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In today's CMU Daily:
- Jay-Z takes top job at Def Jam
- Police still not sure of motive for Damageplan shooting
- Shania Twain goes 20 times platinum
- New House Of Love
- Kylie announces yet another date
- Breaks fest at Fabric tonight
- Unsigned Guide launches London edition
- Musician may return honorary degree over music department closure
- AOL may branch out into digital music space
- DMX pleads guilty to DUI
- Simmons reckons hip hop names helped get NYC drug law review
- SMiLE to get vinyl release
- Bono to edit Today show
- New Stones album under way
- Ronan to donate single profits to Band Aid
- Charlotte church gets TV gig
- Joe appears in CMU reader's toast shocker


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VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: ATM 12th Birthday
Southend's premier drum and bass mag ATM celebrates 12 years in the game with one of Bristol's premier d&b nights. I'll be honest with ya - I've never checked out this mid-size venue (it's what used to be Dimensions) but who cares, because the line up looks tasty enough. Ebony boss Shy FX, V records top man Bryan Gee, the granite Mampi Swift, East London's Brockie and ATM head honcho Frenzic all take to the wheels of steel while MCing will come from Shabba, IC3, and Sweet Pea. Gerard, and local hood Scoobz will also be on stage, so well worth checking out if you're in the area.

Friday 10 Dec, Element at Club UK, 21-23 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3PY, 10-4am, £10, info from or

CARO'S CLUB TIP: The Loose Cannons Xmas Ball
For those of you in London with no where to go this evening, we strongly recommend the 10 Room on Air Street where CMU favourites the Loose Cannons are hosting their Xmas Ball. We're promised cocktails, canapes, drunkenness, close friends and, most importantly, a full live set from the Cannons themselves - surely one of the most underrated acts of 2004. A must go party - so get yourselves on the guest list by emailing your details to

Friday 10 Dec, The 10 Room, 10 Air Street, London, W1, 6.30pm till late, free entry if you email

CHRIS'S CLUB TIP: Kill All Hippies
OK, so this is really next Friday's Club Tip, but CMU's favourite rock night is coming early this month because of that Christmas thing, so we thought we better give you some advance warning. The Kill All Hippies Christmas party is going to be something special, with Six By Seven, Vatican DC, Trap 2 and Little Barries all on the bill plus the NME DJs and KAH residents Eddy Temple Morris and Jeff Automatic on the decks. As always, entry is free, just sign yourself in at

Friday 17 Dec, Canvas, Kings Cross, London, N1, 8.30pm-4am, free entry, press info from

Think your club is good enough to take the tip?? Then email, but you must include the date of your club event in the header.


After months of speculation (well, we've been speculating for months), rapper Jay-Z officially became the boss of Def Jam records yesterday, following the formal end of his business relationship with fellow hip hop mogul Damon Dash.

Jay-Z and Damon Dash were founders of the Roc-A-Fella empire, which was half owned by the Universal Music Group. Their business relationship had reportedly become strained over the years and it had long been expected that Universal would buy the remaining 50% of the company, which they did on Wednesday, essentially ending the two hip hop men's partnership.

More recently rumour grew that Universal was planning on offering Jay-Z, who had already announced he would retire as a performer in the near future, the top job at Def Jam - the legendary hip hop label founded in 1984 by Russell Simmons. Those rumours were confirmed yesterday when Universal announced Jay-Z was taking over as President and Chief Executive of Def Jam, posts left empty when Kevin Liles decided to not renew his contract there earlier this year.

As part of his new job Jay-Z will also continue to run the Roc-A-Fella label for Universal - meaning his collected roster will included the likes of LL Cool J, DMX, Ludacris, Ja Rule, Ashanti and, from the Roc-A-Fella camp, Kanye West and Beanie Sigel.

Confirming Jay-Z's appointment LA Reid, the boss of Universal division Island Def Jam, told reporters: "I can think of no-one more relevant and credible in the hip-hop community to build upon Def Jam's fantastic legacy. Jay-Z will move the company into its next groundbreaking era".

Jay-Z himself added: "I have inherited two of the most important brands in hip-hop, Def Jam and Roc-A-Fella. I feel this is a giant step for me and the entire artist community."


Police in Ohio have said they still have no idea why a gunman shot dead the front-man of US rock group Damageplan while he performed in the Alrosa Villa club in Columbus earlier this week. Guitarist Darrell Abbott was one of four people killed during the shooting on Wednesday night and, according to most eye witnesses, was clearly the gunman's main target.

Some in the audience at the gig say that, prior to the shooting, they heard the gunman - named by police as Nathan Gale - accuse the Damageplan member of being responsible for the demise of his previous group - the Grammy nominated Pantera - leading to speculation the gunman was a former fan angry that Abbot's successful nineties metal band split up. However police have questioned how clearly audience members could actually hear what the gunman said, and are keeping an open mind on possible motives. That said, the gunman himself was shot dead by a police officer in a bid to stop the carnage, meaning we may never know the real motive.

Fans and fellow performers have being paying tribute to Abbot, and expressing shock at the way he died. Ozzy Osbourne told reporters last night: "I'm absolutely beside myself with grief. I can't for the life of me understand why someone would do this."

Most of the fans who paid tribute to the guitarist yesterday told reporters how Abbot was a genuine down-to-earth kind of guy despite the success of his previous band. Many echoed the sentiments of a sign erected by fans outside his home, which read: "You were the people's rock-star. We love you bro!"


Shania Twain has become the first female star to shift more than 20 million copies of one album in the US. Her 1997 album 'Come on Over' has now been pronounced 20-times platinum after the 20 millionth copy was shipped to retail.

Only five other artists have shifted more copies of one album - and two of those were greatest hits albums. The Eagles Greatest Hits is the best seller overall having shifted 28 million copies in 28 years. Then comes Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' (25 million), Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' (23 million), Led Zeppelin's 'Led Zeppelin IV' (22 million) and Billy Joel's Greatest Hits (21 million).

When first released Twain's album debuted at number one in Billboard's country chart, and at number two in the overall album chart. Not only that, eleven of the sixteen tracks that appear on the album have since appeared in Billboard's country singles chart.

Commenting on her album going 20 times platinum Twain told reporters, "Okay, so it went 20 times platinum, that don't impress me much". Well, she might have done.


The House of Love will release their first studio album in eleven years next Feb, complete with original guitarist Terry Bickers, back in the band after his departure in 1990. Called 'Days Run Away', word has it the album rekindles the sound of their 1988 eponymously titled debut album, released by Creation Records, which critics say they never equalled after moving over to Fontana Records in 1989. The new album will be released by Art and Industry Records on 28 Feb, with a single release - 'Love You Too Much' - out on 14 Feb. All of that will be preceded by a London gig at the ICA on 10 Feb. More info at - press info from Coalition.


If she's not careful her gigs at Earls Court are going to become some kind of residency. Kylie has announced yet another Earls Court date on her upcoming Showgirl tour as demand for tickets continues. She will now play the London venue on 30 Apr in addition to the existing 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 May dates.


This wasn't one of our club tips, though Oli is going to review it, so I suppose it is his tip. Anyway, for all you London based breaks-heads Fabric surely has to be your destination tonight where Eargasm presents no less than the Plump DJs, DJ Icey, Timo Mass, Freq Nasty, Ali B, The Freestylers, Stanton Warriors, Infusion, Santoas, Hyper, Krafty Kuts, PFN, Joe Ransom, Evil Nine and Annie Nightingale. Hang on, that's the line up of a two day breaks festival squeezed into one night. Runs from 9.30pm till 6am.


The people behind the The Unsigned Guide for the North West have launched a new edition for London. The Unsigned Guide is such a good little directory for the whole music space that when we got our review copy of the new North West edition earlier this year we started using it straight away - so much so, we forgot to review it! In fact perhaps the only weakness with these guides is the name - as much as we love the unsigned band community, why should they have exclusive access to a book that is so packed full with information vital to anyone working in music at any level? The London guide follows pretty much the same format as the original, but with London specific information when it comes to sections like local media, venues and studios. We'll try to remember to review it properly sometime soon, meantime you will find more info at - press info from Kate Doyle on 0161 236 7717 or email


Renowned percussionist Evelyn Glennie has told reporters she plans to return the honorary doctorate she was awarded by the University Of Exeter over the college's decision to close its music department - a decision due to get the formal go ahead at a meeting of the University's full council on 20 Dec.

The two-time Grammy Award winner says she is "absolutely horrified" at the University Of Exeter's decision, adding: "We have all worked extremely hard to ensure that the government puts a budget forward for music education at primary school level. However, if they are now allowing a leading higher education establishment such as Exeter University to shut down its respected music department, then we are denying a large amount of talented individuals their right to a higher education."

Confirming the plans to close the music department the University's Vice-Chancellor, Professor Steve Smith, told reporters: "We have some tough decisions to make, but I believe they must be made if Exeter is to continue to be a leading research university. The higher education marketplace has changed massively in the last year and we cannot just carry on doing the same things we have always done."

Nobel Prize-winning chemist Professor Sir Harry Kroto has also threatened to return his honorary degree over similar plans to close Exeter University's chemistry department.


Rumour has it AOL might branch out from its ISP business to move into the digital music space. The rumours follow reports that AOL is developing a new media player which will be separate for the client application used by its customers to access the company's own 'closed-access' content and services.

The new media player would have various functions including access to AOL's own audio and video content, and the facility to use the services of AOL's partners, including MusicNet and iTunes.
The development of a stand alone media player has led to speculation that AOL might make aspects of its content services available to non-AOL customers for the first time - perhaps through a new download platform or music-based subscription service.

The player is currently being beta-tested by AOL customers. The ISP's long term plans for the player will become more apparent once those tests are complete.


Rapper DMX has pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of drugs. The plea relates to that incident when DMX drove his car through the gates of an airport parking lot after claiming to be a federal agent. He admitted that he was on Valium at the time of the incident. Both the DUI charge, and the other reckless endangerment charge that DMX also pleaded guilty to, are misdemeanours - therefore the rapper was sentenced to a conditional discharge meaning he will avoid a jail sentence providing he stays out of trouble for a year.


Talking about drugs and the hip hop community, but on a more positive note, Russell Simmons of the Hip Hop Summit Action Network says that lobbying by key players in the hip hop community was crucial in getting New York's draconian Rockefeller Drug Laws reformed. Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno and State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver have reached a bi-partisan legislative agreement that will see a restructuring of the 30 year old drug law rules that dish out long prison sentences for relatively minor drugs offences. Those rules have done little to stop drug usage in the city but, many argue, do push young impressionable people, especially in the black community, into prison and, by extension, a life of crime.

Commenting on the move to reform the rules, Simmons told "It's because of the artists. There's no way that it would have happened without the help of Jay-Z and Puffy and all the people who contributed. All those people really worked hard, they pushed, and it's really the power of hip-hop that made that happen. People came out, it was a big deal. This is the first step. There [are] laws like this all over the country."


Warner division Nonesuch/Rhino has confirmed Brian Wilson's SMiLE, the long lost Beach Boys album which was finally released earlier this year, will get a vinyl release. The 2 album set will feature four instrumentals not featured on the CD release - of 'Heroes And Villains', 'Cabin Essence'. 'On A Holiday' and 'Wind Chimes'.


Presumably Radio 4 hope nothing much will happen in the week following Christmas. Either way, that week Bono is set to guest edit an edition of the station's flagship news show, the Today programme, following a similar gimmick (did I say gimmick, I meant clever programming venture) involving Radiohead's Thom Yorke last Christmas. In fact there will be a different guest presenter ever day that week - other people involved in 'I'm A Celebrity, Let Me Edit Your News Show' will be Richard Branson, The Duchess Of York, director Anthony Minghella and Baroness Onora O'Neill. Commenting on the project Bono told reporters: "I have to confess I'm not a natural editor."


According to Billboard, the Rolling Stones have completed sessions for their next studio album, the follow up to 1997's 'Bridges To Babylon'. The band are once again working with Don Was (of Was Not Was) who has produced most of the Stones' studio material in the last decade. A mid-2005 release now seems likely.


Now, a cynic might say that this is a clever ruse to grab the Christmas number one spot should third week sales of 'Do They Know It's Christmas' start to slide. But we don't know any cynics at CMU, so we're sure their motives are all good. Anyway, Ronan Keating has said he will be donating all the profits from his new single - a new duet with Yusuf Islam of his track 'Father And Son' - to the Band Aid Trust. Ronan, who let it be known he was a bit pissed off not to be asked to take part in Band Aid 20, is quoted by the Sun as saying: "Band Aid might still be No1 but I'd love to be No2."


Word is Charlotte Church may be offered a TV presenting contract by the BBC. The young singer, yet to launch her much talked about pop career, is reportedly due to present the Christmas Day edition of Top of the Pops with other projects a possibility. No word on what that might mean for Church's singing career.


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It seems CMU reader Guy Harris had a near religious experience when the face of I'm A Celeb winner Joe Pasquale appeared in a slice of toast - no, really, and there are pictures to prove it (check the aforementioned link). Commenting on the life altering experience Guy told CMU: "It's amazing what you can do when you are bored for 25 minutes in between voice over sessions with a slice of toast and a knife".

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