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In today's CMU Daily:
- Jackson calls on TV networks to ban Eminem video
- Virgin Radio boss quits
- Osbournes select new band for Ozzfest through TV show
- Album Review: Elliott Smith - From A Basement On The Hill
- Greenday tour
- Delays tour
- Petula Clark instore
- The Cure re-release debut
- Beatles four disk set planned
- Capital to merge Choice output
- Album Review: Cradle Of Filth - Nymphetamine
- Radio 1 plan DJ tour
- Frankie Goes To Hollywood to reform
- Virgin to launch digital music player
- Microsoft official launch download platform
- iPods top of us kids' Christmas lists
- US download stats down
- Fatboy tour
- Manson to play Queen Of Hearts



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How did you start out making music for a living?
We created our own label, toured the country and promoted ourselves until a bigger label came in and took the stress away!

What inspired your latest album?
All the songs have been written over a period of time. So I guess lots of things have influenced us.

What process do you go through in creating an album?
Write, play live, record... pretty much.

Which artists influence your work?
Big Country, Ultravox, Magazine, Japan, Kraftwerk.

What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Listen alone.

What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
It'd be nice to get some more major press and make a direct impact on the electronic scene right now - to win people over from that garage rock crap.

Scarlet Soho release new album 'Divisions Of Decency' on Human Recordings on 29 Nov - more info at


Well, if you were set with the marketing task of making sure Eminem grabs the headlines again in the run up to his new album release, I guess pissing off Michael Jackson while he and those child abuse allegations still have global media attention is quite a neat trick. Nothing like a video ban to get you to the top of the charts.

Anyway, following those reports yesterday that the Jacko camp were not too pleased with Slim Shady's latest pop promo, Michael Jackson yesterday officially called on TV stations in the US to stop playing the video to Eminem's forthcoming single 'Just Lose It' on the grounds that it is "outrageous and disrespectful".

Eminem has a long history of spoofing fellow pop stars in his videos, of course. In the new video he dresses as Jackson - making fun of the singer's much talked about nose and the time Jacko's hair caught fire while filming a Pepsi commercial. But more controversially Eminem, dressed as Jackson, is seen jumping on a bed with some young boys, having rapped: "Come here little kiddie, on my lap. Guess who's back with a brand new rap? And I don't mean rap as in a case of child molestation."

Speaking to an LA radio station Jackson said yesterday: "I am very angry at Eminem's depiction of me in his video. I've admired Eminem as an artist, and was shocked by this. The video was inappropriate and disrespectful to me, my children, my family, and the community at large. It is one thing to spoof but it is another to be demeaning and insensitive".

The only channel to respond positively to Jackson's calls for the video to be banned is the Black Entertainment Network who confirmed yesterday that they would not be screening the 'Just Lose It' promo. A spokesman for the network told the BBC they had reached the decision "partly out of respect for the relationship we've had with Michael over the years".

Responding to BET's decision, Jackson said: "It is my hope that the other networks will take BET's lead and pull it." Eminem's people said they were "sorry" BET had banned the video, but presumably they were apprecaitrive of all the extra column inches their new single was getting.

All that said, should Jackson call on his fans to boycott upcoming Eminem releases it will be interesting to see how big an impact the Jacko faithful can have on Slim Shady's record sales.


Virgin Radio boss John Pearson has resigned after twelve years with the company. Having been with the station since its launch in 1992, initially as Sales Director, then MD, then Chief Exec, Pearson said he was leaving simply so he could spend more time with his family.

Pearson was a key player in the development of Virgin Radio, which, despite years of struggling and an embarrassing run of problematic breakfast show formats, is now seemingly gaining some ground on its competitors, especially in the webcasting arena.

However much of Pearson's time at the station was spent dealing with antics behind the scenes - the sale of the station from the Virgin Group to Chris Evans' Ginger Media Group, the subsequent sale of Ginger to the Scottish Media Group, the high profile falling out between management and the station's former owner and flagship presenter Mr Evans, and the resulting long drawn out court case.

The behind the scenes events all ensured that Pearson's time with Virgin Radio was never uneventful - although he himself admitted the various dramas - and especially the SMG / Evans court case - meant less time could be spent on programming development - something he blames for the station's recent struggles.

Pearson leaves the station as rumours grow that a takeover is pending. While Scottish Media Group maintain the radio station is not for sale, that has not stopped some making plans to bid - including Chris Evan's former agent Michael Foster.

Confirming his departure, Pearson told reporters: "This is a lifestyle choice, I'd like a more flexible work/life balance and the ability to take more time off", adding that the station had a "strong management team" and was well-positioned in the digital radio era.

Andrew Flanagan, the chief exec of parent company SMG, described Pearson as "an excellent businessman and a dynamic leader", adding: "I'd love him to stay but respect his reasons for leaving".


Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne are set to front a new MTV show which will see eight new bands compete for a slot at next year's Ozzfest. The winning band will also win music equipment and tour money, with the possibility of a recording contract.

Each episode of the show will see the eight competing bands being put through the everyday tasks of being on tour. Sharon Osbourne explains: "Life on the road isn't always what it's cracked up to be and our bands are going to find that out, the hard way". Quite how the couple will then choose the winning band is not yet clear, but Sharon hopes that appearing on the show and at Ozzfest will prove an effective launching pad for the winning band, adding: "Ozzfest has long been the launch pad for so many new acts, all who have gone on to multi-platinum success".


ALBUM REVIEW: Elliott Smith - From A Basement On The Hill (Domino)
The death of Elliott Smith in Oct 2003 sent shockwaves across the music industry. Over the course of a decade he'd released a number of critically acclaimed albums, and had carved out a reputation as one of the finest songwriters of his generation. With his career on the rise, his death, which remains unresolved, makes little sense. Before he passed away, he had recorded the collection of songs which makes up this posthumously released album, compiled by the Smith estate. Whereas his previous two albums on the Dreamworks label were polished and grandiose, Smith has taken a more lo-fi and raw approach to these recordings, and the album itself alternates between heavy tracks, and more down tempo ones. The opening track, the sublime 'Coast To Coast' is fuzzily produced, and sounds rather detuned. Smith uses a similar approach on 'Don't Go Down', a throwback to his earlier albums. Yet Smith is renowned for the beautiful, if bleak, ballads he writes as well as any contemporary singer-songwriter. And this album has them in abundance; 'Fond Farewell', 'Twilight', and 'Last Hour' stand out in particular. These are examples of what Smith did best; composing intimate and personal songs that really affect the listener. Lyrically, he's as emotionally bare and open as always, unafraid to confront his demons. Perhaps one would look for clues about his mental state upon listening to this record, though I'm not so sure what you could determine. Smith will continue to be mourned, for he was a considerable talent, and capable of achieving much more. This album is as good as could possibly have been expected, a fine send-off for a musician at the peak of his powers. He'll no doubt join the list of rock stars who left us too soon, but his place will be deserved. This gifted songwriter left us this outstanding album to remember him by, and we should be grateful. Stunning. KW
Release date: 18 October
Press contact: Hermana [CP, RP, NP] Anglo Plugging [CR, NR, RR]


Greenday have confirmed details of a UK tour for next Jan - and hurrah to that. Dates as follows:

23 Jan: Birmingham NIA
24 & 25 Jan: Carling Academy Brixton
27 Jan: Nottingham Arena
29 Jan: Manchester MEN Arena
31 Jan: Dublin The Point
2 Feb: Plymouth Pavilions
3 Feb: Cardiff Arena
5 Feb: Brighton Centre
6 & 7 Feb: Carling Apollo Hammersmith
8 Feb: Newcastle Arena
10 Feb: Glasgow SECC


Talking of tours for which the word "hurrah" seems appropriate, the Delays kick off their UK tour in Wolverhampton tomorrow. Dates as follows:

14 Oct: Wolverhampton Wulfrun
15 Oct: Edinburgh Liquid Rooms
16 Oct: Sheffield Leadmill
17 Oct: Cambridge Junction
19 Oct: Brighton Concorde
21 Oct: Loughborough University
22 Oct: London, Shepherds Bush Empire
23 Oct: Leeds Cockpit
24 Oct: Preston Mill
26 Oct: Warwick University
27 Oct: Bangor University.
28 Oct: Nottingham University
4 Nov: Derry, The Nerve Centre
5 Nov: Belfast, Spring & Airbrake
6 Nov: Dublin, (TBMC)
7 Nov: Cork, The Vault (An Cruiscin Lan)
20 Nov: Keele, University
23 Nov: Gloucester, Arts Centre
24 Nov: Swansea, University
25 Nov: Bournmouth, University
17 Dec: Manchester, Apollo (supp to Snow Patrol)
19 Dec: Glasgow, Barrowlands (supp to Snow Patrol)


Ms Petula Clark will be in town next week signing copies of her new album 'Petula Clark Live At The Paris Olympia' at the Oxford Circus branch of HMV. The album is out on Monday, and Petula will be in store on Friday 22 Oct at 1.30pm. As the title might just suggest, the new album is a recording of a concert in Paris last Sep, and features lots of her classic tracks, some sung in English, others in French. Press info on the signing from Laura at Coalition.


The Cure are re-releasing their debut album 'Three Imaginary Boys' next month with a special edition double disc type thing. The original version of the album is being digitally re-mastered, while the second disk will feature all sorts of rarities including six previously unreleased songs, demos, outtakes and live versions of '10:15 Saturday Night', 'Accuracy' and 'Subway Song'. The set will be released on 29 Nov.


Talking of re-release special edition type things, the first four US albums released by the Beatles will be released together in one box set. The collection, called The Capitol Albums Volume 1, will include the albums 'Meet the Beatles', 'The Beatles Second Album', 'Something New' and 'Beatles '65'.

Explaining why the Beatles had different album releases in the US than over here, the president of EMI's Capitol records told reporters this week: "In the '60s, American record labels often chose to reformat British records to suit the needs of the US market. In America, singles were generally included on current albums, where in the UK albums and singles were most often separate releases. Higher music publishing costs in the US also made it impractical to include as many songs on American albums. In addition, in the case of the Beatles, some of the recordings on the American albums were given more echo than the British versions, to 'Americanize' their sound."

All four albums are being remastered from the original tapes and will include stereo and mono versions of each song.


Erm, talking of companies called Capitol (weak, I know), the Capital Radio Group yesterday confirmed it had gained permission from the broadcasting regulator OfCom to merge the two Choice FM radio stations in London. Up until now there have been two Choice stations - one serving Brixton and South London, the other North East London. Merging the two offshoots is the first major change made by Capital since it gained full ownership of the once independent Choice FM. Once the two London stations are merged Capital will be looking to roll out the Choice brand to black communities all over the UK.

Some in the local communities that Choice was set up to serve, especially in the Brixton area, fear the move will dilute the station's commitment to the African-Caribbean audience - claiming local and specialist music programming is already being threatened (even though OfCom's conditions for merging the two station's output was the maintenance of local news and an increasing commitment to specialist music).

But Capital's Graham Bryce, who is overseeing the development of Choice within the group, defended the move, telling the Guardian: "We have juggled the hours a bit. A couple of specialist shows will have an hour less and a couple of one-off shows from the weekend have not made it on to the new schedule. We are trying to keep 99% of specialist music in our output. I think we'll provide London with better specialist shows which before were only available in north or south London".

However the editorial director of black newspaper New Nation, Michael Eboda, argues that the merged output is another sign of Capital interfering with the Choice brand, and rejecting the African-Caribbean audience it was set up to service. He told reporters: "Ever since Capital's takeover Choice has been going away from its remit to be a community station providing access for the community to music they can't hear on any other legal station. Capital want to change the audience. Choice was a genuine community station and well-liked, but it isn't now. They [Capital] don't want its listeners any more."

Capital will be hoping that the support of Choice's founder, Patrick Berry, who has stayed on as Chairman of the station, will help alleviate concerns among the Choice FM faithful. He has told reporters it has always been his "long held ambition" to create a London-wide radio station, adding: "it means that all listeners can get the best of Choice right across the capital and is an important platform to develop the brand nationally."

However neither Bryce nor Berry commented on the decision to inflict Richard Blackwood on us all via a new weekend show on the station - surely an unnecessary measure.


ALBUM REVIEW: Cradle Of Filth - Nymphetamine (Roadrunner Records)
Given that it is a nice surprise these days when any band gets past the first album and is let back into the studio to make that tricky second - albums three, four, five etc are surely even more highly anticipated. Until album number ten of course, when everyone loses interest (save the people with the branded hoodies). So, this is album ten for The Filth - but fingers crossed it will ensure Dani and his miserable brigade of black metalers successfully persuade people not to lose hope or interest. That is to say, Nymphetamine is a thundering - albeit less synth-led - ride through the hell-scape of CoF. From the decidedly radio-friendly, 'Nymphetamine (Overdose)' with it's dulcet female vocals, to the self-righteously aggressive 'Gilded C***', it's less of a return to form, and more a setting of new standards. Stripping the Filth's sound of much electronic clutter the band has still found jobs for all its six members - with just as much hellish symbolism, twisted aggression, riotous intent and canned rage as any previous album. No doubt a number of black metal fans will be complaining about the slick production and subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) melodic metal, but the Filth have successfully woven a truly hard and haunting long-player from the black heart-strings and jilted angst-spittle of their dark minds and souls. This will not disappoint. JG
Release date: 12 Oct
Press contact: Roadrunner IH


Radio 1 are staging a UK tour featuring its specialist show presenters in a bid to convince us all of their commitment to promoting new music. Pete Tong, Gilles Peterson and Tim Westwood are among those expected to appear on the In New Music We Trust tour which will kick off on 29 Oct. Zane Lowe is likely to get his our mini-tour shortly after.

Announcing the tour plans Radio 1's head of specialist and speech, Ian Parkinson, told reporters: "We wanted to find a way of getting our new shows out on the road and a DJ tour with Zane and his colleagues seemed like the best idea. It also gives our listeners a chance to meet the DJs and to get a feel for what the shows are about."


Frankie Goes To Hollywood are due to reform for a charity tribute concert for their producer Trevor Horn - but don't get too excited, because it looks likely all but Holly Johnson will take part in the show, which kinda defeats the point. According to the Sun, Johnson is refusing to take part because he still bears a grudge over past money disputes with Horn.

Other artists signed up for the show, due to take place at Wembley Arena on 11 Nov in aid of the Princes Trust, are Lisa Stansfield, Simple Minds and the Pet Shop Boys.


Loads of digital music news today. First up the Virgin Group are planning on launching their own digital music player in time for the Christmas market. Word is the player, to be called, erm, the Virgin Player, will include a 5GB hard disk - 1GB more than the iPod Mini which Virgin see as its main competitor. While linked to Virgin's own download platform, the player will be made to play tracks bought from other download services.


Elswhere in the digital world, and Microsoft officially launched their download platform yesterday as part of the company's Digital Entertainment Everywhere event in LA. MSN Music informally launched at the start of Sep, however the PR machine was in full effect yesterday bigging up the service with its 1 million-song library and exclusive digital rights, for a month at least, to the entire AC/DC back catalogue. Already operational in the US and eight European countries, MSN are selling their download service on "consumer accessibility", stressing that the music downloaded from MSN can be played on a plethora of digital music players, whereas music bought via Apple's iTunes can only be played on Apple's iPod.


Back over at Apple, and despite Microsoft's PR offensive, there was some good news for the iPod posse yesterday. According to Bloomberg, a new survey of high school students in the US found that iPods rank as the fourth most popular item on this year's Christmas wish lists, behind clothes, money and a car. This was a particular achievement for Apple - not only did those surveyed identify a digital music player as a top choice without it appearing on a prompt list, they specifically asked for an iPod rather than just an MP3 player.

Elsewhere in iPod news, and word is Apple are planning on launching a new version of the player with a colour screen and 50 per cent more storage. Another rumour suggests Apple are planning on launching a mega 60GB digital music player - which would put Virgin's 5GB into perspective!


Last bit of digital music news - and the number of tracks being (legally) downloaded in the US has fallen slightly. After reaching a high of 1.3 million in Apr, the number of tracks downloaded each month between May and Jul fell to about a million. NPD Group, who compiled the stats, put the fall down to a decrease in special offers in the digital space.

Of all the US download sales in the first half of the year, Apple still dominated accounting for 70% of sales. Napster's share was 11% while Musicmatch, RealNetworks and Wal-mart each had a 6% share.


Fatboy Slim kicks off his UK tour tonight, dates as follows:
13 Oct: Northumbria University
14 Oct: Sheffield University Octagon
15 Oct: Liverpool University
16 Oct: Manchester Academy 1
20 Oct: Nottingham Trent University
21 Oct: Norwich UEA
22 Oct: Leeds University
23 Oct: Cardiff University
26 Nov: Brixton Academy


Marilyn Manson will play the Queen of Hearts in a movie re-make of Alice in Wonderland. Manson will star alongside Daryl Hannah, Tim Roth and Jonathan Pryce in the new film - which has a working title of Living In Neon Dreams.

Commenting on the role, Manson told reporters: "I'm not just playing a drag queen, I'm playing a woman. There's a big difference, and there's more work to do on that. So I'm studying early Joan Crawford, and I've been kind of watching the lady at home, picking up some characteristics. She can teach me how to put my stockings on straight, though I think I've already mastered that".

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