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In today's CMU Daily:
- Single sales recover in Q2
- Gay rights campaigners target the MOBOs
- Microsoft expected to launch download service this week
- Exhausted Goldfrapp pull out of festivals
- Live Review: Terra Diablo At Underbelly Live At The Edinburgh Festival
- New urban talent promised for In The City
- Secret Garden update
- Single Review: The Music - Freedom Fighters
- Indie bands guest star on 'The OC'
- Previously unheard tracks to appear on Clash legacy edition
- Madonna launches her own ringtones service
- New album from New York Dolls
- Baseball boots for peace
- Katie Melua flees burning plane
- Live Review: James Yorkston (Support Roddy Hart) At T On The Fringe
- Starsailor announce charity downloads
- Darkness UK tour unofficially announced
- Album Review: Various - Two Culture Clash
- Hope Of The States triumph over adversity
- BRMC storm out of signing session


So I wheel out one of those 'singles are on there way out' editorials for the CMU Digest, then the BPI release figures revealing that singles sales have risen for the first time in five years. Single sales in Q2 went up 6.4% while album sales grew 3.7%. Total sales across all formats were up from £221m in the same period last year, to £230m this year. The BPI reckon the introduction of the cheaper two track single has helped the format recover.

BPI chairman Peter Jamieson said, somewhat mysteriously: "For years we've read stories about the death of the single. The single never died. Consumers just opted to buy albums instead. But this new increase in the singles market has to be welcome news."

The BPI also revealed the number of legit downloads purchased in the UK has now passed two million units.

So, everyone is doing very well. Surely time for some major redundancies and roster culls?


Following their demands earlier this month that EMI part company with dance hall artist Beenie Man over his homophobic lyrics, gay rights group OutRage yesterday spoke out against the organisers of the MOBO Awards after they refused to exclude as possible nominees key dancehall artists who, campaigners claim, incite violence against the gay community through their lyrics. The artists OutRage want excluded when MOBO announce their 2004 nominations next week include the likes of Beenie Man, Elephant Man and Bounty Killer.

OutRage have been lobbying organisers of the MOBO Awards to exclude the controversial dance hall artists from their nomination lists since 2002. So far MOBO have resisted that exclusion. OutRage's Peter Tatchell this week accused the awards body of declining "repeated requests to open a dialogue"

However a spokesman for MOBO yesterday denied they had refused to speak to OutRage. The awards group told reporters: "We have been bearing this issue in mind for the past six months and are considering our response. To say we have refused to negotiate with OutRage is completely inaccurate."


IT commentators in the US reckon that Microsoft could announce its long awaited move into the download sector this week. The re-invented MSN online music store is likely to copy many of the features of Apple's iTunes, adopting the pay-per-track model Apple made popular when it launched its download service last year.

Microsoft's service is unlikely to come with quite the same marketing spend of its rivals, however the computer giant is still hopeful it can win considerable market dominance, despite being a late arrival in the sector.

This dominance will, of course, be achieved through capitalising on Microsoft's existing user-base. As consumers naturally upgrade to the more iTunes-style version 10 of the Windows Media Player they will find their computer is automatically set up to access the MSN download platform. Microsoft will also hope to capitalise on the 300 million odd people around the world who regularly visit the MSN website.

Unlike two of its key competitors - Apple's iTunes and Sony's Connect - the MSN service will eneavour to be hardware agnostic - that is to say tracks purchased from their platform will play on over 60 different MP3 players (though, not those made by Apple or Sony).


Goldfrapp have cancelled their appearance at this weekend's Creamfields because of exhaustion. The news follows the band's decision to pull out of last weekend's performance at Belgium's Pukkelpop festival.

Alison Goldfrapp told reporters: "We are very sorry to have to cancel the shows in Belgium and Liverpool. We've had a fantastic time touring the 'Black Cherry' album for the last year and a half, but due to exhaustion the doctor has advised me to rest for at least four weeks. We'd like to thank everybody around the world who came to see us. I hope that I haven't disappointed too many people and I hope to make up for it next year."


LIVE REVIEW: Terra Diablo at Underbelly Live at the Edinburgh Festival on 19 Aug
Along with Biffy Clyro, Glasgow quintet Terra Diablo are often given the albatross of the "Scotland's bright young hopes" slogan. Yet despite growing popularity, the realisation of their true potential is still to be seen. In the sauna of the Underbelly, a 60 minute episode of this potential was witnessed tonight, a frenetic but resolutely tight set by a mob non manufactured and apparently unaffected by burgeoning success. Although they're far from faux grunge, Terra Diablo do at times echo an unpretentious Daniel Johns singing for a 'Dirty' Sonic Youth. Lap it up, because credible angst-rock isn't easily found in a sea of suit jackets and Iggy Pop cover bands. Catch them at Reading and Leeds. DK


More from the organiser's of industry convention In The City where, as previously reported, urban music is being given particular prominence.

Among the talent now lined up for the convention's urban showcase are: Burhan G, Ivory, JD, J'Nay, John The White Boy Rapper, Killa Kella, Lady Sovereign, Majid, Naila Boss, Nina Jayne, Shystie, Silibil & Brains, Smujji, Sonna, Stush, Terri Walker and Roll Deep.

Commenting on the event, Terri Walker told reporters: "In The City has always been such a great event, a real guide to what's new and good in the industry. I'm honoured that I've been asked to take part in the first 'In The City Urban'. I hope it grows and grows!"


If you're over-awed by just how much live music there is to choose from this weekend, then perhaps you should try this one, the closest you'll get to feeling you've gatecrashed someone's exclusive party while actually being at a festival - The Secret Garden. There's a great line up full of CMU favourites - The Beat, The Egg (they're back - hurrah!), The Loose Cannons, Dawn Penn, Baby Head, Carina Round, Cantaloop, Smerin's Anti-Social Club, Crazy Penis, Eddy Temple-Morris, Neon Heights, Fraggle DJ's, The Trojan All-Stars, IDC, and Go Home Productions. Full details at, tickets from http://, press info from Leyline.


SINGLE REVIEW: The Music - Freedom Fighters (EMI/Virgin)
Blimey. 'Freedom Fighters' - the first single from The Music's forthcoming second album - is so desperate for your attention, it doesn't merely politely saunter up for a chat, but fiercely grabs your lapels and starts screaming in your face. So loud you suspect the band have turned their amp volumes up to a Spinal Tap-tastic 11, this is overflowing with the cocksure Northern swagger embodied in the best records by The Verve, Oasis and The Stone Roses. It starts hideously though, sounding almost laughably metal from the off, with a grinning wankathon opening guitar riff of the kind that would easily supersede Bachman Turner Overdrive as the mainstay of Smashie and Nicey's DJ sets. But it improves immeasurably once Robert Harvey starts singing; he does so impassionedly, particularly in an explosive chorus, making the whole thing redolent of AC/DC performing on a cold Lancastrian countryside expanse as if their life depended on it. Let's rock, then. (Well, you can. I'd never do something so awfully uncivilised...) MS
Release date: 6 Sep
Press contact: Coalition [RP, NP] EMI IH [CP, CR, RR, NR]


The Killers have confirmed they are to guest star in the new series of 'The O.C' (back this weekend - hurrah!) and they will be joined by Walkmen and Modest Mouse. Series one of the teen drama established its indie credentials with Death Cab For Cutie, Le Tigre and New Order among the artists on the soundtrack, though this is the first time bands have actually appeared on the show.

Both The Killers and Walkmen have already recorded their scenes. The Killers' Brendan Flowers said [the show's characters]: "come and see us play. [They're] like, 'Oh, are you going to the Killers tonight?' And then they're there and we're playing in the background. We [played] 'Smile Like You Mean It' and a little bit of 'Everything Will Be Alright'. We don't get to watch anything."

Talking about their appearance, Walkmen bassist Pete Bauer added: "The characters are opening a club like the Peach Pit After Dark on '90210' it's called the Bait Shop. They wanted a band to open it up. So I think we're the first band at the Bait Shop. Characters kiss during our slow jam. But I don't know if I'm allowed to give that away. They have a crane shot from us up to a balcony, and then everybody watches them kiss and the girl runs off. That's going to be the highlight for us, a scene where characters make out and then run off. I think it's good. A lot of young kids who watch the show don't hear bands like us. Now my 13-year-old cousin wants a Walkmen T-shirt now, and she never did before!"


The really rather exciting up coming Clash Legacy Edition collection will feature five previously unreleased tracks. The three disc collection will feature a remastered version of 1979's 'London Calling', a DVD about the making of that album and a rarities disk called 'The Vanilla Tapes' which features 21 rehearsal sessions which were recently discovered on a tape by Mick Jones.

Those sessions include three tracks which later morphed into different songs - 'Working and Waiting' which became 'Clampdown', 'Paul's Tune' which was a forerunner of 'The Guns of Brixton' and 'Up-Toon' which was developed into 'The Right Profile'. There is also a cover of Bob Dylan's 'The Man in Me' and an early version of the album's title track with different lyrics and song structure.

The DVD documentary has been produced by longtime associate and general legend Don Letts (I met him the other day and am still overawed by the whole experience!) and features previously unreleased studio footage, promo videos, live clips and interviews with the whole band.


An American ringtones company has announced it has done a deal with Madonna which will see the singer make a range of mobile services using her music available via her website.

m-Qube this week told reporters it had set up the Madonna-specific ringtones store at the singer's request. Fans will be able to download a variety of Madonna based ringtones, paying by credit card or charged to their phone bill.

m-Qube reckon that working direct with the artist on projects like this is the best way. The company's VP Business Development, Andrew Miller, told reporters this week: "It's Madonna's music, so the store is going to be her way, on her terms. This is not through the label. This is working directly through the artist. When fans think of Madonna, they will think of the music and her website, not their phone company."

Commenting on the deal Madonna's manager, Caresse Henry, added: "Madonna sees the future of the music business tied intimately to the wireless space and doing this deal is the first step of many to utilize the robust capabilities of mobile phones."


New York Dolls are to release a new live album next month. 'Pre-Crash Condition', which was recorded during the band's comeback shows at Morrissey's Meltdown Festival in London earlier this year, will be released on 27 Sep. A DVD will also be released later on this year.


Don't know if it means they're playing Beatles songs in the (ahem, alleged) sweat shops, but Nike have designed a new baseball boot inspired by John Lennon which will promote the idea of world peace.

The first Chuck Taylor All Star Peace Collection is a limited-edition canvas baseball boot with a Lennon self-portrait sketch instead of a logo. It is emblazoned with the words "Imagine All The People Living Life In Peace". Converse, a division of Nike, intend to release a new celebrity-designed 'Peace Chuck' shoe every year "until global peace is achieved" - which presumably means forever.

Profits from the shoes will go to the programme to promote harmony between students of warring nations.


Time for today's fleeing from a burning plane story. Word is Katie Melua was one of the passengers evacuated from a burning aeroplane in Athens airport at the weekend. The plane was preparing to take-off to London when a fire broke out on board. Melua was visiting Athens to perform for the British team at the Olympics.


LIVE REVIEW: James Yorkston (support Roddy Hart) at T on the Fringe at the Edinburgh Festival on 19 Aug
'I'm glad you didn't know me as an angry young man' seethed James Yorkston in the final minutes of his set and it was then I realised that I wished I had. You see the problem with tonight's (packed and mostly sitting) gig is not that Yorkston doesn't have the songs (he does, some brilliant), the lyrics ("you've always been a sucker for the signs, I bet we could get sweet Jesus on our side") it's just that it lacked that 'spark'. And it's infuriating because you caught glimpses of it in the final three songs where the band let the anchor go and just went with it and the effect was immediate. His more wistful, melancholic folky leanings are taking over but I think he'd do well not to ignore that angry young man just yet. SCR


Starsailor have confirmed they will make a number of live tracks available to download from their website in aid of the very fine Fairtrade Foundation. The tracks are online now at

Tracks available, and where they were recorded, as follows:

'Tie Up My Hands'(Live at The Coronet)
'Silence Is Easy'(Live at The Coronet)
'Good Souls'(Live at The Coronet)
'Tie Up My Hands' (Rock Werchter)
'Silence Is Easy' (Rock Werchter)
'Good Souls' (Rock Werchter)
'Tie Up My Hands' (Rock Am Ring)
'Silence Is Easy'(Rock Am Ring)
'Good Souls'(Rock Am Ring)


The Darkness' biggest ever UK tour was unofficially announced yesterday. That is to say, although no dates were officially announced by the band or their label, an internet ticket website published the details of a UK wide tour. Official confirmation is expected in the next few days - according to the ticket site in question support on the tour comes from Ash of all people. Dates as follows:

24 Nov: Nottingham Arena
26 Nov: Glasgow SECC (tbc)
29 Nov: Newcastle Telewest Arena
1 Dec: Manchester MEN Arena
4 Dec: Sheffield Hallam FM Arena
6 Dec: Cardiff Arena
7 Dec: Birmingham NEC Arena
10 Dec: London Wembley Arena


ALBUM REVIEW: Various - Two Culture Clash (Wall Of Sound)
When someone says a song is a hit, there are at least two things they might mean. Either, that a song is so good it deserves to be a hit. Or that a song is so impossible to get out of your head it WILL be a hit. 'How Do You Love?' the first song on this album, is that happy instance of a song that is both. This balance of musical satisfaction and a good ear for popularity is what generally characterises this all-stars compilation of reggae meets electronica, featuring, under the supervision of executive producers Mark Jones and Jon Baker, the likes of Roni Size, Jacques Lu Cont and many more. As with most all-stars compos, there are hits and misses, and it is not always the big names that deliver. The Horace Andy / Howard B collaboration of 'Fly High' is gorgeous, and the Soulchild produced 'Backstabbin'' is surely the next single. But at 54 minutes, this is just a bit on the long side, and the idea gets little a bit tired. But nevertheless, good in small doses. SIA
Release date: 30 Aug
Press contact: Wall Of Sound IH [CP, RP, NP] ISH Media [CR, RR, NR]


Jinxed band Hope of the States clutched triumph from the jaws of defeat at this weekend's V festival.

According to the NME the band's performance at Chelmsford on Saturday (21 Aug) was plagued with technical difficulties and the set had to be cut short. Determined to make the best of the situation, singer Sam Herlihy and cellist Mike Siddell decided to stage a short acoustic show next to the festival car park - one man in the crowd helped out by providing Sam with a loud-hailer.

Herlihy explained: "Last night everything that could go wrong did go wrong and there were so many people there that we felt really guilty for letting people down, so we got a guitar and went out sort of behind the stage. There were hundreds of kids there, we did three or four songs. It's amazing, when you're onstage you can't really hear people singing, but everybody was singing 'Nehemiah' and 'The Red The White The Black The Blue' word for word, it blew my head off. We were really upset after the show so it made us feel a lot better about things really."


Less eager at the V Festival were moody rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club who reportedly stormed out of a signing session at the festival's Staffordshire site after being presented with a giant inflatable penis to sign.

According to the NME, who ran the signing tent at the V Festival, drummer Nick Jago autographed the offending member but guitarist Peter Hayes walked off in a huff.

He later explained: "I'm just not into bullshit really. I tend to get in bad moods when that happens. It shouldn't be taken offensively really but I don't like dealing with that stuff. It doesn't set well with me so I'll just leave. Hopefully people don't get too offended but if they're going to offend me. I shouldn't put myself in that situation to deal with that. I guess I should laugh at that stuff more but there's too much of that stuff going on to deal with."

The next day when the band were at the Festival's Chelmsford site only Jago showed up for the signing!

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