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In today's CMU Daily:
- Glastonbury will have fallow year in 2006
- Grand Jury testimonies revealed in ABC report
- Radio Aid raises over 3 million
- Modaid to support Band Aid and tsunami-aid charities
- Dell boss reckons iPod is a fad
- Live Review: Giles Peterson, The Stanton Warriors & Nitin Sawhney At Fabric Live
- FCC look into payola
- Australian industry push for Kazaa docs to be made public
- Kasabian tour
- Queen tour
- System Of A Down tour
- Organ gig at Marquee
- Single Review: Patrick Wolf - The Libertine
- Bread guitarist dies
- Coyne on new Flaming Lips
- Kenzie favourite to win Celeb BB
- Madonna gets a Blue Peter badge
- Kate moss and Pete Doherty a couple?



How did you start out making music for a living?
The band had been together for about five years when things started to kick off. When we signed to Wall of Sound last year it was sort of last minute: We were starting to get proper jobs and thinking about what we would do if the music-thing didn't work out. It was a huge relief that things started moving because we're not very good at having a 'normal' jobs.

What inspired your recent tracks?
We just finished recording a new album which is much more based on traditional song writing than anything we've done before. Artists like Tom Petty, Niel Young and The Beatles were a major influence on the song writing. The arrangements are quite electronic and contemporary sounding though. It was a real challenge combining the two worlds.

What process do you go through in creating tracks?
It's different for each track. Sometimes we'll record a groove together and work out the song on top of that. Sometimes a couple of people will get together and write a song. We use computers a lot.

Which artists influence your work?
Between the five people in the band we listen to every style of music under the sun, so it's hard to pin down to a few artist. Will be listening to an album by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and someone will put on NWA. A couple of the guys are really in to the latest Slipknot album.

What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
I would shut up and let them listen to it.

What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
Quite big. We want to take on the world. Like Robbie Robertson said: 'It's a god damn impossible way of life'. But it's the only thing we're really good at.

Diefenbach go on tour supporting Mylo, kicking off next week. Dates as follows:

25 Jan: Bristol Fleece
26 Jan: Birmingham Academy 2
30 Jan: Edinburgh Liquid Rooms
31 Jan: Glasgow QMU
2 Feb: Newcastle Foundation
3 Feb: London Scala
4 Feb: Manchester Academy 2

A Diefenbach remix EP 'Re-Make Your Mind' will be out on 7 Mar 2005 and features tracks from their recent album 'Run Trip Fall' remixed by Lindstrom, Vector Lovers, Nick Faber and Hot Chip. Press info from Wall Of Sound.


If you're going to Glasto this summer, make sure you get two years worth of enjoyment out of it, because Michael Eavis has announced he won't be staging a festival in 2006. He wants to give his neighbours a break from all the disruption next year, adding he would "stand back and get new ideas" for 2007.

It's not the first time Eavis has taken a year off from organising the Glastonbury Festival. He chose to rest the event in 2001 to give himself extra time to overcome safety fears raised the previous year, and yesterday he explained the festival had a history of taking a year off every five years or so: "Every fifth year since 1987 we've taken it off - it's like a fallow year in farming terms. It's a good chance for the cows, the farm, the farm workers and villagers to recover. So they come back the year after the fallow year with renewed energy, strength and imagination."

Eavis also denied that his decision was in response to pressure from the residents of Pilton, the village nearest the site, who have in past raised objections the music event. Eavis: "There's only two complainants at the meeting out of a village of 975 people. Even the parish chairman is supportive - he really does enjoy himself! There's no pressure like that, this is all my idea."

One of the projects Eavis hopes to undertake in his year off is to build a reservoir on his farm to supply future festivals. He explained: "We found a spring on the farm that can provide all the water for the festival, so this is very thrilling for us. That will be a big engineering job for us."

Eavis' announcement regardING 2006 followed the news that local councilors had voted 12 to 4 in favour of allowing the 2005 event this June.


With the Jacko court case looming ever closer, ABC News in the US has released a report that claims to include transcripts from the testimony of Jackson's accuser. That testimony was given to a grand jury investigating the allegations against Jackson, an investigation which has so far successfully avoided media scrutiny.

In the report it is claimed the boy accusing Jackson of sexual abuse told the grand jury that the singer encouraged him to drink alcohol despite his medical condition (he had cancer and had lost a kidney when a surgeon removed a tumor). The boy continues: "[I said] it harms my kidney if I drink that stuff. But he would just say, 'It's OK.' And he would just keep on telling me to drink."

Elsewhere in the testimony, the boy recalled how Jackson had molested him, telling the grand jury that he had looked over at the pop star and "his eyes were like squinching really tight." The boy says Jackson didn't speak during the alleged molestation, and neither he nor the singer mentioned it after the incident.

Needless to say Jacko's people aren't impressed that the grand jury testimony has been revealed. Initially a spokesman for Jacko's defense team said they couldn't comment on the ABC report because of the media ban that is in force over the case.

But later Jackson's attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr issued a statement approved by the courts, which urged caution on any public interpretation of the testimony, pointing out that: "The witnesses who testified before the grand jury were never subjected to cross-examination or impeachment by the defense. By law, no judge or defense lawyer was allowed to be present in the grand jury room. Furthermore, the defense had no opportunity to call its own witnesses to refute or criticize this one-sided proceeding."

The judge overseeing the Jacko child abuse case is yet to comment on the revelation of grand jury testimonies that were subject to a media ban. As for the case itself, there are more pre-trial hearings planned for 21 and 27 Jan, before jury selection begins on 31 Jan.


Somehow I managed to miss it (well, if I'm being honest, I was actively avoiding it - it was the news Tony Blair and Kate Thornton were involved that scared me off), but nevertheless much back slapping due in the UK commercial radio industry this morning following yesterday's all-day radio fundraiser which took over the airwaves of no less than 268 commercial radio stations and, at last count, had raised over £3 million in aid of the post-tsunami relief effort.

Among the celebs donating time and items for auction were Chris Evans, Zoe Ball, Tony Blackburn, Davina McCall, Dermot O'Leary, Liam Gallagher, Avid Merrion, Shane Richie, Frank Skinner (who donated a shirt that originally belonged to Elvis), Ricky Gervais (who donated the guitar made famous by David Brent) and the one and only Jason Donovan (now, if we'd known he was going to be on we might have tuned in).

More money is expected to be raised via the radiothon as participating stations donate a day's worth of their profits to the station - while they are still encouraging listeners to donate an hours pay to the appeal.


Talking of charity type things, an alternative to the Band Aid project is in the pipeline which will see musicians from across the mod scene come together to record a charity record - no, I kid thee not.

Mod Aid actually began back in 1985 when, shortly after the original Band Aid, the mod world released a charity version of the track 'All Or Nothing'. With Band Aid repeating their venture twenty years later, Mod Aid 20 is now about to kick off. Ronnie Wood, Steve Cradock and Mark Joseph are among the names so far confirmed to be talking part in the project - they and others will record covers of 'What'cha Gonna Do About It' and 'Afterglow' at a London studio on the last week in Jan. The hope is to get the single released in mid-Feb, with profits being split between the Band Aid Foundation and the post-tsunami relief effort.

More info on the project and who is involved at - press info from Mark Parham at


A bit of bitchiness going on over there in the world of IT - the chief executive of computer firm Dell has said he is not worried about Apple's dominance in the digital music space, dismissing his rival's iPod as a ìfad".
Speaking to, Del CEO Kevin Rollins said that while Apple was good at grabbing headlines, it wasn't in the ìsame league" as his company - even with its "one-product wonder" music player.

Rollins: "It's interesting the iPod has been out for three years and it's only this past year it's become a raging success. Well those things that become fads rage and then they drop off. When I was growing up there was a product made by Sony called the Sony Walkman - a rage, everyone had to have one. Well you don't hear about the Walkman anymore. I believe that one product wonders come and go. You have to have sustainable business models, sustainable strategy."

Although admitting Apple had ìdone a nice job" in the digital music space, he said he did not fear the computer firm would be able to use the popularity of the iPod to make a serious dent on the home computer market - something commentators say Apple is trying to do with the release of their new £350 mini-Mac model. ìWhere they've been making success recently is not in the computer business, but in the iPod music business. So this might be an interesting new product but I'm not really believing this is going to turn the industry upside down."

Rollins doesn't say much about his own company's recent moves into the digital music space with their own MP3 player and download platform, instead seeming to downplay the importance of digital music products in the wider IT industry: "Our strategic focus has been on corporations and institutions, and selling them large server clusters and huge SAN installations - the data centre isn't very sexy to write about but, frankly, that's where the money is. Number one is corporations and institutions".


LIVE REVIEW: Gilles Peterson, The Stanton Warriors & Nitin Sawhney at Fabric Live on 14 Jan
Simply choosing which Fabric Live night to see is an feat in itself. With weekly lineups to drool over, featuring a veritable who's who of electronic music, you're pretty much guaranteed a satisfying night, even if it is a little more expensive than some of their contemporaries. On the menu tonight, musical supremo Gilles Peterson, breaks heavyweights The Stanton Warriors, and writer, producer, conductor, composer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist, Nitin Sawhney. Personally, I was very keen to witness Sawhney in action again as a previous performance alongside UNKLE was event programming at its most captivating, so a brilliant performance, especially served after an equally attractive Peterson set, it seemed like a night too good to be true. Suffice it to say, my expectations were high, so maybe this was why I was left a little hungry after tonight's dish. Peterson knocked me off my feet (in a bad way) with bass-heavy, bangra-infused beats at only 11pm, (am I getting old?) and then The Stanton's regrettably started to bore me with break-beats to nap to.(I am getting old!) So surely Sawhney and his companions couldn't let me down? Well, maybe there was something in the air conditioning that night because they too supplied an insipid high in comparison to last time's deal. Replicating their live interludes note-for-note and adding a far more drum & bass flavor to proceedings proved a bit of downer and failed to hold my attention for long. And although I would still urge every person to witness this extraordinary musician at work, I may have a glance elsewhere before seeing him again soon. OG


Word is the US media regulator, the FCC, will get involved in investigations into allegations of payola in the American radio sector.

As previously reported, US radio station WKSE-FM fired its programme director Dave Universal over allegations he accepted perks and free travel from record labels in return for prioritising their music. With Universal hitting back and saying he didn't do anything his bosses weren't aware of, the FCC will now look into the payola allegations - which, if Universal's allegations are true, means his firing could well backfire on WKSE-FM and their parent company Entercom.

The FCC will also look into allegations of political payola. That investigation relates to allegations conservative commentator Armstrong Williams received money to promote the Bush Administration education agenda.

While everyone agrees there is nothing like the levels of payola in the US radio industry there once was, with New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer investigating the relationship between radio stations and record labels, and these new FCC investigations, it will be interesting to see what kind and level of payola does exist in the modern American radio sector.


Record companies in Australia are pushing for several legal documents relating to Kazaa owners Sharman Networks to be made public as preparations begin for the next stage of the copyright infringement court case against Kazaa that kicked off late last year.

Of particular interest are documents "recording or evidencing any advice given [by Sharman's lawyers Phillips Fox] in relation to the infringement of copyright arising from the distribution or operation of the Kazaa software". Kazaa and their lawyers claim these documents should remain confidential under the 'legal professional privilege' - but the judge hearing the case is not completely convinced.

Judge Wilcox said this week: "Not everything a solicitor does is the subject of legal professional privilege. I just don't understand how so many of these items are said to be privileged, even who paid the bill is privileged... amazing."

Sharman chief technical officer Philip Morle now has until 24 Jan to reconsider which documents should remain confidential. The record company's will then have until 31 Jan if they wish to contend anything on Sharman's list. Simone Tierney of legal firm Phillips Fox is also likely to be called to the court to justify why she has classified legal documents as privileged.


Live news now, and Kasabian have moved up the venue leagues with their next UK tour which kicks of in Glasgow on 22 Apr - dates as follows:

22 Apr: Glasgow Academy
24 Apr: Manchester Carling Apollo
28 Apr: London Alexandra Palace
29 Apr: Brighton Centre
30 Apr: Nottingham Arena


Queen's first tour in 19 years will include six arena shows in the UK, as follows:

3 May: Metro Arena, Newcastle
4 May: Manchester Evening News Arena
6 May: NEC Birmingham
7 May: Cardiff International Arena
9 May: Hallam Arena
11 May: Wembley Arena Pavilion


Next up, and System Of A Down have announced a UK tour to promote the release of the two albums they will release this year ''Mesmerize' and 'Hypnotize'(they're calling it a double album, with one disk released six months after the other - that sounds like two albums to me - presumably there'll be some clever packaging thing going on).

The UK dates are as follows:
3 Jun: Brixton Academy
14 Jun: Manchester Evening News Arena
15 Jun: Glasgow SECC

The first of those albums - 'Mesmerize' - is out in Apr, press info from Sony BMG (look at that, SonyBMG are now a press contact!).


Music website Organ are staging a free gig at the London Marquee on Leicester Square tonight featuring four of the bands they're most hotly tipping at the moment - 65daysofstatic, Twentysixfeet, Living With Eating Disorders and Suitable Case For Treatment. Entry is free providing you put your name on the list in advance - email your name and number to Otherwise admission is five pounds on the door. All kicks off at 8pm.

Talking of the new bands the Organ guys most rate, they have just released a new album featuring 16 of them. More info at


SINGLE REVIEW: Patrick Wolf - The Libertine (Tomlab)
This is a positively wondrous single from a talent to watch in 2005. Fantastically named 21 year old singer-songwriter Patrick Wolf is a bit like a young male Bj·rk, in that he writes impassioned, modern pop songs that effectively fuse electronica with traditional instruments (piano, strings) and some rather more exotic ones (harpsichord, ukulele, accordionÖthat sort of thing). On 'The Libertine' Patrick sings like Edwyn Collins might if he'd just been released from a lengthy incarceration. Flanking his heartfelt musings on freedom, liberty and expression are relentless, driving gypsy stings, galloping horses hooves (we really need more songs with those on) and an Aphex/Paradinas discordant drill 'n' bass break-beat that judders away in the background. With its title Patrick has gone some way to thankfully reclaiming such a significant word from its much tainted recent connotations; the song's not explicitly about a certain hideously overrated rock group, but the lyrics concerning today's ìfalse idols and half-baked heroes" makes the whole thing seem deliciously ironic. MS
Release date: 31 Jan
Press contact: Mingo PR


Jimmy Griffin, a former guitarist with seventies pop group Bread and an Academy Award winning songwriter, has died after losing his fight with cancer - he was 61. Griffin was a founder member of Bread, and won his Oscar for co-writing the song 'For All We Know' which featured on the soundtrack of the film 'Lovers and Other Strangers'.


New Flaming Lips incoming - hurrah. Wayne Coyne has been talking to Entertainment Weekly about his band's new album, which will be called 'At War With The Mystics'. Talking about possible collaborations on the album he said: ''Cat Power seems like she's willing to do a big range of things, and I'm always looking for some mystery element that lets us explore new territory."

On his creative plans for the album Coyne continued: ìWe've been using more computers and gadgets, but trying to make them sound more organic and less electronic. You're always gaining and losing your audience, so you gotta do what you love. And if The Flaming Lips can't do what they want, who can, you know?''


Following the eviction of open minded racing presenter John McCririck from the good old Celeb Big Brother house last night, the vote lines are now open for people to vote on which of the remain celebrities they want to win this series. Those celebs with the least votes by Wednesday will face early eviction. Blazin Squad's Kenzie, who became favourite to win sometime last week, is still the safest bet to be champion, with Bez currently second favourite despite him quite clearly going insane as alcohol/dope deprivation really kicks in. Either of them might get our vote, if it didn't cost 50p to phone in (given that only 25p goes to charity, what exactly happens to the other 25p?).


Breaking news. Madonna has been given a Blue Peter badge. Yep, the honour was presented by the show's presenter Matt Barker after he interviewed her about her fourth children's book 'The Adventures of Adbi'. So now you know.

Talking about vital Madonna related news, Britney Spears has agreed to voice one of the characters in the film version of her book 'The English Roses'. She will voice the character of Binah in the animated version of the book. Apparently David Bowie and Snopp Dogg will provide songs for the film, while Madonna herself will voice the Fairy Godmother.


And while we're in the pointless gossip bit, gossipers are, erm, gossiping that Kate Moss is now dating former Libertine Pete Doherty. According to a source quoted in The Sun, they were "all over each other" at Moss's recent 31st birthday party at her Cotswolds home, and Moss is so "smitten" with the erratic singer she took him to lunch with her family the next day.

The source adds: "Kate is attracted to Pete because he's dangerous, exciting, creative and talented".

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