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In today's CMU Daily:
- BPI secure first court win in download litigation campaign
- IFPI force Russian download service to drop 50,000 tracks
- Jacko fails to have charges overturned
- Islam and Keating Christmas number one favourites
- Band Aid III in the pipeline
- EP Review: Moodymann - Black Mahogani 2
- Insight on Chapman from parole hearing
- Beatles grant circus permission to use tracks
- Travis perform busking set in London
- Nick Cave is Breathless
- Charlatans dates
- Mac finances still on the up
- Japanese tel co launch download service
- Napster launch pre-pay card
- Fatboy plays bass



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VIGSY'S CLUB TIP (1): Darkroom Dubs Party at The Key
The Key's regular tuff house night Deepdownanddirty this weekend hosts a party for the Darkroom Dubs (DRD) label. Craig from awesome house outfit Silicone Soul - who owns DRD - will be debuting new tracks from his 'Staring In To Space' album (confusingly released by Soma Records!), plus DRD signing The Spirals, aka Silver City, will be playing live. No doubt showcasing latest single, the 'Space & Time EP', The Spirals live show has already rocked a recent Glasgow DRD party with their mix of bass, keys, drum machine and dex n efx, so this should be one to see.

Sat 16th Oct 2004, 10pm- 6am, The Key, Kings Cross, London, N1 9AA. £10/8,
info 020 7837 1027.

VIGSY'S CLUB TIP (2): Phonic Hoop at The Enigma
Run by the Tru-Thoughts label, Phonic Hoop aims to showcase both the label and their friends down there in funky B'ton. This time round, Alex from Berlin's finest and increasingly globally renowned production team Jazzanova (well
worth checking) will be on the ones and twos, alongside Russ Porter (of The
Limp Twins / The Quantic Soul Orchestra) Enigma has a capacity of just 250, and last time Jazzanova jetted in the queues apparently way down to the seafront - so get there early.

Sat 16th Oct 2004, The Enigma, Ship St, Brighton 10pm-2am, £8/7, info 01273 669070 and


Following that announcement last week that they were to begin tackling illegal downloading through the courts, the BPI kicked things off yesterday by successfully applying to the High Court for an order to force UK internet service providers to disclose the names and addresses of 28 individuals alleged to have uploaded thousands of music files on to filesharing networks.

Making the order, Mr. Justice Blackburne noted, "On the face of it this appears to be a powerful case of copyright infringement."

After the court order was issued BPI General Counsel Geoff Taylor said: "We are pleased that the Court has granted the order that we were seeking. We are very encouraged by the judge's comments. We have said consistently that unauthorised filesharing is illegal, and we will not hesitate to take action against those who infringe our members' rights."

This is the first time the British music industry has pursued litigation against individuals who illegally share music online, of course. The Recording Industry Association of America have already issued thousands of lawsuits, while the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry has coordinated similar action in Canada and across Europe.

The British ISPs now have 14 days in which to comply with the order. Once it receives the names and addresses, the BPI will write to the individuals concerned, setting out the details of their infringements and offering them the opportunity to settle the case without proceedings being issued. Fun, fun.


It's been a busy week over at BPI towers. Yesterday the industry association confirmed that, working with the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, they have successfully instigated an international anti-piracy action against a Russian based download platform leading to the removal of over 50,000 tracks from said download service.

As previously reported, Russian based was positioned as a legal digital music service through which consumers could access downloads of specialist dance music. Although the website's owners had initially approached some music organisations, including the UK's Association Of Independent Music, in a bid to properly licence music for sale via the site, no agreements had been made before JetGroove open a beta version of its website to the general public earlier this week.

JetGroove insisted they would pay record labels for any tracks sold via the platform, but key players across the dance music industry stressed concerns that their artists were being included without permission. There was also concern that some artists were promoted as being available via the service, but after music fans had paid to subscribe they were told these were just artists JetGroove hoped to offer soon. Others also reported that the MP3s being sold were of poor quality, seemingly recorded off vinyl releases rather than the original master tapes.

Following a cease and desist letter from the IFPI some 50,000 tracks have reportedly been removed from the JetGroove platform. David Martin of the BPI's Anti-Piracy Unit told CMU: "Whether it's individuals illegally uploading files to peer-to-peer networks or companies seeking to make money out of our members' copyrights without permission, the BPI's anti-piracy unit is here to protect our members' rights"

Although none of the current remaining tracks and albums are believed to be infringing their members' copyrights, the BPI and IFPI say they will continue to monitor the site.


Staying with legal type things for the time being, and Michael Jackson has failed in his attempt to have the current child abuse charges against him thrown out of court.

Jacko's legal people claimed that the secret grand jury proceedings that led to Jackson's formal indictment on the charge was flawed, that prosecutor Thomas Sneddon had "bullied" witnesses and that there was insufficient reason to suspect a crime. They also called for evidence acquired by the prosecution from the Neverland ranch and the office of a private investigator working for Jackson to be excluded from the trial on the basis they were acquired in allegedly illegal raids.

However Judge Rodney Melville disagreed with all of those requests and claims, saying the testimony of the alleged victim given to the grand jury was enough for a trial to go ahead: "His testimony alone, if believed by the grand jury, would supply all the evidence needed to support the indictment".

Melville postponed until 4 Nov making a decision on the defence's calls for chief prosecutor, Santa Barbara County district attorney Tom Sneddon, to be removed from the case. Jacko's people say Sneddon has a vendetta against Jackson stemming from the investigation into the never proven 1993 child abuse allegations against the singer, and that this makes him an inappropriate person to lead the new enquiries.


Well, the title of 'music marketer of the week' was going to go to whoever realised the mileage to be gained in promoting Eminem's new single by pissing off Michael Jackson through a controversial video. But on second thoughts, kudos to the PR who secured their client a very high profile by having the FBI refuse him access to the USA on the grounds of terrorism concerns.

OK, perhaps we're too cynical, but either way Yusuf Islam (the former Cat Stevens) is currently favourite to have this year's Christmas number one with a duet he has recorded with Ronan Keating - a new version of the track 'Father And Son' which was a hit for Islam in 1970 and for Boyzone in 1995.

Their chances of topping the chart seem to have increased following the decision of the producers of TV talent show X Factor to push back the release of the show's winners to 20 Dec, meaning they will enter the chart on Boxing Day. Quite why that decision has been made is unclear - though the next story in today's Daily might be a reason.

Anyhow, for the time being, the Islam/Keating track is 6:1 favourite to be number one at Christmas, with U2 and Robbie 12:1 second favourites. Ricky Gervais and Noel Gallagher are at 16:1 with a double a-side of songs performed by David Brent from The Office.

A spokesman for Keating has told reporters the two singers met back in the nineties when Islam took his son to see Boyzone perform his song on Top of the Pops: "They got on really well and just stayed in touch over the years. They were chatting one day, Ronan gave him a call, and it came up in conversation. He asked him if he'd be interested in doing it."

The duet is another sign of Islam's return to music. He distanced himself from his music career after converting to Islam in 1977, but he released an anti-war track on the internet in 2003 and played a rare concert at London's Royal Albert Hall late last year.


The decision to push back the release of the X Factor track may have something to do with rumours Band Aid's 'Do They Know It's Christmas' is likely to be re-released in time for the festive season.

The charity record would be designed to, once again, raise money to tackle the latest African famine crisis. Word is the new release would feature a remix of the original with a re-release of that 1989 Stock Aitken and Waterman produced version of the track on the b-side. There is also talk of recording a new version featuring contemporary artists (which would certainly increase its appeal for younger record buyers).

Bob Geldof has given the re-release his backing, telling reporters: "I'm 100 per cent behind it. The money will be critical as there are more severe famine conditions now and it will get worse in the next couple of months. It is too early to say who will remix the record. I might leave that to Midge [Ure - Geldof's collaborator on the Band Aid project] to sort out."

Universal label chief executive Lucian Grange told reporters: "We are going to remix the original. We want to bring it up to date, give it new character. But it is a stunning record and will be difficult to better. I'd also love to see a new raft of stars re-recording the original. "


EP REVIEW: Moodymann - Black Mahogani 2 (Peacefrog Records)
Moodymann is Detroit whizz Kenny Dixon Jnr doing some jazz / soul combo things. He is described as the third Detroit wave, but it's more of a foot lapping wave than a tsunami. Inspired by Wonder, Gaye, Craig and Banks, our Dixon aims to cut the path of Sun Ra and Herbie Hancock, via the new Motor City. 'Black Mahogani 2' is kind of an EP, it being a four tracker, though it does run for over 40 mins. First track 'When She Follows' is a live jam - 18 mins of tinkling ivories and double bass, with KDJ on vocal duty - not really electronic, but undiluted real music. 'Rectify' is jazz jam again, with male and female vocals, just chatting. 'Bonus Beats' cuts to the chase and is very stylised, while last track 'The Reprise' is a stripped down down number and, to be honest, a bit of a let down. All in all, smokey, raw, self indulgent - and, excuse the pun, but it sure is moody, man. PV
Release date: 10 Oct
Press contact:


Details of the parole hearing of John Lennon's killer Mark Chapman have surfaced. Apparently he told the officials on the parole board that he shot the former Beatle because he wanted to "steal" his fame, and that, therefore, in some ways he had achieved his goal, although he added that in other ways: "I'm a bigger nobody than I was before"

Admitting he had considered killing other celebrities, and had gone to New York on a previous occasion with the intent of shooting Lennon, Chapman said: "It was just a tremendous compulsion of just feeling this big hole. Of being what I thought was a big nobody, a big nothing, and I couldn't let it go. And it just kept going very strongly, and I couldn't stop it."

Chapman continued that he deserved "nothing, because of the pain and suffering I caused, I deserve exactly what I've gotten right now".

As previously reported, the parole board refused Chapman parole because he had "a clear lack of respect for life" and subjected Lennon's widow Yoko Ono to "monumental suffering by her witnessing the crime".


Elsewhere in Beatles related news, and the back catalogue of the band is to feature in a new stage show. But don't worry, no Ben Elton scripts here. The Beatles company Apple Corps has agreed to allow the Montreal based Cirque du Soleil to use the band's music in a new show to be staged at Las Vegas' Mirage theatre, formally the home of the Siegfried and Roy magic show.

Getting permission to use the Beatles' music is a considerable compliment to the Cirque du Soleil given how protective Apple Corps is of the Beatle's musical legacy. The company's MD, Neil Aspinall, admitted that he has received many requests to use the band's tracks in theatrical shows, but that all previous enquiries amounted to nothing "more than a stage production with cover versions" of Beatles songs. Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Olivia Harrison and Yoko Ono are all likely to have an input on the project.

Confirming work had begun on the show Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte said of the Beatles:"They did with words what we did with images," said of the Beatles.


Travis have been playing in the streets again. Yesterday they performed an impromptu busking set in London's Leicester Square performing tracks from their forthcoming greatest hits compilation and raising money for the Big Issue.

Talking to the NME about the busking gig, the band's drummer Neil Primrose said: "It has been great fun doing these little gigs. People have been standing here watching us play for over an hour and throwing in money for the Big Issue so it's pretty good. We'd like to raise more money but at least we're doing something."


Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have confirmed their next single release will be a double A-side featuring 'Breathless' and 'There She Goes, My Beautiful World'. Released on 15 Nov, it will be the second single to come from the two album set 'Abattoir Blues' / 'The Lyre Of Orpheus'.

The single release will follow with the band's upcoming UK tour, dates as follows: .

3 Nov: Hastings Pier WARM UP SHOW
5 Nov: Glasgow Academy
6 Nov: Glasgow Academy - SOLD OUT
7 Nov: Wolves Civic
8 Nov: Manchester Apollo - SOLD OUT
10 Nov: London Brixton Academy - SOLD OUT
11 Nov: London Brixton Academy - SOLD OUT
12 Nov: London Brixton Academy - NEW DATE


Talking of tours, the Charlatans have announced the following six dates for Dec:

11 Dec: Dunoon Queen's Hall
12 Dec: Motherwell Concert Hall
14 Dec: Preston Guild Hall
15 Dec: Norwich UEA
16 Dec: Carling Academy Brixton
18 Dec: Leeds University


For those of us in the long-term Apple Mac faithful it seems weird being associated with such a successful company - bring back the days of doom and gloom when we can collectively fear the pending bankcruptcy of our favourite computer manufacturer.

Anyway, Apple have reported an income rise of over 100% in the quarter ending 25 Sep - this year they netted $106 million, up from $44 million in the same period last year. Needless to say the seemingly unstoppable success of the iPod helped a little.

Announcing the latest financials Apple boss Steve Jobs told reporters: "We are thrilled to report our highest fourth-quarter revenue in nine years. We shipped over 2 million iPods, our retail store revenue grew 95 per cent year-over-year, and the new iMac G5 has received phenomenal reviews and is off to a great start."

If Apple keep on being so successful us Mac users will have to join the anti-corporates over in the Linux camp.


Japan's largest telephone company, KDDI, has announced it will shortly launch a new download service allowing music fans to download full tracks to their mobile phones. Transforming the mobile into an MP3 player able of accessing great libraries of music via the phone network has been an ambition for most telephone companies. Here in the UK, of course, O2 has done most in this space. They have been offering a download service for nearly a year now - initially downloading tracks to a separate device attached to the mobile, and more recently to an MP3 play built within the phone.

The KDDI service could spark a dramatic growth in this area. They plan to have 10,000 tracks available to download on launch which, while small by iTunes standards, is significant. Perhaps more important, the network says that the speed of its 3G service means that each track will only take 30-40 seconds to download - they reckon if their competitors in the Japanese market, DoCoMo or Vodaphone, were to offer a music service it would take 4 - 5 minutes for each track to download.

KDDI say they have already signed up 20 record labels to the service and want to talk to any other music companies interested in getting involved.


Last bit of digital music news - and Napster UK have launched a new pre-pay card system to help the credit-card-less kids spend all their pocket money with the service. You buy the cards in advance from Dixons, and can then download a set number of tracks on a pay-per-download basis. There is a card that allows 15 downloads (£14.85) and one for 60 downloads (£56.95) - the latter presumably not aimed at those pocket money spending kids (unless the going pocket money rate is considerably larger than when I was a teenager). Cards will also be sold that give consumers a three month subscription to the full Napster service.


Fatboy Slim reportedly surprised fans at his University of Northumbria gig on Wednesday night by getting on stage with his support band Jonny Quality and playing bass guitar. As a finale, before Norman's DJ set, the band played a rendition of Fatboy Slim track 'Slash Dot Dash'. Jonny Quality are supporting Norman on his whole UK tour so similar collaborations are expected.

Elsewhere in Fatboy news, and it has been confirmed the next single release off 'Palookaville' will be 'Wonderful Night', out on 29 Nov.

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