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In today's CMU Daily:
- US promotion firms accuse Universal of fraud
- A (possible) adventure in Brazil: Jacko trial update
- Glasto sell more tickets for charity
- Real launch to go service
- Real update Harmony to make it iPod compatible again
- Album Review: Vitalic - OK Cowboy
- Atlas to release best of's
- Former East 17 star denies suicide rumours
- Former Busted boy cuts off friends during rehab attempt
- Gotti's ask for separate trial
- Delta Goodrem sacks mother
- Album Review: Mark Owen - How The Mighty Fall
- Doherty moves to ban C4 documentary
- Babyshambles the latest wireless additions
- Somerset House line up revealed
- Additions to T bill
- Jamiroquai to play at B-Live
- Doves pull out of Coachella
- Album Review: Hot Hot Heat - Elevator
- The Coral are, er, really brilliant
- UK venue group expand to Newcastle
- Elvis ahead in chart race
- Black Eyed Peas go solo
- Darkness and Lemar to collaborate



Carling, the beer behind some of Britain's biggest and best live music events, is presenting another 24 hour music marathon. Following the success of 2004's Carling Live 24 event in London, this year Carling will be bringing an all day all night line up of great live music to both London and Manchester, the former on 30th April, the latter on 28th may. 26 bands and 13 venues will take part in the event, with Embrace, The Zutons, Ian Brown, Babyshambles, The Chemical Brothers, Doves and Kaiser Chiefs among the artists on the bill. For full press information check the CMU Press Room - where more media information will appear as it is available:

London's best rock night, Kill All Hippies, returns to Canvas, Kings Cross this Friday, in association with Live sets this month come from Whitey, The Paddingtons, Moco and Gliss, while Eddy TM, Jeff Automatic, Syrinx and the NME DJs will be on the deecks. Kicks off at 8.30pm on Friday 29 Apr and runs until the not-so-early-hours the next day. Tickets are just £3 if you register in advance at (£5 on the night). Full press release at:

Advertise your releases and events to CMU Daily's 6500+ readership - classified ad and online press release package just £50 a year. Email for details, or check:


Committed any fraud, racketeering, trade libel or breach of contract yet this week? No? Well, you'd better get a move on, it'll be the weekend before you know it. Though make sure any PR companies you get involved aren't likely to have a sudden change of heart, and get all righteous on you.

Two US music promotion agencies are suing Universal Music over allegations that the major forced them to submit fraudulent invoices. National Music Marketing and Majestic Promotions claim the major record company forced them to overcharge for their services for certain artists to cover the costs of working on smaller artists. Because a label's promotional costs are deducted from an artist's royalties, these invoices, the promotion firms claim, were be used by the major record company to defraud some of its biggest stars.

Claiming that one of the major artists defrauded in this way was Nelly, the lawyer representing the promoters, David J Cohen, told reporters: "What [Universal] was doing was defrauding their artists - some of their biggest artists. I'm sure Nelly is not going to be too happy that they were taking money out of his promotion budget to pay for promotions for other artists - money that he had to pay back from his royalties."

The two companies claim that when they refused to carry on issuing the fraudulent invoices the major label began bullying them, refusing them work and telling radio stations to not work with them. That bullying, they claim, forced National Music Marketing out of business, and pushed Majestic to the brink of liquidation.
Universal are yet to comment on the lawsuit, though New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, already investigating fraudulent marketing practices in the music business, is said to be talking to the plaintiffs.


Elsewhere in the pop courts yesterday, Michael Jackson's travel agent was in the witness stand in the ongoing Jacko trial. She was there to confirm that Jacko aide Marc Shaffel had once told her to book one way tickets to Brazil for Gavin Arvizo and his family - evidence, the prosecution claim, of Michael Jackson's plans to kidnap the Arvizo family in order to prevent them making any allegations against him.

Travel agent Cynthia Montgomery told the court that on 25 Feb 2003, Shaffel "asked me to make flight arrangements for four passengers to Brazil. One way tickets". She said she booked the tickets for 1 Mar, though she had to buy return tickets because US citizens aren't allowed to buy one-way tickets to Brazil. The tickets would have cost $15,092 (£7,918), except that Shaffel later cancelled the reservations because he "had a change of plans".

As you'd expect, Jacko's lawyer Thomas Mesereau was keen to question Montgomery's credibility as a witness, pointing out that she is currently involved in a separate legal battle over illegal video taping on the star's private jet. As previously reported, Jacko is suing his travel agents over allegations they hid cameras in the plane that flew the singer to Santa Barbara for questioning when the latest child abuse allegations were originally made. That lawsuit is pending an FBI investigation into who planted the cameras on the plane and why.

The prosecution in the Jacko case is getting ever closer to the end of their presentation to the court, though Jacko's ex-wife Debbie Rowe is still due to take to the witness stand.


Local licensing officials have given the Glastonbury Festival permission to sell an extra 3000 tickets to the Sunday bit of this year's event. 250 will be sold to people with disabilities while the remainder will go to local residents. Profits from the extra ticket sales will go to the post-tsunami relief effort.


Well, as expected, the big announcement promised by Real Networks yesterday was that the digital media company is following Naspter's lead and offering a portable subscription service. As previously reported, this means that subscribers to Real's subscription service will now be able to transfer an unlimited number of tracks from the company's Rhapsody music catalogue onto their portable music player - previously the unlimited play service was only available online. Like with Napster-to-go, subscribers will have to connect their digital music players to the web once a month to prove they still have a valid subscription in order to access those tracks.

Other announcements at the Real press conference yesterday included the launch of Rhapsody Unlimited, which lets subscribers listen to tracks from the Real music library while they are offline; the introduction of Rhapsody 25, which will let subscribers make 25 of their favourite tracks available to their friends via streaming; and new partnerships with Google and Chrysler.

Despite the fact Real's biggest announcement of the day was essentially "we're going to do what Napster already do", Real boss Rob Glaser managed to wax lyrical about his company's plans: "We think the new Rhapsody will transform digital music. What's more, we believe that once consumers experience Rhapsody and share it with their friends, many people will upgrade to one of our premium Rhapsody tiers."


During all those press conference shenanigans in New York yesterday, less attention was focused on another interesting development in Real's music offering. The company's Harmony software, which can be used to output Real tracks in a number of different file formats, or codecs, has been updated again so that it will again create iPod compatible files.

Real's Harmony system was an attempt by the digital media company to overcome the problem of proprietary codecs which force music fans to use specific download platforms depending on what MP3 player they have bought. Apple refused to participate with Harmony, keen to maintain the monopoly whereby only iTunes can supply DRMed content for use on an iPod. In response, Real's programmers worked out how to create the iPod compatible AAC file format for themselves, and enabled consumers to make their tracks iPod compatible.

Apple reacted angrily, accusing Real of hacking their software. They responded by altering the firmware that powers the iPod to stop the Real-version AAC files from working on the players. The latest move by Real means Harmony can now output files which will play despite those alterations. Insiders assume Apple will now respond by making further changes to the iPod firmware.

That said, the music industry is increasingly in favour of 'interoperability' between download platforms and digital music players, recognising that concerns and confusion over what file types will play on what MP3 players is hindering the growth of legitimate digital music platforms. They will be putting pressure on Steve Jobs to work with projects like Harmony, and may turn to monopoly commissioners if he doesn't make some conciliatory moves to that effect. How Jobs will respond remains to be seen, though some wonder if the fact Apple's threats of legal action against Real over its Harmony software never materialised might be a sign of some willingness to compromise in the Apple camp.


ALBUM REVIEW: Vitalic - OK Cowboy (PIAS Recordings)
Like fellow Frenchmen M83, Vitalic is producing music which epitomises the twenty first century, sounding futuristic and ahead of it's time. Vitalic, AKA Pascal Arbez released his debut 'Poney EP' in 2001 but it's taken him until now to release this, his first album. The EP subsequently became a huge dance hit, although because of the timing of the release he found himself lumped in with the electroclash movement and he is now understandably keen to distance himself from the short lived trend. Dijon based Vitalic's electro roots go back to early electronic pioneers such as Kraftwerk and countryman Jean Michael Jarre, and this is particularly obvious on tracks like 'The Past'. 'Poney Part 1' is a tranquil, quietly building number, while 'Poney Part 2' is a grand, epic track which sounds like Depeche Mode reworking Roxy Music's 'Love Is The Drug'. 'No Fun' throws in everything even the kitchen sink, a superb amalgamation of synths, squeals and beats. It's an album beautiful in its simplicity and consistently good so it's difficult to choose favourite tracks, but recent turbo-charged single 'My Friend Dario' and the pounding rhythms of 'Newman' are particularly splendid. This is one album that was definitely worth the wait and proves again that for the moment at least the French are producing the finest electronic music. JW
Release date: 25 Apr
Press contact: PIAS IH [all]


Natacha Atlas is to release 'Best Of' CD and DVD compilations next month. The CD, 'The Best Of Natacha Atlas', will contain tracks from her previous five albums, whilst the DVD, will contain solo videos as well as those shot with her band Transglobal Underground. The DVD, to be called 'Natacha Atlas - Transglobal Underground', will also feature interviews and live footage. Both are released on 24 May. Tracklistings follow:

The Best of Natacha Atlas:

Leysh Nat-Arak (New Version)
Mon Amie La Rose
Eye of the Duck
Mistaneek (2005 Edit)
Leysh Nat-Arak (remix)
You Only Live Twice (Edit)
Yalla Chant (2005 Edit)
Fun Does Not Exist (new mix)
I Put a Spell on You
Man's World
Amulet (2005 Edit)
Leysh Nat'Arak (2005 Dub Mis)
Le Printemps (Hidden Track Moustahil (Live))

Natacha Atlas - Transglobal Underground:

Natacha Atlas videos:
Yalla Chant
Leysh Nat'Arak
One Brief Moment
Mon Amie La Rose
Mish Fadilak
When I Close My Eyes

Transglobal Underground videos:
Temple Head
Taal Zaman
Lokee Here

Natacha Atlas live in concert at Union Chapel
When I Close My Eyes
Eye Of The Duck
I Put A Spell On You
Mon Amie La Rose


Am I a bad person for getting excited when I saw the headline 'Pop Star's Suicide Attempt' on the front of the Evening Standard yesterday? And am I a badder person for being a bit disappointed when I discovered that the 'pop star' in question was East 17's Brian Harvey? How much better a story would it have been had the suicidal pop star been Kelly Osbourne or Pete Doherty or Matt from Busted? But no, it was Brian Harvey from East 17. And not even he had really attempted suicide - or at least that's the line his management were taking last night.

A spokesman for Harvey said that while the former pop star and 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' contestant has entered a clinic for depression, the reported suicide attempt was not true. Said spokesman said that a worried friend had taken Harvey to hospital after he had taken "one or two" sleeping tablets, but stressed it was nothing more serious than that.

He told reporters: "Reports of Brian attempting suicide are totally untrue. On Friday night, he was feeling depressed and his dad came round to see him. His dad gave him one or two sleeping tablets which knocked him out big time. Later that night, a friend went round to his house, saw him out cold and thought something was wrong, so took him to hospital. Doctors soon realised Harvey was fine and sent him home. Brian's sleep problems are part of his depression and he realised they were a danger sign. So yesterday, he checked himself into a clinic for a week's treatment. I spoke to him this morning and he is finding the story of his supposed suicide attempt quite amusing."


Now that you've brought up the personal problems of former Busted star Matt Jay, a story that's been doing the rounds for a few days, but we've yet to report on here in the CMU Daily. According to the Mirror's 3am girls, Jay has cut off contact with former bandmate James Bourne while he undergoes treatment at the Priory for his drink problem.

A "close pal" of Jay's told the tabloid: "Matt's phone is turned off and no one can get hold of him. Obviously, James is really worried about him but Matt's therapists think isolation is for the best. The only person he has allowed to visit him is [on / off girlfriend] Emma. Contrary to what has been reported, it was Em who dropped him off at the clinic and she'll pick him up when he's finished there."

Another source told the paper that Jay's drinking got more intense after the sudden break up of the band: "Matt probably took the break up of the band the hardest. He was left with too much time on his hands and lots of mates who wanted to drag him to the nearest bar."

If you ask me, what that boy needs is a West End musical to occupy all that spare time.


Attorneys for Murder Inc boss Irv Gotti and his brother Chris, who are accused of using their record company to launder dodgy money, have requested that their trial be separated from that of Kenneth (Supreme) McGriff and two other co-defendants. McGriff et al are charged with murder but, because the money laundering charges have come from the same federal case, Gotti and his brother are due to go to court at the same time. But, according to the New York Daily News, the duo's lawyer says they want a separate trial in order to get everything settled quicker. The court papers issued by Gotti's lawyers reportedly say: "The Lorenzo defendants seek a speedy trial at which they will be able to clear their names and their business reputations".


Reports are circulating that Delta Goodrem has sacked her mother Lea as her manager. Australian newspaper the Herald-Sun broke the story and says that the split was brought about by SonyBMG in New York, claiming that the pop star was told to get rid of her mother if she wanted to save her career.

Goodrem's debut LP 'Innocent Eyes' is one of the biggest selling albums of all-time in Australia, but it has never been released in America, and the singer is currently in New York working on a strategy for that all important first US release.


ALBUM REVIEW: Mark Owen - How The Mighty Fall (Sedna)
Mark's been working with legendary producer Tony Hoffer, at the legendary LA Sunset Studios, with musical talent such as former REM drummer Joey Warinker and ex Jellyfish founder Roger Manning Jr, amongst other greats. So this means that there are high expectations of this critical third album, right? Or maybe not - although Mark still has a strong and loyal fan base, generally speaking, the Great British Public are unstirred by the progression of Owen's work, because in their eyes he is the mighty fallen. This is unfortunate, as 'How The Mighty Fall' is a beautiful emotional and stylistic rollercoaster, comforting and enthralling at the same time. Mark's unmistakable vocals return at their strongest, spine-tinglingly intimate and honest, they have opened up to a bigger range than ever before. His sound has matured and this album is in some ways far darker than much of his past material. Despite the albums title, it's not a whiney self pitying affair, as some may presume; on the contrary, it's optimistic, real and accepting; The whole album carries itself with an air of confidence - and as Mark sings in 'Sorry Lately,' "I'm not afraid no more." Previous single 'Making Out' features alongside nine other fine new tracks, with a few nice surprises along the way. From the tender anthemic 'Hail Mary' to the big full all enveloping sounds of 'Come On,' the fun, honky tonk 'Waiting For The Girl' to the funky disco style beats complete with falsetto backing vocals of '3:15,' there are a lot of highlights. Each track is jam packed with character, exploring between them a range of very different sounds, all wonderfully executed. For those of you who still hesitate, or worse still, turn a blind eye towards Mark Owen's musical offerings, grow up and get over yourself, because you're missing out! MY
Release Date: 18 Apr
Press Contact: Sedna Records IH [all]


Pete Doherty is reportedly trying to stop the broadcast of a Channel 4 documentary which will feature the former Libertine smoking heroin. The documentary in question is the one made by filmmaker Max Carlish, the guy who sold screen shots from the film showing Doherty taking drugs to the Sunday Mirror earlier this year (a sale which led to the fracas between Doherty and Carlish, which in turn led to Doherty spending five days in jail).

Doherty's grounds for stopping the documentary from being screened seem to be based on the allegation that Carlish was commissioned to make the film by the singer's management firm, and therefore the final product belongs to them and not Carlish. Channel 4, they argue, will violate their copyright should they show the programme. But Channel 4 have told reporters they remain optimistic that the film will still be shown next month.

Elsewhere in Doherty news, and more on the Babyshamble boy's attempts to turn girlfriend super model Kate Moss into a pop star. Word is Doherty hopes to have Moss singing at some of Babyshambles' upcoming festival dates - in particular Glastonbury and Homelands. A source told someone: "Kate has got a good voice and is a frustrated rock chick. She sang with Pete and Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie at her 31st birthday party earlier this year. But this will be the first time she will have performed in public."


Talking of Babyshambles and festivals, Doherty et al are the latest addition to the increasingly wonderful sounding Wireless Festival, due to take place in Hyde Park in June. The band will play on 30 Jun alongside the Caesars and The Rakes.

Other additions to the Wireless line up include Performance and Boy Kill Boy who will play the Xfm stage on 24 Jun, and MC Lady Sovereign, Telepopmusik and MIA who will all play the main stage on 25 Jun.

There will also be a Drowned In Sound stage at the festival which will boast the Black Velvets, Apartment, The Blue Van and the JJ72s (remember them?) on its bill.

More at


Taling of London based music things, Bloc Party and Queens Of The Stone Age are amongst the artists forming the line up for this year's series of concerts at Somerset House, which were announced yesterday.

The dates are as follows:
5 Jul: Beth Orton
6 Jul: Doves
7 Jul: Queens Of The Stone Age
8 Jul: Super Furry Animals
9 Jul: Mars Volta
10 Jul: Sigur Ros
11 Jul: Bright Eyes
12 Jul: Bloc Party/The Kills/The Cribs
13 Jul: Los Lobos / Orishas Wednesday

More support acts are expected to be announced soon, and tickets go on sale on Friday. More information from


A whole host of acts have been added to the T in The Park line-up. Super Furry Animals are to top the bill in the X Tent on the Saturday, and The Tears have been confirmed as headliners on the Sunday. Additions to the Stage 2 line up include The Ordinary Boys, The Bravery and Eagles of Death Metal, whilst Bright Eyes, The Futureheads, Suzanne Vega and Sons And Daughters are all confirmed for the King Tut's Tent.

As we're sure you're already aware, T In The Park takes place at Balado near Kinross between Jul 9 and 10, and is sold out.


Jamiroquai are to play their first live set in four years at the B-Live event at Clapham Common in Jul. The appearance will follow the release of new album 'Dynamite', which is scheduled for release on 20 Jun, preceded by a single release 'Feels Just Like It' on 6 Jun.

Other acts scheduled to appear at B-Live event include Amy Winehouse, Har Mar Superstar, Paul Oakenfold, Audio Bullys and Brand New Heavies.


Doves have been forced to pull out of their appearance this weekend at California's Coachella Festival due to the ill health of vocalist Jimi Goodwin. The lead singer is suffering from severely strained vocal chords. The group have also pulled out of the first in a series of eight live dates across the US, having a knock on effect on their Australian tour dates in Jun, which will all have to be rescheduled. Goodwin wrote on the Doves official website: "I've been told to rest my vocals for two to three weeks. Coachella aside, it's postponement not cancellation! We are already tentatively re-scheduling. We're truly gutted but it's got to be right long term."


ALBUM REVIEW: Hot Hot Heat - Elevator (Warner / Reprise)
Enough with the trendy criticism, it's time for a backlash to this minority backlash and it's starting right here. It's only been out a few days, and I'm already aware in certain quarters of a faint aura of disappointment surrounding Hot Hot Heat's second album, mainly centring round the idea that the Canadians failed to capitalise on their early new wave post punk promise and that in the meantime they've not only been eclipsed by buzz bands like The Killers and Franz Ferdinand, but they've also 'gone commercial'. For my money this is a really good album, and implying that they're just not that good any more because others have emerged sounding not unlike them, as if it qualifies as a criticism, is just so much crap. Whatever happened to just liking music because it's good? Who cares what anyone else is doing? So what if the new songs are a bit slicker than their earlier output? In any case, I like it a lot. It's fast paced from the beginning, starting with obvious radio tracks, the supremely crunchy, clashy opener 'Running Out Of Time', followed by the equally spiky imminent single release 'Goodnight Goodnight', invading your brain with a dark and catchy hook. It moves on to a few more down tempo moments and squeaky riffs in the middle, steps it up for 'Shame On You', to finish with the kind of mellow and reflective title track, 'Elevator'. So, the tunes are pretty cracking, and the lyrics aren't bad either. There's something about the line 'I'm wallowing in a pool of gasoline' that makes me smile. In fact the whole album makes me smile. 'Elevator' may not be exactly what fans of 2002 debut 'Make Up The Breakdown' were expecting or even hoping for, but they're just going to have to get over it. It's a very good album. So listen to it. CK
Release Date: 25 Apr
Press Contact: Warner IH [all]


Noel Gallagher has described The Coral as "fucking brilliant" after attending a gig for the launch of their new album. The group played seventeen songs at the live show in London on Sunday, nine of them tracks from forthcoming album 'The Invisible Invasion', which is due out on 23 May.


The Academy Music Group has announced the purchase of the Gala Bingo Hall in Newcastle. The company plan to refit the building and open it as a music venue as early as Oct this year. The new venue will have a 2000 capacity main space with a smaller 400 capacity room, and will fall under the venue group's sponsorship deal with Carling, i.e. it will be called Carling Academy Newcastle.

Announcing the company's plans for the new venue, Academy Music Group Operations Director Steve Forster told reporters: "Having grown up in Newcastle, I realise how important great venues are to a thriving local music scene. Since the demise of The Mayfair and The Riverside, Newcastle has sadly been lacking in quality venues. The consequence of this has been that many artists at the larger end of the market have by-passed the City and at the lower end, emerging local talent has not had the platform of a venue to hone their performing skills. Our Newcastle venue will fulfil both of these needs with a 2,000 capacity main auditorium and a 400 capacity second room, both of which will be production complete."


Well, Elvis might finally beat Tony Christie this weekend with the latest re-release from The King - 'A Little Less Conversation' - currently outselling the Christie / Peter Kay charity single by a considerable margin. Obviously it is a big Elvis re-release this week so SonyBMG will be hopeful of scoring a chart topper, though Christie has been behind in the midweeks before, but still moved ahead come the weekend.


The members of Black Eyed Peas are all planning solo projects following the release of the group's next album 'Monkey Business', due for release on 7 Jun.

Band member Taboo said: "Fergie has her record, I have a Spanish record coming out and Apl has a Philippino record coming out. We decided to branch out and show the world that we as individuals could represent our own styles."


According to, The Darkness are planning to record a duet with Lemar after hearing his cover of 'I Believe In A Thing Called Love'.

Lemar said: "Justin and I have been talking about recording. When I told him I wanted to get into the studio with him, he said he had been thinking the same thing. My fans go mad for that song, so the natural thing is to work together." Interesting.

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