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In today's CMU Daily:
- Doherty back on stage
- Barat signs to Mercury
- QOTSA Homme & Oliveri to collaborate again?
- REM cancel Scottish date after Mills taken ill
- Single Review: Emiliana Torrini - Sunnyroad
- Jones told Jacko to can the sleepovers
- Eminem includes family footage in new video
- Snickers Bowl to return to Download
- Live Review: Adam Green at Islington Academy
- More Music Week Award nominations
- Robbie plans duets album
- Aerosmith man splits from wife
- Apple plan to bring colour to the iPod Mini
- Olympus camera MP3 player gets poor reviews
- Bluetones tour
- Single Review: Crash Convention - Watch Committee/Thick As Thieves
- Three year sentence for Bollywood pirate
- German music boss says industry in state of a 'zombie'
- Garbage announce Brixton date
- Lopez on pregnancy rumours: 'don't ask'


They say it's rock 'n' roll to stay up late, but if you're really rock 'n' roll you're in bed by 10pm to comply with the bail conditions for those burglary and blackmail charges.

And so it was, that Pete Doherty and Babyshambles were on stage on time at 8.50pm last night at the London Garage for the band's first live performance since their frontman's latest run in with the law. According to the NME a well-looking Doherty was fitted out in a pinstripe suit as he walked on stage, but soon stripped down to his bear chest, briefly giving his audience a glimpse of his Naltrexone implant - a little device inserted into his body that slowly releases Naltrexone into his system, a medication that blocks the effects of drugs like heroin - it's all glamorous stuff. Support on the night included Alan Wass - who is also facing the same charges, and bail conditions, as Doherty.

Last night fans had to make do with a nine song set - no time for an encore with that 10pm deadline looming. Tonight, however, when Babyshambles play the Brixton Academy, there might be time for a few extra tracks because Doherty has been told he can stay out an extra two hours for tonight only. Doherty was in attendance at Snaresbrook Crown Court yesterday to apply for the one-off relaxation of his bail conditions in order to play the Brixton gig. The judge agreed to let Doherty stay out until midnight tonight providing requests for changes in his bail conditions were "not too regular an occurrence". The judge also reduced Doherty's hefty £150,000 bail to £50,000, which will come as a relief to his management company who had to stump up the cash.

Both Doherty and Wass will be back in court on 18 Apr to face the burglary and blackmail charges.


Talking of former Libertines, Doherty's former band mate Carl Barat has confirmed he will embark on a solo career by signing a new record deal with Vertigo, an imprint of Universal division Mercury. Barat is currently working on his first solo album, which should be released later this year.

He is also forming a new band including his former Libertine band mates. Whether this new project will completely replace the Libertines is not clear - Libertines drummer Gary Powell did imply in an interview with Billboard last month that his band would return as the Libertines later this year, but it may be that he was, in fact, referring to this new band.

Confirming the signing of Barat, Mercury boss Greg Castell told CMU: "Carl is one of the greatest talents in modern music. His contribution to The Libertines was fundamental to the band's success and we're delighted to have the opportunity of working closely with him".

Press info from Coalition.


Talking of bands breaking up and the reforming and breaking up and forming new bands, it seems that former Queens Of The Stone Age collaborators Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri might be working together again very soon. Homme sacked Oliveri last year of course, saying he could no longer cope with his bandmate's erratic behaviour. Homme and the rest of the band have since worked on a new album which is due for release next month.

While promoting that album, QOTSA guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen has told Playlouder that Homme and the rest of the band may well be working with Oliveri later this year on the next release from his other band Mondo Generator. Troy: "Nick's going to make another Mondo Generator record and we'll probably all end up playing on it. It's that understood. Him and Josh are brothers, you know."

In the same interview Leeuwen reveals how he felt when Homme and Oliveri fell out: "I thought 'what am I gonna do now? There were a lot of questions. Looking at it now I wouldn't say that I'm glad he's gone because he's a great artist but I would say that it's okay that we've changed and it's gonna get even better. Things change and you've gotta roll with what's going on."

News that Homme might be working with Oliveri again follows reports last week that QOTSA were joined on stage at a US gig by Mark Lanegan, another former collaborator of Homme who stopped working with the band last year.


Why is it that when the media report that celebrities have "flu-like symptoms" it kinda implies something sinister is going on.

Well, whatever, REM have had to cancel tonight's gig date in Glasgow because bass player Mike Mills is suffering from "severe flu-like symptoms". Mills was not fit enough for last night's Sheffield show either, so the band went ahead with an acoustic show instead. Promoters hope Mills will be well enough for Wednesday's gig, but will take things on a "day by day" basis. Tonight's gig has been rescheduled for 15 Jun.

It's the second time REM have had to cancel gigs on their current tour - last month they had to cancel a gig in St Petersburg when their equipment was delayed crossing the border and didn't arrive at the venue in time. Prior to that the band hadn't cancelled a gig since former drummer Bill Berry collapsed while on tour in 1995.


SINGLE REVIEW: Emiliana Torrini - Sunnyroad (Rough Trade)
This is the first single to be taken from Torrini's lovely second album 'Fisherman's Woman'. 'Sunnyroad' is fairly typical of an album which is reflective and sensitive - her vocals sparkle amongst a stripped down, folky, acoustic backing. The half Icelandic/half Italian Torrini is a rare and kooky talent - as well a co-writing a number one hit for Kylie ('Slow') she also performed 'Golum Song' with the cast of 'The Lord Of The Rings'. In this song she begins by bemoaning that she's never married or had kids and then adds cheekily; "I know I'm bad to jump on you like this, some things don't change." Enchanting. JW
Release date: 21 Feb
Press contact: Wild [CP, CR] Sainted [RP, NP] Anglo [RR, NR]


With the Michael Jackson trial due to resume later today, time for some more Jacko news. First up, and reports that record producer Quincy Jones - the production talent behind 'Thriller' and 'Off The Wall' of course - used to plead with Jackson to stop the sleepovers with children. According to US TV show Celebrity Justice, years ago Jones asked Jackson to "think carefully" about letting children stay overnight at his Neverland ranch, aware of how the public might perceive such activity and the potential legal problems such sleepovers might cause. However Jackson ignored all of Jones' warnings. Jones is among the list of witnesses that might be called in Jackson's defense during the trial because he and his daughters were at the Neverland ranch on some of the key dates in the case's events.

Secondly, there's been speculation in the US media as to what effect it will have on Jacko's chances in court if a majority of the jurors are parents themselves. That speculation follows a report from Associated Press that revealed four in five of the 242 potential jurors still being considered are parents. However the legal community is split on what impact that might have - saying parents may be more negative to Jacko in a "that could have happened to my kids" kind of way, but could also be more cynical of the accuser's evidence in a "kids often lie" kinda way. Which I guess means the conclusion is whether or not the jury is predominantly made up of parents has no impact whatsoever on the case - but all that speculation has filled many a column inch, and provided an extra 150 words for this here CMU Daily, which is great.


Given that Eminem doesn't tend to invite his fans over for sleepovers at his home, they'll have to make do with the video to new single 'Mockingbird' in order to get a glimpse into the real life of Slim Shady. The video to the new track, which chronicles his life as a struggling father, apparantly includes real camcorder footage of Mathers celebrating birthdays, Christmas and Halloween with his daughter Hailie, niece Laney and ex-wife Kim Marshall. Introducing the pop promo on MTV's TRL, Eminem said he would never release anything quite so personal again.


Organisers of the Snickers Bowl (no, not a very large bowl made out of chocolate) have revealed details of this year's events. For the second year running the Snickers Bowl will appear at the Download Festival at Donington, staging a programme of skating and BMX trickery to compliment all that rock. The bowl has apparently been "cranked, revamped and knocked in to a new 'kinked' shape", which we're told is a good thing. Professional BMXer Mat Hoffman and leading skater Steve Caballero will be among the people performing the tricks. I'm a real sucker for all this stuff, so it will no doubt prove quite a distraction to the main proceedings elsewhere at the festival. Press info on the Snickers Bowl from LD Publicity.


LIVE REVIEW: Adam Green at Islington Academy on 8 Feb
Once one half of potty-mouthed indie noiseniks the Moldy Peaches, Adam Green has in recent times enjoyed a successful reinvention as a sort of slacker troubadour crooning his way through surrealist, beatnik nursery rhymes. Tonight the devilishly handsome Green is at his most effortlessly charming, even when descending into occasional lapses of political incorrectness or introducing a song called 'Choke On A Cock'. Backed by his support band the Gnomes, there is a warped Karaoke vibe to his set, bolstered by the fact that so many songs off his new album ‘Gemstones’ sound like modern day showtunes. Recent single 'Emily' is his most infuriatingly infectious yet, an amorous country pop jaunt which sashays its way into your conscious. A cheeky, parred-down cover of 'What A Waster' gets a rousing reception. But it is 'Jessica' - his poignant acoustic lament to vacuous celebrity - which continues to carry the most resonance: it's semi-ironic, semi-heartfelt, a balancing act which Adam Green continues to tread with considerable aplomb. DL


The other half of the nominations for this year's Music Week Awards - the bit voted for by readers - have been announced and are as follows:

Best retail chain: Fopp, HMV, MVC, Virgin

Best Independent store: Jumbo, Leeds; Quirks, Ormskirk; Reveal, Derby; Rough Trade, London (Portobello); Selectadisc, Nottingham

Best Distributor: EMI, Pinnacle, TEN, THE, Universal

Best Music Sales Force: EMI, Independent Thinking, Pinnacle, Sony, Vital

Best Independent Promotions Team: Anglo, Big Sister, Intermedia Regional, Red Alert, Seesaw

Best Regional Promotions Team: EMI, Intermedia Regional, Island, Polydor,
Sony BMG

Best National Promotions Team: Anglo, Parlophone, Polydor, Sony BMG, Warner Music

Best Venue: Brighton Dome, Carling Brixton Academy, Hammersmith Apollo, Manchester Evening News Arena, Royal Albert Hall, Shepherds Bush Empire

More info at


Word is that Robbie Williams is planning a duets album to follow up the success of his greatest hits album last year. Among the names reported to appear on the list of Robbie's preferred musical partners are Joss Stone, Andy Williams and Tony Bennett.


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has separated from his wife Teresa after 17 years of marriage. Confirming the split Tyler told reporters: "We are just a family trying to work through a difficult time. A little privacy and sensitivity - for Teresa, my children and myself - would be nice". Consider it done.


Word is Apple are getting ready to add a colour screen to the iPod Mini. Apparently the cost of the kit used in the colour screens has come down in price, and the top guard would like to bring colour to all models in the iPod family. An increase in capacity up to 5GB is also in the pipeline.


While Olympus seemed to make the biggest impact of all the digital music companies during the competitive Superbowl advertising period with promotion for their m:robe combined digital camera / MP3 player, initial reviews of the new device in the US press aint been great. The New York Times review wasn't untypical when it said m:robe must stand for "Machine: Right Objective, Botched Execution" - ouch.


The Bluetones - yes, The Bluetones (God, we always loved The Bluetones) - have announced details of an Apr tour, hurrah! Dates as follows:

2 Apr: Manchester University
3 Apr: Derby Supanova Club
8 Apr: Norwich Waterfront
10 Apr: Edinburgh Liquid Rooms
15 Apr: Leicester Charlotte
16 Apr: Bristol Fleece
23 Apr: Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
24 Apr: Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
29 Apr: Stoke Underground
30 Apr: Sheffield Leadmill

More info at - press info from Caffy St Luce at Rocklands Promotions on 079 6206 0126


SINGLE REVIEW: Crash Convention - Watch Committee/Thick as Thieves (Irresponsible Recordings)
A double dose of scuzzy, chaotic rock 'n' roll from this South London four-piece, it should come as little surprise to hear that Crash Convention have already attracted the patronage of a certain Mr Carl Barat. 'Watch Committee' carries its unadulterated punk energy with a visceral swagger. 'Thick as Thieves' sounds like a heavyweight Libertines sparring with the Stooges. File under: "Better than Babyshambles". DL
Release date: 21 Feb
Press: Workhard PR [all]


More from the world of piracy, and a major distributor of pirated Bollywood DVDs has been jailed for three years. Jayanti Amarishi Buhecha, from Cambridge, was found guilty of two trade mark offences at Harrow Crown Court back on 25 Jan after the BPI and Brent & Harrow Trading Standard people showed he had been selling counterfeit Bollywood movies throughout 2002, making an estimated £26,000 a month profit. Buhecha got into the Bollywood business legitimately screening films for the Indian community over here. From there he became an authorised agent for Asian movie company Yash Raj Films, but then started trading in counterfeit films.

The prosecution was welcomed by independent players in the Bollywood sector, who are particularly hard hit by competitors selling counterfeits. Avtar Panesar, from the UK independent label Yash Raj Films, told CMU: "The BPI and Trading Standards have worked tirelessly for two years on this case and this judgement has come as a great boost to all of us in the independent sector. It's a remarkable result - we need more such results."

BPI Anti-Piracy Director David Martin added: "Jayanti Buhecha was a major player in the counterfeit Bollywood music and film business, so we're pleased to report to our members that he's been put away. But the problem simply will not disappear with him. Others and more will take his place, so it's vital that keep up our efforts in this field."


Germany's music business - the third largest in the world - is nicht sehr gut, or something like that. In fact, according to the boss of Universal Music Germany, it is "in the state of a zombie".

Speaking to the BBC World Service's Music Biz programme, Tim Renner said his country's music industry was struggling to survive because key players had failed to accept the "new realties" of the download age. Renner told the programme: "The problem the music industry has got is that they aren't willing to accept that the classic way of doing business is over and out. So the music industry in its current form over here is pretty much in the state of a zombie."

Renner was responding to the fact music sales in Germany have been in decline ever since 2000 - with album sales falling by 13.7% between 2002 and 2003, and to research that shows that more than twice as many CDRs are filled with tracks by music fans than CD albums are sold by record shops.

However, Peter Zombic of the German division of the International Federation of Phonographic Industry was less damning. He said: "It's quite true that we have severe problems in Germany - but that's true in other parts of the world and in most developed markets too. I don't agree that the music industry lost control over the music market - in fact, especially in regard to German talent, the market is quite successful. And we were the first to implement a download service back in 1997 - although at that time it was not successful, because of the advent of piracy, it was the Napster time, when P2P services became popular."

Zombic said that the German music industry should follow moves in the US and elsewhere to change public perception towards the private copying of music. "There is a widespread attitude that private copying is a hobby, it's nice, it's fun. We try to make clear it's not nice and it's not fun - it's endangering the creativity in our country."


CMU favourites Garbage will play London's Brixton Academy on 9 June ahead of their set at the Download Festival - it will be the first major UK show in support of new album 'Bleed Like Me', out on 11 Apr. Tickets are on sale now.


And finally, Jennifer Lopez has added fuel to rumours that she is pregnant by telling a German TV presenter who started to ask about the rumours "don't ask". Lopez appeared on the show even though she had cancelled most of her European promotional commitments for new film 'Shall We Dance' because she was under the weather (something which helped kick off the pregnancy rumours). On those cancellations Lopez told the show: "I had a bit of a cold. But I wanted to be here [on the show] because I know how important it is, and because of you [referring to presenter Thomas Gottschalk]."

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