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In today's CMU Daily:
- Thievary Corporation singer commits suicide
- TuneTribe aim to help indies get online
- Finding Neverland - Jacko trial update
- Lil Kim trial update
- MTV Aussie awards debut
- Brian Wilson to play Glasto
- The Tears album and tour news
- Meatloaf dates
- Status Quo gig
- Will Young dates
- Ray Charles engineer suspected of stealing master tapes
- Church ministers call on music fans to boycott Nelly gig
- Fischerspooner get Ibiza residency
- Evans in line for new national radio show
- Dualdiscs to launch in UK
- SonyBMG sign up to SnoCap
- Kelly apologies for calling Imbruglia a "C"
- J Lo not pregnant shocker



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Louie Vega & The Elements Of Life
The ticket price might be hefty, but this is going to be a good one - and they've just added a third date so demand must be high. Masters At Work genius Louie Vega is playing live for two nights to promote the re-release of the fabulous 'Elements Of Life' album. He will be supported by Latin vocalist Anane (who is, I'm told, Mrs Vega) plus seasoned singer / songwriter / guitarist Raul Midon and Blaze, Dimitri From Paris, Ursula Rucker and salsa sensation Domingo Quinones. Oh yes, and Gilles Peterson and Kenny Dope will be on the decks (though on alternate nights I think). Need I say more? No. Like I say, it's going to be a good one.

Tue 8, Wed 9 & Thu 10 Mar, Jazz Cafe, Parkway, Camden, NW1, 7pm, £20 (£17.50 advance), more at, press info from Darling.


According to Aussie website Undercover Pam Bricker, a longtime collaborator and vocalist with the Thievery Corporation, has committed suicide. While not going into the specifics of her death, a statement on the production duo's website confirms Bricker, whose vocals appeared on the two Thievery Corporation albums, 1997's 'Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi' and 2002's 'Richest Man In Babylon', did, in deed, pass away earlier this week.

The statement reads: "On Sunday, February 20th we lost our long time friend and collaborator Pam Bricker. Pam has been a Thievery Corporation mainstay, (both on tour and in the studio) contributing vocals on the first three Thievery Corporation albums, most notably on the epic Thievery track 'Lebanese Blonde'. Her class, easy-going nature, professionalism, and her distinct, beautiful voice will be eternally missed. Music fans from DC to Istanbul and everywhere in between mourn her loss, and we mourn with you. In lieu of flowers, please make donations in Pam's name to Heifer International (, an organisation that she supported".


With the BPI still stressing its concerns that independent players do not currently have sufficient access to the download market, the new independent player in the download space, TuneTribe, has told CMU that any labels looking for an easy way into the digital domain should take advantage of their free 'bureau service'.

As previously reported, TuneTribe is a new download service founded by Groove Armada's Tom Findlay and internet entrepreneur John Strickland specifically aiming to represent that indie repertoire online. Currently in pilot stage, the platform will officially launch in Apr, just as the singles chart starts incorporating digital sales stats. TuneTribe is making that platform available to unsigned artists and acts looking to sell their music online. The aim is to make selling tracks through the platform as easy as possible for those acts - TuneTribe will handle all the encoding and etailing tasks - paying an 80% share of royalties on anything sold.

TuneTribe's Ronnie Traynor told CMU: "Labels can send us all their music, images and information which we will then digitise and tag with metadata and upload ready for selling online. We will also be promoting the tracks on the site along the same lines as the offline market, with marketing, PR and plugging services as well as offline events including our own Festival on Saturday 13th August."

The service is open to both artists and labels. Among the latter, Beggars, Sanctuary, Wall of Sound, V2, One Little Indian, Rough Trade and Sunday Best are already signed up. Ronnie continued: "The more labels that sign up the more likely it is that we can really make a difference to the way that the indies are represented in the combined chart and in the digital marketplace". Labels interested in utilising TuneTribe's services in this way should contact Ronnie -

Meanwhile TuneTribe have confirmed former Jockey Slut editor Rob Wood will be coordinating the editorial components of their website, including news, reviews, charts and interviews.

And in related news, that other independent download site Karmadownload has just launched a US version - more on that on Monday.


A video of Neverland and the testimony of the accuser's sister took centre stage at the cabaret that is the Michael Jackson trial yesterday. I'm keeping note of all this because I'm convinced there's a stage musical in the making here - "a poptastic musical court room drama filled with sex, drinks and dirty porn - or none of the above, as the case may be" (the final slogan is still in the hands of the jury of course).

Anyway, Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department photographer Albert Lafferty yesterday talked the court through footage he had videoed during a police raid on Jacko's Neverland ranch - a "private world of alcohol and pornography" if the prosecution are to be believed. Pictures of what the Daily Star are calling the 'lair of pervy Jacko' (surely it being a lair and he being pervy is, again, yet to be ascertained), showed a wood-panelled entrance hall, Jackson's split-level master bedroom,and two rooms that investigators called the "doll room" and the "toy room". These two rooms contained dolls and figurines depicting characters such as Batman and Superman, the Star Wars robots and SpongeBob Squarepants. All interesting stuff for voyeurs everywhere though, notably, no decent porn anywhere to be seen.

As for the testimony of Gavin Arvizo's sister, this centred mainly on the allegations Jacko fed her two brothers alcohol, and the charges that Jackson's people held the Arvizo family against their will. She said that once while at the Neverland ranch she followed her brothers into a wine cellar hidden behind a jukebox in a room full of toys. There she found her brothers drinking wine with the singer. She added that her brother frequently appeared hyper-active and aloof after being with Mr Jackson. She said: "He didn't want to talk to me, he didn't want to be near me, he was distant. It felt weird." She also described what happened to her family after Martin Bashir's controversial documentary about Jackson was first aired. She says they were whisked away to Miami and were coerced into making that video where they rebutted any claims that Jacko had behaved inappropriately with Gavin.

Anyway, the case continues. I'm off to write my first showstopper - "don't blame it on the coke-canned win, don't blame it on the filthy porn, blame it on the boogie". Has anyone got Cameron Mackintosh's number?


Meanwhile, over in the New York branch of the pop courts, Lil Kim is facing nine years more jail time than Jacko over allegations she lied in a grand jury investigation into a shooting that took place as she left a radio station back in 2001. Prosecutors claim Kim lied when she said she did not know who was involved in the shooting or what their motive might have been.

The perjury claims follow admissions by Suif Jackson and Damion Butler that they opened fire when two rival hip hop groups clashed that day - though they insist they did so in self defence. This is tricky for Kim because the former is an old friend and the latter her former manager. Given that CCTV footage allegedly shows that Kim was present at the time of the shooting it is impossible, the prosecution argue, that she did not see who was involved, as she claimed during the grand jury investigation into the crime.

Suif Jackson was yesterday in court having been forced to appear as a witness under a government subpoena. He admitted that he had known Lil Kim for ten years and that he was with her on the day of the shooting. Lil Kim maintains her innocence of the charges - presumably she will claim that, given the speed and drama of the event, she wasn't in a position to see who was actually involved in the shooting - certainly that reported CCTV footage seems to show her leaving the scene very quickly as trouble began.


It was the first MTV Australia Video Music Awards yesterday and they were great. Delta Goodrem, Green Day and Black Eyed Peas each won two awards apiece. Delta for Best Female Artist and Pepsi Viewers Choice, Green Day for Best Rock Group and Best Rock Video for 'American Idiot', and The Black Eyed Peas for Best R&B Video and Sexiest Video - both for 'Hey Mama'. Other winners included Gwen Stefani for Best Dress Video and Usher for Best Dance Video. Sorted.


Festival news, and Brian Wilson will play at this year's Glastonbury Festival. The former Beach Boy has confirmed via his website that he will play on the last day of the festival - Sunday 26 Jun. That set will be part of a UK tour which will also feature gigs at the following:

22 Jun: London Hampton Court Palace
23 Jun: Bristol Colston Hall
24 Jun: Oxford New Theatre
26 Jun: Glastonbury Festival
27 Jun: Liverpool Summer Pops


Good news for, well, long term Suede fan and CMU's Head Of Indie Jane Wright, if no one else. The Tears, the new band of Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler, have confirmed details of their debut album. To be called 'Here Comes The Tears', the NME reports that the long player will hit stores on 2 May, with a single release, 'Refuges', on 18 Apr

Those releases will be promoted via the following gigs:

18 Apr: Cambridge Junction
20 Apr: Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
22 Apr: Portsmouth Pyramid Centre
23 Apr: Liverpool Carling Academy
24 Apr: Newcastle University
23 May: London Shepherds Bush Empire


Now that we're into live news, we promised you some exciting gig news featuring classic artists yesterday, and we never break a promise here at CMU (well, apart from that one "I'll call you straight back"). So here it is - Meatloaf will be touring the UK later this year as part of the Summer Nights Concert Series, which stages big gigs in rather nice stately home settings. Fantastic. The Meatloaf dates as follows, press info from

3 Jul: Harewood House
8 May: Leeds Castle
10 May: Chatsworth
15 May: Blickling Hall
16 May: Warwick Castle


And as if that wasn't exciting enough, Status Quo have also announced a gig as part of the same series. They will play Norfolk's Blicking Hall on 16 Jul. Press info, again, from


We also promised you Will Young tour dates - what were we thinking? Oh well, here they are. He too is playing as part of the Summer Nights Concert Series, dates as follows:

8 Jul: Chatsworth, Derbyshire
10 Jul: Leeds Castle, Kent
15 Jul: Warwick Castle, Warwick
17 Jul: Blickling Hall, Norfolk

Use you initiative on who's doing the press.


Terry Howard, a longtime engineer for Ray Charles, is in police custody over allegations he stole master tapes off the late singer.

According to the LA Times, Howard, who was a co-winner on three of the Grammys Charles won for his 'Genius Loves Company' album, was arrested after over 300 master tapes belonging to Charles were found in Howard's Burbank loft. Police suspect he stole them from Charles while they were working together.

LAPD Detective Donald Hrycyk told reporters: "Ray had the key, and Howard would meet him, and they'd work on stuff, sometimes just them, but Ray couldn't see this guy was walking out with all this stuff. And that would be pretty sad if that was the case." Hrycyk added that an associate of Howard had reported the stash of tapes to the Ray Charles Enterprises company, who had alerted the police.

Commenting on the allegations, Howard's attorney stressed: "These are recordings that he contractually and logically had every right to have in his possession."


More than twenty church ministers are calling on music fans in the Arkansas city of Jonesboro to boycott a Nelly gig because they do not want his "vile and filthy lyrics" in their town. The church men hope that if enough people boycott the gig at Arkansas State University it will be cancelled.

The Reverend Adrian Rodgers of the Fullness of Joy Church told reporters he was concerned about lyrics that included references to drugs, sex and violence, and songs that he feels are demeaning to women. He said: "Jonesboro is a wonderful city because of what does not come here. Tear the tickets up. Do not go and do not allow your children to go."

However Tim Dean, the director of the University venue, told reporters he had sold nearly 5500 tickets for the concert anyway, adding: "It would appear that with ticket sales over 5000, many others have expressed their right to find Nelly's music entertaining and worth spending their time and money on".


Fischerspooner are back - you knew that right? Well, with new album 'Odyssey' out on EMI on 11 Apr, the duo have confirmed that they will have a residency at Ibiza's Manumission club every Monday from 4 Jul to 19 Sep. Shows promoting the new album will feature the usual cabaret style performances and, for the first time, will include live music.


Despite telling reporters before the Brits that he wasn't looking a permanent radio or TV presenting job, Chris Evans is reportedly in talks for a new permanent radio presenting job. Oh yes, and for a new TV presenting job too.

The radio project is particularly interested. According to the Guardian all the major players in UK radio are considering launching a high profile new entertainment show that they will all carry on their local stations. The plan, which will need OfCom approval because it will reduce the amount of local programming participating stations produce, is part of the commercial sector's attempts to take on the BBC who, through the mighty appeal of the likes of Jonathan Ross and Terry Wogan, are in many ways all the commercial company's biggest rival. Evans is the top presenter choice of the people behind the project since his critically acclaimed stint hosting the Radio Aid event earlier this year. The new show would most likely run for three hours and go out on a weekend afternoon.

On the TV front Evans is reportedly in talks with Channel 4 about new programming ideas.


Those previously reported combined CD / DVD discs will properly launch in the UK next month with five releases coordinated by Silverline, the company behind the DualDisc format. The discs will have a normal album on the CD side, with multi-media and surround sound content on the DVD side. All major labels are getting behind the project re-releasing classic albums in the format and putting some cash into the marketing pot. Silverline hope there will be over 100 releases in the format by the end of the year.


Staying with technology type things, SonyBMG has signed up to SnoCap, the new business of the original Napster creator Shawn Fanning. SnoCap is aiming to give P2P networks some legitimacy by adding a system which stops music fans from illegally sharing copyrighted music over the net by recognising tracks that belong to record labels. However P2P users will be able to access those tracks via the P2P network they are familiar with in return for a small fee which will be passed back to the content owner, thus incorporating legitimate download sales into the P2P environment.
With Universal already on board SnoCap will now be keen to get EMI and Warner signed up as soon as possible so that they can say they have the major labels covered.

However, some might argue getting the record labels to sign up was probably always going to be the easiest bit. It remains to be seen if any of the major P2P networks like Grokster or Kazaa adopt the SnoCap system - reducing the attraction of their service to music fans in return for some legitimacy.

Some reckon how the P2P companies take to SnoCap will depend on how successful the entertainments industry is in the upcoming Supreme Court hearing on the MGM v Grokster case and in their attempts to get Congress to clarify the liability P2P companies should accept for the copyright violation they enable. If the courts or politicians go in favour of the record labels and film studios the P2Ps may be forced to adopt the SnoCap system to demonstrate they are acting in good faith to stop the illegal use of their technology.

Of course even if the P2P networks sign up to SnoCap it remains to be seen how music fans used to a free supply of all music via Kazaa et al take to any new restrictions. Especially as there is sure to be new P2P technology being made available by unofficial sources that will offer the full Kazaa style service should the big players go the SnoCap route.


Kelly Osbourne has apologised for calling Natalie Imbruglia a cunt, but adds that that doesn't mean that she likes the Aussie singer. Osbourne told the Sydney Morning Herald: "We have seen each other since then [the time Kelly described Imbruglia that way] and I have apologised for my rude comment. I don't still have to generally think she's the best person in the world but I will behave myself." We now expect Kelly to apologise to all the CMU Daily subscribers who will miss today's edition because their email system won't let emails containing the word 'cunt' through.


Look, will you all just stop spreading these J Lo is pregnant rumours (oh, was it just us?). Anyway, Lopez has told American's Today show that she isn't expecting new husband Mar Anthony's child, joking about the various media reports claiming she was pregnant - "I think I've been pregnant about 17 times."

Meanwhile, Lopez is reportedly producing a new TV show that aims to compete with the OC. Apparently, it will follow a group of young professionals in Miami. So now you know.

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