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In today's CMU Daily:
- Chapman parole refused
- Mean Fiddler share switch called off
- Sony likely to buy Jackson's stake in ATV
- Fran has run in with junkie on Glasgow street
- Beasties headline Big Day Out
- Grand National tour
- Nitin's new classical piece ready
- Ash push back single after pulling video
- Robbie on his ghostly flatmates
- AT&T launch download service
- P Diddy told to pay up
- Big Brovaz dropped?
- Ms Dynamite arrested
- Scissor Sisters inspired by Kylie
- Britney's mum on the wedding
- Manson to wed in Berlin



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How did you start out making music for a living?
First we started with music - because we always were into music and there was a feeling that we could do better then most of the DJ's around. Now things are getting more serious so that you could say that we make a living out of the music we do..

What inspired your latest album?
It's a collection of tracks that we like, combined with re-edits of other tracks that we like - I think that it is just a snapshot of the period we're in right now.

What process do you go through in creating an album?
Listening to a lot of music and seeing which track fits with other tracks. We then make a list of music that we want to see cleared. We then select the essential ones and fill it up with tracks that fit in to make a nice complete picture..

Which artists influence your work?
DJ Harvey, Ron Hardy, Alex Patterson, Eric & Thomas, Arthur Baker, Soapstone, Keith Haring, David Lynch, Optimo, Blackstrobe, Jedi Knights, Mo&Benoelie, Rolling Stones, Liquid Liquid, DFA, ...
What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow

What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
To make people see that we're not only into one style, but that we mix it all up and we're good at it too. That a party isn't complete without some ass kicking different stuff. The future will bring more of that. As Renaat of the legendary label R&S Records would say.. 'We Are On A Mission'

The Glimmers next mix album 'Remixed, Re-Edited And Ph#Cked Up' is out on 15 Nov on Eskimo Recordings.


A parole board in New York has refused John Lennon's killer, Mark Chapman, parole on the grounds that his crime back in 1980 showed "extreme malicious intent". It is the third time Chapman has been up for parole - each time Yoko Ono has called for the application to be refused on the basis his release would put her and Lennon's two sons at risk. This time round thousands of Lennon fans added their opposition to the parole application in an online petition.

Turning down the parole application the board told Chapman that he had "a clear lack of respect for life" and subjected Lennon's widow Yoko Ono to "monumental suffering by her witnessing the crime". However they added that a recent interview with Chapman plus a review of his prison records were also considered before making their decision. But, despite acknowledging Chapman's "positive disciplinary record" the board concluded: "To release you on parole at this time would significantly undermine respect for the law."


All change please. The major management and ownership changes announced at Mean Fiddler last week have been reversed following protests from rebel shareholders. The venue, tour and festival promoter had announced that founder Vince Power had sold his 35% stake in the company and was stepping down as executive chairman.

A subsequent share deal was to leave internet entrepreneur Richard Clingen, whose company Media Internet Telecom is a partner on Mean Fiddler's download platform, as the largest shareholder and he was to become the new chairman. Power was to stay on in a non-executive role overseeing the company's festival work.

However that all changed yesterday after certain Mean Fiddler shareholders raised objections to the deal. Among those said to be unhappy was rival promoter Denis Desmond of Irish company MCD who acquired a stake in Mean Fiddler last year. Having stepped in to stop the Clingen deal speculation is now rife that Desmond will look to increase his stake in the company, however yesterday he told reporters: "I'm not saying we won't increase our stake. I'm just saying we have no plans to. The Mean Fiddler has a lot of potential, particularly in the UK market."

The change of direction means Powers will now stay on as chairman, while the company will look to appoint a new chief executive. Although Powers is likely to still want to sell some or all of his stake in the company, with the Mean Fiddler share price down 12.5p after yesterday's events any sale is not likely to happen straight away.


According to reports in the New York Post, Sony is likely to buy out Michael Jackson's co-ownership of the Sony/ATV publishing company.

The deal would suit both sides. Jackson needs to raise more money to fund his expensive defence against the ongoing child abuse allegations, plus a $200 million bank loan secured against his stake in Sony/ATV is due next December. Sony are known to be increasingly frustrated of Jackson's power over the publishing company - in particular his right to veto acquisitions. Plus, since the SonyBMG merger, ownership of the company has returned to Sony Corp of America, rather than Sony Music, and SCA chief Rob Wiesenthal is said to be interested in expanding the company.

According to the Post no formal deal has yet been struck, but Sony has been talking to Jackson's attorney and financial advisor, and insiders reckon the sale could be done well before the bank loan runs out. Sony is likely to pay in the region of $500 million for Jackson's share.


Bob Dylan has revealed his anger at how fans invaded his family's privacy at the height of his fame in the 1960s. In his new book 'Chronicles' he describes how he "wanted to set fire" the groups of fans who made their way to his home in Woodstock, New York.

The new book is Dylan's first lengthy account of his time as a rock icon. There are some revelations - he says how seeing singer Joan Baez on TV made him "high" - but critics say many fans will be disappointed by the lack of explosive insights - there is no comment on his switch from an acoustic folk to electronic rock sound, and only passing mention on that near fatal motorbike crash in 1966.

Then again, there is another two volumes and 600 pages planned in the three part autobiography and it's not in chronological order, so perhaps he will leave the best for last.


Travis' Fran Healy has told the Daily Record about a run in with a junkie on the streets of Glasgow during an impromptu busking session performed by the band. Apparently midway through a rendition of 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me?', a drug addict approached Healy with a syringe shouting: "Give me money, give me money for a fix."

Fran told the Daily Record: "I just kept thinking, 'Don't stick that in me'. It was the maddest thing we've seen. I kept expecting to find a syringe stuck up my arse."

The impromptu street gig was set up to raise cash for the Big Issue.


The line up is taking shape for Australia's Big Day Out festival which kicks off in, erm, New Zealand on 21 Jan and then tours round Oz. Topping the bill will be the Beastie Boys with support confirmed so far from The Music, System Of A Down, The Donnas, The Streets and The Chemical Brothers. Tickets go on sale a week on Friday.


CMU favourites Grand National - tracks from whom you can preview on the London Music Network this week by the way ( - are heading out on tour. Dates as follows:

19 Oct: Birmingham Academy
20 Oct: Manchester Night and Day
21 Oct: Glasgow King Tuts
23 Oct: Nottingham Social
28 Oct: London Garage
29 Oct: Bristol Loisianna
30 Oct: Cardiff Barfly


The ever talented Nitin Sawhney will unveil his latest classical work in London next month. The new piece, which was commissioned by the Britten Sinfonia, is called The Classroom and is about the difficulties Sawhney found as the only Indian pupil at school. It will get its UK premiere alongside orchestral arrangements of his past works in London on 17 Nov. Performances of the piece will then be staged in Brighton, Cambridge and Birmingham.


Ash have pulled the video to their new single 'Renegade Cavalcade', which means the release date of the single will have to be delayed. The new single, from upcoming album 'Meltdown', was due out on 1 Nov, but the band didn't like the video the label had made to promote the single so everything has been pushed back to the 15 Nov so a new video can be shot.

The band's manager told reporters: "I have pulled the video. We were all on holiday and the record company made it in our absence. None of us like it (especially me)... but we'll probably let you have it as an extra on the DVD single."


More from Robbie, still busy promoting his upcoming greatest hits album. This time he has told Radio 1 that he saw ghosts while living in the former LA home of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. Robbie: "When I moved out, the removal men wouldn't go in because of the old lady sitting in the chair. Ringo's son, Zak Starkey, said to me: 'I hear you're in my old place,' because his dad used to own it. And he asked if I'd seen the children in the garden and the old lady. Well, I never saw the kids but, but the old lady certainly kept cropping up."

The experience has made Robbie a bit obsessed with the paranormal, so much so he fancies making a TV show on the topic. He continued: "I want to do a whole TV series on paranormal things. I'm really intrigued. I'm pretty open for it to be real, but I'm also quite open for it to be the power of suggestion too. I just want to find out. I really want to get a TV show, perhaps on Living TV."


AT&T Wireless has launched an online music store that allows music fans to buy digital music via their mobile phones. Through the mMode Music Store consumers can browse a music catalogue via their phone, listen to samples and buy songs. The tracks are then downloaded onto the customer's PC. Tracks will retail for 99 cents a piece, albums are available for $9.99.

AT&T are the first mobile company in the US to extend their lucrative ringtones business into a full download service. However they are behind some UK networks who are already moving into providing a service where customers actually download tracks direct to their mobile, which then becomes an portable digital music player.

The full mobile download service is still in its infancy, but with the growth of 3G mobile networks and improvements in handset technology those pioneering the services reckon they could seriously challenge iTunes et al in the not too distant future.


P Diddy has been ordered to pay £19,671 a month in child support for his ten year old son. According to the BBC, his ex-partner Misa Brim applied for an increase in maintenance from the old monthly rate of £1,570 and the courts have backed that application based on Diddy's estimated annual income of £28.1m. The decision was based on an estimated figure because of the absence of "sufficient evidence" of his true earnings.

Diddy's legal people plan to appeal the decision, telling reporters: "This is a gross abuse of discretion by the court. We are confident it will be overturned on appeal. This is not about child support, it's about adult support. Any increase in support will be likely utilised to enhance Misa Brim and her two other children's lifestyle rather than in any way benefit Mr Combs' already well-provided for son".


Word is Big Brovaz have been dropped by Sony after last single 'Yours Fatally' failed to chart in the Top Ten. According to the Sun, Sony have decided not to renew the band's contract because they have not managed a top ten single since last Sep.

If true, the axing will round off a difficult year for the Brovaz during which one member Flawless was kicked out of the band for being caught trying to go through US customs in possession of marijuana.

Sony have given no official word on the status of the Big Brovaz contract, however a source has told the paper: "A lot of heat has been on the band since the drug stories. The cannabis connection didn't go down well with the label and the band have been skating on thin ice since. The latest single was their last chance but the damage had already been done."


Talking of pop starts in trouble with the law (which we were, kinda), rumour has it the good girl of urban music - Ms Dynamite - has been arrested over allegations of assault at a London restaurant. Word is Ms Dynamite was released on bail last week after allegations were made about an incident in Wardour Street on 17 Sep. She will appear in court to face the charges next month.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police told Reuters: "A 23-year-old woman voluntarily attended a central London police station on October 1 following an allegation of assault on September 17 at premises in Wardour Street. The woman was arrested and has been bailed to reappear at a central London police station at a date in November."


The Scissor Sisters have said that working with Kylie Minogue has inspired them as they begin work on their second album. They told NME: "Writing for Kylie and preparing for that, you just come up with a bunch of stuff that works even better for you. That was a great opportunity for us to get a lot of ideas out and we came up with some really great choruses. There's lots of bits and parts that I think are really great".

Fans will be able to hear some new material from the band, plus the hits and some cover versions when Scissor Sisters tour the UK later this month.


Britney Spears' mum Lynne has confessed that she panicked when told at the very last minute that her daughter's wedding was being brought forward. She has told reporters: "I know I've said we've had a whirlwind week before, but this one took the cake! We were all surprised!! And that's really saying something because it is very unlike Britney to be able to keep a secret. My first reaction was shock and then lingering thoughts of 'what about her dress?', 'what about the other plans?' and so on".

The last minute announcement of the wedding also caused problems for Britney's younger sister and bridesmaid Jamie Lynn. Spears' mother continues: "I started thinking about how Jamie Lynn was getting her hair done and would be late to the ceremony! It's quite a distance from the hair salon to the wedding site and we were all getting antsy, but then Jamie Lynn arrived and we hurried to get her ready".

But all's well that ends well: "There were happy tears and 'congratulations' all at the same time. I must say, even with all the unexpected, it was a very beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony. We had a brilliant wedding planner. I couldn't have been happier with how Britney and Kevin chose to do it".


And talking of weddings, Marilyn Manson is planning to get married in Berlin. Word is Manson is currently looking for a suitably gothic castle where he and girlfriend Dita von Teese can get married. Apparently the wedding will take place in Nov when Manson is due in Berlin to shoot a video.

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