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In today's CMU Daily:
- Sony get all compatible
- Old timers grab the headlines at Q awards
- Kemado ink distribution deal with Hollywood
- BPI ready to issue download lawsuits
- Cat Stevens asks for official explanation from Feds
- Single Review: Sons And Daughters - Johnny Cash
- U2 single online
- PWEI return
- Corgan solo album ready
- Subbacultcha night
- Album Review: Mansun - Kleptomania
- Super t-shirt poll
- Super Furry poll
- Britney rap



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How did you start out making music for a living?
I began writing songs at the age of fifteen on my mother's classical guitar. It's something that came very naturally to me. I never had a doubt in my mind that music would be my life.

What inspired your latest album?

What process do you go through in creating an album?
You open your heart, and press the record button. It's that simple.

Which artists influence your work?
Elvis and the Beatles. They did everything first

What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?

What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
My ambition was to make an honest album that people will dance and make love to. What else is there? The rest is up to you.

Elefant release 'Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid' on Kemado on 1 Nov.

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Sony's electronics bit has announced it is to join Coral, a new consortium of companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Philips Electronics, Matsushita, Samsung, InterTrust and Fox, which seeks to remove incompatibilities between the digital rights management systems used by different players in the download space. The group aims to overcome recent concerns that the complicated nature in which download platforms supply music for which kinds of digital music players will hamper the growth of the digital music sector.

Following that recent announcement that Sony would be launching digital music players that play MP3s as well as Sony's own ATRAC music files, it seems that compatibility is the new buzz word among the Sony top guard. Of course some question how successful Coral can be while Apple and Microsoft are not among its membership.

Elsewhere in Sony download news, and word is the group's Connect download platform is about to step up its marketing campaign here in Europe - promoting the service alongside the new range of Walkman branded digital music players.


Good old Q magazine yesterday held its annual reader-voted music awards in London, with few surprises in the awards given. Keane, Franz Ferdinand and Muse continued their successful years by picking up the awards for best album, video and live act respectively. Jamelia took the gong for best single for her track 'See It In A Boy's Eyes' while Razorlight were named best new act, and Mick Jones took the title of best producer for his work on the new Libertines album.

As for classic performers, Shane McGowan took the Q Merit Award, the Pet Shop Boys the Q Inspiration Award, the Human League the Q Innovation and Sound Award, U2 the Icon Award, Roxy Music the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Elton John the Classic Songwriter Award.

It was Elton John and Roxy Music's Bryan Ferry who got most attention at the proceedings. The latter for speaking out in support of his son Otis, who was one of the five pro-fox hunting supporters who invaded the British House Of Commons last month(his comments were received by quiet booing from the Q Awards audience). The former for his outburst against Madonna who he accused of miming at concerts, saying: "Anyone who lip-synchs in public on stage when you pay £75 to see them should be shot".

In response to Elton's outburst, Madonna's US press agent Liz Rosenberg last night denied that the star used lip-synching when performing live, adding: "Nor does she spend her time trashing other artists. She sang every note on her Re-invention tour live." However on Elton's remark that, following his outburst he would no longer be on Madonna's Christmas card list, Rosenberg said: "Elton John remains on her Christmas card list whether he is nice.... or naughty."

Anyway, back to the awards, full list of winners as follows:

Best new act: Razorlight
Best producer: Mick Jones (for 'The Libertines')
Best live act: Muse
Best video: Franz Ferdinand (for 'Take Me Out')
Q Merit Award: Shane McGowan
Best single: Jamelia (for 'See It In A Boy's Eyes')
Q Innovation and Sound Award: Human League
Q Inspiration Award: Pet Shop Boys
Best Album: Keane (Hopes and Fears)
Best Act in the World Today: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Q Classic Songwriter award: Sir Elton John
Q Icon Award: U2
Q Lifetime Achievement Award: Roxy Music


New York based independent Kemado, who we first came across in reference to the very fine Elefant (more on them above!) have signed an exclusive US distribution deal with Hollywood Records, which will see the aforementioned Elefant's debut album 'Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid' getting re-released over there on 26 Oct, just ahead of the 1 Nov release over here. The other artist to release in the States via the new Kemado / Hollywood relationship will be the critically acclaimed Lansing-Dreiden who will release their new EP 'A Sectioned Beam' on 16 Nov and debut album 'The Incomplete Triangle' in early 2005.


A source at the good old BPI has told NME that they are considering following the action taken by the Recording Industry Association of America in order to tackle the downloading problem - ie litigation. Fearing that the growth of broadband internet will make the threat of illegal music file sharing over P2P systems like Kazaa even worse, the source reckons the BPI, who have so far resisted taking music fans to court, are now seriously considering the lawsuit route.

The source told the magazine: "The way we're all feeling is that we're sitting on a broadband time bomb. Broadband is a key driver in file sharing, we've seen it in the US and Germany. What we want is the growth in broadband, which is forecast to be a real stimulant of growth of legal download services, we don't want to see it destroy our albums market. There are a small percentage of hardcore internet users who are uploading material regardless of its illegality. It would appear that litigation is the only way to deter them. It's becoming pretty obvious that litigation needs to be there as a deterrent. Since file sharing took hold in 1999, our singles market has halved and we think file sharing has had a massive effect on that. We want to get rid of the library of free music, and litigation could be the only way."


Cat Stevens has asked for an official explanation as to why he was refused entry into the US and for his name to be removed from the terrorist watch list that apparently led to the refusal.

Commenting once again on the whole ordeal, in a letter to various newspapers he wrote: "I'm going to find it difficult to erase the latest from my mind: was it mystery, comedy or action? I wish to God I knew. The drama I found myself in last week was like some horrible Hollywood B-movie. And I was the star. But nobody ever told me the plot, let alone the lines. Big questions remain. Was it a mistake? Was it because, after embracing Islam in 1977, I considered the majority under-privileged dark-skinned people of the so-called third world brothers and sisters in humanity, and the fact that I have sympathy for the neglected people of the world who are suffering from tyranny, poverty or war? Was it because I walked out of the wild world of the music industry? Why? I am a man of peace and denounce all forms of terrorism and injustice; it is outrageous for the US authorities to suggest otherwise".


SINGLE REVIEW: Sons and Daughters - Johnny Cash (Domino)
Sons and Daughters have had their profile boosted considerably by Franz Ferdinand bigging them up as their new favourite band, and giving them a support slot on their tour earlier this year. Both bands are from Glasgow which has led to claims by some that they're part of 'a new Scottish scene' (yeah, that old thing). But Sons and Daughters sound nothing like Franz. The clue to their sound is in their choice of moniker and song title. They are sadly not named after the trashy Aussie soap but from a line in Bob Dylan's 'The Times They Are-A-Changin' ("your sons and daughters are beyond your command"). Their sound is a mixture of country and folk, described by one writer as "kill-billy". It's a dark, rootsy, earthy sound. The single has a great guitar riff which goes all the way through the song. The band's distinctive sound is shaped by their use of two co-vocalists Scott Paterson and Adele Bethel. It's a fine debut. JW
Release date: 4 Oct
Press contact: Sainted [CP, RP, NP] Anglo Plugging [CR, RR, NR]


U2's new single 'Vertigo' has been released for download at iTunes, a month before the CD single hits the stores on 8 Nov. The song, taken from forthcoming album 'How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb', is already top of the iTunes chart, so well done them.


Pop Will Eat Itself are planning a quick reunion for three shows next Jan. Clint Mansell, Adam Mole, Graham Crabb and Richard March will be back on stage at the Carling Academy in Birmingham on 22 and 23 Jan and at the Shepherd's Bush Empire on 24 Jan.


Former Smashing Pumpkins/Zwan singer Billy Corgan has posted an update on his first solo album on his official website. He writes: "I am happy to report that my album is finished. I am very excited about the album and feel I have created something relatively fresh and vibrant and exciting to my ears and that makes me smile". The album should be released in Mar or Apr next year.


Online artist community SubbaCultcha are hosting a special night at Infinity on Old Burlington Street tomorrow night at 8pm. Bands on the bill include Ikon, Djevara, Shuriken and Iodine. The latter includes Kerrang! Editor Ashley Bird in the line up, and he will be DJing after the live sets. More info at


ALBUM REVIEW: Mansun - Kleptomania (EMI/Parlophone)
Like the majority of the most interesting bands in the mid-90's, Mansun weren't a Brit-pop group. They always seemed like a cult band even though their debut album, the very fine 'Attack of The Grey Lantern', was a surprise number one. They also managed to accumulate a particularly dedicated fan base and when the band split up last year during the recording of their fourth album 3,000 fans got together a petition to get it released. On CD 1 of the three CD set 'Kleptomania' are the sessions from that lost album. 'Slipping Away' is a typically big Mansun epic with aggressive guitars while the robotic rhythms of 'Slipping Away' impress. The reflective 'Harris' and anthemic 'Love Remains' are promising. However it is an unfinished album and it is the ghost of an album rather than a solid entity. Mansun were also rightly renowned for the quality of their EP tracks/ B-sides and CD 2 is a cracking collection of 15 of these non-album songs. 'Take It Easy Chicken', the first song the band ever recorded is a fantastic track, with a great visceral Magazine stylee riff, while the atmospheric 'Everyone Must Win' was co-written by post with Magazine's Howard Devoto. Mansun also worked in the studio with Devoto on 'Railings'. 'Flourella' showcases Paul Draper's considerable vocal skills and 'Decision, Decisions' is a great glam pop song, reminiscent of 'Coming Up' era Suede. Meanwhile CD 3 has more unreleased tracks and rarities including an alternative version of the underrated 'I Can Only Disappoint U', a cover of (Magazine's) 'Shot By Both Sides', and a storming live version of 'Taxloss'. JW
Release date: 27 Sep
Press contact: EMI IH


As previously reported, spin off is officially launching this week and, to celebrate is running a survey to find the most popular rock and pop t-shirts of all time. Nominations from across the industry have been compiled and everyone is being invited to vote for winners from the following finalists:

Best Rock T-Shirt
Carcass: Symphonies Of Sickness
Cradle Of Filth: Jesus Is A ****
Guns 'N' Roses: Appetite For Destruction
Iron Maiden: Fear Of The Dark
Metallica: Master Of Puppets
Nirvana: Nevermind Smiley Face

Best Indie T-Shirt
Inspiral Carpets: Cool As Fuck
Joy Division: Unknown Pleasures
Primal Scream: Screamadelica
The Ramones: Eagle Logo
Rolling Stones: Licks
Stiff Records: If It Ain't Stiff It Ain't Worth A Fuck

Best Dance/Electronica T-Shirt
Kraftwerk - Autobahn
Ministry Of Sound: Logo
Prodigy: Fat Of The Land
Shoom: Smiley Face
Subliminal: Will Fuck 4 Drugs
Underground Resistance: Underground Resistance

Best Urban T-Shirt
Bob Marley: Smoking Spliff
Eminem: Sepia Photo T-Shirt
Nwa - Nwa
Public Enemy: Target Logo
Soul II Soul: Funky Dred
Tupac: Middle Finger

Best Newcomer
Darkness: Lightening Bolt Logo
Franz Ferdinand: Reverse Logo
The Killers: High Heels
Libertines: Fuck 'em
Strokes: Diner Logo
Viking Skull: Beer Drugs Bitches

Worst Music T-Shirt Ever
Cradle Of Filth - Jesus Is A ****
Mc Hammer: Here Comes The Hammer
Motorhead: Logo As Sold In Top Shop
Saxon: Crusader
Vanilla Ice: Ice Ice Baby
Anything With Fcuk On It: Not music but nominated by overwhelming demand

Votes can be cast at - the poll ends on 24th October.


Talking of online polls, to celebrate the release this week of the very fine 'Songbook: The Singles Volume One' from the Super Furry Animals, the band are running a poll on their website to find out what is the UK's favourite furry animal! You can nominate anything furry this week - from that a top 20 will be compiled on which you can then vote in order to find out what is the super-ist furry animal of them all. Everyone who votes gets entered into a draw to win a stylish Sony DVD Player, which we are told is incredibly slim and boasts a range playback options including MP3 and JPEG files stored on a DVD. So get voting at As the band tells us: "Your vote counts so please don't just stand by and watch cats or dogs run away with it..."


Well, here's something to look forward to, a Boston DJ called Clinton Sparks has reportedly put a rap by Britney Spears onto a mix CD. Needless to say the rap appears without record label endorsement, but as Sparks says: "Obviously she has a lot to say. She's been involved in a lot of controversy. If she wants to address that and say stuff right there on the mix tape, because that's what mix tapes are about."

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