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In today's CMU Daily:
- Hirst's design rejected
- Wemba guilty but free
- New legal fight for Jacko
- Collection societies: in good shape and more important than ever
- Album Review: Kreator - Enemy Of God
- Radio 1 schedule rejig
- Oasis catalogue made available to download
- Microsoft add unsigned strand to MSN music
- Arrest warrant issued for G-Unit rapper
- So Solid member wanted for questioning in murder case
- Franz Ferdinand's backstage fracas
- Vibe Awards
- Mtv Asia awards
- New York scene of old celebrated on new compo
- Longview college tour
- Freq Nasty launches new website
- Mercury Rev plan upfront online release
- Slint to curate ATP
- Album Review: Anthrax - Greater Of Two Evils
- Four / Five merger talks off
- And You Will Know the dates
- Erasure tour
- Mcfadden club tour


Yep, it is that time of year when everyone starts running mindless polls on what were the best things about 2004. We love mindless polls, so wouldn't want to be left out. So - what was your favourite track of 2004? Email us the name of your favourite track with a 50 word explanation to - we'll publish people's nominations throughout December, with an overall top ten announced on Christmas Eve. Fun, fun.

This month's London Music Network Playback Party celebrates the launch of LMN's latest album of the month - Elefant's 'Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid'. Elefant will be playing live, plus support and DJs, oh yes, and a free bottle of Becks for everyone. All takes place on 25 November at the Marquee on Leicester Square - and you CMU readers are all invited. To get on the guest list email

Not only will you find the latest CMU Digest online, but the CMU Tracklisting returns from its longer-than-expected break (!) later on today rounding up everything that has been played on alternative radio in the last seven days. Download your copy from


SAME SIX QUESTIONS: Ven Pedro of All One Surface

How did you start out making music for a living?
Made a demo in 2002 and pimped it around. Someone I sort of knew (he ran a fanzine that reviewed us) started a label and asked us to be the first signing.

What inspired your latest album?
I write songs individually and then arrange them into albums at a later stage. Anything can inspire me to write a song- other music, literature, films art, a snippet of overheard conversation etc etc

What process do you go through in creating an album?
I'm not quite sure what kind of answer you want for this but my opinion of it is that if you have a "process" for something artistic you are being far too mechanical.

Which artists influence your work?
No one consciously. Probably several hundred unconsciously.

What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
I wouldn't say anything. Musicians love talking about themselves and their music far too much. But bottom line someone either likes it or they don't, we should shut up so people can listen to the music for themselves.

What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
It would be very nice if more copies of my album were sold in order for the record label to at least break even. My only musical ambition is to be able to keep making music I want to listen to.

You can download tracks from All One Surface from their label's website -


Alas, Damian Hirst's design for the cover artwork of the new Band Aid single was just too "in your face', so organisers have opted for a montage of images including cartoon reindeers, polar bears and an emaciated African child - lovely.

Explaining the decision to not go with Hirst's artwork, Midge Ure told Xfm yesterday: "It's not really about the artwork. It doesn't really matter who's done it or who hasn't done it. Damien's thing was fantastic as a piece of art but as a record cover the Band Aid trustees didn't think it was right. It was very graphic, very in your face, just what you'd expect from Damien Hirst, but it's about what's inside the thing. The record, that's the important part. The cover doesn't really matter, throw the cover away, buying it is the important thing."

The new version of 'Do They Know It's Christmas' - which got its first radio play yesterday - will be in stores on 29 Nov, with a download release planned for later on today.


Paris courts yesterday gave Congolese singer Papa Wemba, one of Africa's biggest music stars, a 30-month jail sentence after finding him guilty of aiding an illegal immigration racket involving his entourage. However, much of the sentence was suspended which means, given the singer has been in jail for 4 months already, he will not have to return to prison. The news was met with jubilation by the 150 odd Wemba fans that had gathered outside the court for the hearing.

As previously reported, Wemba is suspected of taking payments to procure visas for Congolese nationals - smuggling people into France as members of his entourage. Officials became suspicious when, in 2000, Wemba was accompanied by an entourage of 200 people, with very few musicians among them. Wemba still faces similar charges in Belgium where he also holds citizenship.

French prosecutors had hoped for a longer sentence for the singer - however, while Wemba admitted to helping a small number of people into France (for, he stressed, compassionate and not commercial reasons), his lawyer argued that he shouldn't take the rap for a larger group of people who are employed in smuggling Congolese immigrants into France, using Wemba's name but not receiving his endorsement.


Elsewhere in legal news, and another Michael Jackson lawsuit (one day soon universities will surely dedicate whole courses to the legal woes of Jacko).

This time the singer is being sued by Marc Schaffel who claims he is owed unpaid loans and producing fees - the former for funding some of Jacko's legendary spending sprees, the latter for producing the two TV specials Jacko used to hit back at ITV's famous Bashir programme. The lawsuit is looking for $3 million - Jacko's legal people are yet to respond, apparently they're quite busy working on something.

Schaffel, of course, was Jackson's collaborator on the post-9/11 charity record 'What More Can I Do' which never received a proper release after the fundraising project ran into various disputes and was left without a record label to release it. One of those disputes centred on objections to Schaffel's involvement by some supporters of the project because he had previously worked in the porn industry.


"Despite what you might have read, the collecting societies are in good shape and the management of collections in the online world is under control," that was the conclusion of John Hutchinson, chief executive of the MCPS-PRS Alliance speaking at MusicTank's ThinkTank event in London last night.

The debate centred on how the societies that collect royalty revenues on behalf of songwriters, artists and copyright owners - PRS, MCPS, PPL et al - were coping given the new challenges presented by the online (and increasingly global) age, the recent interest shown by EC regulators in the operations of the collecting societies and the news that Universal had moved its European Central Licensing Agreement from the UK's MCPS to Belgium's main royalties collection society SABAM.

However Hutchison argued that, while the societies didn't always win the PR war ("for Apple to claim it was the collecting societies that delayed the arrival of iTunes in Europe is just wrong"), organisations like his were providing a better service for their members than ever before in an increasingly complex copyright world. "I am the first to criticise both my own organisation, and others, but I do feel that most major collecting societies are now using acceptable methods to achieve the efficient, accurate and transparent collecting of our members' royalties".

4AD Music's Andy Heath backed up Hutchison's opinions, but stressed the importance of better integration between collecting societies around the world. Suggesting there are far too many collecting societies out there, Heath said, "some collecting societies act as if they have a divine right to exist. The societies have to offer a good service to their members to justify their existence." A particular concern was some of the practices of the European collection societies, which proved problematic for both copyright owners, and those who wished to licence their catalogues. However Hutchison stressed that, while he agreed there were issues, he felt things were improving, and that sometimes the more awkward collecting societies did actually get better deals for their members in the end.

Urging all artists and musicians to join a collecting society, and advocating the current non-commercial nature of the societies, David Ferguson, chairman of the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters said "Despite the various issues, the collection societies ensure the option of independent membership in the music market. Without collection societies who work to secure the royalties of all of their members, oblivious of how big those royalties are, we would have a situation where the major record labels and retailers would have even more dominance. The collecting societies, and the collective strength they give creatives, are essential for enabling independents to work in the music business".


ALBUM REVIEW: Kreator - Enemy Of God (Steamhammer)
Everyone (whatever that means) is agreed that this is a 'return to form' from German thrash legends, Kreator. Everyone now includes me. While many of the thrash heads of old (those who hadn't killed their guitarist and spent 12 years rotting in a Norwegian prison; and who still had recording contracts) erred towards more hardcore roots for music after the 89/90 curfew, the musically autistic - Kreator included - just kept on thrashing... as if 'Reign In Blood' was still a fortnight old. 2004 marks Kreator's tenth year in the game, and their eleventh Satanic, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, holocaustic, post-holocaustic, caustic, raucous, thrash re-hash of a decade's unmoved stylistic parameters. Thank fuck you're not all pretentious cunts who care about 'the cool': I've seen you in your Deicide t-shirt looking like Lamb Of God just wasn't fast enough, Mastadon too kitsch and Slipknot is kiddie-metal in masks. Well, the ludicrously fast 'Enemy of God' is for you, gurgling growling Golem-esque vocals, soaring split-harmonies, utterly distorted riff-lines and drums that sound like the coming of the four horsemen. (PS: there's a lovely picture in the inlay sleeve with them looking like a tryptic of peddle-dash-rendered terraced houses. That's dark.) JG
Release date: 17 Jan 2005
Press contact: Workhard PR [all]


Another day, another Radio 1 schedule revamp. Hurrah. Main changes this time round involve Mr Wes Butters and Ms Sara Cox.

Firstly Butters - and the fashionable young hope of Radio 1's weekly chart show has been axed; well, his contract isn't being renewed, which normally means the same thing. Radio 1's new signings JK & Joel will get the gig from February, which suggests BBC bosses have been listening to commercial radio's Hit 40 UK which has opted for a more chatty style in its post-Foxy era. It seems the kids are no longer happy with a chart show that just counts down the chart. Still, JK & Joel should do a fine job.

Second up, news that when Sara Cox returns to Radio 1 after her maternity leave it will be to a weekend show rather than the drive time slot she previously hosted. Which is good news for Scott Mills who, having filled in for Cox during her leave, will stay on presenting the drive time show for the foreseeable future. Which is surely good news for everyone.


Oasis are making their entire album back catalogue available to download for the first time. Fans will be able to download a different Oasis album each week between now and Christmas, starting with 'Definitely Maybe', from all good download platforms (and some bad ones too).
Real fans will be able to download all of them this week, including the double CD version of live album 'Familiar To Millions', which is currently deleted, from the new download bit at


Microsoft has announced a new programme in the US which will see the computer firm's download platform MSN Music promoting undiscovered independent musicians.

The programme will be run through a partnership with, a website founded in 1999 by, among others, Talking Heads' Jerry Harrison, which exists to discover and champion new indie music.

The MSN Music programme will make available free downloads from, and internet radio streams featuring, the artists selected by The new feature is part of Microsoft's attempts to distinguish their download platform from Apple et al in the increasingly competitive digital music sector.


Less than a week after Eminem called for an end to the feuds and violence that hinders the hip hop community in the US, police announced they had issued a warrant for the arrest of Slim Shady label mate Young Buck, an rapper signed to Dr Dre's record label and a member of the G-Unit.

The rapper, real name David Darnell Brown, stands accused of stabbing a man who had previously punched Dre. The incident followed a fracas at the Vibe Awards in Santa Monica, California on Monday night. One Jimmy James Johnson approached Dre at the ceremony, seemingly to ask for an autograph, but then punched the legendary hip hop producer, who was at the awards to pick up a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Trouble broke out as Dre's entourage piled onto Johnson. It was during that trouble that Johnson was stabbed. A police spokesman told reporters yesterday: "Brown is clearly depicted [on videotape] as holding a knife after the assault and is one of a number of fight participants that was pepper-sprayed by officers in their attempt to stop this fight. We're asking Mr David Darnell Brown to surrender himself to police."

Brown fled the Santa Monica airport hangar where the Vibe Awards were taking place shortly after the assault. His people are yet to comment on the incident or the subsequent warrant for his arrest.


Doing his bit to ensure the UK urban music scene has some of the notoriety of American's hip hop world, So Solid Crew's Megaman yesterday got himself connected to a fatal shooting.

No laughing matter of course - Colin Scarlett was shot dead in South London on 6 Nov. One Carl Morgan was charged with his murder yesterday and will appear in court today. But police reckon Morgan wasn't alone and are looking for two other men seen leaving the scene. They suspect Megaman, real name Dwayne Vincent, was one of them.

The So Solid Crew have been out of the news of late as their music career slowed down, although some members, Vincent included, have taken part in police supported campaigns to reduce gun violence in London's black community.


Reminding us that it's not just the urban / hip hop community that like a good fracas (though, we must stress no guns or knifes were involved here), good old Franz Ferdinand had a bit of a row back stage at a recent gig in Paris. Having been presented with an award for their commercial success in France, things got a bit heated in the band's dressing room and Alex Kapranos and Nick McCarthy got into what the NME have vividly called "an explosive backstage row". Word is Alex then attempted to punch Nick, after which drummer Paul Thomson ploughed in too.

A band source told NME: "As far as I know there was a punch thrown at Nick by Alex. There was obviously some niggle there and they've grinned and bared it and got the discs, and then the tension was still there. I think a few things flew about! I think the actual brawl went on behind closed doors though. There was one swing and a lot of huffing and puffing, kicking things around in the dressing room."

So there you go: another reason to love Glasgow's finest - though Pete Doherty is still more reliable when it comes to causing trouble at gigs.


Talking of the Vibe Awards, which I think we were a few minutes ago, this just in - erm, it was the Vibe Awards on Monday night, the second annual awards event organised by America's Vibe magazine. Nominations in each category are selected by the mag's editorial team - journalists and tastemakers (whatever that means) around the US then vote for the over all winners. Somewhere between the brawls and stabbings the following awards were presented:

Artist of the Year: Alicia Keys
Best Group: G Unit
Sexiest Video Vixen: Ki Toy (in OutKast's 'The Way You Move')
Reelest Video: Jay-Z - 99 Problems
Best Comeback: Twista
Hottest Hook: Terror Squad - Lean Back
Street Anthem: T.I. - Rubberband Man
Power Broker of the Year - Steve Stoute
Coolest Collabo - Jadakiss, featuring Anthony Hamilton, Styles P., Common & Nas - Why (Remix)
Next Award: Anthony Hamilton
R&B Voice of the Year: Usher
Best R&B Song: Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You
Club Banger of the Year: Terror Squad - Lean Back
Boomshot Award: Kevin Lyttle featuring Spragga Benz - Turn Me On (Remix)


Staying with awards and, as things hot up for the MTV Europe Music Awards in Rome tomorrow, the nominations for this year's MTV Asia Music Awards were announced yesterday. For some strange reason (well, presumably the reason is they are quite popular in Asia) Keane got themselves three nominations, as did Australia's Jet. Asian artists up for prizes include Malaysia's Siti Nurhaliza and Singapore's Stefanie Sun.

The awards will be presented next Feb at an event in Bangkok. Organisers are yet to confirm who will stab who during the proceedings.


Koch Records have confirmed details of a new compilation paying tribute to the New York scene of old - none of those young pretenders will be cluttering 'New York Rocks', oh no. Songs set to appear on the album, due in late Jan, as follows:

The Velvet Underground - Rock & Roll
The Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop
Patti Smith - Ask the Angels
The Dictators - (I Live For) Cars and Girls
Television - See No Evil
Blondie - X Offender
Mink DeVille - Let Me Dream If I Want To
The Heartbreakers - Born To Lose
Richard Hell and the Voidoids - Blank Generation
Johnny Thunders - You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory
The Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer
The Mumps - Crocodile Tears
Suicide - Cheree
Wayne County and the Back Street - Max's Kansas City 1976


Longview have announced a series of daytime acoustic sets at students' unions around the UK, running as follows:

22 Nov, 1pm: Edinburgh Heriot Watt University
22 Nov, 5pm: Glasgow Queen Margaret University
23 Nov, 1pm: Newcastle University
24 Nov, 1pm: Sheffield University
24 Nov, 5pm: Sheffield Hallam University
25 Nov: 1pm: Leeds University
25 Nov: 5pm: Leeds Metropolitan University
7 Dec, 1pm: Cardiff University
9 Dec, 1pm: Southampton University
10 Dec, 1pm: London Kings College


To coincide with the release of new single 'Punkadelic', FreQ Nasty is launching a new website based around the six screen DJ/VJ sound-system show, the Video Nasty Experience, which the breakbeat star has been touring across Europe this year.

As with the live show, FreQ has collaborated with The Brothers Mogg of Peter Jackson's Weta Digital company in New Zealand, Cindy Lee (Art Director of last years Palm D'Or Winning short film 'Crackerbag'), Jamie Hewlett's (of Tankgirl & Gorillaz fame) 'Zombie Flesh Eaters' Hamish Bell and the whole extended 'Invizible inc' family to create the website - making it something really rather special.

You can check it out at


Word is that the next Mercury Rev album will be available to download months before its retail release - and this has nothing to do with naughty studio guys sticking the master tapes on Kazaa. The band's new album, 'The Secret Migration', will be available from iTunes from 25 Jan. A retail release is not likely until Apr at the earliest.


Legendary musical pioneers Slint are planning to reform to curate and perform at the next edition of All Tomorrow's Parties UK, which will take place from 25 - 27 Feb at Camber Sands Holiday Centre. Organisers reckon the news that Slint will be performing for the first time since they split in 1991 will mean tickets sell fast - so if you want to go you ought check now for details. Press info from Hermana.


ALBUM REVIEW: Anthrax - Greater Of Two Evils (Sanctuary)
Cool idea: get your fans to vote for their favourite 20 tracks, and then record them again. A bit gimmicky perhaps; but listen to this and you won't give a shit. Despite 20 years in the game, Anthrax aren't having the kind of issues that many bands have after only an album or two: "shit guys, I just can't think of anything...". These guys have ploughed through the decades like a hot knife through butter. It's almost unbelievable when you play this album... you just can't get over the... the everything: the riffs are hooky and rhythmic, the thrashing chords are as tight as ever, the sentiments unclouded, the politics subversive, and the solos are just un-fucking-believable. A more die hard fan than I would be more able to criticise and draw comparisons between the originals and their recent renderings. But with the odd album on vinyl stored away in Norfolk somewhere, and a head full of tunes, I can say without a shadow, that for old hands as well as the uninitiated, this is a very fine auto-covers album. JG
Release date: 29 Nov
Press contact: Sanctuary IH


Channel 4 yesterday called off their merger talks with Channel Five - opting instead to concentrate on ways to secure public funding for the commercially funded but not-for-profit broadcasting organisation. The move probably has a lot to do with boss Andy Duncan, who joined Channel 4 in Jul.

His predecessor Mark Thompson opposed public funding for Channel 4 (presumably, as Director General of the BBC, he doesn't oppose public funding of the Beeb!) and was seeking commercial ways to secure Channel 4's future - one way was the merger with Channel Five.

Confirming the end of merger talks Duncan told reporters: "We've concluded that protecting and strengthening Channel 4's public service role isn't compatible with the full merger that was proposed. I believe there are other, better ways to ensure that Channel 4's unique DNA is preserved and that the channel not only survives but thrives in a fully digital age."


...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead have announced two UK dates, as follows:

1 Dec: Glasgow King Tut's
2 Dec: London ULU


ERASURE TOUR have Erasure who, with a new single and album out in Jan, have announced the following tour dates:

24 Feb: Belfast, Waterfront Hall
25 Feb: Dublin, Vicar Street
26 Feb: Dublin, Vicar Street
28 Feb: Edinburgh, Usher Hall
1 Mar: Glasgow, Academy
3 Mar: Newcastle, City Hall
5 Mar: London, Hammersmith
7 Mar: Nottingham, Royal Concert
9 Mar: Manchester, Apollo
10 Mar: Sheffield, Octagon
11 Mar: Preston, Guildhall
13 Mar: Portsmouth, Guildhall
14 Mar: Bristol, Colston Hall
16 Mar: Wolverhampton, Civic Hall
18 Mar: Norwich, UEA
20 Mar: Cardiff, St Davids
21 Mar: Hull, City Hall


Finally tours wise, and Brian McFadden has announced a club tour to surround the launch of new single 'Irish Son', out on 22 Nov. Dates as follows:

20 Nov: Bristol Fleece
26 Nov: Whelans, Dublin
27 Nov: 100 Club, London
1 Dec: Life Café, Manchester
2 Dec: King Tuts, Glasgow

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