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In today's CMU Daily:
- SonyBMG announces global bosses
- IMPALA say EC officials hindering merger opposition
- New single from Moz
- George Michael drops out of charity gig
- Album Review: The Go! Team - Thunder, Lightning, Strike
- More Killers
- Universal boss set to renew contract
- Streets video banned
- Rare Hendrix footage unearthed
- Fugees reunion?
- Dizzee Rascal scoops award
- Cruise is a Razorlight fan
- Marquee re-launches with free gigs
- Flyposting company launch petition in favour of regulated street postering
- Dion extends Vegas run
- The Libertines appeal for film footage
- Single Review: Shystie - Make It Easy
- Cash auction raises almost $4 Million
- Woolworths launches download service
- Travis ask fans to vote
- Oops! I did it again


After six years providing information to the music industry, the music media, people working in music at the grass roots, and those consumer brands using music as a marketing tool, we here at CMU know more than anyone how the various sectors in the music world can sometimes feel threatened by each other.

Despite the perception in the wider world that too many people working in the music business are in it for the money, it has never ceased to surprise us how many people - including those at the top of the biggest labels, media groups and music-supporting brands - share, or at least support, CMU's mission of finding, supporting and championing damn fine music wherever it might be.

However with everyone facing their own commercial challenges it can sometimes seem like labels, media and brands are moving in very different directions. To that end CMU has been working for the last year with a new cross-sector company called to develop new programmes which, we hope, can benefit labels, media, brands and music fans alike - and which enable us pursue our passion - getting that great new music out there.

This is a round about way of telling you that soft launches with a gathering in central London later today. Working with the Evening Standard and BT Rich Media, is launching the London Music Network, a new digital music service which exists to champion exciting new music from across the genres, from both established names and brand new artists.

Through both enhanced CDs released by the Standard, and online at, music fans will be able to not only read about the artists we are most excited about, but to listen to tracks in full on demand up to four times through a new rights-managed-player - the 4Play jukebox. If they like what they hear they will be able to buy the album at the click of a button.

If they're not keen - then they can move along to the next album and try that for size. Not only that but over the next few months will be adding all sorts of new content strands to the LMN website - previewed each week in the Standard's MetroLife magazine - providing music fans with an exciting place to discover - and experience first hand - great new music.

Crucially, LMN will begin the reinvention of the cover mount CD - a tool used by the media that has been causing particular concern in the music industry in recent months. By adding the 4Play jukebox as a multi-media layer on an enhanced cover mount CD we ensure the medium is what we always hoped it would be - an exciting way of promoting new music with a tangible sell-through opportunity for artists and their labels.

Evening Standard Chief Rock & Pop Critic David Smyth explains: "There is much debate in the industry with a consensus that traditional covermounts are threatening the value of music. The London Music Network addresses this by transforming the covermount CD into a media platform that enables Londoners to hear for themselves the new music we review in the paper."

Andy Brown, CEO of BT Rich Media, who are providing the technical infrastructure behind LMN said: "Through the LMN and, The Evening Standard is leading the way in exposing new music to Londoners. BT Rich Media makes this possible by providing a robust digital platform to reach a mass audience which also has embedded Digital Rights Management - allowing the record labels the scrutiny they need. This is a true demonstration of how digital technology and the growth of broadband is complementing traditional methods by giving artists another route to market."

Anyway, enough blatant plugging - those of you in London can experience the London Music Network for yourself on a special covermount CD designed to celebrate London Fashion Week, released by the Standard this Thursday (23 Sep) and including music from no less than ten CMU favourites - Elefant, Freeform Five, Two Culture Clash, Nostalgia 55, Lazyboy, Mylo, Client, The Go! Team, Kasabian and The Killers. The following week there will be more 4Play online - watch this space for information.

Meantime, if you are interested in promoting your artists through LMN's 4Play jukebox drop us an email -


The lovely merged music machine that is SonyBMG yesterday announced the appointment of the four men who will oversee the major's operations in each of the key territories around the world.

Former BMG UK boss Tim Bowen will oversee Sony BMG's operations in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Sony's former Asia boss Richard Denekamp will take over SonyBMG Asia, coordinating all Asian operations, except those in Japan (Sony's Japanese label wasn't part of the merger, of course). Former BMG International President Maarten Steinkamp will take over continental Europe operations while Sony man Frank Welzer will head up SonyBMG Latin.

Announcing the appointments the major's COO, Michael Smellie, told reporters: "Together these executives offer the very best combination of creative management and business savvy based on a wealth of experience and impressive track records. I am thrilled to have such a talented team as we create a new industry leader based on our strong commitment to our repertoire centers and artists across the globe."
With BMG UK chief Bowen taking on a regional role, consensus is that Sony UK boss Rob Stringer will head up the merged major in Britian.

Elsewhere in SonyBMG news, and the merged major is reportedly getting ready to close the old Sony offices in Berlin, basing its operations at the BMG HQ. According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper, preparations are already underway to merge the two offices, meaning the German division of the merged major may be the first to see the job and roster cull that is going to be necessary to achieve the $350 million in cost savings the merged company hopes to achieve.


While the merged SonyBMG sets about on the business of becoming one company, there are still some attempts in the independent sector to have the European Commission decision that allowed the merger to take place overturned. Key independent labels in Europe, and the organisation which represents them - IMPALA, were fiercely against the merger and say that EC officials were wrong to give it the go ahead. To make matters worse, those against the merger now reckon the powers that be are withholding information in a bid to prevent them from properly appealing against the EC's decision. According to the Wall Street Journal, IMPALA say documents that explain the EC's decision would normally have been published by now, but officials remain reluctant to make them public. A spokesman for the trade organisation told reporters: "We remain of the view that the decision to authorize the merger is fundamentally flawed and that this latest problem is another grave legal and procedural error."


Morrissey has announced that his next single, his third to be released off the 'You Are The Quarry' album, will be 'Let Me Kiss You' - released on 11 Oct. The track is one Morrissey offered to Nancy Sinatra - her version appears on her own forthcoming solo album.

The track will be backed with live favourite 'Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice', an unreleased tune from the 'You Are The Quarry' sessions plus new tracks 'Friday Mourning' and 'I Am Two People'.

Meanwhile a poorly Morrissey was forced to pull out of a huge show in Los Angles on Saturday (18 Sep). Moz was headlining Inland Invasion 4 for LA radio station KROQ. The 60,000 strong crowd at Devore, California's Hyundai Pavilion's were disappointed to hear fellow Mancunian Ian Brown announce Morrissey's last minute no-show. The radio station said that Moz saw a doctor at 11am on Saturday and he was diagnosed with sinusitis, acute laryngitis and a high fever and advised not to speak for at least two days. Fans were told to hold on to their ticket stubs for a replacement show, an announcement of which is expected next week.


Elsewhere in laryngitis news, and George Michael has pulled out of his first live concert for five years after being struck down with the illness. He had been among stars due to perform at a breast cancer charity gig hosted by Geri Halliwell at London's Royal Albert Hall on Sunday. Ronan Keating, Natasha Bedingfield and Tom Jones were among the performers who appeared. Michael, who lost his mother to cancer several years ago, will make a £50,000 donation to the charity instead. A statement on Michael's website said: "He's devastated to miss the show Geri has organised, after all the hard work she's put into it."


ALBUM REVIEW: The Go! Team - Thunder, Lightning, Strike (Memphis Industries)
In a word, the Go! Team are 'eclectic'. Not for nothing are they becoming known as the British Avalanches. The six person Brighton collective, split equally between girls and boys, have made a genre splicing album; hip hop, electro, 60s pop and film soundtracks all have an influence. The tracks are simply crammed with a variety of styles and an array of different instruments and samples. Opening track 'Panther Dash' sounds like a theme tune for a kerazy 60's TV show. 'Ladyflash' stacks elegant strings, a bouncy rhythm and a Northern soul vocal together, while 'The Power Is On' mixes up girl group chanting and a whole lot of brass. 'Junior Kickstart', has a Ennio Morricone cinematic influence reminiscent of DJ Shadow. It's very fresh sounding and a very pleasurable listen. Most of all it's a happy record and its probably time we recognised that cool records don't have to be sad music. JW
Release date: 20 Sep
Press: Memphis Industries IH [all]


As previously reported, The Killers are to play their biggest headline show to date at London's Shepherds Bush Empire on 13 Nov. Now the Las Vegas band have added another UK date at Manchester Academy on 12 Nov. Tickets are on sale now. The Killers are also expected to release an as-yet-confirmed single from their album 'Hot Fuss' to coincide with the gigs.


According to the New York Times, Universal Music Group boss Doug Morris is close to signing a new deal with the major label which would see him staying in the top job for another five years. So don't go saying we didn't tell you.


A new video by The Streets has been banned from TV because of its sex, drugs and violence content.

'Blinded by the Light', which tells the story of a drink and drug-fuelled night at a friend's wedding reception, has been censored by radio stations because of it's explicit lyrics. The video shows the Street's Mike Skinner drinking and taking drugs - then he's beaten up and left in a pool of blood - it's a charming little pop promo. Then, just to really piss off the powers that be, Skinner's friend is shown using a mobile phone to film himself receiving oral sex.

According to The Sun, TV watchdog Ofcom says the graphic scenes are far too explicit to pass their strict guidelines. That means Top Of The Pops, CD:UK et al will only be allowed to show a few seconds of the video at anyone time, and MTV will only play it in the post-11pm nightime slot.

Radio 1 won't play the track on breakfast or drive time because it is not deemed suitable for those shows' younger listeners - most of whom no doubt own the album and already know the lyrics off by heart!


A tape of a Jimi Hendrix concert, which was thought to have been destroyed, has been found in a TV station archive in Sweden. According to the BBC, technicians at SVT, Sweden's public television station, discovered the recording on an unmarked tape hidden on a shelf deep inside the station's enormous archives. Part of the 56-minute concert filmed in Stockholm in 1969 was aired on SVT, before the Jimi Hendrix Experience disbanded, but it has never been shown in its entirety.

SVT spokeswoman Catarina Wilson said the black-and-white recording was found during a project to transfer archived material from tape and film to digital. She said: "They looked through the tape and found it had some Jimi Hendrix. Then they saw it had a lot of Jimi Hendrix - the entire concert, which is what makes this tape unique. This is great material that we would love to show."

Ms Wilson said the tape should have been destroyed after broadcast - it was filmed at a time when it was too expensive to keep all raw footage. But one of the station's workers probably hid it on the shelf, where it sat for 35 years gathering dust. SVT is now determining if it still has the rights to show the entire broadcast of the concert.


Well, rumours of a Fugees reunion surface all the time, of course, but according to all three members of the band are back on talking terms and they may well work together in the not to distant future. That said, any new album could take up to 18 months to produce, so don't get too excited just yet.


Dizzee Rascal was one of the stars of the UK's hip-hop and garage scene to be honoured at the UK's Peoples Choice Music Awards 2004 in London at the weekend. Former Mercury Music Prize winner Dizzee, who won the award for Best Underground Music Video, was also one of the ceremonies' hosts, along with the Streets' Mike Skinner. Hundreds of people packed the Ocean Music Arena in Hackney for the awards.

Other winners were DJ EZ who took three awards - Best DJ, Best Old Skool DJ and Best Radio Show. Radio 1 DJs Trevor Nelson and Tim Westwood were named Best R&B DJ and Best Hip-Hop DJ respectively. Femme Fatale took the award for Best Female DJ, Karnage won Best Grimey DJ while Cameo won Best Newcomer DJ. Rampage won Best R&B/Hip-Hop entertainers and the prize for Best Collective went to Heartless Crew. B-Live won Best Entertainer MC, Wiley won Best Grimey MC, and Kano took the title of Best Newcomer MC.


Tom Cruise is apparently now a big fan of Razorlight after they both appeared on Parkinson together. Or at least that's what the band's singer Johnny Borrell is claiming. Johnny reckons that the Hollywood super star gave the band a standing ovation. He told Radio One: "He was 'yeah' ... I don't want to sound arrogant but I would have been as well because I thought it was really good. Tom was very cool, he was very nice. I was talking to him before the gig about, you know, what was going on in Russia and stuff like that. He smiled a lot and never stopped looking me in the eye. Maybe he'll come to a gig in New York."

Razorlight are performing at One Big Weekend in Birmingham on Sunday along with Joss Stone, Lost Prophets, Damien Rice and Kasabian.


London's Marquee Club is to re-launch with six nights of free music in aid of Oxfam's Make Trade Fair campaign. The club will celebrate its latest incarnation on Leicester Square with The Breakthrough Festival, a ten-day event, later this month. New Rhodes, Kaito, Hidden Cameras and Art Brut are among the acts playing at the event, with gig goers encouraged to donate to the charity. Full line up as follows:

27 Sep: The Magic Numbers/The Tiny
28 Sep: New Rhodes/Tom Vek/Fans Of Kate/Culture Industry
29 Sep: Dirty Vegas
30 Sep: Amplifier/Mau Maus/The Aeroplanes
1 Oct: Time For Change Benefit featuring acoustic sets from David Poe/Robyn Hitchcock/Darren Hayman / Imogen Heap/Ed Harcourt
4 Oct: Art Brut/Kaito / Help She Can't Swim
5 Oct: The Hidden Cameras
8 Oct: Do Me Bad Things/Towers Of London/Dead! Dead! Dead!


Diabolical Liberties has used the In The City festival in Manchester to launch a petition calling for authorised street poster sites in London. The petition follows that court decision on Friday which issued interim Anti-Social Behaviour Orders against three Diabolical Liberties employees - the ASBOs mean that the three employees face personal fines and possible prison sentences if they get involved in any way in flyposting campaigns. Diabolical Liberties have been trying to persuade Camden Council in particular to introduce a regulated street poster system, but they say the local authority are resistant to the idea, despite the success of similar projects run by the City Centre Posters company elsewhere. Diabolical Liberties hope to demonstrate the strength of support for regulated flyposting among the music and cultural industries.

Music industry convention In The City is in full swing now, of course, with lots happening on both the seminar and showcase sides. Music Week have reports on both at


Well, if you haven't managed to catch Celine Dion's Las Vegas show yet, then good news. The whole shebang is being extended into 2007. A spokesman for the massive A New Day show has told reporters Dion has signed a contract which will see the show run for an extra year on top of the existing three year agreement. The announcement follows the sale of the show's one millionth ticket last month. Aint the world a great place?


Massive Attack have recorded the score to the forthcoming Luc Besson film. The Bristol act recorded the music to accompany martial arts thriller 'Danny The Dog' over eleven weeks. Massive Attack were apparently asked personally by French producer Besson and director Louis Leterrier to write the soundtrack, to the film, which stars Jet Li, Bob Hoskins and Morgan Freeman.


Time for some Libertines news? I think so. The Libertines are asking their fans for any film footage they have of the band to appear on a forthcoming DVD. The currently untitled DVD is likely to feature all the band's videos from debut 'Up The Bracket' and their new eponymously-titled album. But the band's label Rough Trade also want to include some fan footage of the band.

A message from the label's A&R man James Endeacott on official website reads: "Hello there.... We're putting together a Libertines DVD. Does anyone have any footage of the band taken over the last three years? Walking down the street, playing live, drinking tea, [shooting up, burgling their bandmate's flats, getting sent to prison] anything. Please let me know via email and we'll take it from there."

Live footage expected to appear on the DVD includes the band's three-night stint at London's Brixton Academy in Mar earlier this year.


SINGLE REVIEW: Shystie - Make It Easy (Polydor)
Once again we see Shystie's insanely rapid delivery - and the other many talents that distinguish her from the likes of Mis-Teeq and Lisa Mafia - in this very fine feminist anthem about unrequited love and moving on, taken from her debut album 'Diamond In The Dirt'. This transfixing MC is slowly loosing her coveted title as the best kept secret of the underground - but the underground's loss is the mainstream's gain. One of the most memorable tracks off the album, the jittery beats, rawness and personalisation of the lyrics in 'Make It Easy' makes this single a strong contender for the top 20 - and the remixes by MJ Cole and Davinche are pretty damn good too. JD
Release date: 20 Sep
Press contact: Polydor IH [all]


The three-day auction of items belonging to the late and very great Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter Cash has finished, raising almost $4 million. Over 1,000 bidders bought items such as guitars, clothing, photographs and jewellery at New York auction house Sotheby's, with the total raised exceeding what was expected twice over.

Reuters reports that the most expensive item sold was a 1986 Grammy, which made $187,200, almost 27 times the guide price of $7,000. The Grammy for Best Spoken Word Or Non-Musical Recording was awarded to Cash along with Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Rick Nelson and record producers Sam Phillips and Chips Moman for interviews recorded in 1985 at a reunion of the artists. Other top sellers included a handcrafted black Martin guitar sold for $131,200 after being given a guide price of $8,000 to $12,000.

Head of Sotheby's collectibles department Leila Dunbar said: "We're thrilled with the results. It's been an extremely intense group of people showing their admiration for Johnny and June, which is not surprising, given the lengths of their careers and the accomplishments of their careers."

All proceeds from the auction will go to the Cash family estate.


Woolies is entering the download arena with a new service on their website which will see tracks from their instore singles and album charts available as pay-as-you-go downloads. The new service will be promoted in the retail chain's music departments, and through an advertising campaign, presumably hoping to tap into their existing mainstream music buying as they start to discover the world of digital downloads.


Travis are giving their fans the opportunity to vote for which songs they'd like the band to encore with on their forthcoming tour. Travis are letting fans chose which three songs they'd like to hear as part of Travis' encore on their UK tour. The song can be a B-side, an album track or even a cover of another artist's song. Fans can vote at

Meanwhile, Travis release a new single - 'Walking in The Sun' - on 18 Oct ahead of their new 'Best Of' compilation entitled, 'Singles'. That album will include a DVD component containing all of the band's videos, documentary footage, and live performances, among many other features.


Ooops, we forgot to mention Britney's latest wedding in yesterday's Daily. As you have presumably already seen in the tabloids, Britney Spears this weekend wed fiancé Kevin Federline in a secret ceremony in California on Saturday.

The pair married in front of just 15 family members at a friend's house in the San Fernando Valley. According to The Sun Britney wore a white strapless gown by little-known designer Monique L'Huillier while Federline wore a white tuxedo. The wedding menu consisted of the singer's favourite food - chicken wings and hamburgers.

The wedding had been due to take place in November, but was brought forward at the last minute - guests were only given a days notice.

Later the couple wore matching tracksuits as they celebrated in a club. Spears sported a new brunette hairdo, a white sweatshirt with "Mrs Federline" on it, a frilly white halter-neck top, tracksuit bottoms and white trainers. The groom wore a baggy tracksuit with "The Pimp" on the back, white trainers and a grey trilby hat.

Spears' UK spokesman said yesterday: "We can confirm the rumours are true. The happy couple married on Saturday".

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