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In today's CMU Daily:
- Virgin launch download service
- Next GLC single confirmed
- Johnny Cash the musical, no really
- Snow Patrol Trip due
- Mcfadden: number one ruined my marriage
- Blue boy looking for solo deal
- Fassie hits to get global release for Mandela charity
- Spector indicted with murder
- Janet to play at MOBOs
- Album Review: Brad Carter - Morning Always Comes To Soon
- Bon Jovi box set release set
- Capital expected to comment on GWR merger talks
- Libertines dominate on Rhythm Factory compo
- Coyne on the new Lips album
- Christina gets another Britney dig in
- CES persuade congress to review induce act proposals



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As expected, the Virgin Group officially entered the download market yesterday with the launch of the Virgin Digital Megastore. They join an increasingly crowded market place and hope to grab some of the mainstream audience yet to discover downloading by using their existing position in the music retail sector.

Virgin's download platform adopts both Apple's pay-as-you-go system, and Napster and Real Network's subscription model. Consumers will be able to buy tracks for 99 cents a time, or pay a monthly subscription of $7.99 to gain access to the company's entire digital music catalogue, which they claim already has one million tracks in it. Subscribers won't be able to transfer tracks to their portable music players just yet, although a premium subscription service is planned which will allow such transfer.

Of course Virgin kinda overshadowed the launch of the download service with the announcement they are planning on launching a space travel company. The difference between the two ventures is you might be able to afford to use the download service.


GLC have confirmed they are releasing surely everybody's favourite track off debut album 'Greatest Hits' as their next single. 'Your Mother's Got A Penis' will be released as a single on 25 Oct, with 'GLC Will Bang In Your Face', 'Scratches' and 'Frank Doolally' as b-sides on the various formats.

The release will follow the finale to GLC's 'An Ounce Don't Come For Free' tour, of which Eggsy told NME this week: "We are trying to recreate Robbie Williams ' Knebworth gig, only indoors, and without the helicopter, and without Robbie Williams. We will attempt to recreate some of the electrical atmosphere RW created with such tracks as 'Angels' and 'Let Me Entertain You' and that other song that he did. We won't be performing any of these songs, but we will entertain some people. And if that doesn't work, Billy is fully prepared to drive a four inch flathead screw through his flaccid member. Behold, the 12th greatest show on Earth."

GLC dates are as follows:

1 Oct: Abertillery Arena
2 Oct: Cardiff University
3 Oct: Reading University
4 Oct: Oxford Brookes University
6 Oct: Norwich Waterfront
7 Oct: Newcastle University
8 Oct: Aberdeen Lemon Tree
9 Oct: Glasgow Garage
11 Oct: Nottingham Rock City
12 Oct: Liverpool Academy
13 Oct: Bangor University
15 Oct: Manchester MDH
16 Oct: Leeds Metropolitan University
17 Oct: Birmingham Academy
19 Oct: Bristol Academy
20 Oct: Exeter Lemon Grove
21 Oct: Portsmouth Pyramids
22 / 23 / 24 Oct: London Astoria


Is no one protected from the indignity of having their careers squeezed into ninety minutes of West End fluff? Seems not. Word is Johnny Cash The Musical will open on Broadway in late 2006. That said, unlike 'Mama Mia' and 'We Will Rock You' the musical is likely to tell the late great singer's life story, more akin to the Buddy Holly musical, which at least means Ben Elton won't be getting his flimsy story book out.


All that busy-ness in the Snow Patrol camp that we reported on yesterday hasn't stopped front man Gary Lightbody from compiling the fifth instalment of the rather fine 'Trip' compilation series. Gary's Trip includes tracks from TV On The Radio, Four Tet, Jacknife Lee, Mylo, Iain Archer and Bill Withers among many others, and is out on 25 Oct. Press info from PPR.


Brian McFadden reckons working on his number one single has wrecked his marriage with wife Kerry. After quitting Westlife to spend more time with his family, Brian quickly started work on his solo career, but now he says the demands of promoting his debut single has taken its toll on his relationship with Kerry. Quite what all that means we don't know (don't care?), but speaking for the couple Max Clifford said they had been "victims of their own success", adding: "There is still a chance of reconciliation - everyone's optimistic. There is no animosity between them."


Talking of former boy band stars, or in this case a soon to be former boy band star. Word is Lee Ryan from Blue wants out from the boyband after the forthcoming greatest hits album and tour. That said, those rumours probably relate to the fact that Ryan is currently looking for a record deal for his new solo work, and is likely to sign with a company other than Blue's label Innocent. But, as a spokesman for the Blue machine pointed out: "Lee hasn't signed on the dotted line with Innocent as a solo artist because like anyone else negotiations can't start until they hear some material."


A greatest hits album by the late great South African singer Brenda Fassie is being released in aid of Nelson Mandela's 46664 project, the charity initiative that aims to raise awareness and funds to treat HIV and Aids patients.

Featuring 20 songs from her two decade career, the album will be released globally on 25 Oct.

Commenting on the album, Fassie's son, Bongani, told reporters: "She always dreamt of her music being spread globally. I know that (Fassie) was a great loss to all of us locally and globally, but the one thing she told me was to spread love (and) strive for better things..."


As expected, Legendary record producer Phil Spector was yesterday indicted for murder following the long investigation into the shooting of actress Lana Clarkson at Spector's LA home 19 months ago.

As previously reported again and again and again, Spector has claimed from the outset that Clarkson committed suicide that night, however from early on in the investigation it seemed officials suspected Spector had fired the gun.

Summoned to court yesterday to officially face the murder charges, Spector will now return to court in Dec for a full hearing. Meantime he remains free on a $1 million bail, although if found guilty he faces a life jail sentence.

Spector again stressed his innocence yesterday branding the prosecution "reprehensible and despicable".


Janet Jackson will perform at this week's MOBO Awards and organisers are reportedly planning to leave a reinforced matronly bra in the star's dressing room - though presumably the awards' producers would love nothing more than for a Nipplegate incident to take place.

Talking about Janet's appearance at the event a MOBO 'insider' told The Sun: "We're thinking about leaving a thick, sensible bra as a reminder to Janet to keep her nipples under wraps. Though if she did do a flash here it wouldn't cause as much stink as it did in the States."

Jackson is tipped to pick up the Best International Female gong at the awards.


SINGLE REVIEW: Brad Carter - Morning Always Comes Too Soon (EMI/Positiva)
We all know what to expect from Postiva Records don't we? With an uncanny ability to pick up those massive dance music hits, 'Morning Always Comes To Soon' is no exception. But let's not be too hasty, after all, success has never been a very good measurement of quality. This track is basically all about one riff, a customary simple, chord-bashing synth loop that sounds more like a ring-tone, and honestly takes about as much skill to produce as it does to write your own name. But having said that, this track grows on you in the strangest way, simple in nature but quite possibly brilliant in effect. Already used by a lot of the big jocks as a final track in their sets, you can appreciate what this summery number is really all about, harmless, uplifting fun, just look past its slightly cheddary exterior. OG
Release date: 11 Oct
Press contact: EMI IH [all]


The release of that mammoth Bon Jovi box set - '100 Million Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong' - which will feature three CDs of previously unreleased songs, a fourth CD of rarities from around the world and behind-the-scenes DVD, has been set as 15 Nov. Final touches are being put to the set, while fans have been emailing in testimonials for inclusion in the accompanying booklet.

Among the rarities set to feature in the box set are previously unreleased 'Why Aren't You Dead?', 'One To Say Goodbye' and 'Gotta Have a Reason', plus tracks which have previously had limited releases, including 'Good Guys Don't Always Wear White' (from the soundtrack to The Cowboy Way), 'Real Life' (from the soundtrack to EDTV), and b-sides like "Temptation."

Press info on the release from PPR.


Capital Radio issue a regular trading update on Wednesday, and word is the company will come clean on its previously reported merger talks with GWR. Word is any merger would still have to cross several hurdles, plus GWR may still opt to go into business with EMAP against Capital. More when we get it.


A new compilation album celebrating East London's legendary Rhythm Factory will prove something of a treat for Libertines fans, featuring, as it does, tracks from the band themselves, from Pete Doherty's spin off Babyshambles, and a solo number from Doherty. Out on 18 Oct, 'Bring Your Own Poison' is being released on the Believe Music label, and will be officially launched at a party at the Rhythm Factory on 20 Oct.

Full tracklisting is as follows:

The Libertines - Up The Bracket
The Lams - (You're) On The List
Selfish Cunt - Authority Confrontation
The Paddingtons - Tommy's Disease
Art Brut - Moving to LA
The Rocks - Celeste
Tigermoth - Me Something
Babyshambles - Killamangiro
Thee Unstrung - You
Electricity Comes From Other Planets - You Stole My Brain
Pete Doherty - Back From The Dead

Plus (not very) secret bonus track: The Libertines featuring Peter Perret - Another Girl Another Planet.


The next Flaming Lips album is nearly finished - hurrah. Talking to Blender magazine, Wayne Coyne reckons the new offering will be more organic: "We've moved away from robot sounds to sounds that are made by robots that come off organic. It's getting into a space-age jazz element, a sort of progressive Dixieland, hopefully not too far out of the realm of what's listenable."

The new album should be out mid-2005.


Plugging new single 'Carwash', Christina Aguilera found time to get a little dig in against Britney. Commenting on Ms Spears recent (possibly hoax) marriage to Kevin Federline, Christina told the Sun: "I think everybody tries to jump on the bandwagon of marriage. If it's right for them, then it's right for them. But I'm not going to do it like that. I don't know if Britney got married to get attention because I don't know her any more. I don't know the man she married and I don't know her."


The Induce Act, the anti-file sharing legislation being considered by US Congress, is to be redrafted following some strong lobbying by the Consumer Electronics Association.

The act is designed to make the companies who develop the P2P software consumers use to illegally share music and film files liable for the copyright violation they enable - ie to end the common defence these companies use, that they simply develop a digital distribution system, and that they are not responsible for what people choose to distribute via that system.

However, members of the CEA fear that the proposed act currently on the table is too far reaching, essentially placing liability for copyright violation onto the major electronics companies who make the digital music players consumers play their illegally download files on - and that could include Apple's iPod.

The internet service providers are also keen to ensure any legislation does not hold them liable for the copyright theft committed by their customers.

However, the CEA won't have complete control over the redraft. The US Copyright Office is also lobbying hard, and they reportedly want legislators to extend the liability to companies who distribute or sell technology used in the illegal downloading of music - which is basically any electronics store.

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