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The songs:
Rick Springfield – Jessie’s Girl
Nene – 99 Red Balloons
Hot Chocolate – You Sexy Thing

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Best Album: Hundred Reasons - Ideas Above Our Station
Best Single: Puddle of Mudd - How You Remind Me
Best Band in the World: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Best British Band: A
Best New British Band: Cooper Temple Clause
Best International Newcomer: Sum 41
Best Video: Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love
Best British Live Act: Muse
Best International Live Act: Rammstein
Classic Songwriter: The Offspring
Spirit of Independence Award: Alec Empire
Hall of Fame Award: Foo Fighters
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A Leeds MP has now joined calls to the City’s council to ensure Mean Fiddler’s Leeds Festival cannot use the publicly owned Temple Newsam Park next year after a second year of violence marred the event.

Leeds East MP George Mudie called on the city council to ensure there was no repeat of what he called the "Battle of Temple Newsam". He told the BBC: "Enough is enough. We have had this festival for a number of years and in each of the last few years we have had trouble. These problems have grown in intensity until Monday night's Battle of Temple Newsam. I want the council to have serious discussions about taking it out of a public park and into more appropriate land. It is not a great problem. We have extensive green belt and I am sure a farmer would jump at the chance of making some brass."

The second year of vandalism at the Festival backs up local residents complaints about the noise and litter the Festival causes in the area over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Mr Mudie, who said he felt Mean Fiddler has put undue pressure on local authorities to revoke their original ban on the use of the site this year, said he was concerned about reports that the council was negotiating with Mean Fiddler about the festival remaining at the same site for the next few years. Leeds City Council has said it would not be rushed into a decision about the future of the event with licensing committee chairman Councillor Jack Dunn telling reporters: "It would be totally wrong of me to predetermine any application in this way. We had licensing officers on site throughout this event who will bring their comments before the panel. Also, we will listen to the comments of the police."

Mean Fiddler MD Melvin Benn has been doing the media circuit to defend the event: "We will not give in to the mindless minority and will strive to make the festival even better next year,” he said. "We are in negotiations to extend the event at Temple Newsam as it is a fantastic site,” adding, "no-one from Mean Fiddler has put pressure on the council over this event."


The Recording Industry Association of America has published a new report linking the 10% drop in overall music shipments in the first six months of 2002 to music downloading. The association unveiled new data from Peter D. Hart Research Associates that found consumers are downloading more and purchasing less. A survey this May of 860 music consumers aged 12 to 54 found that among those who claimed that their downloading from file-sharing services had increased over the past six months, 41% purchase less music now than they did six months ago. The study also found that 63% of Internet-connected music consumers acquired at least one burned CD in the past year. Of that group, 24% said they had acquired 11 or more burned CDs -- up from 10% in the previous year.

While the US industry acknowledges other factors, and particularly the overall decline in consumer spending, played a role in falling music sales, RIAA president Cary Sherman still feels illegal downloading is the main culprit. "Cumulatively, this data should dispel any notion that illegal file sharing helps the music industry," Sherman said in a statement. The RIAA also confirmed it is stepping up its commercial anti-piracy efforts (ie targeting conventional pirates who bootleg CDs). In the first half of 2002, RIAA anti-piracy units executed nearly twice as many search warrants than in the same period last year, and arrests and indictments were up 84%. However, Sherman says commercial disc piracy "continues to harm the industry."


The Manic Street Preachers have been speaking to NME about their forthcoming 'best of' album, due for a 28 Oct release, which will include 18 singles and two newly recorded songs: ‘There By The Grace Of God’ and ‘Door To The River’. Among the 18 are three singles that have never featured on a Manics album before: ‘Motown Junk’, ‘Suicide Is Painless’ and ‘The Masses Against The Classes’.

The full album tracklisting is:
A Design For Life, Motorcycle Emptiness, If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next, La Tristesse Durera (Scream To A Sigh), There By The Grace Of God, You Love Us, Australia, You Stole The Sun From My Heart, Kevin Carter, Tsunami, The Masses Against The Classes, From Despair To Where, Door To The River, Everything Must Go, Faster, Little Baby Nothing, Theme From M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless), So Why So Sad, The Everlasting, Motown Junk

A limited number of the albums will include an exclusive second CD of remixes (remixers in brackets): La Tristessa Durera (Scream To A Sigh) (Chemical Brothers), If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next (David Holmes), Tsunami (Cornelius), So Why So Sad (Avalanches), Faster (Chemical Bros), If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next (Massive Attack), Kevin Carter (Jon Carter), You Stole The Sun From My Heart (David Holmes), Tsunami (Stereolab), Let Robeson Sing (Ian Brown), The Everlasting (Stealthsonic Orchestra), You Stole The Sun From My Heart (Mogwai), Design For Life (Stealthsonic Orchestra)


The eviction of London major EMI from the FTSE 100 at a quarterly reshuffle on 10 Sep became even more likely yesterday when the company’s share price fell to its lowest level since 1987 amid fears of a profits warning and concern that it could be forced to pay out tens of millions of dollars to settle a lawsuit.

Its shares ended 11p lower at 181p after figures from the Recording Industry Association of America showed a 7% drop in compact disc shipments during the first six months of the year, just two weeks after the BPI confirmed UK figures were down. Word is the company hope new releases from Coldplay and the Rolling Stones plus strong sales of the Now 52 compilation will help maximise revenues and market share sufficiently to secure the company’s place on the FTSE 100 charts. Traders’ opinion of the group are also affected by the continuing lawsuit between the groups Virgin US division and the family of Aaliyah who are suing the company over claimed negligence in arranging the transport of their daughter.

Whether the company will survive the eviction, and if it doesn’t what affect that will have on the group, remains to be seen.


Rapper Juelz Santana is defending a lyric he uses on a forthcoming Diplomats album that seems to pay tribute to September 11 highjacker Omar Atta. The lyric in questions, from a track called ‘I Love You’, runs: "I worship the prophet, The great Mohammed Omar Atta, For his courage behind the wheel of the plane, Reminds me when I was dealin' the 'caine."

Speaking to he defended the line by saying he simply admires the courage of Atta. "I feel my Diplomats are my team and I'm going to do whatever it takes for them, for my people, the same way as he did for his people. Not that I support him or what he did, but in order for him to do that, it had to take courage and love for what he believed in. A lot of New York people don't have that. Maybe if they did, something like that wouldn't happen. I never said I worshipped him, I said I worshipped his courage. It had nothing to do with 9/11 or me supporting them because I know people in the towers too. If you really listen to the song it was talking about that and the whole situation” He added that as the first anniversary of the terrorist strikes approaches, people should not be focusing on his lyric, but asking why the attacks happened at all.

The album containing the track is due for a December release, and Santana doesn’t feel it will damage his career too much: "If Eminem can get away with the things he does, then I can get away with what I do. And to be honest, I really don't think I did anything wrong. It’s not like I'm coming out speaking out all the time about the Taliban. What I do is music - it's words coming out of my mouth. That was one sentence, you understand."


NASA has approved the space journey of Nsync star lance Bass after he attended training sessions at the US Space Camp. Now all he has to do is supply the Russian Space Agency with the £13million fee to cover the costs of his training to date and the mission itself and the star could be heading for the International Space Station on 28 Oct - at 23 the youngest man in space ever. Bass is hoping a number of corporated and entertainment backers will come good with the money to make the mission happen. Both the Russian Space Agency and Nasa have agreed to put him through essential training, safety briefings and simulation classes despite the fact a financial deal with the Russians has yet to be sorted out.


Answer to Tuesday’s pop quiz:
The songs:
The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony
Fatboy Slim – Praise You
Blur – Coffee & TV.
What movie’s soundtrack? Cruel Intentions

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