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In today's CMU Daily:
- Lil Kim convicted of perjury
- They ran riot: Jacko trial update
- Absolut skive
- Viacom boss considering splitting empire
- 50 Cent hits back at Samuel L Jackson
- Single Review: British Sea Power - It Ended On An Oily Stage
- Extra Babyshambles gig
- Doherty & Wolfman update
- New Fourtet single
- TMBG best of due
- Chrysalis might demerge to aid radio acquisitions
- The Darkness on the new album
- Live Review: Judas Priest at The Hammersmith Apollo
- BBC announce more job cuts - this time it's programming
- Death In Vegas live soundtracks
- Brian Wilson tour
- Brian Wilson is a genius by the way
- Research shows gamers consume plenty of music
- PSP: great games console but mixed reviews on music playing
- EP Review: Jim Noir - My Patch
- Snow Patrol bassist responds
- Pedantry, holidays and stuff



Carling, the beer behind some of Britain's biggest and best live music events, is presenting another 24 hour music marathon. Following the success of 2004's Carling Live 24 event in London, this year Carling will be bringing an all day all night line up of great live music to both London and Manchester, the former on 30th April, the latter on 28th May. 26 bands and 13 venues will take part in the event, with Embrace, The Zutons, Ian Brown, Babyshambles, The Chemical Brothers, Doves and Kaiser Chiefs among the artists on the bill. For full press information and line up listings check the CMU Press Room - where more media information will appear as it is available:

Advertise your releases and events to CMU Daily's 6500+ readership - classified ad and online press release package just £50 a year. Email for details, or check:



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Milk 'n' 2 Sugars 10th Anniversary at The End
The quality house night Milk 'n' 2 Sugars returns for its 10th anniversary night putting The End's soundsystem to the test with the best in funky and deep house. In the main room is the legendary Tony Humphries doing a four hour set, accompanied by fellow New Yorican (?) Jon Cutler (whose set should be particularly good). In the lounge will be the Dutch masters Hard Soul and Liquid People with Kenny Charles. Should be a good one.

Friday 18 Mar, 10pm - 6am, The End, West Central Street, WC1, £12 (£10, £8),, info from Phuture Trax

CHRIS'S CLUB TIP: Remix Night at Cargo
Well, I can't make it because, as you will discover if you read today's Daily through to the end, I'm going on holiday tomorrow which means I'll be up all night clearing the back log. But for those without a pending night shift, Xfm's monthly night offers Annie, Crazy Penis and The Glimmers and should be something special. Eddy TM is your host as always.

Friday 18 Mar, 8pm - 3am, Cargo, Rivington St, EC2, £10 (£6 b4 9pm), info from Leyline.


Well, run ins with the law kind of come with the territory of being a hip hop star, though most rappers get sent down for getting themselves involved in sinister-yet-undeniably exciting mafia style gang wars - normally involving lots of guns, drugs and cash. Somehow it's less sexy when you get sent down for telling fibs. Even if the fibs were about a city centre shoot out.

Anyway, rapper Lil Kim has been convicted of perjury following those charges that she lied to a grand jury investigation into a shooting that took place outside a New York radio station back in 2001. The 30 year old hip hop star now faces up to five years in jail.

As previously reported, when giving evidence to a grand jury investigating the shooting, the rapper (real name Kimberley Jones) said she did not know who had been involved in the incident. However, two associates of Jones subsequently admitted that they opened fire during the shoot out. The prosecution claimed it was impossible that Jones would not have known that at the time of the shooting and that she had therefore lied to investigators to protect her friends.

Kim's defence tried to distance her from Damion Butler and Suif Jackson, the two former associates who have admitted being involved in the shoot out. Although Butler was her former manager and the Jackson a longtime friend, Kim said she had fallen out with both men before the incident, and that she therefore had no reason to protect them during the grand jury investigation. Rather, the rapper argued, the incident had occurred so quickly, and she had fled the scene with such speed, she never had a chance to see if she knew any of the men involved in the shooting. The fact she was wearing sunglasses at the time, Kim's defence argued, also meant it was unlikely she could have picked out individuals among the chaos that reigned once gunfire began.

However prosecution lawyers rejected Kim's excuses, showing security pictures of Butler opening doors for Lil Kim prior to the shooting, suggesting she was still on good terms with him, and that she knew he was at the scene of the crime. As for the sunglasses, Assistant US Attorney Cathy Seibel told the jury: "You would have to believe they were magic sunglasses that only block out your friends who were shooting people".

Although they cleared her of obstructing the course of justice, which comes with a longer jail sentence, the jury sided with the prosecution over the perjury allegations, leaving the rapper facing a possible five year jail term, which isn't very fun (though on the up side, the guilty ruling got her top billing in the CMU Daily above our daily Jacko round up - silver linings and all that - and as far as I can see being in prison doesn't seem to stop hip hop stars from pursuing their music careers these days).


A former housekeeper at Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch was in the witness stand yesterday as part of a bid by the prosecution in the Jacko child abuse case to show the singer's home as just the kind of place where teenage boys could be molested.

Kiki Fournier told the court that Neverland was a "pleasure island" where children ran riot and often slept in the singer's bedroom. Having worked there periodically between 1991 and 2003, the former housekeeper said teenagers frequently stayed at the ranch, sometimes for several weeks, and that they frequently ran riot once the parents were out of the way: "Neverland became like Pinocchio's pleasure island without the parents. He [Michael Jackson] did let them have a free hand. They could get pretty rambunctious." She added that while guests would each be assigned a bedroom some teenagers preferred to sleep in Jackson's bedroom, some refusing to sleep in their own guest room.

On the allegations that Jackson supplied his teenage guests with alcohol, Fournier said she had seen children at the ranch who appeared to be drunk, but admitted she had never actually seen the singer give alcohol to a minor.

Fournier added that Jackson formed special relationships with some of his teenage guests, confirming that actor Macaulay Culkin was among the nine specific guests who became close to the singer during her time working at the ranch. Talking about Jacko's accuser, Gavin Arvizo, Fournier said the boy and his brother had been polite at first, but that both grew wilder the longer they stayed.

Elsewhere in the proceedings yesterday comedian Fritz Coleman described how he met the Arvizo family at a comedy camp, and how he helped raise money for the struggling family to help pay for Gavin's treatment when he suffered from cancer. Although he described the Arivzo children as "personable, polite and charismatic", he said he wasn't aware Mrs Arvizo had won a large lawsuit against a department store, nor that she had solicited money from several celebrities.

Finally, during the previously reported testimony of a police officer who had been very involved in the case, it was revealed police found a card while raiding Neverland that suggests Gavin Arvizo was not being completely honest when he played down Jackson's role in helping him overcome his cancer. The card is from Gavin and describes Jackson as the "finest grown-up in the world" and thanks him for helping him beat cancer.

The case continues.


If you're looking for something to help you waste time this sunny Friday afternoon, well you could do worse that checking out - the dance music download site from Absolut vodka.

This site has been around for a while now, but seems to have become increasingly popular of late. It offers you the chance to download specially-commissioned new music from high profile producers like Spain's Wally Lopez, Russia's DJ Vadim, Poland's Jacek Sienkiewicz and Germany's Monica Kruse. You can download the tracks to your PC or iPod, or alternatively play with them online using the rather cool soundwave interface.

The site has recently added some new features too - in particular the facility where by you can use your keyboard to create a visual effect to the music, which you can then output as a screensaver. Lovely.

Anyway, waste time away at Press info on the site from Nine On.


Viacom boss Sumner Redstone may have found a way to overcome the difficult task of choosing a successor. There has been much speculation as to whom the 81 year old media mogul would hand over control of the media conglomerate when he eventually stands down - with two senior execs both likely candidates: Tom Freston and Leslie Moonves.

Under Redstone's latest proposal both would win, kind of. Redstone is proposing splitting the group into two - MTV and CBS. The former would be led by Freston and would include all the MTV networks plus Nickelodeon, Showtime Comedy Central, BET, Paramount TV and Pictures and Simon & Schuster. The latter would be led by Moonves and would include CBS, radio group Infinity and the group's outdoor advertising business.

Calling the proposal "dramatic", Redstone told the New York Daily News that he had been considering that concept "for many, many months". The main reason for the split (it's not just about keeping two senior execs happy!) is that Redstone feels the youth focused MTV companies attract different investors than the more conservative CBS. The split might strengthen the perceived value of both among relevant investment communities.

In a statement Redstone told investment types: "It is clear that, despite our success in operating our businesses for maximum return, Viacom's businesses have inherently different growth characteristics and investment attributes that appeal to different types of investors. Furthermore, it has also become clear that this important distinction is likely to continue to limit Viacom's ability to receive full value for its assets and its prospects in the investment community. The extent and detail of explanation makes the Viacom board's exploration of the idea seem pretty real, even if it isn't official...yet."


50 Cent has hit back at Samuel L Jackson after the actor refused to appear alongside the rapper in 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin' because he didn't want to work with "unproven" actors. Jackson is quoted as saying: "These people think they're worthy of you sharing screen time with them but I don't think that. Maybe if 50 Cent does five movies and shows me some talent..."

Fiddy has responded by telling the Mirror: "Saying he wouldn't work with a rapper is like saying he wouldn't work with Will Smith, Queen Latifah or Ice Cube. Basically, he didn't want to play second fiddle. He knew that because of my success, people would come to see the movie because of me - and he couldn't handle that. To be honest, I couldn't see where he would fit into the movie anyway - other than as my grandfather." Ouch.


SINGLE REVIEW: British Sea Power - It Ended On An Oily Stage (Rough Trade)
Following their well-received debut album 'The Decline Of British Sea Power', the Brighton band live up to their early promise with this latest release, the first single from their impressive upcoming album 'Open Season', due out in Apr. The camouflage wearing, foliage loving eccentrics are pretentious but in a good way. Singer Yan sounds like the Psychedelic Furs by way of Bowie, while the angular spacious guitars are influenced by the ubiquitous Joy Division. Yan sings melodramatically about being "elegantly bored" and finding God in a parking lot. I feel sure that one of their biggest fans, Jeremy Vine, will love it and I suspect it will earn them loads more fans too. JW
Release date: 21 Mar
Press contact: Stone Immaculate [CP, RP, NP] Anglo [CR, RR, NR]


Talking of Rough Trade (which we weren't, but British Sea Power are on their roster), those other Rough Trade stars Babyshambles will play an impromptu gig at London's Koko tonight, tickets for their gig at the Rhythm Factory on Sunday all well sold out. According to NME the band will be on stage tonight at 8pm and tickets cost £11. Unless we're unaware of any changes of Pete Doherty's bail conditions, you can assume the whole thing will be over well before curfew time at 10pm.


And talking of Pete Doherty, which we definitely were, the former Libertine is once again collaborating with Wolfman (that Wolfman 'For Lovers' track being the best thing Doherty's ever done in my albeit humble opinion). Pete will appear on the track 'Wolfman', which will b-side with next single 'Ice Cream Guerrilla', which is out on 25 Apr.

According to the NME, the single also includes the sounds of something of a "scuffle" between Wolfman and Doherty. A source told the paper: "Wolfman wrote the track and has been playing it live for the last two years. The lyrics used to go: 'Wolfman you give me the hump man, you come in like a swamp man, I jump when you say jump man'. The day the track was recorded the lyrics were changed to: 'Wolfman you used to be my friend man, you really are the end man, you're fucking up again man'. When Pete heard the new lyrics and realised they were about him - the fight broke out."


FourTet is back - hurrah. Yep, the man known to his mates as Kieran Hebden will return with a new 12" on 12 Apr called 'Smile Around The Face' out on Domino. It will be the first chance to hear the sound of his new album 'Everything Ecstatic', which is due later this year. Well, the first chance unless you can get down to The Spitz on 2 Apr, where he will be playing alongside Steve Reid, Icarus and the Soul Jazz Sound System, but it's already sold out so you'll have to have got tickets already.


No less than 29 songs are expected to appear on a new They Might Be Giants greatest hits album - to be called 'A User's Guide to They Might Be Giants: Melody, Fidelity, Quantity'. The best of will be released in the US by Rhino Records on 3 May. We'll let you know if and when it gets a UK release.


According to the Guardian, the Chrysalis Group is considering a complicated demerger to finance a bid to takeover radio stations owned by the Guardian. We don't know too much though because the Guardian were unable to get a comment from, erm, the Guardian.

Anyway, word is Chrysalis are interested in buying the Guardian Group's Jazz FM, Smooth FM and Real Radio stations and that the company's management are considering demerging their radio business from their other media and music concerns in a bid to sell more shares so they can afford to buy the Guardian's radio assets. Or something like that.

Chrysalis are said to be keen to acquire other radio stations so that they are not too dwarfed by the mega-broadcaster that the Capital GWR merger will create. Other stations they are said to be considering bidding for include SMG's Virgin Radio, and the Century stations which Capital will be forced to sell as part of its aforementioned merger with GWR.


The Darkness are busy working on their much anticipated very longly waited (and presumably "quite difficult") second album - the follow up to 'Permission To Land' - and are drawing inspiration from the fact they are using the same studio that Queen used to record 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

Frontman Justin Hawkins told Xfm: "Studio stuff is going well. It's about the biggest drum sound you'll ever hear on a rock record and that's all there is to it at the moment. We're in the same studio that Queen recorded 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in, so I'm using Freddie's piano and stuff. All of it's sounding very, very good. The songs are strong and we're not gonna rush it, so don't hold your breath. All the drums are done now, some of the piano, and some of the guitars, but obviously my part goes on last. I get the glory run."

Elsewhere in Darkness news, Hawkins is among the rockers to appear, albeit in wax, at a new exhibition called 'Air Guitar Star' at London's Madame Tussauds waxworks.


LIVE REVIEW: Judas Priest at the Hammersmith Apollo on 16 Mar
You can tell it's a special occasion by the child-like excitement in the (h)air in Hammersmith. The initially reluctant though recently acquiescive middle-aged men have dug out their faded Donington Monsters Of Rock/Painkiller tour t-shirts, put on their leathers and let their hair down. The anticipation of seeing one of heavy metal's most legendary bands reformed at the Apollo for the first time in so long is almost too much to contain. Many don't: "breakingthelaw, breakingthelaw", "Pain, pain, pain, killer, killer, killer," and the dulcet "Chan-geeeee-e-eees" can be heard ringing from the pubs that surround the shopping mall. As well as the guys who saw Priest/Maiden back in the Ruskin Arms days are the new wave of disenfranchised metallers: bored of post-hardcore, too old for Slipknot, and for whom indie is just out of the question. Support came from the Scorpions, who, I can honestly say, I had no idea I loved so much. Despite the fact that the lead singer looks less like a Bavarian rock legend, and more like the singer from Right Said Fred: leather trooz, open leopard skin shirt and a Kangol hat on back to front, they were absolutely explosive - every tune a killer. And then the Priest. Having not played in the UK with frontman Rob Halford for too many years, it was a special moment to see Priest songs sung by the original master. Dressed in his now iconic leather dressing gown adorned with more studs than the outskirts of Newmarket, Halford proved he is still the heavy metal god: storming through future anthems from the new album 'Revolutions' as well as classics like 'The Ripper', 'Breaking The Law', 'A Touch Of Evil' and the pounding 'Painkiller'. There's always a sneaking doubt before you watch a band like this: they're as old as my dad - I wonder if they rock as hard? Often the answer is, sadly, no. But the Priest are back with their original front-man and a renewed vigour. All kneel. JG


The BBC governors have approved plans to cull another 1500 jobs at the corporation, which is particularly bad news for those working in the Beeb's news division, which is likely to be most hard hit by the latest redundancies (though other programme-making departments are likely to be affected too). The broadcasting unions have already vowed to fight the cut backs, which come closely after the announcement last week that 1730 non-programming jobs would also go.


Death In Vegas will play a one-off concert at London's Barbican to a backdrop of cult surf films. They will play primarily instrumental soundtracks live to 'Liquid Time', 'The Morning Of The Earth' and 'The Innermost Limits Of Pure Fun'. The show is part of the London venue's 'Day Of Surf'.


Talking of things with a surfing connection, former Beach Boy Brian Wilson will be back in the UK in the early summer for some special 'In Concert' performances. Still riding on the back of the release (at long last) of 'SMiLE' last year, tickets for these events are sure to be much sought after. Dates as follows:

23 Jun: Bristol Colston Hall
12 Jul: Eastbourne Congress Theatre
14 Jul: Brighton Dome
15 Jul: Birmingham Nia Academy
16 Jul: Glasgow Clyde Auditorium


And talking of Brian Wilson, look out for a cool little track from a band called Blaknoisewhitesoul, called 'Pop Genius (Song For Brian Wilson)' which is a great little 'list song' name checking a good number of pop geniuses, including Mr Wilson. U Discs, who are releasing the single, can give media types access to an online version of the track - for details email


Those record labels who have been busy pushing their artists to gaming companies are on to something according to new research which shows that video game fans are also big consumers of music.

Research firm IDC interviewed over 6000 gamers, primarily recruited from the various gaming communities and forums on the web. A large percentage of those interviewed admitted that as well as spending ten hours a week playing games they also listened to a lot of music. Over 50% of those interviewed had CD collections of between 100 and 500 disks.

A number of record labels have already recognised that video game soundtracks, aside from being a licensing revenue stream in themselves, are also excellent ways to promote new music. IDC predict a large growth in this area, especially as next generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles will have more music functionality, allowing gamers to download full copies of tracks they hear while playing games, or even to put together their own soundtracks for their favourite game releases.


One of the big innovations in that domain, of course, is the Sony PlayStation Portable, the new version of which doubles up as an MP3 player. The new multi-use player is doing the media rounds in the US and the general consensus seems to be that it is God-like as a portable games console, but reviews of its music playing capabilities have been more mixed, with some saying that, while the PSP should clean up in the portable games sector, it is unlikely to pose too big a threat to the iPod in the short term.


EP REVIEW: Jim Noir - My Patch (My Dad Recordings)
Jim Noir is an idiosyncratic multi-instrumentalist folkie from inner city Manchester, and this is his second release, the follow-up to his rather good limited edition 'Eanie Meany' EP. The title track is a chirpy number with plinketty-plink guitar and lovely Beach Boys-esque layered harmonies. It has strong backing with the gentle, lo-fi acoustic number 'Computer Song' and the Byrds influenced 'Turn Your Frown Into A Smile'. This charming record is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face! JW
Release date: 21 Mar
Press contact: My Dad Recordings IH -


Former (as of yesterday) Snow Patrol bassist Mark McClelland has told Scottish newspaper the Daily Record of his shock in being abruptly kicked out of the band as they begin work on the follow up to the 'Final Straw', the album that catapulted them into the mainstream after years on the indie fringes.

McClelland: "This is one thing that I thought would never happen. I think Gary [Lightbody] wanted more control and less interference. It's a solo effort now because he'll be the only one really contributing to the band. I didn't see it coming because there was no real indication of these pressures they were talking about. I went down for a meeting to discuss what I thought was about when we were going to start rehearsing and writing for the new album and they just sprung it on me. Gary said to me, 'We're not getting on. I don't feel I can write music with you in the band and you're going to have to go'. It was as simple as that. I wanted an explanation but there was none forthcoming."


Serves us right for bringing up pedantry in yesterday's CMU Daily in reference to our mistake in referring to Shaun Crahan as the drummer in Slipknot - he's their 'percussionist'. Or rather ... well ... one CMU Daily readers says: "If we're getting into pedantry, Shaun Crahan is actually one of Slipknot's percussionists, rather than the sole percussionist as your correction today would suggest. I am very sorry".

Feel free to let us know if that's in any way not 110% accurate. I don't care, I'm going on holiday tomorrow for two weeks which, given that it's my first holiday since 1992 (no, really) is very very exciting. All of which means I'm leaving you in the hands of one of my editorial colleagues for the Easter fortnight - and she loves pedantry I'm sure (well, she prefers it when we spell 'Arvizo' correctly, which is a kind of pedantry). Oh yes, and she loves stories about record labels merging - so now really is the ideal time to merge. I'll expect there to be just one very large major record company by the time I return in April.

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