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In today's CMU Daily:
- Well, at least Leno can joke again: Jacko trial update
- C-Murder denied retrial
- FBI close Notorious BIG case
- Blind Boy Of Alabama dies
- Warner confirm share sale
- African artists play charity gig to fight malaria
- EP Review: Kidda - The Word Booty
- Chart update
- This week's Student Radio Chart
- Commercial radio companies plan more collaborative programmes
- Budweiser offer latest London music programme
- V Fest update
- Beck gig tonight
- What state the student circuit?
- Single Review: Gwen Stefani - If I Was A Rich Girl
- Apple continue fight against secret revealing websites
- Bono not interested in World Bank job
- Motorola reveal more about iTunes phones - but no launch date
- Coldplay release date set
- Bowman wins Celeb Fame Academy
- Tabloid gossip round up



After a short break, legendary rock night Kill All Hippies returns in 2005 with a special music alliance with, fabulous new artwork and two new rooms!! In 2004 Kill All Hippies introduced some of the bands of 2005: Kasabian, The Duke Spirit, The Others, The Rakes, 80's Matchbox B-line Disaster and Little Barrie, to name a few. Watch out again because this year Kill All Hippies will be the nurturing ground for another clutch of fabulous British talent, destined for great things. This month the live line up includes Planet Of Women, Youth Of Britain, Riff Random and Elviss, with DJ sets from residents Eddy Temple Morris, Jeff Automatic and Syrinx, plus the NME DJs. All take place on Friday March 25th at Canvas, York Way, London, N1; 8.30pm - late; tickets £5 (£3 in advance). Full press release at:

Advertise your releases and events to CMU Daily's 6500+ readership - classified ad and online press release package just £50 a year. Email for details, or check:


Another day, another Jacko update. And Jackson's legal team have been trying to pick holes in the testimony of the singer's accuser - Gavin Arvizo. There were various inconsistencies between Gavin's description of how he was molested by Jackson, and the testimony of his brother Star who claimed to have witnessed the incident. However it's not entirely clear if they are talking about the same incidents - Star, after all, said his brother was asleep when he saw Jackson touching him. Chief defence attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr, therefore, focused on what 'help' he had received in putting together his testimony, claiming that Arvizo's allegations only materialised after the boy met one Larry Feldman, the lawyer who represented Jordan Chandler when he first made his allegations about Jacko back in 1993.

Mesereau: "After you met with an attorney you came up with a story that you were masturbated by Michael Jackson".

Arvizo: "No, I never told him about anything".

Mesereau: "Only after you met with Larry Feldman you started talking about inappropriate touching".

Arvizo: "I never told Larry Feldman."

You get the picture. Mesereau then went on to attack comments Gavin had made in which he said Jackson hadn't actually done that much for him when he had cancer. Gavin had previously told the court: "I didn't see him much - he was my best friend in the world and my best friend was trying to avoid me when I had cancer."

Mesereau then ran through a list of things he said Jackson did for the boy while he was suffering from cancer - which included calling the boy three times a week during his treatment, inviting him to Neverland, allowing him and his family to move into the luxury estate, having them fly to Florida and stay at a resort where they received spa treatments, giving him gifts and having him chauffeured in limousines and a Rolls-Royce. Mesereau then asked the teenager if he had stayed at Neverland for free. He responded: "Everybody stays at Neverland for free". To which Mesereau responded "Well, who do you think pays the bills?"

And basically things continued on in that tedious vain until the judge got bored. Mesereau then turned his attention to previously reported lawsuit that Gavin's family brought against JC Penney stores over allegations they were abused by security guards. Again Mesereau wanted to demonstrate that Gavin had been told what to say by lawyers during that court case in order to favour his mother's case. Mesereau's questioning of Gavin is expected to continue today.

Meanwhile, the answer to the question "who do you think pays the Neverland bills?" might soon be "anyone but Jackson" following allegations this weekend that the singer is currently sitting on debts in excess of $300 million. The prosecution want to prove Jackson is experiencing severe financial problems because, they claim, it was fears that a high profile court case might bankrupt the singer that led to his people going to the extreme level of holding the family hostage in a bid to prevent them from going public with their allegations. As previously reported, prosecutors want access to the singer's financial records so that they can pursue that case. Assistant District Attorney Gordon Auchincloss said: "We have more than reason to believe that Michael Jackson is on the precipice of bankruptcy". Needless to say Jacko's defence are resisting those attempts saying the singer's finances are not relevant in the current case.

Judge Rodney Melville is yet to rule on that particular topic - instead urging the defence and prosecution to come to some sort of compromise. Rodney did, however, make a ruling regarding Tonight Show host Jay Leno. Leno is on a list of possible celebrity witnesses that might be called as part of Jacko's defence. Because of the gagging order that currently covers the Jacko case that meant Leno wasn't allowed to comment on the case in public, which proved a bit of a problem when he needed to slot some Jackson gags into his traditional show-opening comedy routine. Telling viewers "I can't tell Jackson gags, but I can still write them", he hired in actor Brad Garrett to deliver the Jacko jokes on his show. However Garrett is no longer required because Melville has given him permission to joke about the court case on his TV show as long as he doesn't discuss the specific areas on which he may testify.

Melville has also denied the defence's request to organise a court outing to Neverland. Jacko's lawyers said that the jury should see the singer's ranch for themselves so they could see the house and estate were not the sinister lair that the prosecution have made it out to be. But Melville has ruled that there will be no days out at Neverland for his court. Perhaps he's heard rumours people are sometimes kept hostage there.

And that's it for now - the case, of course, continues.


More from the pop courts, and rapper C-Murder has been denied a retrial over his murder conviction. As previously reported, C-Murder is currently serving a life sentence for allegedly killing a teenage fan during a brawl at a New Orleans club. However one judge later overruled his conviction after it was revealed some of those who testified against the rapper had been offered deals by police relating to their own charges. But now two appeal court judges have said the original conviction should stand because "there was an abundance of other evidence which fully established Miller's guilt" even if you removed the testimonies of the witnesses who allegedly received deals to testify. All of which is bad news for C-Murder, especially as he is in the process of releasing his new album from behind bars. The rapper's lawyers may, however, appeal that new decision.


And now a story that should involve the pop courts, but alas has not got, and may now never get, that far. The FBI has formally closed its investigation into the murder of the rapper Notorious BIG eight years after he was shot dead in 1997. Investigations into the unsolved murder had rumbled on as the Bureau looked into allegations that a rogue police officer was involved, but it has ruled that there is not enough evidence available to make a prosecution in that area. Although one witness placed the officer in question at the scene of the crime a few hours before the shooting, and investigators said he owned a car matching the description of one seen speeding away from the crime, they say other evidence did not support the theory.

The rapper's mother will now sue the LA Police Department over allegations they covered up the involvement of certain officers in her son's death. That lawsuit, which is seeking unspecified damages, will reach court on 12 Apr.

Of course, the 1997 death of the Notorious BIG, coming so soon after the death of fellow rising rapper Tupac Shakur, was one of hip hop's darkest hours. With both murders still unsolved many will be angry that investigations into one of them have now been closed without conclusion.


A member of CMU's favourite gospel group - The Blind Boys of Alabama - has died in his sleep after complications with diabetes and a heart condition. George Scott was a founder member of the group, which came into being way back in 1939 when the then child singers met at the Alabama Institute for the Negro Blind. Although Scott retired from touring in 2004 he did sing on their new album.

Scott's death leaves two founding members in the group. One of them, Clarence Fountain, told reporters this weekend: "We're grateful to the Lord for letting us have George for as long as we did. He and I grew up together and sang together from little boys to old men. George was a great singer, he could sing any part in a song. We loved him and he was one of the Boys. He lived a life of service and now he's gone on to his reward."


As expected, Warner Music bosses have announced they will sell shares in the major record company, hoping to raise in the region of $750 million. The share sale comes just a year after a consortium of private investors, headed by Edgar Bronfmann Jnr, bought the company off the Time Warner Group. How many shares will be made available and at what price remains to be announced - as does the stock exchange through which the sale will be done (it will be either the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq).

Warner will be hoping that their considerable improvement in financial fortunes in the last year will help make their share sale an attractive proposition - for the first quarter of its current fiscal year they made a $36 million profit, compared to a $1.1bn loss in the same period the previous year. However some argue that that was achieved more through cost cutting than anything else, and the major is yet to prove it is capable of growth under its current management.

After paying its owners and top execs a handsome bonus, Warner is expected to use the rest of the income generated by any share sale to expand its music industry interests - with insiders saying it may look to buy into the artist management sector.


Some 20,000 music fans were in the Senegal capital of Dakar this weekend for a pop concert aiming to raise awareness of just how big a problem malaria is in Africa. Profits from the event will be used to buy mosquito nets in the fight to defeat one of the continent's biggest killers.

Organised by local star Youssou N'Dour, the show is he first major gathering of some of Africa's most popular musicians actually in Africa. N'Dour told reporters that it showed Africans were tackling their own problems.

The event, which featured performances from Baaba Maal, Rokia Traore, Cheb Khaled, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Joey Starr and Seun Kuti, will be broadcast around the world via TV and radio, and will be made available on a DVD.


EP REVIEW: Kidda - The Word Booty (Catskills)
Kidda has the sort of sound that will put you in a good mood. The Word Booty is a collection of uplifting, soulful breaks that combine the sweet melodies of classic soul with solid hip hop beats and the tweeks and quirks of electronica. 'All I Need' is a funky dancefloor-filler, carried along by a simple, jazzy guitar riff and some beautiful, crisp vocals reminiscent of Aretha Franklin. 'Start to Wonder' is built on the sturdy foundations of a soul horn section, yet has an infectious disco whimsy to it. 'Hold Me' has a more chilled-out, sensual, R'n'B mood, shaped around an utterly disarming piano melody. An easy-going, percussive house remix of 'Real Good Thing' completes the EP nicely. Altogether, some shiny, happy, party fun. WE
Release date: 7 Mar
Press contact: Catskills IH [all]


Chart news anyone? McFly are back at the top of the singles chart with their double a-side for Comic Relief. Next up is the latest Elvis release 'Good Luck Charm' at 2 followed at three by the Sunset Strippers' cheesy reworking of Boy Meets Girl's 'Waiting For A Star To Fall' (which is nothing when put next to the up coming Mylo release that samples the same track)! Other new entries in the singles chart run thus: New Order with 'Krafty' at 9, Phantom Planet with the OC theme tune 'California' at 9, Howard Brown at 13, Tyler James at 16, My Chemical Romance at 19, SLK at 22, Ocean Colour Scene at 23, Nine Black Alps at 25, Tweet at 29, Towers Of London at 32 and LNM Project at 38.

Albums wise and whatever you Reading Festival types think, 50 Cent still has it here in the UK, with his new album 'The Massacre' going straight in at number 1. Other new entries in the old album chart include the Kaiser Chiefs at 3, Mario at 8, Idlewild at 9, The Futureheads at 11, Rufus Wainwright at 21, The Pogues at 22, Madeline Peyroux at 32 and Lemar at 34. Sensational.


1. [4] Beck - E-Pro (Universal/Geffen)
2. [1] Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God (B-Unique)
3. [8] Kasabian - Club Foot (BMG/RCA)
4. [2] Futureheads - Hounds Of Love (679)
5. [19] Queens Of The Stone Age - Little Sister (Universal/Polydor)
6. [7] Green Day - Holiday (Warners/Reprise)
7. [12] Phantom Planet - California (SonyBMG/Epic)
8. [6] The Bravery - An Honest Mistake (Universal/Polydor)
9. [3] Doves - Black And White Town (EMI/Heavenly)
10. [9] Basement Jaxx - Oh My Gosh (Beggar/XL)
11. [RE] The Subways - Oh Yeah (Warners)
12. [14] New Order - Krafty (Warner/London)
13. [16] Estelle - Go Gone (V2)
14. [22] Moby - Lift Me Up (EMI/Mute)
15. [RE] The Mars Volta - The Widow (Universal/Island)
16. [15] Jimmy Eat World - Work (Universal/Interscope)
17. [10] Arcade Fire - Neighbourhood (Rough Trade)
18. [NE] The Bees - Chicken Payback (EMI/Virgin)
19. [11] My Chemical Romance - I'm Not OK (I Promise) (Warnre/Reprise)
20. [RE] Stereophonics - Dakota (V2)
21. [25] Jem - They (SonyBMG)
22. [NE] Fischerspooner - Just Let Go (EMI)
23. [17] Gwen Stefani - Rich Girl (Universal/Polydor)
24. [RE] Nine Black Alps - Shot Down (Universal/Island)
25. [30] British Sea Power - It Ended On An Oily Stage (Rough Trade)
26. [NE] Millencolin - Ray (Burning Heart)
27. [NE] Mcfly - All About You (Universal / Island)
28. [NE] Kings Of Leon - King Of Rodeo (SonyBMG/Handmedown)
29. [NE] Tyler James - Foolish (Universal/Island)
30. [13] Willy Mason - Oxygen (EMI/Virgin)


More on the plans by the commercial radio groups to join forces in their bid to take on the BBC's national radio stations. Following those reports last week that the commercial sector are planning a new weekend radio show which would be syndicated over all of its local stations and which, ideally, they would like Chris Evans to front, word is that the project is just one of a number of 'destination shows' the commercial stations are considering collaborating on in a bid to beat BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2.

Paul Brown of the Commercial Radio Companies Association told the Guardian: "Our main competition is the publicly funded BBC which has two national FM popular music services. It would be foolish to deny that we are having negotiations and conversations regarding network ventures. There are certain points in the schedule when the BBC plays its cards very strongly throughout the week and the weekend - and commercial radio must consider playing its cards as strongly. We are looking at a whole variety of shows."


In much the same way as everyone seems to want to own a download platform at the moment, it seems that everyone wants to run a festival too. We know the live music sector is booming at the moment (and everyone at the International Live Music Conference in London this weekend seemed on good form) but we can't help thinking we only a few steps away from saturation point when it comes to big live music events.

Anyway, that's not to undermine the latest edition to London's live music calendar - Budweiser's 'Bud Rising' which, if nothing else, has Supergrass and Delays on the bill, which is really rather exciting. This one is basically a series of gigs taking place between 20 and 30 May (which, by the way, is CMU's seventh birthday so if anyone out there has access to Supergrass or Delays tickets, you know where we live), and actually the whole line up is pretty damn fine. Runs as follows:

20 May: The Others at The Garage
20 May: Benjamin Diamond at Dublin Castle
21 May: Out Hud & Benjamin Diamond at Marquee
24 May: Dizzee Rascal at Electric Ballroom
25 May: Starsailor at Astoria
26 May: Princess Superstar & DJs Not Rockstars at Industry
26 May: The Music at Astoria
26 May: Swayzak & Kaos & Boozoo Bajou at Rhythm Factory
26 May: Delays at Mean Fiddler
27 May: Princess Superstar & DJs Are Not Rockstars at Industrysd
28 May: The Bravery at Astoria
29 May: The Charlatans at Hammersmith Palais
30 May: Supergrass at Koko

More info from, though if you're under 18 you'll have to be able to subtract 18 from 2005.


Now that we're into the festival zone, The Kaiser Chiefs have been added to the bill for the V Festival, joining a line up that already features Oasis, Franz Ferdinand and Scissor Sisters. Tickets for the V Fest went on sale on Friday, and camping tickets for the Chelmsford site sold out on Friday too! Festival Director Bob Angus told reporters: "Tickets have only been on sale for three hours and we've only announced a quarter of the full and final line up. There are still day tickets available for Hylands Park, Chelmsford and both camping and day tickets for Weston Park, Staffordshire, so if fans don't want to be disappointed, they should get their tickets now."


Beck will tonight play a low-key London show at the Carling Islington Academy with tickets being given away by the likes of NME and Xfm. The show is part of the promotion for the release of his rather fine new album 'Guero', which is out next Monday.


As I think we just mentioned, it was the International Live Music Conference in London this weekend, and CMU took part in a debate organised by MusicTank on the state of the student gig circuit.

CMU surveyed numerous people working in students' union entertainments regarding their live music programmes - to see whether the college gig circuit that former Virgin Records President Paul Conroy reminisced of in his key note address at the session still existed, and if not whether it was worth recreating.

CMU's survey found that, while the college gig circuit was nothing like its seventies and eighties heyday, mainly due to increased competition and a changing student demographic, live music on campus is back on the up and, with a little bit of coordination, college venues could still provide artists with a valuable touring circuit.

As it happens, the NUS's commercial division NUS Services is currently working on creating such a network and, while everyone agreed there were many challenges in delivering such a network, there was some real support for such a network to exist.

Anyway, to get the full lowdown you really should go to http://www.cmumusic where you will find the report CMU prepared for the seminar.


SINGLE REVIEW: Gwen Stefani - If I Was a Rich Girl (Universal/Interscope)
Going solo is always difficult for anyone, but I suppose the fact that no one was ever really interested in the other members of No Doubt made it that little bit easier for Ms Stefani. That's no great insult to Gwen, she's probably one of the most iconic popstars of recent years, just a shame her music is a bit hit and miss. 'If I Was a Rich Girl' falls into the latter category. Despite having Dr Dre at the production helm and Eve making a guest appearance, it's not much more than a few misplaced beeps and "na, na, na, na, nas". Disappointing. FC
Release date: 14 Mar
Press contact: Polydor IH [all]


Apple is continuing its legal efforts to stop various websites from revealing confidential information about its future plans, especially in the music space.

A judge in San Francisco has issued a subpoena order against one Mac enthusiast website that Apple accuse of revealing commercial secrets, though it is unclear whether that subpoena will force the people who run the site to reveal the sources of that business sensitive information - most of whom are expected to be Apple insiders. Meanwhile the computer giant is continuing with its lawsuit against ThinkSecret, which has gained a reputation among the IT community as being an informed and generally accurate guide to Apple's future business strategy.

Apple are particularly sensitive about leaks regarding its plans for the iPod - aware that its competitors in the digital music space are eager to discover their future plans as they step up their own efforts to battle Apple's dominance in the market.


The lobbying group co-founded by Bono has kinda stated the obvious in saying that the U2 singer would not be interested in the job of President of the World Bank. Their remarks follow comments made by the US Treasury Secretary John Snow that Bono would not be an "unrealistic" candidate for the job. Jamie Drummond of lobbying group DATA told Reuters: "I can't believe I need to say this, but there are no circumstances in which Bono would be nominated or accept the World Bank job. Bono is flattered to be mentioned for such an important job but DATA does its best work from the outside."


Motorola revealed more about its iTunes-compatible phones at the CeBit mobile phone conference in Germany, although there is still no word on when these will be in the shops. The phone maker revealed upcoming models might hold up to eight hours of music. However deals with the mobile networks and record labels regarding the phones are still being done - hence the delay in any launch of the phones.


Do you think Parlophone were waiting for the release date of another major album to be announced before deciding just when to confirm a date for Coldplay's new album? Ah well, whatever, the EMI label has confirmed that Chris Martin et al's new album will be called X&Y and will be released on 6 Jun, with first single release 'Speed Of Sound' out on 23 May.


It turns out my Mum has been hooked by the latest series of Celeb Fame Academy, which means we could have provided decent coverage of it if we'd wanted to (as previously mentioned, personally I can't watch anything featuring either Patrick Kielty or Edith Bowman, and this had both of them).

Anyway, my Mum tells me that she missed the first bit of Friday night's proceedings, and by the time she tuned in all the men were out of the competition as the aforementioned Bowman competed with EastEnders actress Kim Medcalf for the overall prize. In the end it was Bowman and her rendition of sang Oasis' 'Champagne Supernova' that got the most viewer votes.

The Radio 1 DJ told the show: "I'm utterly gobsmacked. I didn't expect to win. I never came into here wanting to win or expecting to win. I came in here to do my bit for Comic Relief and enjoy the experience as well, which I was quite skeptical about when I first went in."

The show, of course, was part of BBC 1's Red Nose Day programming and all those phone votes helped to contribute £1.3 million into the pot. So well done everyone.


Sunday paper gossip time. The Sunday Mirror reckon Paul McCartney and Heather Mills could be expecting another baby - the papers say friends of the couple say Heather is almost three months pregnant. Meanwhile all the tabloids were reporting that Rod Stewart is to marry his girlfriend, model Penny Lancaster. Quite why every paper felt the need to mention that he's 60 and she's 33 were not sure. And finally on the gossip front the ex-girlfriend of Britney Spears' husband Kevin Federline has said, according to the Sun, that her ex used to go on Vegas gambling sprees and wouldn't wash for days: "He wouldn't shower or brush his teeth at all so he'd stink. He didn't care." Britney's people called the comments "ridiculous".

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