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In today's CMU Daily:
- Kanye West dominates at Grammy nominations
- Stereophonics hire new drummer
- BBC staff face mega-job cuts in revamp
- MTV Europe Awards go to Lisbon
- New report calls on clubs to protect employees' hearing
- Single Review: Pnau - Again
- Underwater celebrate 50 releases
- Drive Thru plan Dylan covers album
- ES Lite could arrive next week
- Professor says Kazaa deliberately ignoring copyright violation
- The Kills album news
- Ian Brown single news
- Infinity hunt for Stern replacement
- Mary Travers undergoing chemotherapy
- Last ODB album set for release
- Hot Snakes release final Peel session as single
- Album Review: Moving Units - Dangerous Dreams
- VH1 hope to pull in audience with nine and half nights of sex
- ASA side with Nuts over Zoo's size claim
- Pink plans movie version of her diaries
- Lloyd Webber to write for Blue boy


Currently doing well in the voting stakes: Mylo, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Delays, Max Sedgley and Kasabian - but what is your favourite track? Email your vote and a 50 word description of why it is your favourite to

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Well, we don't have Cat Deeley as a host, or any clever text message voting, or millions of T Mobile cash to throw around. But we have eclectic tastes round here, so don't rule out the chance of Busted winning. Anyway, we are compiling the votes for CMU Track Of The Year - so email your vote now to If you're feeling opinionated include a 50 word justification for your vote and we might include it here in the Daily.

Some of the votes so far:

Voter: Chris Cooke, CMU Daily
Vote: The Killers - All These Things That I've Done (Lizard King)
Words: Not my band of the year. Not my album of the year. But in a year which featured many fine single releases, this is my favourite. Since stumbling across this single in a pile of CDs at home a couple of months ago, I have become well and truly addicted to this track. It's in three bits, which I like. It has a sing along bit in the middle, which I like. It climaxes with dominant drumming, which, you guessed it, I like. Put simply, it rocks.

Voter: Alex Farber, Drum & Bass Arena
Vote: Calibre - Drop It Down (Signature)
Words: Go to and hold CTRL to find out why. Beautiful tune. Warm. Organic. Soulful. And one of several gems Calibre has written this year

Voter: Hattie Collins
Vote: Lethal Bizzle - Pow (Relentless)
Words: Despite being subject to a more radio-friendly mix, this cranium-cracking, ear-splitting ball of energy is mashing up clubs left, right and centre. Driven to perfection by East London's finest emcee's, Newham General D Double almost steals the show with his 'spitting the lyrics back on' 16, but is upstaged at the last minute by Napper's maniacal screams of 'Arrgghhhhh, crack your skull.' A monster of a track that shows no signs of stopping. All together now...'POW! Yeah, I'm Leth to the B..."

Voter: Andrew Ian Dodge
Vote: Anastacia - Left Outside Alone (Sony / Epic)
Words: For a comeback track, she couldn't have picked a better one. Its catchy from the first listen... rock and dancey at the same time. The vocals are awesome, the video was cool and the track does not get old. What is not to like? For a rocker such as myself; this is this year's guilty pleasure.

Voter: Nick Stevenson, Mixmag
Vote: Max Sedgely - Happy (Sunday Best)
Words: Brilliant original, amazing remix. Reminds me of laughing gas at Bestival, vodka lemon at Space and even the build up to England v Portugal at Glasto. Sounds like nothing else before it and nothing else since. It was 2004.

Agree? If not, get voting -


Every year one artist seems to dominate all the mainstream music awards, and in 2004 that artist has been Kanye West. Once again the young rapper proved to be the main event as the nominations for next year's Grammy Awards were announced at the Beverley Hills Hilton yesterday. West has no less than ten nominations, including listings for some of the flagship gongs including Artist Of The Year, Album Of The Year and Single Of The Year.

Other artists with multiple appearances on the lengthy Grammy nomination lists include Alicia Keys and Usher, who both have eight nominations each, and Green Day and the late Ray Charles, who are nominated for seven awards each.

In the important category of Album Of The Year, all of the aforementioned appear - Kanye West, Usher, Alicia Keys, Green Day and Ray Charles who are nominated for 'The College Dropout', 'Confessions', 'The Diary', 'American Idiot' and 'Genius Loves Company' respectively.

As far as the British contingent are concerned, actually we did quite well this time round. Joss Stone is up for Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album; the mighty Franz Ferdinand are competing against (kinda British) U2 in the catchily titled category of Best Rock Performance By Duo Or Group; U2 are also up for Best Rock Song; Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton and Elton John are nominated for Best Pop Collaborations; Jamie Cullum is up for Best Jazz Vocal Album; while Elvis Costello and The Imposters are on the shortlist for Best Rock Album and Best Rock Performance By Group.

In addition to all that, the Grammys prove once again that, while the UK music press and Brit Award organisers like to tell us how dance music is dead (they're wrong by the way), as far as the Americans are concerned British dance music, erm, rocks. Basement Jaxx, The Prodigy and Paul Oakenfold are all up for Best Electronic/Dance Album while The Chemical Brothers and Basement Jaxx are up for Best Dance Recording.

There are of course about 3,700 categories in the Grammy Awards (we might be exaggerating slightly here, but not much) and if we were to include all the nominations in the Daily we'd have to send it out in about five separate emails. If you're interested you can browse them all at your leisure at

The Grammy Awards will be presented on Sunday 13 Feb in LA.


Former CMU columnists (aaah, happy days) Stereophonics have hired a new drummer, a year after dumping Stuart Cable over "bad hair day issues" (or was it "commitment issues", I forget). The new guy is Argentine Javier Weyler who Kelly Jones and Richard Jones spotted at a jam session in Argentina.

Jones (don't know which one, I'm guessing Kelly) is quoted in the press as saying: "We were at this club, it was rockin', everyone having a good time, and then the owner invited us to this private house party where lots of musicians go there to play - three floors, each floor getting darker and a little seedier the higher up they got. That's where we met Javier."

Weyler will presumably drum on the next Sterophonics album 'Language, Sex, Violence, Other?' which is currently scheduled for a Mar release.


Reports seem to differ as to how many jobs will go at the BBC following the sweeping changes announced by Director General Mark Thompson yesterday - but rest assured, it's a lot. As revealed in yesterday's CMU Daily (credit where it's due - we stole it from the Media Guardian), Thompson's plans to make the BBC a leaner fitter cultural machine (and a more acceptable machine for the politicians currently reconsidering the Beeb's charter) will see some 3000 jobs go in the Corporation's 'support services', the shift of children and sports programmes, and most of Radio 5Live, to Manchester, and another shift of focus onto those programming areas of particular importance to the BBC, which apparently includes music, which is nice.

The job cuts and shift of operations to Manchester will take place over a number of years, giving everyone at Radio 5 the chance to find a job at Radio 4 (presumably). Thompson has promised good redundancy packages for those that go - senior execs will be hoping most can be lost through voluntary redundancy, if only because the main unions with influence at the BBC - the National Union of Journalists, Amicus and Bectu - have all said they will resist compulsory redundancies.


It may be merely weeks since the MTV Europe Music Awards 2004, but the venue has already been announced for the 2005 event - presumably so the record labels of all the American artists who actually win the awards can book their hotels.

This time Portugal will host the event at one of their premiere music venues - the Atlantic Pavilion in Lisbon. Confirming the location for the awards, MTV Europe boss Brent Hansen told CMU: "We've had Lisbon in our sights as a potential venue for the Awards for a long time, and are delighted to make it a reality at last. The city's stunning architecture, rich heritage and vibrant music culture make an outstanding backdrop for the show, while in the Atlantic Pavilion we have a world class music venue that is perfectly attuned to the dramatic and technological demands of this global TV event.

Giving Lisbon's take on MTV's decision to host their awards there, the city's mayor Carmona Rodrigues added: "We are delighted that the MTV Europe Music Awards, the biggest music event in Europe, will take place in Lisbon. This news will enhance Lisbon's reputation as an outstanding international location - one that is well suited to staging events of this scale. Lisbon is recognised around the world as a city that attracts leading events, and recent concerts including Madonna and Rock In Rio are proof that Lisbon is a excellent choice and valuable event partner."

It is the first time the MTV Europe Music Awards have been to Portugal in their 12 year history. The event will take place on 3 Nov 2005.


Now listen to this. And if the ringing in your ears makes it hard to hear - then listen extra carefully.

A new report by the Trade Unions Congress and Royal National Institute for the Deaf reckons that 100,000s of employees working in British bars, pubs and clubs are facing permanent hearing loss because they are constantly surrounded by loud music, sometimes as loud as "an aeroplane taking off".

The TUC is calling on employers to introduce measures to protect their employees' hearing, and on local authorities to ensure club and pub owners do act responsibly in this area. The organisation's Deputy General Secretary Frances O'Grady told reporters yesterday: "Employers can take simple steps to reduce the damage being done to staff without turning clubs into libraries. But it is up to local authorities to monitor and enforce the rules put in place to protect employees from noise overload."

Among the simple measures proposed by the report are the supply of ear plugs to staff members and the provision of regular breaks in noise-free areas. Experts also recommend clubs regularly review the layout of their venues to see if they can reduce volume around those areas where employees spend the majority of their time, such as a bar area.

New European legislation due to arrive in 2008 will force employers to take more action to protect their employees hearing, but with an estimated 170,000 people in the UK already suffering from deafness or other ear conditions as a result of exposure to excessive noise at work, the report's authors want action sooner.

Mark Hoda of the RNID commented: "Because noise damage is cumulative and the effects not immediate, employers often fail to enforce hearing protection for their staff."


SINGLE REVIEW: Pnau - Again (Warner)
This peculiar little slow techno number is the debut from the equally oddly named Pnau, known by their postman as Aussie's Nick Littlemore and song writing partner Peter Mayes. Having worked with the likes of Electric 6, Sonic Youth, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Darren Emerson, (who we all know used to be Underworld, so I won't say it again) it's pretty understandable why this is such a distinctive little chunk of electronics. Sounding at first like a 45 mistakenly played at 33, it takes a while to get into this track, as it simply sounds wrong! But given the opportunity, the wolf within this little sheep creeps out, one dirty, acidic bass paw at a time, until the tempo is the least of your thoughts! With a characteristic, although unoriginal, underlying Moroder bass line bubbling underneath, supporting those robust kick drums, this is pretty coarse stuff, but undeniably fun nonetheless. But just when you thought it was safe to come out, Darren Emerson pitches in with his take. Speeding up the tempo and generating a much more universal appeal - taming the beast if you will - Emerson primarily drags that bubbly bass-line to the front, before adding the classic hissing techno hi-hats and brassy snares to his punchy kicks. This is still no pussycat either; the track builds up into a peak of dance floor demolition with screaming acidic synths, before draining away in preparation for the final assault of another momentous build up. OG
Release date: 13th Dec
Press contact: Darling [CP, RP, NP] Warner IH [CR, RR, NR]


Darren Emerson's Underwater Records has its 50th release booked in for 24 Jan - an EP from Emerson himself (Emerson, of course, used to be in ... yeah, you know). To celebrate, the label is re-releasing the label's first nine, previously deleted, releases, which is a considerable achievement given that Emerson had lost the DATs of those recordings and was only able to do the re-release because he found a fan on his website who was able to supply copies!

All of that will be celebrated at a special party at The End on 18 Dec where Emerson, Deluxe, Paul Jackson, Sharam Jay and Mark Wilkinson will all be on the decks. Press info from Kim at Industrious Promotions.


American independent label Drive Thru Records is planning on releasing an album of Bob Dylan cover versions recorded by young pop-punk bands. The label's owners hope the album will introduce young music fans to Dylan's songwriting genius.

A statement from the label reads: "The goal of the CD is to introduce a newer, younger generation of listeners to Bob Dylan's music through artists that they love, the same way we (Stefanie and Richard, Drive Thru owners) were introduced to his music through one of our favorite bands, The Alarm, back in the mid-'90s".

No word yet on which artists will be involved in the project.


The new free mini-version of London's Evening Standard may well hit the streets as early as next week. As previously reported, key advertisers will meet with ES bosses later this week to discuss plans for what will essentially be a lunchtime Metro, but with some content taken from the ES paper. The new paper, dubbed ES Lite, aims to extend the reach of the paper for ES's advertisers, and to introduce the full newsstand paper to a wider audience. The new paper will be handed out by ES vendors at certain city centre sites.

Although there is still no official launch date for the new paper insiders say it is "imminent" which the Media Guardian reckon could mean "next week".


A computer science professor from the University of Melbourne has spoken out in favour of the major record labels in the ongoing case in the Australian courts against P2P network Kazaa. The labels claim Kazaa's owners Sharman Networks are liable for the copyright violation committed using their software. Kazaa say they have no control over what content is shared via their network.

The professors' comments centre on that point of liability. The original Napster kept a central record of all the music being stored on its members' computers - this meant Napster could track what content was being shared by its members. Because of this the courts said Napster's owners could not distance themselves from the copyright violation being committed by Napster's members - ie they knew that copyrighted content was being illegally shared and their failure to stop it constituted liability.

Subsequent P2P networks, like Kazaa, have no central record of the music being shared and this has always been used by the P2P networks owners' to distance themselves from liability for copyright infringement - they claim they have no way of knowing what files their members' share. Speaking in court this week, however, Professor Leon Sterling said there was absolutely no reason why user statistics on P2P networks could not be monitored, meaning Sharman could, in fact, track whether copyright content was being shared. Sterling reckons Sharman have deliberately designed Kazaa so that it does not have such monitoring built-in simply so that it can distance itself from the copyright violation they expect their members to commit.

According to CNET, Sterling told the court: "The fact that the system is distributed-as opposed to a centralized system-does not change this design opportunity and there are software tools available that could have been incorporated into [Kazaa] to do this."


The Kills' second album 'No Wow' is due for release via Domino on 28 Feb. Commenting on the recording of the new album, which was completed in a mere 18 days, The Kills have told reporters: "To start with we weren't thinking about songs, we were just talking about all the things that had inspired us over the last months. Guitar riffs, art books, journals, thousands of tiny bits of paper, mini discs of us talking."


Ian Brown's next single release off album 'Solarized' will be 'Time Is My Everything', which will be released on 17 Jan. The single release will include remixes from the likes of UNKLE and Hombres plus a new version of 'Where Angels Play', an old Stone Roses tracks that only ever appeared as a rough version on an unapproved compilation album.


The boss of Viacom's US radio group Infinity has said his company is busy looking for a replacement for the legendary Howard Stern, who will leave the group in favour of the less regulated Sirius Satellite Radio when his contract runs out at the end of next year. Infinity President Joel Hollander told the UBS Media Week conference this weekend: "We are feverishly looking for someone to replace him. We are going to spend a lot of money on talent. We are going to do something big at the right time." Hollander also implied that Infinity would not let Stern finish his contract early in order to start up at Sirius next year - something Stern had hinted he hoped could happen.


Unfortunately the current tour of CMU favourites ballboy has had to be postponed because of a family bereavement. This means the band's London, Nottingham and Oxford shows have had to be cancelled - ticket refunds are available and SL Records hope to reschedule the gigs in the New Year. The band's Gordon McIntyre will play a solo acoustic show at the Waterrats tonight supported by Darren Hayman (Hefner) and Steven Adams (Broken Family Band).


The publicist of Mary Travers, a member of the sixties group Peter, Paul and Mary, has confirmed the folk singer is undergoing chemotherapy for a form of leukaemia. In the short term the group, who still regularly perform, have cancelled upcoming gig commitments. However they are hopeful Mary will be in full remission soon and that they will be able to start touring again next Apr.


The final album by Wu Tang Clan co-founder Ol' Dirty Bastard, who died last month, will be released by a new label set up by his mother Cherry Jones and manager Jarred Weisfeld. ODB had spent much of the last year working on new material, and 15 songs have been completed for the album release. The album will be preceded by a single release called 'Pop Shots (Wu Tang)'.


Post-hardcore band The Hot Snakes plan to release the last ever Peel session as a 7" single. The Hot Snakes were the last band to record a session with Peel before his death back in Oct. The single release will feature four songs from that session.


ALBUM REVIEW: Moving Units - Dangerous Dreams (Palm Pictures)
The Moving Units are like The Killers in the nude; stripped of all the useless and soulless production flab, and replaced with a rawness, a la Yardbirds / Tomorrow from the Blow Up Soundtrack. Many would argue that this LA three-piece (with possibly one of the best drummers playing today) are just as derivative as all the other disco punk rock early eighties wannabes, and may go so far as to say that they lack the 'songs' that helped Franz Ferdinand et al move so many units. Well who gives a shit? Do you think drum n bass or hiphop or house or thrash metal or African talking drums relied particularly on dense and complicated musicality? No. And does that make it any less valuable? No. Besides, that kind of clap-trap musical rhetoric may work for the S Club / Blue fan club, but style and delivery count for a lot too, and an intro / verse / bridge / chorus / verse / modulation / key change / outro formula will only get you so far (it may even get you in the charts, but will it get you in people's hearts?). This album will make the dark-hearted Killers / Rapture / Faint / Franz fan a very happy person. And if you need it further proof (you over-educated Philistine heathen sons and daughters of Pop World) then see these suckers play live.... it's like a million Duracell bunnies all pedalling the same treadmill to one big fuck-off rabbit in a spring-time rutting rage. Thank you and goodnight. JG
Release date: 31 Jan
Press contact: Hall or Nothing [CP, RP, NP] Chapple Davies [CR, RR, NR]


What would the FCC say? As the US media regulator throws a record fine at TV network CBS because it aired the MTV produced Janet Jackson Nipplegate performance that outraged, well, everyone surely, the UK branch of CBS/MTV sister station VH-1 are hoping to lure in viewers with "nine and a half nights of sex". The marketing line isn't to be taken literally, but does refer to a series of programmes concentrating on "taboo breaking" music videos from the '80s and '90s and documentaries about celebrities who bared all for Playboy, including Cindy Crawford and Latoya Jackson.

The season is advertised with a spoof apology in various newspapers in which the station "apologises in advance to viewers who may be offended by things like people 'doing it', nudey bits or lewd cavorting in leg warmers and other '80s paraphernalia". For those likely to be offended the network suggest they should "do something else, like knitting".

VH-1 will be hoping the new season will help it increase its audience share in the increasingly competitive UK music TV market - and are presumably glad the FCC's remit doesn't cross across the Atlantic.


Meanwhile, over in the playground where the publishers of the UK's two main men's weeklies hang out, IPC (publishers of Nuts) are one point up after the Advertising Standards Association upheld their complaint over a claim by rival mag Zoo, published by EMAP, that it was the "biggest men's weekly".

Given that Nuts sells about 290,000 copies a week, while Zoo only sells 200,000, clearly EMAP's mag isn't the biggest in terms of circulation. However Zoo's management say the claim referred to the fact that, at the time they said it, that week's edition of Zoo had 108 pages, while NUTS only had 100 pages - therefore, on page count, they were the biggest. However that argument didn't stand up because, according to the ASA, that week's NUTS had a pull-out section that wasn't included in its overall page count, meaning that, in fact, it too had 108 pages.

But never fear. Zoo has promised not to make such claims again - which will come as a major relief to everyone.


Just the other day I was saying "if only I had access to the innermost thoughts of top pop star Pink". Well, my wishes may come true, because word has it Pink is planning on writing a film based on her private diary. Oh joy. According to working title for the film is 'The Diary Of Pink'.


As if that wasn't enough to look forward to - now the news that Andrew Lloyd Webber plans to write two new songs for Blue's Duncan James. Following the chart success of Duncan's version of 'I Believe In You' from Lloyd Webber's musical 'The Woman In White', the composer has told reporters: "I'll write a couple of tracks for his album as I enjoy doing that from time to time. He is a great talent and we had fun working together. I have worked with a lot of people from the boy bands over the years and I think he's definitely got a future as a solo artist."

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