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- Charlie not so resolute on Busted future
- Appeal for Glasto footage
- Presidents return
- Scissor Sisters best seller of 04, actually
- Led Zepp to get lifetime achievement award from US industry
- Another setback in RIAA's anti-download battle
- Macca on his 2005 plans - no wardrobe malfunctions
- Owner of Eight Mile studio shot
- House Of Blues to sell promotion and arena businesses
- Carl Barat on life post-Libertines
- Brian Wilson makes appeal for band member lost in tsunami
- Line-up rumours for tsunami relief effort fundraiser
- 12 hour fundraiser
- Britney: "when I said I was taking a break, I meant I wasn't"
- Beyonce hates the 'b word'
- Four year old outselling Kylie and Robbie in Germany


Despite reassurances from Universal Records last month that the ongoing rumours that Charlie Simpson was considering quitting Busted were completely untrue, comments from Charlie himself seem to suggest otherwise.

Kerrang! quote Mr Simpson as saying that, ultimately, his passion lies with his indie side project Fightstar: "At the end of the day, my passion lies in Fightstar's music. Lots of people say to me, 'I completely hate Busted.' That's completely cool with me. I understand why. I can't say too much because of the politics involved, but Fightstar is what I do and so, if I have to choose, there's not even a question as to what I'd do. The Busted thing happened when I was 16. I saw an opportunity, took it and it was better than being at school. It was a fun job but I'd never claim Busted was anything other than a pop band. Busted is not the ideal band I'd like to be in by any stretch of the imagination. It's not about the money. The money means nothing to me. I'm completely at peace with myself doing this so I'm happy with whatever comes with it."

Busted bosses are hoping they can placate the wandering Simpson by giving him an early-year break so he can spend some quality time with Fightstar.

But rumour has it Charlie is trying to persuade his band-mates of the benefits of quitting while you're on top.


The makers of a new movie about the Glastonbury Festival are appealing to fans who might have certain legendary Glasto performances on video. Footage of several of the sets film director Julien Temple wants to include in his new film about the festival - due in 2006 - are sadly lacking.

Among the sets on Temple's wish list are Marc Bolan (1970), David Bowie (1971), The Smiths (1984), Primal Scream (1992) and Bob Dylan (1997).

The Bowie set at what was really the first Glasto proper in 1971 is a particular priority for Temple: "David Bowie is the interesting one. He played at the first proper festival in 1971 at 4am. He wasn't famous at the time and that performance is almost the Holy Grail of festival acts. I was actually at Glastonbury when he played. Someone woke me up saying 'you have to check this guy out'. He was absolutely amazing and I'd love to see any footage from a personal point of view."

As for Bolan's performance at Michael Eavis' very first Glasto event, Temple says it would be "extraordinary" if there was a tape of his performance, but says it is not impossible: "I have seen some footage from behind-the scenes, so we know there were cameras there".


The newly reunited Presidents of the United States of America will release their first new album in seven years - 'Love Everybody' - next month. Despite major label interest in the band's reunion, they have decided to self-release it in a bid to keep control of this new stage of their career.

Called 'Love Everybody', the new album is due for a 28 Feb release, preceded by a single of the same name on 14 Feb. They will play the Astoria on 3 Mar. Press info from Coalition.


Well, we asked whether Christmas sales of Robbie Williams' greatest hits would affect Keane's hold to the title of 'best selling album of the year'. Well, they didn't. It was Christmas sales of the Scissor Sister's eponymously titled debut album that knocked Keane of the top of the chart of the year right at the very last minute. Yep, with last week's sales figures added into the equation, here is the slightly rejigged album top 10 of 2004.

1. Scissor Sisters - 'Scissor Sisters'
2. Keane - 'Hopes And Fears'
3. Robbie Williams - Greatest Hits
4. Maroon 5 'Songs About Jane'
5. Katie Melua 'Call Off The Search'
6. Anastacia ' Anastacia'
7. Usher 'Confessions'
8. Norah Jones 'Feels Like Home'
9. Snow Patrol 'Final Straw'
10. Il Divo 'Il Divo'


The Recording Academy of America will present a Lifetime Achievement Award to Led Zeppelin on the eve of next month's Grammy Awards in recognition of their "outstanding" contribution to rock music during the seventies and their continuing positive influence on musicians.

Recording Academy president Neil Portnow told Billboard: "These profoundly inspiring figures are being honoured as legendary performers and archetypal musicians, cultural ambassadors, and technical visionaries". Of course Led Zep weren't just worthy cultural ambassadors, they shifted large piles of records too - 'Led Zeppelin IV' is America's fourth bestselling album of all time having shifted 22 million units since its release in 1971.


The Recording Industry Association of America haven't started the year on a legal high - they have failed in their latest attempt to force ISPs to automatically tell record labels the name and addresses of individuals they suspect of illegally sharing music online. The latest rejection of the RIAA's legal battle took place in the US Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit - which, our legal experts tell us, would make it very difficult for the industry association to proceed to the Supreme Court - so doom and gloom all round really. Well, except that most on the inside already knew that this battle will now only be won by persuading Congress to chance American copyright law.

And, of course, the court's latest decision means suing individual downloaders remains a time consuming pastime - which is presumably good news for the RIAA's lawyers.


Discussing his plans for 2005, Paul McCartney has confirmed that his headline performance at this year's Superbowl will not feature any "wardrobe malfunctions".

Talking about his Superbowl gig, McCartney told reporters: "I'm very much looking forward to this year. We are planning all sorts of exciting adventures, the first of which will be the American Superbowl where we will not be having a wardrobe malfunction!"

Macca also hopes to have a new album out this year: "We will keep you posted as things develop but I will be finishing up my new album which I am excited about and as I said, planning some new adventures and expeditions. All will be revealed when plans are complete".

It remains to be seen whether those plans will include the release of Macca's Love Songs compilation. That project has stalled because Yoko Ono won't let McCartney include 'Yesterday' on the album. Although 'Yesterday' was written and performed by Macca alone it is technically a Beatles track which means he still needs to get the permission of the other shareholders in the Beatles empire - which includes Yoko. She isn't keen on McCartney on including the track on a solo hits collection.


The owner of a recording studio on Eight Mile Road in Detroit where Eminem recorded his 'Slim Shady LP' has been shot dead while at work. AJ Abdallah's body was found by a business associate at the studio on Tuesday - but he may have been killed at the weekend.

Police say that, while Abdallah's recording facilities were used by many in the local hip hop community, they were not aware of any previous problems at the studios, adding that Abdallah had not indicated he felt at risk from attack. A police spokesman told reporters: "He did record for rappers, gangster rap and hip-hop but we haven't found anyone who had any particular problem with him yet".

Police will be investigating whether the shooting has anything to do with Abdallah's plans to sell the studios (he had advertised it on eBay) - though there is a chance that the studio boss was killed in a burglary that went wrong as police say it looks like some equipment may have been taken.


Rumour has it the US based House of Blues empire is planning on putting its concert promotion and arena business on the market via finance firm UBS. Any sale will not, however, include the company's legendary club network.


Libertine Carl Barat has spoken to the NME about performing his last gig for the band, certainly for some time, possibly forever. As previously reported, given the continuing feud with Pete Doherty, the Libertines have decided to call it a day - they played a finale gig in Paris just before Christmas. On that gig Barat says: "It was inevitably poignant. It was laying a tombstone to what's been and gone and also laying a foundation stone for the future" it's cutting the ribbon into a different realm of freedom. Because The Libertines became constrained."

On his decision to close the door on the Libertines, he continued:
"I'd like to have (played a tour of Britain), but I didn't want to upset Peter, really. I didn't want to rub it in his face. I believe I've done the right thing."

Barat is taking a break in order to have some surgery - it was revealed earlier this week that is to remove a benign tumour from behind his ear - and will then pursue new music projects. Regarding his relationship with former bandmate Doherty he continued: "I intend to contact Peter. I'd like to embrace him on a level of friendship and maybe". I get upset when he says things (to the media) that make me sad. I read it. And he knows I read it. I feel nothing evil towards Peter. I get angry sometimes but I know better than to spread it to the rumour mill and the gossipers, like some kind of virus."

You can read the full interview at


Brian Wilson has made an appeal for information regarding the whereabouts of one of his band members who, it is feared, may have been a victim of last month's tsunami. Markus Sandlund, a cellist from Stockholm Strings & Horns who appears on the recent recording of 'SMiLE', was on holiday in Thailand at the time of the disaster, and hasn't been seen since Boxing Day.

Wilson told reporters earlier this week: "I have been devastated since I heard the news that Markus is missing in Thailand. We have sent an agent to see what we can find out, but as of today (4 Jan) we have been unable to locate Markus in the area. If there is anyone out there who might know Markus' whereabouts please contact My prayers go out to all of the victims and their families and I would ask you to say a prayer for Markus' safe return".


Talking of which, the band names been circulated in reference to that massive fundraiser at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium in aid of the post-tsunami relief effort include U2, Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand and The Darkness. Organisers hope to stage the event on 22 Jan, and could raise over a million pounds. There is no official word on possible names for the line up, though the stadium's manager, Paul Sergeant, says he expects an "event of international proportions". More when we get it.


And talking of tsunami relief effort fundraisers on 22 Jan, a fundraiser is being planned that day at the Oak Bar in Stoke Newington, North London and organizers hope to get as many bands, DJs, comedians and celebrities involved as possible in a bid to raise over ten grand.

Organisers of the fundraiser, to be called the '12 Hour Stake Out' (it runs from 3pm to 3am) told CMU: "We want people to drop in throughout the day, staying for as long or as little time as they want. During the 12 hours there will be a constant flow of live music, DJs, comics, cabaret, and LOTS of celebrity drop-ins. As well as all this, there will be quizzes, competitions, raffles and a major charity auction, where people will have the chance to bid for some seriously big stuff. Every single penny that is given will go directly to the Tsunami Earthquake appeal."

Organisers are now looking for acts interested in performing at the fundraiser, or people with things to donate to the auction - contacts as follows:

Live acts: Lea at
Press: Gemma at
Other enquiries: Dani at


For those of you a bit confused by news that Britney is working on a new album just a couple of months after announcing she was taking a break from the music biz, here's Ms Spears herself with an explanation.

"I think I should rephrase myself from my previous letters when I was talking about taking a 'break'. What I meant was I am taking a break from being told what to do. It's cool when you look at someone and don't know whether they are at work or play since it's all the same to them."

As reported yesterday, Jive Records have confirmed Britney is working on new material as we speak. Meanwhile Ms Spears, according to the New York Daily News at least, has appointed a new manager - Lloyd Grove, once the right hand man of Larry Rudolph, the manager Britney abruptly broke company with late last year. Rumour has it Spears favours Grove over Rudolph because her old manager wasn't so keen on her idea that new husband Kevin Federline is a hip hop star in the making.


Beyonce has told reporters she now hates the word "bootylicious". According to the Daily Star she told reporters this week: "Bums can never be too big. I'm proud I've helped make curvy women sexy again. But I hate the word bootylicious.
Everyone shouts it wherever I go."


Forget the X-Factor and Pop Idol - if you want pop success these days you need an irritating song, a website - oh yes, and a four year old. Or at least that's the case in Germany anyway, because four year old Joy Gruttmann is currently outselling the latest Kylie and Robbie Williams singles there with her track 'Snappy the Little Crocodile'. The toddler's parents put the joke nursery song online where it was picked up by a radio station in Cologne. Now everyone is playing it, her website is selling a whole range of Snappy merchandise, and a dance remix is doing the rounds in Germany's clubs and getting airtime on MTV. Marvellous.

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