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In today's CMU Daily:
- New survey reveals young consumers not concerned by piracy
- Gervais denies Radio One defection
- Two Culture Clash party plans
- New !!! tour date with Franz
- BMG ban Kasabian mash up despite promotional value
- Eartha Kitt injured in car accident
- Bono admitts some of his lyrics are rubbish
- Silver Sun don't disappear
- Pixies plan new album
- Single Review: Faithless Feat Nina Simone - I Want More
- Franz are matinee idols
- Moz cancels Spanish festival appearance
- Much speculation as to when post-merger cull will kick in at Sony BMG
- UK labels prepare for launch of download chart
- Keane meet the Neighbours
- Shaznay shuns ex-bandmates
- Geri slims down


A new survey by the Business Software Alliance makes grim reading for those engaged in the fight against piracy and counterfeit goods. The survey found that almost half of young adults in the UK owned pirated goods of some description, and that the younger the customer the more likely they were to own counterfeit material. Needless to say the most frequent pirated goods in individuals' possessions were CDs, DVDs and computer software.

Perhaps more worrying was the revelation that younger consumers did not seem to worry about copyright violation when buying pirated material, frequently being able to justify the purchase to themselves. A spokesman for BSA told reporters: "What was particularly shocking was that the younger generation were actively into and accepting of piracy." Young consumers frequently go the piracy route, the report suggests, because they are influenced by the marketing of entertainment and lifestyle products, but do not have the means to buy them legitimately. The report continues: "This problem starts in the schools and we need to work with the education system to explain to younger kids that intellectual property should be respected, why it should be respected and what's the downside of not respecting it".

Commenting on the report, Bryan Lewin, lead officer for counterfeiting at the Trading Standards Institute told the BBC yesterday: "We need to dispel the myth that counterfeiting and piracy are victimless small-scale crimes. Making consumers aware of the true nature of intellectual property crime is vital, there is very little distinction between piracy and the actions of a burglar who steals property from a house."


Ricky Gervais has denied reports in the tabloids this weekend that he was negotiating a deal with Radio 1. Gervais' early media career was in radio, of course, as head of speech at the original Xfm. He returned to the London to present a popular weekend show a couple of years back, but is currently not on air, being too busy coordinating the filming of the American version of The Office. Commenting on the tabloid stories Gervais told Xfm online yesterday: "I've never worked as a pizza delivery man..I haven't got a boxing ring in my house... Steven Spielberg has never called me and Radio 1 has not offered me a show"


Following on from that night as part of Channel 4's Summer Sessions last month, Wall of Sound are planning some more parties to celebrate the launch of their excellent 'Two Culture Clash' album, which is released on 23 Aug.

The first one on 18 Aug will include the screening of Rick Elgood's documentary about the whole Two Culture Clash project, in which Wall Of Sound sent leading European DJs and producers over to Jamaica to work with leading names in dancehall. The free screening will include an introduction by Elgood. It all takes place at Westbourne Studios at 9pm.

Then, over the bank holiday weeked, Wall Of Sound will host a number of events at the Nottinghill Carnival. On 29 Aug live acts from Jamaica and some of the DJs involved in the project will be playing out at the Station pub on Bramley Road. On 30 Aug Two Culture Clash DJs will play at the Red Bull Big Ramp event in the afternoon and at Neighbourhood in the evening.

On 3 Sep there will be a Two Culture Clash night at Fabric featuring no less than Jon Carter, Kid 606, Justin Robertson, Howie B, Switch and Mark Rae plus special guests to be announced.

And finally, on 6 Sep, Two Culture Clash will host the Music Box room at Manumission in Ibiza - full line up details to follow soon.

Press info on the album and all these events from Wall of Sound IH - more info at and


Punk-funksters !!! have announced a fifth UK date supporting Franz Ferdinand, on Sat 16 Oct at Barrowlands Glasgow. !!! will also perform in the dance tent at this year's Reading (Friday 27 Aug) and Leeds (Sat 28 Aug) festivals, before returning in Sep / Oct for a full UK tour. Their single 'Hello? Is this thing on?' was released yesterday on Warp Records.


BMG have taken moves to ban a bootleg reworking of a Kasabian track that is available exclusively online.

The mash up of Kasabian with the Happy Mondays to create 'Processed Baggy Beats' was aired on Xfm's Remix show on Sunday, and an MP3 of the track was downloadable from the website of its creator, IDC. While most major and independent labels now turn a blind eye to bootleg remixes providing their creators are not directly profiting from the tracks - recognising that a storming unofficial remix can help sell the original - this time BMG's Business Affairs department has ordered IDC to remove the track from his website on the grounds of copyright violation.

Which is a shame, cos it's a great mix that can surely only help promote Kasabian's new single, LSF, which was released yesterday.


Eartha Kitt - the veteran singer and the original Catwoman in the TV series of 'Batman' - has been injured in a road accident in America. According to news reports, her car crashed into another vehicle and turned over. 77-year old Kitt from Connecticut, was taken to hospital with minor injuries and later released. The collision happened last Thursday morning near Kitt's home.


U2 frontman Bono has been talking about the shortcomings of his lyrics and his aspiration to be a speech writer.

Talking to the LA Times he said: "When I look at our first 10 years, I just hear unfinished work, lyrics we never finished because we ran out of studio time. I just see a list of failures."

He told the paper that the opening couplet to 'Where The Streets Have No Name', "is one of the most banal couplets I've ever heard," but added that when the band play the song live it becomes "something else."

On his speech writing he continued: "I'm always writing speeches or articles for causes I believe in. That's probably what I would have done if I wasn't in music, but that's not songwriting".


Silver Sun have signed a new record deal and are set to release their third album in Nov. The album 'Disappear Here' will be their first for six years. Last album, 'Neo Wave', was released on Polydor, but the new material will come from their new home at Inveible Hands Music where their label mates include Emerson Lake And Palmer, Hazel O 'Connor and Wishbone Ash among others. Their next single, 'Bubblegum', will be released on 1 Nov.


Pixies' frontman Frank Black has confirmed the band will follow up their reunion live dates with a new album - their first in over a decade. A spokesman for the band told the New York Times that the album will be recorded and released in the first half of 2005. No word on whether it will include 'Bam Thwok', the new track the band released via iTunes earlier this year.


SINGLE REVIEW: Faithless feat Nina Simone - I Want More (BMG/Cheeky)
Yes, Nina Simone's back again - always a busy artist despite the troublesome handicap of being deceased. Here the ubiquitous Faithless resurrect her through a 'Tell Me More And More And Then Some' sample, putting it to fairly good use. That said, 'I Want More' brings us, ironically, nothing more, but instead a banal jaunt through stock appargiated riffs, banging percussion and Maxi-Jazz's tedious lyrics - used identically in previous tracks. Head straight for the remixes I say, and although the original will hold well with radio-play, Corvin Dalek leads the way to the dance floor with his hard-hitting, percussive and energetic paradigm of progessive house - touched with just the right amount of euphoria, and bypassing the cheese. The Beginnerz then rework the track into a robust, melodic house number that sounds so much more original than, well, the original! OG
Release date: 23 Aug
Press contact: BMG IH


Franz Ferdinand are to do a special matinee performance for under 18 fans. The gig will be in the band's home city Glasgow at the Barrowland on 16 Oct. This is in addition to two sold out evening performances at the same venue. Tickets for the gig are limited to a maximum of four people.

Meanwhile, according to the NME the Glasgow art rockers debuted a new song at the Benicassim festival in Spain last weekend. The biggest crowd of the night heard the up tempo number 'This Boy' which singer Alex Kapranos had reportedly written just half an hour before the band took to the stage.


Talking of the Benicassim festival, Morrissey was forced to cancel his set at the Spanish music fest because of technical difficulties with the aeroplane that was meant to take him there. Moz was due on stage at 9.20pm on Saturday (7 Aug) but had to call the festival organisers to tell them he wouldn't be able to make it.

A spokeperson for Moz told reporters "Due to a technical problem with our airplane on Saturday, we were forced to return to London rather than continue on our way to Spain. We offered to play on Sunday and had booked other flights, but the festival was unable to accommodate us - thus we were forced not to play. Morrissey and the band were very much looking forward to playing at Benicassim, and will return to Spain as soon as new dates can be arranged."


There is much talk this week as to how quickly the rumoured $350 million budget cut and 2000 jobs cull will be instigated at the merged Sony BMG, and as to what form those cuts will actually take.

The grapevine says that Sony BMG boss Andrew Lack will use the post-merger restructure to wash out the remaining senior Sony execs that remain from the days of his predecessor, Tommy Mottola. Consensus is, therefore, that the closer you were to Mottola in the old days, the more likely you are to be affected by the pending cuts.

Meanwhile speculation continues that Lack will recruit former Warner Music boss Roger Ames, who was cut out of his Warner top job after Edgar Bronfmann Jnr took over the major last year. He is currently working on a consultancy basis for his former employer, but word is Ames could be handed an international coordination role in the mega new major that is Sony BMG.


Record labels are stepping up promotional activity for their digital downloads in preparation for the launch of the previously reported official download chart at the end of the month. Westlife, Zero 7, Muse and Starsailor are among the bands who will compete for a high rating in the first digital music countdown, which will be revealed on 1 Sep.

The weekly download chart, to be compiled by the Official Chart Company, will track the music being downloaded via legitimate platforms. Radio 1 will run a weekly one hour programme each Wednesday dedicated to the chart, and will recap the list of most downloaded tracks during its main singles chart show on a Sunday.

While maintaining the hype around the download chart, both Radio 1 and the chart people are keen to stress that the singles chart remains the flagship countdown. Those comments follow concern in the retail sector that the download chart was part of an attempt by some in the industry to play down the importance of single sales.

All that said, while Radio 1 may have pledged to maintain the singles chart's flagship status for the time being, the ongoing decline in singles sales alongside the growth of downloading - coupled with the fact downloads are a much cheaper way for a record label to promote a new album than loss leading single releases - some reckon it is now inevitable that the UK singles chart will decline in importance in the coming years.


Keane have told Aussie music website Undercover that they are devoted Neighbours fans and admitted that when they arrived in Melbourne as part of their Down Under tour, the first thing they wanted to do was visit the Ramsey Street set of the Aussie soap.

Singer Tom Chaplain: "The strange thing was that our illusions were slightly shattered in a way, because you go to have a look at this complex and you see the front of the pub and front of the coffee shop and then realise it is just a front with nothing behind it".

Drummer Richard Hughes said. "We went in and it looked a little bit rundown but then I was watching it on a video camera and it looked just like it does on TV except with me in it."


Shaznay Lewis spent her hen party avoiding her former All Saints bandmates in Ibiza. According to the Sunday Mirror, Shaznay invited only Melanie Blatt to the pre-wedding celebrations. Then, after hearing that Nicole and Natalie Appleton were attending a Radio One party she had also been invited to, Lewis decided not to go.

A source claimed: "Shaznay has no desire to bump into them. She wants to let her hair down and party with her friends - but not them. She did not want the Appletons celebrating her hen-night celebrations with her."


Geri Halliwell has slimmed down in time for the release of her first record in three years. According to the Daily Mirror, Geri was told by her record label to lose weight for the promotion of her new record.

The paper says the former Ginger Spice was spotted celebrating her 32nd birthday with her mother Anna-Marie at a restaurant in Holland Park, West London. She was described as looking tanned and healthy .

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