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In today's CMU Daily:
- Diabolical Liberties face interim ASBOs over flyposting
- RIAA boss tells Times: Downloading is illegal too
- BRMC deny split
- Grandaddy get back to nature
- Album Review: The Faint - Wet From Birth
- Kings bring more heartbreak
- Rick James' cause of death revealed
- Last time for Keane
- Lots of new entries in the charts
- Indies fed up with slow iTunes
- New chart show to be aired
- Phil Collins announces final tour
- Elton John honoured by cultural accolade
- Hendrix memorabilia goes on show
- Freeview now in 4.5 million homes
- Single Review: Roni Size Feat Rahzel - Out Of Breath
- The return of The Killers
- Two more OC soundtracks to come
- 22-20's announce in-store gigs and tour
- Former boyband and rap stars on Five's farm



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Well, the flyposting-is-evil saga took a dramatic turn on Friday afternoon when a London court issued temporary Anti-Social Behaviour Orders against three employees of ambient marketing company Diabolical Liberties on the grounds that their role in coordinating flyposting campaigns in the capital constitutes anti-social behaviour. The move means that if the company's Tim Horrox, Dominic Murphy and James Heighway are now seen to be involved in any way in flyposting campaigns in the London borough of Camden they could face fines and even a prison sentence. All three, and a fourth employee, Anna Macree, are now due to return to court on 15 Mar for a full hearing. Camden Council hope to have the Anti-Social Behaviour Orders extended at that hearing to cover the whole of England and Wales.

Camden Council hope this landmark ruling will force an end to widespread flyposting in London, and perhaps the UK. They reckon the people who run the companies who have taken advantage of formerly slack anti-flyposting legislation will be running scared at the possibility of being landed with an ASBO to their name. If so that will pose a challenge for companies like Diabolical Liberties. While flyposting is only one of the marketing techniques employed by the agency, it is an important part of their business.

Speaking after the court hearing, Cllr John Thane, Camden Council's Executive Member for Environment, told reporters: "We are delighted with the verdict as we got the interim Orders we wanted in three out of four cases. This company, Diabolical Liberties, makes a substantial profit from illegal activity and we are seeking to curb this activity. They are seeking to hold on to their profits. Their business is not about culture, it's about commerce. It is not small theatres and struggling artists that benefit from illegal flyposting, it's about big artists and big business, which explains one of the first companies we targeted was a national conglomerate like Sony."

Needless to say Diabolical Liberties intend to fight the ruling, if possible appealing to a higher court before the full hearing next March. A spokesman for the company told CMU this morning: "At Highbury Corner Magistrates Court on Friday, interim ASBO orders have been granted against three named individual employees of Diabolical Liberties. One interim application against Anna Macree was found to be unjust and therefore refused. The order was strictly limited and applies only to activity within the Borough of Camden. The court refused the application by Camden for the restrictions to be applicable for all of England and Wales. This interim order, which has been made without consideration of the evidence, or arguments in this case, will now be appealed to a higher court in advance of a full trail at Highbury Corner. This trial is scheduled to take place in March 2005".

"This decision by the magistrate does not represent a full legal hearing of the evidence, nor has it addressed the significant, complex issues of civil liberty, creative freedom and the seriously detrimental impact to our culture, should Camden Council succeed in using the ASBO legislation in this way. Diabolical Liberties will of course continue to operate as a multi dimensional ambient media marketing agency, both in the UK and across Europe. Our staff, who are now subjected to an interim order, will continue to have the full support of the company throughout the appeal process and at trial."

"Diabolical Liberties would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people, including Camden residents, clients, suppliers, the media and those who work within the creative industries for their vocal support of our case. We would ask that this support continues, and that Camden Council are sent a clear message, that regulation, not criminalisation, of cultural advertising is the most beneficial way to move the ancient art of flyposting forward into the 21st century."


Recording Industry Association of America President Cary Sharman has written to the New York Times to challenge an article written by the paper's Jon Pareles that claimed downloading music from the internet was not illegal. Pareles pointed out that it was people who uploaded music for others to share that were facing legal action from the record labels, not those who subsequently downloaded tracks. But Sherman told the paper: "both uploading and downloading are direct infringements of copyright."

Responding the fact that some music on the internet is available to download with the endorsement of the rights holders, Sherman continued: "A number of musicians are giving away their work as a means of promotion. That's their right, and downloading that music is legal. It's just that there are a whole lot of musicians who have not chosen to give away their work, and it would be unfortunate if anyone believed that it's legal to download their music anyway."


Despite recently losing their drummer, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have denied split rumours and say that their estranged band member is welcome to rejoin at anytime. Drummer Nick Jago left the band following an argument with guitarist Peter Hayes in Edinburgh. The band subsequently cancelled a show in Paris and used a stand-in drummer at the Alaquas Festival in Spain.

Responding to those events, bassist Robert Turner has written on the band's official website "I wanted to tell everyone out there directly what's been going on with our band and the rumours of our splitting up... I think everybody knows by now that recently in Edinburgh Nick and Pete got in an argument. It was rough but that's rock 'n' roll bands on the road. It happens. We decided to cancel the last two gigs on the tour because of this. But of course at the last minute me and Peter had an attack of conscience and decided to play the shows. Unfortunately by the time we got word back to the French festival organisers they had already booked Melissa Auf Der Maur to play our slot. The show in Spain on the other hand went really well and we found a Spanish fan named Romero who knew all our songs by heart and played the drums that night. We missed Nick back behind the drums but there's too many beautiful girls in Spain to pass up playing there."

On Jago's future in the band, Turner continued: "Nick might take some time off and even play drums in other groups here and there, but the doors always open for him to play with BRMC. Touring bands can be really hard work and takes a toll on people in different ways, but it's also the best job in the world. Next week we're gonna be back in LA to finish recording our next album."


Grandaddy are to release a brand new song, 'Nature Anthem', as part of a forthcoming compilation of their favourite songs. The album - called 'Below The Radio' - is released on 18 Oct and will feature the band's favourite songs by artists such as Beck, Air, and Sparklehorse. Grandaddy singer Jason Lytle explains: "After looking back over this list of my favourite songs I've compiled, I can't help but notice how they are not the big 'heavy hitters' or the songs that the record labels would have suggested as being 'the singles'. Still, they ended up being my favourite songs from the albums that they came from." Tracks on the compilation include:

Beck - 'We Live Again'
Beulah - 'Burned By The Sun'
Fruitbats - 'The Little Acorn'
Snow Patrol - 'Run'
Home - 'Comin' Up Empty Again'
Giant Sand - 'Bottom Line Man'
Golden Boy - 'Wild Was The Night'
Earlimart - 'Color Bars'
Jackpot - 'If We Could Go Backwards'
The Handsome Family - 'I Feel'
Little Wings - 'Sand Canyon'
Pavement - 'Motion Suggests'
Blonde Redhead - 'For The Damaged'
Virgil Shaw - 'Twisted Layers'

Grandaddy - 'Nature AnthemMeanwhile a new Grandaddy album will be released in Apr 2005.


ALBUM REVIEW: The Faint - Wet From Birth (Saddle Creek)
I have an ambivalence towards modern electro. I can't help having the sneaking suspicion that the original pioneers like Gary Numan and the Human League have yet to be bettered, a situation not helped by the recent all trousers and no mouth performance art of the likes of Fischerspooner. And it's difficult to listen to this album without ticking off the references the band plunder; the monotone vocals, the snippets of German, the everything but the kitchen sink random noises, and even a violin solo straight off Ultravox's 'Vienna'. But the Faint are probably the most interesting of the new wave of electronic bands and despite their musical cannibalism they have an appealing darkness and imagination 'How Could I Forget' is a great slab of Depeche Mode-esque synth funkiness with extra added squeals and beeps. 'Erection' is a thumping great electro riff-erama. 'Birth' goes for a more angular guitar dominated sound while 'Southern Belles In London Town' is a much sprightlier strings led tune. Their songs should nestle up on the dance floor quite comfortably with Radio 4 and !!!. So yeah, it's a thumbs-up then for The Faint. JW
Release date: 13 Sep
Press contact: 9PR [CP, RP NP] Forepromo [CR, RR, NR]


Kings Of Leon have added more dates to their UK tour promoting forthcoming second album 'A-Ha Shake Heartbreak'. Dates as follows:

8 Dec: Manchester Apollo
10 Dec: Poole Lighthouse
12 Dec: London Brixton Academy
14 Dec: Cambridge Corn Exchange
16 Dec: Wolverhampton Civic Hall
17 Dec: Gloucester GL1
19 Dec: Blackpool Empress Ballroom
20 Dec: Glasgow Academy
21 Dec: Nottingham Rock City


A coroner's report has revealed that Rick James had nine drugs in his body - including cocaine, valium, vicodin and methamphetamine - when he died in his sleep back in August. James passed away in his Los Angeles home of a heart attack aged 56, but the report released last week said that the drugs in his system probably contributed to the organ's failure. A diabetes sufferer, James had a pacemaker and had a stroke in 1998. He had been hooked on crack cocaine and had described himself as an "icon of drug use and eroticism". According to Reuters, the coroner listed nine drugs, including prescription medications for anxiety, pain relief and heart failure, along with cocaine and methamphetamine that were found in James' body. An autopsy failed to establish the cause of death, and toxicology tests were ordered after a Los Angeles County coroner took over the case because James had not seen a doctor in recent weeks.


Good news for all you Keane fans out there (you know who you are), the band will release another single from their chart-topping album. 'This Is The Last Time' will be released on 22 Nov, following the band's up coming UK tour, for which, dates as follows:

28 Oct: Norwich UEA
30 Oct: Manchester Apollo
1 Nov: Northumbria University
3 Nov: Glasgow Barrowlands
7 Nov: Birmingham Carling Academy
8 Nov: Nottingham Rock City
9 Nov: Bristol Academy
10 Nov Exeter Great Hall
12 Nov: Truro Hall For Cornwall
13 Nov: Southampton Guildhall
14 Nov: Cambridge Corn Exchange
16-18 Nov: London Brixton Academy


Mr Eric Prydz topped the UK singles chart yesterday with his track 'Call On Me', which samples Steve Winwood's 1982 hit 'Valerie'. He held off competition from Girls Aloud - which has to be a good thing. Their track 'Love Machine' went in at two. But forget about all that, favourite new entry of the week is at three - Green Day's Bush-baiting 'American Idiot' - hurrah for that.

Talking of the word 'hurrah' in the context of music charts, GLC's debut album, 'Greatest Hits', went straight in the album chart at number five, which is likely to leave the GLC boys even more bewildered - let's get next single 'Your Mother's Got A Penis' to number one.

Elsewhere in the singles charts new entries for the Beastie Boys (37), Interpol (36), Thirteen Senses (35), 22-20s (34), Annie (25), Razorlight (18), Joss Stone (9) and even Bryan Adams (21) are surely overshadowed by the return of the Quo, whose track 'You'll Come Round' goes in at 14.

Albums wise, and with so many flagship releases last week a very refreshing top ten. Embrace and Paul Weller demonstrate their respectively solid fan bases by taking the number one and two spots respectively. Other new entries include the aforementioned GLC at 5, Ian Brown at 7 and The Thrills at 9. Such was the turn out for the big British artists that Nelly had to make do with 8 and 11 for his two new albums 'Suit' and 'Sweat' (although the 'two album released on the same day' thing may have split the vote assuming Nelly's strong teen following could only afford to buy one of the albums this week).

Lower down the chart one can only assume someone's bargain CD promotion was having an effect - given that Christian Aguilera, Michael Jackson, Stereophonics and 50 Cent all get re-entries.


Anyone wanting to download that chart topping Eric Prydz track wouldn't be able to use iTunes because, three months after its launch in the UK, Apple's download service is still not on talking terms with the whole UK independent sector. The Association of Independent Music last week told CMU that, while most independents had now reached agreements with iTunes, they were having great trouble getting the paperwork finalised because iTunes keep ignoring their calls.

Lohan Presencer, MD of Ministry of Sound, says: "It's immensely frustrating that we are unable to gain access to this exciting new marketplace, especially as we suspect that demand from iTunes customers for our releases would be considerable".

Domino's Harry Martin adds: "It's true, there is no Franz Ferdinand music currently available on iTunes. It's simply bewildering that a company that is perceived as championing this new technology doesn't make it a priority to align itself with record labels in the independent sector that are championing new music. You would think we would be natural partners for each other."

Jeremy Lascelles, CEO Chrysalis Music Division tells us: "I find Apple's approach and attitude to the independents perplexing. By their own admission they are seriously under-resourced in terms of the relatively simple task of finalising the paperwork (all the terms of which are already agreed) with a whole host of independent labels, but they don't appear to be willing to create those resources. In the meantime there are gaping holes in the repertoire that is available on iTunes, which must adversely affect their claim to be the leading digital download service, and they seem to be applying no urgency to solve this straightforward problem."

Apple are yet to respond to the independents' complaints.


Talking of charts (which we were, not so long ago), and it's like we're always saying, there aren't enough chart shows on the telly. Well, here comes another one courtesy of ITV.

The new show, called Orange Playlist, hosted by Lauren Laverne, will feature three new chart rundowns (including a download chart) plus a survey on what's hot and what's not. A new chart show will expose celebrities' music passions and give famous guests the chance to choose their all time favourite track. Guest celebrities already lined up include Minnie Driver and David Hasselhoff.

The half hour show will be aired on ITV1 on Thursday nights at 12.00am starting on 23 Sep.


Phil Collins says his current tour, called My First Final Farewell Tour, will be his last because he wants to spend more time with his young children. Collins and his third wife Orianne Cevey, have a three-year-old son and the couple are expecting a baby in December.

He told the New York Post: "I'm riddled with guilt about not seeing my other children grow up. I'm 53, and I feel differently about life. I'm doing this for all my kids. I want to be around so we can enjoy each other."

Switzerland-based Collins, who is reportedly worth £335 million, has an upcoming double album 'Love Songs: Old & New'. His debut musical, 'Tarzan', backed by the Walt Disney Company, is due to open on Broadway in 2006.


Talking of old timers, Elton John will be honoured at a gala attended by US President George Bush.

Elton, Warren Beatty, composer John Williams and singer Joan Sutherland are among the entertainers due to receive accolades from the Kennedy Centre for their contribution to cultural life, in Washington on 5 Dec. Chairman of the John F Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts, Stephen Schwarzman, said Elton was: "a pop music icon who also composes stunning musical film and theatre scores".

Elton John will release a new single, 'All That I'm Allowed', on 1 Nov. The track, co-written with longtime lyricist Bernie Taupin, is taken from Elton's new album, 'Peachtree Road', due on 8 Nov.


The world's largest collection of Jimi Hendrix rock memorabilia, believed to be worth more than £8m, went on display in London on Friday. Hundreds of unseen pictures, film footage and original recordings will be exhibited at the revived Marquee Club in central London over the weekend. The venue is one of the first places Hendrix played in the UK. The items are part of a collection amassed by fan Bob Terry, which is due to be sold off in 2005. Mr Terry collected memorabilia for almost 40 years after seeing Hendrix play live in 1967. The exhibition at the Marquee Club is just one-fifth of the £15m collection, which Mr Terry sold in 2003 to an anonymous American buyer.


The BBC backed terrestrial digital TV system Freeview is now in 4.5 million homes - making it a significant competitor to Sky who, while still way ahead in the digital stakes with 7 million subscribers, are likely to be concerned that there is now another major player in the digital arena.

In his autobiography Greg Dyke, who spearheaded Freeview when he was BBC Director General, admitted his motivation for the free-to-air digital platform was the protection of the licence fee. If most viewers accessed TV via a Sky or cable style network (or ITV's now defunct subscription based digital TV platform) it would be possible to turn the BBC's output into subscription based channels. But with millions of Freeview boxes in circulation - providing digital TV without subscription - it would be hard to turn the BBC into a subscription service.


SINGLE REVIEW: Roni Size feat Rahzel - Out Of Breath (V Recordings)
Roni Size, the Bristol DnB man probably best known for his Mercury Music Prize winning 1997 album Reprazent, is back with a new single taken from his forthcoming album Return to V. Roni's first mainstream outing in years, 'Out Of Breath, borrows the amazing talents of human beatboxing champ Rahzel, and comes complete with a funky beat, feisty two-step drums and phat b-line highlighting Roni's ability to get ravers on to the dance floor. But don't worry - the second track on the single, 'Bump 'n' Grind', reminds us Roni continues in his role as a DnB ambassador for the UK. JD
Release date: 20 Sep


Following their sell-out Astoria and Forum gigs earlier this year, Las Vegas synth-rockers The Killers are returning to London for their biggest headline show to date. The four-piece will be returning to London to play the Shepherds Bush Empire in West London on Saturday 13 Nov.


The second season of CMU's favourite TV programme 'The OC' (it's official, we did a poll) will be celebrated with the release of another soundtrack. 'Music From the O.C.: Mix 2' sports exclusive tracks from Nada Surf and Jem plus cuts from the likes of Interpol, Death Cab For Cutie and the Killers.

Nada Surf cover Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark's 1986 hit 'If You Leave' and Jem do a rendition of Paul McCartney's 'Maybe I'm Amazed' Also exclusive to the disc is a live version of the Walkmen's 'Little House of Savages'. Interpol offer 'The Specialist' from the Japanese version of their debut album 'Turn on the Bright Lights', while Keane contributes the B-side 'Walnut Tree'.

A third CD 'Mix 3: Have a Very Merry Chrismukkah' is also planned (in case you wondered - it celebrate the half-Jewish, half-Christian day the Cohen family celebrates on the show). The album will include Ron Sexsmith's 'Maybe This Christmas' and Low's 'Just Like Christmas'.


To support the release of their debut album '22-20s' - released today - 22-20s are doing a series of intimate gigs and in-store gigs followed by a full UK tour.

Dates as follows:
21 Sep: 6.00pm - live set & album signing - HMV London Oxford Circus
22 Sep: Death Disco, Notting Hill Arts Club, London - gig
23 Sep: Buffalo Bar, Islington, London - gig
24 Sep: album promo gig for Indie stores: The Leopard, 1 West Street, Doncaster DN1 3AA

Tour dates:
5 Oct: Bristol Fleece
6 Oct: Peterborough Met Lounge
7 Oct: Cardiff Ifor Bach
8 Oct: Oxford Zodiac
9 Oct: Sheffield Leadmill
11 Oct: Glasgow King Tuts
12 Oct: Edinburgh Venue
13 Oct: Newcastle University 1+2
14 Oct: Hull Welly Club
16 Oct: Middlesborough Empire
17 Oct: Liverpool Academy
18 Oct: Leeds University
20 Oct: Manchester Hop and Grape
21 Oct: Nottingham Rescue Rooms
23 Oct: Brighton Concorde 2
24 Oct: Portsmouth Wedgewood
25 Oct: Norwich Waterfront
26 Oct: Birmingham Academy 2
27 Oct: London Scala
29 Oct: Dublin Whelans
30 Oct: Belfast limelight


Another reality TV show is just around the corner - Five's The Farm will follow a bunch of d-listers as they spend a month on an isolated farm without running water, electricity or modern toilet facilities. Latest additions to the show included former Five singer Ritchie Neville and actress Margi Clarke - according to the News Of The World they join the magical line up of Paul Daniels, Debbie McGee, Rebecca Loos, Sophie Anderton, and, wait for it, Vanilla Ice. Kicks off next Sunday.

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