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In today's CMU Daily:
- Kanye West scores a threesome at Source Awards
- Jay Z for Def Jam top job?
- Tom Petty denies song theft allegations
- Album Review: Vector Lovers - Vector Lovers
- Roger Taylor says Elton was right
- US live sector struggling again
- Wall Of Sound showcase new signings
- Radiohead launch DVD
- Antenna is two
- Jean Michel Jarre lights up Beijing
- U2 confirm tour - but don't buy any tickets yet
- Joss Stone looking for new manager
- Busted boy's indie band get Fierce Panda release
- RIAA to take anti-P2P fight to Supreme Court
- Live Review: Laura Veirs At Lock 17
- HMV appoint new digital man
- Beckhams deny latest affair allegations
- Paris Hilton signs record deal
- Britney and Federline submit marriage papers
- Fatboy's moby diss



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SAME SIX QUESTIONS: Nairobi Yetu / Kilio Cha Haki

How did you start out making music for a living?
The music industry in Kenya is still growing and so you cannot say you are making a living from it, because it is hard to maintain a steady income. It's worse if you are from the ghetto - the cost of production is much too high for the ghetto dwellers, so it is always a case of struggling.

What inspired your latest album?
Our latest album was inspired by the way we live: it revolves around our environment and issues affecting the society we live in. From corruption, AIDS and crime in our slums, to poverty, abortions, rapes, death and all the social, political and economic problems in our neighbourhood and our country as a whole. However we also talk about the good things - like love and unity in our ghettos. We like to say our lives as a whole inspired us.

What process do you you go through in creating an album?
Do you want to fund one? Ha ha, anyway, it is one big hustle, this was our first album and for most of us our first time in a studio - even those who had done it before had never worked on an album, only singles. We'd take them to radio stations, hope they'd get played and then you can earn a little cash from shows. However most of them were not as good quality production as we would of liked and for us a full album has always been a big dream, but we never thought it would happen since it is a big problem just to record a single. In the past we have collected many singles from different ghetto musicians and combined them as a compilations, but the high cost of production and making copies has meant they have never entered the market, that's why working on this album has been such a big step for us.

What artists influence your work?
Our influence comes from all artists who keep it R.E.A.L (Real Expression & Absolute Learning), who sing or rap about the real things affecting our society. Songs that carry strong messages, songs that inspire, criticise and correct social issues. Artists like Bob Marley, Mighty Culture (roots reggae) Nas, Dead Prez, Biggie Smalls, Guru, Krs 1, Blak Twang, Jay Z, just to mention a few.

What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SWAHILI HIP HOP......LISTEN N BOUNCE ALONG!!!! It's the same conscious hip hop you know, only done in a language you don't understand but GIVE IT A CHANCE - listen to the vibe and feel the spirit, it carries more than music.

What are your ambitions for your latest album and for the future?
Our ambitions is for the album to blow up big, for people all over the world to hear the voices and energy on the album and show the world there are a lot of talents in the neglected slums. We hope this will also inspire ghetto youths who are currently into crimes and drugs as, through us, they will see there is a possible bright future ahead and they will have some role models, someone to look up to for inspiration. Through the project we also hope other talented youths will have a chance to record music, without having to get money at gun point that they need to produce tracks. In the future we also hope to have another one, or several, albums so that most of the artists from the ghetto who have had this chance to be in Kilio Cha Haki will have the opportunity to record individually.

The excellent Nairobi Yetu / Kilio Cha Haki album is released on 18 Oct. You really should check this one out, and fortuitously you can preview tracks from it on the London Music Network 4Play jukebox this week ( They also play the Spitz on 20 Oct - more info from Emms Publicity.


It was another good night (yes, another one) for Kanye West yesterday when the hip hop star took three awards at the Source Hip-Hop Music Awards in Miami. Having being nominated in seven categories he took the trophies for Breakthrough Artist Of The Year, Album Of The Year and Video Of The Year.

His record was equalled by Lil Jon - he was named Producer Of The Year and won awards for his collaborations with Usher and Youngbloodz - 'Yeah' and 'Damn' respectively.

Elsewhere, double wins for Chingy's catchy 'Right Thurr' song (Single Of The Year By A Solo Artist and Remix Of The Year) and the Terror Squad (Group Single Of The Year and Best Female Rap Collaboration for their dance hit 'Lean Back' with Remy Ma).

Ludacris was named best Male Solo Rap Artist and the Ying Yang Twins won Best Rap Group. On the R&B side Usher was named Male Artist Of The Year while Alicia Keys won Female Artist Of The Year.


According to a report in the New York Times there could be some interesting developments at the Universal Music Group with regards the future of Def Jam.

The rumours centre on Universal's ongoing dealings with Jay Z. They are currently negotiating with Jay-Z and Damon Dash to secure complete ownership of their imprint Roc-A-Fella Records in a deal said to be worth $10 million. Once that deal is done Jay Z and Dash are likely to go their separate ways to pursue future projects.

Jay Z is reportedly in talks with both Warner Music (now run in the US by former Universal exec Lyor Cohen) and Universal Music regarding the setting up of a new label. Although rumour had it Jay Z was close to doing a deal with the latter to set up S Carter Records (Jay Z's real name is Shawn Carter), the New York Times reckon Universal is considering giving Jay Z the top job at legendary label Def Jam, which remains vacant following the departure of former boss Kevin Liles.

Somone of Jay Z's profile at the top of a major label like Def Jam could prove to be very interesting.


Singer songwriter Tom Petty has said a lawsuit that claims he stole his 2002 song 'The Last DJ' is "completely without merit". Petty was responding to claims by a Californian songwriter called Jim Wagner who says he wrote the song back in 2000 and sent it as a demo to radio DJ Jim Ladd. He reckons Ladd must have passed it on to Petty, and is suing both of them for stolen copyright to the tune of $4.5 million.

In a statement yesterday Petty said: "My song, 'The Last DJ,' was written completely without any outside influence. It is a wholly original composition. Claiming that Jim Ladd ever gave me another piece of music or discussed the plaintiff or his song with me in any way whatsoever is a total falsehood. Nothing of the kind ever happened. I write my own music, and if I collaborate with anyone, I always share the credit. It's been that way since I began writing thirty years ago, and it will always be that way. That's the way I work. To this date, I have never heard the recording the lawsuit claims influenced my song. The plaintiff is accusing me of stealing. I do not take kindly to such accusations, as the plaintiff and his attorney-for-hire will find out."

Petty's manager Tony Dimitriades added "The lawsuit, which does not even allege that the songs have the same or similar words or music, will be strongly defended. The allegation that Tom Petty and Jim Ladd somehow conspired to rob the plaintiff of a business opportunity is both ludicrous and insulting."


ALBUM REVIEW: Vector Lovers - Vector Lovers (Soma)
We have had a fair amount of electro dross thrown at us in the last year, but no such disappointment from Vector Lovers (aka Martin Wheeler). Following a wicked little EP earlier in the year, this is an album constructed by a man who makes the most of his techno background but doesn't forget to add that special pinch of Soma soul. From the techy 2step flecked 'Telecom Meltdown' to the bit wibbly 'Funk and Droid', the downtempo electro breakbeat of 'Yamanote Sundown' and the awesome pulsing spiralling dancefloor electro of 'Futures in Pastic', this is a cerebral work of electronic art. The highlight is 'Electrosuite' - awesome, power chords galore that really infect your CNS. A good treat - track it down. PV
Release date: 29 Sep
Press contact: Soma IH [all]


Queen drummer Roger Taylor has backed Elton John's remarks last week alleging that Madonna mimes at her live shows. Describing the (alleged) fact that Madonna mimes as the "worst-kept secret in the world", Taylor has told reporters: "It is about time somebody said it. It was a very brave and correct thing to say. Maybe she should get an award for dancing but certainly not for singing. It is the worst-kept secret in the world and I think there is too much bloody dancing in rock'n'roll and not
enough actual singing."


Could the recent boom in the live music sector have already peaked? Well, a recent report in the Wall Street Journal suggests the US live sector, at least, is struggling again.

According to the Journal, some insiders are saying 2004 was "one of the slowest summers ever" when it came to live music, with disappointing turn outs for tours featuring bankable acts like Fleetwood Mac, Simon & Garfunkel, Norah Jones, Gloria Estefan and Kiss, plus, of course, the last minute cancellation of the Lollapalooza festival. The Journal points to one Kiss gig in particular - at a 18,400 capacity arena in Atlanta - where only 4345 tickets were sold.

Of course some would argue that the recent uplift in the live sector was thanks, in the main, to a handful of classic artists - including Paul McCartney, Elton John and Billy Joel - who could demand high ticket prices, increasing promoters' profit margins. However, as a result of that trend, ticket prices across the board have risen, and consumers aren't willing to pay those prices for every act that is on tour.

The live sector in turn blame the artists who, they argue, are now demanding such high fees that promoters have to increase ticket prices just to break even. But one William Morris agent, Marc Geiger, told the Journal that, while some artists probably have become greedy when setting their fees, the promoters brought it on themselves by starting a bidding war that allowed artists to name their price.

Alex Hodges, a VP for the House Of Blues group agrees: "The change has to be executed by the people who write the cheques, and that's the promoters".


Wall of Sound will be showing off two of their recent signings at two showcase events this week - the bands in question are the excellent Diefenbach and The Infadels.

The first one, tomorrow night at Cargo, is part of the Vapour Festival, which is currently celebrating independent record labels in London. Joining The Infadels and Diefenbach on stage will be Mother & The Addicts and The Girls. It kicks off at 8pm, tickets are £7.

Then there will be a second chance to see both bands as Wall of Sound take their regular (sic) night up to the Stealth Club in Nottingham. Then the two new signings will be accompanied by DJ sets from Shakedown and Queens Of Noize. Runs from 10pm - 4am, tickets are £8 on the door, £6 NUS or in advance.

Press info on both nights from Sarah at Wall of Sound


Described as a "110-minute excursion into the bizarre", Radiohead have confirmed details of a new DVD which they will be selling via their website. Called 'The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth Of All Time' it will feature music from 'Hail To The Thief' and some previously unreleased tracks set to 24 short films which were submitted to the band after they requested quirky films and animations on their website. It seems the original idea was to make the films into a TV programme, but when that didn't come off the band opted for a DVD release.

A statement promoting the CD explains: "From a glass-walled boardroom in west London, via a small spare room in Willesden, past the flood-torn wastes of Cornwall and the landfill sites of 'picturesque' rural Oxfordshire, a carefully-vetted team of 'experts' has been plotting to create a DVD containing films, animations and music never heard before. Channel 4 wouldn't show it, for reasons that remain unclear. The BBC were busy. ITV and Channel 5 simply pretended we didn't exist. But our 'experts' are certain that the discerning public must be allowed to view this material."

More info at


Talking of innovative videos that they won't show on the telly, the creative music video showcase Antenna celebrates its second birthday this month and, once again, will be showcasing some exciting music videos the chances are you haven't seen yet.

The night - this month part of the London Film Festival programme - will also feature the chance to put questions to video directors Tim Pope (the legendary director behind many seminal videos for The Cure and more recently, Fatboy Slim's sexy 'Slash Dot Dash') and Dawn Shadforth (who has worked with everyone from Primal Scream to Kylie).

All takes place at the National Film Theatre on the South Bank on 21 Oct. More info at


Jean Michel Jarre lit up China's Forbidden City on Sunday night with another of his spectacular light and sound extravaganzas, this time in Beijing. Opening the Year of France in China, as you'd expect it was quite a show, combining Jarres' distinctive sound with a light show that moved from the city's Wumen Gate on to its finale in Tiananmen Square. Aside from the 15000 people who lined the streets for the show, millions more watched the show via the three Chinese TV networks that broadcast it.

Presumably with a nod to the sinister history of the show's finale venue, Jarre told his audience: "I'm very happy to be back on the streets of Beijing and on Tiananmen Square which belongs to you. I would like to dedicate this last piece to the values of my country that are liberty, fraternity and equality."


U2's manager has confirmed the band will tour next year, but has warned fans against buying advance tickets from dodgy online ticket agencies. He has told the band's official website: "We are still very much in the planning stages of our tour for next year which will visit the US, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia, and the band is really looking forward to getting out on the road. As soon as we have finalised the plans, the tour will be announced and purchase instructions will be clearly available. Nothing is confirmed until the official tour announcement, no tickets will be on sale until after this time."


Joss Stone is looking for a new manager after her mother agreed to step down from the position - apparently after much "discussion and argument". Both Mrs and Ms Stone are interviewing possible candidates - and Joss reports there have been a number of different suggestions as to how she should be promoted.

Stone: "This one guy told us that I needed to be sexed up a bit. He said that girls should want to be me, while guys should want to fuck me! Can you believe that? Sorry, but I'm not about to take my clothes off for anybody. I'm hardly beautiful like Beyonce, am I? I can't imagine anyone would want to see me naked."


Fightstar, the indie band which features one Charlie Simpson (he of Busted) among its line up, are to release an EP via London label Fierce Panda. But the Busted clan assure us it is just a side project and not the first sign of a pending split. A spokesman for the band said: "Fightstar are releasing an EP on Fierce Panda as it's something Charlie has wanted to do for a long time.


The Recording Industry Association of American and the Motion Picture Association of America have said they will take their fight against P2P companies Grokster and StreamCast to the Supreme Court.

The announcement follows the decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold a previous court decision that companies who make P2P systems cannot be held liable for any copyright violation that is conducted via those networks.

Commenting on the appeal court decision, a spokesman for the industry associations told reporters: "The Ninth Circuit has immunized Grokster and StreamCast from copyright liability for millions of acts of copyright infringement that occur on their services every day". However a spokesman for StreamCast said the move to the Supreme Court was a "doomed effort".

As reported yesterday, attempts by the RIAA and other copyright owners to push the Induce Act through the US Senate are faltering. The Induce Act would clarify the liability of companies like Grokster and StreamCast for the copyright violation their technology allows.


LIVE REVIEW: Laura Veirs at Lock 17, Camden on 5 Oct
The Seattle born singer-songwriter may have been releasing material since 1999, but it was her fourth album, this year's 'Carbon Glacier', that brought her to the attention of the music press. The title gave away plenty; it's a sparse acoustic-driven album with a very Arctic feel to it. The plaudits lavished upon this album were entirely justified, so when her whistle-stop tour across Europe landed in London (17 dates without barely a day off), it was imperative that I went along, to see this gifted artist in the flesh. Assisted by the versatile Karl Blau, who sang backing vocals, played guitar, and also added percussion effects to the mix, Veirs treated us to a brilliant set, mainly comprised from the aforementioned album, although she managed to sneak in a few new tracks. The album's highlights, such as 'The Cloud Room' and 'Ether Sings' were excellent, but the biggest applause of the night was reserved for 'Rapture', possibly the only track that name checks both Kurt Cobain and Virginia Woolf. Veirs is a very likeable performer, keen to chat to the audience between songs, and also after the gig, which was nice to see. She's clearly a gifted songwriter, and would appeal to those who listen to the likes of Gillian Welch, for instance. Her brand of folk is very intimate and atmospheric, well suited to the Winter we're about to experience. It will be interesting to see how she develops, now that her career is on the rise. I expect to see her improve; she has the talent. As a side issue, the support band Byrne were fairly good. It was a scaled down set, as a duo, instead of the full band. Musically, they're somewhere between Turin Brakes and Tram, and worth looking out for. KW


HMV have appointed former Warner Music exec Mark Bennett to the new post of Head Of Digital, where he will oversee the retailer's ambitions in the download space. Details of what exactly those ambitions are should be announced before the end of the year.

Announcing the appointment HMV Europe E-Commerce Director, Stuart Rowe, told CMU: "This is a significant appointment for HMV and I am delighted to welcome a person of Mark's calibre and reputation to the company. Mark is highly regarded within his field and brings with him tremendous specialist knowledge and understanding of this developing market."

Bennett himself added: "One of the key things that has drawn me to HMV is the power of its brand to appeal to all consumers, no matter how they wish to access and buy their music. HMV is rightly renowned for its heritage and authority - values, which are just as relevant to the digital consumer as they are to the High Street shopper. The great thing about HMV is that it is uniquely placed to cater to both while being in a position to offer a wholly integrated service."


Does Beckham gossip still count as music news? Oh well, anyway, the Beckhams have said that allegations in this weekend's Sunday Mirror that David seduced 22-year-old Danielle Heath - a beauty therapist from Essex and close friend of Victoria - are untrue, unhealthy, unwise etc etc.

In a statement yesterday they said: "We are sick and tired of people trying to make money at the expense of our family...It is even more distressing when we are expecting our third child soon. The allegations are completely and totally untrue, and it is in the hands of our lawyers.


Talking of mindless celebrity gossip with a music theme, rumour has it Paris Hilton has signed a record deal with Warner Bros Records in the US and will release her debut album next year. Apparently Hilton is working with the Black Eyed Peas on it.


Oh yes, and did we mention that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have finally filed their marriage papers, meaning that, despite having that surprise wedding three weeks ago, they are only now officially married? The delay in submitting the papers was reportedly due to the legal tasks surrounding the couple's pre-nuptial agreement. Gossipers are saying that under that agreement, should the marriage fail Federline will get an annual payment of $300,000 a year for half the number of years their marriage lasts. The agreement also says Spears will take no responsibility for the welfare of Federline's two children should they divorce.


Quote of the day comes from Fatboy Slim. Asked by Entertainment Weekly whether he has ever eaten in Moby's New York vegetarian restaurant Teany, Norman said: "There are a few reasons why I would not go. One is that I like to eat meat. Another one is... Moby."

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