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In today's CMU Daily:
- R Kelly / Jay Z tour in jeopardy after pepper spray attack
- No progress on Jam Master Jay investigation
- SonyBMG reportedly in business with Grokster
- US songwriter not impressed at Bush use of his song
- Eminem: court appearance changed my life
- Live Review: The Bravery at London Barfly
- Viacom buy back stock
- Hawkins injures hand
- RIAA issue more lawsuits
- Charlatans add homecoming dates
- Libertines to re-release album with DVD
- Times goes fully compact
- MusicPlay offers music prepay
- Frankie says 'hello Ryan'
- Guests galore on new Snoop Dog album
- Geldof vetoes Madonna on Band Aid
- Joni Mitchell gets Order of Canada
- Chart update
- Mute announce film night
- Embrace play Big Brother gig
- Cowell bitches about Sharon
- Kylie to wed - sort of
- Blue boys fall out with French airport security



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How did you start out making music for a living?
Andy did a music technology course and sent some cassettes to record companies. Freskanova offered him a deal. Lee got a job as a runner for freskanova records.

What inspired your latest album?
Our international nightclubbing experiences over 2 years. Many different influences.

What process do you go through in creating an album?
Much research and intensive studio work. We made many more tracks than are on the album and we picked the best ones.

Which artists influence your work?
So many different artists. Timo Maas, Carl Cox, Daft Punk, Derrick May, Timbaland, The Neptunes, Dr Dre, etc etc

What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Keep your mind open and your eyes shut.

What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
DJ compilation in March or April next year and another artist album the following year. Eargasm night at Fabric once every 3 months and a tour to coincide with the dj comp. For more information check out

Eargasm is out on Finger Lickin' Records and is available to buy online from Plump DJs will play FabricLive 19 Nov, Vendre Hall Bangor 20 Nov, Sankey's Soap Manchester 3 Dec and Chibuku Shake Shake Liverpool 4 Dec. Press info from Finger Lickin.


Fun galore on the R Kelly / Jay Z Best of Both Worlds US tour which was designed to promote the duo's recent joint album 'Unfinished Business'. The whole thing is now in jeopardy after the former accused the latter's people of attacking him with pepper spray.

The whole thing blew up during one of the duo's joint gigs last week. According to Kelly's publicist, the R&B star became concerned when he saw two people in the audience waving guns. He stopped his performance so that security guards could search for the weapons. It was as he made his way back to the stage after that search that, it is alleged, one of Jay Z's entourage aimed the pepper spray at Kelly's face. The star and two of his bodyguards were subsequently treated in a local hospital.

Although Kelly's publicist stressed Jay Z himself wasn't involved, they were convinced one of his entourage was to blame and announced they would be filing a criminal complaint against the person they claimed was behind the attack. Following that announcement Jay Z's people told reporters they were dropping R Kelly from the tour.

Needless to say, that decision further angered Kelly. In a statement he told reporters: "The fans deserve better than this. I'd like the show to go on. It's really disappointing that Jay-Z and the promoter don't."

Jay Z has continued with the tour on his own. It is unclear what will happen to the rest of the 40 date tour after tonight's Madison Square Garden date.


It was two years this weekend since the murder of Run-DMC's Jam Master Jay, and police reported their investigations into the fatal shooting at Jay's New York recording studio had not developed much - frequently hampered by inconclusive leads, reluctant witnesses and negative publicity. The only real conclusion reached is that Jay almost certainly knew his killer - but the $60,000 award for information leading to the arrest of that killer has yet to encourage anyone in the know to come forward. A spokesman for the New York Police Department admitted this weekend: "The case is progressing at a slow rate."


SonyBMG are reportedly going into business with P2P network Grokster to develop a new download platform called Mashboxxx. Details of the joint venture are yet to be confirmed, but early indications suggest it will allow music fans to download free promotional versions of songs, which they can then turn into full versions by paying a small fee.

If true, the joint venture could prove controversial given the existing relationship between the major record labels and P2P companies like Grokster. The Recording Industry Association of America are due back at the Supreme Court on 8 Nov to appeal a previous court decision that said Grokster, and fellow P2P company Streamcast, were not liable for the copyright infringement conducted via their networks. Having one of their members in business with Grokster might complicate those proceedings somewhat.

The deal would be reminiscent of BMG's attempts to forge a joint venture with the old Napster back in 2000. While their fellow major labels were pursuing the legendary P2P service through the courts, BMG invested large sums of money in the company in a bid to find a legal P2P business model. Of course Napster was forced into bankruptcy before any such model could be found and BMG found itself being sued by the other labels over allegations they were liable for Napster's copyright infringements.


Organisers of the Bush re-election campaign have promised to stop using the song 'Still The One' at their rallies after the singer/songwriter who wrote it, John Hall, instructed his lawyers to send an official letter of complaint.

Hall, a former Democratic county legislator in upstate New York, objected to the use of his track and told reporters this weekend: "I was watching TV, and there all of a sudden was my song, my guitar playing, my voice coming out of the speakers. I'm not just some guy that's stoned out and happened to write a song, and even if I were, it would still be a problem, because you should always ask permission to use the work."

Hall's outrage mirrors that of Fatboy Slim, of course, who said he was offended when the Labour party used his track 'Right Here Right Now' during their recent party conference. As previously reported, Fatboy told the Sunday Times: "It was a surreal experience. I felt upset and, unusually for me, almost angry. I hated the idea that my mates might think I had sanctioned Labour's use of the song. The use of the song implies that I support Blair. Nothing could be further from the truth. I hope the public, and especially my mates, will realise that I have not sanctioned the use of 'Right Here'. I am also hoping a spin doctor might register my annoyance and put a word in Blair's ear...he should be told it is best not to choose an anthem written by someone who openly opposes you - it doesn't look too good when you're electioneering."


Eminem has told Vanity Fair magazine that two 2001 court appearances over separate gun possession and assault charges "woke him up" and made him determined to sort out his life. Talking to the magazine ahead of the release of new album 'Encore', he: "Nothing woke me up more than standing in front of a judge, and my life is in his hands." Eminem was given suspended sentences at those court appearances and ordered to perform community service.

In the same interview, Shady revealed that, although he recently bought a house in LA, he will never leave hometown Detroit. "I've seen the world, I've explored the world, I've travelled it, I've played in places, it's great to visit, this is where I want to live. I don't want to go to L.A. and get caught up in the party scene. All I ever wanted to do was to make enough money from music to be able to support myself and make a living, and have a future for my daughter. That was my plan from the beginning. It, getting this big, I never planned it."


LIVE REVIEW: The Bravery at London Barfly on 29 Oct
If you came down to the Barfly tonight, you'd be in for a nice surprise. To celebrate the fourth anniversary of cult webzine, there was quite a party being held, co-promoted by the infamous Queens Of Noize and featuring one Ed Harcourt on the decks. But most important was a performance from the new signing to Loog Records, a New York act hotly fancied for 2005 - The Bravery. So what's all the fuss about? Well, think in the same vein as The Killers but... better... yep, better. They played songs tracks from their upcoming EP including 'Unconditional', 'Out Of Line' and the stunning electro-fuelled, yet bittersweet 'Honest Mistake', and judging by the reaction from the packed Barfly crowd, they are building a fanbase to back up the hype. As a live performer front-man Sam Endicott has a very endearing stage demeanour - something of a dead ringer for Morrissey with a Julian Casablancas tendency to lean forward with the mike stand, he had us eating out of the palm of his hand for the half hour they were on stage. Bassist Mike H does sport a Bowie-esque facework with the eyes, hair and everything, but don't let that put you off. These guys deserve the attention. YN


MTV owners Viacom are buying back up to $8 billion of its own stock, increasing its shares dividend by 16.7%, whatever that means. Viacom's stock price has slipped this year, mainly due to problems in its Blockbuster and Infinity divisions. However new figures show profits are up so far this year, and that pattern is expected to continue in the near future. So now you know.


Well, it's all rock 'n' roll I suppose. The Darkness' Justin Hawkins has lost the use of his right hand after smashing it through a window during a fight. According to the Sunday Mirror, Hawkins had to be rushed to hospital after the fracas with a mystery attacker - the paper assures us Justin was acting in self-defence. The rocker is now facing several months without being able to play his guitar, which means the band may have to bring in a support guitarist for eleven up coming tour dates.

Don't know if it will be any consolation for poor Justin, but elsewhere in Darkness news it has been revealed that the band have sold so much merchandise - including official band thongs at ten quid a go - that they could afford to keep the Darkness machine going for quite sometime without selling any more records (though presumably the record label, who as far as we know don't get any cut of merchandise revenue, wouldn't agree!). Russel Coulthart of, who have recently launched a new merchandise offshoot called, told reporters this weekend: "Ultimately, bands want to reach fans and maximize revenues without a huge chunk disappearing into the labels. This is definitely a new business model."


So how many people did you sue last week? Well, beat this, the Recording Industry Association of America launched another 750 lawsuits against serial downloaders last week - bringing the total number of lawsuits issued by the industry association in its anti-downloading campaign to 6191. As before, the RIAA will firstly need to prove their case to the courts in order to secure the identity of each downloader from their ISP - they will then have to go back to court to sue each individual for copyright infringement.


The Charlatans have added to extra dates to their upcoming winter tour - they will play two gigs in front-man Tim Burgess' birthplace - Salford. The full tour, which coincides with the 20 Dec release of new single 'Loving You Is Easy', now looks like this:

11 Dec: Dunoon Queens Hall
12 Dec: Motherwell Concert Hall
14 Dec: Preston Guildhall
15 Dec: Norwich UEA
16 Dec: London Brixton Academy
18 Dec: Leeds University
19 & 20 Dec: Salford Maxwell Hall


The Libertines will re-release their second self-titled album two weeks from today with an extra DVD featuring promotional videos, live footage (including their infamous Albion Rooms gig and a Christmas show at the London Forum from last year), interviews and a host of extras.


The Times have taken the plunge and will, this week, go completely tabloid, dumping the broadsheet alternative. Of course, up until now readers have been able to choose between a tabloid and broadsheet sized newspaper.

Announcing the move, Times editor Robert Thomson told reporters: "This is a significant moment in the 216-year history of The Times. The launch of the compact has transformed the fortunes of the newspaper and made The Times even more influential as Britain's journal of record. Our talented and committed team of journalists is determined to produce a newspaper that is bringing quality reporting to an ever larger audience and to uphold the traditional virtues and values that have made The Times respected around the world."

Word has it that many on the Times workforce are annoyed at the way the axing of the broadsheet has been handled - many heard about the decision via the Media Guardian website, with some sub-editors already working on broadsheet pages for this week before the tabloid only decision was confirmed.


A new company has announced a PayPal style system exclusively available to music download platforms. Called MusicPlay, the system will let music fans charge up accounts using cash at shops, bank transfers, credit/debit cards and reverse SMS billing. They will then be able to pay for music bought from numerous download platforms using their MusicPlay account. Like Napster's pre-pay cards, the system hopes to open up digital music downloads to those music fans without credit cards.

MusicPlay boss Rob Atkin explains: "With MusicPlay we wanted to make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible to buy music online. Finding alternatives to credit card transactions with cash, bank transfers and SMS was the key. We also wanted to make it simple for online music merchants - to have one system that does it all".

MusicPlay launches on Friday and will be looking to secure many download platforms as partners in the coming months.


Frankie Goes To Hollywood have recruited a new front-man. As previously reported, the band are planning on playing at a special charity gig to celebrate record producer Trevor Horn's 25 years in the music business. But Holly Johnson - who fell out with Horn many years ago - has refused to take part, hence the need to recruit a new front-man.

After holding auditions in London yesterday the band confirmed they had recruited one Ryan Malloy to front the band for the gig. A spokesman for the band told reporters: "We have heard some excellent singers. Some of them were really, really good."


Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent and Nelly have all been confirmed as guests on the up coming new Snoop Dog album - 'R&G (Rhythm and Gangsta): The Masterpiece' - which is due out in the US on 23 Nov.

According to Billboard Timberlake joins the Gap Band's Charlie Wilson on a song called 'Signs' while 50 Cent raps on 'Oh No' and Nelly features on 'Girl Like U'.


Bob Geldof has reportedly banned Madonna from taking part in Band Aid III because she is American - the previous two versions of the track only featured British artists. Word is Madonna hoped to join Noel Gallagher, Robbie Williams, Coldplay and The Darkness on the reworking of the song, but The People quote Midge Ure as saying: "As Bob says, at the end of the day she's a Yank. We don't need her."


Canadian Joni Mitchell has been given the 'Order Of Canada' for her contribution to music and in recognition of her international success. Announcing the award Canadian Governor General Adrienne Clarkson said in a statement "From Yorkville coffeehouses to international stages and on to gold albums, Junos, Grammys and Hall of Fame inductions, she has engaged and inspired audiences and musicians for some 40 years."

Mitchell has said her 2002 album 'Travelogue' will be her last because she has grown tired of the music industry.


Well, at last, Eric Prydz is off the top spot (then again, it's happened before!). Ja Rule yesterday secured the highest new entry with his new single 'Wonderful' - no surprise really given it also featured appearances from the bankable R Kelly and Ashanti. The track pushed Mr Prydz back to number two, still ahead of Daniel Bedingfield who goes in at number three with 'Nothing Hurts Like Love' and Jay Sean who is in at four with 'Stolen'. Other new entries this week include the Libertines who went in at nine with the rather good 'What Became Of The Likely Lads'.

Other new entries this week from Noise Next Door with a double a-side including the song from Saturday morning kids show 'Ministry Of Mayhem' who go in at 12. GLC's 'Your Mother's Got A Penis' goes in at 14, Kings of Leon are at 16, Graham Coxon at 19, Bloc Party at 26, The Others at 36 and Snow Patrol at 39.

Albums wise, no change at all at the top, with Robbie, Ronan and Rod maintaining the top three positions. New entries include Placebo best of at 8, new Beautiful South at 11 and those very fine Depeche Mode remixes at 24.


Mute Records will stage a new film event at the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton on 20 Nov at 11.30pm. Called Mute Film Presents, the event will screen some rare footage from the Mute Films archives, including unseen live footage of the Virgin Prunes from the Hacienda, Manchester from 1983, 30 selected one minute movies from The Residents' brand new Commercial Album DVD and 30 minutes of rarely seen promotional videos by Laibach.

Tickets are £5, Press info from Sarah Lowe at Mute.


Embrace have staged a gig in the Big Brother house. A group of fans recruited via a website met the band in a London pub, and were then taken to the house used by the reality show for the gig. One fan told the Daily Star: "We had no idea where they were taking us and couldn't believe it when we found ourselves in front of the house." Word is the band performed a seven-song set and scrawled their signatures on the Big Brother house walls before leaving.


Simon Cowell has been bitching about fellow X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne after she accused him of being gay, and speculating that his relationship with Terri Seymour was a front to cover it up.

Cowell has told reporters: "First she says I rig the X Factor, then I don't know talent, then I chase all the young girls. Now I'm gay. If a flood wipes out Britain next week she'll blame me for that as well."


Kylie is to get married - it's official. Well, sort of. Kylie will appear in a wedding dress in an upcoming series finale for an Aussie sitcom called 'Kath & Kim'. Kylie, a fan of the show, will appear in an episode centring on Kim's wedding day. The sitcom character is upstaged by Kylie. Word is Ms Minogue wears her hair in the show in the same style as that seen in the famous Scott & Charlene wedding in Neighbours.


Fun galore at Charles De Gaulle airport the other day when Blue boys Lee Ryan and Duncan James fell out with security guards who asked the duo to remove their belts and shoes when they set off a security scanner. A source tells the Daily Mirror: "Lee told the humourless security men his baggy jeans would fall down if he took his belt off, but they ordered him to do it, so he did. And his trousers slipped down to his knees. It was hilarious. But Lee was furious because the security guys were all laughing their heads off. And there were loads of fans milling round the airport who were goggle-eyed at it all."

"Duncan had had enough by then so he shouted at them: 'This is fucking ridiculous'. The security team took this very badly, confiscated their passports and called the police.

The police said if he didn't say sorry they'd be arrested and taken to the police station. So Duncan relented - he didn't want them to miss their flight. Although Duncan had said sorry one of the security guys said he wanted his apology in writing. It was outrageous and a total farce. Duncan said no way, but the police threatened to take him to the station if he didn't."

Dramas galore - though compared to my traumatic journey from London to Glasgow in the hands of BMI on Friday I think they got a good deal.

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