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In today's CMU Daily:
- Heart does better in new RAJARs
- Prosecution complete: Jacko trial update

- British Sea Power single barred from MTV
- New Stones tour expected
- Oasis album surfaces a month early on iTunes
- Mojo pays tribute to music legends
- Westlife lose right to trademark name in Europe
- Ian Brown writes political lyrics
- Engineers caught up in German police enquiry
- Strokes guitarist secret exposed
- Bobby Brown in family court
- New Pras album incoming
- QOTSA video not like Italian porn at all
- Megadeath confirm hits line up
- Kylie makes Noel puke
- Reznor boosted by Cash
- New audio-visual fest to launch at NFT
- Plumps to launch album at Fabric Eargasm
- Hit Me goes stateside
- Kaiser Chiefs fill in for Lamacq
- Charlotte gives herself a pay rise
- Britney disappointed by Madonna
- Rock the vote


I'm sure these RAJAR figures come out every other week these days, but apparently a whole three months has gone by since we last did the radio listening figures thing. So here we go again, and don't forget the RAJARs come with the health warning that the way these statistics are compiled is so flawed they are quite possibly wildly inaccurate, though don't tell that to the radio ad sales departments who justify their rate cards with this stuff, or to the advertising agencies that accept RAJAR figures at face value!

Anyway, there'll be a few more smiling faces over at Chrysalis radio this morning who, you might remember, had something of a disappointment in the last set of RAJARs when their London station Heart 106.2, long the station on the up in the capital, suddenly lost its status as the city's second most listened to station to EMAP's Magic, never previously considered a real contender for such a title.

Well, after much soul searching and a major breakfast show revamp, Chrysalis bosses will be very pleased to hear that in the latest set of figures Heart passed both Magic and its arch rival Capital to become London's most-listened to radio station for only the second time in its history.

Capital still have more listeners than the other two - 2.1 million compared to Heart's 1.86 million and Magic's 1.73 million - but when you count the number of hours listeners tune in to their chosen station Heart comes out on top, with a 7% audience share compared to Capital's 6.1% and 6%.

Heart claim that a revamp to their daytime schedule, in which old timers David Jensen and Pat Sharp were shifted out to make room for Toby Anstis, Nick Snaith and Greg Burns, coupled with an intensive marketing campaign, have all helped their recovery in the latest RAJARs. Of course it could be argued that seasonal shifts in listening habits, or the RAJAR system's margins of error, account for both Heart's bad performance last time and their good performance this time, but either way it is safe to say Capital, Heart and Magic are now all pretty similar in terms of dominance in the London music radio sector, which is still great news for EMAP because, as we said above, until recently the cheesy chat-light music station wasn't considered a serious contender for the title of London's biggest radio station.

In some ways the battle between the three big players will be more interesting in the next quarter that the previous one. Will Heart's new breakfast show with Jamie Theakston steal put the pressure Capital's Johnny Vaughan show, which continued to increase its audience this quarter just gone. Meanwhile will Capital's new Richard Bacon front drive time show help Capital increase its overall listening hours, helping it lead the way in audience share as well as number of listeners? Time will tell I guess.

Other RAJAR headlines include: Radio 2 is still the UK's biggest station, with pretty much all of its daytime shows increasing their audience figures; Radio 1 also experienced another slight increase in listeners, as did its flagship Chris Moyles breakfast show. Back in London Virgin Radio's Pete and Geoff breakfast show added 90,000 listeners in the last quarter; while over in the realm of speech radio Radio 4 saw its audience drop by 140,000, although it maintained its audience share.


"I rest my pretty shaky case your honour". I'm paraphrasing slightly, but that is basically what Tom Sneddon, chief prosecutor in the Michael Jackson court case, told Judge Rodney Melville yesterday.

The prosecution's bit of the proceedings ended with a testimony by music producer Rudy Provencio who had worked with Jackson and some of his close aides, including Marc Shaffel. Provencio confirmed there was a state of panic in the Jackson camp following the screening of the Martin Bashir documentary. He also alleges that Jackson aides made flippant comments about there being 'killers' after the Arvizos, seemingly to scare the family into compliance because they were worried Mrs Arvizo might try to blackmail the singer. In a bid to add credibility to the allegation Jackson held the Arvizo family hostage, Provencio also confirmed he once heard Schaffel and fellow Jacko aide Vincent Amen say that the family "escaped" - i.e., implying there was something to escape from.

And so the case for the prosecution came to a slow tedious end. Despite some 80 odd witnesses taking to the stand, experts say the prosecution's case on the specific child abuse allegations still depend pretty much exclusively on the claims made by his accuser, Gavin Arvizo, and Gavin's younger brother, although allegations made by other witnesses relating to Jackson's behaviour with other teenage boys might influence the jury. The claim that the Arvizos were held hostage by Jackson depend less on the testimonies of the family themselves, although some say, even if Mrs Arvizo and her family were held hostage at the Neverland ranch, there has been little evidence that Jackson was directly involved in that.

Certainly Jacko's defence reckon the prosecution's case is rather weak (though, no surprises there I suppose), so much so they are trying to have Jackson acquitted forthwith on the grounds the prosecution has been unable to prove the charges against their client. Judge Melville will consider that plea today. If he decides against instant acquittal the defence will begin their case - which means celebs galore in the witness stand in the coming weeks.


MTV have told British Sea Power that their new single/video, 'Please Stand Up' is to be barred from being shown on the MTV USA network, apparently due to concerns over the use of the word 'wetter'. Which is, of course, a, er, very offensive word.

A spokesperson for the band said: "MTV USA have objected to a line in the video saying it doesn't meet standards. What standards does the line "wetter and wetter" violate? We would like to be told why this language from one of our richest, most literate groups is being squashed by a committee of McCarthyites."

The single is released in the UK on 23 May.


Rumour has it the Rolling Stones might be about to announce another world tour. Those rumours have heightened since the band's New York representatives announced there would be a press conference regarding the band at 12.30pm on 10 May. The band are expected to kick off a tour in late summer, shortly after the release of their new studio album, due for an early summer release.


The whole of Oasis' new album has surfaced online, though this time from an official source - iTunes Germany - though it is unclear if the release of the album was officially sanctioned.

All the tracks from 'Don't Believe The Truth', due for a retail release on 30 May, went live on the German iTunes platform on Tuesday, but were taken offline at about 6pm the next day. While available on the download service, iTunes users anywhere in the world could sample 30 second clips of each track, while Apple's German customers could actually download it.

The fact that such a high profile album slipped onto the platform without any major marketing, and the fact it was quickly removed, suggests the early arrival of Oasis' new material was a mistake, although some have speculated it was a publicity stunt to get more column inches for the upcoming new release. Neither iTunes or Oasis have officially commented.

The latest online appearance of the album follows the previously reported leak of four new Oasis tracks on P2P networks early last month, and the selling of CDR copies of the new long player on eBay.


Mojo have announced the shortlist for its second annual awards - an awards event designed to celebrate established artists who have, according to the magazine's editor Phil Alexander, "been responsible for enhancing our rich musical culture".

Among the nominees this year are David Bowie, who is nominated for the Mojo Icon Award for the second year running - this year he is up against Siouxsie Sioux, the late Marc Bolan, John Lydon and The Ramones.

Also shortlisted for the same award for the second year running is Paul Weller, who will again compete for the Mojo Songwriter Award, this time against Van Morrison, Damien Rice, Kate Bush and Brian Wilson.

Morrissey, who won the Icon award last year, has this time been nominated for the Inspiration award, shortlisted alongside Neil Young and The Pixies.

Explaining the rationale behind the magazine's awards, Alexander told reporters yesterday: "While other awards celebrate the biggest names and the best releases of the preceding year, we believe there's long been a need to properly honour the extraordinary talents of the artists, bands and songwriters whose careers have been responsible for enhancing our rich musical culture".

The Mojo Awards will be presented at a London ceremony on 16 Jun.


Now I don't know about you, but I have never confused four warbling Irish eedjits doing their best to murder Frank Sinatra songs with a pack of twenty Marlboro reds. But then again, I'm not German.

Anyway, Irish pop group Westlife have lost their five year battle to register their band name as a European trademark. As reported yesterday, those attempts were opposed by a German tobacco company who claimed 'Westlife' was too close to their existing European trademark 'West'. They argued that if both 'West' and 'Westlife' were trademarks German consumers were likely to be confused.

The group's German lawyer Reiner Prietsch argued against that claim, saying: "The difference in length alone has a consequence that no consumer will read or hear 'West' for 'Westlife', or vice versa."

However judges in the European Court of First Instance in Luxembourg sided with the cigarette firm, saying: "The relevant public might think that the origin of the goods and services marketed under the Westlife mark is the same as that of the goods and services marketed under the West mark, or at least that there is an economic link between the various companies or undertakings which market them. In the light of all the foregoing, and in view of the fact that the goods and services in question are identical or similar, the court finds that there is a likelihood of confusion between the two trademarks."

The decision doesn't stop Westlife from selling merchandise containing their name and logo, however by failing to trademark the name they will have less of a case against bootleg merchandisers who make goods bearing the word 'Westlife'. The decision might also prevent them from launching Westlife cigarettes, which is a shame because there's already a lack of teen-pop bands promoting nicotine-based products to their gullible fans - an untapped market if ever I saw one.


Ian Brown has published a set of political lyrics to 'Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea' in advance of today's polls. The words cast a fairly cynical eye over the electoral race, as follows:

Vote for me, vote for me
I'm the politician with the policies to set you free
Time for an election
So what's your selection?
Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea

Soapbox speakin', power speakin'
Gonna light the nation in its darkest hour
Craving the keys to the rein of power

Love me, trust me, cast me your vote
X marks the spot
Let me be the first past the post
Don't vote for me and ya can't complain
Let me be a law-maker
In the game where a dreamer can become a shaker

Soapbox speakin', power speakin'
Gonna light the nation in its darkest hour
Craving the keys to the rein of power

Filled with derision?
Can't make a decision?
Stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea

Re-count! Re-count!
Who spoilt the papers?
Say nobody vote for no one
No others, no Tory or Labour
Just got left with 30m spoilt ballot papers

Soapbox speakin', power speakin'
Gonna light the nation in its darkest hour
Craving the keys to the rein of power


Engineers became unwittingly involved in a bit of a fracas in Germany this week. The band were due to play at a venue in Hamburg when singer Simon Phipps, who was filming a piece outside, was accosted by several men who were desperate to get their hands on the video tape he'd just recorded. The band's drummer Sweeny told "Phipps ran into the venue while these lads threatened to kick fuck out of all of us unless they got the tape.

Fortunately we managed to calm them down and they got the tape and left. The police arrived and shut the street because [they believed] these fuckers had shot four people and we were the only people who had seen their faces."

The group were forced to cancel the gig in order to head to the local police station to give statements, and may have to return later this year if the case comes to trial. Which is all rather dramatic.


Albert Hammond Snr, father of The Strokes' Albert Hammond Jr, has revealed in a new book that his guitarist son was a championship winning roller skater before starting his musical career. Hammond Jr told The Guardian: "It's weird it hasn't come out sooner. The weird thing is, I used to skate in front of, like, 5,000 people and I was never nervous, but the first time I got on stage, there were four people there and I vomited."

Hammond Snr gave up performing music to concentrate on writing and producing when his son was born but is to release his first record in 23 years, 'Revolution Of The Heart' on 23 May. He explained how he approved of his son's musical career right from the start, saying "He called me from university and said he had to choose between school and the band, and I said, 'The choice is made, it's the band.'"


Bobby Brown has been given two days by a family court judge to prove that he has the income to fund educational trusts for two of his children. As previously reported, Brown was jailed for a day last year after failing to pay child support owed to Kim Ward, and was summoned to court in March after falling behind on payments again, and failing to set up the educational trusts he'd promised to establish years ago.

Back in court, Brown told the court that he was capable of paying and that he has money coming in from reality TV and music projects. He claims that he didn't know that the missing payments hadn't been made, presumably because he's too busy too deal with that sort of thing himself. "I've been shooting a television show and recording an album, so it's hard," he said. "For me, it's easy to not know that a payment is not paid because other people are supposed to pay them."

The former R&B star is expected to make four payments totalling $160,000 within the next six months to establish the trusts. He and troubled wife Whitney Houston will be the subject of a new eight-episode reality TV show, Being Bobby Brown, which you'll be able to see this summer, if you get Bravo.


Former Fugee Pras has signed a new recording contract with Universal who will now release his second solo album 'Win, Lose Or Draw', a thirteen track long player due for mid-Jun release. Guests on the album include Akon, Sean Paul and fellow former Fugee Wyclef Jean.


The director of the new Queens Of The Stone Age video for single 'In My Head' has said that the new video is not like Italian porn. As previously reported, the band's vocalist Josh Homme has spoken of the new promo as being stylistically "like this Italian porno I saw once".

Director Adam Levite has said: "I don't really know why Josh thought the video reminded him of Italian porn. But whatever. Maybe it had something to do with the 'in and out' camera techniques we used. Or the shots of all the girls in the woods."

On making the video, he told MTV News "The song is not your typical Queens song, so I didn't want to make a typical Queens video. We're focusing on them as people here, starting with beautiful shots of them playing their instruments, and we begin to zoom in from there. We show them playing and determined and push in to show smaller images that are driving them. Of course, keeping with the chorus of the song, we want to see what's in all the Queens' heads. So we get in really close and we want the viewer to feel the circular nature of the piece, where they get in the band's heads and then back into their own. The whole thing is extremely post-[production] heavy, so it'll take awhile to put it all together. I just want it to look and feel different than any other Queens video. I want it to be really photographic and stripped-down, taking the viewer's eye away from the outside and placing the focus on the band's insides."


Megadeath have confirmed the tracklisting for their greatest hits album CD/DVD double package thingy, which is good news for, erm, Megadeath fans I guess. It's due for release on EMI in Jun, tracks as follows:

1. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
2. In My Darkest Hour
3. Peace Sells
4. Sweating Bullets
5. Angry Again
6. A Tout Le Monde
7. Trust
8. Kill The King
9. Symphony Of Destruction
10. Mechanix(2002 Remix)
11. Train Of Consequences
12. Wake Up Dead
13. Hangar 18
14. Dread And The Fugitive Mind
15. Skin O' My Teeth
16. She-Wolf
17. Prince Of Darkness

Bonus DVD
1. Kill The King (Mega-Mix Video)
2. Intro Screen/Prince Of Darkness
3. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
4. In My Darkest Hour
5. Hangar 18
6. Sweating Bullets
7. Symphony Of Destruction
8. Peace Sells
9. Preview For Arsenal Of Megadeth


Noel Gallagher has joined brother Liam in the big slag off of competing artists, though at least he doesn't want to rip Kylie Minogue's vocal chords out.

Speaking to Nuts magazine about Ms Minogue, Noel says: "I don't hate Kylie but I hate her music with a passion. It's just unbridled filth, it's disgusting. But she, by all accounts, is a very, very, very nice lady - if a little on the short side. But her music fucking makes me want to puke."


Nine Inch Nails'Trent Reznor has said that a cover version of his song 'Hurt ' recorded by Johnny Cash gave him the confidence to get on and record new album 'With Teeth', that long awaited follow up to 1999's 'The Fragile'.

On listening to the track, Reznor said: "It hit me at a time when I was about to start writing my album and I was feeling insecure and I was questioning my whole role in things, and didn't know if I had anything to say or any validity. Somehow when that came up, the recognition it garnered, y'know as a songwriter -which was nice as a change - really felt like a warm hug."

On first hearing the song: "I heard it and I didn't quite get it. It felt invasive a little bit, felt like it was my song - y'know that was a real personal song of mine - it felt funny hearing his big voice on it. And then shortly thereafter I got the video on the mail, and that's really when it really hit home, that knocked me over. I couldn't believe how powerful that track had become juxtaposed into his life."


Addictive TV and the NFT have announced details of a new festival designed to explore the "convergence of visuals & music". Called Optronica, the festival will feature screenings, live performances and talks all on the theme of audio-visual entertainment.

Programme highlights include:

- Audiovisual show and talk from electronic music pioneer and Kraftwerk star Karl Bartos.

- World premiere of Warp Records act Plaid and video artist Bob Jaroc's new surround-sound audiovisual project 'Greedy Baby'.

- UK premiere of DJ Spooky's 'Rebirth of a Nation' - a live solo film remix by the noted New York turntablist adding new music and meaning to DW Griffith's controversial masterpiece 'The Birth of a Nation'.

- A one-off club night at The Spitz with synergistic DJ:VJ sets from French DJ Joakim (Versatile Records), Dutch electro-meister Legowelt (Bunker Records),  Si Begg (Mute), eMovie (France), VJ Milosh (Poland), TomoGrapher (Japan) and Stanzacrew (Holland).

- Special live AV performance from Addictive TV on the flytower of the National Theatre (NT), with spectacular projections visible across the Thames.

Full info is online at - press info from the Outpost.


The next edition of the breakbeat fest that is Eargasm will take place at Fabric on 3 Jun and will be particularly special because it will see Plump DJs launch their long awaited new album, hurrah! The line up for the night will be suitably fine, featuring the Plumps themselves, plus Adam Freeland, Evil Nine, Ali B, Soul of Man, Tayo, Hybrid, Infusion, Phil Hartnoll (Orbital), Joe Ransom, Phil K, Lee Coombs, The Freestylers (DJ Set), Koma & Bones, Hyper, Madox, BLIM and JDS. It all kicks off at 9.30pm - tickets are £12 (£10 NUS) - press info from Fabric.


NBC has apparently picked up ITV's 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' to air in the US over the summer. The American version of the show will retain gangly host Vernon Kay and be produced by Granada America.

NBC said: "This exciting new series will reunite the audience with some of their favorite classic musical performers and groups who will play their hits and then compete against each other in an entertaining battle of the bands." Amen to that.


Rock pop lovelies Kaiser Chiefs are giving radio presenting a shot and will fill in for Steve Lamacq on 6Music on 23 May. Frontman Ricky Wilson and band member Nick Hodgson will select tracks and ask each other questions, as suggested by 6 Music listeners.

Ricky said: "We promise to try to fill Lammo's boots in style, its a great honour to be honest and we hope listeners will appreciate our efforts!"


Charlotte Church has increased her own weekly allowance by fifty quid. The singer, worth £6.5m, is now giving herself £300 a week. According to The Sun Charlotte's mum Maria said: "Charlotte is very careful but she is young and it has to last a long time. She still wants only £300 to spend."


Britney is said to be hugely disappointed because Madonna won't be godmother to her baby. The Sun reports that the two have been friends for a few years and share an interest in the Kabbalah faith, but that sources say Madonna turned down the honour because she is too busy. An 'insider' said: "Britney was so disappointed but told Madonna she understands."


We trust you will all be exercising your democratic right to vote today. Or your democratic right not to vote of course. The CMU team will be hooked to the overnight poll count coverage, so expect a more incoherent than usual CMU Daily tomorrow.

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