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In today's CMU Daily:
- Jacko's judge says no to psychiatric tests for witnesses
- Franz Ferdinand bassist taken ill
- Babyshambles gig stopped because of shaky barrier
- Band Aid selling well
- George Michael stalker undergoes psychological tests
- Single Review: Babyshambles - Killamangiro
- Moby's fifth album ready to go
- Calling all Blue Monday owners
- Marketing appointments at SonyBMG
- Cheeky Christmas song may not get released
- MMF seminar update
- Album Review: Ammoncontact - One In An Infinity Of Ways
- AOL do deal to aid WiFi internet radio
- Vibe Awards will return despite this year's drama
- BBC criticised for TOTP shift
- IFPI want politicians to put pressure on global pirates
- Top ten cover versions ever
- BT form new entertainments division
- Busted Matt on all those boobs


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How did you start out making music for a living?
If we'd started making music with the aim of making a living we'd be pretty disillusioned by now. We make music and put out records because we enjoy doing it. Obviously we hope for a certain degree of success but it's pretty hard to earn a living from music alone. No giving up the day jobs for us just yet unfortunately.

What inspired your latest album?
We saw this album as an opportunity to do something different musically, a chance to incorporate different ideas and influences and escape the limitations of making DJ orientated 12" singles. We wanted to make a modern, accessible, primarily European-sounding electronic record with variety and a definite identity. Inspiration comes from wherever we can find it.

What process do you go through in creating an album?
It's simply a case of coming up with ideas and then trying to build on them and make them work, firstly as individual tracks and then collectively as an album. The aim was to achieve a cohesive sound and feel. The actual process of writing and recording varies from track to track, some are done in a matter of hours, others go through a variety of incarnations over a period of time before they are finalised.

What artists influence your work?
Between us we listen to most kinds of music, but for this album the primary influences are early Detroit and Chicago artists like Derrick May, Carl Craig and Larry Heard, Krautrock artists like Kraftwerk, Can and Neu!, some jazz, some leftfield disco and a bit of Steve Reich, Boards of Canada, etc etc.

What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Hope you enjoy it!

What are your ambitions for this album, and for the future?
The main ambition for the album is that it should be heard and enjoyed by as many people as possible. As for the future, the plan is to carry on making music. Next on the agenda is another 12", and then some self-indulgent experimental stuff hopefully.

You can preview music by Subway on the Sunday Best label profile on the London Music Network - Press info on Subway from Sunday Best IH


The judge overseeing the increasingly tedious Michael Jackson child abuse trial has refused a request by Jacko's legal people to force the child accusing the singer of abuse to undergo psychiatric tests. Jackson's lawyers said they needed to conduct their own mental evaluations of Jackson's accuser and his family prior to the full trial in Jan, but judge Rodney Melville has denied the request adding that he "would hear not argument on the issue".

Jackson's people have also asked to see medical, psychiatric, military, employment and banking records for members of the accuser's family. The prosecution objected to that request, commenting: "You are simply not entitled to the gynaecological records of the victim's sister. To demand that information is tantamount to harassment". However Melville said Jacko's legal team could subpoena that information providing the family members in question had five days to formally oppose the sharing of their personal information. He told the court: "I want to protect Mr Jackson's right to set up his defence ... but I also think we also have got to protect the people whose records are being subpoenaed".


Franz Ferdinand's bassist Bob Hardy is in hospital in Japan after being taken ill while travelling to a concert in the Japanese city of Osaka. Despite feeling ill Hardy went ahead with Saturday's gig, but did so in considerable pain and had to spend a portion of the gig sitting down. After the concert he was taken to a hospital in Osaka where he was diagnosed with a severe case of gastro-enteritis. He was later transferred to a hospital in Tokyo.

The band have continued with their Japanese tour, performing acoustic versions of tracks where possible, and helped out by Dino, bassist with their support band The Beat Up, on other tracks. Bob was expected to play last night's gig in Tokyo, but then planned to return to hospital where he will stay until the end of the week - meaning he will miss the band's first US dates on 1 and 2 Dec - Fiery Furnaces bassist Toshi Yano is due to fill in on those dates.


Pete Doherty's band Babyshambles were forced to stop their Coventry show half way through on Sunday night, but this time it had nothing to do with the erratic behaviour of the band's front-man, more the erratic behaviour of the stage barrier in use at the city's Coliseum venue.

Said barrier collapsed when the excitable crowd watching the show surged forward during the bands first song. With several audience members slightly injured, the gig was stopped for 20 minutes while the barrier was fixed. The rest of the gig was somewhat toned down because of fears the barrier would again collapse, and indeed there were several more stoppages during the rest of the gig while the barrier was checked.

Ever the crowd pleaser, Doherty kept his audience entertained by making much of the fact he had briefly attended a secondary school in nearby Bedworth. During the stoppage he entertained the crowd by singing songs sung on the terraces at Coventry City FC, and he dedicated a song to the school friends who were in the audience.


Despite a mixed critical response (who are these heartless critics? Oh, that will be us then), copies of the new Band Aid record were selling fast yesterday as record shops opened early to cope with demand on the first day of release. Current estimates are that half a million copies will be sold this week alone. A spokesman for Mercury Records, who have released the charity record, say it is "very early days" but added that sales are going "absolutely fantastically well".

Commenting on demand for the single Virgin Megastore's Simon Dornan told reporters: "Everyone knew it was going to be big. There can't be anyone in the country that doesn't know it's out today and like 20 years ago, a lot of people will be buying it for themselves and probably another one or two as presents.

HMV's Gennaro Castaldo also reported fast sales of the new single, although he estimates that overall sales will probably not pass those of the original back in 1984: "I don't think it will match the last one but it will certainly be a million-seller and raise the profile of the problems in Africa."

That the charity single will top the charts this coming Sunday is something of a foregone conclusion. Whether it will maintain the top spot for three weeks, ensuring the Christmas number one, remains to be seen.


A woman accused of stalking George Michael has been admitted to a mental hospital to undergo psychological tests in order to assess whether she is mentally fit to stand trial on harassment charges. She was originally released on bail after being arrested for breaking into George's Oxfordshire home, but arrested again after breaking her restraining order that forbid her from getting within 100 metres of the singer. Michael is said to be increasingly concerned about the stalker after she got his personal email address and started sending a barrage of emails the content of which, some sources say, gives Michael reason to worry about his safety.


SINGLE REVIEW: Babyshambles - Killamangiro (Rough Trade)
Now that the Libertines have essentially split, Babyshambles is no longer Pete Doherty's "other band" but his only band. The song's lyrics (about a man who kills a man for his giro to buy drugs) is rather close to being autobiographical (not that we're suggesting Doherty has ever killed a man, but you know what we mean), and probably won't please those anti-drugs campaigners concerned at the NME's decision to name a famous drug addict as the coolest man in Britain. But as the NME have said in their defence - it's the music that counts. And this single's lo-fi production values and shambolic charm don't disguise the fact that this is a carefully crafted slice of jangly pop. Given the amount of publicity Doherty is able to generate and the fact that the first limited edition Babyshambles single went Top 40, this should be guaranteed to be a decent sized hit. JW
Release date: 29 Nov
Press contact: Cool Delta [CP, CR] Coalition [RP, NP], Anglo Plugging [RR, NR]


Moby's fifth studio album will be called 'Hotel' and is due for release next Mar. Word is the album sees him return to a more electronic sound, but without the samples he is famous for using. To that end Moby will sing on ten of the songs himself, with singer Laura Dawn also providing some original vocals.


We love completely pointless websites, so our website of the week this week is - a must for anyone who owns an original copy of New Order's Blue Monday!


The recently merged SonyBMG made its first UK marketing appointments yesterday, with the announcement that three former BMG UK marketing people would become VPs of Marketing in the new company - Mervyn Lyn (formerly VP of Marketing and Promotions at BMG Global Marketing), Louise Hart (formerly Marketing Director for BMG) and Richard Connell (also formerly a Marketing Director for BMG).

Three other senior appointments were also made - former BMG Head of Video Mike O'Keefe becomes Director of Video, former Sony Director of Artist Relations Jackie Hyde takes the same job at the merged major, and Roma Martyniuk, formerly Head of Creative Services at BMG, will become Director of Creative Services.

All six will report to Senior VP Catherine Davies.


A Christmas song by the Cheeky Girls may not be released because its producer is angry that he is still owed money for his work on this single and previous recordings.

Producer Barry upton told reporters: "I've talked to lawyers and they say we have a good chance of stopping the single coming out. A company called Zenith is also due money and will be behind the legal papers which will be served later this week."

Since the demise of their record label - Telstar - Cheeky Girls records are being released by their mother, who has managed their career since the outset.


The last seminar of the year from the Music Managers Forum has the wide ranging title of '2005: The New Music Industry' and will feature a wide range of speakers, including Steve Hogarth of Marillion, Mel Bewley & Phil Allsop of Waste/Soundbag (the people behind, Richard Bron of Blueprint, Dan Brown of The Music Engine, Peter Jenner of Sincere Management and Gary Mclarnan of Potential Development. The seminar will look into different business models that artists can pursue, and how those models can be developed.

It all takes place on 6 and 7 Dec at the MCPS/PRS offices in London. More info at


ALBUM REVIEW: Ammoncontact - One In An Infinity Of Ways (Ninja Tune)
LA duo Carlos Nino and Fabian Ammon are Ammoncontact and, having worked with likes of DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist and King Britt, here they are with their debut LP, filled with minimalist, instrumental, hip-hop based grooves. It's a short album that has obvious Bugz In Da Attic and DJ Shadow influences ('Wu Wu Woomp' and 'Ballad Of The Untitled' respectively), offering some dreamy percussion ('Healing Vibrations'), some beatsy numbers (especially 'Through The Moon' and, in the case of 'Like Waves Of The Sea', some funky spliffed-out cop show material! Alas nothing stands out as being very very special, but what is here is of a consistently good quality to deserve your attention. PV
Release date: 22 Nov
Press contact: Ninja IH


The move towards portable internet radio continued this week with the announcement AOL have struck a deal with Digital 5 and Netgear which will mean AOL subscribers will be able to access the ISP's 175 radio streams anywhere in their house using the Netgear Wireless Digital Music Player. Using WiFi technology to make it possible to listen to internet radio away from the PC is seen as the big thing that will enable web broadcasters to compete with traditional, digital and satellite radio stations.


Organisers of the Vibe Awards in America have confirmed they will return in 2005 despite their being marred this year by a stabbing incident involving G-Unit member Young Buck.

Rapper Young Buck, real name David Darnell Brown, is now due in court on 20 Dec after allegedly stabbing one Jimmy James Johnson at the awards event. The incident began after Johnson seemingly lashed out at Dr Dre, who was there to pick up a Legend Award. Although edited out of the TV broadcast of the awards event, the fracas that followed Johnson's attempts to attack Dre, and the resulting stabbing, dominated the proceedings, leading some to question whether or not Vibe magazine would stage another awards event next year.

However the magazine's president, Kenard Gibbs, yesterday told reporters that, while the knife attack was "sickening", it should not affect the future of the awards. "Not holding the awards would be counter to the work the magazine has done to promote hip hop music."


The BBC has been accused of essentially dropping its flagship music programme following yesterday's news that Top of the Pops was being shifted to a Sunday teatime slot on BBC 2.

Critics of the move say that the BBC have been unfair to its long term pop brand, alienating viewers by trying to copy main rival CD:UK despite the different timing and length of the show, and complaining about poor ratings when they schedule it opposite Coronation Street, the UK's biggest TV show.

Most vocal were the show's viewers, who have been condemning the decision on the BBC's website. One wrote: "This is basically the BBC's way of dropping a programme that is no longer working. Give it a year on BBC2 and that'll be the last you'll ever hear of it."

Another wrote: "Looks like TOTP has been taken from pride of place in the BBC schedule and put in the cupboard under the stairs with the gas meter!"

While BBC bosses talked up the potential of the new time slot and tried to stress that BBC 2 was the natural home of music, TV pluggers, already critical that last year's revamp made it harder to get new music on the show, are preparing themselves for the loss of a primetime slot for promoting their music.

BBC 1 boss Lorraine Heggessey, meanwhile, tried (somewhat unsuccessfully we might add) to stress the BBC's main channel was still committed to music programming: "Top of the Pops has enjoyed a great life on BBC 1 and the production team have done a wonderful job with the series. We will continue to support popular music with high profile specials from leading artists - this week's Ivor Novello Tribute to Sir Elton John for example - and showcase new musical talent in programmes such as Friday Night with Jonathan Ross."


According to the never dull Financial Times, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry is lobbying political leaders in the US and Europe in a bid to persuade them to take a tougher stance over CD piracy in Russia, China, Mexico and Brazil.

The IFPI reckons that some 50%-60% of all CDs sold in Russia, Brazil and Mexico are pirate copies, while a massive 90% of Chinese CDs come from unofficial sources. Investigations in those countries suggest the pirated music industry, run primarily by organised crime groups, is now worth $4.5 billion.

IFPI boss Jay Berman says that 'trade-policy pressure' has been "the single most important element in getting countries to address piracy issues," and he wants US and EU political leaders to use that pressure against those countries harbouring music pirates in a bid to tackle the costly piracy problem.


Just because the cover version is often used to launch new teen pop bands, doesn't mean that all cover versions are rubbish imitations of the original - in fact some of the best single releases over the years have been cover versions.

To prove that the Daily Telegraph has compiled a list of the top 50 cover versions of all time, and the top ten are, indeed, very fine. As the Telegraph themselves say, the top rated cover version, Hendrix's reworking of Bob Dylan's 'All Along the Watchtower' "completely outgunned the original - a so-so track from Dylan's John Wesley Harding album. A light, scampering ballad re-emerged as a mini-epic of foreboding with Hendrix's heavy three-chord intro hanging like a thundercloud and Dylan's lyrics sounding an ominous epitaph for the 1960s".

The top ten is as follows:
1. Jimi Hendrix Experience - All Along the Watchtower (original Bob Dylan)
2. Pet Shop Boys - You Were Always on My Mind ((originals: Elvis Presley, before that Brenda Lee)
3. Sid Vicious - My Way (originals Frank Sinatra before that Paul Anka)
4. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (original Leonard Cohen)
5. Aretha Franklin - Respect (original Otis Redding)
6. Soft Cell - Tainted Love (original Gloria Jones)
7. The Byrds - Mr Tambourine Man (original Bob Dylan)
8. The Beatles - Twist and Shout (original The Isley Brothers)
9. Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb (original Pink Floyd)
10. Nina Simone - Mr Bojangles (original Jerry Jeff Walker)


So, do the Tel Cos have ambitions to play in the entertainments industry? Sometimes it seems they do, then at other times they seem happy playing with cables and transmitters.

BT, however, does seem to be moving more into the broadcasting space by announcing the launch of a new entertainments division which will be headed by former News Corporation executive Andrew Burke and Dan Marks, formerly president of Universal Networks.

The new division will bring together existing BT businesses that deal with the delivery of content via broadband internet - including BT Rich Media, BT Click & Buy and BT Learning Centre.

All that said, all those BT businesses exist to service players in the entertainments industry, rather than compete with them. It is unclear if the new entertainments division will see the company dabble in content creation again, or if they will remain concerned with the cables and transmitters bits of this biz called show.


Busted's Matt Jay on the stresses of being a pop star: "I never knew I'd see so many boobs. At first I was shocked but now it's just like 'Oh look, there's another pair of breasts'. Girls always get them out for us to sign and don't get at all embarrassed about it. The crowd at our concerts is full of tits".

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