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In today's CMU Daily:
- Wal-Mart sued for selling Evanescence CD
- James Brown to undergo treatment for prostate cancer
- Jermaine Dupri plans 'We Are The World' reprise
- Kings Of Leon drummer performs despite kidney infection
- Mack not back until courts say so
- Steve reckons Osbourne outburst helped him win X Factor
- Album Review: Luxembourg - Best Kept Secret: Demos And Rarities 2001-2004
- First funeral for Damageplan shooting victim
- Marley foundation lobby for national hero status in Jamaica
- Elton cancels gigs
- Channel 4 launch best album poll
- Zutons tour without Harding
- EP Review: Jim Noir - Eanie Meany
- Flaming Lips to record White Stripes cover
- Apple add Pay Pal as payment option
- Queen to tour with free man



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SAME SIX QUESTIONS: Human Television

How did you start out making music for a living?
I would hardly consider what we do a living. We're still trying to get to a point where we can just support ourselves and make ends meet by traveling around and playing music.

What inspired your latest album?
Our latest record was a songwriting experiment where I had a lot of free time in college and I would just compile hundreds of different songs that I am obsessed with and then proceed to just walk around my neighborhood and try to systematically figure out what it was about each one of those songs that made me obsessed with them. I would then use what I had figured out to try and write my own songs that inspired the same feelings of euphoria. I wanted to write an album where each song is a song that I am personally obsessed with. I have achieved my goal in terms of that aspect of the experiment. The second phase is to see if the same feelings of elation translate to other people. We'll see how things go.

What process do you go through in creating an album?
Most of our songs are built in phases. There aren't a lot of free-form jam sessions that go on. Most of the time I will come up with the basic melodies and the general outline or framework for the songs. Then Richard, Mario, and Boyd will come in and give suggestions or comments concerning the arrangements or textures, and then we just work from there.

Which artists influence your work?
Everyone in the band can agree that we are huge fans of the concise and well-structured pop song, which is timeless and can be found in almost every genre of music. Specific influential artists include The Lilys, The Wedding Present, The Kinks, and the song 96 Tears, which I feel is almost an entire genre of music unto itself. It is a completely perfect and flawless song in every way.

What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
"Does it make you feel anything?"

What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
The band's ambitions at this point include traveling to other countries in order to play music and continuing to write more records that we personally enjoy listening to, if we feel so inclined.

Human Television's album 'All Songs Written By' is out now. Next single 'Saw You Walking By' is out on 7 Feb. Press info from Scuffy Bird.


Favourite story of the week, and it's only Monday. Parents of a 13 year old girl in the US (of course) are suing Wal-Mart over an Evanescence CD. Surely we were all left slightly scarred the first time we sat through a whole Evanescence album, but in this case it is the band's use of occasional swear words that has left the 13 year old in question in a state of shock (well, actually it's the 13 year old's dad that is in a state of shock).

The supermarket giant has a policy of not selling albums that come with 'parental advisory' stickers (so, great place for hip hop fans to shop then). However, just because a CD release does not carry such a sticker it doesn't guarantee that there will be no swearing on it, and that is what parent Trevin Skeens is protesting about.

He bought his daughter the Evanescence album 'Anywhere But Home' from his local WalMart store, and says he was shocked when he heard some of the tracks on it contained swear words. Now he is calling on WalMart to remove the offending album from its Maryland stores, and is launching somewhat ambitious legal action against the supermarket chain, Evanescence's label Wind-Up and their US distributor BMG, claiming $74,500 in damages. Mr Skeens told reporters: "I don't want any other families to get this, expecting it to be clean. It needs to be removed from the shelves to prevent other children from hearing it".

He reckons WalMart should accept responsibility for the content of the album they sold him especially as, he claims, the offending track had been censored on the company's music sales website, confirming they were aware the swear word in question was used.

WalMart are distancing themselves from being responsible for occasional swear words on albums they sell in their stores. Wal-Mart spokesman Guy Whitcomb told local reporters: "While Wal-Mart sets high standards, it would not be possible to eliminate every image, word or topic that an individual might find objectionable".


James Brown has confirmed he is battling with prostate cancer and will undergo surgery this week.
However he is confident he will successfully overcome the disease, telling reporters via his manager: "I have overcome a lot of things in my life. I will overcome this as well".

Despite medical problems - he also suffers from diabetes - and legal issues surrounding those allegations that he attacked his wife Tomi Rae at the start of the year, Brown continues to live up to his self-proclaimed title of the 'Hardest Working Man in show business'. He has just completed a two week tour of Canada and hopes this week's cancer treatment won't stop him from resuming his Seven Decades of Funk World Tour in Australia and Asia in the New Year, when he will also be promoting his new autobiography.


With the Band Aid 20 team having done such a good job in re-inventing 'Do They Know It's Christmas', the American music community are going to see if they can do something inferior with the already inferior 'We Are The World'. That is to say, Sony signed rapper Jermaine Dupri has announced he is planning on organising a re-recording of the US's big charity song. Dupri hopes to persuade a string of a-list US music stars to take part in the charity recording shortly after the Grammy Awards in LA in Feb.

Commenting on the project, Dupri told reporters this weekend: "It's called We Are The Future. Quincy Jones called me, he asked me to do it. We're just gonna make it something extravagant. We gonna try to re-create, follow in the footsteps of those who made a big record before, like Michael Jackson, Quincy and Lionel Richie."

As for which artists Dupri hopes to involve he continued: "Hopefully Usher will be there, Kanye West, JAY-Z - all the bigwigs. We want to do what they did way back when. I'm looking forward to that. For Quincy to call me, that's my idol. I'm trying to make sure it's right."


Kings of Leon front-man Caleb Followill has spoken to NME about the band's drummer Nathan Followill, who is touring with the band despite suffering from a serious and prevailing kidney infection. Such is the seriousness of Followill's condition that at the band's Manchester gig last week a car was on standby in-case he needed taking to the hospital.

Caleb explains: "He's doing OK. It's a real bad kidney infection that he's had for the past week...he's been in real pain. But the minute he walked on stage, he felt a lot better. The adrenaline of the show got him through it. Our guitar tech has been on stand-by in case Nathan's too ill to finish the tour. Hopefully Nathan will be well enough to finish these British dates."

On the British shows which, from what we hear, have been going down a storm, Caleb continued: "It's unbelievable. The British crowds are so humbling. They sing back every word so it doesn't matter if I get the words wrong! The crowds are so happy to be here. We feel we had a bit to prove because we didn't do Glastonbury much justice when we played there this year."


The Mack is back - well, he would be if the courts would let him. 2 Wikid Records - the record label set up by Everton footballer Kevin Campbell (no really) - has secured a court injunction stopping Mark Morrison from releasing his new album, 'Innocent Man', due out this month.

Presumably Campbell would have had quite a strong case if he'd told the court he was simply trying to protect the ears of British music fans, but in fact he is trying to protect his own fledgling record company. Apparently Campbell signed Morrison to his new label and bankrolled the recording of the new album, which was due for release in the New Year, only to find out that Morrison had done another deal with JetStar Records, who planned to release the album this month. The court injunction secured by Campbell will stop that release until a High Court hearing on 20 Dec.

Commenting on the injunction, Campbell told reporters this weekend: "I'm glad we were granted the injunction but I'm completely gutted that we have had to go that far. Mark Morrison was given everything he asked for by 2 Wikid but it seems that he couldn't help but return to his old ways".

On his ambitions in the music business Campbell continued: "I've worked hard to realise my ambition in football but had hoped that my future career would be in the music business. I have always dreamt of starting a record label but now Mark Morrison has spoilt that dream for me. There is no loyalty in this business - just greed."

Demonstrating his usual respect for the judicial system - he told reporters "no judge is gonna stop me" - Morrison says: "The injunction is ludicrous. I signed a new deal with a new record company because I was not getting the support I needed from 2 Wikid. I was with that label for a year and in that time released just one record, which was not properly promoted. The whole world is waiting for this album and it will come out on Dec 27. No injunction or judge will stop it. The Mack will return."


Steve Brookstein, who became the overall winner of X Factor this weekend, reckons Sharon Osbourne's sudden rant against him on Saturday's show helped him secure the most votes. As the talent show reached its climax on Saturday night Osbourne lashed out at the Simon Cowell championed finalist, saying he had conned everyone into thinking he was modest and laid-back and ridiculing him for comparing stunning girlfriend Eileen Hunter to a "reliable" Volvo car.

But Steve reckons Osbourne's outburst helped get him the last minute sympathy vote among the show's viewers. He told reporters: "I was surprised my personal life was being brought into it in such a big arena - but I'm no fake. It's ridiculous. How can I have fooled my family and girlfriend for all these years? They know me."

Not wishing to defeat the entire point of the show and its public vote, Louis Walsh told the Sun yesterday that the act he championed in the final - the operatic four-piece G4 - will now sign a record deal with Sony Music worth more than the deal Brookstein will get in return for winning the show.

Walsh: "The lads are overjoyed and so am I."


ALBUM REVIEW: Luxembourg - Best Kept Secret: Demos and Rarities 2001-2004 (Dogbox Records)
At last one of the best and busiest band's on London's gig circuit have released an album's worth of material, though they are a pains to explain that this is most definitely not a debut album but rather a handy catch up for their expanding fanbase. Among the sparkling collection of songs is an acoustic version of the band's first and only single release thus far, the passionate 'What The Housewives Don't Tell You'. My personal favourite is '(I Need) A Little Bit More(Than You Can Give Me)' a gloriously overwrought vignette with lyrics so sharp and funny that they would make Morrissey break into a wry grin. The song's protagonist describes his unfaithful lover's failings thus: 'Came home early found you skulking with the local football team... It didn't look to me like you were planning Sunday fixtures, or discussing the finer points of the offside rule." Luxembourg share The Smiths hopeless romanticism, as well as the moody melodrama of Scott Walker and the sensuality of Suede. Although the electro of 'Search Continues, Hope Fades' is more in debt to 80's disco. 'Success Is Never Enough' is particularly histrionic with frantic keyboard work while 'Making Progress' is an edgier track with jagged guitar. These are beautifully crafted songs, embellished with David Shah's sonorous croon, some imaginative keyboard flourishes and some great guitar sounds. I certainly hope that Luxembourg aren't a secret for much longer. All in all this is the ideal package to find in your stocking this Christmas. JW
Release date: 13 Dec
Press: Jez Moran -


The funeral has taken place for one of the victims from that terrible shooting at a Damageplan gig in Ohio last week. 23 year old Nathan Bray was shot dead as he jumped to the aid of Damageplan guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, who was also shot during the incident last week.

Police are still trying to identify why Nathan Gale opened fire at the Damageplan gig last week, though the most likely motive remains that Gale held a grudge against Abbott for his part in the acrimonious split of his former band Pantera.

Following Ozzy Osbourne's tribute to Abbott last week, this weekend fellow rockers Drowning Pool issued the following statement: "No one knows why some people do the heinous things they do. What we do know is that once again, we leave tour to bury friends, brothers, and family. Dimebag Darrell was the epitome of Rock and Roll. He wasn't just a player that all guitarists aspired to be...but the genuine article and a true friend. Darrell inspired our lives and how we carried ourselves not just as musicians out on the road but also as friends in everyday life."


The Bob Marley Foundation is trying to persuade Jamaican authorities to make the legendary singer's birthday - 6 Feb - a national holiday. The moves are part of a proposal to give Marley the title of 'national hero', an honour previously bestowed on just seven other Jamaicans, including civil rights leader Marcus Garvey and former Prime Minister Alexander Bustamante.

Talking up their proposals, the Foundation's Jacqueline Knight-Campbell told reporters: "Anywhere you go in the world the first thing people think of when they hear Jamaica is Bob Marley. He has inspired so many people with his songs so it's time for us to step up and take Bob's recognition to a higher level."

The campaign is gathering pace just now because next month would have been Marley's 60th birthday. That event will be marked by a month of events in Ethiopia, including a major concert in Addis Ababa on 6 Feb featuring the likes of Quincy Jones, Baaba Maal and Youssou N'Dour. In case you wondered, the African country has been chosen to host the Marley celebrations because it was the home of the late Emperor Haile Selassie, the spiritual leader of Marley's Rastafarian faith.


Promoters of Elton John's current UK tour are yet to announce if his London gig this week will go ahead after the singer was forced to cancel Glasgow and Nottingham gigs because of a throat infection.

Word is that Elton was told by a throat specialist he would be "foolish" to go ahead with the concert, hence the cancellations. A spokesman for the singer said Elton was "sorry to disappoint" his fans. Ticket holders will be able to get refunds, or tickets to rescheduled gigs next year.


Coming in the New Year - CMU's poll of the best ever music polls. Which of the 8,500 pointless music surveys conducted in the last five years was your favourite?

Well, here's another one to consider. Channel 4 are putting together a list of the UK's favourite 100 albums of the last 50 years (which hardly seems fair to us Glenn Miller fans). The survey's producers will publish a list of albums on which we, the general public, will be able to vote - with the final 100 presented in reverse order of popularity on one of those Channel 4 poll show things.

The list prepared by Channel 4 reportedly includes three albums from the Beatles, two from Dylan, the Stones and Bowie, plus albums from Jimi Hendrix, The Beach Boys, The Sex Pistols, Abba, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and, from more recent times, Dido, The Darkness, The Libertines, Scissor Sisters, The Streets and Dizzee Rascal. The oldest is album on the list is Billie Holiday's 'Lady Sings The Blues', which was released in 1957.


The Zutons are undertaking their current Irish tour without saxophonist Abi Harding because she is suffering from severe Sinusitis and has been warned that if she does not rest for a few days she will do irreparable damage to her health. The band decided to go ahead with their three Irish dates anyway because they had already been rescheduled once, last time because of drummer Sean Payne's ill health.

On that decision the band's singer, Dave McCabe, told CMU: "We are so excited to be playing these shows in Ireland and when we heard the news about Abi we decided that, rather than let our fans down, we would still do the shows. We hope our fans understand itís not the ideal situation, but wepromise we will do our best."

The Zutons played Dublin and Derry over the weekend, and will play Belfast tonight.


EP REVIEW: Jim Noir - Eanie Meany (My Dad Recordings)
The music press recently identified a vague new movement of eccentric folkies including Devendra Banhart and harp player Joanna Newsom. Jim Noir could fit in comfortably with them on the evidence of this eclectic and idiosyncratic release. The precocious Jim made his live debut aged eight performing an 808 State cover at his school. The title track of this his first EP is a gentle, lo-fi number apparently about the emotional pain of your football going over the fence to your neighbour's garden. 'Tower Of Love' is an odd instrumental track that sounds like the type of jolly Wurlitzer organ music that used to be played in cinemas during the interval. 'Tell Me What You Do' is a groovy, Beatles-esque jangly pop number while 'I Can't See' captures the sweet harmonies of the Beach Boys. This is an intriguing collection of songs and mark out Noir as a name to watch. JW
Release date: 13 Dec
Press contact: My Dad Recordings (


The Flaming Lips have recorded their cover version of The White Stripes' 'Seven Nation Army', which they first performed at T in the Park in 2003 after they stood in for the White Stripes at the last minute after Jack White damaged his finger in a car crash.

The recorded version of the track will appear on a limited edition 7" single in the New Year. It will also appear on the next edition of the 'Late Night Tales' compo series (out in Feb), which the Flaming Lips have compiled this time round.


Apple have added the facility to pay for tracks bought on the US version of iTunes via PayPal, expanding the service to those online shoppers without credit cards. While some question how cost effective using PayPal to pay for online purchases really is (they make their money by taking a cut on every transaction using the service), it has proved particularly popular with eBay customers who don't have a credit card, or who are unwilling to use their credit cards online.

To launch the new payment facility, Apple have said the first 500,000 customers to sign up to iTunes with PayPal as their payment method will get five free songs.

No word yet on if and when PayPal will be made available as a payment method to UK based iTunes customers.


Brian May has confirmed rumours that Queen are planning a reunion tour with former Free / Bad Company front-man Paul Rodgers taking as lead singer.

Writing on his official website May told fans: "It really all came about because of the Fender 50th Anniversary gig that I did with Paul Rodgers. We were both so amazed at the chemistry that was going on in All Right Now, that suddenly it seems blindingly obvious that there was something happening here. Barring accidents, Queen and Paul Rodgers will be on the road, pretty much for sure, around April 2005".

The shows are expected to include Queen and Paul Rodgers songs.

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