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In today's CMU Daily:
- British government to hand back Live Aid tax
- Tesco enter download arena
- SonyBMG respond to Grokster relationship reports
- Queen tackle bootleggers with online releases
- REM leave politics to the music
- Durst on new Limp Bizkit album
- Album Review: Various - Soul Of Man Pres Y4K
- C4 may get BBC money
- Extra Oasis gig added after quick sell out
- Undertones not confirmed for Glastonbury
- Kylie on Glasto bill
- Alarm scam to be made into movie
- Sky launch designer set top boxes
- AMAs to screen rare Beatles footage
- Associated plan Metro weekly
- House Music Awards
- Mel C on Virgin frustrations
- Brando Junior may be witness in Jacko case
- AFI distance themselves from best of compo
- Live Review: Maximo Park At Infinity on 2 Nov
- Cowell's opera group top the charts
- Busted turn on Regent Street lights
- Eminem avoiding the N word



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How did you start out making music for a living?
We recorded a record and released it ... then it all happened.

What inspired your latest album?
Daily life in our hometown and touring around the world.

What process do you go through in creating an album?
First we write the songs. then we rehearse the songs. then we record everything live.

Which artists influence your work?
The music is influenced by ourselves!

What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Shut up and listen!

What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
Add more spirit to rock culture.

Mando Diao are playing two gigs in London this week - they play Beach Club @ Notting Hill Arts Cub tonight and Artrocker Club in Highbury tomorrow night. Press info from Anglo.


The government has announced it will donate any VAT raised on purchases of the new Live Aid DVD and the forthcoming reworking of the Band Aid track 'Do They Know It's Christmas' back to the Band Aid charities. Based on estimates that 500,000 copies of the DVD recording of the legendary charity concert are sold, in addition to a million copies of the Band Aid single, that would see the charity receiving an extra £4 million. The move mirrors a gesture made by the then Conservative government back in 1985 who donated money to charities working in Ethiopia and Chad equivalent to the VAT collected on sales of the original 1984 Band Aid record.

Announcing his decision to redistribute the tax money, Gordon Brown, told reporters this weekend: "Ever since its launch 20 years ago, Band Aid has had a huge impact, raising the plight of the world's poorest and raising funds to help them. More than that, Band Aid has won millions to the cause of fighting global poverty. I want to do everything I can to support their work and so people can buy the DVD and record this Christmas knowing that all the money they spend will go to support the vital work of the Band Aid Trust in the poorest countries of Africa."

Speaking at the launch of the Live Aid DVD yesterday, Bob Geldof told reporters: "I just came back from Africa. I was with child witches in the Congo two days ago, and the telephone rang, and it was Gordon Brown. He said to me: 'Ah, Bob, hello, what about the VAT on the record?' I said:'Yeah, I hadn't thought about that. I forgot all that stuff.' But they hadn't, because Gordon Brown and Tony Blair are the same sort of generation, so they're my age, and so I just had tea with them, as you do on a Sunday afternoon. It's millions saved on VAT. That's a serious wedge, and shows a political climate change".

The Live Aid DVD is released today. Recording of the new Band Aid single is due to take place in London next weekend.


It was like I was saying this weekend, there's just not enough download services out there. Well, fear not, because those bastions of new music, Tesco, have announced they are launching their very own iTunes style download platform selling some 500,000 tracks using a Microsoft codec. Tracks will sell for a cheap cheap cheap 79 pence a shot.

Confirming the supermarket's entry into the download world, Tesco boss Laura Wade Gery told reporters: "As the price of portable digital players falls, customers will demand more choice. That is what we are delivering." Indicating what segment of the download market they were after, Gery continued: "Music buying is changing. We know that for the first time dads are spending more on music each week than their teenage sons."


SonyBMG insiders have responded to those previously reported stories in the LA Times that suggested the record company was considering a joint venture with P2P network Grokster, just as the Recording Industry Association of America move their legal attack against Grokster style businesses to the Supreme Court.

Insiders at the major say the story stemmed from talks they are involved in with a new company set up by Napster founder Shawn Fanning. The new company, called Snocap, is reportedly looking into ways to create a workable labels-endorsed P2P network, and word has it that the major is interested in getting involved because SonyBMG boss Andrew Lack sees projects like that being developed by Fanning as the most effective way to tackle the continued P2P problem. However, insiders say, all four major labels are considering Snocap's work - SonyBMG is not going out on a limb, like BMG did when it gave financial backing to Napster in the months before its bankruptcy.

The LA Times story was most likely fed by insiders from Grokster based on rumour that Lack is particularly interested in their use of Snocap's technology.


The remaining members of Queen are planning on combating the problem of the black market music industry selling bootleg recordings of their gigs by making them all available online for fiver a time.

The band's management reckon there are some 600-700 unofficial live recordings of Queen in circulation, sold illegally on CD and increasingly available via P2P networks. The band will make 100 of these recordings available to download via their website - each recording will be sold for £5, oblivious of length.

Queen's Brian May explains: "Playing the bootleggers at their own game seems an appealing prospect for most of us. Here we hope to do just that, and we hope that in the end it will lead to a sense of satisfaction all round."

The project has the full backing of the band's label, EMI. Tony Wadsworth, chief executive of EMI Music, told reporters this weekend: "Queen have always been innovative, and this latest idea harnesses the power of digital delivery to enable Queen fans to get the best of the many unofficial live recordings of the band inexpensively and legally."

The first three full concerts to be made available include a 1979 show from Sapporo in Japan, a US show from 1982 and a show in Osaka, Japan, from May 1985.


REM shared in their disappointment at the result of last week's American Presidential vote at their first post-election gig in New York last Thursday. Opening with 'It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)' (normally an encore favourite), the band included most of their politically charged tracks in their set, including 'Around The Sun' - 'Final Straw', 'The Outsiders', 'I Wanted To Be Wrong' from new album 'Around The Sun' - and older poltical numbers 'Welcome To The Occupation', 'Cuyahoga' and 'Begin The Begin'.

One audience member told REM fansite "When they did 'Cuyahoga', he [frontman Michael Stipe] said: 'This is about Ohio' and the audience gave a collective "boooooooo" - so you could tell the mood the band was in all night just from that alone. He [Stipe] barely spoke throughout the whole show. At one point, he mentioned that he didn't know what to say so he'd let the music speak for itself."


Fred Durst has been back on the keyboard updating Limp Bizkit fans on the band's projects via his website. In the latest outpouring Durst revealed the Bizkit are working on a new album, which might be finished by Christmas, and that things are going very well now that guitarist Wes Borland is back with the band.

Durst: "We're packing up and heading north to record a new album. Los Angeles is too comfortable for us, so we have to leave our everyday lives behind. This music is hungry for our blood, and we have to feed it what it wants. We have about two months before the holidays hit. Do you think we can hammer it out before Christmas? We'll see.

On having Borland back in the band Durst rambles thus: "I've been gone for a long time. I don't regret anything that's happened over the past three years. It couldn't have happened any other way. I had some time to explore some other things, and after searching I came to the conclusion that this band was not an accident. There is a chemistry here that I haven't found anywhere else. There's an intention and an electricity that exists which is bigger than the individual members, despite their differences. We're very excited about the music we are writing at the moment, and we are very grateful that we get the chance to do this again with our friend [producer] Ross Robinson on board."


ALBUM REVIEW: Various - 'Soul Of Man pres. Y4K' (Distinctive)
The Y4K series have become the benchmark for breaks compilations, not to mention the most well known. Previous mixers have included the genres elite - Freq Nasty, Hybrid & Hyper to name but a few. So who has stepped up for the latest instalment? None other than Soul Of Man - the brains behind the label utterly synonymous with nu-skool breaks, Finger Lickin'. Otherwise known as Justin Rushmore and Jem Panufnik, SOM have attempted to bring us a representation of their live DJ sets, with a 70 minute rough & ready trip with tracks from all the usual suspects, including Plump DJ's, Lee Coombs, Meat Katie, Dylan Rhymes, et al. I imagine any breaks fan could quite ably predict this tracklisting, but hey, that's breaks! Everyone's pretty much playing the same stuff anyway! That being said, this certainly is still a fun mix - although not much can be said about the programming (it's pretty banging from start to finish) it is an excellent selection of all the major tracks that you can catch in any decent breaks night in London. Fans of the genre are obviously going to love this and as for everyone else, I don't think you can go far wrong - mean dance-floor beats don't come much better. OG
Release date: 15 Nov
Press contact: Trailer [all]


A BBC subsidy is one of several options being considered to enable Channel 4 to maintain its commitment to public service broadcasting.

Channel 4 bosses have warned the government that in the digital age it reckons its audience share will slip down to 8%, which would leave the network's current operations with an annual shortfall of £100 million. This would make it impossible for the network to maintain its public service responsibilities - something neither the government nor Channel 4 bosses would find attractive.

Channel 4 chief exec Andy Duncan is looking into various options for the future of Channel 4 in the digital age - including the much talked about cost-saving merger with Channel 5. The latest option being considered, however, is that the BBC should hand over an annual subsidy from the licence fee to help Channel 4 continue its commitment to less mainstream and commercial programming. Word is the idea would not be met with complete resistance from the Beeb.

However, it is one of many options. Some say the BBC should be forced to hand over some of its controversial commercial business BBC Worldwide (controversial cos it's so damn successful) to Channel 4. If Channel 4 were to take ownership of the BBC's magazine publishing operations, for example, it would have access to something like an extra £37m in profits every year. Another option is that Channel 4 is given the seventh terrestrial digital TV multiplex that is expected to become available once analogue TV is turned off (which is currently being pencilled for the telecom industry). Channel 4 could earn revenues off that multiplex by launching more commercial and mainstream channels to help fund the flagship station, or by simply renting out channel space to other broadcasters.

It is not yet know which is Duncan's preferred option, although any of the possible solutions would require considerable government lobbying.


Oasis are the latest band to sell out mega-gigs within hours of tickets going on sale. Tickets for the Gallagher's UK gigs in Manchester, Glasgow and Milton Keynes - scheduled for next Jun/Jul - went on sale on Friday, and were sold out by lunchtime. An extra date at the City of Manchester Stadium on 30 Jun was announced immediately.

A spokesman for the band told reporters the gigs had been amongst the fastest selling in the band's history, adding: "It's been an incredible morning. Oasis' currency remains sky-high.


A spokesman for the Undertones has issued an air of caution over reports that the band would headline the first ever John Peel stage at next year's Glastonbury Festival. Rumours that the band would play Glasto began when Michael Eavis (quite a reliable source!) told a local radio station the band had approached him as soon as they heard the new bands stage at the festival was to be renamed in John Peel's honour. But in a statement on the Undertones' website the band's manager, Andy Ferguson, wrote this weekend:

"To be honest the band's thoughts are for John's family and they are not ready to consider these sort of things so soon. Yes, one of the band did, in an emotional response to the announcement that there would be a John Peel Stage, indicate that he would like to play. However Glastonbury have not contacted or put any proposal to us. We don't know what the John Peel Stage will be all about. The Undertones have never been invited to play at Glastonbury before but if they are then all the band will be involved in considering any proposal."


Talking of Glasto, and rumour has it Kylie is the latest addition to the 2005 bill. A source told The Sun that Kylie has been approached to play, adding: "She's nervous. She wants to wow the crowds like on her tours. A lot of people will be pleasantly surprised when they see her live." The tabloid reckons Kylie will proceed OutKast on the main stage on Saturday night.


The bid by veteran rockers The Alarm to win radio support by pretending to be a young new band might be made into a movie.

As previously reported, The Alarm scored their first Top 30 hit in years after they pretended their new single was by a new band called The Poppyfields - they even got young Welsh band The Wayriders to lip-synch the song for the video to convince radio programmers that the track was by new talent.

Now director Sara Sugarman, a friend of Alarm frontman Mike Peters, is planning on making the story into a semi-biographical film, to be produced by Shrek producer John Williams.

Word is, the film will tell the story of a long-split 80s band who reunite for a Joe Strummer tribute concert before embarking on an Alarm-style scam.


If you thought Apple owned the concept of technology that looks nice, then think again. Sky have announced they are launching a collection of limited edition 'designer' digital satellite boxes for the Christmas market. The special boxes not only give viewers the Sky+ TV service, but enable them to have a slab of plastic designed by top British designers underneath their telly.

A Sky spokesman told reporters: "The Sky+ Designer Collection will attract both style gurus and urban trendsetters thanks to the range of designers involved in the project, providing a focal point for any living room that the style conscious among us will be proud to show off."

Designs in the collection, which is being sold by Selfridges. include 'Dragonfly and Kaleidoscope' by Matthew Williamson, 'Popcorn Flower' by Eley Kisimoto, 'French Knot' by Neisha Crosland and 'Rainbow Graffiti' by Wale Adeyemi.


Grammys rival, the American Music Awards, have said they will broadcast a TV performance by the Beatles not seen since 1964 at next year's ceremony. The footage comes from an unnamed UK TV show, and has apparently sat unnoticed for decades in an ABC vault. Organisers of the awards will hope the exclusive will help win the awards show additional TV viewers.

The awards' producer Dick Clark has told reporters the footage "aired here and then, for some reason or another, went into a trunk somewhere". He added: "It's a wonderful old tape that's been lost for 40 years that nobody's seen since it first aired."


Associated Newspapers are expanding their freesheet brand Metro with a new free magazine targeted at female commuters in London. The new weekly titles will be distributed during rush hour each Monday from the New Year, and are most likely to compete with those Ms London type mags people try to thrust into your hands in the capital - editorially Associated are hoping for something slightly more upmarket, but in terms of advertising they will also focus primarily on the sectarial recruitment sector.

Metro MD Steve Auckland told reporters: "This is a highly targeted brand extension and we are confident that a profitable gap in the market exists for a Metro quality recruitment magazine primarily aimed at PA, secretarial and admin staff. It will benefit from Metro's strong brand values and editorial expertise which we have built successfully over the last five years."


It was the first ever House Music Awards in London last Thursday night, and the winners were...

Breakthrough Producer: Tom Neville
Breakthrough Label: Buzzin Fly
Pioneer Breakthrough DJ: Nic Fanciulli
Most Innovative Producer: DJ Gregory
Album of the Year: Junior Jack - Trust it
Onephatdeeva Outstanding Vocal: Ron Carroll - Back Together
Best Independent Store: Juno
Outstanding Live Performance: Chemical Brothers
Best Club Night: We love Sundays @ Space
Outstanding Remix: Wally Lopez for David Guetta's 'Just a Little More Love'
Best Venue: Pacha Ibiza
Outstanding Radio Show: Pete Tong's Essential Selection
Label of the Year: Defected
DJ of the Year: Roger Sanchez
Artist of the Year: Junior Jack
Standout Event WMC: Defected @ The National
Standout Track WMC: Shapeshifters "Lola's Theme"
Best Magazine: DJ Mag
Best Radio Station: Radio 1
Best Web Resource: Ministry of Sound.Com
Most Innovative Technology: Pioneer CDJ1000
Contribution to House Music: Frankie Knuckles
Essential Selection Track of the Year: Shapeshifters "Lola's Theme"

More at


Despite much talk of 'amicable departures' when Melanie C parted company with Virgin Records at the start of the year, the singer has admitted via her website that she had become very frustrated with the major in the last months of her record deal. Talking about work on her forthcoming self-released album, which has the telling title of 'Better Alone, Mel C writes: "I didn't realise how liberating it would be leaving Virgin. I was very inspired by my new found freedom. I also had a lot of anger and frustration to vent after 'Reason' wasn't given the chance it deserved. I truly believe this is the strongest album I've worked on. I have no idea how it will be received but I am very excited and proud of how it's turned out. The album's almost ready so it's photo and video time. In the New Year we'll be starting promotion."


The ongoing Jacko child abuse case took an interesting turn at the end of last week when it turned out the prosecution have named the son of Marlon Brando in their case against the singer. It turns of Miko Brando was a security guard for Jackson and he once withdrew $20,000 from one of Jacko's accounts. The prosecution claim that money was withdrawn as part of a plan to abduct, falsely imprison and extort one of the witnesses in the child abuse case. The allegations were made during a prelim hearing in California last week. Brando is not accused of being party to the alleged conspiracy, but he could be called as a witness if the extortion allegations are pursued once Jacko's court case properly kicks off in the New Year.

Needless to say, Jacko's people refute the allegations and say that it was not unusual for Jackson to ask a member of his staff to pick up that some of money from one of his bank accounts. A spokesman said: "There is nothing unusual with someone like Michael Jackson, with such a large operation like Neverland, to have $20,000 in cash delivered to them for the purpose of running their daily affairs".


American rockers AFI have distanced themselves from a new best of compilation album being released today on Nitro Records. While not going all out and telling fans to boycott the album, they have stressed they themselves were not involved in the best of.

On their website the band wrote: "While we are extremely proud of our body of work over the years, we would like you to know it was not the band's decision to compile, create or promote a 'retrospective' at this point in our career. If you should enjoy it or hear something you've been unable to find elsewhere then great, but please understand it was conceived and sold without our input. We are much more focused on creating our new record for our fans."


LIVE REVIEW: Maximo Park at Infinity on 2 Nov
Hot on the heels of the Futureheads' success, Warp signings Maximo Park tonight seek to cement the reputation of Tyneside as the new hotbed of angular guitar rock. Swaggering on-stage with a studied mix of pretension and insouciance, they cast themselves as frustrated idealists struggling to come to terms with the prosaic mundanities of everday existence. "What are you doing here if romance isn't dead?" asks singer Paul Smith on 'Graffiti': a rhetorical question, naturally. Somewhat ironically for a band whose aesthetic sensibilities are so neatly aligned to the Zeitgeist, the most obvious reference point remains the heroically unhip Wedding Present. Recurring themes of simmering lust and humdrum kitchen sink melodrama are conveyed with a theatrical intensity, as Smith's exaggeratedly accentuated vocals compete for air with the band's taut, jagged-edged staccato rhythms. Forthcoming single 'The Coast is Always Changing' ably showcases Maximo Park's flair for melodic, literate guitar pop, but it is 'Apply Some Pressure' which could prove to be their trump card, a marvellously onomatopoeic exercise in frenetic dynamic shifts. Many more bands of this calibre and we may even have to desist from taunting the Geordies with repeated references to China Drum. DL


Say what you like about Simon Cowell ("Whatever happened to Michelle?" is a good starting point), but he has a knack for pulling off moments of genius. Yesterday was one of those momemts when Il Divo, a little known operatic vocal group signed up by Cowell, topped the album chart, knocking Robbie Williams off the top spot having shifted 130,000 records in one week with their eponymously titled debut long player. Well done them.

Elsewhere in the albums chart and well done to the Kings of Leon who go straight in at 3 with 'Aha Shake Heartbreak' - the Manics, meanwhile, go in at 13 with their new album 'Lifeblood'. Lots of best ofs in the chart this week - Travis at 4, Tina Turner at 6, the Bee Gees at 7, Phil Collins at 10 and the Verve at 15, while there are live albums from Busted at 11 and the Rolling Stones at 38.

Singles wise and five new entries at the top of the charts, all from our American cousins - Eminem went straight in at the top with 'Just Lose It', followed up by Destiny's Child at 2, Britney at 3, Christina at 4 and Usher at 5.

Elsewhere in new entries land we have dance stalwart Michael Gray at 7 with 'The Weekend', Jamelia at 9 with 'DJ/Stop', Wet Wet Wet with 'All I Want' at 14, Elton John with 'All That I', Allowed (I'm Thankful)' at 20, the Kaiser Chiefs with 'I Predict A Riot' at 22 plus Candee Jay at 23, Tyler James at 25, The Strokes at 27, Gerge Michael at 32 and Chingy at 34. Lovely.


Busted last week took on the very responsible task of turning on the Regent Street lights in London. Thanks to their button pressing work Londoners can now enjoy a a series of festive looking adverts for the new Disney/Pixar film 'The Incredibles' all along Regent Street. I still think 'Have A Tango Christmas' was Regent Streets' best Christmas display yet.


Eminem has told the Rolling Stone that he will never use the word "nigger" in one of his raps, though "faggot" will remain in his rhyming repertoire. He told the magazine that 'nigger' is "a word I don't feel comfortable with, it wouldn't sound right coming out of my mouth", but "faggot" isn't so bad - "If you're using the word in the way of calling them a name, that's different than a racial slur to me". So that's that cleared up.

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