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In today's CMU Daily:
- Peel favourite for Christmas number one?
- Beeb reject Kershaw's Peel claims
- Stern tackles FCC boss on air
- Delta responds to split
- Morrissey: "for the love of god vote Kerry"
- Manic Wire slates contemporaries
- Sunday Best stage Monster Tour
- MTV confirm Europe Awards line up
- Album Review: Elefant - Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid
- EMAP consider new brand extensions
- Galaxy launch new specialist shows
- The Others play Rough Trade
- New digital channel hopes to take on Beeb and ITV in light entertainment
- Blue boy wants serious acting career
- London transport body launches innovative anti-flyposting campaign
- Busted invite Tory leader to appear in vid



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BY THE WAY: music industry conference Music Works is well under way now - if you're around at the event today why not pop in to the Future Of Radio debate. We'll see you there!



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP1: Wingmakers Official Album Launch Party at Coronet
In the White Room it's chill out, 'beatz and pieces' with the main attraction in residence. The three galacticos - Jimmy Cauty (KLF), Alex Patterson (Orb) and Youth (Killing Joke) playing together for the first time in over ten years. Solid Steels's Matt Black (Coldcut) and Stoned Asia label boss Pathaan are also beefing up the line up. The Blue Room is trance: Serge Souque and Pogo of Wingmakers, and Dragonfly bods Humphrey Bacchus & Nick Jones, plus Quadra making his live debut in the UK. Finally, the Samba & Latino Room will be playing Latin and Brazilian all night (with free Cuervo and Cokes it is alleged!).

Friday 29th Oct, 9pm - 7am, The Coronet, 28 New Kent Rd, London SE1. A bit steep £15 advance / £18 door, more at and press info from Phuturetrax

CHRIS' CLUB TIP: Kill All Hippies at Canvas
As much as I am looking forward to returning to Scotland this weekend, my venture North of the border does mean I am going to miss out on London's bestest monthly rock night. Damn. But you should go - because this month is looking particularly hot. We're talking Chikinki, The Ludes and The Glass live plus DJ sets come from Jeff Automatic, DJ Syrinx, Eddy TM, and, in the NME co-promoted second room, Mark Beaumont, Imran Ahmed and Tim Jonze. And don't forget, it is still free, just add your name to the guest list at

Friday 29 Oct, Canvas, Kings Cross, Free. Press info from Leyline Promotions.

VIGSY'S CLUB TIP 2: Fesh at 333
Something of an end of an era this weekend with the last ever Fesh night. For the finale of this acclaimed electro-disco night the ever arrogant DJ Hell joins The Hacker on stage, who will be playing live promoting his new PIAS released album. The Fesh all stars - club night runner Toogood with Crispin Dior, Rowan Churnin and the majorly mental Italo Boyz (the taller one is very out there) will also be on the decks. And on top of all that The Stallion will be on upstairs doing some Country and Western business because, I'm sure you'll agree, the third room is always bordering on the absurd. (Oh yes, and watch out for that slippery ground dancefloor. Last week I went arse over tit and it wasn't the 10 beers, honest Occifer).

Saturday 30th Oct, 10pm - 5am. 333 Old Street, Old St, London EC1, £5 before 11, £10 after, info at and


John Peel's favourite record - the Undertones' 'Teenage Kicks' - is now a favourite to be Christmas number one, even though EMI, who own the recording, haven't decided whether to release it or not! Latest word is William Hill have made the track fourth favourite for the festive top spot at 14:1 after the track has received so much attention in the days following the DJ's sudden death.

A spokesman for the bookies told reporters: "Over the last few days we have been repeatedly asked if we will be offering any prices on the Undertones being a Christmas hit. It is a tribute to Peel's popularity that music fans are making so many enquiries".

Of course the current Christmas number one favourites lists (which include Ronan Keating and Cat Steven's re-recording of 'Father & Son' and the Ricky Gervais / Noel Gallagher project) don't count a re-released Band Aid. It is so much assumed that if 'Do They Know It's Christmas' is re-released that it will top the festive charts, that some bookies are letting punters bet on songs being 'Christmas number one - or number two if a Band Aid single is released'.

Of course, given that an Undertones re-release would no doubt be sold in aid of a suitable charity it is unlikely EMI will want to pitch it against Band Aid anyway.


Elsewhere in John Peel news, and the BBC have denied claims by Radio 3 DJ Andy Kershaw that a rejig of Peel's schedule at Radio 1 was making him ill.

Writing about Peel's sudden death, Kershaw, a long term friend of John's from the days they shared an office at Radio 1, said: "The last time I saw him he looked absolutely worn out. We went to a café near Radio 1 and I said, 'John, you look terrible,' He said 'They've moved me to 11 p.m. to 1 at night and the combination of that and 'Home Truths' [Peel's Radio 4 show] is killing me." Kershaw also claims Peel felt he had been marginalized by Radio 1's timeshift - they pushed back his show from a 10pm to an 11pm slot.

But the Beeb have rejected those claims, with one exec telling reporters: "It is extremely distressing that Andy should say this. John was fully supportive of the changes -- he even said that the late finish meant clearer roads when he drove back to East Anglia".


Elsewhere in radio news, and Howard Stern took on the boss of US media regulator the FCC face to face on Tuesday. However FCC boss Michael Powell wasn't guesting on Stern's radio show. Rather, he was being interviewed on San Francisco's KGO-AM radio station, and Stern called in to ask his tricky questions.

Once on air Stern told Powell: "It is apparent to most of us in broadcasting that your father [Secretary of State Colin Powell] got you your job, and you kind of sit there and you're the judge, you're the arbiter, you're the one who tells us what we can and can't say on the air".

Powell hit back by saying he got the FCC position completely on merit following his work as an attorney and as a chief of staff of the Justice Department's antitrust division.

Powell added that neither he nor the FCC had any particular vendetta against Stern or his radio show. But Howard wasn't convinced, replying: "Yeah, okay, Michael, that's why I've received the largest fines in history."


Delta Goodrem issued a statement yesterday regarding the end of her relationship with tennis player Mark Philippoussis.

As previously reported, some Australian tabloids printed stories earlier in the week claiming Goodrem and Philippoussis' relationship collapsed when the latter cheated on the former with Paris Hilton. While all parties denied the affair rumours, Philippoussis did confirm his relationship with Goodrem was over, blaming conflicting work commitments for its demise.

Word had it that Goodrem, over here to promote new album 'Mistaken Identity', which is released on 8 Nov, was cancelling some interviews to avoid being questioned about her private life. The cheerful statement issued on her website yesterday was most probably an attempt to close off the story so she can get down to plugging her album.

The singer told her fans: "Hi Everyone - hope this finds you well. Mark and I are no longer together and I wish him all the best. I'm now looking forward to concentrating on my music and releasing my new album. Love. Delta"


Morrissey is the latest artist to join the anti-Bush campaign. As the US Presidential elections get oh so close, he has told his American fans they really really should vote for Kerry.

Writing on his website he says: "With all my heart I urge people to vote against George Bush. Jon Stewart would be ideal, but John Kerry is the logical and sane move. It does not need to be said yet again, but Bush has single-handedly turned the United States into the most neurotic and terror-obsessed country on the planet. For non-Americans, the United States is suddenly not a very nice place to visit because US immigration officers - under the rules of Bush - now conduct themselves with all the charm and unanswerable indignation of Hitler's SS. Please bring sanity and intelligence back to the United States. Don't forget to vote. Vote for John Kerry and get rid of George Bush!"


The Manic Street Preachers' Nicky Wire got very bitchy when interviewed on ITV's Orange Playlist show this week, lashing out at normally critically-acclaimed contemporary bands.

Criticising the state of the music industry today he took target firstly at the White Stripes, saying: "There are loads of shit bands out there. White Stripes - I just don't get that at all. When they say 'We recorded the whole album in 2 days' it's like, yeah it sounds like it. It sounds fucking crap because you recorded it in a second."

He continued his rant against Australian band Jet, saying: "Jet are so bad. Their music has the mental age of a foetus."

However, Wire did have some praise to deliver - though the artists he chose to champion are, perhaps, as strange as those he wanted to slam. Most surprising was Wire's support for Daniel Bedingfield, on whom he commented to Orange Playlist host Lauren Laverne: "He is an absolute, brilliant, nutter actually. He's truly warped and mad - in a good way."

While in rant mode, Wire took a shot at the monarchy. Dedicating The Sex Pistols' 'God Save The Queen' to Queen Elizabeth II, he said: "It's a part of my make up and these are views that will never change - the Monarchy is just a hideous, awful symbol of our culture. It seemed perfectly fitting to dedicate this to the Queen. God Save The Queen helped me form many of my early political ideals at a very young age."


Surely a hot contender for label of the year is Rob Da Bank's Sunday Best who have brought us numerous fantastic albums, not to mention the Bestival. Wrapping up an excellent year, Sunday Best have just announced a label tour featuring no less than Rob da Bank, Annie, Lazyboy Sound System, Max Sedgley and the Boomclick Sound System. Called the Monster Tour, the show will be calling at the following:

6 Nov: Moles, Bath - Rob da Bank & Lazyboy Sound System, Annie, Boomclick Sound System
19 Nov: Po Na Na, Norwich - Rob da Bank & Lazyboy Sound System, Max Sedgley, Boomclick Sound System
3 Dec: Cuba Po Na Na, Leicester - Rob da Bank & Lazyboy Sound System, Annie, Boomclick Sound System
7 Dec: Tuesday Club, Sheffield - Rob da Bank & Lazyboy Sound System, Max Sedgley, Boomclick Sound System
10 Dec: Concorde 2, Brighton - Rob da Bank & Lazyboy Sound System, Radioslave, Max Sedgley, Boomclick Sound System
11 Dec: Fez, Reading - Rob da Bank & Lazyboy Sound System, Max Sedgley, Boomclick Sound System


MTV have confirmed that Xzibit will host this year's MTV Europe Music Awards, which take place in Rome on 18 Nov. The hip hop star is no stranger to hosting programmes for the music channel - he presents their top rating show 'Pimp My Ride'.

Performance wise, Alicia Keys and Usher's live rendition of their duet 'My Boo' is getting top billing, while Italian R&B star Tiziano Ferro is a top priority, presumably to keep the local audience happy.
Also on the bill are The Beastie Boys, Eminem, Franz Ferdinand, Gwen Stefani, The Hives, Maroon 5 and Nelly.

Among the celebrities set to present awards are The Black Eyed Peas, Jamelia, Naomi Campbell, Brian McFadden and Eamon.


ALBUM REVIEW: Elefant - Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid (Kemado)
It sometimes seems as if rock music is a game of tag across the Atlantic, with American and British bands taking turns to influence each other. Just now there seems to be a crop of US bands like The Killers and The Dears who are very clearly influenced by UK acts, and Elefant, who are obviously in debt to Brit-pop are another case in point. New York based Elefant's tuneful, rhythmic pop, with its bitter sweet tales of lovers is very reminiscent of Pulp. Argentinean Diego Garcia's narrative- led lyrics detail a world of 'Make Up' which tastes like candy and love at first sight. Jarvis Cocker would certainly approve of song titles like 'Misfit'. A particular favourite of mine is 'Bokkie' with spangly keyboard sounds, art rocker guitars and arch Psychedelic Furs type vocals; "Being young and beaut-i-ful, in love with no-one but yourself," drawls Diego. Several tracks have a definitely funky vibe including 'Tonight Let's Dance' and the excellent title track. 'Tonight let's dance like we're in love', suggests Diego. It's as invitation you should take up; this is a beguiling gem of a debut. JW
Release date: 1 Nov
Press contact: Bad Moon [CP, RP, NP]


EMAP is reportedly hoping to follow up the success of the Kerrang!, Q, Smash Hits, Mojo and Heat radio outfits by converting more of its print media brands into broadcasting outfits. And while FHM and Mixmag are probably favourites for radio conversion, Shaun Gregory - the group's new Emap Performance Managing Director Of National Brands has told the Guardian: "There are plenty of Emap brands that move to radio".


And even more radio news! The Galaxy radio network launch a new set of specialist shows next week, airing each weekday night from 11pm - 1am. Pete Simmons of Galaxy parent company Chrysalis Radio tells us: "These new shows are a response to the burgeoning music scene and Galaxy being at the front of it. We're also getting a lot of listener feedback and they love the variety of new music we play at the weekends. So we're increasing our specialist output throughout the week".

The new shows are as follows:
Monday: Smooth R'n'B with Wayne C McDonald
Tuesday: Funky soulful house with The Slammin Boys
Wednesday: Hip-Hop with 3Style
Thursday: Nu Breed with Andi Durrant


Did we mention that The Others will be playing at the Rough Trade shop in Neal's Yard, Convent Garden at 5pm today? Oh well, we just did.


A new digital TV channel is hoping to rival BBC 1 and ITV 1 in primetime light entertainment. Called - somewhat cheesily - The Great British Television Channel, the new venture is backed by a string of celebs including Chris Tarrant, Joe Pasquale, Carol Vorderman, Vinnie Jones, Bill Wyman, Jimmy Tarbuck, Julian Clary, Tommy Walsh, Ronnie Corbett, Shane Ritchie and Jim Davidson.

The channel will launch via the Sky network on Christmas Eve. Launch shows will include 'Live From London Town' - a variety show of the Sunday Night at the Palladium ilk hosted by Billy Connolly - and It's Your Call, based on a Capital Radio show.

The channel's MD, comedian Richard Digance, told reporters: "The UK needs an alternative to what is currently on the BBC and ITV on Saturday nights. Currently there is nothing on TV that includes 'variety' as the British public perceives it to be."


Blue's Duncan James has told B magazine he wants to concentrate on his acting career when the boy band take a 'break' next year. He told the mag: "I'd love to do some theatre work, as the stage is where I started. I'd love to do something in the West End. Maybe a full-on, hard-hitting piece of theatre. I love Shakespeare and I've done a bit in the past but I just want something that is going to be mentally and physically challenging. I want to shock people."


This is a fun one. The body which oversees public transport in London has joined the campaign against flyposting with an innovative fight back operation. Transport for London have started placing 'cancelled' stickers over illegally distributed flyposts. On closer inspection the sticker reads "this poster has been cancelled by TfL", however from a distance it looks as if the event being promoted on the flypost is no longer taking place (and those in the know tell us that since the crackdown on flyposting the majority of illegal posters are now for events rather than products).

Confirming the scheme, TfL's Director of Street Management, Keith Ollier, told reporters: "We waste considerable time and money removing illegal flyposters every week. We all want our streets to look cleaner and smarter and this trial is aiming to do just that."

It's a great idea, though from what we hear the flypost boys are covering up the 'cancelled' stickers with fresh posters with hours of TFL's stickering sprees.


Oh dear, more from Busted and their love for the Conservative party. Word is the boys have invited Tory leader Michael Howard to guest in an upcoming video - he would play the prime minister. Busted boy Charlie told reporters: "He owes us one, really, and we like the idea of doing our bit for the voting youth. We just hope he says yes."

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