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In today's CMU Daily:
- FBI and RIAA step up anti-P2P offensive
- Dual Disc launches
- Kerrang awards round up
- GLC on influences and ambitions
- Single Review: Radio 4 - Absolute Affirmation
- Beat 106 rejig music policy
- Page rules out Led Zep reunion
- Elvis Festival in jeopardy
- Live Review: 2 Many Musicians At T On The Fringe
- Posthumous Matthew Jay album released
- Final Mansun single announced
- Mogwai release BBC sessions
- Live Review: Yourcodenameis:Milo
- Channel 4 planning radio station
- Radiohead release download for War Child
- Bob Dylan spills the beans
- Darkness expand tour
- In The City give break to new talent
- Strokes and Britney help hurricane victims
- X-ecutioners announce tour
- Grohl sings for John Kerry
- Zutons tour
- Irish politician targets Madonna promoter over lack of support for the disabled
- Album Review: Clinic - Winchester Cathedral
- Green Day return with idiotic punk opera
- Spector hires mobster's lawyer
- Elton runs from fans


Surely time for a re-release of John Hiatt's 'I Spy For The FBI'.
Federal agents yesterday undertook the first raid against users of a file sharing network under federal criminal copyright laws. Agents raided five homes across the US and seized computer equipment said to be making thousands of films and millions of music tracks available via P2P networks.

The computers seized allegedly acted as hubs in a file sharing network built on Direct Connect software. Membership of the network in question is based on the condition that members have at least 100 gigabytes of content available to share.

Although no arrests were made, action against individuals could follow, and if found guilty those individuals could face prison. Attorney General John Ashcroft told reporters: "P2P does not stand for 'permission to pilfer'. We do not believe it is appropriate for the Department of Justice to stand by while such theft is taking place. They [members of this network] are clearly directing and operating an enterprise which countenances illegal activity and makes as a condition of membership the willingness to make available material to be stolen."

The raids follow an announcement on Wednesday that the Recording Industry Association of America had started legal action against another 744 individuals accused of illegally sharing music files online, and that they had refiled action against 152 others who had ignored or declined previous offers to settle.


The new DualDisc, which combines CD and DVD technology on one double sided disc, was officially launched yesterday by a consortium made up of the major record labels and 5.1 Entertainment Group. The new format allows consumers to play music in their CD player on one side, and to watch video in their DVD player on the other. Despite concerns raised by some in the technology sector about the compatability and quality of content stored on DualDiscs, a number of music companies are expected to release titles in the format before Christmas.

All the suits were on hand to big up the new technology.

Andrew Lack of Sony BMG told reporters: "DualDisc represents a dramatic expansion of the music entertainment experience. By combining video, surround sound and web connectivity in a single disc, we are presenting our artists with a broader palette to express their creative vision, while at the same time giving consumers what they told us they want - greater value driven by unique content that brings them closer to the artist. We're confident that this ground-breaking new initiative will help to re-energize traditional music retail."

Doug Morris from the Universal Music Group said:"We are delighted to be offering the first in a series of DualDisc titles," stated. "By combining music, video, interactivity and portability in a single disc, DualDisc will add an exciting new dimension to the consumer's musical experience."

Edgar 'Warner Music' Bronfman Jr said: "DualDisc is an exciting new product that's limited only by the artist's imagination. We're confident that the ubiquity of CDs combined with the multimedia experience of DVDs on a single disc provides consumers an entirely new level of musical enjoyment".

EMI America's David Munns said: "Dual Disc opens a new, exciting creative dimension for artists to express themselves and connect with fans. It's an entertainment-packed product and is a big step in our effort to give fans music whenever, however and wherever they want it".


It was the Kerrang Awards last night - here's the winners, draw your own conclusions (though nice to see yourcodenameis:milo in there):

Best British Newcomer - yourcodenameis:milo
Best International Newcomer - Velvet Revolver
Best Single - Last Train Home by Lostprophets
Best Album - Absolution by Muse
Icon Award - MC5
Best Video - Funeral of Hearts by HIM
Best Live Band - The Darkness
Spirit of Rock Award - Anthrax
Classic Songwriter - Ash
Best British Band - The Darkness
Best Band on the Planet - Metallica


Everyone's favourite Newport hip hop posse, the Goldielookinchain, have been talking to mobile music news service Daily Music News about their influences, their music making process and their ambitions for the future. Well, sort of.

On musical influences GLC's Mystikal credited: "Mainly Eggsie's selection of theme tunes taped off the telly and free tapes from 'Hard and Heavy'", while main man Eggsie added: "I also like to listen to people breathing on buses".

Describing the GLC music making process, Mystikal continued: "Fags, Rizla, draw and Strongbow on a Friday night. That's all I'm saying." Fellow Chainer (?) 1 Step adds: "Draw is the reason we get out of bed in the morning and why we go back to bed not long after".

As for the future, 1Step says: "The album, some tidy t-shirts and children's parties".


SINGLE REVIEW: Radio 4 - Absolute Affirmation (City Slang)
Bearing more than passing resemblance to The Strokes (sadly), although suggestive of Casablancas and Co with an early U2 and Cure (but they're not Goths, alright?) fixation, 'Absolute Affirmation' is, as its title suggests, a defiant, anthemic, surging power-pop call-to-arms. With its chiming guitars, it's also particularly reminiscent of New Order circa 'Brotherhood' (only with more urgency). Easily standing out as one of the most memorable tracks from the New Yorkers' excellent forthcoming 'Stealing Of A Nation' album, 'AA' is as good as anything - if not better - similar minds !!! or The Rapture have released. Meanwhile, on remix duty, Tom Middleton - fresh from genius mixes for The Beloved, Ilya and Kylie - does his usual seductive deep house thing (having immense fun with the vocals en route, not to mention adding some nice 80s synth flourishes), whilst Si Begg does his best to make his interpretation as unlistenable as possible. Never mind. MS
Release date: 6 Sep
Press contact: Wild [CP,CR], Cityslang IH [NP,RP], Anglo Plugging [NR,RR]


The Beat is rocking again. That is to say the Capital Group's Glasgow/Edinburgh radio station, Beat 106 has announced it is revamping its music policy this weekend meaning that from Monday the station will have a more indie / rock sound.

When Beat 106 launched in the late nineties it was positioned as something of a Scottish version of Xfm. However, with dance music in dominance, it slowly drifting to a more dance driven music policy. So much so that when the Capital Group acquired the station some reckoned they might develop the station into a Galaxy / Kiss style radio brand and extend it round the UK. However, instead, they positioned it within the Capital FM network and it operates as a standard local radio service, though with more of a youth bias than its local competitors Forth FM or Clyde. The shift back to a more guitar heavy service therefore sees Beat 106 returning to its roots - though, arguably, they are in danger of competing with Xfm, also owned by Capital and also broadcasting in Scotland, albeit on digital.

The revamp is good news from long term Beat 106 specialist presenter Jim Gellatly whose ever popular Beatscene show returns to four nights a week as part of the revamp. Dance and R&B will still be represented on the station through specialist shows.

Commenting on the change in direction Beat 106 marketing chief Johanna Palsdottir told reporters: "Music tastes are ever changing, especially amongst our target audience of 15 - 34 year olds, but with weekly audience music research, we can ensure our programming evolves with our listeners ' tastes. Guitar-based music has seen a huge surge in popularity this year, particularly in Scotland, thanks to bands like Franz Ferdinard and Snow Patrol so this slight shift in our playlist is natural for us. Beat 106 has always supported the thriving music scene in Scotland, presenting a series of free listener gigs and events including Party In The Dark and The Beatscene Live, which showcases big name artists with support from a local up and coming band every month, so this move will compliment our existing activity."


Jimmy Page has said there are no plans for Led Zeppelin to reform in the future. Talking to Associated Press, Page said that if something was going to happen, it would have happened after the band's recent live DVD was released.

Page: "It is far too nebulas a situation. It is far too cloudy. When I worked on the DVD I really thought if there was going to be any overtures made by the band it may well been after that point after we visited the first nights of the premieres but there wasn't anything forthcoming".

Page was in London this week and became the first star to be honoured at the new Walk of Fame in Piccadilly outside the revamped Virgin Megastore, where his hands were immortalised in concrete.


It may be the fiftieth anniversary of rock 'n' roll, but the future of an annual Elvis Presley festival in his home town of Tupelo, Mississippi is looking shaky. Their 2004 event last Jun lost just under $5,500, the second year running it has made a loss - plus organisers are having to cope with a 50% cut in contribution from the local tourist body.

Festival chairman Gary Bailey told reporters this week: "It is a serious situation. We have to do whatever we can to make it successful next year."

Defending their subsidy cut, Linda Butler Johnson of the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau said: "We love festivals, and we love to help with seed money, but over a period of time we need to pull back and let them stand on their own feet".


LIVE REVIEW: 2 Many Musicians at T on the Fringe at the Edinburgh Festival on 25 Aug
The world's hippest Belgians made two appearances tonight: and while you sense they would dearly love their earnest rock histrionics as Soulwax to get star billing, it is their incarnation as cut 'n' paste bootlegging extraordinaires 2 Many DJs which proves the indisputable prize draw. The sterile aircraft-hanger of a venue which is the Corn Exchange may not represent the ideal setting for their irresistible melange of hooks, samples and beats, but a blisteringly-paced hour and a half set which segues from Electroclash to garage rock reduces the crowd to a sea of sweat, delirium and incendiary energy. Taking their melting pot approach to pop and transforming it into the height of postmodern chic, 2 Many DJs are the last word in unadulterated visceral entertainment. DL


An album by late singer-songwriter Matthew Jay has been released via his website following emails from his fans saying they were having trouble completing their collections of his work.

Commenting on the album, and lead track 'Louie', Jay's mother Hilary said this week: "Matthew would never have intentionally broken his mothers heart. One day we may all learn the truth about that night but until then, just listen to the words of this song".

Matthew died in September last year after falling from a seventh-storey window.


Mansun's final single 'Slipping Away' is released on 20 Sep. As previously reported, the Chester four piece split last year but have decided to release the material they had already recorded. The recording sessions for their fourth album, along with B-sides, EP tracks and rarities will be collected on a 3CD compilation, 'Kleptomania'. The album, out 27 Sep also includes rare and unseen pictures and extensive sleeve notes by singer Paul Draper. The band's number one album 'Attack of The Grey Lantern' spawned several hits including 'Wide Open Space'.


Mogwai are to release an album of recordings made for BBC radio - it will be released on 25 Oct.

The sessions were recorded for Radio One DJs' John Peel and Steve Lamacq. Talking about the album, Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite told reporters: "The reason we're putting out this collection is simple, the recordings here are worth hearing. Some are definitely better than the official recordings. Since we put our first record out in 1996 John Peel has been a huge supporter of Mogwai. We were more than a little excited when he asked us to record a session for his show at the end of 1996. Maida Vale was getting painted or something and we recorded in a massive room in the Hippodrome probably usually reserved for orchestras.

When the session came out we all listened to it and had a wee party. Asides from making good music we've never been the most ambitious people and getting a Peel session was one of our earliest (and soonest achieved) ambitions."

"After a lousy start to our relationship with Steve Lamacq (he said you wouldn't spend your last fiver coming to see us, we abused him in the press, he gave us a pound each as an apology) we were honestly surprised when he asked us to do a session for his show. He was probably amazed that anyone had fallen for our shambolic miserable music, who knows, you'd have to ask him. We returned the favour by recording a 19+ minute song. When we finished it the producer Simon wound us up by saying that he hadn't taped it. Lying scoundrel!"

Mogwai have just returned from America where they were supporting the Cure on the travelling circus that was The Curiosa tour. In Oct they head over to Japan for a string of dates. Their new studio album is due out Spring 2005.

Track listing for the album is:
1. Hunted by A Freak (recorded at Maida Vale 21 May 2003)
2. R U Still in 2 It (recorded at the Hippodrome 22 December 1996)
3. New Paths to Helicon Part II (recorded at Maida Vale 20 January 1998)
4. Kappa (recorded at Maida Vale 23 August 1998)
5. Cody (recorded Maida Vale 23 August 1998)
6. Like Herod (recorded Maida Vale 28 October 1997)
7. Secret Pint (recorded at Maida Vale 10 April 2001)
8. Superheroes of BMX (recorded at the Hippodrome 22 December 1996)
9. New Paths to Helicon Part I (recorded at Maida Vale 20 January 1998)
10. Stop Coming to My House (recorded at Maida Vale 21 May 2003)


LIVE REVIEW: Yourcodenameis:milo supported by X-Vectors and Cayto at T on the Fringe at the Edinburgh Festival on 25 Aug
How annoying are those people who always text in capital letters? It's like what they are saying is really important when blatantly it isn't. That's how I feel at the Venue tonight. Cayto scream at me and make no attempt to engage with me. Interesting ideas but they look so pedestrian. X-Vectors have the cheeky local boys act down to a T (on the Fringe). It's fun and energetic. But the reason everyone is here is to see 'yourcodenameis:milo'. They look the part, rock the moves, scream the screams, talk the talk and have a massive bus. They are very tight and extremely sparky but somehow the Venue never quite catches light. Yes I do have to mention 100 Reasons, At the Drive In and 'Emo', however there is probably room for one more. In the words of Milan Kundera "the history of music may be perishable but the idiocy of guitars is eternal". SCR


Channel 4 are planning on launching their own national digital radio station with a talk bias and are expected to announce a partnership with UBC Media to deliver it. It is likely Channel 4's station would replace UBC's existing Oneword service. Insiders say no decision has been made, but talks with OfCom and possible programme producers are underway.

The working title for the station is Channel 4 Radio. Perhaps they could call the actual station Radio 4. Oh no, that would get confused with the band.


The previously reported charity download site will officially launch on 9 Sep with an exclusive track from Radiohead on offer - a reworking of 'Go To Sleep', recorded live in Osaka and remixed by Jonny Greenwood. Other exclusive tracks will also be available from Keane, Bloc Party and Lucky Jim.

The site's head honcho James Topham told reporters : "Every track - and we're after everything from covers to acoustic versions, live recordings, alternative mixes, remixes or simply unreleased tunes - will be exclusive to Warchildmusic."


Legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan is to publish his memoirs on 12 Oct. 'Dylan's Chronicles: Volume One' will be the first of a planned three-book series by the 63-year-old musician. His publisher David Rosenthal described the "beautifully written" book as "extraordinary and revealing". Dylan had previously published a collection of poems titled 'Tarantula' in 1971.


The Darkness have added more shows to their December UK arena tour. As well as the dates already announced the band will play two more shows at London Wembley Arena on 11-12 Dec. The group are also planning to release a Christmas DVD which will include the band's 'first feature film' alongside an on-the-road documentary and collected videos.

Updated dates as follows:
24 Nov: Nottingham Arena
26 Nov: Glasgow SECC Arena
29 Nov: Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
1 Dec: Manchester MEN Arena
4 Dec: Sheffield Hallam FM Arena
6 Dec: Cardiff Arena
7 Dec: Birmingham NEC Arena
10-12 Dec: London Wembley Arena


In The City have confirmed details of a training strand at this year's convention called 'Break In The City' which will give young people interested in working in the music industry the chance to attend talks, workshops, and seminars led by key music industry figures. More info at


The Strokes and Britney Spears are among 100 artists who have agreed to autograph guitars for an online auction to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Charley which hit Florida earlier this month. Other musicians helping the charity - Storm Aid - include Linkin Park, Shakira, Incubus, Dashboard Confessional, Korn, LL Cool J and the X-ecutioners.

On his band's involvement in the project, Incubus guitarist Mike Einzinger said: "It's devastating to us to see people lose their homes. And hopefully our contribution will help ease the burden for some of the victims affected by the storm. We're honoured to do our part."

All profits from the auctions will go directly to the Red Cross and displaced victims of the storm.


Talking of the X-ecutioners, which we were, fleetingly, the turntable wizards have just announced a UK tour which includes a performance at this year's World DMC Finals at Carling Apollo Hammersmith in London on 5 Sep.

Dates as follows:
5 Sep: Hammersmith Apollo
6 Sep: Cargo London
7 Sep: Manchester Academy 3
8 Sep: Nottingham Rescue Rooms


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has been supporting John Kerry's presidential campaign. He is one of many music artists in the US fighting to remove George W Bush from the White House. Grohl joined Kerry's 'Believe In America' tour in Milwaukee for the first of a series of personal appearances to support the Democrat's cause.

After the event, at which Grohl gave an acoustic performance, he told reporters: "Can't say that we get many WWII vets at Foo Fighters shows, but there's always time! The crowd was great, though, and I think they got what I was trying to say with my song 'My Hero'."


Mercury Prize nominees The Zutons will tour in Oct to promoter the 4 Oct release of next single 'Don't Ever Think (Too Much)'. Dates are as follows:

4 Oct: Brighton, Corn Exchange
5 Oct: Bristol, Anson Rooms
6 Oct: Exeter, University
8 Oct: London, Shepherd's Bush Empire
9 Oct: Portsmouth, Pyramid
10 Oct: Cardiff, University
12 Oct: Northampton, Roadmender
13 Oct: Norwich, Waterfront
14 Oct: Leeds, Metropolitan Uni.
16 Oct: Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
17 Oct: Nottingham, Rock City
18 Oct: Hull, University
19 Oct: Newcastle, University
21 Oct: Glasgow, QMU
22 Oct: Manchester, Academy
23 Oct: Sheffield, Leadmill
24 Oct: Cambridge, Junction
26 Oct: London, Shepherd's Bush Empire


There was more controversy this week surrounding Madonna's concert at Ireland's Slane Castle. When the concert was first announced earlier this year some members of the Catholic church protested that such a gig was being staged on a Sunday. Subsequently fears that the local town would be swamped with Madonna fans preceding the concert led to military style planning by local police in order to control crowds.

The latest fall out over the gig relates to the refusal of the concert's promoters to grant discount tickets to people helping wheelchair users. The campaign has been taken up by John Bruton, a former head of government in Ireland. He has published correspondence between himself and Denis Desmond of promoters MCD, claiming the concert organisers have failed in their duties to the disabled community.

Bruton told reporters: "I am highlighting this matter publicly in order to raise public awareness of the problems being faced by people with severe physical disabilities who have to have a helper with them at expensive public events like Madonna's concert". He dismissed MCDs defense that they had already put in place a range of facilities for disabled people at the concert. Bruton continued: "It is my understanding that you are obliged by law to do this anyway and that in no way mitigates the situation". MCD are yet to comment on Bruton's public comments.

Despite some in the local community raising concerns about the Madonna concert, most of those interviewed by the local media seem to be looking forward to the event, and don't expect much trouble. One local hotel owner told Ireland OnLine: "We are expecting a more mature crowd than in previous years, people between 25 to 35 to 40. Any residences that have been booked have been of an older age group.

There are a lot of kids being kept at home and the parents are going to the actual concert!".


ALBUM REVIEW: Clinic - Winchester Cathedral (Domino)
Clinic are one of indie rock's more enigmatic and unusual acts and not just because of their penchant for dressing up in surgical masks. 'Winchester Cathedral' is the band's third album, the follow up to the well received 'Walking With Thee'. They mix up an interesting and intoxicating cocktail of sounds. The spooky rhythmic keyboards on tracks such as 'County Mile' are more influenced by the atmospheric film soundtracks of John Carpenter than by the music of any of their rock peers. Mournful mouth organ and Ade Blackburn's haunting vocals make for a hypnotic quality on ''Thank You (For Living)'. Half the time I can't quite work out what instruments are being played. But although the band are endearingly experimental and quirky they can be melodic on 'Circle Of The Fifth' and raucous rock 'n' roll on 'WDYYB'. Clinic seem unlikely to have the huge mainstream success of label mate Franz Ferdinand but the more discerning music fan will find much to enjoy here. JW
Release date: 23 Aug
Press contact: Cool Delta [CP, CR] Some Friendly [RP, NP] Rocket [RR] Out Promotions [NR]


The new release from American punks Green Day is being described as not only a concept album but a rock opera. Word is the band are even planning on playing the album 'American Idiot' in it's entirety during their upcoming US tour. As previously reported, the album, released on 21 Sep, "details the alienation and disillusionment of the American citizen under Bush's post-War On Terror administration".


Music producer Phil Spector has hired a lawyer who previously worked for mob boss John Gotti. He has appointed lawyer Bruce Cutler to defend him on those murder charges after his original lawyer resigned from the case.

Spector's former legal representative Leslie Abramson told reporters that she had indeed resigned as Spector's attorneys but said she had been taken by surprise when Cutler took over the case while Abramson was out of the country. Talking to the Associated Press Abramson she was vague on her reasons for quitting, simply saying: "We were forced to resign. If we wanted to be ethical and competent, we had to resign."

Cutler said he has known Spector for a long time and had signed on as his personal attorney before Abramson took over the criminal case. He said: "I was engaged as Phillip's attorney and confidante last January. Leslie and Marcia were brought on in February, and they quit in July. They just jumped ship, and I had to take control of the ship and bring it into port."


Elton John is locking himself away in his Las Vegas hotel to escape screaming fans. ITV New reports that he only emerges from Caesar's Palace to perform at his shows. Elton said: "Can you imagine how ridiculous it looks for a man of my age to be running away from screaming fans? I used to love the attention once - I don't particularly relish it any more".

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