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In today's CMU Daily:
- Bizarre days: Jacko trial update
- Pixies added to CMJ/Rock Hall line up
- Single Review: Butterfly/Wizard - DJ Marky And XRS
- Kaiser Chiefs and Cribs join forces
- Universal go digital in China through alliance with Shanda
- More Apple dominance
- Real planning big announcement
- UBC to bring downloading to your radio
- Keane play Eden
- More Freeview channels up for grabs
- Single Review: Kings Of Leon - King Of The Rodeo
- Reggae star Delgado dies
- P Diddy takes bad boy to Warners
- Woolies under pressure after Apax withdraw takeover deal
- D'Angelo on DUI charge.
- Hell Is For Heroes cancel tour dates
- Album Review: Do Me Bad Things - Yes!
- Edwyn Collins suffers setback
- Remix MIA
- Glasto Left Field announces line up
- Britney's publicist spits chips
- Blue tour back on
- Thorton breaks ribs in stair fall



Carling, the beer behind some of Britain's biggest and best live music events, is presenting another 24 hour music marathon. Following the success of 2004's Carling Live 24 event in London, this year Carling will be bringing an all day all night line up of great live music to both London and Manchester, the former on 30th April, the latter on 28th may. 26 bands and 13 venues will take part in the event, with Embrace, The Zutons, Ian Brown, Babyshambles, The Chemical Brothers, Doves and Kaiser Chiefs among the artists on the bill. For full press information check the CMU Press Room - where more media information will appear as it is available:

Advertise your releases and events to CMU Daily's 6500+ readership - classified ad and online press release package just £50 a year. Email for details, or check:



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: MindFluid at Sosho
I really like Sosho, possibly the jewel in the crown of the Match Bar Group. It's an intimate venue, not overly trendy, and with a workable dancefloor. And if you're yet to check it out, you should pick a night when resident Kev Beadle is on the decks playing his unique mix of global grooves, nu-jazz and future boogie. Fortuitously Mr Beadle is on the decks tomorrow night, hence the venue's Club Tip status this week. Well, actually, it gets the Club Tip status this week because I'll be there celebrating me birthday, but it deserves a mention in its own right. See you there?

Saturday 16 Apr, Sosho, 2 Tabernacle Street, London EC2A 4LU, 7pm-3am, free before 9, £5 after, more info at

CHRIS' CLUB TIP: Remix Night at Cargo
Predictable of me I know, but the Apr edition of Xfm's Remix Night is going to be particularly special. It's a very breaksy affair with a completely live set from Atomic Hooligan to celebrate the launch of their debut album, followed by a DJ set from Glen Nicholls (aka Future Funk Squad) featuring MC Mojo. Keeping the bootleg count up will be IDC, demonstrating those DJ skills that have been wowing the crowds at Barcelona's massive Razzmatazz venue (and no doubt spinning his new single 'Payola' - release details when we get them). Eddy TM will, of course, be on the decks too (for a preview of the remixes getting Mr TM most excited at the moment, check out his thirty minute mix on Xfm's Weekender show this evening sometime between 6 and 9pm). It's gonna be good.

Friday 15 Apr, Cargo, Rivington Street, London, EC2, 8pm - 3am, £6 before 9pm, £10 after, info at


Back to court, and yesterday the Michael Jackson trial centred on the allegations that the Arvizo family were held hostage by Jacko's people as Janet Arvizo, the mother of Jacko's accuser Gavin, took to the witness stand for a second day.

She told the court about a bizarre few weeks between 21 Feb and 10 Mar 2003, following the screening of Martin Bashir's famous shock doc, in which Jackson associates shuttled her around the country, making her a virtual prisoner and warning her that "killers" were after her. Jackson's henchmen, she claims, dictated all of her activities, monitored her calls and posted themselves outside her home or hotel room. The Arvizo family were kept in line by threats made by Jacko's people towards her and her boyfriend. Asked why she never called the police during this time, especially once she began to fear Jacko's people were preparing to take her family out of the US, she said that at the time she kept thinking: "Who could possibly believe this?" She did, she claims, try to drop clues into various phone calls she made once the family were taken to Neverland, though she was constantly aware that her phone calls were being monitored.

Janet Arvizo is yet to really mention the sex abuse allegations made against Jacko by her son Gavin, though said abuse is meant to have taken place during the same period while the Arvizo family were being kept at Neverland. She did, however, talk about the video she and her sons made in which she denied any allegations of wrong doing on Jacko's part, and praised his relationship with her sons. Mrs Arvizo claims she was forced to make the video and was given a script which basically told her to say: "That he's a wonderful father. Basically, in summary, that he's a wonderful father ... to my children." Ask by prosecution lawyers if she believes the things she said on the video Arvizo said: "I was confused, I was sad, so basically I was acting".

Mrs Arvizo is yet to face the wrath of Jacko's defence lawyer Thomas Mesereau who, of course, is keen to portray her as a manipulative money-grabber who has abused celebrity connections made when her son was suffering from cancer, for financial gain. That bit of the proceedings could prove to be very interesting.

Elsewhere in Jacko news, word has it the singer is being advised to sell his 50% stake in music publishing giant Sony/ATV Music. Selling his stake in the firm, which owns, among other things, the Beatles catalogue, would enable the singer to pay off mounting loans with the Bank of America and give him over $10 million in cash flow - which could prove useful should rumours about Jackson's finances be true. That said, Fox News showbiz columnist Roger Friedman says Jackson is unlikely to follow the advice, quoting one source as saying that the singer will try to hold on to the publishing firm until financial circumstances force him to sell. Friedman quotes a "longtime friend" of Jackson's as saying: "Michael doesn't want people to think he lost the Beatles. He wants his fans to think it was stolen from him. He has to be the victim."


Pixies, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, The Futureheads and The Misfits are some of the latest acts scheduled to perform as part of the inaugural CMJ/Rock Hall Music Fest in Ohio.

The event will be held in Cleveland from 9 - 11 Jun and will play host to thirty bands as well as coordinating other events including discussions with hip-hopster Grandmaster Flash and Sire Records co-founder Seymour Stein. There will also be an exhibit of modern rock show posters and the finals of the Guitar Player "Guitar Heroes" competition.

For info and, should you be in Ohio, ticket bookings check:


SINGLE REVIEW: Butterfly/Wizard - DJ Marky and XRS (Innerground)
I could have sworn one of these cuts was on their very good debut album from last year, but no, I was wrong. The Brazilian D&B-headz assault us with some funky flavas on this interesting 12". 'Wizard' has some deep, but not-too-killer sub bass, and rolls along very well, with some vocal cheers thrown in for good measure. It's not brilliant, but is engineered well. The flip is 'Butterfly', in which a sax sample works well with a steppa feel to it and is quite smooth to boot - and check the little tinkly breakdown. Will be heard a lot over the summer I am sure. PV
Release date: 18 Apr
Press contact: Innerground IH [all]


The Kaiser chiefs and The Cribs joined forces on stage at a gig in their hometown of Leeds on Wednesday. At a homecoming gig at the city's Metropolitan University, Kaiser Chiefs vocalist Ricky Wilson joined The Cribs on stage as they neared the end of their support set, to sing 'Another Number', then later in the evening The Cribs all joined Kaiser Chiefs to sing 'Modern Way.' The bands have recorded each others songs and plan to release a limited edition 7".

Ricky told NME: "I was a lot more nervous getting onstage to do one of their songs than I am to do ours. I didn't wanna let them down, because they came on and all three of them came on. They are charmingly messy, good boys. I really enjoyed (the show), I enjoyed every single moment of it, it went past so quickly, we came onstage and I thought we'd missed out a huge bunch of songs because it just went like that. It was really good fun, and Leeds has been good to us, so hopefully we can be good to Leeds."

The tour continues, dates as follows:

15 Apr: Birmingham Academy
16 Apr: Manchester Academy
17 Apr: Newcastle Northumbria University
19 Apr: Cambridge Junction
20 Apr: Bristol University
21 Apr: Cardiff University
22 Apr: London Astoria
24 Apr: Oxford Brookes University
25 Apr: Brighton Concorde
26 Apr: Leeds Metropolitan University
28 Apr: London Astoria


Universal Music has entered into a strategic alliance with Chinese interactive gaming firm Shanda Interactive Entertainment which will see the major's Chinese-language catalogue made available online. It is Universal's first digital music venture in China, and the first time Shanda have moved into the music space.

The deal means Shanda will offer Universal's tracks to an audience of millions across China. The music will initially be delivered in a streaming-only format when the service is launched in Jun, although a download service is expected to follow.

Announcing the new partnership, Harry Hui, president of Universal Music South East Asia, told reporters: "With the consumption of music heading towards the digital, mobile and personal, we're making sure that music plays an active part of all the exciting experiences for Chinese youths today. Shanda, as the most successful interactive entertainment platform in China, makes an ideal partner for us."

The other majors are sure to be watching the Universal / Shanda partnership closely, with the music industry increasingly enthusiastic about the future potential of the Chinese market


Now that we have gone all digital, more news on the dominance of Apple in the digital music space. Following those huge profits announced earlier this year, industry analysts have been looking at the success of Apple's most recent digital music venture, the iPod Shuffle. As previously reported, the Shuffle is a flash memory based MP3 player (i.e. it has no in-built hard disk), meaning it has less functionality but is much cheaper to manufacture, and can therefore be sold at a cheaper price. Despite some cynicism on its launch, it seems that iPod cool is still important at the lower end of the digital music network, with the Shuffle commanding 43% of all flash-based MP3 player sales in Feb in the US this year. Word has it that that success has struck the other manufacturers who make this kind of player hard, forcing them to revamp their strategies a little.


More digital news, and speculation has begun as to the nature of an announcement due to be made by RealNetworks later this month. The online distribution firm is inviting journalists and key industry players to an event at New York's Radio City Music hall on 26 Apr where they promise to reveal "enhancements to their digital music offerings that will change the way people obtain and consume music".

It is unclear what those enhancements will be, though some reckon it may be an upgrade to the company's Rhapsody subscription service so that members can listen to the platform's catalogue on their portable music players (in the same vein as Napster's 'to-go' service).

The company's chief executive Rob Glaser will front the event later this month, with Good Charlotte booked to play.


Even more digital news. Radio company UBC, owners of the Classic Gold stations and the UK's biggest independent radio production company, has announced it will invest £400,000 into a new digital radio music download service. The new service will make use of the 'data spectrum licence' it owns which allows data to be send out via digital radio signals (there are only two such licences - BT owns the other). It means, in theory at least, that music fans will be able to listen to digital radio stations and if they like a song press a button to download it to a special memory card which can be slotted into compatible radio sets. UBC say that in the next few weeks they will be announcing a deal with a major radio station who will be piloting the service. Deals are being done with record labels over licensing, and the company hopes manufacturers will have compatible radio sets (ie ones which can hold a memory card) ready for market early next year.

UBC Finance Director Jenny Donald told the Guardian: "Some digital radio sets have a record button, but that records a exact copy of the audio broadcast with DJ talking over the songs. But the spectrum we've got will mean a perfect copy of every song played on the radio will be downloadable. With an iPod you never have an impulse buy - you have to surf iTunes looking for what you want. Whereas with radio you are played new music all the time and will be able to think 'I like that' and get it there and then."

Future plans for the UBC service include a digital radio mobile phone with smart card, offering music fans the same download facility on the move.


Not the garden of, the sessions. Keane have confirmed that they are to play at the Eden Project in Cornwall on August 1. Previously confirmed artists include Embrace on 19 Aug, Basement Jaxx on 16 Aug and Ian Brown on 27 Aug. Tickets for the events are £25 and that includes your entry to the Eden Project on the day of, or the day after the event.


Just how many spare channels are there on the Freeview terrestrial TV network? First we thought Crown Castle, one of the partners in the network, had one spare channel. Broadcasters bid for it and ITV were successful (look out for ITV Even More Trash launching soon). Then we heard that Crown Castle actually had two spare channels and that they had given one to Channel 4 too (look out for Even More Friends 4 launching soon). Now we hear Crown Castle has found space for an additional two more channels meaning that Channel 5, Disney, NBC and Turner, all of whom bid for that first channel space, can now bid again. Our technology expert friends tell us the extra channels keep coming up because new compression technology used by Crown Castle means there is an increasingly efficient use of the terrestrial digital spectrum. So that's that cleared up then.


SINGLE REVIEW: Kings of Leon - King of the Rodeo (SonyBMG/Handmedown Records)
A single that uses the phrase "let the good times roll" as a refrain doesn't bode well. Fortunately though, the second release from Kings of Leon's second album A-ha Shake Heartbreak manages to artfully eschew cliché through the medium of sheer weirdness. Chugging Strokesy guitars are backed by Caleb Followill's bizarre vocal inflections, leaving the listener wondering if his or her ears are broken (what the hell does "gootakkerrolla" mean?). Despite all this, it's Caleb's singing (and some well-placed handclaps) that save the track, though self-parody may be just a rasp away. WP
Release Date: 11 Apr
Press Contact: SonyBMG IH [all]


Reggae star Junior Delgado has died in London at the age of 46. A spokesman has said that although his demise was unexpected, it is believed to be as a result of natural causes.

The artist, real name Oscar Hibbert, released his debut album 'Taste of the Young Heart' in 1978, and during his thirty year career recorded with such talents as Lee Perry, Sly and Robbie and Dennis Brown, releasing music regularly through his own label as well as continuing to perform frequent live dates. In the eighties he courted controversy with the release of single 'Broadwater Farm', which correctly predicted violence on the north London housing estate. He had recently released a new album, 'Invisible Music'.


As expected, Sean 'P Diddy' Combs has entered into a joint venture with the Warner Music Group relating to his Bad Boy Records company. The major label has paid a reported $30 million for a 50% in the company.

Since 2002, when Combs parted company with his original major label partner BMG, Bad Boy Records has worked in partnership with the Universal Music Group. That partnership wasn't due to expire until next year, but both sides were said to be disappointed with the way the business relationship had developed leading to Universal telling Combs he could get out of the deal if he wished. From that point Combs has been sounding out other key players in the industry, leading to the Warners deal.

The new joint venture means that in addition to their 50% stake, Warners will handle the marketing and distribution (physical and digital) of all Bad Boy releases. What motivated Warner boss Edgar Bronfman Jnr to do a deal with Combs is unclear, though a joint venture with a big name in urban music should help boost the major's profile and credentials as they prepare for their flotation.

Commenting on his latest major label relationship, Combs told the Associated Press, "There have been a lot of boutique record labels that come and go, and we're still here. This [deal] has ensured for the next couple of years that we have the right financial backing, the right financial structure, the right partners to remain a force in the music industry."


Everyone loves retail news on a Friday morning surely, so here we go.

Good old Woolworths, one of the UK's major music retailers of course, saw £200 million written off its market value yesterday after investment types Apax Partners withdrew their £837 million takeover bid. The fact that Woolies' management failed to complete the deal with Apax has angered some of the retailer's investors, and in particular an American investment fund called Elliott Associates. Elliott, who invested in Woolworths expecting the Apax deal to go ahead, lost an estimated £20 million when the retailer's market value slumped. They are now calling for an auction to sell off the company, splitting up its constituent bits if necessary.

In an open letter Elliott Associates said: "Despite our obvious disappointment in the outcome of the Apax process we feel the board has several options available to it to counter balance the negative impact of the aborted offer. We feel that the significant changes that the shareholder register has undergone as a result of the Apax approach necessitates the immediate implementation of a transformational strategy which seeks to enhance shareholder value in the near term." So that's that cleared up then.

Woolworths bosses are likely to resist the call for a rush auction, and will certainly not be keen to sell off individual divisions like its successful wholesale distribution company Entertainment UK or its publishing joint venture with the BBC, 2entertain. What power Elliott Associates will have in forcing its wishes on the Woolies board remains to be seen - some say that while Elliott are Woolworth's loudest investors, they do not have the power alone to dictate to management.


R&B star D'Angelo, real name Michael Eugene Archer has pleaded guilty to charges of marijuana possession and driving under the influence of alcohol. The charges follow an incident on 9 Jan when the artist was pulled over by police in a suburb of Richmond, Virginia. On Wednesday the star was fined $250 and given a 90 day suspended sentence for the DUI conviction, and $50 and 10 days in jail for the maryjane. His driver's licence will also be suspended for six months. Meanwhile, the thirty one year old has waived his preliminary hearing on a third charge of possession of .029 grammes of cocaine. Tut tut.


Hell Is For Heroes have had to cancel a number of dates on their current UK tour due to illness though the band are apparently keen to dispel the rumours that singer Justin Schlosberg has broken his neck. Gigs at Carlisle, Newcastle, Dundee and Aberdeen will have to be rescheduled and the tour will resume Sunday 17 Apr at Leicester Charlotte, and will continue with the following dates:

18 Apr: Sheffield Fez Club
19 Apr: Leeds Cockpit
20 Apr: Wrexham Central Station
21 Apr: Birmingham Academy 2
22 Apr: Manchester Academy 3
23 Apr: Gloucester Guildhall
24 Apr: Milton Keynes Woughton Centre
25 Apr: London Mean Fiddler


ALBUM REVIEW: Do Me Bad Things - Yes! (Must Destroy)
Just like marmite, it's a total love-hate affair. Featuring elements of Soul, Metal, Funk and Pomp Rock, to name just a few, this album is bulging at the seams with a multitude of ideas. It's fun all the way...well, excluding 'Off The Hook,' which goes all Sugarbabes-esque, lacking the quirkiness and drama which play a big part in formulating the best of the band's tracks. Previous singles 'The Song Rides,' 'Time For Deliverance' and latest offering 'What's Hideous' are definitely highlights - fighting each other to be the pinnacle of kitsch, camp and drama. If you love The Rocky Horror Picture Show then this is the stuff is for you. This album is clever, inventive and original- with its catchy hooks and range of big ballsy vocals you'll be finding Do Me Bad Things hard to ignore this year. All you need to do now is catch them live - trust me, it gets even better. MY
Release date: 11 Apr
Press Contact: Hall Or Nothing [CP, RP, NP], Atlantic IH [CR, RR, NR]


Edwyn Collins has suffered a setback following that brain haemorrhage on 20 Feb. His wife, Grace Maxwell has explained on the musician's website that a second operation was necessary to deal with an infection resulting from earlier surgery. "Edwyn's infection has become problematical enough for his surgeons to decide to remove the newly replaced boneflap altogether," she wrote. "So surgery tomorrow morning (13 Apr). This should be straightforward but I wouldn't mind you sending him your positive vibrations or whatever it is you've been doing so far just to help him on the way. It also means that at some point in the future (maybe six months) Edwyn will have a lovely titanium custom made plate."

She continued: "Anyway, we'll get this bit of setback out the way and get on with it. When asked to describe how he felt about this additional surgery his answer was 'relaxed.'"


The wonderful MIA releases her equally wonderful debut album, 'Arular', this Monday (18 Apr), and to celebrate her record label, XL, have launched an online mix interface inspired by MIA's lauded mixtape (co-produced with Diplo) 'Piracy Funds Terrorism'. The online interface allows bedroom producers to download the a cappella vocal parts from Arular and create your own remix. From next week said producers will then be able to upload their creations back onto the net for the world to hear. Sorted. Full info at, press info on the album from Beggars IH.


The people behind the Left Field at the Glastonbury Festival have announced a typically eclectic line up for this year's event which, as always, will have some political campaigning thrown into the mix. On day one of Glastonbury (i.e. Friday) the Left Field will play host to Sonic Audio (with very special indy guests), The Beat featuring Neville Staples, CMU favourites British Sea Power and the Lovegods.

On Saturday the Love Music Hate Racism people will be hosting the proceedings with Babyshambles, the Others, Lady Sovereign, Skitz and Rodney P all on the bill.

On Sunday night the theme is global solidarity with Left Fields own "International Cultural Attache", Billy Bragg, heading the proceedings alongside Steve Earle and Alison Mourer.

Commenting on this year's line up, Geoff Martin, from the Battersea and Wandsworth TUC, which organises the Left Field, told CMU: "This stunning line up of talent will have the Left Field buzzing this year. We've got a bigger tent, a bigger area and we're cooking up a programme that will pack the place to the rafters. We've also got some very special guests in the pipeline along with a film premiere, campaigning initiatives, a Cuban Fiesta and the famous Left Field happy hour. Hook up to our website".

More info on everything at - press info Geoff Martin on 020 8682 4224.


Britney's publicist Leslie Sloane is reportedly furious after the New York Daily news printed a report that claimed she had let slip the news that the popstrel is expecting a baby girl. The paper quoted Sloane as saying "Mother and daughter are doing fine." Britney's lawyer has been in touch and a correction will follow.

The publicist has been vocal about the incident, protesting to rival publication the New York Post that: "The News made that quote up, I never said that. I don't know the sex of Britney's baby. I am shocked they would blatantly print a lie and attribute the lie to me."

CMU can exclusively reveal that there's a chance that the baby could in fact be a girl, but there's an equal chance that the child could be male.


Oh joy. Lee Ryan is ready to perform again following treatment for the nodules on his throat that forced the cancellation of the 'Best Of Blue tour' originally planned for Mar. The Sun reports that Ryan will be joined by Duncan James, Antony Costa and Simon Webb (useful, given that they are the component parts of Blue) on a series of live dates rescheduled for Jun and Jul. Those with tickets for the cancelled tour can use them for the new dates.


Now, no sniggering at the back, this isn't funny. CMU's very favourite TV presenter Kate Thornton has cracked two ribs after falling down a flight of stairs at home. She told the Sun: "I don't know why I fell - I hadn't been drinking, honest. But it hurt like hell". At least that pain will help Thornton empathise with contestants on her new ITV show - Celebrity Wrestling for ITV.

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