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In today's CMU Daily:
- Marc Almond in stable condition
- Vaughan doing fine - unofficially
- Digital radio body launch website
- MusicTank Think Tank October
- Ian Brown joined by guests at manc gig
- Album Review: Manic Street Preachers - Lifeblood
- Robbie hits used to pilot new mobile format
- Hot Hot Heat guitarist quits
- Catskills showcase
- Single Review: The Mad Capsule Markets - Scary...
- The Rakes tour
- Interscope hope to beat Eminem piracy through online promotion
- Moyles download selling for Comic Relief
- Eavis on Glasto 2005 - no U2
- Franz Ferdinand download
- FCC may look to extend rules to satellite radio
- Martha reeves fears identity theft after eBay sale
- Jet dominate at ARIAs



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SAME SIX QUESTIONS: Rasmus Stolberg from Efterklang

How did you start out making music for a living?
We started doing Efterklang music three and half years ago and so far we haven't succeeded in making music for a living. It's never been the objective, but would be great of course...

What inspired your latest album?
The primary inspiration for 'Tripper' was to challenge ourselves to pursue new ideas - and that often made us move into unknown territory. Despite the low budget on our album we have tried to fully realize our ideas. This was made possible by recording the album in our own studio and because the 34 guest musicians who worked with us participated out of pure interest - in the music and the project.

What process do you go through in making an album?
The songs on 'Tripper' started with small sketches done on computer, then we slowly arranged, rearranged, orchestrated and shaped them. It's been a long and interesting trip. The whole process took a year.

What artists influence your work?
Lots of artists influenced the music on 'Tripper', it's hard to put names on every single source, but here's a little snapshot of who it might be: Einsturzende Neubauten (especially their percussion pieces and experimental setups), Nordic names like Bjork and Sigur Ros and our Danish friends Under Byen (because of their beautiful and passionate orchestrated music), and different German, more or less minimalistic, electronic acts like Mouse On Mars and Markus Popp. We should also mention A Silver Mount Zion and their way of making post-rock.

What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Please listen carefully.

What are your ambitions for this record and what are your future plans?
We hope the record will be well received and reach a lot of people, who will find joy in it. Right now the plan is to play a lot of concerts in and outside of Denmark, and to continually develop the musical ideas and the visual part of Efterklang.

Efterklang's album 'Tripper' is out next Monday (25 Oct) on the Leaf Label - press info from No 9 Publicity.


The latest word on Marc Almond is that the singer is in a "stable condition" in intensive care having undergone emergency surgery. As reported yesterday, Almond is recovering after being involved in a motorbike crash on Sunday. He was the pillion passenger on the bike when it collided with a car near Cannon Street station on Sunday. Police are still investigating the incident.

The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, who are treating Almond, told reporters yesterday: "His family request that his and their privacy is respected at this time."

Meanwhile singer Gene Pitney, who dueted with Almond on the 1989 hit 'Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart', released an open message to Marc: "I just heard the good news that they said you were in a stable condition which is terrific. I just want you to get out of there and get back to what you do great. You are a tremendous talent."


Good news for the Capital Radio Group at last, unofficial radio listening figures suggest Johnny Vaughan is proving a successful replacement for Chris Tarrant on the Capital Radio breakfast show.

The figures from GfK, the company commissioned by TalkSport to measure radio audiences, suggest Vaughan has added 91,000 listeners a day to Capital's flagship programme - meaning overall listening figures are up 21% on the previous six months, and the station is now some 148,000 listeners ahead of arch rival Jono Coleman over on Heart 106.2.

It will be interesting to see how GfK's findings compare with the latest official listening figures, the RAJARs, which are released on Thursday. The last set of RAJARS, which covered the first few months of Vaughan's residency on Capital's breakfast, showed he was pulling in less listeners than his predecessor. Capital will be hoping that the new RAJARS show a similar uplift in audience.

Elsewhere in the fight for London listeners at breakfast, GfK reckon Magic's breakfast show with veteran DJ Graham Dene is now in third place. Listening figures for Virgin Radio's breakfast offering, with Pete Mitchell and Geoff Lloyd, are down 24% if GfK are to be believed. On that statistic a spokesman for Virgin Radio told the Guardian: "We'll wait for the official Rajar figures."


Talking of radio, the snappily titled Digital Radio Development Bureau has launched a new consumer focused website to further promote digital radio. The service hopes to aid the expected rapid growth in the take up of digital radio in the next few years. It includes a guide to what digital stations are available where, information on digital radio sets on the market, and links to digital stations currently broadcasting. You can check the site at


The first MusicTank Think Tank event of the Autumn takes place tomorrow with the interesting title of 'Should the Music Business Grow Up?'. Erm, most probably.

The discussion will centre on whether or not a more coordinated approach would aid the music industry in its relationship with external bodies - benefiting all in the process. Expect some comment on the recent flyposting litigation, on police investigations into anti-social song lyrics, on the cover mount debate, and the ongoing fight against music piracy.

On the panel will be Doug D'Arcy, formerly Chrysalis and Dedicated Records; John Glover, Chairman of the Music Managers Forum; Alison Tickell, London representative for the Music Business Forum; Robin Osterley, Chairman, National Music Council and Chief Executive, Making Music. The event will be chaired by MusicTank Chairman Keith Harris.

It all takes place in The Red Room at the Bertorelli Restaurant on Frith Street tomorrow (20 Oct) at 6.30pm. Tickets are £20 - more info and booking form at


Much fun at Ian Brown's gig at the Manchester Apollo last night where the crowd went mad for the Stone Roses classics that Brown has recently added to his live set. In something of an allstar show, Noel Gallagher joined Brown on stage to perform 'Keep What Ya Got', the Ian Brown track that Noel co-wrote. For the final encore James Lavelle was on stage as Brown performed two of the tracks he has recorded with Lavelle's UNKLE outfit - 'Be There' and 'R.E.I.G.N'. But the big highlight for Roses fans was probably when the band's bassist Mani came on stage. Although he didn't, as some had hoped, offer any musical contributions, the audience went wild as Brown announced: "Let's have a big hand for Mani. Mani's in the house!"


ALBUM REVIEW: Manic Street Preachers - Lifeblood (Sony)
With six LP's, two 'best of' collections and over 30 hugely well known singles under their belts, the Manic Street Preachers must be doing something right. And so, in a style that is truly their own, the Manics bring us album number seven, 'Lifeblood', again showing their independence in style and their gift for creating pop melodies which cleverly conceal the meanings of their twisting, playful lyrics. First single release, 'The Love of Richard Nixon', smacks of last studio LP 'Know Your Enemy' in terms of political, pro-Cuba content. But, as always, the Manics manage to balance the pop and the politics with a track that simply, and subtly, reminds those who are interested in such things that the Manics aren't entirely happy with goings on in the world. 'Song For Departure' (surely destined for the top ten) is text book Manics - an excellently executed pop song of epic proportions, while 'I Live To Fall Asleep' is also typical of the Welsh trio - a little bit of nonsense that softly ripples along with sickly sweet vocals. Other highlights include '1985', 'To Repel Ghosts', 'Glasnost' and 'Cardiff Afterlife', the first musical confrontation of the loss of guitarist Richey James Edwards. 'Lifeblood' is the archetypal "grower" - the first listen will leave you confused and unsatisfied, but do take time to get to know the details because, I think you will find, hidden here is another Manics masterpiece. CMC
Release date: 1 Nov
Press contactL Sony IH [all]


So you built you collection in vinyl, then you bought it all again in cassette form, only to have to re-purchase it all as CD. You dabbled for a day or so with mini-disk releases, before filling your credit card with iTunes purchases. Well, great news, a new music format is upon us, although whether this one will last long in the download age remains to be seen.

Either way, Carphone Warehouse are planning on releasing Robbie Williams' best of album on a special memory card which can be slotted into high-spec mobile phones or portable computers (the iPaq et al). The memory sticks, which retail for £29.99, come with both audio and video, and are designed, I suppose, for those who want to use their mobiles or PDAs as a music player, but who can't be bothered to download tracks to it via their mobile network, or to transfer MP3s from their PC. If successful Carphone Warehouse hope to make other albums available in the same format in time for Christmas.

Confirming their involvement in the pilot, Danny Van Emden, Digital Media Director at Robbie's record label, EMI, told reporters: "The UK is in love with the mobile and it's the one device that we know our artists' fans have with them at all times - so the memory card is simply the next logical chapter in the affair."

Kevin Gillan of the Carphone Warehouse added: "We see pre-loaded music memory cards as the next step and part of a general consumer hunger for more mobile content."


Hot Hot Heat have confirmed that their guitarist, Dante Decaro, has left the band having helped complete their second album, the follow up to 'Make Up The Breakdown'.

Confirming Decaro's departure, the band told reporters: "Dante has decided to leave Hot Hot Heat. We respect his decision, will miss him and he will always be a friend of the band. While Dante made his decision a while ago, he still co-wrote and recorded the new album with us and is as proud of it as we are. No decisions have been made as to who will fill the position. For now, we are focusing on wrapping up the new record for release next year and touring as soon as possible."


This rather good Vapour Festival, which is celebrating the best independent labels out there, continues tomorrow with one of CMU's favourites - Catskills. Husky Rescue will be playing live (did we mention you can preview their new album on the London Music Network at , as will Infinite Potential, plus there will be DJ sets from Black Grass, Bushy, Nylon Rhythm Machine, Sonorous Star and Jonny Reggae. It all takes place at Cargo from 8pm - 1am - tickets are £6 (or £4 if you're on the Catskills mailing list - email to add yourself to the discount guestlist).


SINGLE REVIEW: The Mad Capsule Markets - Scary... (Gut)
The Mad Caps have been wreaking havoc for a number of years, and without any sign of letting up, let alone stopping. The three Japanese madmen have signed to Gut after a spell with Palm Pictures, and seem very happy with it. Their new single, 'Scary', is another awesome digital punk metal anthem, it's full title is 'Scary - Delete Streamin' Freq From Fear Side' which should tell you a lot. B-sides 'Sunny Beach Rd' and 'LOUD UP!' take you through more familiar Mad Caps territory with some heavy guitar noise, acid bass lines and the classic jungle/drum & bass beats at about 210bpm. Sure to keep the Caps up there in people's opinions. Genius. JG
Release date: 1 Nov
Press contact: Gut IH


Soon to be appointed CMU favourites The Rakes have announced their first headline tour for Nov, following on from second single 'Strasbourg' which was released earlier this month by City Rockers.

Tour dates as follows:
9 Nov: 93 Feet East, London
10 Nov: The Cockpit, Leeds
11 Nov: The Fuzz Club, Sheffield University
23 Nov: Fibbers , York
24 Nov: The Mill, Preston
25 Nov: The Social, Nottingham
26 Nov: Barfly, Cardiff
27 Nov: Soundhaus, Northampton
28 Nov: Bar Academy, Birmingham
29 Nov: Zodiac, Oxford

Press info from Coalition - more info at


Universal label Interscope are hoping to cut piracy and drive early sales when the forthcoming Eminem album is released in the US through a special online competition.

According to the New York Times, in the week following the release of new album 'Encore' the label will run a special competition via Slim Shady's website giving fans the chance to win one of 400 prizes, including platinum plaques and merchandise relating to Eminem's Sirius satellite radio show. In order to access the competition fans will have to insert a copy of the album into their PC.

There is also rumour that the label will include a bonus CD at the last minute featuring three previously unheard tracks.

'Encore' is released on 16 Nov, though much of the music on the album surfaced on the internet earlier this year.


Never convinced when people spoof a spoof, it all seems a bit circular to me. But anyway, Radio 1 are making a Chris Moyles Goldie Lookin Chain spoof track available for download in aid of Comic Relief. It is all part of the station's download week, which aims to inform people on how and where to legally download music.

The track, recorded under the moniker Mouldy Lookin' Stain, is called Dogs Don't Kill People (Wabbits Do) and is a spoof of ... well, surely that's obvious. The download of the track originally recorded for Moyles' radio show has been endorsed by GLC and their label.

Commenting on the promotion, Ros Lawler, Interactive Manager at Radio 1, told CMU: "Downloading has revolutionised the way young people buy and consume music. This has had dramatic effect on traditional retail as online download services are easy to use, convenient and good value for money. Download week on Radio 1 will reflect this change in the way people are accessing their music and guide those who are less internet savvy on how to download legally."

Jack Melhuish, New Media Coordinator for GLC'S label Atlantic Records UK added: "We and the GLC are happy to endorse the Chris Moyles release of 'Dogs Don't Kill People (Wabbits Do)' in support of Comic Relief. Atlantic Records UK recognises the importance of supporting legal downloading initiatives and actively engages in endeavours that encourage music fans to download music legitimately"

Such serious sentiments for what is, after all, a piss take on piss take, but worthy all the same.


Michael Eavis has confirmed that U2, who had been hinted at as headliners for next year's Glasto, have turned down the offer to perform because of a hectic summer schedule. Talking to Virtual Festival Eavis said: "Their manager said they will do it at some point in the future. We're always talking to potential headliners from a very early date, because they are the most complicated to sort out".

Eavis wouldn't be drawn on who the new headliner targets may be, although he did say: "What I will tell you is that we have sent someone out to the States this week to pursue an artist we want. Yes, they are American and yes, they are of superstar proportions. That's all I can say!"

Slightly lower down the bill Eavis did reveal that: "We're confident Razorlight, Franz Ferdinand, The Streets and Snow Patrol will all play. They're all brilliant and hopefully they will play. I expect to see them there."


Franz Ferdinand have announced details of their biggest UK show to date - aptly in Glasgow. They will play the SECC on 18 Dec.

Meanwhile the Ferdinand have also confirmed they will make a newly recorded version of 'This Fire' available for download on 15 Nov. The track will be available from and most legal (and no doubt several illegal) download platforms.


Interesting news in the US where there are rumours that some of the top guard at the media regulator, the FCC, are pushing to have their hardline 'decency' rules extended to satellite and cable radio. The news follows Howard Stern's announcement last week that he will move to Sirius satellite radio in 2006 to escape increasingly hardline broadcasting regulations in the US. According to one report in the LA Times campaigners might use Stern's comments regarding satellite radio as part of their bid to push for stricter rules in that domain.

However, extending current FCC rules to cable and satellite radio would require an act of Congress, and any such legislation would be strongly fought by affected broadcasters who would argue that the fact people have to buy-in to their services, and that parental controls are in built, means they are, essentially, self-regulated.


Martha Reeves, former lead singer of Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, has told reporters that eBay left her open to identity theft. The claims follow her discovery that a genuine contract between herself and NBC to appear on Saturday Night Live back in 1975 was available to buy on the auction site. The contract includes Reeves' signature and social security number - hence the fears of identity theft.

Reeves, who has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission about the sale, told the Detroit News: "You feel completely exposed. They've got my Social Security number and signature. That's all they need to steal my identity."

eBay are yet to comment on the auction.


To say that Jet dominated at last weekend's ARIA awards in Sydney would be something of an understatement. The Atlantic Records signed band took no less that six trophies at their home country's flagship music awards event - Album Of The Year and Best Rock Album for 'Get Born', Single Of The Year and Breakthrough Single for 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl', Breakthrough Artist and Best Group.

Other multiple winners included Kasey Chambers who was named Best Female Artist and took the award for Best Country Album; John Butler who was named Best Male Artist and got the award for Best Independent Release; and from behind the scenes Paul McKercher who took awards for Best Engineer and Best Producer, and James Hackett who got awards for Best Video and Best Cover Art.

Despite Jet's success at this year's ARIAs, they didn't beat Delta Goodrem's 2003 record when she took home no less that seven awards. However Goodrem had less of a presence at this year's event, although she still took the award for Highest Selling Album for 'Innocent Eyes'.

Full winners list as follows:

Single of the Year: Jet 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl'
Best Female Artist: Kasey Chambers
Best Male Artist: John Butler
Best Group: Jet
Best Adult Contemporary Album: Paul Kelly 'Ways and Means'
Best Blues and Roots Album: John Butler Trio 'Sunrise Over Sea'
Best Children's Album: Hi-5 'Hooley Dooley'
Best Comedy Album: Scared Weird Little Guys 'Bits & Pieces'
Best Country Album: Kasey Chambers 'Wayward Angel'
Best Dance Release: Infusion 'Girls Can Be Cruel'
Best Independent Release: John Butler Trio 'Sunrise Over Sea'
Best DVD: Midnight Oil 'Best Of Both Worlds'
Best Classical Record: Teddy Tahu Rhodes 'The Voice'
Best Jazz Album: The Necks 'Drive By'
Best Soundtrack: David Bridie 'Nautical Fortorn'
Best World Music Album: Seaman Dan 'Perfect Peart'
Best Cover Art: James Hackett for The Dissociatives
Best Video: James Hackett for The Dissociatives 'Somewhere
Best Engineer: Paul McKercher for Eskimo Joe 'A Song Is A City'
Best Producer: Paul McKercher and Eskimo Joe 'A Song Is A City'
Highest Selling Single: Guy Sebastian 'Angels Brought Me Here'
Highest Selling Album: Delta Goodrem 'Innocent Eyes'
Best Pop Release: Missy Higgins 'Scar'
Best Rock Album: Jet 'Get Born'
Best Urban Release: Koolism 'Part 3 - Random Thoughts'
Breakthrough Artist: Jet 'Get Born'
Breakthrough Single: Jet 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl'

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