent Days And Nights' at 26 and Graham Coxon's 'Spectacular' at 32.

Albums wise, very little to report, apart from the rather strange re-release of Rachel Steven's 'Funky Dory' going in at 13 and the re-emergence of Usher's 2003 album '8701' at 24.


Readers of Classic Rock magazine (you know who you are) have voted Thin Lizzy's 'Live And Dangerous LP' as the best live rock album ever. The seminal rockers beat live releases from Deep Purple, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin to take the top spot.

The magazine's editor, Sian Llewellyn, said of the winning album: "Thin Lizzy's album encapsulates the energy and fervour of Lizzy at their prime. The album was one of the first to show that a live album can really capture the excitement of the music as well as a studio album. With a good live album you can crank it up and feel the energy as if you were there."

The other nine live albums most rated by Classic Rock readers include UFO's 1978 album 'Strangers In The Night' at two, Deep Purple's 'Made In Japan' at three, AC/DC's 'If You Want Blood, You've Got It' at four, Led Zeppelin's 'How The West Was Won' at five, plus live recordings from The Who, Judas Priest, Hawkwind, Rush and Rory Gallagher.


Well, a few days of calm for Courtney Love's legal team, so thank God for Stone Temple Pilots / Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland for returning to the fold and providing the pop courts reporter with something to write about.

An arrest warrant was issued for Mr Weiland on Friday after he failed to show up for a court hearing set to discuss whether the singer's recently set probation relating to a DUI charge would impact on his existing probation for a previous drug-possession charge. Weiland now needs to show up at court tomorrow otherwise he could face jail.

That said, the singer's lawyer was keen to play down his client's absence from the hearing and the resulting arrest warrant. Anthony Brooklier told reporters he had previously requested a delay on the hearing because of Weiland's commitments with Velvet Revolver, adding that the warrant was just a technicality. Brooklier: "It makes it sound pejorative to say there's a warrant. You knew this guy would not even not show up for a hearing. The court agreed to put [the hearing] over [until Tuesday], and they issue a bench warrant and hold it. That's what it really amounts to."


Eminem will precede the launch of his own satellite radio station (due to launch in the US in the Autumn) with his own stream on Napster. To mark the release of D12's new single 'How To', the stream will feature over 150 tracks from a selection of Shady names including Eminem, D12, 50 Cent, G Unit, Lloyd Banks and Obie Trice. The new service is available for free to all Napster subscribers - non-subscribed users can listen to thirty second clips of tracks on the Shady playlist and then pay to download them.


SINGLE REVIEW: Freq Nasty - Sil Num Tao (Skint)
Freq Nasty is a breaks institution in the UK. Renowned around the globe for his unique and eclectic sound, this single, taken from the well-received 'Bring Me The Head Of Freq Nasty' LP, certainly is distinctive. With a single bouncing ball of bass from start to finish, the track only stops for breath briefly in its devastating assault. The natural spaciousness of the drums and spotless production would have you believe this were being played live in front of you. With an underlying hip-hop-of-yesteryear vibe, the chopped samples and antique snare fills make this a true dance floor fiend and a track that you won't quickly forget. Backed by a mean Phil K remix -stretching that bass into his inimitable long, buzzing growls - both are creations you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley, but will definitely want to take home after the club. OG
Release date: 26 Jul
Press contact: Darling Dept [CR, RR, NR] Anglo [CP, RP, NP]


The Darkness have pulled out of a special concert due to take place in New York in Sep celebrating fifty years of Rock and Roll. The band's management say recording of the second album is taking longer than expected, and they will need the whole of Sep to work on it before embarking on a UK tour in the Autumn.

Organisers of the event - which also has the Strokes, James Brown, the Doors, Bo Diddley, Lenny Kravitz and Velvet Revolver on the bill - told reporters on Friday: "We will miss the Darkness in New York, but our line-up remains impressive and just got stronger with Alice Cooper, Ben Folds and Melissa Auf Der Mar being recently added."

Elsewhere in Darkness news, frontman Justin Hawkins has told the Sun he had his penis pierced as punishment for cheating on his girlfriend. He told the paper: "Whenever I have a down I always put a piercing in to mark it. I was miserable when I had my nipple done. And I was even more miserable when I had my cock done. Me and Sue split up. I didn't like myself much. I thought, what's the most painful place to have a piercing?" Word is the piercing has since been removed.


Given the phenomenally high profile of Usher in the US at the moment, thanks to the huge success of his album 'Confessions', it is perhaps not surprising that his image will soon be peering out of Americans' wallets. The R&B superstar has just inked a deal with Bank First meaning he will very soon have his own Mastercard debit card. The aim of the new card is to provide a financial facility to everyone - especially consumers with low credit ratings.

Usher explains: "This past year has been a year of real growth and change for me, so I felt that this was the perfect time for me to step it up in the business world. As an entertainer, I make music for everyone, and I wanted the same mindset to apply to all my business ventures. That's why I'm so excited to work with MasterCard to launch the Usher Raymond IV Debit MasterCard which will financially empower people."

In addition to financial services, all card holders will have access to 'The World of Usher' which offers merchandise discounts and concert tickets. Mastercard's Bill Mathis told reporters: "With the Usher Raymond IV Debit MasterCard, Usher's fans have a great way to connect with their favourite entertainer and business entrepreneur, all while enjoying the payment flexibility enabled by a MasterCard card".


Kansas City's finest, The Belles, embark on a brief UK tour this week prior to the release of the single 'Omerta' On Eat Sleep Records on 16 Aug. Dates as follows:

3 Aug: Norwich Arts Centre
4 Aug: London Borderline
10 Aug: Dublin Whelans
11 Aug: Limerick Dolans
12 Aug: Cork The Lobby
13 Aug: Kilkenny Cleere's
14 Aug: Dundalk Spirit Store
15 Aug: Leicester Summer Sundae


ALBUM REVIEW: Bravecaptain - All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace (Wichita)
There are some albums which you can just put on and they immediately bring a smile to your face. And from the moment the eponymous first track kicks in on Brave Captain's second album, it's like a blast of golden sunshine coming through your speakers. Then again, did you expect anything else from a man who used to be a Boo Radley - a band which, with 'Wake Up Boo', produced possibly one of the most annoying yet addictive pop tunes to ever hit the airwaves? You get the sense that Bravecaptain is an idea that Martin Carr has been formulating in his head for many years - a euphoric mix of Brian Wilson and Squarepusher - and that this album is his chance to show to the world that he's not just a slice of easily disposable radio-friendly pop. And, when it works, my it's divine. Lush harmonies and king-size chords dominate on tracks such as 'Flow Machines', while 'Good Life', with its celebration of the irrefutable truths of life accompanied to an earth-juddering bass, is the kind of song that will have you unwittingly singing your little heart out by the chorus. The only problem with 'AWOBMOLG' is that, at times you get the impression (whisper this now) that he may just be trying that little bit TOO hard. Tracks like 'Metamorphicrocks!', with its Kraftwerk-esque ambitions, just sound overdone. 'AWOBMOLG' works best when it's simple. And then, it's a perfect slice of pop loveliness, which should, by all rights, make Martin Carr known for more than merely supplying fodder for a million dodgy breakfast show commercials. CM
Release date: 2 Aug
Press contact: Hermana [all]


As Simon Fuller's 19 Group squabble with BMG over the rights to sign winners of the Pop Idol TV franchise, rumours this morning that the first such winner might also be about to start squabbling with the show's creator. A friend of Will Young has told the Sun that the singer is increasingly concerned about the percentage cut 19's Simon Fuller takes of all his earnings.

According to the tabloid the friend says: "Will had to sign a contract when he won Pop Idol which gave Fuller a large percentage of what he earned. He had no choice but to sign, it was a condition of taking part in the show. But no one could have dreamed he would do so well. Now Will feels he has been given a fraction of the cash he's raked in for Fuller."

The friend is keen to add: "Will knows he earns a decent amount of money and is grateful for everything Simon has done. He values his advice hugely," but continues, "Will has been told that he has the potential to be a George Michael or a male Dido. So he has been seeking advice on how to get more money. Only his close friends and family know how he feels."


Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers has been talking about the band's new album, 'Life Blood', which will be released in Oct this year. Speaking to NME he said: "It's modern, shiny, pure pop, elegiac pop. It really is the poppiest album we've ever done. The mixer of Goldfrapp (Tom Elmhirst) has been working with us, and he's really given it a lovely sheen and a modern edge. We've been listening to The Associates, early New Order, Joy Division. It's 'The Holy Bible' for 35 year olds!"

Manics fans, meanwhile, might be interested in the new single from London-based band Johnny Boy. Manics member James Dean Bradfield has been working with them producing first single 'You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve'. That single will be released properly on 9 Aug on Vertigo after a limited edition release on Welsh indie label Boobytrap proved so popular.


The people behind the rather excellent alternative dance festival Dedbeat have announced details of a special night being staged alongside London's Notting Hill Carnival on the August Bank Holiday weekend.

In room 1 there will be a stellar assortment of dub reggae courtesy of the very great Don Letts and Dan Donovan, with support from the Foundation Sound System and Mannaseh.

Room 2 hosts West London's own Bugz In The Attic fusing future soul, broken beats, jazz, funk and electronic futurism while in room 3 the Eat Your Own Ears crew will showcase the freshest blend of electronic and live music - with guest DJ sets from Four Tet (aka Kieran Hebden) and the Soul Jazz Soundsystem.

More info at


Former Westlife boy Bryan McFadden will dis his former boyband lifestyle in his debut solo single, which is released in Sep. According to the Daily Mirror, McFadden's first track, which he has written with songwriter Guy Chambers, is called 'Real To Me' and contains the lines: "Bullshit dinners and the free champagne/ men in suits who think they know it all/No one knows me but they know my name/None of it's real to me. Hotel lobby to the airplane/another country but they all look the same..."

McFadden told the paper's 3AM Girls: "It's [about] everything I hated about being in Westlife, from the hectic schedule, showbiz parties and non-stop travelling all over the place, to boring record company meetings. It's about feeling trapped everywhere I went, from the cars to the hotel rooms. It's only now I have kids that I realise what the important things in life are."

Elsewhere in McFadden news, Bryan has announced he will be releasing his solo work with the spelling Brian McFadden. Apparently he opted for 'Bryan' while in Westlife because it is easier to write when giving autographs!


First Britney's ex - her Vegas husband of 24 hours, Jason Alexander - spilled the beans about their short lived fling. Now the ex of Britney's fiancÈ Kevin Federline could be about the cause the couple trouble too. Shar Jackson - who had two children with Federline and who was seven months pregnant when he ran off with Spears - has been turning down the many interview requests she's been receiving. But gossipers say she has been refusing to talk to the press because she wants to save all her stories for a reality TV show she is developing. Fun, fun.

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