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In today's CMU Daily:
- Charlie takes Busted break
- Burglar Escapes from chez Osbourne
- Nick Cave solo dates
- Universal launch new online-only label for new talent
- Minister says homophobic dance hall artists hindering AIDS education
- Liam fined over hotel brawl
- Judge apologises to so solid Romeo
- Crow tells court about stalker trauma
- DMX avoids jail over road rage
- McCartney to headline super bowl half time show
- Chris Martin not originally impressed with Band Aid 20 idea
- UBC say C4 keen on radio project
- Slint London gig
- Single Review: Dub Pistols - Official Chemical
- Futureheads to give away limited edition records at gigs
- U2 play impromptu street gig to promote new album
- New Zealand record shop not keen on selling encore
- GWR profits decline just a "blip"
- Club:hedonistic this Monday
- Thrills to support REM
- Mylo: new single and tour
- Christian Slater to record Sinatra classics
- Radio 1 shows popular online
- Joss Stone told to rest her voice
- Knowles senior not too impressed with Jay-Z
- The Darkness buy farm shocker


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How did you start out making music for a living?
It's hard to say at what exact point that all happens. I've wanted to play music for as long as I can remember. I guess we hit on something with Emetrex because the demos we sent out got a lot of responses. We've been lucky to hook up with a good label - we've heard a lot of horror stories.

What inspired your latest album?
'Wish Me Dead' came together over a long period of time (2 years, maybe?) and wasn't actually recorded all at once. For that reason I think it's more indicative of where we've been at musically and personally over that span. The band went through some major personnel changes and it took us a little while to hit our stride again - to get our confidence back. There's a lot of anger and negative emotion on the record - a lot of it in response to the difficulty involved in sorting through the remains of the old band. I think we really did throw away the old approaches and assumptions we had about making music and the title speaks to that. In a way, the record is a chronicle of our creative self-destruction - and along the way we've learned how necessary that is. You have to sometimes jettison some things before you can move on.

What process do you go through in creating an album?
I don't think we've ever gone through the same process twice in writing and recording a song. We do a lot of it ourselves, not because we don't trust anyone else, but because it's just seemed to work out that way until now. We did record 'I Think The Sun Makes Me Move' with Dave Auchenbach in Providence (Lightening Bolt, Black Dice) and I think we'll probably go more in that 'regular studio' direction for the next record. It was a lot of fun to do more of the collaborative thing for a change and see the ideas that come from that.

Which artists influence your work?
We love Califone, some of the old Royal Trux - a lot of different things really. Someone once described us as Air with distorted guitar and that seemed strangely fitting to me. Otherwise, I'd describe us as a Red Red Meat tribute band; at least that's what I try for. What comes out on the other side is usually totally different though. Also writers like Loren Eisley because of his transcendency and Jorge Luis Borges because his stuff is so whimsical. I like feeling that anything can happen in a story (or a song) and that you're not limited by anything.

What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
I don't think I would say much. It's more fun to get someone's unsolicited reaction.

What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
I think, as always, our ambition is just to be able to continue doing what we love to do - another step.

Emetrex's second album 'Wish Me Dead' will be released on Seriously Groovy / Infur on 17 Jan - more at, press info from Seriously Groovy.


Well, this is no good. Work on the third Busted album has been put on hold while Charlie takes two months off to work on indie side project Fightstar. This will, of course, fuel rumours that Charlie wants to leave the boy band that made him famous.

A source has told the papers: "Charlie's amazed at how successful Busted have become, but he knows the band aren't going to go on for ever. He wants to concentrate more on the sort of music he's really into, and that's what he plays with Fightstar."

As for his relationship with the other Busted boys, the source continues: "He just has different interests. He likes the quiet life and doesn't want to party in the West End."

A spokesman for the band confirmed Charlie would take a break from Busted at the start of 2005, but stressed: "This doesn't mean the boys are splitting. They still plan to reunite and work on their new album."


A burglar has escaped from Ozzy Osbourne's UK home with an estimated £2 million of jewellery, despite the rocker's attempts to stop him. Ozzy discovered the burglar in his Buckinghamshire home in the early hours of the morning when he got up to go to the toilet. Ozzy told the Sun that when he discovered the burglar he jumped on him and got him in a headlock - "He was a big, strong man - but at one point I thought I could kill him to stop him hurting Sharon. But then I just let him drop. It was terrifying, I was looking to see if he had a knife. I can't get his staring eyes out of my mind."Having escaped Ozzy's hold, the burglar jumped out of a first floor window.

Local Police have described the intruder as well-built, about 5' 10" tall and said he was wearing a ski-mask, a light-coloured jacket and trainers. They reckon he probably injured himself when he leapt out of the first floor window.

A spokesman for Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, who are staying in the UK while Sharon works on the X Factor show, told reporters: "Ozzy and Sharon were in the house. They were woken up by the incident eventually. My understanding is that the intruder was discovered in the dressing room, in Sharon's dressing room."


Nick Cave has announced two solo dates for Feb 2005 - though with three of the Bad Seeds joining him (Martyn P Casey on bass, Jim Sclavunos on drums and Warren Ellis on Violin), it is basically a stripped down version of the full show that recently toured the UK. Dates as follows, press info from Mute.

26 Feb: Colston Hall, Bristol
27 Feb: The Sage, Gateshead


According to the New York Times, the Universal Music Group has set up a new label in the US which will be devoted to exclusively online releases.

Universal Music Enterprises Digital will 'sign' currently unsigned artists with an existing catalogue of tracks and a small but strong fanbase. The label will then make their tracks available via Universal's existing relationships with iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody and MSN Music.

No advance will be paid to the artists profiled through the new scheme, however they will receive a straight profit share on all sales. Those artists that prove popular through the download-only programme will then likely get CD releases through the label.

The model is similar to that of a number of new music download sites, such as London-based Karma Download, although with a Universal sized marketing budget the new label might be able to secure its signings a much bigger audience than its smaller more established competitors


Well, it's no fun being a dancehall artist just now - especially if you're one of the homophobic ones. Not only is the increasingly proactive gay rights lobby forcing venues across the UK and US to cancel your gigs, but now International Development Minister Gareth Thomas is accusing you of single handedly spreading the AIDS virus. Well, sort of.

Thomas has told a conference on St. Kitts investigating the AIDS epidemic in the Caribbean that the tendency of certain dancehall artists (he referenced Sizzla Kalonji and Buju Banton) to incite violence against gay people has the side effect of stigmatising the HIV test among heterosexual men which, in turn, means the disease is not being identified and therefore is more likely to spread.

Thomas: "A number of artistes are effectively contributing to the spread of HIV by producing reggae and rap songs actually encouraging discrimination against those who have Aids and encouraging violence against minority groups such as men who have sex with men. These artistes include Buju Banton, Sizzla Kalonji, and others. Yes, we believe in free speech, but nobody in a democracy should be able to incite violence against minorities."


Liam Gallagher has been fined 50,000 euros (£35,000) for his part in that brawl in a Munich hotel back in Dec 2002. While Oasis claimed they were merely defending themselves after an unprovoked attack, police alleged that during the incident Liam kicked an officer in the chest, adding that he had large amounts of alcohol and drugs - possibly cocaine - in his blood. A spokesman for the Munich prosecutor yesterday confirmed the case was now closed: "The process has stopped by paying 50,000 euros".


Elsewhere in the pop courts, yesterday a judge apologised to So Solid Crew member Romeo after a court hearing into an alleged knife attack had to be postponed because the Crown Prosecution Service hadn't got the paperwork sorted in time.

Romeo, real name Marvin Dawkins, and four others face charges relating to a knife attack in central London last Aug. At the start of their court hearing yesterday Sarah Forshaw, prosecuting, said the late supply of some case papers "by those instructing me" had left her "learned friends for the defence" in difficulties, meaning the trial could not really begin. The judge agreed and postponed the hearing until 6 Dec.

Judge Paul Dodgson told the court: "This is ridiculous. I hear this day in, day out, and there are defendants in the dock day in and day out who hear the CPS can't do their job properly. It is extremely regrettable."

He then told Romeo and his fellow defendants: "I very much regret that we have to adjourn the case yet again and I very much regret that you have to come back yet again in two weeks' time. It is not fair on you, but that is the situation we find ourselves in."


Sheryl Crow has been talking in court about the effects stalker Ambrose Kappos had on her life. As previously reported, former Navy diver Kappos is accused of stalking, harassment and burglary after attempting to get closer to Crow. He was arrested after allegedly breaking into a Manhattan venue where the singer was rehearsing.

Crow told the court that Kappos made her "alarmed" and "really nervous" and gave details of the fracas that erupted after she spotted Kappos outside her dressing room at the Manhattan venue: "I thought it strange that someone would be outside the dressing room who was not supposed to be there. I was headed into the limo and suddenly there's chaos and I was pushed into the car, and my manager was telling someone, 'Back away! Back away!' It was chaotic and very alarming. That's when I became aware of who he was." He said: 'Hi, I'm Ambrose', before being hustled away. I was alarmed, more than anything else. I was really nervous about it".

Kappros had also tried to reach Sheryl by phoning her sister Kathryn and by showing up at her father's office. On that incident Mr. Crow told the court: "He arrived in his Navy uniform and was a spit and polish sailor who made a good impression. He said he was not a nut or kook and that he was a Navy Seal. Then he said he felt he was a soul mate to my daughter Sheryl, that he was the answer to her prayers. He wanted me to arrange a meeting with her."

In a video statement, Kappos, who is free on bail but could face up to seven years in jail if convicted, said he felt "an unexplained closeness, a familiarity" to Crow. His mother, Irene, told the court her son had been "enamoured" with the singer but no longer wanted to meet her.


Last bit of court news for today - according to the New York Daily News rapper DMX has reached a deal with prosecutors over a road rage incident that happened at JFK Airport back in Jun.

DMX had a run in with another man when they both wanted the same parking spot at one of the airport's car parks. After an argument with the other driver, DMX and an associate chased him in their car, at one point crashing through a toll booth. When police arrived the rapper was allegedly pulling the other driver out of his car in an attempt to assault him. DMX was later charged with menacing, possession of a controlled substance, possession of a weapon and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In the deal between DMX's lawyers and prosecutors the rapper will accept responsibility for the scuffle, and will be charged of a misdemeanor offense, but will avoid a jail sentence.


After Janet Jackson's now legendary 'wardrobe malfunction', America's National Football League are hoping that Paul McCartney will be able to put on a less controversial half time show for next year's Super Bowl.

The sports organisation yesterday announced McCartney will headline the halftime entertainments at next year's event, which will be seen by an estimated 140 million people in the US alone. Fox TV will screen the sports event this year - CBS having lost favour with the NFL following the Janet Jackson nipplegate routine, which was produced by the network's sister station MTV.

Commenting on the booking McCartney told reporters: "There's nothing bigger then being asked to perform at the Super Bowl. We're looking forward to rocking the millions at home and in the stadium."

Fox Sports chairman David Hill said of McCartney: "He is the world's most influential rock artist, and his music will forever be a part of our culture. He, more than any other musician, lives up to this year's Super Bowl theme of Building Bridges. His music bridges generations, countries, cultures and musical genres."


Chris Martin has told reporters that when he first heard about the idea of making Band Aid 20 he though it was a "tremendously bad idea". But after watching a report on refugees in Sudan's Darfur, and hearing that Travis' Fran Healy has signed up for the charity record, he changed his mind.

Martin: "My first reaction was that this was a tremendously bad idea, the cheesiest thing I'd ever heard. A couple of weeks went past and I was told Fran was doing it, which made it more interesting. Then I watched the news and saw a report on Darfur. I decided there and then that I was going to do this. I was genuinely moved."


UBC Media have said they are confident that Channel 4 will proceed with their plans to co-launch a digital speech-based radio station with the group. As previously reported, C4 have been considering the joint venture radio station, which would see UBC re-brand their existing talk radio station Oneword with a new UBC/C4 co-produced schedule.

UBC boss Simon Cole has told Media Guardian: "A considerable amount of work has gone into the proposition. We have a full schedule and a full business plan. I remain confident that is the best way ahead for the channel and remain optimistic about the outcome."

Channel 4 refused to comment on their radio plans.


Following the news last week that Slint will be programming and performing at next year's All Tomorrow's Parties festival from 25 - 27 Feb, the band, who haven't performed together for 13 years, have confirmed they will also play a London gig at the Forum on 1 Mar. So now you know.


SINGLE REVIEW: Dub Pistols - Official Chemical (Distinctive Records)
This track has been in my head for months - partly because it appears on the DP's excellent 'Six Million Ways To Live' album, and partly because it was made available for listeners of Xfm's Remix show to remix back in the summer. That's particularly relevant, because it is the remixes that make this single release so exciting. For the main track you're better off getting yourself a copy of the album (if you haven't already got a copy, well, you really should). But the remixes featured on the single release make it a must have too. Firstly there is the excellent Boutros On The Beach Mix, one of the winners of the aforementioned Xfm competition. This does for me what every good remix should do - it completely reinvents the track -transforming a full on club track into something you can chill out to on those cold winter nights at home. The other two remixes, from Dogtown Clash and DJ Touche, maintain the club vibe, although Touche in particular also achieves the reinvention criteria with his infectious reworking of the original. In two words: all good. CC
Release date: 29 Nov
Press contact: Distinctive IH [all]


The Futureheads have revealed that they will be distributing a free 7" single at up coming UK gigs featuring remixes of their tracks 'Decent Days And Nights', and 'Meantime'.
The band are currently in the States - that UK tour kicks off next week, dates as follows:

1 Dec: Newcastle Northumbria University
3 Dec: Liverpool Academy
5 Dec: Bristol Fleece
6 Dec: Birmingham Carling Academy 2
7 Dec: Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
8 Dec: Brighton Concorde 2
9 & 10 Dec: London ULU


The hype for U2's new album (out now!) continues to grow. Yesterday the band played an impromptu gig in Brooklyn, New York playing songs from the new album on the back of a flatbed truck. The whole thing was filmed - the footage is expected to be used for a future video.


Eminem might be taking over the world, but there are still those not too impressed with Mr Shady.

We hear that a chain of record shops in New Zealand - the CD & DVD Store - really don't like selling his albums, mainly because of the accusations of misogyny and homophobia made against Eminem in the past. So much so they aren't stocking new album 'Encore' on their racks, instead the albums are stored behind the counter. A poster displayed in each store tells customers: "We'd rather not make money selling you this stuff but if you do want this album, buy it here and we will donate $6 for every copy we sell". The chain has pledged to donate its cut on any sales from the album to a women's refuge charity and a suicide prevention organization.

Elsewhere in the world of Slim Shady censorship, word is that MTV bosses had to cut parts of the routine Eminem had planned for his performance at last week's MTV Europe Music Awards in Rome. Wary that some of the Michael Jackson faithful are already boycotting MTV because they are playing Eminem's 'Just Lose It' video, producers were very insistent Mathers drop the various Jacko-spoofing routines he was planning for his awards show set.


The boss of radio group GWR said that, while advertising profits were down and the radio advertising sector was still struggling, he felt the current fall in revenues was a "temporary blip".

Ralph Bernard was commenting on his company's performance after it was revealed profits for Oct were down 8.7% on the same month last year. Nov profits are expected to be down 6.6%, and Dec 2004 probably won't be as profitable as Dec 2003 either.

Aware that rivals EMAP and Chrysalis have admitted similar declines in advertising profits in the last couple of months, Bernard said: "I believe it's a blip, and the evidence suggests, because December is better than November and November was better than October in terms of the rate of decline, that it's a blip. Certainly going forward we remain confident."

Bernard said that both an increasingly competitive BBC and competition from the internet sales sector were affecting the advertising revenues being secured by the main radio players. Increasing competition from players outside the commercial radio sector is, Bernard argues, another reason why the planned GWR / Capital Radio merger should go ahead.


The club:HEDONISTIC have announced the line up for their next new bands night at the Archway Tavern. After The Silence, the very radio friendly Fucks, 100 Bullets Back and Hedon will all play at the free event next Monday - 29 Nov. Doors open at 7pm, entrance is free. Press info from


The Thrills have been invited to support REM on their upcoming European tour, which kicks off in Stockholm on 31 Jan, which is kind of good news for Thrills fans given that their own UK tour, which continues this week, is pretty much sold out (assuming, that is, that REM count their four UK dates next Feb as being part of their European tour, which some listings we've seen don't!).


More Mylo incoming - hurrah! Breastfed Records have confirmed that Mylo's next single, 'Destroy Rock & Roll', will be released on 31 Jan, complete with remixes from Tom Neville, Headman and Riton. There is a superb video in production copies available soon. Meantime you can catch Mylo at various live dates next month, some at headline gigs, others supporting Faithless or Scissor Sisters.

Dates as follows:
3 Dec: Music Centre, Dublin
4 Dec: Bugged Out at Academy, Liverpool
7 Dec: Brixton Academy, London (supporting Faithless)
9 Dec: Nottingham Arena (supporting Faithless)
10 Dec: Carling Apollo, Manchester (supporting Faithless)
11 Dec: Carling Apollo/TG, Manchester (supporting Faithless)
13 Dec: Brighton Centre, Brighton (supporting Faithless)
14 Dec: Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Wolverhampton (supporting Faithless)
15 Dec: SECC, Glasgow (supporting Faithless)
17 Dec: Brixton Academy, London (supporting Faithless) followed by gig at Fabric
18 Dec: Brixton Academy, London (supporting Faithless)
26 Dec: Empire Music Hall, Belfast
28 Dec: Derry TBC
29 Dec: Kings Hall, Belfast (supporting Scissor Sisters)
31 Dec: Edinburgh's Hogmanay (with Scissor Sisters and Blondie)


Hmmmm - what to make of this? Christian Slater is putting his acting career on hold to record Frank Sinatra tracks. An insider told reporters: "Christian worships Sinatra and loves everything about him. It's long been an ambition of his to record some of his idol's hits. Now his management are in talks to do just that. Record bosses are very keen to sign him up." I bet they are.


New figures released by Radio 1 have shown the phenomenal online response made to news that John Peel had died. The John Peel tribute shows broadcast by the station proved to be some of the BBC's most listened to radio shows online. Radio 1 specialist programmes The Essential Selection, Dance Anthems and Judge Jules also regularly attract online audiences in between 120,000 and 200,000.

Controller of BBC Radio and Music Interactive, Simon Nelson told reporters: "These are the first set of monthly statistics we have published and they show record numbers for both online listening and web traffic. Their publication underlines our commitment to digital radio and highlights our extra responsibility to invest in moving radio and its listeners forward, using and consuming new technology."


Joss Stone has been told to cut her workload or risk losing her voice. Word is the young singer will now take some time off until the end of Jan. She is also expected to take some voice coaching to help her project her voice by singing from her chest, rather than from her throat.

A source told reporters: "Joss knows just how valuable a commodity her voice is. As soon as her doctor told her that her voice needed a rest, she didn't hesitate. She's still a young girl and she hopes she has a long career ahead of her - providing she doesn't overstretch things."

A spokesman for Stone said: "Joss saw a doctor and has been warned that her voice is an instrument that needs protecting by having proper rests."


So what does Matthew Knowles think about Beyonce's boyfriend (and, if the rumours are true, fiance) Jay-Z? Well, the singer's father and manager is quoted as saying: "I don't care for Jay-Z at all. I'm certainly not close to him."

Presumably reports that Jay-Z is interested in taking over the management of Beyonce's career won't be helping build bridges between the rapper and Knowles Senior.


You know how it goes - the well trodden route of any rocker: sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, buy a farm. Actually, it happens more than you'd think. Anyway, according to the ever reliable Daily Star The Darkness have shelled out £600,000 to buy a sheep farm near their home town of Lowestoft. One local told the paper: "We couldn't believe it when we heard they were coming. They'll be great for the village. We don't get many stars around here."

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