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In today's CMU Daily:
- Court not convinced Queen are British
- New York Attorney General to look into radio / label relationships
- Gallagher and Albarn both signed up for Band Aid
- Video-C launch digital agency
- Oscar Wilde The Musical closes after one night
- New Athlete album ready to go
- Album Review: System 7 - Encantado
- Britney angry to miss our on Huckabees role
- Ray Charles receives first platinum award
- Elton says 'dope nearly killed my voice'
- Keys to headline Barbados Jazz Festival
- Eminem tracklisting revealed
- Daniel Bedingfield likes a bit of sibling rivalry
- Live Review: Tokyo Dragons At The Borderline
- Almond family thank fans for support
- Frankie look for new frontman
- Is black music dead?
- P Diddy tried to stop Lil Kim's boob job
- Lydon stares off shark



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VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Devotion at Concorde 2
The big Brighton venue fronts this great little d and b night that has been getting some big names. This time we have kings of the old school Ratpack (responsible for that Searching For My Rizla anthem) and Aphrodite (who is following on from his awesome albums of the past with a tribute to the 80's) - should be whacked out, but he does rock a party. UK Apache is also in the house. And apparently there is also a bash on Monday as a kinda double header. check the web or call.

Sat 23rd Oct, 10.30pm - 3.30am, Madeira Drive, Kemptown Seafront, Brighton, £8.50, info 01273 673311


Favourite story of the week is that Queen have lost a court case in Germany because the judge wasn't convinced the band's surviving members were British! Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon were suing a German record label after it granted a third party the licence to use a live version of 'We Will Rock You' - something the band claim the label didn't have to right to do.

The band were suing the record company through the German legal system on the basis that any EU citizen must be treated equally in the courts of any EU member state. However, on the day, May, Taylor and Deacon's legal people were unable to provide suitable evidence that their clients were British.

A spokesman for the court said the people representing Queen seemed to expect the courts to accept that the band's nationality was common knowledge, but argued: "Queen are known in Germany for the musical achievements and not their nationality."


A New York based Attorney General is reportedly launching an investigation into the relationship between the music industry and the US radio sector. The investigation will look into allegations regarding the practices undertaken by certain players in American's radio promotions sector.

Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is best known for confronting the American financial services industry over their business practices. In his new investigation, Spitzer is expected to be looking for corruption in the ways record companies promote their music to radio station bosses. Radio stations are not allowed to accept money in return for playing records unless they specifically tell their listeners that that is what they are doing. However, some believe that the practice of some radio stations to sell advance playlist information to radio promotion companies, which are in turn sold on to record labels, may be covering up other less ethical transactions.

Neither Spitzer nor the record labels have commented on the reported investigation, although the New York Times reckons the Attorney General has already served subpoenas on all four major labels in a bid to see contracts, billing records and other information detailing the labels' ties with the independent middlemen who pitch new songs to radio programmers in New York State


According to Band Aid coordinator Midge Ure, he has now signed up Noel Gallagher, Damon Albarn, Travis, Beverley Knight and Dido to participate in a re-recording of the legendary charity record 'Do They Know It's Christmas'. They join Coldplay, The Darkness and Keane who have already expressed an interest in being involved in the fundraising project. Next on Ure's list of priorities are Robbie Williams and Radiohead's Thom Yorke.

Commenting on the project, Ure told reporters yesterday: "It's a pretty big line-up. Once you've got a handful of people like that, the rest of it will come. The phones are ringing off the hook right now."

On how he saw the track being reworked this time, he continued: "I'm desperate to hear Keane and Coldplay just open that tune up with their pianos and then The Darkness play the harmony guitar bits at the end - it should be great fun".

Talking about her involvement, Beverley Knight recalled how big a fan she was of the original track, adding: "To think 20 years later, I'm going to be involved in that same project because the problem has not gone away is harrowing to say the least".

Ure hopes to arrange a recording day on a Sunday early in Nov to ensure the single can be in the shops in time for Christmas.


The people behind Video-C, the online music video platform which received the 'Best Use Of Broadband Award' at the Digital Music Awards earlier this week, have launched a new company who will offer digital design and online marketing solutions for the entertainments industry - called, simply, Digital-C.

The company's first big project is to create a web programme to accompany ITV's X Factor show. The project will involve an interactive online game billed around the notion of "discover if you have the X Factor".

Although a new company, the Digital-C team have been working in this area for sometime. Aside from their own Video-C site, they designed the charity download platform

There's more info about the company at - press info from Adrienne Merrill at


A new musical about the life of Oscar Wilde written by TV and radio presenter Mike Read has closed after just one night. So poor were both the ticket sales and reviews, the Shaw Theatre didn't see the point in continuing with the show, which opened on Tuesday and was due to run until 21 Nov.

Confirming the decision, a spokesman for the theatre explained: "After the first night, bookings were low and the reviews were poor".

Among those reviews, Benedict Nightingale of The Times theatre critic said: "As Oscar himself [lead actor] Peter Blake is just about OK. Yet it's hard to blame him when he must, for instance, fester in a preposterously impressionistic Reading Jail imagining he's cuddling children... whatever else Wilde was, he wasn't a sentimental prat."

The Guardian was equally scathing: "You begin to wonder whether the sound system is being affected by the hefty rumbling of Oscar Wilde turning in his grave."


The second album from CMU favourites Athlete is scheduled for a 31 Jan release through Parlophone. The band have just finished mixing the album in New York and are about to start rehearsals for an upcoming tour.

Writing on the band's website, drummer Steve Roberts told fans: "We're feeling really happy, relieved, tired and proud of what we've done. Life never seems to calm down at the moment but I think we can all safely say we wouldn't want it any other way. In fact I think we're all enjoying music and being in the band more than ever. So roll on next year."


ALBUM REVIEW: System 7 - Encantado (Phuturetrax)
Well, it appears Goa trance is making a re-appearance fronted, it seems, by System 7 with their 'Encantado' long player (meaning "enchanted" or "entranced", of course). I can't say I have heard dance music like this in a while, and I must admit I'd prefer to keep it that way. Every track is at a minimum of 140 bpm, excluding the down-tempo 'Kupri' and 'Europa Blue' which, as you can see from the names, firmly rest in the 'Ibizan Hippy' field. System 7 are described as 'ambient techno', probably because it's fast but with a Balearic shimmer - the problem is it's difficult to listen to this album for long unless you are actually on that Ibizan beach aided by some certain tablets. The production is very tight, and they thrown in some breaks for a bit of varitey, but I'm afraid a whole album of this stuff is just too much. OG
Release date: 18 Oct
Press contact: Phuturetrax


So much Britney news at the moment (anyone would think she had a greatest hits album in promo), she's in danger of getting more CMU Daily inches than Pete Doherty and McFly, which is quite an achievement.

Anways - latest bit of gossip is that Ms Spears was furious that she missed out on a role in new comedy film 'I Heart Huckabees'. The film's director, David O'Russell, has confirmed the singer auditioned for the part of Jude Law's on-screen girlfriend three times before he gave the part to actress Naomi Watts.

He told the Sun: "Britney wanted Naomi's part and read for me three times. She didn't get it and was very angry."

But the director stresses Spears just wasn't right for the role, adding: "I'd love to use her in the right role."


The Recording Industry Association has awarded Ray Charles a posthumous platinum award - the first time the singer has received the accolade in his 250 album career. Charle's last album, 'Genius Loves Company', is the first to sell over a million units in the States.

The album features duets with the likes of Natalie Cole, Elton John, BB King, Gladys Knight, Willie Nelson, Van Morrison, Diana Krall, James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt and Michael McDonald.

Commenting on her involvement, Raitt told reporters recently: "I've been a devoted fan of Ray's since I first heard him as a kid. Getting to record with Ray has been a lifelong dream and being part of this project has been one of the proudest and most moving moments in my life."

Elton commented: "It was amazing to sit in the studio and sing with him. It's so incredibly impressive to be with someone to whom music had meant so much. It was a very emotional experience."


Talking of Elton (lot's of Elton news at the moment too, anyone would think he had an album out next month), and Mr John has told a Canadian TV show that smoking dope nearly killed his voice, and that he had to have an operation in 1987 to reverse the effect the smoking had had on his vocal chords.

Elton: "The first thing the doctor said to me was: "You smoke a lot of dope, don't you? I gasped and said: "How do you know that?" And the doctor said: "I can tell by the way you're talking. If you're a singer, the worse thing you can do is smoke dope".

However, he reckons the operation left him with a better voice: "It's deeper, has more resonance and it's stronger. I used to be a piano player who sung, now I'm a singer who plays the piano".


If you're planning your festival diary for next year, why bother with the mud and nonsense of the British festivals when you could head off to the Barbados Jazz Festival? Taking place from 10 - 16 Jan, Alicia Keys has been confirmed as the headline act on a bill that also includes Gato Barbieri, Yellow Jackets, Pieces of a Dream, Kaeko Matsui, Tito de Garcia and the Charles Flores Quintet featuring Horacio (El Negro) Hernandez and Giovanni Hidalgo. More at


Everyone seems to get very excited about tracklistings these days. Why a list of tracks you've never heard of from a forthcoming album is exciting is anyone's guess - though I suppose it throws down the gauntlet to illegal downloaders everywhere - "here's the full list, see if you can get a copy of all of them before the album is actually released".

Anyway, the tracklisting for Eminem's 'Encore' has surfaced on the net three weeks ahead of retail release. According to the NME it runs thus.

Curtains Up - Encore version
Evil Deeds
Never Enough
Yellow Brick Road
Like Toy Soldiers
My 1st Single
Paul (skit)
Rain Man
Big Weenie
Em Calls Paul (skit)
Just Lose It
Ass Like That
Spend Some Time
Crazy In Love
One Shot 2 Shot
Final Thought (skit)
Encore/Curtains Down'

Polydor - who oversee Slim Shady releases over here - were unable to confirm or deny the list, nor did they comment when the NME asked them in 'Crazy In Love' is a re-working of the Beyonce hit of the same name. So now you know, or you don't, depending how you look at it.


Daniel Bedingfield has told Radio 1 that he is enjoying having new competition from his sister. He told the radio station: "She's had a number one album and I haven't, she's massive in Germany and I'm not, so I'll be known as Natasha Bedingfield's little brother - it's quite interesting! I enjoy competition, I always have - I didn't really care whether I lost or won so long as it was competitive.
She's not like that, but I am, so I enjoy this little rivalry!"


LIVE REVIEW: Tokyo Dragons at the Borderline on 8 Oct
So it never happened. That whole 'heavy rock', 'back to the good ol' days', 'AC/DC are great' type thing. It never happened in the end. Everyone just decided to sound and look like the fucking cunting Libertines. Wrong. Only the cunts did that. Only art school drop-ins from Surrey who live in New Cross (or wanna), did that. For all those disappointed people - who like myself - weren't around in the early eighties for the glory days of NWOBHM there is hope. Ignore what anyone on telly or in a newspaper or a magazine with a shiny front cover says; when they say " AC/DC, like the MC5, like Black Sabbath, like Led Zep, Like Saxon..." they're lying. They mean 'shite'. They mean quick-sign quick-cash bandwagon-jumping bands that major labels scoop up when they see an indie do well with a style/genre. Yeah, I know: I sound pissed off, but that's only because the Tokyo Dragons should have been signed a million years ago. They should be on the telly, on the radio (more) and all over flyers for big festivals. The future-retro hard rock four-piece stormed the stage like pirates over the sides of a victim ship; clambering like blood-lusting henchmen under some Les Paul wielding cap'n. Launching into a set of foot-stomping, head-nodding, fist-pumping anthemic heavy metal, they pummelled their way through anthems like 'High On Hate' and the new single, 'Get 'Em Off'. With long hair, flares, handle-bar moustaches and biker boots these guys are a heavy and updated blend of pre-punk punk, 88-91 stadium rock and the proto-metal of bands like Deep Purple. There's nothing like the real honest energy of a man on his knees feeding-back at the 24th fret while bending like a circus strong man with a girder, shredding like a Kellog factory, and hammering like a blacksmith on a deadline. Fuck the posturing, fuck the ham, fuck the boring lazy droning dirge from a million venues in New Cross; all hail the mighty Dragons, and all who sail in her. JG

[Watch out for the single, 'Get Em Off' on Island and an album next year - meantime press info from Triad PR]


The family of Marc Almond have thanked fans for their support following that motorbike crash last weekend. In a statement on the singer's website the family said: "We would like to thank all Marc's friends and fans for all the cards, flowers and messages of love and support". There is no new update on Almond's condition - he is still recovering from surgery he received after the crash.


As previously reported, Frankie Goes To Hollywood are planning on reforming for a special tribute gig that will honour legendary producer Trevor Horn next month. However, as also previously reported, Holly Johnson, who maintains something of a feud with Horn, has refused to take part. To that end, the rest of the band will be auditioning for a new frontman at The Marquee club on 31 Oct between 10am and 2pm.


Interesting event taking place at City University tomorrow. The latest seminar event from the Black Music Congress will ask whether or not British Black Music Is Dead. On the panel will be Darcus Beese, Universal-Island Records A&R for the likes of Sugababes; Danny Tammuz, The Players Posse Ltd MD, DJ and mentor; Ras Kwame, IXtra presenter; and Kienda Hoji, music business lawyer & lecturer. The event will be chaired by BMC founder Kwaku.

For more info or to book a space at the event email (subject line: booking dead)


Lil Kim has told Source magazine that P Diddy begged her not to go through with her boob job. She says: "I'll never forget telling Puffy I was going to get breast implants. He cursed me out. He was like, 'You buggin'! He went to everybody in my family, to try and get them to stop me".

But, she adds: "After I got everything done, he was like, 'Damn, you look good.'"


John Lydon managed to out stare a great white shark while filming a new TV show for Five. According to the Daily Star, the shark quickly turned tale and fled when it came across Lydon in a special shark viewing cage.

A source for Five told the paper: "It's a pretty tense moment as John and the shark stare at each other - but the shark appears more frightened."

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