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In today's CMU Daily:
- MPs support download lawsuits
- Vote for change gig to be webcast
- Student Radio Awards night announced
- SRA relaunch college radio chart
- Single Review: Ella Guru - Park Lane Speakers
- War Child download additions
- SonyBMG renew licence agreement with Wind-Up
- Destiny's Child new face of the Big Mac
- GLC reckon Wales will thrash England
- IEA report says Beeb should be subscription funded
- Single Review: Wagon Christ - Shadows
- Ed Harcourt tour
- Nas Rap competition winner announced
- Keane College Press Conference
- Busted come out in favour of the Tories



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VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Carbon at Pressure Point, Brighton
I visited this venue many moons ago when it was called the Richmond, decked out in fluro for a dodgy trance night... Times have changed, the bar has been redone and the venue now sports a monthly d and b night called Carbon. Resident DJ's on the night will be Voytek, Unseen and Insight, joined by upcomer Marcus Intalex, who will be doing a 2 hour set and is actually pretty wicked. A tight 140 capacity - this might well be full before you leave.

Sat 10th Oct, 10pm- 2am, Pressure Point, 33 Richmond Place, Brighton. BN2
9NA, £6/5, info 01273 684501


Well, the courts could be very busy in the coming months. Yesterday's announcement that the BPI was taking 28 evil downloaders to court was part of a Europe wide initiative spearheaded by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. In total 459 new lawsuits were issued against individuals across Europe who the IFPI or local industry associations suspect of illegally sharing large amounts of music online. According to the IFPI's official statement 174 suits are being filed in Denmark, 100 in Austria, 100 in Germany, 50 in France, 28 in the UK and 7 in Italy.

The latest lawsuits follow the 247 the IFPI issued in Europe and Canada back in March. However the rest of the world has a long way to go yet - the Recording Industry Association of America has so far issued an estimated 5700 lawsuits against those pesky American downloaders.

Announcing the Europe wide programme of litigation yesterday, IFPI boss Jay Berman told reporters: "We are at the point where the law has to be enforced. There is quite simply no longer any excuse for illegally file-sharing. People who love music should buy it online and not swap files illegally. If they do continue to engage in illegal music file-sharing, they are in effect engaged in copyright theft, and may therefore have to face the legal consequences."

If the many record industry execs who spoke in favour of the BPI's lawsuits yesterday didn't win you over to their side of the argument, then surely the words of some esteemed politicians will clinch it.

Arts Minister, Estelle Morris told reporters yesterday: "Piracy is theft - pure and simple. Whether it's Jamelia or a jobbing musician, the artist suffers. We owe it to them to make sure they get a fair return for their creativity, flair and inspiration. The Government supports the principle of proportionate legal action against the worst offending uploaders. I hope it will stop in their tracks the habitual offender who uploads to make a quick buck out of other people's talent." Hey, she's heard of Jamelia, isn't she cool.

UK MEP Arlene McCarthy added: "We know that there are millions of illegal files circulating on the Internet at any given time. In the European Parliament we have dealt with this by passing effective laws to legislate for the Internet age. There is no upside to illegal uploading - it undermines jobs and creativity. The law is there to be respected and enforced."

CMU's Chris Cooke was heard saying: "While the music industry should protect their copyright, it is easy to exaggerate the real impact of illegal downloading on the wider music business. Lawsuits alone won't solve anything, record labels need to be creating exciting new revenue streams blah blah blah." God, I'm boring even myself now.


Great news for fans of Bruce Springsteen, REM, Pearl Jam and John Fogerty, but presumably not for fans of George Bush Jnr. Organisers of the Washington leg of the Vote For Change tour have confirmed the event will be webcast around the world.

The Vote For Change tour, of course, is designed to encourage young people not only to vote, but to vote against George Bush. One of the tour's biggest supporters, REM's Mike Mills explains: "REM is very happy to be a part of the Vote for Change Tour. This unprecedented coming together of musicians underscores the depth of the desire for change in our country's direction, and it feels right to use some of the freedoms granted to us in a democracy to try and effect that change."

The Washington show will air this Monday, 11 Oct, from 6.30pm Pacific time (which we reckon is a very convenient 2.30am our time) at


Tickets for this year's Student Radio Awards have gone on sale. Organised by the Student Radio Association, these awards recognise talent in the college radio sector. This year's bash takes place in central London and will be hosted by Steve Lamacq and Jo Whiley.

Steve, who is also chair of the Student Radio Awards Committee, told CMU: "This year's awards ceremony is shaping up to be a top quality night out. Not only have we secured some really good judges for the categories, but the event itself is looking better than ever. Myself and Jo Whiley are being reunited for one night only to anchor the awards but expect a selection of glamorous household name DJs and special guests joining us on stage throughout the evening to greet the winners"

Following the awards there will be an after show featuring the Djing talents of new Radio 1 signing Annie Mac, fellow Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills and, from Xfm, Mr Eddy TM.

Both college radio people and media/music industry types are invited - more details at


Talking of the Student Radio Association, which we were, the SRA will next week relaunch the Student Radio Chart. Following the closure of SBN, who previously administered the official college chart, the SRA are now running the weekly countdown of the most played music on student radio. You will be able to check the chart here in the CMU Daily each Monday, plus we will have a round up of what is being played on individual stations when the CMU Tracklisting magazine returns (it returns on Monday, first round up of college charts in the following issue).

College stations should return their station charts to by 4pm each Thursday. Don't forget now.


SINGLE REVIEW: Ella Guru - Park Lane Speakers (Banana Recordings)
This release seems a few months late to me. Ella Guru successfully conjure up those kind of Magnet/Thrills-esque tracks that seem ideal for lazing away summer weekends to - which is why it's odd to release it in October. Nonetheless, 'Park Lane Speakers' is a fine record. It's one of those tracks that on first listen says "nothing out of the ordinary I'm afraid", but if you stick it on repeat play for a while the harmonicas, sweet two-part vocal structures and slide guitars become more and more exciting. Nice. YN
Released date: 4 Oct
Press: Wild [CP, CR] Stone Immaculate [RP, NP] Banana IH [RR, NR]


The latest additions to the War Child charity download website come from Fatboy Slim and the Pet Shop Boys. Fatboy Slim is offering an acoustic version of 'Push And Shove' off his new album 'Palookaville', while the Pet Shop Boys will be offering the DJ Hell remix of their debut single 'West End Girls'.
Other additions include exclusive tracks from newer bands Kaiser Chiefs (offering debut single 'Oh My God') and My Computer (offering 'Hole In The Road').

As always, tracks cost 99p with profits going to the charity which helps children in the world's most troubled regions.

More at


SonyBMG have extended the licence agreement with US independent Wind-up Records which gave the major its surprise global success with Evanescence. Sony first set up an international licence agreement with Wind-up back in 1998. As well as Evanescence the label also has bands like Creed, Finger 11, Seether, Scott Stapp and Alter Bridge on their roster.

The renewed deal was announced yesterday by SonyBMG COO Michael Smellie and Wind-up boss Steve Lerner. No word on whether Wind-up's US distribution deal - which prior to the recent merger was with BMG - will now be rolled into the same contract.


No more burger munching for Justin Timberlake. His time as Mr McDonalds is up, and the fast food chain have announced that Destiny's Child will now front their global 'I'm Lovin It' campaign. All three members of Destiny's Child will appear in TV ads for the company, while Maccy D will be the headline sponsor on the girls' up coming world tour.

Confirming the new deal Beyonce told reporters: "We're lovin' the chance to work with McDonald's and know that together we'll create lots of fun and cool surprises. McDonald's shares our passion for music, so we can't wait to start connecting to our fans."


The ever optimistic Goldie Lookin Chain are backing Wales to thrash Englan 3-0 in their World Cup qualifier this weekend. GLC will be in Glasgow preparing for a gig when the match is played. GLC's Mike Balls told BBC Five Live: "It's gonna be wicked man, we're all excited. We've got to find somewhere to watch the game in Glasgow because we're playing up there on the day. Trouble is, the Scotland game's on at the same time so we've got to find a pub with a little telly."

Fellow GLC-er (?) Adam Hussain added: "[Cardiff stiker] Robbie Earnshaw's gonna come on and England aren't going to know what's hit them. It's gonna be 3-0 to Wales, no messin'. I'm telling you. Wicked man, come on Wales, you knows it."


A new report from the very serious sounding Institute of Economic Affairs says that the licence fee in its current state should be axed, the BBC should become a subscription service, and any public service broadcasting organisation should be allowed to bid for government funding.

Those conclusions are reached in a new report for the IEA by Professor Sir Alan Peacock, who previously led a major government enquiry into the funding of the BBC in the mid 1980s. In the new report he argues that technological change has made radical reform of broadcasting achievable. Peacock: "We have now reached the point where the goal of an independent BBC funded by subscriptions or other means can become a reality."

Commenting on OfCom's proposals on public service broadcasting which were published last week, Peacock continues: "In some respects they are a step in the right direction. But setting up a competitor public service broadcasting channel to the BBC is not the right approach. Even after this move, in the digital age, the BBC will probably have a greater stranglehold on public service broadcasting than it currently does".

"Competition is needed in two respects. Viewers who choose not to receive the BBC channels should not have to pay for them and other broadcasters who want to produce programmes with public service content should be able to compete with the BBC for funds. Viewers should have the right of exit and broadcasters the right of entry. The BBC's virtual monopoly of public service broadcasting is inefficient, discourages innovation and leads to too much power being vested in a single institution."

Press information on the report is available from Melissa Davis at the IEA on 020 7799 8900


SINGLE REVIEW: Wagon Christ - Shadows (Ninja Tune)
It's been nearly a decade since Wagon Christ - aka Luke Vibert - first hit us with the 'Throbbing Pouch' EP on cult imprint Rising High. Since then he has given us 'London Bass' as Plug, and he's also the fabulous techy-disco Kerrier District on Rephlex. This single is off the rather good recent 'Sorry I Make You Lush' album, and is electronica deluxe - a head nodders paradise with an operatic feel to the vocal. Top rate. Accompanying it are a wicked, wicked little tune - 'Groove - All Souled Out' (little being the optimum word, it only runs 1 minute 53 seconds!), melancholy bleepy noodlings in the form of 'Loose Loggins' and lots of abstract wibbles and a pinch of funk in 'Deux Ans de Maia'. Leftfield oh yes. PV
Release date: 29 Sep
Press contact: Ninja IH [all]


Ed Harcourt has announced a UK tour to coincide with the 1 Nov release of next single 'Born In The 70s'. Dates as follows:

31 Oct: Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms
1 Nov: Brighton, Concorde 2
2 Nov: Oxford, Zodiac
3 Nov: Norwich, Waterfront
5 Nov: Bristol, Fleece
6 Nov: Birmingham, Academy 2
7 Nov: Leeds, Cockpit
9 Nov: Glasgow, Cottier Theatre
10 Nov: Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
11 Nov: Liverpool, University, Stanley Theatre
12 Nov: Manchester, Royal Northern College Of Music
14 Nov: London, Madame Jo Jo's, SOLD OUT
15 Nov: London, Madame Jo Jo's, SOLD OUT
17 Nov: London, Madame Jo Jo's
18 Nov: London, Madame Jo Jo's


The winner has been announced of Nas' rap competition. As previously reported, Nas was inviting fans to download the instrumental of new track 'Thief's Theme' and to add their own rap to it. Some 2000 wannabe rappers had a go making judging quite a task - but Nas has chosen his winner - a young rapper going by the name of Rising Son. He will now record his verse in the studio and it will feature on the UK release of Nas' new album 'Street's Disciple' which is out on 29 Nov.

More info on the competition at


College marketing company Wild are planning a press conference with Keane especially for college media people. The press conference will take place in West London on 26 Oct. Anyone from college radio or press interested in attending should contact Mark at Wild -


It's always dangerous to ally yourself with a political party when you're pop stars - and especially if your party of choice is the Conservatives. But that hasn't put off the Busted boys - they have come out in support of the Tories or, more to the point, against recent Labour tax rises which seem to be hitting them hard in the pocket.

Talking to Tatler magazine, the more obvious Tory boy of the three, Charlie Simpson, said: "I don't really like talking about politics but I've always grown up with their views - the Tories' way of doing things. I just prefer it."
Bandmate Matt Jay revealed he voted for the Liberal Democrats in a recent local election but will be switching sides come the General Election. "Yeah, actually, you know what, I am not going to be ripped off any more. From the financial position I am in now, I am a fucking Tory boy too."

Conservative leader Michael Howard told Sky News. "I didn't know them but I am becoming more familiar with them. But I am very pleased they are supporting us".


Hey it's Friday - take a few minutes off to enjoy Jamie Cullum, South Park style, at

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