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In today's CMU Daily:
- London council target Diabolical Lliberties in flyposting fight
- Doherty AWOL again
- Franz announce UK tour
- Strokes to release new album this year
- Album Review: Rob Sonic - Telicatessen
- More Moz
- Henry Rollins entertains the troops
- Springsteen among the artists lined up for anti-Bush gigs
- Hives get political
- Would suing Real be the right thing to do for Apple?
- Beenie Man apologises for homophobic lyrics
- ITV3 to be free
- Throwdown this Thursday
- Marquee to be relaunched - again
- Sony hone Connect
- Album Review: Butch Cassidy Sound System - Butches Brew
- Kylie to spend more time with her man
- Mystery surrounds Paris Hilton's bruises


London authorities stepped up their campaign against flyposting yesterday by targeting the agency who actually undertake many of the major flyposting campaigns, Diabolical Liberties.

As previously reported, two London councils - Camden and Westminster recently used new anti-social behaviour legislation to try and tackle the long term problem of flyposting. Initially they applied for 'anti-social behaviour orders' against individual marketing executives at record labels and media companies. Had the courts issued those orders the named individuals would have been liable to personal fines or even jail if they were involved in any project that involved flyposting. Most of the key companies in the music and media industries have subsequently pledged to stop flyposting in order to avoid being targeted with said orders.

Yesterday Camden Council confirmed it was now targeting Diabolical Liberties with the same legal threat. The council hopes to secure ABSOs against the company's MD Tim Horrox, and three employees, Anna McAree, Dominic Murphy and James Heighway.

It is no secret that Diabolical Liberties undertake most of the major flyposting campaigns. They argue that they flypost in a responsible way and that the practice enhances London's cultural community. The council, however, does not agree, arguing their flyposting litters the streets and costs local taxpayers £250,000 (GBP) per annum - the cost of removing the posters. The council has fought a long battle against the company – prior to the use of ASBOs the legal process for targeting companies that flypost was full of loopholes that made prosecution very difficult. Councillor Dame Jane Roberts, Leader of Camden Council, says: "We have been tremendously encouraged by the positive response from residents, businesses and visitors to the borough to Camden Council's anti-flyposting campaign, as well as from other organisations and individuals and the media. Despite the positive impact of our campaign, we know that illegal flyposting remains a major cause of alarm and distress for many people in the London Borough of Camden: it makes people feel unsafe and uncomfortable and impacts negatively on the quality of the environment. This is why we are determined to outlaw it, as part of our commitment to making the borough a cleaner, greener and more attractive place to be."

It will be interesting to see how Diabolical Liberties respond. They have more to lose in giving up flyposting that the record labels or media companies, which means it is likely the case will go to court (all other targets of ASBO committed to give up flyposting before going to court).

Some question whether or not flyposting really counts as anti-social behaviour, and hint the courts might not actually grant the orders the local authorities have asked for. If that were to happen Diabolical Liberties would not only be off the hook, but the labels and media companies who recently stopped flyposting would no doubt start hiring their services again.


Pete Doherty has issued a statement to the NME regarding his no-show at a gig on Monday night. Doherty - touring on his own while his Libertines membership is on hold - was due to play at the Camden Barfly on Monday night, but pulled out of the gig at the last minute reportedly after a run in with a bouncer.

In a statement issued to the NME yesterday a spokesman for Doherty said: "Pete Doherty would like to apologise to everyone who turned up to The Barfly in Camden last night. Pete turned up at the venue at 11pm with his guitar tech and encountered problems at the door. A doorman refused to let the tech in and a number of fans who had gathered at the entrance."

Doherty himself told CMU: "We have played at venues up and down the country on this tour, some of which had no security, and have encountered no problems. I simply asked the bouncer last night to apologise for his behaviour, and he refused. I was very upset at his attitude and I'm very sorry for letting everyone down." Doherty has now also pulled out of a scheduled show at the same venue on Friday.
Earlier on Monday Doherty put out a bizarre message on his website

plugging a pre-Barfly gig party for fans. It read: "6.00pm . Mount Pleasant sorting office on Roseberry Avenue, opposite the post office on the Mount Pleasant junction, there are four red telephone boxes. They will all ring at 6.05pm.

A girl in a hat will issue ticket invitations/ Haribo Bear donations. £10 entry including lunch and fine wines, Haribo Bears, drug counselling and a free ride to the monarch for those with tickets later on. Also, a playback of the new album 'The Libertines' including tracks that didn't make the final mix. No fakers no forgers no barriers no borders. And no creack or smack. deal?"

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Band of the moment Franz Ferdinand are to round off a fantastic year with their biggest UK and Irish tour to date. Dates as follows:

11 Oct: Belfast Ulster Hall
12-13 Oct: Dublin Olympia
15-16 Oct: Glasgow Barrowlands
17 Oct: Wolverhampton Civic Hall
19 Oct: Newcastle Northumbria University
20 Oct: Exeter University
21 Oct: Bradford St George's Hall
23 Oct: Portsmouth Guildhall
24 Oct: Leicester DeMontfort Hall
25 Oct: Manchester Apollo
28-29 Oct: London Brixton Academy
Tickets go onsale at 9.30am on 7 Aug.


The Strokes are poised to release a new album ... but before you Strokes fans out there get too excited take note - it's a live album not new material.

According to Xfm the band's fanclub newsletter says the live release will be a recording of last years gig at London's Alexander Palace, that it will feature live versions of 'The Modern Age' and 'Hard to Explain', and that it should be out in time for Christmas.

As for new material, word is the Strokes boys will be working with producer Gordon Raphael with a possible mid-2005 release date for their third album.


ALBUM REVIEW: Rob Sonic - Telicatessen (Def Jux)
Now, I'm not into 'hip-hop' these days. I may sound old when I say this,
but 'hip-hop' today is, in truth, pop - and not good Pop. Moronic men with stunted growth and angry ickle faces, rant about a fictional wealth that is a great encumbrance on their artistic existence. Bollocks! So praise the Lord for Rob Sonic. Here is a genuine artist making the kind of exceptional, original hip-hop/rap that is still out there if you look hard. Influenced by Kraftwerk as much as Public Enemy, his tastes are evident in this torrent of raw, electro beats. The album has the energy that only dirty, analogue basses and synths can deliver, which Sonic lyrically weaves through to great effect. It's not perfect - Sonic's verbal style can get a little tedious, especially as the verses on all the tracks sound so structurally alike. But there are a number of superior tracks and they stand out like one of Ja Rule's minder in a bikini.
- OG Release date: 6 Sep Press contact: Def Jux IH [all]


Morrissey continues his triumphant comeback with a short Northern tour in Sep. Support is from The Dead 60's. The dates will follow Moz's slots at the Reading and Leeds Festivals in August. The dates are:

2 Sep: Paisley Town Hall
3 Sep: Perth City Hall
4 Sep: Blackpool Empress Ballroom
6 Sep: Bridlington Spa


Unconventional American rock star Henry Rollins is heading to Honduras to visit the troops there. Renowned as an author, actor and public speaker, as well as being a singer, Rollins will give a spoken word performance to the soldiers stationed there. The multi talented Rollins has also undertaken similar tours in Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and Qatar.


- Despite the media backlash towards American artists who criticise President Bush, a whole host of musicians are expected to confirm their support for the MoveOn campaign later today.

Bruce Springsteen, REM, the Dixie Chicks, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Jimmy Buffett, John Mellencamp and the Dave Matthews Band are expected to confirm they will play at one or more gigs in support of the MoveOn campaign which "advocates a change in government". The gigs will all take place in the run up to this Autumn's presidential elections in so called "battleground" states like Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri and Florida.

The project, spearheaded by Springsteen's manager Jon Landau and REM manager Bertis Bowns, aims to stage different concerts in different cities on the same night, with talk of a major concert in Miami featuring most of the artists involved on the same bill.

Various artists involved in the programme will be discussing the gigs and the MoveOn campaign on US media over the next 24 hours.


- Elsewhere in political news - The Hives have been chatting about the possible political interpretations of their current song 'Walk Idiot Walk'.

Howlin' Pelle Almqvist told MTV: "It's kind of adaptable to your own imagination. It's mostly about the fact that people with the ambition to get into a powerful position, that doesn't necessarily mean that they're able to handle it in a good way. Teachers who can't teach and leaders who can't lead - that's the regular sort of punk rock theme, I guess."


More politics, but of a different kind.

The Apple and Real Networks feud continues following the latter's announcement last week that they were launching a new technology that would output music as unofficial AAC files - the kind of files that play on the iPod and which can only currently be bought via iTunes. As previously reported, Apple plan to take Real to court to stop them doing so, accusing them of 'stealing' their technology.

The whole case has caused much chatter among the IT press, with many suggesting Apple boss Steve Jobs may lose the digital music race in the way he lost the home computer race if he refuses to work with his competitors. As those who know they PC history will tell you, the consensus is that Apple, once the industry leaders in all things home computer, lost the race to be the PC of choice because they would not licence their software to other hardware manufacturers. The result - a rival (ie Microsoft) launched "an inferior system that essentially copied Apple" (I'm editorialising a bit there, sorry to Gates et al) that was available to all hardware manufacturers and, as such, took over the world.

Those in the know say Apple are in danger of doing exactly the same thing with iTunes - taking their dominance in digital music and losing it all because they will not licence their technology to other hardware

If you're interested there's plenty of comment on the IT websites of the world - though the best article we've found is Kevin Maney in USA Today, not completely (but partly) because of his ode to the iPod, sung to the tune of 'American Pie':

Long,long time ago / I can still remember how Steve Jobs made us smile He knew the Mac was truly great / it trumped that DOS made by Bill Gates - And dominated PCs for a while. But '85 in retrospect / looks like a case of gross neglect Bad news of a crisis / the Mac, Jobs wouldn't license - I can't remember if I cried / as I watched Apple's business slide - Too bad those lessons weren't applied / The day the iPod died So bye, bye to the Pod with an i We'll use Real or just steal, swapping files on the fly The Apple faithful might continue to buy Singing, iPod has such elegant lines. But iPod has such elegant lines.

Maney's article is at

- ------------------------------------------------

Jamaican reggae star Beenie Man has backtracked a little on past remarks and issued a statement offering his apologies for past homophobic lyrics. Beenie, like a number of stars from the dancehall scene, has been accused of inciting violence against the gay community through his lyrics - as a result his gigs and radio shows that play his music have become targets of the gay rights movement of late.

In a statement released on Monday by Beenie Man's record label Virgin, he said: "It has come to my attention that certain lyrics and recordings I have made in the past may have caused distress and outrage among people whose identities and lifestyles are different from my own. While my lyrics are very personal, I do not write them with the intent of purposefully hurting or maligning others, and I offer my sincerest apologies to those who might have been offended, threatened or hurt by my songs. As a human being, I renounce violence towards other human beings in every way, and pledge henceforth to uphold these values as I move forward in my career as an artist."


- ITV have confirmed their new golden oldies channel - ITV3 - will be a free-to-air channel. There had been talk of making the channel, which will screen classic ITV shows, a pay-per-view available via Sky (and not Freeview) - essentially replacing the Granada Plus channel - a joint venture between Sky and former ITV company Granada. However ITV boss Charles Allen has turned down the multi-million pound income stream such a channel would have delivered if pay-per-view, most probably because Sky insisted on taking a stake in the channel. ITV3 will now launch for free on 1 Nov.

ITV's ongoing relationship with Sky is an interesting one because the former is yet to sign its encrypted distribution contract with the latter. Sky encrypt all of ITV's channels on satellite ensuring that they are only seen within the UK (otherwise viewers on the continent or in Ireland could point their dishes at Sky's satellite and access ITVs shows, which poses possible licensing issues for sports events and movies). As previously reported, the BBC last year decided to stop having their satellite broadcasts encrypted, depriving Sky of a valuable income stream. Rumour has it ITV might make a similar decision - which would cost Sky in the region of £8million, which they aint going to like.

Then again, Sky announced profits of £322 million on total revenues of £3,656 million yesterday, so I doubt they need our sympathy.


There will be another battle of rhyme this Thursday with the eighth edition of the Thursday Night Throwdown at Plan B in Brixton. We're promised the UK's finest and freshest hiphop, breakbeat, funk, miami bass & electro dj's with the heavyest scratchin around and 'graf displays' by Herse, Fybe, Wand and Catman. As well as the various rap, graffiti and popping competitions on the night there will be DJ sets from MR Thing (Former DMC Champ), Donna Dee 'n' Scrapy (Throwdown/Breakbeat Connection), DJ Deekline (Rat Records/Throwdown/Breakbeat Connection) and Chop Suey vs Teknikal (Throwdown).

More at


Such are the memories of the London's Marquee Club of old, another company is hoping to resurrect the spirit of the legendary venue and has acquired the name to do so.

The new Marquee Club will open in Sep on the capital's Leicester Square, taking over the venue formerly run as Home, in the building that MTV recently announced they would be using as a base for the UK edition of Total Request Live. The new Marquee will be run by Plum Promotions, and should have a capacity of 900.

Plum will be hoping their attempts to recreate the Marquee will prove more successful than those back in 2002 when a high tech venue was opened in Islington bearing the Marquee name. Despite initial excitement the venue failed to take off under the Marquee banner, and was eventually sold off to the McKenzie Group who now run it as the Carling Academy Islington.


Sony are set to hone their Connect download platform allowing people to download tracks directly from their radio section - at the moment if you like a track on one of their radio streams you have to go into the main area of the site to actually buy it. Sony also plan to launch a pre-pay card which will allow non-credit card holders to use the service. The new services should launch in Sep.


ALBUM REVIEW: Butch Cassidy Sound System - Butches Brew (Frenetik)
Now not all of us like reggae, after all it's not really the most
contemporary of genres, but Butch Cassidy has produced the most potent LP set to convert us sceptics. Now we're not talking that obvious reggae with the cyclical offbeat organ eternally chiming, but dubbed out chunky rhythms and enough sticky funk packed in to keep the sun shining long into December. With everyone from Massive Attack's Daddy G to the Plump DJ's behind his tracks, Butch Cassidy a.k.a. Michael Hunter, is updating this dusty stereotype-laden genre with great panache and quality. With the smooth melody-laden hip-hop beats of 'Case On Point'- sounding like a track you have known and loved for years, next to the rougher breaks of the opening, soul-filled 'Brothers & Sisters', 'Butches Brew' skilfully draws influences from all quarters to fuse a true good-time LP. OG Release date: 23rd Aug
Press contact: Soma IH [all]


Kylie Minogue has announced she will be taking some time off work so she can spend more time with partner French actor Oliver Martinez. Apparently Kylie decided to rework her schedule after those pictures of Martinez with actress Michelle Rodriguez at a party on P Diddy's yacht in St Tropez were all over the papers. According to the Sun Kylie said: "I've decided to make some changes so that I can make sure there's time for me and Olivier."


Nick Carter's people have strongly denied the singer was in any way responsible for bruises seen on Paris Hilton's arms last week - their statement was in response to rumours Carter had hit out at Hilton on a number of occasions. Hotel heiress Hilton and Carter ended their relationship by phone on 22 Jul.

Since then both have been chatting at length to anyone who'll listen about their relationship, though Hilton has never mentioned Carter being violent. However the New York press this weekend quoted anonymous sources who said Carter has abused Hilton more than once, and that he was responsible for the aforementioned bruises.

However Carter's lawyer Marty Singer denied all rumours, claiming the bruises were caused during an S&M-style photo shoot for Rolling Stone and warned they would sue anyone who went on record with the allegations.

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