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In today's CMU Daily:
- Prodigy remixed - completely unofficial!
- Woolworths renew Hit40UK sponsorship
- Merger and flotation speculation at Warners
- Van Halen sue baseball club over concert cancellation
- Boy's step dad given money by Jacko
- Chart update
- Album Review: Bent - Ariels
- Beatles top rich list
- Foo Fighters plan double album
- Live Review: Mull Historical Society at T On The Fringe
- Return of king monkey
- Outkast to perform at MTV awards
- Placebo play Wembley
- Live Review: Massive Attack at T On The Fringe
- Doherty recovering from mugging
- Solid groove presents Straight Jackin'
- 'Ny-lon' soundtrack
- Madge buys Britney kabbalah gift
- Single Review: Pioneers - Falling/Something New
- Exclusive Liberty X tracks at Napster


To coincide with the release of the Prodigy's long-awaited new album 'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned', the London bootleg community today release a completely unofficial remixed version of the album - 'Always Outsiders, Never Outdone'.

The team behind the remix project explain: "In an interview about the Dirtchamber Sessions mix album with Liam on, he was quoted as saying 'What I did was take tracks, in some cases only a few seconds of the track, and rework them into something new. It's not like dance DJs who just beat mix: my mix is all about using DJ tricks to create something different'. We decided to take Liam at his word and have mashed up and remixed the album into a sound that's very different to the original but keeping to Liam's ethos. In a recent interview in DJ magazine he said: "It's all about evolving. The album [Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned] is about that..." Our version is about evolving the Prodigy's sound just that little bit further to give listeners a chance to hear the Prodigy as they've never been heard before."

The remixed album goes online today at Tracks can be downloaded for free - though your are encouraged to make a donation to Silver Clef, War Child or Amnesty International.


Woolworths has re-signed its sponsorship deal with the Hit40UK chart show, the singles chart countdown carried by most of the commercial radio stations in the UK.

The retailer's decision to continue their 18 month sponsorship of the chart with a new £8 million deal which will run into 2006 follows recent listening figures that suggested the show had increased its audience to 3.6 million. It's is good news for the show's producers, Something Else, who have recently re-engineered the show following the departure of long term presenter Neil Fox.

Woolworths will also sponsor the new TV version of the chart show, which will launch on Channel 4 next month.

Confirming the new deal Hit40UK managing director Rob Corlett told reporters: "It's great that, 18 months in to our partnership, Woolworths are extending their commitment to the show. The potential we all saw in a relationship between the biggest chart music retailer and the biggest chart show is now really developing, with the Woolworths sponsored hit40uk television launch the next step in the evolution" .


There was much speculation as to the future plans of Edgar Bronfman Jnr over at Warner Records last week.

Firstly, as the group publicly released its six-month financial results, investment people in the US became more convinced Bronfman plans to float the major record company sooner rather than later. Warner Music has been a private company ever since Bronfmann and his consortium bought it off Time Warner, however the New York Times reckons its owners may take the company public as soon as next year.

Elsewhere, more speculation as to whether EMI and Warners will try to merge in order to compete with what are now two much bigger competitors - Sony BMG and the Universal Music Group. While talk of merger ambitions, especially in the Warner camp, are still rife, some say that the two labels are not equal in terms of value and that Warner's owners would be lucky to get a 50:50 deal with EMI, but would be unwilling to accept less. Therefore any merger ambitions might need considerable diplomacy before even reaching the regulator stage.


Van Halen are suing US baseball team, the Baltimore Orioles, for $2 million over allegations the club reneged on a concert deal.

In papers filed in LA, the rockers say the Orioles approached them to play a stadium concert in Sep this year, but later backed out. Van Halen now reckon they are due compensation for the lost earnings caused by the late cancellation.

The legal papers explain: "In addition to using its resources to plan the concert, Van Halen had to change the dates of other scheduled concerts and forgo other concert opportunities in order to accommodate the Oriole Park concert".

The band say negotiations over the concert began in April. They turned down the club's initial offer, but were then presented with a deal that offered $1.5 million plus 80 per cent of ticket and merchandise sales. They agreed to do the concert, but then, they claim, the club became less and less communicative until they finally called off the gig in July.

The baseball club is yet to comment on the lawsuit.


The stepfather of one of Michael Jackson's alleged victims has admitted he made a video to clear the singer's name in exchange for a financial reward.

According to Reuters, the man told a California court last week that an associate of Jacko offered to buy his family a house and pay for his child's education in return for filming the interview. The man, known as Mr Doe to protect his child's identity, was being cross-examined at a pre-trial hearing.

Following the public furore over Martin Bashir's documentary, Doe said an associate of Jackson's asked his family to appear in a taped interview in which Jackson would be shown in a more positive light. In return Jackson's representative promised he would: "provide security for the family, college education and buy them a house."

The admissions were made at yet another pre-trial hearing in the run up to the big Jacko trial in the New Year.


Following very much in her brother's footsteps, Natasha Bedingfield went straight into number one with her second single 'These Words' yesterday, knocking 3 Of A Kind's 'Baby Cakes' off the top. The GLC went in at three with 'Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do', and hurrah to that.

Other new entries of note in yesterday's singles chart include Keane, in at 9 with 'Bedshaped', Franz Ferdinand, in at 17 with 'Michael', LL Cool J, in at 25 with 'Headspring' and Hope Of The States with 'Nehmiah' at 30.

Very little to report in the albums chart. New entries in the form of best ofs from Frank Sinatra (at 11) and Elvis Costello (at 27), Kristian Leontiou (Jane tells me he is the male Dido, which is a shocking thought) goes in at 20 with 'Some Day Soon', while the Sugababes album 'Three' re-enters at number 34 - no idea why, presumably it's on special offer somewhere.


ALBUM REVIEW: Bent - Ariels (Ministry of Sound/Open)
Whilst 'Programmed To Love', Bent's quirky debut album, was a promising, intriguing affair, last year's follow up ('The Everlasting Blink') disappointingly didn't take them in any new directions, at best treading water. This third album, though, is very much a brave step forward, and easily their best and most cohesive offering yet. Less overtly electronic, it sees songs and acoustic instruments superseding the synths and samples of yore. And it works rather well, in no small part due to the marvellous vocal contributions of Katty Heath, Rachel Foster and Sian Evans, plus some eruditely chosen musical embellishments, notably BJ Cole's typically fluid steel guitar. Opener 'Comin' Back' is a glorious start - fabulously delirious pop, with more than a hint of the 80s about it, courtesy of some nifty, glistening glockenspiel. Elsewhere, 'I Can't Believe It's Over' is akin to The Bee Gees gone dreamy synth-pop in heaven, 'Sing Me' sounds exactly like Enya but still manages to be charming, whilst the lovely, poignant 'Now I Must Remember' is just like Air circa 'Moon Safari' (i.e. when they were still great). Sophisticated and seductive, 'Ariels' is an affecting album, far more emotionally involving and subsequently rewarding than standard bland chill-out fare a la Zero 7. The more you listen to it, the more you become convinced that Bent have made the album of their lifetimes, and a real gem at that too. MS
Release date: 23 Aug
Press contact: Open IH [CP, RP] Darling [NP] Size Nine [CR, RR, NR]


To nobody's surprise, surely, the Beatles have topped yet another poll of Britain's richest rock 'n rollers. The fab four (McCartney, Starr, and the estates of Lennon and Harrison) have a combined fortune of £1.5 billion - of which £760 million is assigned just to Paul McCartney. Also high up in the Q poll of rock millionaires was The Rolling Stones (£515m), U2 (£420m) and Pink Floyd (£235m).


Foo Fighters have been working hard in a studio on the West Coast on the follow up to their 'One By One' album and apparently have five and-a-half hours of music ready.

On the band's official web site singer Dave Grohl writes: "I'm not gonna sit here and write about how this shit is 'The best stuff we've ever come up with', or how 'This is the album we've always wanted to make', but I will say this: Having a year to write and demo things at your own pace sure makes for better songs. In preparing for today's pre-production, I dumped all of the things I've recorded onto my computer ... and I wound up with five and-a-half hours of music. I just laughed. I'd love to have an album that requires us to stretch farther in both directions, eliminating any middle ground. The idea also comes from the fact that we've always explored both dynamics, just not to their fullest potential. Why not get heavier? Or quieter?Why try and cram all of that onto one CD? Why not make two albums, and call it one?"

Grohl goes on to talk about stumbling across an original cassette copy of the first Foo Fighters demo, which he recorded in Oct 1994: "Almost ten fucking years ago! It dawned on me that I am nearing a very special anniversary here. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I'd be sitting here, ten years later, writing to you about the preparations for our 5th album (double album, nonetheless)... Without too much reflection, I just have to say "thank you" to all of you for making the four of us very proud, and happy."


LIVE REVIEW: Mull Historical Society at T on the Fringe at the Edinburgh Festival on 20 Aug
Whovever said there's no such thing as intelligent pop? In all honesty, if I had heard one of Colin Macintyre's indie-pop tunes on the radio, I would have probably switched stations, yet watching his compelling live performance I felt fortunate not to have missed out on experiencing this remarkable musician. Bands with a political conscience are a dime a dozen these days, yet few can claim the originality of Death of a Scientist (an ode to the late Dr. David Kelly) or the refreshing optimism of How Bout I Love you More, whilst still succeeding in driving the crowd wild. This guy is young, gifted and born to perform. Now that's my idea of a Pop Idol. MH


Ian Brown has announced a tour to promote his new album 'Solarized' which is released on 13 Sep. Dates as follows:

14 Oct: Glasgow Academy
15 Oct: Glasgow Academy
18 Oct: Manchester Apollo
19 Oct: Manchester Apollo
21 Oct: London Brixton Academy
22 Oct: London Brixton Academy

Brown will also appear on the new series of the Jonathan Ross show to plug the album on 3 Sep.


OutKast and the Polyphonic Spree are the latest names to be added to the line up of performers at this year's MTV Video Music Awards. Other artists already announced include Christina Aguilera, Nelly, Alicia Keys and Jet.

As previously reported, the ceremony takes place in Miami's American Airlines Arena on 29 Aug.


Placebo will play their biggest ever UK gig to coincide with the release of their best of album. 'Once More With Feeling: Singles, 1996-2004' will be released on 18 Oct and the trio will play Wembley Arena on 5 Nov to celebrate. Word is it will be the last chance to see Brian Molko and his cohorts in the UK until 2006.

The track listing for the best of album is as follows:

'36 Degrees'
'Teenage Angst'
'Nancy Boy'
'Bruise Pristine'
'Pure Morning'
'You Don't Care About Us'
'Every You Every Me'
'Without You I'm Nothing'
'Taste In Men'
'Slave To The Wage'
'Special K'
'The Bitter End'
'This Picture'
'Special Needs'
'English Summer Rain'
'Protégé Moi'
'I Do'
'20 Years'


LIVE REVIEW: Massive Attack at T on the Fringe at the Edinburgh Festival on 19 Aug
The crowd bustled eagerly into the Corn Exchange to see the band that has remained at the forefront of the dance scene for over a decade. The gig started slowly, moving through classic album tracks at a gentle pace, but this was just the warm up. As they steadily roused the audience with awe-inspiring instrumentals and tunes such as the spine-tingling Teardrop, the mood intensified to such a point that, by the time they finally dropped the time-honoured Unfinished Sympathy, they had managed to transform a venue with about as much atmosphere as a school exam hall into a sweaty pit of euphoric delirium. An incendiary performance by one of the classiest bands to grace the Edinburgh Fringe. MH


Compulsory Pete Doherty update. The exiled Libertine is recovering after being attacked as he headed to his home in Farringdon. According to the News of the World he was dragged into the road and hit by a car during the altercation - he escaped by flagging down another car. The good news is, he only suffered cuts and bruises and did not need hospital treatment.


Solid Groove will be on the decks at a special launch party for his first mix album 'Solid Groove Presents Straight Jackin' on 1 Sep. The party, at AKA in London, will also feature Jesse Rose (Front Room Recordings), The Aloha Pussycats, Jon Williams and Christian Larsson.

'Solid Groove Presents Straight Jackin' is out 20 Sep on Slip'n'Slide and features tracks and remixes by Solid Grooves and his various aliases (Switch, Induceve, Modeler) including the massive club hit 'Get Ya Dub On' by Switch.

Press info from Kickin Records.


The soundtrack for the new Channel 4 drama series 'Ny-Lon' - set in London and New York - has a suitably translantic soundtrack with Brit rockers Snowpatrol and the Charlatans rubbing shoulders with hip NY punk funksters the Rapture and Radio 4. The show kicks off tomorrow night, with the soundtrack out on 13 Sep.

The track listing is:

Kid Symphony - 'She Lives In New York City'
The Charlatans - 'Up At The Lake'
Snow Patrol - 'Spitting Games'
Bell XI - 'Eve, The Apple Of My Eye'
Chungking - 'High Heels'
Tender Trap - 'Oh Katrina'
Akaizia Parker - 'Tuesday's Girl'
The Rapture - 'Open Up Your Heart'
Radio 4 - 'Eyes Wide Open'
Razorlight - 'Action'
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - 'Chicken'
Joy Zipper - 'If I'm Right'
Kosheen - 'Wasting My Time'
Josh Rouse - 'Rise'
I Am Kloot - 'Proof'
The Sleepy Jackson - 'Mourning Rain'
Sia - 'Breathe Me'
Hal Lindes - 'Ny-Lon Theme'


Madonna has bought Britney Spears a Kabbalah book as an engagement gift.

According to The Sun, she gave Spears and fiance Kevin Federline the Zohar, one of the Jewish faith's central texts. The special bound edition is worth thousands of pounds. An insider said: "Britney was delighted with the book. She has read it thoroughly and seems completely taken with it. Madonna has always looked out for Britney. When Britney was going through a tough time earlier in the year, Madonna used Kabbalah teachings to help her through."

Experts say the Zohar is very difficult to read and almost impossible to understand. But Spears said it paints "a bigger picture than even the Bible. It's just so interesting to me because I've never read stuff like this before." So that's that sorted.


SINGLE REVIEW: Pioneers - Falling/Something New (Northern Ambition)
It can't be particularly helpful for any new Manchester band hoping to forge their own identity when the accompanying press release to this, their debut single, weighs in with Doves and Elbow references, and not entirely erroneously either. In truth, Pioneers don't yet have the former groups' subtlety and sophistication, though they certainly share a way of imbuing songs with killer choruses along with general moroseness. 'Falling' is essentially generic indie rock, but with an emotional punch that elevates it above Pioneers' contemporaries. Think a more rocky Coldplay, or Keane having swapped the piano for some guitars. 'Something New', though, is the one to look out for, and the track that could see them go places. Passionately hued and burning with intent, their debut album will probably see the song double in length, and accompanied by swelling strings. Hardly groundbreaking stuff, then, but a very promising debut nonetheless. MS
Release date: 30 Aug
Press contact: Fistal PR [all]


One for all your Liberty X fans out there (you know who you are) - Napster today add three exclusive live tracks from the band to their catalogue - new versions of Thinking it Over', 'Just a Little' and 'Got to Have Your Love' all recorded as part of a Napster Session. To mark the occasion the Liberty X team all lined up to big up Napster and the download generation:

Tony: "Downloading is the future of music and gives us a chance to do something different. Recording an acoustic version of 'Thinking it Over' on Napster let us really show people what we can do when we sing live".

Michelle: "Our new live session on Napster will give more people the chance to discover Liberty X - it's great that Napster users have such a massive choice of music to listen to".

Kelli: "The Internet is a brilliant way to share music and the popularity of downloading will raise the standard for all musicians now that fans are free to choose single tracks to download".

Super. More at

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