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In today's CMU Daily:
- Legal ups and downs for those fighting war against music piracy
- Former QOTSA bandmates talking again
- Musictank open up Music Works forum
- WH Smith continue to struggle
- Franz Ferdinand may cameo in next Harry Potter
- Spector grand jury files remain closed
- ASCAP award British songwriting talent
- Single Review: Morrissey - Let Me Kiss You
- Get Loaded offer Ryder / Wilson Q&A
- Prince video to feature suicide bomb sequence
- Glastonbury man to get honorary degree
- White Stripes to release Jolene
- Independent review says BBC 3 and 4 offer "poor value"
- Louis Walsh hired false home for X Factor
- Album Review The Dears - No Cities Left
- Robbie apologises for Christina slagging
- Christina and Britney go head to head in chart race
- Britney to take married name
- Dizzee to release Happy Talk
- Elton apologises for Madonna outburst



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SAME SIX QUESTIONS: Barry Ashworth of the Dub Pistols

How did you start out making music for a living?
I started making music for a living in 1990. I was club promoting and into bands like the Mondays and the Stone Roses. As much as I loved these bands they where a little shambolic live so I thought I may as well start a band and did ... we were rubbish to!

What inspired your latest album?
There wasn't one single piece that directly influenced 'Six Million Ways To Live', it was a combination of the bands and music through out our lives,

What process do you go through in creating an album?
Each album we've made has had different approaches as we have gained in experience and learned our trade. On our third album, which is still being worked on, we have just worked out ideas, then sent them to our vocalists so they can get their heads around them, then recorded the vocals a couple of weeks later. Having got the song we have left the track alone, lived with it for a while, then gone back over the ones we have decided to keep

Which artists influence your work?
God! That would take all day. Clash, the Specials, The Beastie Boys, Lee Perry ... you get the idea!

What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Enjoy it

What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
Just to get this album out without a hitch... as is always the case with most bands, just as your album's due out something catastrophic goes wrong, be it record companies going bust or world events leaving you fighting an uphill battle that you have no control over - both of which have happened to us. The future is on the road with the whole band having a laugh and doing what we do best!

Barry is Djing tonight at Xfm and Metro's Boardroom event at the Daily Mail Ski and Snowboard show at Olympia - more info at You can preview tracks from Dub Pistol's last album 'Six Million Ways To Live' on the London Music Network 4Play jukebox this week - check MetroLife in today's Evening Standard for more details. Next single 'Official Chemical' is out on 22 Nov - press info from Distinctive Records.


Good and bad news for those tackling music piracy in the US yesterday.

Firstly the bad news. The Supreme Court upheld an earlier Appeal Court decision that says current copyright legislation does not give record labels the right to automatically demand that internet service providers hand over the contact information of individuals they suspect of illegally sharing large amounts of copyright material online. Labels who monitor illegal downloading can only identify certain information as to where music being is being shared from - they need the ISPs to figure out the exact identity of the people responsible for the sharing.

The Recording Industry Association of America argues current copyright law in American obligates ISPs to hand over that information on demand, without first going to court. American courts initially backed that claim and for a while ISPs were forced to hand over the contact information of alleged downloaders as a matter of course. However, ISP Verizon appealed against the ruling, and an appeal court overturned the original decision. It was that Appeal Court ruling that the Supreme Court upheld this week. It means that labels will have to continue going to court to obtain the identity of each suspected downloader before they can issue formal proceedings against those individuals.

On the up side, the US Attorney General, John Ashcroft, has unveiled a number of proposals to tackle music and film piracy, one of which would be to change the law so that ISPs would, after all, have to hand over that contact information without any court papers. Other plans in Ashcroft's proposals include the establishment of five anti-piracy offices across the US, plus additional offices in Eastern Europe and Asia. Those offices, especially those outside the US, would focus on stopping the manufacture and sale of illegal copies of CDs and DVDs.

Announcing his proposals Ashcroft told reporters: "We are trying to interrupt a massive haemorrhaging occasioned by significant networks of organised individuals who are stealing billions of copies of copywritten materials on a regular basis."


A Queens Of The Stone Age fan has reported on the band's message board that she saw Josh Homme and former QOTSA member Nick Oliveri hanging out together following a gig from Homme's side project Eagles Of Death Metal. Oliveri was dramatically sacked from QOTSA earlier this year, of course, with Homme telling reporters that Oliveri's erratic behaviour had driven them apart and made their working relationship impossible.

The fan reported: "I saw Josh and Nick (who was at the show to see the Eagles) embrace, talk, laugh and smile. They may not be playing together but they sure seemed like old friends genuinely glad to be hanging out together."

Homme is currently working on a new QOTSA album without Oliveri - it is due out next Mar.


Talking of message boards, MusicTank have launched a special discussion forum based around the topics set to be discussed at the Music Works industry convention later this month. Whether you plan to attend the event itself or not, why not join in the debate? Topics include the issues surrounding international copyright, the changing role of major labels, and the future of radio in the digital age (and you might find some CMU presence in the latter - so come on, join the debate!).

You can access the discussion forum at More information on Music Works is available from


WH Smith admitted yesterday that it had had a "poor year" after its finances plunged into the red. Sales were down 2% leading to a pre-tax loss of £135 million - and management warned things are still looking bleak this month.

In the company's defence "exceptional charges" relating to unsold stock and restructuring costs added an extra £200 million to expenditure, but the company's Chief Executive, Kate Swann, remained cautious for the year to come, stressing two of its core revenue streams - book and music sales - continue to fall.

Swann: "The High Street retail business delivered an unacceptable performance following weak Christmas trading. Although we are making progress in improving the business, much remains to be done and we expect to face tough competition in our core markets this Christmas".


Word is that Franz Ferdinand have been asked to write some music for the next Harry Potter film, and the band could even make a cameo in the movie.

The band's Alex Kapranos has told VH1: "We've been asked to write some music. There's a section where there's a band of ugly sisters playing and I think, well... some members of Franz Ferdinand may be the ugly sisters in the band. There's an excitement and innocence about those films. I like how there's good and evil, and that's a clarity which is quite refreshing."


According to reports in the LA Times, transcripts of the grand jury investigation that led to Phil Spector being indicted for murder are to be sealed. The judge who oversaw the investigation has refused to make the documents public, handing them over to the judge who will now rule over Spector's upcoming trial - Larry Paul Fidler.

It will be up to him as to whether any of the grand jury's findings should be revealed. The prosecution say the public have a right to know what the grand jury found, but Spector's lawyers claim the high media exposure on the case would mean that to release the grand jury's papers would prevent the producer from having a fair trial. Both sides will state their case regarding the release, or not, of the grand jury papers at a hearing on 10 Nov.


The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, or ASCAP for short, yesterday recognised the achievements of British songwriters in the US during the last year at an awards event in London. The Association gave awards to eighteen songs created by British musicians recognising their success in America - the list included Coldplay's 'Clocks', Dido's 'White Flag' and Paul McCartney's 'Come Together'.

It was a particularly good day for Stephen 'Lenky' Marsden who was named Songwriter of the Year with no less than three tracks included in that list of eighteen - 'Get Busy', 'Never Leave You' and 'No Letting Go'. 'Get Busy', which Marsden wrote with Sean Henriques, was also named overall Song Of The Year.

A specific 'College Award', recognising success in the US college sector, went to Franz Ferdinand, while Goldfrapp won a 'Dance Award'.
On the publishing side, BMG Music Publishing were named Publisher Of The Year, having the most tracks in the list of eighteen.

In addition to the awards, the event also saw Petula Clark and Freda Payne celebrating the work of ASCAP board member and legendary songwriter Hal David through a performance of his work, including classics 'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head', 'I Say A Little Prayer', 'Alfie' and 'This (Girl's) In Love With You'.


SINGLE REVIEW: Morrissey - Let Me Kiss You (Sanctuary/Attack)
The third single release from 'You Are The Quarry', 'Let Me Kiss You' is not as immediate as previous singles 'Irish Blood, English Heart' or 'First Of The Gang To Die', and not the obvious choice for next single. But given that Moz has had one of the greatest comebacks since Lazarus, not to mention one of the most successful years of his career so far ('Quarry' has been his biggest selling solo album to date and the first single release went top three - Moz's highest chart position to date), this should be another hit for him. The song is a bitter sweet romantic number not dissimilar to the material on his last and much maligned album 'Maladjusted'. The lyric's detail Morrissey's cynical take on love: "Close your eyes and think of someone you physically admire, And let me kiss you." Oddly Morrissey's pal Nancy Sinatra also releases her version of the song this week. JW
Release date: 11 Oct
Press contact: Sanctuary IH [CP, RP, NP] Anglo [CR, RR, NR]


The Get Loaded people are planning an interesting night at Turnmills next month. It will kick off with a Q&A session about all things music with Happy Mondays front man Shaun Ryder and former Hacienda / Factory Records boss Tony Wilson - it will be chaired by Xfm's Shaun Keaveny, which should make it fun. After that things will go clubby with DJ sets from Ryder, Wilson and Keavy plus Get Loaded promoter Kav, New Order's Peter Hook and the Inspiral Carpet's man Clint Boon.

It all takes place on 4 Nov at Turnmills - more info at


The video to the new Prince song 'Cinnamon Girl' shows an Arab-American girl blowing herself up at an airport. The suicide bomber is played by the Oscar-nominated Whale Rider actress Keisha Castle-Hughes who said she agreed to play the part because she is fed up with the anti-Arab sentiments she encounters in post 9-11 America. In the video it turns out the bomb detonation is just in the girl's imagination.

The video animates the song's lyrical theme - Prince sings: "Cinnamon girl mixed heritage / Never knew the meaning of colour lines / 9-11 turned that all around / When she got accused of this crime."


Glastonbury man Michael Eavis, is to receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Bath. Eavis will receive the degree in honour of his services to the arts at a ceremony in Dec.
A spokesman for the University told reporters: "We will be delighted to award Mr Eavis an honorary doctorate. His contribution to the arts, by giving millions of people the chance to see the best of rock music live on stage, has been very important."


The White Stripes will release a live version of their cover of Dolly Parton's 'Jolene' as their next single. The track was recorded at their show at The Empress Ballroom in Blackpool at the start of the year - a full recording of which will be released on DVD. The single will be released on 15 Nov, and the DVD hits stores on 22 Nov. The recording of the gig will also be shown in selected cinemas across the UK from 3 Nov onwards.


An independent review on the BBC's digital TV stations has said that BBC 3 and BBC 4 offer poor value for money. While the report, commissioned by the government and led by marketing professor Patrick Barwise, congratulated the BBC's digital children's channels, it said BBC 3 and 4's poor viewing figures meant they could not justify the investment being made into them.

Responding to the report,Jana Bennett, the BBC's director of television, said yesterday: "The report issues a challenge to us, which is to continue to improve value for money, but also acknowledges that these are channels in their earliest stage."

Specific recommendations in the report included a suggestion that BBC 3 should lose its obsession with the youth audience, even though that is its target market, because current practice was proving to be a "creative straightjacket". BBC 4, meanwhile, should have less arts programmes which virtually no one watches (again, despite BBC 4's clear arts remit). The report said both BBC 3 and BBC 4 should revamp their main news programmes because they failed to pull in anywhere near decent audiences.


According to the Daily Star, Louis Walsh hired a penthouse that he could pretend was his home on the X Factor show. In the latest stage of the talent show the finalist bands visited the three judges' homes to practice. However Walsh feared they might trash his real home in Dublin, so he rented out another flat especially for the show.

A show insider tells the paper: "Louis was petrified that all his posh furniture would get damaged by having 17 contestants and 40 film crew walking in and out of his house. He made it clear it wasn't an option to do the filming in his real house they had to come up with an alternative. Eventually they agreed to hire a different house and make it Louis's 'home' for the purpose of filming. The penthouse apartment in Dublin had all his CDs and a signed picture of Dolly Parton. It was a bit of a strange arrangement but Louis was adamant."

Louis admitted to the paper: "It's true I didn't want them in my house because it is all white and it would have got ruined. Also I can't compete with Sharon and Simon because I don't have a sprawling mansion."

Elsewhere in X Factor news, the show's founder, Simon Cowell, has told the same paper that Victoria Beckham should audition for his ITV talent show because doing so would give her a valuable "a reality check".


ALBUM REVIEW: The Dears - No Cities Left (Bella Union)
Every now and then I crave a record to fall in love with and The Dears have provided me with this Autumn's album to swoon to. Their music is an unlikely but successful merging of Brit-pop and The Smiths. The influences seem unusual, for a band from Canada. It's disconcerting to hear the band's singer/songwriter Murray Lightburn sounding so very like Damon Albarn (especially if you hate Blur, as I do) but he manages to invest soul in the vocals and the music has emotional depth. The lyrics are wry and clever with a Morrissey-style mix of hopeless romanticism and bitter sweet cynicism. 'We Can Have It' is simply a fantastic song; sweet, melancholy and poignant. 'Lost In The Plot' is a lovely song with an epic "The two of us against the world" theme. The downbeat 'The Second Part' has a dour Moz style narration; "It rained all day, I don't have a raincoat of my own." 'Don't Lose The Faith' has some great Johnny Marr style guitar and more quality lyrics; "Feeling self-conscious, it's the only way to save us and forget our awful past." Some of the other tracks are more experimental, with some post rock noodling on 'Pinned Together, Falling Apart' and mad thrashing on 'Never Destroy Us' but the general impression is of a satisfying and melodic album. And this is only their debut and if this is an indication there's a lot more great music to come from The Dears. JW
Release date: 18 Oct
Press contact: Cool Delta [CP, CR] Belle Union IH [RP, RR, NP, NR]


Robbie has revoked the remarks he made about Christina Aguilera in his autobiography. He wrote: "She looks like a cross between someone in a gay club at six in the morning and someone's who's trying to save trees". Some reckon he included the slagging because Ms Aguilera had just turned down the offer to duet with him on the basis their styles were too different. But Robbie has had a change of heart and has told reporters: "I deeply regret slagging her off. I hope a personal letter can mend bridges between us."


Talking of Christina, word is that Ms Aguilera's next single will go head to head with Britney's. Apparently Aguilera's people have purposefully moved the release of next single 'Car Wash' so as to clash with the release of Britney's 'My Prerogative'. According to the Sun, both will now be released on 1 Nov. Of course both girls are now signed to BMG owned labels, so you can't help thinking the aim is to create a media frenzy over the head-to-head chart battle to boost record sales on both sides.


More Britney news, and the singer has said she would like to adopt her married name from now on. She has told reporters: "I probably will adopt it [husband Kevin Federline's name]. Britney Federline - I like that. Society probably won't allow me but I would like to change it."

As for future plans, Britney has revealed she will probably take next year off to start a family: "There are a few things I want to take care of this year before I have my baby. I'd love to have a baby already. But I've got to take care of some things first. I want to become a mother. I'm crazy about children. I will next year. When I'm 23 I'll be ready."


Dizzee Rascal is planning to release his reworking of Captain Sensible's 1982 chart hit 'Happy Talk' as a single. The track, called 'Dream', appears on Dizzee's album 'Showtime'.
Meanwhile Dizzee heads out on tour at the end of next week, dates as follows:

22 Oct: Glasgow Academy
23 Oct: Leeds University
24 Oct: Belfast Mandela Hall
27 Oct: Manchester Academy
28 Oct: Newcastle University
29 Oct: Brighton Dome
31 Oct: Norwich UEA
2 Nov: Bristol Academy
4 Nov: London Forum


Elton John has admitted he may have been a bit unfair when he slagged off Madonna for allegedly miming on stage. Speaking at a fundraiser in LA he told reporters: "It was probably a bit unfair because there are people who lip-sync worse and whole shows are lip-synced. Her show is not wholly lip-synced. Madonna is a great artist, a great performer and a great writer." So that's that sorted then.

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