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In today's CMU Daily:
- Band Aid track available to download today
- Friends and family pay tribute to ODB
- Remix Night November
- Cross Central New Years Eve Xtravaganza
- DM presents the White vid
- Album Reviews: Twisted Sister - Still Hungry
- Frames London gig
- Freeview competing well with Sky
- Scissor Sisters to release DVD
- Minnelli reckons there's a conspiracy
- Stereolab plan rarities collection
- Album Review: Various - Southport Weekender 2 mixed by Blaze and Joe Clausell
- Eminem to play London gig - but it's a secret
- Dylan tops best track ever poll
- TLC use reality show to find new member
- Babyshambles add London date
- Vandals withdraw variety spoof
- Franz Ferdinand not appearing in Harry Potter film
- Xzibit not sure why he's hosting MTV awards


Yep, it is that time of year when everyone starts running mindless polls on what were the best things about 2004. We love mindless polls, so wouldn't want to be left out. So - what was your favourite track of 2004? Email us the name of your favourite track with a 50 word explanation to - we'll publish people's nominations throughout December, with an overall top ten announced on Christmas Eve. Fun, fun.

This month's London Music Network Playback Party celebrates the launch of LMN's latest album of the month - Elefant's 'Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid'. Elefant will be playing live, plus support and DJs, oh yes, and a free bottle of Becks for everyone. All takes place on 25 November at the Marquee on Leicester Square - and you CMU readers are all invited. To get on the guest list email

Not only will you find the latest CMU Digest online, but the CMU Tracklisting returns from its longer-than-expected break (!) later on today rounding up everything that has been played on alternative radio in the last seven days. Download your copy from



How did you start out making music for a living?
I met three friends and started a rock & roll band

What inspired your latest album?
Life and wanting to give people an escape.

What process do you go through in creating an album?
We produced the album on our own at a farm in the middle of nowhere and we locked ourselves away from the world to create it.

What artists influence your work?
The Who, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd & DJ Shadow

What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Lie back and float with the music

What are your ambitions for this album, and for the future?
We hope it reaches as many people as possible, it needs to be heard. As for the future - to just carry on making music.

Kasabian have confirmed their next single release will be 'Cutt Off' out on 3 Jan - radio play of the reworked single version will kick off this week. Press info from BMG.


Universal Music reckon they have achieved the fastest turn round of a track in the download age with the new version of Band Aid's 'Do They Know It's Christmas'. The track, featuring the talents of Chris Martin, Dido, Robbie Williams, Justin Hawkins, Fran Healy, Will Young and Dizzee Rascal, among others, was recorded in London on Sunday of course. It got its first radio play on Tuesday morning, and will be available for music fans to download at some point today.

The charity track will be available through numerous UK download platforms, including Napster, those run by OD2 and a special site - The track will be sold for £1.49. The CD release's b-side (the original 1984 version which, having heard the new version, a more cynical man might say is the main reason for buying the CD single in the first place) is also available for download for 99p.

Commenting on the rapid turn around of the track Barney Wragg, Vice President of Universal Music eLabs, told reporters: "Making this track available as a download so fast, through so many retailers, was a real logistical challenge, but everyone did their best - in fact, more than their best. I'm sure there will be further rapid studio-to-consumer digital downloads in future, but none for as worthy a cause as this one."

Elsewhere in Band Aid news, Westlife and Ronan Keating have expressed their disappointment at not being asked to get involved with the re-recording of the charity track.

Westlife's Nicky Byrne has told the Daily Star: "We couldn't compete with U2 or Coldplay but it would have been fanatastic to have been part of it. We'd have given anything to be on that record."

Meanwhile Ronan told the Richard and Judy Show: "They're not going for pop acts, they want credible cool acts. If that works, fair enough, but at the end of the day they want to make money for the cause so they should think about that."

Of course Ronan's right that for a project like Band Aid artist sell-ability is more important than being cool or credible (which is just as well, because that cynical man would probably point out the finished product isn't particularly cool or credible). But by recruiting Robbie, Dido, Coldplay and Busted I don't think Ure or Geldof could be accused of ignoring the big-pull artists.


Friends and family of Wu Tang Clan founding member Old Dirty Bastard gathered at a church in Harlem, New York yesterday to remember the rapper who died at the weekend after complaining of chest pains.

Among those paying tribute was Roc-A-Fella Records founder Damon Dash who said: "He was a true artist and he also dealt with a lot of pain in his life".


Not that we're biased (actually, we are, but what the hell), but surely the place to be tonight is Cargo for the November edition of Remix Night. It's all kinda breaksy tonight - with remixer extraordinaire Future Funk Squad, breaks supremo and Mob Records boss Tayo, and Fingerlickin Records main men Soul Of Man all joining Remix main man Eddy TM on the decks. Doors open at 8pm - tix in advance from 0870 222 1049.


Talking of which, Xfm's Remix and Flo Motion shows are involved in a rather fine sounding New Years Eve bash taking place at London's Canvas and The Key clubs. Featuring five inter-connecting rooms hosted by Bestival, the Boutique, DJ Magazine, and the aforementioned Remix and Flo Motion, this is going to be one hell of a party, and at only £30 a ticket with a 6am licence, is damn good value too. Initial line ups as follows:

Bestival: Rob Da Bank, Cuban Brothers, Chris Coco, The Bollywood Bar and more

The Boutique: Erol Alkan, DJ Touche, Headman and Insurgents

DJ Magazine: Atomic Hooligan, Deekline, Carl Loben and guests

The Remix Allstars: The Dub Pistols live with MCs and special guest Terry Hall [The Specials}, Eddy TM, Barry Ashworth and Damian Lazarus from Crosstown Rebels/City Rockers + guest TBA

XFM's Flo Motion: Nick Luscombe, Minus 8 [Compost], Dom Servini [Wah Wah /Straight No Chaser], Vincent [Vision Of Sound], Rosie [Kudos]

Again, tickets in advance from the Xfm Xchange on 0871 222 1049. Press information from Leyline Promotions -


And talking of remixes, if you enjoyed DJ Danger Mouse's Beatles / Jay-Z mash up earlier this year (which was everyone but EMI's lawyers if I remember rightly), then this deserves a few minutes. Not only the music is mashed up at In case the aforementioned lawyers are reading this (they quote possibly are), we must stress that this is not a commercial site in any way - it's just for fun.


ALBUM REVIEWS: Twisted Sister - Still Hungry (Demolition Records)
Some members of disbanded bands get re-absorbed into 'normal' society. They cut their hair, cover their tattooed arms and work at the Halifax (presumably hoping they'll get a gig on one of those dreadful Halifax musical ads). Some get 'cool' jobs: doormen, roadies, or any of an assortment of peripheral music industry jobs. There is also - more mysterious - third category. When a band return after ten years to re-record a seminal album replete with b-sides, extras and cyber-polka-gabba-tech remixes by DJ Sven, you think 'fair play, if a bit cash-in-y'. You think about the band's absence and wonder what they've been up to: re-absorbed: 'hair-cut and smiling in the Orange shop', cool job: 'co-produced some forgettable teen pop punk band'. But when you see Twisted Sister you think 'what person in their right mind would give any of these aviator-wearing, denim waist-coated, Ramones-hair-dudes a job doing anything but picking Strawberries or mucking out the pig pen in some southern state?' The band's iconic lead singer, Dee Snider, who famously looked like nothing before or since in Panto-style make-up reminiscent of Pat Butcher on Dexedrine (and who's band was less famously name-checked by Corey Feldman in The Lost Boys), looks as unemployable as they come. Unless of course if you happen to be reforming one of the most infamous and notorious bands of the 80's metal set. So here they are - Dee may be out of the Fisher Price My First Make Up (tm), but all the theatrical pomp and macabre dis-splendour is right here at the re-recording of Twisted Sister's classic 'Stay Hungry' album. They may not have new songs, but by golly and gumbo they've got just as much tight-jeaned energy as ever. Whether or not Dee had to reform the band because he couldn't get a normal job with a hairdo like a 400 year old oak tree, or not, it's a worthy re-tread with a whole two extras, 'Never Say' and 'Blastin Fast & Loud' as well as classics like 'We're Not Gonna Take It' and 'I Wanna Rock'. They look as silly as the music is solid. JG
Release date: 29 Nov
Press contact: Work Hard


The very fine The Frames will play a London gig at Bush Hall on 30 Nov - a great chance to get a live preview of 'Burn The Maps', the band's first studio album for Epitaph's Anti label which is due out on 7 Feb. Press info from Coalition.


The number of Freeview homes is set to top the number of households with a Sky subscription by the end of next year, which is quite an achievement for the terrestrial TV platform starting, as it did, so far behind the satellite broadcaster (though, obviously, its one-off-fee product is a bit easier to sell).
That claim is based on the fact that if Freeview set-top boxes continue to sell as fast in 2005 as they have done in 2004 then the service should be in 8 million homes by the end of next year - and that is the number of homes Sky reckon they will reach at that time.

Freeview's rapid growth is good for the free-to-air digital channels which are enjoying ever growing audience reach. It is also good news for Top-up TV, the company who provide pay-per-view TV services through the Freeview network. They reckon that, given the growth of Freeview, they should easily pass their break even target of 250,000 customers in the next two years.


Scissor Sisters will release a DVD just in time for Christmas featuring a recording of the band's Brighton Dome gig last August plus previously unseen early footage of them playing clubs in their native New York. The DVD will be released on 29 Nov, a week ahead of their new single - 'I Believe In You' - their collaboration with Kylie.


Liza Minnelli has complained to a US court that her soon-to-be-ex-husband David Gest and former bodyguard M'Hammed Soumayah are conspiring against her.

As previously reported, Minnelli is midway through legal battles with both Gest and Soumayh. Gest is suing Minnelli for divorce and over claims she beat him. She is suing Gest over allegations he stole money from her. Soumayh is suing Minnelli alleging the singer repeatedly assaulted him, and forced him into having sex with her. Minnelli is suing Soumayh for breach of contract. Keeping up yeah?

Anyway, Minnelli says that both Gest and Soumayh are in regular touch, and that they are working together to strengthen each other's cases. As evidence she points out that Gest now says he is a witness to Soumayh's assault claims against Minnelli - these comments, the singer alleges, disagree with previous statements made by her estranged husband.

In her complaint to the Manhattan Supreme Court Minnelli says Gest and Soumayh have "allied themselves in order to litigate these matters in the press, for the express purpose of bolstering each other's claims."


Stereolab have announced they are putting together a three-disc rarities collection which will feature 2 CDs of music from the band's EPs plus various other rare tracks, and a DVD featuring videos and some UK TV appearances.

The band are not working on the project with a specific record label at the moment, but they hope to have something to release by Apr next year.


ALBUM REVIEW: Various - Southport Weekender 2 mixed by Blaze and Joe Clausell (SuSu recordings)
Following last year's awesome compo, the SuSu crew rope in big hitters Blaze and Joe Clausell to do their stuff. Disc 1 has Blaze covering all things soulful and house - throwing in his own two quality cuts 'Moonwalk' and 'We Are One' into the mix plus vocal US garage from Kim English, a disco nod with Nicky P's 'Breath of Fresh Air' and the distinct sounds of Kenny Bobiens voice in 'Hiya Luv'. Uncle Joe's disc deux has a slow opening with Chris Brann's 'Journey to the Centre', then some house (Frank Rodgers), some touching disco (Passion Dance Orchestra), some Latin (Divinity's 'Find A Way'), something more tribal (Sandcastles) and Joe's own rework of Ustad Khan's 'Say Aji'. It's more diverse and laid back than disc one, but not as good either. That said, as a set this double disk compo is better than average, though Blaze's recent 'Found Love' mix on Kickin is superior. PV
Release date: 8 Nov
Press contact: Favoritism PR


Eminem will be in London this weekend to play a top secret gig. The secret bit isn't the gig itself (it would be a rubbish secret if it was), rather the venue. Kiss FM will announce the name of the venue on Friday - said venue's box office will then start selling tickets on Saturday morning at 9am, two tix per person. NME reckon Obie Trice, Stat Quo, Proof, Swift and DJ Green Lantern may also be on the bill, so it should be a good night.


Talking of Eminem, and bearing in mind our love for mindless polls, news this morning that Slim Shady is one of only two artists with records released in this decade appearing in a new 'Greatest 500 Song's Ever' chart in Rolling Stone magazine. Both 'Lose Yourself' and 'Stan' appear in the chart (at 166 and 290 respectively), voted on by 172 musicians. The only other track from this decade in there is OutKast's 'Hey Ya' at 180.

At the top of the chart it seems like the best way to perform well in a Rolling Stone best songs ever survey is to name check the magazine in either your song, or your band name. That is to say Bob Dylan's 'Like A Rolling Stone' is top, with the Rolling Stones' 'Satisfaction' at number two. The rest of the top five features John Lennon's 'Imagine' at three, Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going On' at four and Aretha's 'Respect' at five.

The full chart - which is dominated heavily by the 60s and 70s (which presumably says more about the people that voted than the tracks that were voted for) - will be published in this week's edition of Rolling Stone magazine.


The surviving members of TLC have confirmed they will stage a TV search to find a new member to replace Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes, who was killed in a car crash in 2002.

The show, similar to INXS's planned TV search to find a new frontman, will see TLC's T-Boz and Chilli put contestants through their paces over eight episodes, before choosing a new member for the group. If all goes to plan they will work with the winner on a new album and tour.

Talking about the show, T-Boz and Chilli told reporters: "We want to find someone with the right chemistry and magic to work with us. We have been blessed with great success and this is a chance for our fans to join us as we give someone a once in a lifetime opportunity to fulfil their dream."


Some readers have expressed concern at the lack of good quality Pete Doherty news this week, so this one's for you. Mr. Doherty's band Babyshambles have added an extra London gig to their upcoming tour after the 13 Dec gig at the Forum sold out. With the new date on 18 Dec we are promised something of a Christmas party featuring special guest artists and DJs.

Full tour dates now as follows:
28 Nov: Coventry Colosseum
29 Nov: Oldham Castle
11 Dec: Belfast Limelight
12 Dec: Dublin Village
13 Dec: London Forum (Sold Out)
14 Dec: Glasgow Barrowlands
15 Dec: Blackpool Empress Ballroom
16 Dec: Sheffield Leadmill
18 Dec: London Astoria

New single 'Killamangiro' is released by Rough Trade on 29 Nov.


LA-based punk band The Vandals have agreed to redesign the cover artwork to current album 'Hollywood Potato Chip' after they were issued with a cease-and-desist notice from Hollywood trade mag Variety. As much of the album is taking a dig at Hollywood's entertainments industry the band had mimicked the Variety logo in the way they wrote 'Vandals' on the CD cover. But the magazine's publishers weren't impressed, and threatened to sue.

The band initially resisted, claiming their use of the logo design was covered by satire laws. The bands Joe Escalante told reporters: "The theme of our album artwork is a cynical parody of the Hollywood entertainment industry. If our logo reminds someone of their logo, it's because their logo is a symbol of the Hollywood entertainment industry that we have a right to parody; the way they would on Saturday Night Live or something. It's just a social comment. Now several months later, they want to cause problems for us, it's pretty sad."

However, the band have now agreed to re-release the album with a different Vandals logo which doesn't allude to the trade mag.


Franz Ferdinand have pulled out of a planned appearance in the next Harry Potter movie. As previously reported, the soundtrack to the next Potter adventure is being put together by Jarvis Cocker, who has invited the Ferdinand to record a track for the film. As part of that arrangement there was talk of the band having cameo appearances in a musical sequence in the film itself. However, according to the Mirror, the band have now turned down that opportunity - presumably preferring a fight scene. Jarvis himself and Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood will now appear in the music scene.


With the MTV Europe Music Awards just hours away, the event's host Xzibit has expressed his shock at being asked to MC the awards in the first place.

He told reporters yesterday: "I think MTV fucked up inviting me to host this. I think the invite was delivered to my crib by mistake. But now I'm here and ready for it, they thought they'd give me a shot!"

On how he will play it on the night Xzibit continued: "I'm gonna keep it straight to the point and fun. I'm just here to have fun and make it big!"

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