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In today's CMU Daily:
- Past accuser takes to the stand: Jacko trial update
- Fans report Glasto ticket stresses
- Kate Moss to provide backing vocals on Babyshambles track
- DJ Format tour
- Additions to T bill
- K-rock New York revamp music policy
- Napster team up with C4 to create new TV show
- Live Review: Juliette & The Licks At The Garage
- Virgin and HMV's download platforms due to launch this month
- BBC Asian Network add new music shows to schedule
- Radio 1 launch new dance show
- Reissue For Gene Loves Jezebel
- Edinburgh concerts cancelled over queuing problems
- Japan industry scores court win in P2P battle
- More trouble in the Osbourne camp
- More American Idol controversy
- Alice and Kylie up a tree
- Mel on Jacko - Now



Carling, the beer behind some of Britain's biggest and best live music events, is presenting another 24 hour music marathon. Following the success of 2004's Carling Live 24 event in London, this year Carling will be bringing an all day all night line up of great live music to both London and Manchester, the former on 30th April, the latter on 28th may. 26 bands and 13 venues will take part in the event, with Embrace, The Zutons, Ian Brown, Babyshambles, The Chemical Brothers, Doves and Kaiser Chiefs among the artists on the bill. For full press information check the CMU Press Room - where more media information will appear as it is available:

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More drama in the Santa Maria court house yesterday as 24 year old Jason Francia took to the witness stand to claim that Michael Jackson sexually abused him on three occasions when he was younger. As previously reported, the prosecution are dredging through allegations that Jackson sexually assaulted five boys other than current accuser Gavin Arvizo in a bid to demonstrate that the singer is a serial abuser.

Francia is the son of a maid who used to work for Jackson, and he claims that he was touched by the singer in his 'crotch area' on three separate occasions, once when he was seven and twice when he was ten. Lovely. One of the touching incidents took place as the singer and the boy watched cartoons on TV. Francia says the touching "started as tickling" and "lasted for several minutes". He called the whole ordeal "haunting" and alleges he needed five years of counselling to get over it. Francia, who at one point asked for a break from giving his testimony in order to compose himself, says his family never pressed charges over the touching incidents because they reached an out-of-court settlement with Jackson - five years in therapy, presumably, not coming cheaply.

Elsewhere a former house manager from the Neverland ranch told the court he once saw three boys very drunk after spending time with Jacko in his wine cellar. Jesus Salas told the court: "You could tell they were drinking - the way they were acting, something wasn't normal". The supply of alcohol to teenagers staying at Neverland is important to the prosecution's case, of course, because they claim Jackson seduced Arvizo by feeding him alcohol.

Despite those observations Salas didn't prove that useful a witness for the prosecution because he told the court that the Arvizo family were not held at Neverland against their will during the fallout that followed the screening of the Martin Bashir documentary. That contradicts the Arvizo's claims that they were held hostage by Jackson and his people - allegations that so far have proved to be the strongest bit of the prosecution's case against Jackson. Salas told the court that Gavin's mother was: "at no time... held at Neverland Ranch against her will" and that she had never complained of her children being "taken advantage of at Neverland".

Elsewhere in Jacko news, the singer made a speakerphone call on Sunday night to some 200 fans gathered at an event in Santa Maria aiming to demonstrate their support for their idol. Speaking from the Neverland ranch Jackson told the fans: "You understand I can't be there today. I wish I could. I know you've travelled from around the world and I'm glad you came. I truly believe I have the most wonderful fans in the world. I'm looking forward to being with you very soon. Keep on dancing. I love you all very much."

He couldn't say much on the actual case, of course, given the strict gagging order that still exists on everyone involved in the trial. He did, however, tell his fans: "God and the truth are on our side. We will be victorious." We'll have to take Jacko's word for that. God, alas, was unavailable for comment regarding whose side he's on in the Jackson trial - we did put in several calls but apparently he was in HR meetings all day.


Despite official reports that the sale of Glastonbury tickets went without incident this year, several music fans have contacted the BBC News website with Glastonbury ticket trauma stories. One, Fabio Barreiras, told the website: "I don't understand how it has improved. I was calling constantly as well as logging onto [Glastonbury ticket agent] Aloud for two hours and still had no joy! Why is that?"

Another reader, Claire from Manchester, told the Beeb that she had three PCs online to make a booking, but still failed to work her way through Aloud's online booking system: "Two couldn't get through to the booking page at all and when the third finally did, the 'click to order' page would not load. The phone was also constantly engaged. Not happy at all."

Despite those comments, both Glastonbury man Michael Eavis and bosses of ticket website Aloud have said that this year's ticket sales went very smoothly compared to last year when both web and phone booked services went into meltdown as tickets went on sale. Of course, as we might have said before, when half a million people all try to access the same booking system at the same time in a bid to get their hands on 112,000 tickets there is not a phone or web system in the world that could work perfectly, and even if there was, there would still be 388,000 disappointed people. As one reader, James Quinton from Derby, told the BBC: "It's always going to be a shambles but it was better than last year by far."

Ticket holders this year will need to show photo ID when they arrive on site in a bid to stop people reselling tickets at a profit. Despite that fact, several Glasto tickets appeared on eBay yesterday.


There's been an embarrassing lack of Pete Doherty stories in the CMU Daily recently, for which we can only apologise. To make up for that, here's a quick one. Word has it Doherty's girlfriend Kate Moss will provide backing vocals on a possible future Babyshambles single, the wonderfully radio friendly 'Fuck Forever'. And, according to the Sun, Doherty was so impressed with her singing talents that he now plans to write and record a duet with her, which would be lovely.


With funky new album 'If You Can't Join 'Em... Beat 'Em' out next Monday, DJ Format has announced a UK tour for later this month. He will be joined on stage by MC Abdominal & D-Sisive while support will come from label mates Little Barrie. Dates as follows, press info from Pias IH.

14 Apr: Waterfront, Norwich
17 Apr: Fez Club, Cambridge
20 Apr: Concorde II, Brighton
21 Apr: Mean Fiddler, London
22 Apr: Club Iforbach, Cardiff
23 Apr: Fiddlers, Bristol
24 Apr: The Pheonix, Exeter
25 Apr: Newcastle Uni, Newcastle
26 Apr: Tuesday Club, Sheffield
27 Apr: Academy 2, Birmingham
28 Apr: Warwick Uni, Warwick UK
29 Apr: Rescue Rooms / Stealth, Nottingham
30 Apr: Academy 3, Manchester
1 May: Faversham, Leeds
2 May: Reading Rooms, Dundee
3 May: Venue, Edinburgh
4 May: The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen
5 May: King Tuts, Glasgow
6 May: Crawdaddy, Dublin IR
7 May: Deep Fried Funk @ Nerve Centre, Derry
8 May: Carling Academy, Liverpool


Dizzee Rascal and Interpol are the latest acts to be added to the T In The Park bill. They are to play the King Tut's Tent on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Death In Vegas have also confirmed that they will appear in the Slam Tent on Saturday, whilst Fightstar will play Stage 2, also on Saturday.

T In The Park, which has already sold out of course, takes place at Balado, Kinross from 9-10 Jul, and has already confirmed acts such as The Foo Fighters, The Killers, Kasabian and The Beautiful South.


Word has it that New York's K-Rock radio station - kinda the Xfm of NYC - has revamped its music policy. The change, effective as of yesterday, means an increase in the amount of 'classic rock' that will be played. New rock music, which has accounted for most of K-Rock's output in the last five years, will now make up only 20% of the station's playlist.

However station bosses are keen to stress they will remain one of the most eclectic rock stations on the US airwaves, with a much much bigger playlist than most of their competitors. They have also announced they will launch an online music stream featuring exclusively breaking artists. That's an interesting move that replicates something done by bosses at London's Jazz FM when they announced they were revamping the station into the more mainstream Smooth FM, and perhaps the sign of a new trend in the radio sector - make your main output more mainstream to extend audience reach, but launch on online service to keep those listeners faithful to the original format happy.


Napster has teamed up with Channel 4 to create a TV version of one of the strands on its download website. The new ten minute TV show will be called Napster Live and will feature two live performances from a featured band or artist, with an interview, biog and competition. Each show will air as part of Channel 4's yoof strand T4, with the live recordings subsequently being made available online to Napster subscribers in the UK.

Commenting on the TV show, which has been created for Napster and Channel 4 by CD:UK producer Blaze, Napster UK General Manager Leanne Sharman told reporters: "To extend the Napster experience to television is the logical next step in the UK roll out of the biggest brand in digital music. Channel 4 has a deserved reputation for groundbreaking and forward-looking programming as well as championing live music."

The show's producers aim to feature a mix of breaking and established artists. They will launch with Garbage on 16 Apr, with editions featuring Estelle and The Subways both in the pipeline.


LIVE REVIEW: Juliette & The Licks at The Garage, London on 26 Mar
Corey Feldman: failed. Keanu Reeves: failed more miserably than a Pop Idol solo artist. While actors from Neighbours seem to be clutching at straws with regards to a career: walking the well-trodden path of pop suicide, the Hollywood set know better than to try their hand at music. But whether through fool-hardiness, blind faith or a masochistic ignoring of agents and managers Juliette Lewis is all set to release a record. And it's fucking great. Sure, it isn't Led Zeppelin II, or Electric Ladyland, but it is a solid album of cracking hard and melodic rock songs - co-written with Linda Perry (Pink, Roger Daltrey, Courtney Love, Christina Aguilera). And while there are lots of nice things to say about the band, the songs and the guitar solos (hurray), what makes this band is - unsurprisingly - Juliette. She arrived on stage wearing a collared all-in-one bright red jumpsuit and a Viking helmet. She'd barely got on stage and already she was rocking hard and thrashing around like a great white on an industrial fishing line. She has the kind of star quality that is so magnetic you are nearly unaware of anything but her: smoking, drinking, the band or the sold-out Garage audience going ballistic. While security were a little more edgy, the show was like any other fucking amazing rock band shredding faces in North London: she spoke to the crowd, got sweaty, gimme-fived, introduced the band and finally stage-dived, disappeared out of sight before crowd-surfing back to the relative safety of the stage. And all this before the encore. She ripped through future anthems like 'American Boy', 'Father's Daughter' and '20 Year Old Lover' - her distinctive voice always note perfect. As she's an actor, you wonder how much of her incendiary performance is posed. But only until you realise it's real: you're there, she's there, the band are there, and that sound you can hear is the music they're all making. Real. And Good. Really good. Jack Black (Tenacious D) and Juliette Lewis seem to have found themselves in a club of two: film stars who are equally as good at rocking as they are acting. JG


Talking of digital things, the Virgin Group's download platform Virgin Digital will arrive over here in the UK anytime now. The download service's arrival is designed to follow a revamp of the Virgin Megastore website - the Group's digital division working very much in tandem its high street retail bit. The new service will arrive at about the same time as the HMV download platform, also scheduled to launch this month. No word yet on how the two services will compare, though both will use a Microsoft DRM meaning they will be compatible with more or less all digital music players except, of course, the iPod.


The BBC's digital radio station for the British Asian community - the Asian Network - has launched two new music shows. Radio 1 and 1Xtra presenter Bobby Friction will host a new Asian album chart for the station, while bhangra guru Markie Mark will present Breakdown, a show dedicated to the genre. The new shows are part of the digital station's bid to expand its audience (especially its younger audience) and to respond to comments in a recent report on BBC digital radio that said the Network should be more "editorially ambitious".


Radio 1 will next month launch a new dance music show in which six new DJs will take it in turns to showcase their favourite new tracks. The show, called The Residency, will run for 36 weeks over which time each DJ will appear six times. The six DJs set to appear have been invited to participate by the station's Pete Tong.

Pete told reporters: "I feel proud to be involved in 'The Residency' from start to finish. The plan with the show is to stay fresh and react to what's hot out there. Two were made Radio 1 Residents a year ago and have played at many of our live events, they've now got the chance to shine as broadcasters for the first time. The other DJs are equally promising and will cover genres across both underground and mainstream dance. I look forward to watching them grow over the next 8 months or so."

The new show will launch on 1 May and will replace the Dreem Teem's Soulful Sessions show, which is bowing out of the Radio 1 schedules later this month.


Good news for all those Gene Loves Jezebel fans out there. The Beggars Banquet label have announced that they plan to reissue the band's first three albums, 'Promise' (1983), 'Immigrant' (1984) and 'Discover' (1986), and expand each to include bonus CDs which will include rarities, previously unavailable songs and early eighties BBC sessions.

The three albums have been unavailable on CD for the last few years, and have been changing hands over the internet for as much as $50. Beggars say it will release the first one, 'Promise', on April 25.


A series of concerts in Edinburgh, featuring big name artists like Bob Dylan, Sting and Rod Stewart, have been cancelled amid fears for public safety. The concerts were due to take place at Edinburgh Castle at the heart of the Scottish capital. However Historic Scotland, the organisation which manages the castle, has said an increase in the number of tourists who visit the castle in the summer months means it is no longer able to accommodate the staging and technical kit that is placed on the Castle Esplanade for the concerts because during the day tourism bosses use that part of the Esplanade for queuing visitors.

Historic Scotland's Fiona Docherty told reporters: "When the concerts are on the stage takes up all the space where people normally queue. That is when we have difficulties, because they have to queue down the esplanade where there is traffic coming and going, and down [neighbouring road] Castle Hill, and it causes real concerns for health and safety." Bosses at the heritage organisation were keen to stress they see the decision as a temporary one and hope to find ways to stage concerts at the Castle again in 2006.

The decision has been criticised by the concerts' promoters and by city council bosses who see the cancellations as a big loss for the capital's economy. Barry Wright of Castle Concerts told reporters: "It is desperately disappointing to have to cancel these concerts. They attract 50,000 people in the summer to Edinburgh who enjoy concerts in one of the best venues in the world. Economically, too, this is a loss to the city. We will continue to work with Historic Scotland to make sure we get the concerts back on track for 2006. But it doesn't help missing out a year as it means momentum is lost and it might put off acts from coming to Edinburgh."

Edinburgh City Council's leader Donald Anderson added: "This is devastating news for Edinburgh. These concerts have been one of the highlights of the year for the city. We've been badly let down by Historic Scotland. They were concerned about catering for visitors to the castle and some health-and-safety issues, but suggestions were made to resolve these and with a bit of goodwill and better joint working it could have happened. I don't think there has been a meaningful attempt to do so. We need to ensure that these concerts happen next year, but there was a real opportunity to build up the castle as a world-class concert venue and that's now been lost."


Perhaps the global music industry should ask Sony to handle its campaign against illegal filesharing via its Tokyo HQ, because the Japanese music industry has won a landmark court settlement against a P2P company there, MMO. A Tokyo court has rejected MMO's appeal that it could not be held liable for any copyright violation committed using its P2P software, and awarded the plaintiffs, which included 19 record labels, the Recording Industry Association of Japan and songwriter organisation JASRAC, Yen36.89mn (£183,000) in damages.

It is an important decision because courts in most other countries have not held technology firms who make P2P software liable for the copyright violation they enable, accepting the argument that, providing the software has a legitimate use, then the liability for any illegal activity it enables lies with the user not the software maker. That very issue is currently being debated in the US Supreme Court where film studio MGM are trying to have the makers of the Grokster P2P software held liable for copyright violation. Insiders reckon that American content owners will not be successful in that bid until their had been a chance in US copyright law, and that the technology giants are likely to fight any legislation to that effect fearing that they too might be held liable for copyright theft.

Welcoming the decision made by the Tokyo courts, a spokesman for the RIAJ said that it saw the court victory as just one part of its ongoing fight against online music piracy: "RIAJ will continuously take drastic measures against illegal use of music on the internet that corrupts the "cycle of music creation" and leads to decline of the music culture".

Allen Dixon, general counsel for the International Federation of Phonographic Industries, added: 'This case is important in that it is the first decision world-wide that has found that providing an unauthorised file-sharing service itself constitutes an infringement of record companies' rights to "make available" their recordings on the Internet".


Following yesterday's report that Sharon Osbourne and daughter Aimee had pulled out of The Vagina Monologues, it transpires that the show's producers were not actually given notice of their intention to quit the show, which currently counts Heather Small, Rula Lenska and Jenny Éclair amongst its cast.

Producers Mark Goucher and Sally Greene have said that they did not hear that Sharon and Aimee were quitting until they heard it in the statement released last week which explained that they were returning to LA so that Aimee could receive medical attention for an undisclosed illness. Mr Goucher expressed astonishment that there had been no contact from Sharon, despite his many calls to her LA office.


After that voting fiasco a couple of weeks ago, news of an American Idol controversy of a slightly different kind. Last week The Smoking Gun revealed that one of the finalists on the show, Scott Savol, had accepted a disorderly conduct misdemeanour plea back in 2001. Savol, 28, was charged following an incident in which he threw a phone at his baby's mother, and given a 500 dollar fine, a year's probation and twenty days in the clink.

Savol will remain on the show, despite the fact that one of 2003's contestants, Corey Clark, was kicked out of the competition when it was discovered that he was facing battery charges. Fox have decided not to get rid of Savol as he came clean about the charges.

Producers of the show released a statement which said "Scott Savol was forthcoming to the American Idol producers and the network regarding his misdemeanour. After reviewing the facts, in which the charges were reduced to Disorderly Conduct, we felt that considering Scott's honesty and his remorse, the situation did not warrant his disqualification."

In fact, some might consider a disorderly conduct charge an important qualification for pop idoldom. What the voting public will think remains to be seen.


Alice Cooper has admitted that he is a great big Kylie fan. The star insists that despite his wild image he enjoys the popstrel's family-friendly music.

He said "If a Kylie song comes on with a catchy beat, I'll sit and rock my head to it like anyone else. I think she's great." Sweet.


Apologies to the CMU Daily reader who saw quotes from an Q&A feature he did with Mel C for Now magazine credited to Irish website Breakingnews in yesterday's Daily. In our defence it was the Irish website who published the quotes without the appropriate credit! While said Daily reader says he avoided asking Mel the predictable Spice Girls reunion question, he did find time to ask her about that big story of the moment - the Jacko trial, to which she responded: "I have met Michael Jackson. I have met him. It was a brief handshake at the end of a show but it was a bit upsetting to be honest because he looks incredibly strange close up. I was a big fan of his growing up and what's happening to him now is sad. It looks like the trial is what he will be remembered for".

While we're talking about yesterday's Daily, when we said Channel 4 would be premiering the new Oasis video tomorrow, we meant, erm, tomorrow. Clear? Good.


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