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In today's CMU Daily:
- EMI boss hits back at "too mature" charges
- Sonic Youth man pens notes for Nirvana box set
- African artist in court on people smuggling charges
- Yourcodenameis:milo reschedule live dates
- Ashlee Simpson provides the wrong vocals
- Chart update
- Student radio chart
- Bono's lost lyrics found
- Eminem joins anti-Bush brigade
- Source mag lashes out at Simmons over no-show
- Velvet Revolver tour
- Warners plan S&G live album
- Speed back for one night only
- Noel admits he's an ABBA admirer
- Wonder honoured by Billboard
- Vaughan co-host quits Capital
- Knowles senior "don't be obsessed with breaking US"
- Come Together Weekender cancelled
- GLC mark release of new single
- Kravitz sued over blocked toilet



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SAME SIX QUESTIONS: Syvlie Marks & HAL 9000

How did you start out making music for a living?
Sylvie made music her main focus 12 years ago, Hal did the same 8 years ago.

What inspired your latest album?
Life and everything that happens around us.

What process do you go through in creating an album?
We work on our first idea until the outcome is satisfying for both of us.

Which artists influence your work?
Nobody, we are influenced by nature.

What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Welcome to our sexy, flowery, broken pop.

What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
To act out our ideas in music, and to discover new ways of working and living.

Syvlie Marks & HAL 9000's new album 'Krazeee' is out on 1 Nov on Bpitch Control - press info from ePM


EMI boss Eric Nicoli wrote to the Financial Times last week to dispute a letter published in the newspaper a few days earlier which claimed the music industry was now "too mature" and "no longer has much of interest to offer people".

In his response Nicoli quipped that the writer of the original letter "must be one of the few people on the planet who has not noticed that more music is being consumed by more people in more places than ever before," adding: "It is insulting to immensely talented artists to suggest they are of 'reduced cultural added value', and it is patently not true. Ask the fans of Norah Jones, Coldplay, Radiohead, Kylie et al."

Tackling another charge that the music industry was failing to adapt to the times, Nicoli argued that his industry was now making music available in all sorts of innovative formats. Their fight against certain usage of new technology was not a sign of the industry being "too mature", rather of an industry merely protecting its property: "The music industry is not "too mature"; it is a vibrant, highly creative, cutting-edge business whose "product" just happens to be one of the first that can be distributed online or over the airwaves. The issue is that technology has also made it easier for our music to be stolen. And that is where we need the help of government and the law."


Sonic Youth front man Thurston Moore has written the sleeve notes for the forthcoming long long long awaited rarities box set from Nirvana. It's a fitting tribute for the band, and especially the late Kurt Cobain, given how big a fan he was of Moore's band.

The box set will feature no less than 68 previously unreleased tracks, plus a DVD featuring band home movies, live footage and twenty videos. A source told NME: "I've seen some of the footage and it's amazing stuff. There's a video of them performing at a friend's party with Kurt reading lyrics off a sheet of paper on the wall, footage of them covering 'Seasons In The Sun' in a studio with Kurt on drums and lots of other great stuff."

The box set, called 'With The Lights Out', is released on 22 Nov


One of Africa's biggest music stars is due in court this week to face charges of aiding illegal immigration. If found guilty he could face up to ten years in jail and a 750,000 Euro fine.

Congolese singer Papa Wemba is accused of procuring visas for his fellow nationals, enabling them to enter France under the guise of being members of his road crew. Wemba allegedly charged Congolese nationals $4500 a time in order to secure a visa.

French authorities became suspicious in 2000 when he arrived with a musical entourage in excess of 200 people, many of whom did not carry musical instruments. They arrested him in Paris early last year and the singer admitted he accepted money to help Congolese nationals into France, but claimed he did it for humanitarian reasons. He was initially jailed while waiting for a court hearing on the charges, but after four months was granted a conditional release - he has subsequently continued to perform both in France and abroad.

Wemba is expected to attend the court hearing in Paris, which will assess the charges - as are many supporters of the Sapeurs religious cult, which Wemba converted to while in jail.

Once the Paris hearing is concluded, and assuming the singer isn't put back in prison, Wemba will go on to face similar charges in Belgium where he holds citizenship.


Yourcodenameis:milo have announced the dates for a tour that was postponed back in Oct. Dates as follows:

3 Dec: Cardiff Barfly
4 Dec: Nottingham Rock City
5 Dec: Manchester Roadhouse
6 Dec: London Barfly
7 Dec: Birmingham Barfly

More info at - press info from Hermana.


Ashlee 'sister of Jessica' Simpson, who is pursuing her own pop career, had an embarrassing moment on Saturday Night Live last week when she was seen signing the wrong song. That is to say, he band were playing one song, she was singing another.

Having already performed her hit single 'Pieces Of Me', Ashlee came back on stage to sing the track 'Autobiography'. However, while the band started playing that track, she started singing 'Pieces Of Me' again. Looking a little confused, Jessica's vocal was cut off - she then danced a little before walking off stage.

Later on Simpson told guest host Jude Law: "I feel so bad. My band started playing the wrong song. I didn't know what to do so I thought I'd do a hoe-down."

However, her record label subsequently said the error was due to a computer glitch, which kinda implies Ms Simpson was miming and the wrong vocal track came on.

Miming on Saturday Night Live - what would Elton say?


OK, so he's someway to go before he rivals Bryan Adams, but is no one capable of knocking Eric Prydz off the top of the singles chart? After that quick slip down to number two to give Robbie his compulsory top spot positioning a fortnight back, Eric Prydz maintains his number one supremacy this week, despite new entries from the Manics (who go in at 2) and Kelis (who goes in at 3).

Other new entries this week come from R Kelly at 6, Depeche Mode with the single release from their rather excellent remixes album at 7, good old Darius at 8, the very fine Zutons at 15, the very very fine Placebo at 18, the very very very fine Mylo at 19, the just fine Travis at 20, Bjork at 26, Slipknot at 31, Rammstein at 38 and The Cure at 39. Phew - and we missed some out.

Albums wise, and Robbie knocks Ronan off the top spot with his greatest hits - well done him. Other new entries this week from all sorts of up and coming artists - Rod Stewart, Olivia Newton-John, Meatloaf (actually, that Meatloaf album is very very fine and I must remember to review it).


Compiled by the Student Radio Association, here are the 30 most played records on college radio this week:

1. [1] Kasabian - Processed Beats (BMG/Arista)
2. [7] The Libertines - Whatever Because Of The Likely Lads (Rough Trade)
3. [9] The Zutons - Don't Ever Think (Too Much) (Deltasonic)
4. [5] The Hives - Two Timing Touch and Broken Bones (Polydor)
5. [10] Robbie Williams - Radio (EMI)
6. [2] Green Day - American Idiot (Warner/Reprise)
7. [8] Kelis ft Andree 3000 - Millionaire (EMI/Virgin)
8. [4] Kings Of Leon - The Bucket (BMG/Handmedown)
9. [27] The Stokes - The End Has No End (Rough Trade)
10. [NE] U2 -Vertigo (Universal/Island)
11. [6] Outkast - Prototype / Ghetto Musick (BMG/Arista)
12. [12] The Prodigy - Hotride (Beggars/XL)
13. [13] Good Charlotte - Predictable (Sony/Epic)
14. [NE] The Departure - Be My Enemy (EMI/Parlophone)
15. [11] Bowling For Soup - 1985 (BMG/Jive)
16. [16] Destiny's Child - Lose My Breath (Sony/Columbia)
17. [3] Music - Butterfiles and Hurricanes (Warner/Atlantic)
18. [NE] Snow Patrol - How To Be Dead (Polydor)
19. [20] Lil Flip - Sunshine (Sony/Columbia)
20. [20] Placebo - Twenty Years (EMI/Virgin)
21. [NE] Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot (B Unique)
22. [19] The Streets - Blinded By The Lights (679)
23. [25] The Ordinary Boys - Seaside (B Unique)
24. [14] The Futureheads - Meantime (679)
25. [NE] The Manic Street Preachers - Love Of Richard Nixon (Sony/Epic)
26. [NE] Graham Coxon - Freakin' Out (Transcopic)
27. [NE] Mylo - Drop The Pressure (Breastfed)
28. [22] 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Rise of The Eagles (Universal/MCA)
29. [NE] Do Me Bad Things - Deliverance (Must Destroy)
30. [24] Sum 41 - We're All To Blame (Universal/Mercury)


Bono last week confirmed a briefcase full of notes and lyrics which were stolen in 1981 have been returned. The case contained Bono's early work on their second album 'October'. After the briefcase went missing during a gig in Portland, all of Bono's preparation work on the band's second album was lost and he had to try to recreate the lyrics in the studio. The band have since described working on that album as their "worst recording experience", and some reckon the final album suffered because of the missing lyrics.

Last week Bono confirmed that the briefcase had been found almost immediately in the loft of a rented flat by one Cindy Harris. She didn't realise the case had been stolen until many years later - finally her friend Danielle Rheaume began the task of tracking down the band's management.


Good old Eminem has joined in with this season's most popular new sport - Bush bashing (well, it's popular with everyone but half of the US electorate ... unfortunately).

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, Slim Shady says: "Bush is definitely not my homie. Kerry has been known to say some things that's caught my attention, made a few statements I've liked but I don't know - I am still undecided. But, whatever my decision, I would like to see Bush out of office."
The comments follow the inclusion of an anti-Bush rap on forthcoming album 'Encore', is which Eminem rhymes: "Let the president answer on higher anarchy / Strap him with an AK-47, let him go fight his own war / Let him impress daddy that way...No more blood for oil".

In the interview Mr Mathers continues: "He's been painted to be this hero and he's got our troops over there dying for no reason. He's in a tailspin, running around like a dog chasing his tail. And we got young people over there dyin', kids in their teens, early 20s that should have futures ahead of them. And for what? It seems like Vietnam 2. People think their votes don't count but people need to get out and vote".


In kinda related news, owners of US hip hop mag The Source have issued a damning statement against hip hop mogul Russell Simmons after he pulled out of a 'rock the vote' style event they were staging in Miami this weekend. Source / Simmons relations have been sour ever since the latter sided with Eminem when the Source proclaimed Slim Shady was racist.

After hearing Simmons had decided to not attend his magazine's Miami event, The Source issued the following statement: "Russell Simmons has been exploiting Hip-Hop for years. We invited, and expected him to participate in the largest annual Hip-Hop weekend of the year, and he bailed from the event because he is afraid of the authenticity and influence of The Source Magazine, and our weekend. Russell is further from Hip-Hop, the community and struggle it represents than he has ever been. Russell is a serious threat to the advancement of the black community, and Hip-Hop culture because he exploits the perception in corporate America that he represents the views of the Hip-Hop community when he does not.

The mag used the occasion to take another dig at Eminem - as previously reported The Source is supporting Michael Jackson in his bid to have Slim Shady's Jacko-spoofing new video banned - the statement continues: "Russell's call for unity with Eminem, Jimmy Iovine and Interscope Records downplays the seriousness of Eminem's latest attack on black people, and the incredible legacy of black music, as clearly depicted in his new music video ridiculing Michael Jackson. The true cause of disunity in Hip-Hop is the lack of open dialogue regarding the state of the Hip-Hop music industry, and the role of corporate interests in the destruction of black owned companies and black artists. We invite Russell, Jimmy Iovine, Eminem and Paul Rosenberg to a debate to discuss the future of Hip-Hop and those things that divide us. The [Simmons headed] Hip-Hop Summit, and Russell Simmons may represent the Hamptons and his rich friends, but they don't represent the Hip-Hop Community. We expect a huge turnout this weekend in Miami and a larger than ever Source Awards weekend. We remain excited and inspired about our political rally at which we expect thousands to gather for our event."

So that's that sorted.


Velvet Revolver have confirmed a series of arena dates for the new year that stack up something like this:

14 Jan: Glasgow SECC
15 Jan: Newcastle Arena
16 Jan: Manchester MEN Arena
18 Jan: Birmingham NIA
19 Jan: Cardiff International Arena
22 Jan: Carling Apollo Hammersmith


Warners are set to release an album and DVD of recordings from Simon and Garfunkel's recent reunion tour. Word is there will be a stand-alone DVD release, a double album release, and a deluxe edition featuring both. No word yet on whether the recording was done at one gig, or over a series of performances, although early indications suggest all the classics will be on there, including 'Bridge Over Troubled Water', 'Scarborough Fair' and 'The Sound of Silence'.


Mr LTJ Bukem and Fabio are resurrecting their legendary club night Speed for one night only at The End on 12 Nov. Bukem and Fabio will be joined by Doc Scott, Loxy, Ink and MC Conrad on the decks, plus the back room will be hosted by Jazzie B. Press info from Rocketscience.


Noel Gallagher yesterday revealed he is something of an Abba fan. Speaking on Channel 4's Music Hall Of Fame, which last night focused on the seventies, Noel said of Abba: "Purely from a song writing point of view they were up there with the best. Those songs were amazing. SOS. If I could drop that into Oasis and get away with it I would. Waterloo is fantastic. The footage of them on Eurovision, silver platforms, that's amazing footage. They enter Eurovision singing about the battle of Waterloo in platforms - fucking come on - all shagging each other? Get in, does it get better than that? What have we got - Will Young, Gareth Gates and Darius?"

Channel 4 viewers were last night charged with the impossible task of deciding who should go forward for consideration regarding inclusion in the Hall of Fame: Abba, The Clash, Elton John, Pink Floyd, the Sex Pistols, the Bee Gees, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Queen or Stevie Wonder. Phew, rather you than me.


If we have to whittle it down, then we could knock out Stevie Wonder. Not because he doesn't deserve a place in the Hall of Fame, but because that accolade would probably be overshadowed by the Billboard Century Award, which will be presented to Stevie Wonder at the Billboard Music Awards in Vegas next month.

Announcing that they would award their highest honour for creative achievement to Wonder, Billboard co-executive editor Tamara Conniff told reporters last week: "Stevie Wonder is an American icon. His genius has transformed not only R&B, but popular music overall. He has used his vibrant music as a vehicle to sing about the highs and lows of romance while not shying away from addressing racial, social and spiritual issues. Stevie represents the essence of the Billboard Century Award - an artist whose career and body of work continues to evolve and influence new generations of musicians. We are honoured to present him with our 2004 accolade."


Timing is everything, but in this case Capital bosses insist the timing is just a coincidence. That is to say, just 24 hours after Capital's Johnny Vaughan breakfast show received somewhat disappointing RAJAR figures, Mr Vaughan's co-presenter Becky Jago has announced she is leaving the show.
The former Newsround presenter, who joined Capital in 2002 as part of Chris Tarrant's breakfast show team, told reporters on Friday: "Following discussions with the Capital management team earlier in the summer, I decided to leave when my contract finishes at the end of this year. I just miss TV too much and feel that's where my heart is".

Capital MD Keith Pringle said he was sorry to see Jago go, commenting: "Having been part of the previous breakfast show with Chris Tarrant, Becky has not only provided continuity for our listeners but has also been invaluable in helping Johnny Vaughan settle in to life here at Capital". A new female co-host for Vaughan will be announced in the next couple of months.


The father and manager of Beyonce - Matthew Knowles - has told BBC Radio 1 that UK artists should not be obsessed with 'breaking America'. Recognising that many in the British music industry and media see the ability to build a successful career in the US as the real test of an artist's talents, Knowles said: "A lot of people feel they have to be accepted in America, and I don't feel that way at all. With Destiny's Child/Beyonce, we sold way more outside America than we did in, so it baffles me that you're trying to sell records in America".

For those artists still keen to 'break America', Knowles reckons it is important to build a strong fan base in the home territory first: "British artists wanting to make it in Amercia should build a fan base in the UK and Europe before going across the Atlantic".

On more general issues, Knowles advised up and coming artists to consider going the independent label route at the start of their careers: "It should not be about the money. In the UK, the challenge is the deal can be too big. You need to start out with an independent label. Then it's down to hard work and luck - a combination of both... you gotta put in the work... spirituality, doing the right thing, integrity, good things happen to good people."


Goodgreef / Promise announced on Friday that, due to operational, business and personnel problems, they were cancelling their forthcoming Come Together Weekender, a three-day post-Ibiza dance weekend, due to take place at the Pontins holiday park in Southport.

Confirming the cancellation a spokesman told CMU: "We tried to look at working with people to bring a scaled down event, however certain parties were unable to help us on this, we also felt that this would devalue the event and cheat all of you who have paid for chalets already. Therefore a decision was taken to cancel the event".

Anyone who has purchased tickets will automatically be refunded and will gain free entry into a Goodgreef / Promise event of their choice in 2005.


We hear on the grapevine that the Goldie Lookin Chain will be celebrating the release of their latest single 'Your Mother's Got a Penis' with a march and rally in central London later today. This plan of action has been pulled off the old web, though we can't verify its accuracy.

THE SKINNY: Hundreds of kids in leisurewear, chavved up to the nines, burberry, shell suits, kappa girls on roller-skates, placards, boom boxes marching through central London spurred on by the rallying call 'Your Mothers Got A Penis!'
MEETING PLACE: Leicester Square @ 1pm on Monday 25th Oct.
DIRECTION: The walk from Leicester Sq to Leicester Sq (up Charing Cross Road, along Oxford Street, down Regent Street) should take about 1hr, so any press should presume all cars and people will be around Leic Sq for 2/2.15pm.

THE SKINNY: Led by the Vauxhall Chavalier - the ultimate in boy racer class - a cavalier with full Burberry paint job! The cars (ranging from the A Team van to a Lotus Esprit) will be blasting the single out across Central London
MEETING PLACE: 'The Triangle' Car Park in Hyde Park at 12 noon. Location attached. To depart approx 12.45
DIRECTION: to Charing X Road next to Leicester Sq. Once at Centrepoint, the cars will go straight and turn onto Howland Street further up and along to new Cavendish St. Then cars turn left onto Portland Place then Regent St/Oxford Circus to meet up with the march. From there they drive to Whitcomb St next to Leicester Sq to meet the foot soldiers...


Lenny Kravitz is facing legal action over allegations a blocked toilet in his Manhatten home led to flooding in a neighbouring apartment. The insurance company of one of Kravitz's neighbours is looking to recover in excess of $333,000 - the cost it claims it had to shell out for the repairs that were necessary after "catastrophic" water damage caused because the singer allowed "a commode to become blocked, clogged and congested with various materials". Court papers were filed on 20 Oct at Manhattan's state Supreme Court. Kravitz is yet to comment on the lawsuit, or whether or not he has got round to unblocking his toilet yet.

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