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In today's CMU Daily:
- More Doherty shenanigans
- RIAA embark on even more Kazaa legal action
- Talk station gets Edinburgh licence
- Arrest warrant out for Motley man
- Scottish millionaire to match Band Aid sales proceeds
- Shazam enter marketing deal with the link
- Lisa Marie sells majority of Elvis estate
- Manilow signs up for Vegas run
- Sage Gateshead opens
- iTunes reaches 200 millionth download
- Peel’s wife responds to many tributes
- Pogues top Christmas track poll
- Whitney drives into a bus
- Robbie is looking for a woman for Christmas



*** KILL ALL HIPPIES takes over Canvas once again this Friday. On the bill are Six By Seven, Vatican DC, Trap2, Little Barrie all live, plus the NME DJs and residents Eddy Temple Morris, DJ Syrinx, and Jeff Automatic on the decks. Check the line up biogs at All takes place on Friday 17 Dec from 8.30pm to 4am - free entry if you sign up at



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Suburb at Cargo
OK, so I have tipped it before, but I am liable to tip it again if the line up is as wicked as this. The best ultra cool bar/club in the Cantaloupe group sees no other than the legendary Kerri Chandler gracing the decks in order to celebrate the international heroes of house music - those masters who have defined house music plus up and comers. We’re talking deep house here - think Captain Nemo because the New Jersey jock will no doubt be aiming for 20,000 leagues. The 'music drinks food' venue will also sport the Gallic charm of Patrick Duvoisin aka Rollercone (who is the promoter of Suburb as well as a wicked house DJ), Jacob Eggay and Robin Lurie. Well worth checking out - and try some of the street food if you get there early - it’s not half bad, if not a little pricey.

Sat 18th Dec, Cargo, 83 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3AY, 8pm-3am, £6 b4 9pm, £10 after, advance tickets from, info at and press info from Luke at cantaloupe group

Think your club is good enough to take the tip?? Then email with the date of your club event in the header.


Well, there’s always a thin line between comedy and tragedy, and the life of Pete Doherty this year has been treading that line very precariously. With Doherty and his band Babyshambles due to play at the Astoria on Saturday night, somewhat bizarre reports from his gigs in Blackpool and Liverpool on Wednesday night.

According to the NME, at the former Doherty’s performance was all over the place - he frequently forgot his lines and didn’t really seem to know what was going on at all. His band mates got increasingly annoyed and eventually stormed off stage leaving Doherty all alone. He then performed some acoustic songs - including some Libertine tracks - before being escorted off stage by one of the stage crew. The whole band then returned on stage, but Doherty continued to be erratic and the band walked off again, this time followed by Pete. But that wasn’t the end of the proceedings - Pete returned again to perform some more songs, resisted attempts to remove him from the stage, then tore off his t-shirt, jumped into the crowd and started climbing the speakers! One audience member told the NME. “He was going mad. He didn’t have a clue what he was doing” (the whole episode is told by said audience member at

Word is that Doherty’s Liverpool gig later that night, which he did without the rest of Babyshambles, was just as erratic. No word yet on how things went in Sheffield last night, or what is planned for Saturday’s Astoria gig. Presumably we can rest assured that, whatever it is, it won’t be dull.


Christmas is coming, so let’s get some lawsuits in while we can. The Recording Industry Association of America issued another 754 lawsuits against suspected serial downloaders yesterday. As always they were ‘John Doe’ lawsuits - the industry association will have to prove their case against each target before the courts will force their respective ISPs to hand over their names and addresses.

The latest lawsuits demonstrate the RIAA is committed to maintaining its hard-line stance against illegal downloading. The jury is still out on how successful it is all being. Some research suggests the use of the flagship P2P platforms is down in the US, which the RIAA will take as a sign that their campaign of legal action is working.

However, those who oppose the RIAA’s strategy argue that the growth of legitimate download platforms is more responsible for any decline in P2P usage than the use of legal action. Others question whether or not P2P file sharing really is in decline - pointing out that while the number of people using Kazaa et al may be down, the number of people using newer P2P software like eDonkey is on the rise meaning overall file sharing is, if anything, on the up.


Well, you win some and you lose some I guess. Following the bad news earlier this week that the High Court did not consider he had a legal case against radio ratings body RAJAR over the way they compile the ratings and the impact that had on TalkSport’s listening figures, Kelvin MacKenzie got some very good news yesterday when he became the surprise winner of the new Edinburgh radio licence.

MacKenzie beat eleven other rival bids for the valuable analogue radio licence with a talk radio proposition. On being awarded the licence MacKenzie told reporters: "I'm enormously grateful to Ofcom for having the vision to grant a speech licence for Edinburgh. This will be the first local speech licence to be granted since LBC was launched 31 years ago - and it's the first one ever outside London. The people of Edinburgh have very strong and intelligent views and now they will have a very strong station that will put them on air in a world where people feel increasingly disenfranchised. Speech stations give you a voice."

As much as we like music radio here at CMU, he’s probably right that the Scottish capital needs a good talk station more than anything else. The short lived Scot FM once promised speech programming for the central belt of Scotland back in the mid-nineties - but they quickly opted for low-brow phone ins and, eventually, a predominantly cheesy music programme policy instead. Let’s hope MacKenzie’s Wireless Group maintains its commitment to producing a good talk station of the LBC type.

Whether OfCom’s decision regarding Edinburgh means the media regulator will be favouring more speech-based stations as it awards the last 30 analogue radio licences in the next few years remains to be seen. The other licence issued yesterday, for Blackburn, went to The Bee which, while boasting a more familiar formula including “a blend of contemporary and classic hits”, also includes some feature based programming.


An arrest warrant has been issued for Motley Crue singer Vince Neil after he allegedly knocked a soundman unconscious during a gig. According to police reports the incident occurred at Gilley’s nightclub in Dallas. Neil reportedly asked sound man Michael Talbert for more volume on his guitar but, as Talbert began to adjust the sound levels, the singer attacked him leaving him unconscious in less than a minute.

Crue’s people are yet to respond to the warrant, and there is no word on whether the singer will give himself up. If not police and prosecutors say they would wait to act on the warrant until next time Neil was in Dallas.

Motley Crue have been back in the news recently, of course, because the band are to reform in the New Year to embark on a world tour taking in the US, Europe, Australia and Asia. Commenting on that tour earlier this month Neil told reporters: "We're just ready to go out and rock. We're still Motley. We still rock.”


Scottish millionaire Tom Hunter has pledged to donate in excess of £6 million to the Band Aid foundation by matching all the proceeds raised by sales of the Band Aid single and Live Aid DVD pound for pound. The Ayrshire-born tycoon is the richest Scottish national and is said to be worth in the region of £500 million. He met with Bob Geldof in London this week to tell him of his generous intentions.

On his support for Band Aid, Hunter told reporters: "We do have a real chance to eradicate world poverty in our lifetime. We can make a difference and with the G8 meeting in Gleneagles next year, we need to let the world know the situation needs to change. I'd been watching a documentary at home and what was striking for me was how little things had actually changed. Everyone who works there and the people behind the first Band Aid all worked with the best intentions and the current plans are very good, but we all need to do our bit."


The point-your-phone-towards-a-speaker-and-find-out-what-you’re-listening-to service Shazam has done a deal with mobile retailer The Link to raise awareness of their music identification service. The Link will distribute flyers explaining how Shazam works - their customers will get two free goes on Shazam, and can then buy a twelve track identification package at a discounted rate. Shazam are expected to expand the range of their services - and in particular their download service (they identify the track, then sell you the download) - as 3G phone technology takes off.


Lisa Marie Presley has sold 85% of Elvis’ estate to the founder of the SFX Entertainment agency.
In a deal worth an estimated $100 million, businessman Robert FX Sillerman will get ownership of Elvis’ name and likeness, the rights to his photographs, revenue from his music and films, and will run Graceland.

Lisa Marie will retain actual ownership of Graceland and many of her father's "personal effects", and will receive $53 million in cash and $20 million in share options in the company Sillerman will set up to manage his acquisition. The deal will also absolve her of some $25 million in debts the estate currently owes.

Commenting on the deal, Lisa Marie told reporters: "My greatest responsibility to my father is to preserve and protect his legacy, and this is an exciting new structure that opens up an incredible array of opportunities."

Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie's mother and Presley's former wife, will remain executive consultant to the business.


Barry Manilow has formally signed the contract with the Las Vegas Hilton which will see the singer perform there five nights a week for 24 weeks during 2005 and 2006. The Las Vegas residency follows Manilow’s decision to stop touring. Commenting on the contract this week, Manilow told reporters: "I've spent most of my performing life on the road all over the country and all over the world. On the last tour, I would joke with the audience that maybe they could just come over to my house. And now, from now on, they can."


The Sage Gateshead music centre opens today in, erm, Gateshead. The new £70m venue complex includes two halls, a music education centre, restaurant and bars, and a large glazed concourse. The launch will be marked with a weekend of free workshops and music showcases designed to demonstrate the eclectic artistic aims of the centre.

Commenting on the launch, the general director of the centre, Anthony Sargent told reporters yesterday: "With the opening of The Sage Gateshead we complete one epic journey and start another. We will know if it is a success by the fact that like Newcastle United, like any other part of the fabric of the community, it's taken to people's hearts and it becomes a completely ordinary every day experience just to come here as naturally as you would go down the pub”.


We seem to have been running loads of negative stories about iTunes recently. Just to prove that we here at CMU are long standing Apple devotees we pass on our congratulations to the increasingly dominating and frustratingly inflexible computer firm for selling their 200 millionth song via their iTunes service. Conveniently, given their recent marketing priorities, the 200 millionth song downloaded was part of ‘The Complete U2’ virtual box set, which was being purchased by Ryan Alekman from Belchertown, MA.

Commenting on the latest landmark for their ground breaking music service, Apple’s Steve Jobs told reporters this week: “iTunes has now sold over 200 million songs, making it the world’s number one online music store by far. We’re thrilled to be making music an even more popular gift this holiday season with iTunes and iPod.”


John Peel’s widow Sheila Ravenscroft has told the Liverpool Echo that she and her children were "enormously touched" by the tributes made to the legendary broadcaster after his death. She told the paper: "So many people have been so enormously kind”, adding that modest John would have been "beside himself" if he had known about the public reaction to his death.

Her interview with the paper came as Radio 1 dedicated a night to John Peel. On that programme Shelia picked the track ‘Does This Train Stop On Merseyside’ by Liverpool band Amsterdam to be played. On her choice of track she said: "At first I said no when I was asked to do it [select a track] because I'm not very good at that sort of thing. John just really loved the Amsterdam song. He always became really emotional when he played it. He wasn't capable of playing it without crying. If he played it on the radio, he'd have to put something else on immediately afterwards because he wouldn't be able to speak. And when he played it at home, he'd always need a cuddle afterwards".


Everyone knows that ‘Fairytale Of New York’ is the best Christmas song ever - so no surprise, perhaps, that it topped VH1’s poll of the best festive tracks. The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl beat the original Band Aid to take the top spot in the poll - and well done VH1 viewers for voting correctly.
Though Band Aid 20, Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ and East 17’s ‘Stay Another Day’ (what exactly is it about that song, other than the snow in the video, that makes it Christmassy?) also appear in the top ten, so let’s not give too much kudos to the VH1 faithful.

The top ten runs as follows:
1. The Pogues / Kirsty MacColl - Fairytale of New York
2. Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas?
3. Wham! - Last Christmas
4. Slade - Merry Xmas Everybody
5. Band Aid 20 - Do They Know It's Christmas?
6. Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas is You
7. Wizzard - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
8. Bing Crosby - White Christmas
9. John Lennon - Happy Xmas (War is Over)
10. East 17 - Stay Another Day


Travel news now, and Whitney Houston had a run in with a bus on Wednesday, literally, when she drove her sports car into a bus. Both car and bus were a bit worse for wear, but no one was hurt. Following the incident police cautioned Houston for “failure to yield”, whatever that means.


Finally for this week, Robbie Williams is reportedly launching an appeal to find a woman to spend Christmas with him. According to the Mirror, Robbie has said: "I want to find a princess, I need to find somebody in the run-up to Christmas. My Christmas Day is going to be just me by myself - I should do a Government advertising campaign with me sitting there sadly on my own."

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