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In today's CMU Daily:
- UK artist managers hit out at cover mount CDs
- Borland back with the Bizkit
- Depeche Mode release double remix album
- Best of Marilyn Manson announced
- Rare Oasis track online
- Album Review: Tara Angell - Come Down
- Ultimate Chill as eclectic as ever
- New York Senate candidate hits back at Springsteen
- Two albums to come from Bright Eyes
- Jackson family join Michael in court
- Oceansize tour
- Snoop Dogg served with $1 million drugs lawsuit
- Muse find a way to play V
- Outkast vs Rosa Parks
- Album Review: Beenie Man - Back To Basics
- Crowd turns on P Diddy in Ibiza
- Doherty announces Babyshambles tour
- Aguilera ditches piercings
- Flasher embarrasses the Darkness
- Charlotte's ex hits back with a song


The industry association for artist managers in the UK have hit out at the use of free cover mount CDs by national newspapers to boost their sales. Although the record labels receive a fee for allowing their tracks to appear on the free compilations, managers argue inclusion on such CDs has a detrimental affect on their artists' record sales, plus the whole operation devalues music.

John Glover of the Music Managers Forum told the BBC yesterday: "Music is valuable, you should be willing to pay for it. The message you get from a newspaper is music is free. It devalues all of our artists' catalogues. It's madness - I don't know why our industry does this. That catalogue will be worth nothing in years' time because everyone will have got it for free."

Mr Glover, who currently managers British artists Go West, Tony Hadley and ABC, and has previously managed the likes of Victoria Beckham, Free and Mott the Hoople, continued: "I have now got here a massive collection of these free CDs. They're fantastic CDs but almost every artist I've ever managed since I started managing back in the 70s is appearing on these."

Glover's association is now asking other artist managers to stop their clients' music from being included on newspaper released free CDs.

Although some record labels have expressed their concern at the growing number of cover mount CDs being released, and the tendency for these releases to concentrate on back catalogue rather than championing new talent, others see the newspapers as a useful extra revenue stream. The major labels' representative, the BPI, is yet to comment on the MMF's call for a blanket ban on cover mounts.


In something of a dramatic turn around Limp Bizkit have fired their new guitarist Mike Smith and reportedly welcomed back former guitar man Wes Borland, who quite the band very acrimoniously back in 2001.

Regarding Smith's departure, Fred Durst told reporters this week: "We are very content with Mike being gone. We are the type of people that stay true to our family and our instincts and at any moment will act on intuition as a whole. Mike wasn't the guy. We had fun playing with him, but always knew, in the back of our minds, that he wasn't where we needed him to be mentally."


Get 25 Oct in your diary, cos that's the day premier electro poppers Depeche Mode are set to release a double album of remixes. 'Remixes 81 - 04' will include new mixes of classic Depeche Mode tracks by the likes of Goldfrapp, Underworld, Air, Kruder, Dorfmeister, Flood and the band themselves.

A limited edition three CD set containing a bonus disc of rare remixes will also be released. The rarities disk will include remixes of 'A Question Of Lust' by Flood, 'World In My Eyes' by Daniel Miller, 'Walking In My Shoes' by William Orbit and a Danny Tenalgia mix of 'I Feel Loved' as well as new mixes by Ulrich Schnauss, Colder and Rex the Dog.

Commenting on the release Depeche Mode songwriter Martin Gore told reporters, "It's an amazing feeling to sit back and listen to such an interesting mix of artists take the spirit of Depeche Mode and add another dimension."


In related news, Marilyn Manson has revealed details of his 17-track best of album entitled 'Lest We Forget' due for release on 27 Sep. It's related news because the best of will include a new single, Manson's version of Depeche Mode's 'Personal Jesus'.

Among the tracks on the rest of the album will be: 'The Love Song', 'Personal Jesus', 'mOBSCENE', 'The Fight Song', 'Tainted Love', 'The Dope Show', 'This Is The New Shit', 'Disposable Teens', 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)', 'Lunchbox', 'Tourniquet', 'Rock Is Dead', 'Get Your Gunn', 'The Nobodies', 'Long Hard Road Out Of Hell', 'The Beautiful People' and 'The Reflecting God'.

The deluxe edition will include a bonus DVD with videos for '(s)AINT', 'mOBSCENE', 'This Is The New S**t', 'Disposable Teens', 'The Fight Song', 'The Nobodies', 'Autopsy', 'The Dope Show', 'Don't Like The Drugs', 'Rock Is Dead', 'Coma White', 'Long Hard Road Out Of Hell', 'The Beautiful People', 'Tourniquet', 'Man That You Fear', 'Cyrptorchid', 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)', 'Dopehat', 'Lunchbox' and 'Get Your Gunn'.


Oasis are putting a rare version of one of their songs online to coincide with the release of 'Definitely Maybe: The DVD' on 6 Sep. The track is a previously unreleased version of 'Columbia' recorded at the Chicago Metro in 1994 and it can be downloaded from


ALBUM REVIEW: Tara Angell - Come Down (Ryko)
Though the title invites us to enter the dark world of her soul, it is easy to forget Angell is there. The NY singer/songwriter's debut is given an air of unreality by feedback-heavy production (courtesy of Joseph Arthur) and her own nasal vocals. When one does get a glimpse of Tara's own voice, as on the acoustic 'You Can't Say No To Hell', she comes across as something of a sexy and interesting Kathryn Williams. For the remainder, she recalls The Velvet Underground (whose NY underworld roots she shares) and especially Darklands-era Jesus And Mary Chain with her curious mix of petulance and submission. If she isn't commercially successful it is only for the same reason these bands were not. This is a remarkably coherent and tight debut - 'Don't Blame Me' and 'Three Times' in particular showing good alternative/indie playtime potential. Just remember - only play after dark. SIA
Release date: 20 Sep
Press contact: Hermana [CP, RP, NP] Ryko IH [CR, RR, NR]


For those of you who think the festival season climaxes on the August Bank Holiday weekend, think again.

There's the Bestival of course, in mid Sep, and don't forget The Ultimate Chill, which takes place at Dundee Caird Hall from 3 to 5 Sep.

Now in its fifth year, expect an even bigger, even more eclectic programme of workshops, hip hop poetry, dance, rock and gospel music, plus rap noir and jazz.

Among the proceedings will be a competition in which six Scottish bands will compete for a Scottish tour, an EP release and the chance to perform at the festival's finale.

Other highlights include a performance from Kwesi Johnson with his Single Reflex solo virtuoso dance piece, Hip Hop poet Biggs, The George Burt/Raymond MacDonald Quartet and even the Glasgow Gospel Choir.

For press info on the Ultimate Chill contact Aarti Joshi at Burt Greener -


The New York Conservative Party's Senate candidate has hit out at Bruce Springsteen in a TV ad, responding to the singer's recent support for the political movement trying to oust President Bush from the White House.

In the ad Marilyn O'Grady says: "He thinks making millions with a song-and-dance routine allows him to tell you how to vote. Here's my vote: Boycott the Boss. If you don't buy his politics, don't buy his music."

While admitting Springsteen has as much right to voice his political opinion as anyone, O'Grady continues: "Now that he's moved onto the political stage to bash my president, it is entirely fair to respond."

Springsteen is among a platform of artists who will perform at a series of 'Vote For Change' concerts in Oct in a bid to rally the anti-Bush vote. Although O'Grady did not win the right to represent the Republican Party in New York, hence the tie to the Conservative Party, she is still a supporter of President Bush.


Talking of artists involved in the anti-Bush campaign, Conor Oberst aka Bright Eyes is not only taking part in the Vote For Change Tour but has almost finished two albums worth of material.

According to MTV, one album is already complete - it was recorded mostly in Presto studios in Lincoln, Nebraska, with Mike Mogis who produced and played on Bright Eyes' last album 'Lifted or the Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground'. The new album is thought to sound like a traditional, folksy Bright Eyes record. Emmylou Harris provides backing vocals on three tracks.

The second album is apparently more poppy and modern and is nearly finished. Both LPs are expected to be released on the same day in Jan.


There was something of a family outing for the Jacksons at the Santa Barbara court yesterday. Parents Katherine and Joe, brothers Jermaine, Randy and Jackie and sisters Janet and La Toya all joined Michael as he attended a pre-trial hearing investigating a raid co-ordinated by Santa Barbara County District Attorney Tom Sneddon on the office of a private investigator hired by Jacko's legal people. Michael's current laywer Thomas Mesereau Jr claims that raid was unacceptable and is trying to have any evidence collected from the office to be discounted once the long running child abuse allegations being made against Jacko finally reach court. Very little happened at yesterday's hearing once everyone was inside - the real drama is most likely during the proper court case into the allegations, which won't kick off until Jan.


Upcoming indie rockers Oceansize have announced a tour to promote forthcoming EP 'Music For Nurses'.

Dates as follows:
14 Oct: Leeds Josephs Well
15 Oct: Manchester Academy 3
16 Oct: Newcastle Cluney
18 Oct: Edinburgh Venue
19 Oct: Aberdeen Kef
20 Oct: Glasgow King Tuts
21 Oct: Sheffield Fez Club
22 Oct: Liverpool University
24 Oct: Birmingham Academy 3
25 Oct: Southampton Joiners
26 Oct: London Garage
27 Oct: Bristol Fleece
29 Oct: Cardiff Barfly
30 Oct: Stoke Sugarmill


Snoop Dogg has been served with a lawsuit by one Patricia Ann Richardson who alleges that Snoop, real name Calvin Broadus, had her pick up three FedEx packages which, unknown to her, contained seven pounds of marijuana, at a Petersburg, Virginia, motel in January 1997. Richardson claims she did not know that the parcels contained drugs until she was stopped by police at Club Flava, where she was promoting one of Snoop's performances.

According to MTV neither party involved was arrested, though Richardson was reportedly searched, handcuffed and interrogated at a police station. The suit alleges fraud and deceit, breach of contract, negligence and false imprisonment and asks for Broadus to pay $1 million in damages to Richardson for defamation and embarrassment.

The suit says: "Broadus, acting knowingly, intentionally, wilfully, maliciously and in conscious and reckless disregard of the plaintiff's rights, directed Richardson to pick up the packages and deliver them."


Muse's have told reporters they will find a way to make their headline appearance at this weekend's V festival go ahead, even though bassist Chris Wolstenholme is awaiting test results after injuring his hand whilst on tour in the US.

The band have issued a statement which reads: "As reported on various music websites over the weekend, bass player Chris Wolstenholme sustained an injury to his hand in a fall at the tail end of last week whilst on tour in the US. This meant that the band had to cut short their participation in Curiosa (the travelling festival helmed by The Cure) - of which they had been headlining the Second Stage. The touring party returned home on Saturday, and Chris and his management immediately sought medical advice on the injury. They are at present awaiting test results and further medical counsel regarding the injury. The band is also currently investigatingother alternatives should Chris not be able to take to the stage this weekend for their headlining slot at the V Festival 2004 in Chelmsford and Stafford. Muse are committed to finding a way to complete their summer live schedule."

Muse are due to close the V Festival at Hylands Park, Chelmsford and Weston Park in Stafford this weekend.


Rosa Parks' lawyer claims she is too frail to testify in the upcoming trial against OutKast.

As previously reported the legendary civil rights campaigner is suing the band's record company BMG and its subsidiaries Arista and LaFace over the OutKast song 'Rosa Parks' which appeared on their 1998 album 'Aquemini'. Parks claims that the song violates her publicity and trademark rights and she is seeking unspecified damages and the removal of her name from future versions of the record

According to Associated Press, a judge ruled last month that the 91 year-old would have to explain the reasons why she could not testify and provide the relevant medical records. Parks has subsequently authorised the release of those medical records. The trail is set to begin on 10 Jan.


ALBUM REVIEW: Beenie Man - Back to Basics (EMI/Virgin)
With the recent explosion of consumer friendly dancehall and the rise of "clean cut" cross-over artists like Sean Paul, Beenie Man's third major-label album 'Back to Basics' promises to be an authentic sexually charged Jamaican export without any of the homophobic lyrics. While we approve of the removal of the homophobia, we can't help thinking something else has been removed musically in a bid to give Beenie Man international appeal, which can leave his albeit sexually charged lyrics seeming a little weak. 'Dude', the opening track, which has already had chart success, features the DJ Ms Thing oozing out unique JA feminism, with lyrics like "I want a dude who will do me in his van." Meanwhile the numerous euphemisms for his manhood start to get a little bit tired by track seventeen. Also noticeable is the number of Americanised and African riddims that feature on many tracks, including 'Good Woe' and even acoustic roots track 'Back Against the Wall', obviously in a bid to open up his sound. It's not a bad album, but I can't help thinking it would have been better had he ignored that mainstream audience. JD
Release date: 16 Aug
Press Contact: Virgin IH [all]


P Diddy was apparently booed off stage two nights running by ravers in Ibiza. According to the Daily Mirror P Diddy's first appearance at Space "started well" and: "He was getting the crowd going and singing over some tracks. But when he tried to rap the crowd turned on him, shouting and jeering until he left the stage."

The next night at underground club DC10 for after-hours party Coco Loco the same thing happened. An insider says: "He got on stage and everyone cheered but once he started rapping there was another chorus of boos. He persevered but the crowd reaction was so bad he was forced to leave the stage. He looked very hurt and was heard asking one of his flunkies: "Why don't they dig me?"" We don't know Diddy, we just don't know.


Estranged Libertine Pete Doherty has announced a UK tour with his other band Babyshambles which will feature Patrick Walden (guitar), Drew McConnell (bass) and Gemma Clarke (drums). Place your bets now on how many no-shows there will be.

The dates are:

16 Sep: Brighton Concorde 2
17 Sep: Portsmouth University
18 Sep: Cardiff University
19 Sep: Frome Cheese and Grain (19)
20 Sep: Liverpool Masque
22 Sep: Leeds Cockpit
23 Sep: Nottingham Rescue Rooms
24 Sep: Leicester Charlotte
26 Sep: Norwich Waterfront
27 Sep: Birmingham Medicine Bar
28 Sep: Newcastle University
29 Sep: Aberdeen Lemon Tree
30 Sep: Dundee Reading Rooms
2 Oct: Edinburgh Venue )
3 Oct: Glasgow Barfly
4 Oct: Stoke The Underground
5 Oct: Shrewsbury Music Hall
6 Oct: London Scala


Breaking news - Christina Aguilera has taken out all but one of her piercings.

According to The Sun, the 'Dirty' singer had eleven pieces of body jewellery in her ears, belly button, eyebrow, lip and tongue, but she has removed all but one explaining: "I'm rebelling against myself. I've taken out all my piercings apart from one in my right nipple. That's for me."

A friend told the paper: "Christina feels she's past the whole piercing thing now. She's really happy with her boyfriend (record executive Jordan Bratmanand) and associates piercings with unhappier times in her life. She's decided to ditch the lot, every last one of them - apart from the bar in her nipple. That one is very personal and very special to her so she won't get rid of that. At least now airport metal detectors won't go crazy when she passes through."

Christina has admitted she had piercings whenever she felt depressed, saying: "There's a comfort to me in the pain."


The Darkness' bass player Frankie Poullain has told the Daily Star he was shocked when, after encouraging a fan at a festival to go topless, he discovered said fan was a man. The short-sighted rocker saw a slim person with long hair and assumed it was a girl but when the fan revealed his flat hairy chest Poullain realised his mistake.

He told the paper: "I've got very bad eyesight, I should wear glasses. I was looking across at a long-haired skinny figure, who looked quite elegant, sitting on somebody's shoulders and I gestured they should reveal their breasts. They did and I realised it was a guy. I probably should have learnt a lesson then. Look before you leap. No, look before you leer."


Oh no, here we go again.

Charlotte Church's ex-boyfriend has hit back at her claims that he cheated on her by writing his own song accusing her of being unfaithful. As previously reported, Charlotte has written a track in which she says ex Steven Johnson was a "waste of time".

According to The Sun Johnson has written a song called 'His song, It's All Over' in which he accuses Church of seeing new boyfriend Kyle Johnson behind his back. The lyrics include: "I heard you've been cheating, girl, on me. You play me for a fool, girl, always messing around." Steven told the paper:

"Charlotte made out I was cheating on her but that wasn't the case. She was seeing the boy she's seeing now - that's why I wouldn't go back to her. I hadn't been cheating on her. She didn't say sorry, she just made out it was my fault."

Charlotte's song will appear on her first pop album which is due in October.

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