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- Evening Standard launch Moby album with new promotional platform
- Accuser takes to the stand: Jacko trial update
- 50 Cent and The Game end feud
- Doherty engaged?
- Single Review: The National - Abel
- Hextatic lights and sound show on streets of London tonight
- David Matthews driver admits to sewage drop
- Clear Channel enter joint venture with Chinese group
- Secret Coldplay gigs
- Will Stringer promotion lead to vacancy at top of SonyBMG?
- Big band legend dies
- Live Review: Verra Cruz at The Underworld, Camden
- Angels Britons' funeral favourite
- Mega Universal revenue stats expected
- New Morrissey single
- Album Review: Beck - Guero
- Queen man not impressed with Elton's jibe at the Elton musical



After a short break, legendary rock night Kill All Hippies returns in 2005 with a special music alliance with, fabulous new artwork and two new rooms!! In 2004 Kill All Hippies introduced some of the bands of 2005: Kasabian, The Duke Spirit, The Others, The Rakes, 80's Matchbox B-line Disaster and Little Barrie, to name a few. Watch out again because this year Kill All Hippies will be the nurturing ground for another clutch of fabulous British talent, destined for great things. This month the live line up includes Planet Of Women, Youth Of Britain, Riff Random and Elviss, with DJ sets from residents Eddy Temple Morris, Jeff Automatic and Syrinx, plus the NME DJs. All take place on Friday March 25th at Canvas, York Way, London, N1; 8.30pm - late; tickets £5 (£3 in advance). Full press release at:

Advertise your releases and events to CMU Daily's 6500+ readership - classified ad and online press release package just £50 a year. Email for details, or check:


SAME SIX QUESTIONS: Etienne de Crecy

How did you start out making music for a living?
At first I was a bass player in a school rock band. Then I got a proper job as a sound engineer. I started making music again after discovering techno at a rave party.

What inspired your latest album?
Clubs. I was inspired by all the nights I have spent partying surrounded by a big sound system!!

What process do you go through in creating an album?
I'd like to know of any working process !!! It's always an improvisation.

Which artists influence your work?
The list is too long. Maybe Marcel Duchamp has most influenced all the 20th century artists

What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
"If you listen to my advice you'll lose."

What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
To sell more than the previous one!

The album 'Etienne de Crecy presents Super Discount 2' is out now on PIAS/Different. The single 'Etienne de Crecy presents Super Discount 2 Some Like you' [Fast Track] , featuring Nouvelle Vague's singer Camille, as well as remixes by Benny Benassi and Munk, is out on 11 Apr. Plus there's a Super Discount 2 live show at Sic, Fabric, London on 15 Apr.


Well, we implied yesterday in our story on the evils of cover mount CDs that newspaper promotions involving music don't have to be damaging to artists and their record sales, and we were right.

Today the Evening Standard is launching the new Moby album via its own promotional download platform with a promotion designed to benefit the paper, the record label and, of course, music fans everywhere. Moby has created a special 13 minute mix taking in various tracks from his new album 'Hotel', which is released in the UK on Monday.

The unique mix, which can be downloaded via as an MP3, gives Evening Standard readers a flavour of the new album plus a unique track to add to their digital music collection. Readers need an unlock code published in the Standard's MetroLife magazine to access the mix, hence the promotional value for the paper. If readers like what they hear they can preview full tracks from the album using a special technology called 4Play which allows them to hear each track four times on their PC. They can then buy the album as a CD from or as a download from Moby's own download store. Which all means the label gets a dynamic promotion and sell through platform. Sorted.

Now we should point out that is a channel on the platform - BigTime being a company which specialises in producing and aggregating music and other media rich content. Those who pay attention to these things will remember the CMU team work with BigTime on their music channels - so we might be a bit biased - but we're very into creating platforms that benefit artists, labels, media and music fans alike, so we know what we're talking about. And this is a good one.

BigTime's Ian Spero explains the logic: "We have selected to work with labels and artists who really care about the way music is packaged and presented. I can understand the logic of not wanting to give away tracks from a new album, but it makes little sense for labels to totally ignore the added value a carefully planned and fully integrated media co-promotion can offer. In a rapidly evolving digital marketplace, we see 4Play as a potent tool in the marketing mix. We are delighted to launch this innovative promotion with Moby, one of the world's most consistently innovative artists."

Giving the label's take on the project, Mute marketing director Howard Corner told CMU: "Our brief was to create a piece of music that captured the essence of Hotel - which Moby fans will want to collect and play over again. It will provide Evening Standard readers with a really special track for their music collections, plus give them a flavour of Moby's new album, which they can preview and order via the Standard promotion. The winners of the competition will also have a unique opportunity to see Moby play at a tiny venue. The 4Play concept provides the reader an opportunity to experience the music in an interactive way as opposed to devaluing Moby's music by giving it away for free."

And giving the BPI's take on the project, the industry association's Communications Manager Matt Phillips told us: "With digital distribution, record companies can now promote their artists in increasingly innovative and creative ways. We have already seen the market for legal downloads grow rapidly in the UK, from near zero sales in 2003 to around 9 million in 2004, and we support initiatives that help UK music fans discover new music safely and legally online."

You can check out full details about the promotion in today's MetroLife. Press enquiries to, erm, me -


He may not (unlike his brother) be called Star, and he may not have the celebrity status of all the big names Jacko's defence team are expected to call in the coming months, but surely Gavin Arvizo is the star witness in the Michael Jackson child abuse trial, and it was Arvizo that took to the witness stand yesterday. Former cancer patient Gavin is the teenager who claims that Jacko sexually abused him while he stayed at his Neverland ranch. It was the first time the teenager had come face to face with the singer since he first made the allegations.

In his testimony Gavin described how Jackson, who he said he once considered to be his "best friend" and "the coolest guy in the world", had invited him to stay at his Neverland ranch after the two had met via a programme that introduces children suffering from cancer with their heroes. He claimed that on his second night there Jackson had shown him no less than seven sexually explicit websites using a computer in his bedroom. He then said that Jackson had gone suddenly distant from him for a time, but then suddenly called him up to ask him to take part in the filming of the now legendary Martin Bashir documentary.

Gavin: "[Jackson] was like, "I'm going to put you in the movies and this is your audition'. And he said: 'Tell them you call me daddy and daddy Michael'. He said he wanted me to say that he pretty much cured me of cancer." Asked if this was true, he said: "Not really. He was hardly there during my cancer."

Of course Jacko's defence will try to rubbish Gavin's credibility as a witness, attempting to convince the jury that his testimony has been influenced by his lying, cheating, money grabbing crack whore of a mother (well, they might not go that far in describing Mrs Arvizo, but it's what they want us all to think of her). Jacko's main lawyer Thomas Mesereau proceeded to do just that to Star Arvizo, who was in the witness stand before his older brother. Star told the court that he had actually witnessed Jacko sexually abusing Gavin on three occasions, despite his previous statement that he'd seen such activity twice. On the inconsistency in his testimony he said: "It was actually three times. I was nervous when I did the interview."

Mesereau also questioned Star about the allegations that he and his family were held hostage at the Neverland ranch. He wanted to know how come, if the family felt threatened while at the ranch, they kept going back. He said to Star: "How many times do you think your family escaped from Neverland and then went back so they could escape again?" Star responded: "I don't get the question". I'm not sure I do either - clearly the family are saying the threats only began the last time they stayed there, following the fallout of the Bashir doc.

The trial continues - everyone is awaiting Gavin to give his evidence on the actual allegations of child abuse, which may well come today.

Meanwhile, Jackson's people have requested that the jury be taken to Neverland - his legal people told the court: "Based on the fact that the prosecution will make an issue of the nature of Neverland... it is proper for the jury to be allowed to view Neverland".


Following much concern in the US press over the very public feud between rappers 50 Cent and The Game, a feud which allegedly was the cause of two shootings in New York last week, the two hip hop stars yesterday called a truce. Despite The Game publicly dissing 50 Cent last weekend after he was thrown out of the chart topping rapper's group G:Unit, both of the men were in attendance at a press conference yesterday to hand over money to music projects for New York's deprived areas.

The Game, real name Jayceon Taylor, told the news conference: "I want to apologise. I'm almost ashamed to have participated in the things that went on over the last few weeks."

50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, pointed out their truce was timely, it being the anniversary of the still unsolved murder of Biggie Smalls back in 1997 - killed seemingly as part of the then highly tense feuds in the hip hop community. 50 Cent told reporters: "We're here today to show that people can rise above the most difficult circumstances and together we can put negativity behind us. A lot of people don't want to see it happen, but we're responding to the two most important groups - our family and our fans."

The two rappers handed cheques totalling over $250,000 to the Boys Choir of Harlem. 50 Cent also announced he has launched the G-Unity Foundation "to help people overcome obstacles and make a chance for the better in their lives".

He added: "I realised that if I'm going to be effective at that, I have to overcome some of my own. Game and I need to set an example in the community."


Well, as several readers have pointed out, a real lack of good Pete Doherty gossip of late in the old CMU Daily, so lets rectify that now. The Sun reports that Kate Moss has been wearing an engagement ring sparking rumours that she is back with Mr Doherty and that they are engaged. A source told the paper: "Things between them have got intense again and they have told pals they are back together. Pete called and texted Kate loads after she dumped him. She ignored him at first. But last week she relented and went to his flat."

In related news, Doherty's band Babyshambles have had to pull out of a support set at The Streets' London gig this Friday. They had been due to support Skinner et al, but will not now be able to play, not because Doherty heard Skinner telling reporters there would be less drink and drugs on his upcoming tour (because that would suit Doherty just fine, surely), but because of a sudden bereavement in the family of drummer Adam Ficek.

A statement from the band reads thus: "It is with great regret that we have had to cancel this show. Out of respect for Adam and his family we decided that it would not be the right thing to go ahead with it. We apologise to all our fans and hope they understand the band's decision. We also request that at this extremely difficult time that the privacy of Adam and their family and friends is respected. Our thoughts are with them."


SINGLE REVIEW: The National - Abel (Beggars Banquet)
This critically acclaimed Ohio band have finally made the step up to a bigger label, after two albums on smaller independent Brassland, and offer 'Abel' as a debut single for Beggars before the forthcoming album 'Alligator' is released in Apr. The National are more rock-orientated than most Americana bands, if this release is anything to go by, though they could easily sit alongside the likes of Richmond Fontaine and American Music Club. Lyrically, they are certainly in the same territory; a world of failed relationships, where regret and despair are the most common emotions one feels. The opening lines set the scene so well; "Abel, come on, give me the keys back. Everything has all gone down wrong". It's certainly an epic and convincing dissection of a break-up, and sounds good enough to warrant investigating the impending album. Those looking out for the latest band to emerge from the Americana scene could do worse than give The National a try. KW
Release date: 14 March
Press contact: Beggars IH


CMU favourites Hexstatic will be presenting the latest incarnation of their Master View show around London tonight - free on the streets of the capital. The show will involve lots of lights being projected onto buildings and some loud music booming from a chunky PA. It will be well worth checking out - running times as follows:

Business Design Centre, Upper Street, Islington - 7.30-8pm
NCP Car Park, Brewer Street - 9-10pm
Truman Brewery, Brick Lane - 10.30pm - midnight

Press info from Ninja Tune.


The David Matthews Band 'sewage on a boat' story is at and - thank God - it was getting very tedious. As previously reported, the driver of the DMB's tour bus decided to empty the contents of the onboard toilet as he was crossing a bridge. The contents fell down onto a sight-seer boat below, drenching them all in sewage, lovely. The band weren't on the bus at the time, but still donated over $100,000 to a local river conservation group after the incident grabbed the headlines. Yesterday the driver in question, Stefan Wohl, pleaded guilty to emptying the toilet over the Chicago River, despite previously denying the sewage had come from his bus (he changed his plea after CCTV footage proved him wrong). The courts fined him $10,000, gave him 18 months probation and 150 hour community service. So that's the case closed - well, except that the Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is suing him for $70,000 for the damage to the river the sewage drop caused - though we won't be reporting on that.


Live music giant Clear Channel has announced a fifty year joint venture with Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group, China's state owned cultural agency. The joint venture will see the two companies stage major international entertainment and sports events in China, working to introduce international event and venue management systems in the country as part of that process. The deal should also open up global touring opportunities for Chinese artists.

In return for its investment in China's live sector the new company will have first right of refusal to produce state-sanctioned tours, to promote international events in the country, and to manage venues, logistics, ticketing and commercial partnerships on key events. The company will have its headquarters in Beijing with satellite offices in New York and London.

Commenting on the new venture, Clear Channel Entertainment boss Brian Becker told Billboard that specific projects cannot be announced at this time, but he confirmed that his company will invest in tours and venues in the region "depending on the opportunities". On the deal itself he added that the longevity of his company's relationship with the Beijing body demonstrates "great mutual belief in each other and the opportunities".


Having played an intimated gig in a London rehearsal room for just 40 fans last Friday, Coldplay have revealed they will be playing another intimate gig in a London venue in Jun. The time and location of the gig is a closely guarded secret, though the band have confirmed the set will be recorded for Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show.

It will be the band's first UK gig for ages. On the ideal audience member for that gig, Coldplay's Chris Martin says: "We want some couple on their first date. I want them to have the best time and go home and have their first snog and for it to be the beginning of their romance because the Coldplay gig was so good. We don't want to let those people down.

The band played several new tracks at that mini-gig last week, all from the new album. According to the NME, featured tracks included: 'Square One', 'White Shadows' and 'What If'. Exciting stuff.


As gossipers gossip on what effect the promotion of Howard Stringer to the top job at Sony Corp will have on the group's music division, word has it Stringer will be looking to SonyBMG boss Andrew Lack to take over some of the tasks he performed as the boss of Sony US. Wonderers wonder if that might mean a promotion for Lack and a new top man at the Group's record label. We'll see.


Big band singing legend Kathie Kay, a resident on Billy Cotton's Band Show, has died aged 86. She died in a nursing home in the Scottish seaside town of Largs after many years suffering from Alzheimers.


LIVE REVIEW: Verra Cruz at The Underworld, Camden on 1 Mar
Hearing Verra Cruz live is the musical equivalent of chewing on a ripe adrenaline gland. And it tastes good. The young three-piece from St.Albans smack of Seattle, but this is far from mere grunge recycling. They have fashioned very much their own sound, and that sound is rich and compulsive. Borrowing the best from the vaults of rock'n'roll, singer/lead guitarist Marc James welcomed the crowd with the rally-cry, "let's rock", and paid large-lip service to his forefathers with lyrics like "sometimes I feel like a rolling stone". You cannot help but love the bluesy tom foolery of James' bottle-neck lap steel, which escalates from soulful meandering into solid, uplifting rock. Their short set radiated an intense energy, anchored by robust root-note bass and an unfaltering ensemble tightness, with the occasional guitar solo exploding out of nowhere in a flurry of fuck-you shock and awe. In a small venue, I felt pinned in a pen by a large branding iron. With such sonic substance, this band deserves big venues and big crowds. WE


Just so it's down in writing, at my funeral I want Queen's 'Another One Bites The Dust' as people walk in, and Groove Armada's 'At The River' as they carry the coffin out. And if we have to have a hymn I'll go with hymn 75 from the Come & Praise hymn book they had at school, I never did know what it was called.

I do not, repeat do not, want Robbie Williams' 'Angels'. But, it would seem, I'm in the minority. The Robbie track is apparently the record most Britons say they would like to played at their funeral. Second favourite is slightly more preferable - Frank Sinatra's 'My Way', while the third choice is cool but predictable - Monty Python's 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life'.

In the Europe wide version of the survey, undertaken by digital TV channel Music Choice, Queen's 'The Show Must Go On' was most popular, followed by Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven' and AC/DC's 'Highway to Hell' - which is genius. As for our European brothers, the Italians and Spanish picked Mozart's 'Requiem' and The Beatles' classic 'Let It Be' as favourites, while the Danish, who also rated 'Angels' very highly, also picked U2's 'With Or Without You'.

Commenting on the survey, Music Choice's told reporters: "Music can be very personal, indeed it often helps create a sense of identity. Wanting to share your most treasured musical gem with those you are leaving behind is the perfect way to sign off and leave a lasting impression."


Smiling faces on the top floor at the Universal Music Group with rumours they will report over $1 billion in earnings later this week - they will be the first music group to pass the billion-in-a-year benchmark. Parent company Vivendi, still coming out of that financial meltdown a couple of years back, will be glad they resisted the temptation to sell off their music business.


Morrissey has announced details of a new single - 'Redondo Beach' will be released on 28 Mar, accompanied by 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' and 'Noise Is The Best Revenge'. A DVD single version will include a video of a live performance of 'There's A Light' taken from his new live DVD 'Who Put The M in Manchester', the release of which follows a few days later on 4 Apr.


ALBUM REVIEW: Beck - Guero (Universal/Geffen)
CMU was recently invited to get a sneak preview of Beck's latest album offering, 'Guero', which sees the innovative three-time Grammy winner and five-time MTV Video Music Award winner return to his eclectic roots after the acoustic, melancholy 'Sea Change'. Yep, 'Guero', which is Hispanic slang for "white boy" sees Beck revert to the trademark sounds and influences of his second and arguably best album 'Odelay', which is unsurprising once you learn that he has again teamed up with producers - the Dust Brothers. From the first riff of the foot-stomping opening track and debut single 'E-pro', Beck's approach is energetic, upbeat and confident. 'Girl' similarly provides a seemingly buoyant air but lyrically carries a morose undercurrent while 'Missing' (which was arranged by Beck's father) is almost a Bossa Nova but one of the album's weaker tracks. Beck also dips into rap and break beats in 'Hell Yes and retains the Ry Cooder-esque slide guitar that is recurrent throughout his back catalogue in both 'Farewell Ride' and 'Emergency Exit'. The highlight of the album arrives in the form of 'Go It Alone', which features Jack White on bass. Overall, after three years in hiding, 'Guero' is a welcome return to form from Beck and offers some of his best material to date. GHS
Release date: March 21st 2005
Press contact: Polydor IH [all]


Queen guitarist Brian May has called Elton John a "silly boy" after reports Elton called Queen's hit West End musical We Will Rock You "uncreative" (the script of which was, of course, written by Ben Elton). May told reporters: "Elton is a silly boy really for commenting on a piece of work he's never seen. I know damn well We Will Rock You is one of the best entertainments ever - simply because literally millions of people say so, who have seen it and go back again and again, from all countries of the world. It will soon have broken the record for any show in the Dominion. These things are not achieved without a certain creativity."

May took the opportunity to take a dig at the Billy Elliot musical which Elton has been working on. Observing that "the film didn't do it for me', he said: "I guess if Billy Elliott the Musical is still playing to ecstatic packed houses after three years in the West End, we'll take it seriously."

Just for the record, while we more than anyone love having an excuse to enjoy an evening of Queen songs, 'We Will Rock You' is a bit uncreative by Queen's former standard of creative genius.

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