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- Juicy revelations what we need: Jacko trial update
- Warner receive third subpoena from Spitzer
- Cash in for Warner top guard
- Napster announce partnership with Toshiba
- A sign for Cobain
- Single Review: Le Tigre - After Dark
- White Stripes single
- Papercut launch
- MTV confirm launch fate for new online service
- More Killers v Bravery bitching
- Royksopp back with new album
- 1000 entries for Mercury Art & Music Prize
- Glasto ticket agency looking into complaints
- Oasis leading in battle for pre-orders
- Coldplay secret gig
- Sanctuary to manage Fightstar
- Single Review: Etienne De Crecy ft Camille - Someone Like You
- C4 likely to get additional Freeview channel
- Eminem single release
- Elton compares Eminem to Hendrix
- Gaming edging ahead of music in popularity stakes
- J-Lo to be J-Ant



Carling, the beer behind some of Britain's biggest and best live music events, is presenting another 24 hour music marathon. Following the success of 2004's Carling Live 24 event in London, this year Carling will be bringing an all day all night line up of great live music to both London and Manchester, the former on 30th April, the latter on 28th may. 26 bands and 13 venues will take part in the event, with Embrace, The Zutons, Ian Brown, Babyshambles, The Chemical Brothers, Doves and Kaiser Chiefs among the artists on the bill. For full press information check the CMU Press Room - where more media information will appear as it is available:

Advertise your releases and events to CMU Daily's 6500+ readership - classified ad and online press release package just £50 a year. Email for details, or check:



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Koko Saturday at Koko
I've heard a number of good reports of the former Camden Palace since the Mint Group threw all that cash at it, and certainly they've had a nicely varied line up since it reopened as Koko. This week KOKO Saturday sees the mighty Gilles Peterson, host of Radio One's Worldwide show of course, presenting a Heavy Hitters Vol 2 night, with a live PA from Eska, a set from MC Dynamite(-e), and shenanigans courtesy of those broken beaters - Bugz In The Attic. Resident GP (still worth checking) will be on the decks, as will his sidekick Benji B and DJ's Perry & Seymour, and MC Earl Zinger (a bit hit and miss, but his 'Escape From Ibiza' single did make me smile, well, a little). All in all, should be good busy night.
Saturday 9 Apr, Koko, 1A Camden High Street, London NW1 7JE, 10pm-4am, £10, info


Well, after a pretty dull week in the Jacko trial, yesterday there were some decent juicy revelations to keep the gossip hungry crowds satisfied - and about time too.

Those juicy revelations, however, centred on the Jordy Chandler case from back in 1993 rather than the current allegations being made by Gavin Arvizo. As you will remember, the prosecution have been given permission to drag up past child abuse allegations that have been made against Jackson as part of their bid to portray the singer as a serial child abuser. The Chandler case, of course, was the first time major child abuse allegations were made against Jackson, but the claims were never tested in either the civil or criminal courts because the Chandler family reached an out of court settlement with Jacko and committed to not testify in court.

Yesterday's court proceedings centred on the evidence of one Ralph Chacon, a security guard at Neverland back in the early nineties, who claims he saw Jackson misbehaving with a then 13 year old Jordan Chandler. Chacon said he once saw Jackson and Chandler in a whirlpool bath. They then headed to the shower together. Because they had been in the bathroom for sometime Chacon took a peek through an open window to see what was happening. It was then, he alleges, that he saw Jackson first caressing the boy's hair, then kissing his body, before moving down and kissing the boy's penis. On another occasion he claims he saw Jackson kiss Jordy passionately on the lips and touch his groin.

He told the court room: "I was thinking: 'What's going on in there? Grown man in the shower with a boy... it wasn't right ... I saw Mr Jackson caressing the boy's hair. Then he moved down and started kissing him." When he claimed that Jackson had kissed the boys genitals prosecutor Tom Sneddon asked "Did you actually see that happen?", to which Chacon replied: "Yes". Asked why he didn't report the incident at the time - he first told police what he saw when put under oath during a 1994 police investigation - he said that prior to that he didn't think police would believe him if he told them his allegations.

Needless to say, Jackson's lawyer, Thomas Mesereau, set about questioning Chacon's credibility as a witness. He argued Chacon had an axe to grind after being sacked from Neverland. He sued Jackson for wrongful dismissal when he lost his job in 1994. Jackson, Mesereau said, successfully countersued, and Chacon was ordered to pay more than $1m in legal costs and damages, as well as $25,000 for stolen property. The case continues.

Elsewhere in Jacko trial news, officials have been told that jurors were overheard during a break laughing about some of the evidence given that day, mocking the witnesses who have been testifying. Sky News' Robert Cole claims he walked past an area where jurors were taking a break and heard one of them mimicking someone crying while others laughed. The joking followed the tearful testimony of Jason Francia, who claimed he needed five years of therapy after Jackson molested him on three separate occasions.

Cole said: "All I heard was, 'He was like uh-huh-huh (imitating a crying sound)' and then I heard laughter. It sounded like they had just heard this kid crying and they were kind of laughing at what had happened, mimicking him". The Sky reporter discussed the jurors' comments with former Santa Barbara sheriff Jim Thomas, who is an analyst for NBC News and a close friend of the aforementioned prosecutor on the case, District Attorney Tom Sneddon. Thomas then told a media manager at the court so that the incident could be reported to the court administrator Darrel Parker because jurors are not meant to discuss the case with each other until all the evidence has been delivered and they move into the jury room. However Parker said he did not feel the need to look into the matter, telling reporters: "It is an unsubstantiated rumour and there is no investigation".

It is most likely that it was what Cole heard that led to the previously reported rumour that a juror had been overheard sarcastically mimicking a witness in the case by saying "Oh boohoo, Michael Jackson tickled me." However Cole stresses: "I didn't hear any names or anything - so I don't know [for sure] if they were talking about him or not."


Warner Music has received another subpoena from New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer as part of his ongoing investigation into alleged payola in the music industry. Spitzer has already subpoenaed documents from most of the major music and radio companies as he looks into allegations that some in the former have been paying the latter in order to guarantee radio play for their artists - US media law bans radio stations from selling airtime that isn't obviously advertising.

Both the music and radio industry are keen to position any incidents of payola as isolated cases initiated by individual middle management employees and not high level strategy makers. But, while payola is certainly not as widespread as it was back in the seventies, many at the top of the big music companies still await Spitzer's final report with interest.

However the fact that documentation has now been subpoenaed from Warner Music on three occasions - the latest subpoena follows similar moves by Spitzer last Sep and Nov - is more interesting in light of the major label's pending flotation. No one is suggesting that Warner is likely to get any particular criticism in Spitzer's final support, but some industry insiders are wondering whether the fact there is a potential music business scandal in the making will deter possible investors from ploughing their money into the industry just at the moment. If so, Warner Music, as the label most in need of a favourable image in the investment world at the moment, might suffer more than most.


The fact that Warner had received a third subpoena from Spitzer came to light in the latest filing the major has made to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Also in that document was confirmation that the music company plans to distribute a $141.5 million cash dividend to top Warner Music executives before the upcoming flotation takes place. An additional $73 million "management termination fee" will be paid to Music Capital Partners, the company owned by Warner Music boss Edgar Bronfmann Jnr. Of the $581 expected to be raised from the flotation, most will be used to repay debt, including the debts the major's current investors incurred when they bought the music company off Time Warner. Warner bosses also confirmed that when they float they plan to list their stock on the New York Stock Exchange.


Napster UK have announced another strategic alliance. The new partnership is with Toshiba, who will preload a bit of software on several of their laptop models, giving consumers a free 30 day trial of their subscription service. Bigging up the new partnership, Toshiba's Head Of Product Marketing told reporters: "We chose to bundle Napster on the new Satellite and Qosmio systems because it is the most innovative and advanced digital music service in the world and it also works seamlessly with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition." Lovely.


Kurt Cobain is to be honoured by a sign in his home town of Aberdeen (not that Aberdeen, the Aberdeen in Washington State).

This follows the creation last year of a memorial committee who began by petitioning for a park or youth centre to be set up in memory of the Nirvana vocalist but evetually settled for the sign, to be placed under the town's 'Welcome to Aberdeen' notice, and bearing the legend 'Come As You Are.'

The words are a reference, of course, to the so named track on the 'Nevermind' album. A committee chairman said the song title was chosen for the dual meaning of its words, adding "Nirvana fans will understand the significance, yet it's vague and appropriate enough that the meaning is applicable to everyone."

Cobain's grandfather thinks that it's about time a memorial went up. "I think it's a good idea and it's about time" said Leland Cobain. "I drive by there every day and look for it. I have been waiting for it to go up."


SINGLE REVIEW: Le Tigre - After Dark (Universal / Island)
Music and politics rarely work well together. Le Tigre's founder Kathleen was previously in riot grrrl band Bikini Kill but although noted for their politics the band remained underground. So Le Tigre always seemed like a project very much intending to take sexual politics to the mainstream. 'After Dark', the second single from their third album 'This Island' is an exhilarating blend of electro rhythms and punk attitudes. Hanna's vocals recall Debbie Harry, and like Blondie, Le Tigre have an irresistible pop sensibility and new wave cool. Radical feminism has rarely seemed so fun or sexy. JW
Release date: 4 Apr
Press contact: Wild [CP, CR], Island IH [RP, RR, NR, NP]


The first White Stripes single to be released from that so far untitled new album is a track called 'Blue Orchid.' The news was posted then removed, from the band's UK record label website on Wednesday night. The release date is unconfirmed but it's thought it will precede the Stripes' appearance at Glastonbury in June.


Independent Manchester based Papercut magazine ("a self financed independent free spirited publication which harnesses the talents of Manchester's finest artists, writers and musicians") will celebrate the launch of their next issue with a gig night at Big Hands on Manchester's Oxford Road on 20 Apr. The five band line up includes No Hope In New Jersey, The Conversation, Finka, Ed Cottam & The Everythings and special guests The Greats. More info on Papercut at Press info from Northern Lights Music.


MTV Networks have confirmed that their new US based online video-on-demand service, Overdrive, will launch on 25 Apr offering a range of artist interviews, music videos, live performances, news updates, movie trailers plus segments from MTV and MTV2 programmes.

Commenting on the new service MTV Networks Group President Van Toffler told reporters: "Like our audience, we are always evolving, finding new ways to create compelling content for breakthrough technologies, and Overdrive is a powerful new platform that allows users to have more control over the way they experience MTV. Combining short-form linear viewing with an on-demand experience, Overdrive is a great example of our ability to provide viewers with personalized versions of MTV programming that is available whenever they want it."

The company's Senior VP of Digital Music and Media, Jason Hirschhorn, added: "With an incredibly high percentage of young people using broadband, it seemed essential to create a new hybrid screen with its own content to complement MTV, MTV2, and *MTV."

As previously reported, the new service will see MTV compete with the likes of Yahoo, MSN and AOL who have all be developing their own music based video on demand services. Needless to say MTV will be hoping to gain some dominance in the space by cross promoting their service via their TV channels, and making highlights of their existing shows available online. Meanwhile, the new online service is expected to be used to promote MTV's download platform when it launches later this year.


The Bravery's frontman Sam Endicott has hit back at Killers vocalist Brandon Flowers, following the incendiary comments he made in an interview with MTV at the end of last month. Flowers accused The Bravery of jumping on the bandwagon and that they are a pale imitation of The Killers.

Endicott, speaking on San Francisco's Live 105 said of Flowers: "I feel bad talking bad about him because it's like hitting a girl. It's like picking on a kid in a wheelchair because he has no personality and no sense of humour at all. So what can you say to that?"

He also had a bash at Killers bassist Mark Stoermer, saying "There's the one guy who's like nine feet tall. He looks like a little Dutch girl with a beard, but like a nine-foot-tall Dutch girl like a mutant radioactive."

The bitch fighting bands are in fact label mates in the US. One might think that someone could step in and confiscate the handbags. Except that someone is probably too busy counting the column inches.


Royksopp are returning with a new album this summer. The Norwegian duo will release long player 'The Understanding' on Wall Of Sound on 27 Jun, preceded by a single release, 'Only This Moment' on 13 Jun. They will also be playing a series of yet to be announced live dates.

Commenting on the new album, Royksopp told CMU: "I can tell you that this is definitely a sound which for us is more looking towards the future, than being as reminiscent of the past as our last album was. We always feel we have to move on and venture into things we really haven't done before. Even though the last one was called Melody AM, this one is even more about melody."

The full tracklisting for the album is as follows:
Only This Moment
49 Percent
Follow My Ruin
Beautiful Day
What Else Is There?
Circuit Breaker
Alpha Male
Someone Like You
Dead To The World


Organisers of the 2005 Nationwide Mercury Prize 'Art & Music' competition have received over 1000 entries with submissions from over 100 art colleges and universities. As previously reported, the Art & Music programme was set up to highlight the link between art and music. Young artists were encouraged to create a music inspired piece of art, with the chance of winning £5000 and seeing their design on the cover of the 2005 Nationwide Mercury Prize album, which will be released late this year. The entries will now be judged, with the winner and three highly commended works announced on 9 May. There will then be a display of the winners and 50 odd runners up at The Air Gallery in London from Tuesday 10 May until Friday 20 May.

Commenting on the competition, Dan Ford from the Nationwide Mercury Prize told CMU: "We're really pleased that the competition has generated such a positive response from students in its first year and that the standard of entries has been so high. The Nationwide Mercury Prize celebrates the diversity and creativity of British music. 'Art & Music' sits naturally alongside it as an event that recognises the talent coming out of our art colleges."


The company who coordinates the sale of Glastonbury tickets says it is looking into a handful of incidents where music fans seem to have lost their passes to the event because of a "payment obtainment problem". A number of fans have posted messages on the BBC News website saying they successfully bought tickets to Glasto when they went on sale last weekend, but that they were then later told their tickets had been cancelled because of problems "obtaining payment". Some of those affected by this kind of problem said they felt even more aggrieved because everyone involved in selling the tickets were so vocal about what a big success the whole thing had been.

Nick Blackburn, the MD of SeeTickets, who oversee the Glastonbury ticket sale, has told Music Week that he is aware of isolated problems and that his company are dealing with them on a case by case basis. Blackburn: "It is possible that this is a mistake which lies more with the credit card companies. Until we check the queries on a customer by customer basis, we won't know the facts," he added.

Both SeeTickets and Glastonbury organisers urged anyone who has experienced these kind of problems to contact their ticket inquiry line, which is apparently advertised on their websites.


CMU fondly remembers the days when it was all about the battle between Oasis and Blur. But now Oasis are slugging it out against Coldplay for poll position at top of the Amazon chart, even though their albums are not yet released.

Oasis album 'Don't Believe The Truth' and Coldplay LP 'X+Y' are both available to pre-order now at prior to respective releases in May and June, and the online retailer has reported that since they became available three weeks ago they have both shot right to the top of the Amazon hot 100 pre-order chart.

Oasis are currently number one, but that may change. Amazon's Helen Marquis told CMU "Although Oasis seem to be currently beating the competition, with two months to go before release I would say to Coldplay fans Don't Panic. There's plenty time to order the album so Don't Look Back in Anger just yet!" Wacka Wacka.


Given that we're in pre-election period, we here at CMU need to maintain an unbiased stance, so following on from a positive Oasis story, we need to do a Coldplay big up. Christ Martin et al were on top form this week when they played a secret gig in Europe. The band are road testing the new album with a series of low-key dates and appeared on Wednesday in Amsterdam, premiering some songs from new album 'X&Y'.

It also transpires that the album's artwork resembles 1990s computer game 'Tetris', which can only be a good thing. Hurrah.


Sanctuary Artist Management have announced the addition of Fightstar to their roster of management clients.

"We're really happy to be part of the Sanctuary family and stand alongside everyone from Funeral For A Friend and yourcodenameis:milo to Iron Maiden & Guns N' Roses. Now we're looking forward to making the music we love, recording a great debut album and touring everywhere this year," guitarist and vocalist Alex Westaway told CMU.

Charlie Simpson, former Busted eyebrow supremo, added "Fightstar has been something we've been doing in our spare time for quite a while now and it's great to finally be able to devote 100% of our time to it with the backing of a manager like Craig (Jennings) and Sanctuary who understand what we want to achieve and how to achieve it."

The group are also going on tour again, dates as follow:

25 May - Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
26 May - Norwich, Waterfront
27 May - Portsmouth, Pyramids
28 May - Truro, Hall For Cornwall (Springloaded Festival)
30 May - Newcastle, Quayside (Evolution Festival)
31 May - Glasgow, QMU
1 Jun - Sheffield, Leadmill
3 Jun - Liverpool, Academy
4 Jun - Manchester, Academy 2
5 Jun - Cardiff, University
7 Jun - London, Electric Ballroom


SINGLE REVIEW: Etienne De Crecy ft Camille - Someone Like You (PIAS)
Taken from the much-lauded long player, Super Discount 2, 'Someone Like You' is another blistering example of De Crecy's extraordinary talents with electronic music. Upon learning that this track actually bounds along at a startling 140bpm, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it was something to be truly fearful of, but trust me, you'd be wrong! In reality, the track just wouldn't be the charming, outstanding little gem that it is if it didn't happily skip along in this refreshingly fast paced manner, proving that you can't judge dance music solely on its tempo - just because it's above a 100bpm doesn't imply it's only for pill-heads and the Dutch. The vocal, supplied by Nouvelle Vague vocalist Camille, beautifully slices through the boisterous electronic bass with a razor-sharp sassy voice and alluring punky chic. And the combination of bouncy live bass as well as all those synthetic delights, ensures a satisfying balance that keeps the dangers of cold, sterile electro firmly at bay. Backed by much more main-room interpretation by Benny Benassi - keeping all the best elements but amplifying them 10 fold, as well as a quirky unpredictable little affair from Munk, this release is definitely one of my personal favourites and De Crecy further proving how original and fun dance music can still be. OG
Release date: 11th April
Press contact: PIAS IH [all]


I don't think I realised that Crown Castle had two Freeview channels to give away (well, sell for vast sums of money), but perhaps I did, I don't know. Anyway, following the news that ITV had successfully bid for another channel on the Freeview terrestrial digital TV network, news today that Channel 4 is also likely to receive new channel space from Crown Castle, one of the companies who run the Freeview network. If true C4 might use that new channel space to extend the reach of its new factual digital station More 4, or as an output for its existing entertainment channel E4, or for a new gaming channel it has been developing with a German broadcaster, or for a new movie channel that the company is reportedly developing in partnership with the BBC.


Eminem will release a new single, 'Mockingbird', next month, the fourth track to be released from the 'Encore' album, following two official releases and the targeted leak of that protest track 'Mosh'.

The rapper said: "'Mockingbird' is for (daughter) Hailie and (niece) Alaina. It explained a lot of what was happening to them and is probably the most emotional song I ever wrote."


And elsewhere in Eminem news, Elton John has said that the artist is on a par with Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger.

His comments appeared in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, which ran a second 'Immortals' edition featuring a further 50 music greats with appreciations written by their fellow artists. The original top 50 Immortals was published in 2004, with The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley topping the list. Other contributors to the new list included Dave Matthews writing on Radiohead, Beck on Hank Williams, David Bowie on Nine Inch Nails and Mos Def on Miles Davis.

On Eminem Elton writes that he got goose bumps when he first rehearsed with him for their 2001 Grammy duet. "From the start, I've always admired Eminem's thinking," he says "That's the reason I wanted to appear on the Grammys with him when I was asked, despite all the nonsense talked about his being homophobic. Let the Boy Georges and the George Michaels of the world get up in a twist about it if they don't have the intelligence to see his intelligence."


Good news for, well, none of you. Unless any of you are working for games publishers. A new survey by US survey people Nielsen Soundscan suggests gaming is taking over music in terms of popularity and monthly spend among male consumers. Only DVDs proved more popular than video games in the survey into male consumers' entertainment choices. Which all means more labels and artists vying to have their music incorporated into video game soundtracks. It might also give the new PlayStation Portable a bit of power in the music space (it being a combined games console and MP3 player). So, actually, good news for senior Sony execs then.


According to The Sun, Jennifer Lopez has decided that henceforth she would prefer to be known as 'Jennifer Anthony'. The singer, who married husband Marc Anthony last summer, has allegedly decided that the time is right to take her husband's name. A source said: "Marc never liked the whole J-Lo thing. He thought it wasn't very classy."

Whether she can successfully shake off the J-Lo tag, or indeed, hang on to the name Anthony, given the success of previous marriages, remains to be seen. Presumably if the J-Ant name does take off, and then Jennifer and Marc do split up, we'll have to start calling her Jo-Dec

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