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In today's CMU Daily:
- New survey says musicians get more from the net than they lose
- Busted win Record Of The Year award
- Kylie adds extra date
- Jim Beam announce club tour
- Album Review: Gwen Stefani - Love Angel Music Baby
- Underworld best selling dance act in Japan
- Bid for lunch with Nirvana man
- Elton John gets award for contribution to American culture
- OFT reckon Apple pricing policy unfair
- Stevie wonder supports Jacko against Eminem
- Jacko forced to give DNA sample
- Album Review: Kings Of Tomorrow - Trouble
- Band Aid top the charts
- Chart update
- This week's Student Radio Chart
- Impala begin legal action against SonyBMG merger


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How did you start out making music for a living?
I was playing keyboards in bands since the age of 14 but never really earned money from it. After school at the age of 18 I started djing cos my studies (Economics) had to be financed. At the same time my productions and remixes got noticed more & more. It all worked hand in hand & soon I could live from music on a decent level.

What inspired your latest album?
After doing loads of underground productions and having two major successes ('Horny' & 'Sexbomb') I felt ready to do an album with (hopefully timeless) characteristic pop songs. Furthermore I am one of those guys who's walking through life with open eyes & ears.

What process do you go through in creating an album?
It's a difficult one. I am very self-critical and it took quite a while to be sure that the songs are right. Basically the songwriting process for me is the most important part on an album-production. After that I get into the production process, i.e. vocal & string recordings, mixing etc. In the meantime you have organise the right artists for your songs & think about artwork...

Which artists influence your work?
I got influenced by The Beatles, The Stranglers, ELO, The Stones...

What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Nothing. Let the music speak :)

What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
So far, I'm really happy how everything's gone. We got the singles licensed to 20 territories worldwide and one after another they're picking up the album, which is a fantastic feeling. I guess that I'm gonna be busy promoting the album for the next two years. Of course, my main profession is still being a music producer - so I'm gonna focus on that more in the near future. Also, I would like to do more underground stuff again on my label Peppermint Jam.

The title track off Mousse-T's album 'Right About Now' is released as a single today.


A new survey by a US research firm reckons that musicians do not back the 'sue-the-bastards' strategy used by major record labels to tackle illegal filesharing online. Most musicians, the survey says, see the internet as a positive thing, enabling them to communicate with other musicians and their fan base directly.

Pew Internet surveyed the opinions of some 2755 American musicians as part of the survey, and while they recognised that the sharing of copyright music online was illegal, they said that the internet offered more opportunities than threats.

Pew Internet's Mary Madden told the BBC: "Musicians are embracing the internet enthusiastically. They are using the internet to gain inspiration, sell it online, tracking royalties, learning about copyright."

While most of those surveyed recognised the problem in music fans accessing tracks for free from illegal sources online, some 60% reckoned the hardline lawsuit route being taking by the major record labels (in particular in suing individuals who share music online) was the wrong strategy, arguing record labels should be looking at the new revenue streams the web offers the music world.

Madden continues: "Both successful and struggling musicians were more likely to say that the internet has made it possible for them to make more money from their music, rather than make it harder for them to protect their material from piracy".


For an awards event that is pretty inconsequential (let's not forget it has been won by Westlife on three separate occasions), the producers of ITV's Record Of The Year manage to turn the whole thing into quite exciting TV.

Despite big support for Anastacia (I never realised she was so popular), in the end it was the Busted and McFly boys that topped the poll for the nation's favourite song of the year - which is pretty damn good news for Universal Records who have both on their roster (in fact, coming so close to U2's global domination, one would imagine there are some smiling faces at St. Peterís Square this morning).

In the end Busted's track 'Thunderbirds' won outright which, despite clearly not being the best record released in 2004, cheered up the CMU team immensely (Busted getting the CMU vote as soon as Scissor Sisters were out of the running of course!)

In the end of the final five looked like this:
1. Busted - Thunderbirds
2. McFly - Five Colours in Her Hair
3. Anastacia (above) - Left Outside Alone
4. Will Young - Leave Right Now
5. Katie Melua - Closest Thing To Crazy


Kylie has added a sixth date at London's Earl's Court following the continued high demand for tickets. She will play an additional date at the West London venue on 7 May.


Drinks brand Jim Beam has announced it is launching a new club tour in 2005 initially featuring bands The Raveonettes and Dogs, and two others tbc. This is the first time Jim Beam have dabbled in music sponsorship in the UK, though they are well established in the music space elsewhere around the world.

Commenting on their involvement in the tour the Ravonettes' Sharin Foo told CMU: "We are really looking forward to touring in the UK again and giving people the chance to hear The Raveonettes new songs for the first time. The fact that it's the first ever Jim Beam Tour should make for an even crazier time than usual and some real after show fun!"

Linda Love of Jim Beam's UK distributors Maxxium told us: "Jim Beam believes that you're ultimately judged not by your label, but by what's behind it. Because, with real music, as with real Bourbon, the stuff inside matters most. We are extremely excited about working with these fantastic bands and working with our partners to create one of the most exciting annual tours for emerging artists in the UK."

More info on the tour is at - press info is available from Burt Greener Communications on 0141 248 6007. Dates for the tour as follows:

4 Mar: Oxford Zodiac
5 Mar: Brighton Concorde 2
6 Mar: Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
7 Mar: Birmingham Academy 2
9 Mar: Nottingham Rescue Rooms
10 Mar: Hull University
11 Mar: Leeds Cockpit
13 Mar: Manchester Hop & Grape
14 Mar: Norwich Arts Centre
15 Mar: London Islington Academy
21 Mar: Bristol Fleece
22 Mar: Stoke Sugarmill
24 Mar: Liverpool University
25 Mar: Newcastle University Global
26 Mar: Dundee Reading Rooms
28 Mar: Edinburgh Venue
29 Mar: Glasgow King Tut's


ALBUM REVIEW: Gwen Stefani - Love Angel Music Baby (Universal/Interscope)
Gwen Stefani was always the best thing by miles about No Doubt, so it was always inevitable she'd embark on a solo career at some point. In terms of originality or general brilliance, 'LAMB' doesn't quite have the seismic effect Björk did once freed from the shackles of the Sugarcubes; but then Gwen was always going to collaborate with big name US pop talent rather than produce anything informed by the avant-garde or anything vaguely 'indie'. From the snarling electro-rock of opener 'What You Waiting For?' onwards, one thing is clear; this is an album in love with 80s pop and not ashamed to plagiarise from that era in large chunks, particularly with its liberal smatterings of that decade's electro/hip hop synth and percussion sounds. The best track here is 'The Real Thing'; its giddy pop rush is pure Madonna circa 'Like A Virgin' or 'True Blue', and with the presence of Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook, also has more than a hint of New Order about it in both sound and inspiration. As does 'Serious', in fact, which doesn't feature them but is vaguely reminiscent of the electro-pop New Order were doing with John Robie in '86, and is one of the few examples of where the glossy production matches the quality of the actual song. The more hip hop-styled tracks don't always fare as well, sadly. 'Luxurious' is pedestrian by-the-numbers RnB, whilst 'Rich Girl' and 'Hollaback Girl' - despite the production talents of Dr Dre and The Neptunes respectively - are just plain irritating. 'Long Way To Go', however, features Andre 3000 and is as brilliantly savvy as Outkast at their best. A mixed bag then, but with more great moments (about four) than No Doubt managed in a whole career. MS
Released Nov 29
Press contact: Polydor IH [all]


Long term CMU favourites Underworld have won the title of Best Dance Artist at the 25th Anniversary celebrations of Tower Records in Japan - beating off competition from the likes of Daft Punk, the Chemical Brothers, the Prodigy, Fatboy Slim and Massive Attack. The awards event, held in Budo-Kan on Friday, gave awards to leading homegrown artists, recognised top global artists in terms of sales (it was in this capacity Underworld took the dance gong), and made additional awards based on public vote.

Commenting on the award, Underworld's Karl Hyde told CMU: "It is an honour to receive this award, especially when you see who we were up against. Japan has always been an extraordinary place for us, not least of all for the hi-energy response we experience at our shows. Japan was the first country to fully embrace and encourage the work Rick and I do within and outside of Underworld and our fans there have consistently driven us to challenge our conception of Underworld music and to keep moving on."

Shoe Nakamura who runs the Japanese end of Underworld's label V2 added: "This award is very important - despite changes in the dance market, many fans have continued to support Underworld here in Japan from the beginning. When we heard that Underworld album sales at Tower Records are ranked Number One across the board, nobody here was surprised! We have been constantly surprised and fascinated with their work over the years. Thank you to Tower Records and all the fans"


Former Nirvana member Krist Novoselic is auctioning off a lunch with himself in aid of People For The American Way, a non-partisan organisation promoting political awareness in America. Fans can bid for the lunch, which includes a private plane ride from any US West Coast airport to a restaurant of the buyers' choosing, via eBay. Last we heard bidding had passed the $2000 mark.

Commenting on the lunch, Novoselic told reporters: "I am happy to share the wonders of aviation and remind the winners to be careful during the most dangerous phase of flight - the drive to and from the airport."


Elton John, composer John Williams, soprano Dame Joan Sutherland, actor Warren Beatty and producers Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee have all been honoured for their lifetime contributions to American culture by the Kennedy Centre in Washington.

Commenting on his award, Elton told the audience at the awards event: "It's incredible for someone who's British to be given such an accolade from America, which has given me so much already in my career."

Commenting on the composing genius of John Williams, Steven Spielberg recalled how he had told Williams that his two-note score for the movie Jaws seemed "rather thin", to which Williams replied: "I really think that's all you need."


Apple face a possible falling out with European authorities following news that the UK Office Of Fair Trading has reported the iTunes service to the European Commission over allegations of unfair trading, mainly because UK customers are charged 20% more for downloading tracks than those customers on mainland Europe.

The OFT is acting after complaints from consumer rights magazine Which? Their principal policy advisor, Phil Evans, told reporters this weekend: "The online music market is a huge growth area; the Single Market should work the same in this market as in others. We're campaigning for free movement of goods and services in Europe and we'll take on any company, or group of companies, that seek to carve up the market to their benefit."

As previously reported, Apple's UK price of 79p per track works out considerably higher than the 99 cents per track charges elsewhere. By current exchange rates iTunes customers in Germany and France are paying 68p, in the US tracks sell for 51p and on the new Canadian version of the download platform tracks are selling for 43p each.

Apple are yet to comment on the OFT's moves, although they have previously defended their pricing policies arguing: "We believe the real comparison to be made is with the price of other track downloads in the UK."

However, one of the big players in the European download sector, OD2, disagrees - their European sales and marketing director Ed Averdieck told reporters: "Our retailers charge everyone in Europe the same price, and we believe there should be such a unified pricing policy. If you look at [OD2 client] MSN, for example, it charges 99 cents in the eurozone and 69p in the UK [the same amount]. We believe this is right and that there is no reason why UK consumers should have to pay any more."


While much of the music world (and, crucially, the music media) ignored Michael Jackson when he started complaining about the way he is portrayed in the current Eminem video (you know, his hair catching fire, his nose falling off, kids bouncing on his bed), it will be interesting to see if there is any different reaction now that Stevie Wonder has stepped in.

Stevie has told Billboard that he agrees with Jackson in his claims that the video for 'Just Lose It' is inappropriate. Wonder: "Kicking someone when he's down is not a good thing. I was disappointed that he would let himself go to such a level."

On Eminem in general, he continued: "I have much respect for his work, though I don't think he's as good as (late rapper) Tupac. He did succeed on the backs of people predominantly in that lower pay bracket - people of colour".

Eminem is yet to respond to Stevie Wonder's comments. US cable channel Black Entertainment Television are the only network who have so far decided to boycott the video following Jacko's original complaints.


Elsewhere in Jacko news, and the singer has been forced to give police a DNA sample after a third raid on his Neverland Ranch last week. Despite initially resisting attempts by police to gain the sample (apparently he didn't want the sample to be taken while his children were around), he eventually allowed police to gain what they wanted using a swab inside his mouth.

The fact police wanted a DNA sample came as no surprise to the legal community. The fact one hadn't been taken before now, however, did surprise some. One legal expert told reporters this weekend: "It should have been one of the first things taken when he was arrested."


Kings Of Tomorrow - Trouble (Defected)
In the happy little world of house music, King's Of Tomorrow, also known as the equally illustrious Sandy Rivera, is a bit of a foundation. Releasing quality dance music for as long as there's been a term to categorise it, Rivera has brought us some of the biggest hits of the genre, including the incredibly over-played 'Finally' and 'Dreams' singles - suffice it to say, this is an eagerly awaited LP among some. Not me though, generic house music holds no place in this cynical reviewers heart. But once through the first five rather tame warm-up tracks, this LP really starts to thaw out. The chunky little head-bopper 'London Frog' coaxes us deeper with its swirling synths, and the jolly, bluesy '6PM' sounds like what you'd get if you stuck BB King in a studio after a night out raving, and to great effect. The new single 'Thru', is also featured, Rivera's proper dance-floor track and a true summery smash. From then on, it maintains this much more gratifying, albeit tougher, shade, save the more down tempo electro, vocal number 'No Problem', and a contradictory, authentic jazz track 'So Alive' to conclude, complete with wandering brass and blue notes. OG
Release date: 7 Feb
Press contact: Phuturetrax [all]


Well, no surprise at what is number one this week then, needless to say Band Aid 20's version of 'Do They Know It's Christmas is currently at the top of the singles chart. Whether or not Tony Blair buying a copy at the Edinburgh branch of HMV on Friday helped the charity song seize the top slot we're not sure (presumably my failure to buy a copy didn't help), but nevertheless Band Aid was by far the best seller this week. Whether it will continue to be the biggest seller for another two weeks - ie enough to secure the Christmas number one - remains to be seen.

Commenting on selling a copy to Tony Blair, the manager of HMV Edinburgh told reporters this weekend: "When the store opened at 8.30am, there were, what I thought at the time, some slightly suspicious looking people hanging around the front entrance, and it was only later, when the Prime Minister came in, that I realised they must have been carrying out a security check. When Mr Blair came in unannounced, we were all pretty gobsmacked, to say the least. Our customer helper approached him to see if he needed any assistance, and it was only then we realised he wanted to buy copies of the Band Aid single rather than the latest album from Eminem, which is our current best seller."

Should President Bush wish to make a similar gesture he will need to get himself a digital music player. Although import copies of the track are selling well in LA and New York, the Universal Music Group has confirmed they have no plans to give the record a proper release in America. It is, however, available to download globally via Band Aid 20's official website.


Well, with Band Aid guaranteed the number one slot, I suppose all eyes this week on who would get that prestigious number two slot. In the end it went to Ice Cube ft Mack 10 and Ms Toi with 'You Can Do It'. Other top ten new entries went to Green Day at 5, Natasha Bedingfield at 6, Babyshambles at 8 (Pete Doherty was causing chaos at Xfm's Winter Wonderland as the chart was announced!) and Snoop Dogg at 10.

Other new entries in the singles chart went to Razorlight with 'Rip It Up' at 20, Joss Stone with 'Right To Be Wrong' at 29, the Streets with 'Could Well Be In' at 30, Alter Ego with 'Rocker' at 32, and Bryan Adams with 'Flying' at 39. In the end Nadia from Big Brother had to make do with a chart entry position of 27 with her debut 'A Little Bit of Action'.

Albums wise and little change at the top of the chart, except that Robbie and Eminem swapped positions, so that the top three goes U2, Robbie and Eminem in that order. Highest new entry came from Girls Aloud at five, followed by Lemar at 8. Brian McFadden only managed 24 for his debut solo album just ahead of Genesis's 'Platinum Collection, which went in at 29.


1. [4] Razorlight - Rip It Up (Universal/Mercury)
2. [1] Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Warner/Reprise)
3. [17] Beastie Boys - An Open Letter To NYC (EMI/Parlophone)
4. [10] Gwen Stefani - What Are You Waiting For? (Universal/Interscope)
5. [2] Eminem - Just Lose It (Universal/Interscope)
6. [9] Goldie Lookin Chain - You Knows I Loves You (Warner/Must Destroy)
7. [12] Destiny's Child - Lose My Breath (Sony/Columbia)
8. [3] Steriogram - Walkie Talkie Man (EMI)
9. [11] The Zutons - Confusion (Deltasonic)
10. [14] Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning (BMG/J)
11. [5] U2 - Vertigo (Universal/Island)
12. [13] Ash - Renegade Cavalcade (Warner/Atlantic)
13. [NE] The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize (EMI/Virgin)
14. [6] Keane - This Is The Last Time (Universal/Island)
15. [7] Babyshambles - Killamangiro (Rough Trade)
16. [NE] Kasabian - Cut Off (BMG/RCA)
17. [15] Electric Six - Radio Ga Ga (Warner)
18. [NE] Kylie - I Believe In You (EMI/Parlophone)
19. [RE] Fatboy Slim - Wonderful Night (Skint)
20. [16] William Shatner - Common People (Sony/Epic)
21. [8] The Streets - Could Well Be In (679)
22. [19] Blink 182 - Always (Universal/Geffen)
23. [18] Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Home (BMG/Arista)
24. [20] Nelly - Tilt Ya Head Back (Ft. Christina Aguilera)
25. [NE] Le Tigre - TKO (Universal/Island)
26. [25] Lemar - If There's Any Justice (Sony/Epic)
27. [28] Nas - Bridging The Gap (Sony/Columbia)
28. [22] The Thrills - Not For All The Love In The World (EMI/Virgin)
29. [NE] The Features - Leave It All Behind (Universal)
30. [23] Bright Eyes - Take It Easy (Love Nothing) (Saddle Creek)


As hinted in Friday's Daily, IMPALA, the body that represents independent record labels across Europe, has officially launched its appeal against the SonyBMG merger. IMPALA say that the European Commission were wrong to give the merger their approval, arguing the EC's own research suggested any further consolidation of the music industry was unwise.

Announcing the launch of their legal proceedings against the EC decision, IMPALA president Michel Lambot told CMU: "The SonyBMG fiasco makes Europe neither logical nor comprehensible for its citizens. The EU does u-turns and contradicts its own priorities. The result here is a merger which is a legal, economic, cultural and political disaster. This could have so easily been avoided had the EU fulfilled its role as the guardian of competition, consumer choice, value and cultural diversity. This leaves us no choice but to exercise our rights as citizens and cultural operators."

IMPALA's legal case goes to the EU's Luxembourg-based Court of First Instance and it could take up to two years before a decision is made. With the best case scenario being that the court rules within nine months - by which time the SonyBMG empire will be fully entangled - it seems unlikely the EC would be actually able to stop the merger at this late stage. However IMPALA's action, if successful, might stop EMI and Warner from ever considering a similar merger.

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