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In today's CMU Daily:
- Xfm presenter gets triple win at Sony Awards
- I never saw anything odd: Jacko trial update
- Criticism continues as Warner prepare for share sale
- Former RIAA chief hits out at Apple's incompatibility
- SonyBMG won't move Oasis release despite internet leaks
- Gallagher supports Killers / Bravery feud
- Live Review: Amon Tobin at Mean Fiddler
- Stewart cancels London gig over throat infection
- Vek supports Moby
- Wippit announce new partnerships
- KC Sunshine has nasty fall
- Damon Dash / IDJ deal on the rocks?
- Live tracks feature on U2 single
- Album Review: Bang Gang - Something Wrong
- Antony And The Johnsons tour
- Lou Reed to perform spoken word
- GWR / Capital merger complete
- OfCom rule Springer opera not broadcasting violation
- Flavor Flav joins farm celebrities, RSPCA kick up fuss
- Single Review: The Raveonettes - Ode To LA
- Franz fans demand fringe
- Christina's wedding hump
- System Of A Down sneak in swear
- Sony Radio Academy Awards 2005 winners



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Well, a happy morning over at the Capital Radio offices in Leicester Square this morning, and not just because of the nice new purple dÈcor in reception (they're part of GCap now of course, more on that in a minute). The celebrations will centre on the Xfm floor after the Capital Group's alternative station scored a triple win at the Sony Awards, all via breakfast show host Christian O'Connell. The breakfast presenter took the awards for Best Entertainment Show, Best Competition and Best Breakfast Show, which should win him some favour with Capital bosses, even if he did beat Capital FM's Johnny Vaughan to win the latter.

Also a good night for the BBC at the British radio industry's annual back slapping fest. They took 21 of the 32 awards, with Radio 2's Jeremy Vine being named Speech Broadcaster Of The Year, Radio 1 DJ (and former CMU columnist, of course) Zane Lowe getting the Best Music Broadcaster and Specialist Music Award and former Radio-1-man-turned-Radio-2-presenter Steve Wright getting an Outstanding Contribution Award.

Other winners in the commercial domain included Kerrang! Radio in Birmingham who took the Daily Music Show award for their drive time slot, York's Viking FM who took the Information Award for their show Unhappy Hour, and Liverpool's Radio City who won both the regional Station Of The Year award and the Station Programmer Of The Year gong for their programming chief Richard Maddock.

There's a full list of Sony winners at the bottom of today's Daily.


Well, for every former Jackson staff member that spoke up for the prosecution in the ongoing Jacko trial, the singer's defence team are now wheeling in other Neverland employees to speak in their client's favour. The staff member bit of Jacko's defence is designed to dismiss both the testimonies given by those former employees who said they had witnessed the singer behaving inappropriately with teenage boys, as well as the allegations that the Arvizo family were held at the ranch against their will in the weeks after the screening of the Martin Bashir documentary.

First up, Francin Contreras, who worked at Neverland as a maid in 1991-93, took to the witness stand to diss Adrian McManus, another former maid who has claimed she saw Jackson indecently touch then-child actor Macaulay Culkin. Contreras said McManus was a liar and a thief, claiming she had stolen items from Jackson. She added that despite McManus' supposed disgust at Jackson's behaviour, she never said anything about it at the time of the incident.

Meanwhile Violet Silva, a former Neverland security chief and the current safety co-ordinator there, told the court that she had never seen Jackson behaving inappropriately towards children. She added that Jackson's current accuser, Gavin Arvizo, was "pretty destructive" during his stay at Neverland, supposedly running riot around Jackson's home with his brother Starr. Silva also stressed that the Arvizo family had never been prevented from leaving the ranch during their stay there.

Ranch manager Joe Marcus meanwhile reported that the Arvizo family "were excited to be at Neverland", adding that they were always anxious to get back to Jacko's ranch whenever he took them out shopping.

The defence will continue their case today, with those celebrity witnesses surely due to take to the witness stand anytime soon. There is still some confusion as to whether Macaulay Culkin will appear during the trial. He was reportedly resisting requests to testify, but then there were reports that he would in fact appear. But latest rumours suggest the former child star is again reluctant to speak at the trial, concerned at the ferociousness of some of the cross-examination that has been going on during the trial so far.


Warner Music will tomorrow start trading on the New York Stock Exchange as the major label's share sale plans move forward despite last week's anti-management outburst from flagship signing Linkin Park. There is much speculation as to how the company will perform, and whether the bad press that has surrounded the share sale will have any real impact.

The bad press continued yesterday as Warner bosses went through the last minute preparations for the share sale. Linkin Park again positioned themselves as representatives for the artist community who, they claim, are now viewed as a mere commodity by profit hungry Warner executives. The band's guitarist, Brad Delson, told reporters that his band had been asked if they wanted to play at the city event due to launch the share sale, something which, he says: "just exemplifies how out of touch the ownership of the Warner Music Group is with our band. It doesn't make any sense to us why we would play a show at the New York Stock Exchange. I don't know what was going through their minds."

But criticism hasn't been restricted to the artist community. A report from business magazine Forbes has also criticised aspects of the Warner IPO, representing more general concerns in the investment community that the music company is selling too many shares at too high a price. In the report, Forbes journalist Scott Reeves points out: "Many of the original investors are expected to take the IPO money and run - if the smart money wants out, do you want in?".

While the bad press surrounding Warner Music's IPO might amuse the company's rivals, there is an argument that if Wall Street has a lukewarm response to the share sale it reflects badly on the music industry as a whole, suggesting city firms are still to be convinced that the music business is fully tackling the challenges of the digital age. In his article Reeves cites another reason for keeping your distance from the Warner Music share sale: "Internet technology is changing the music industry and may destroy it as we know it".


Hilary Rosen, the former chief of the Recording Industry Association of America, has hit out at Apple's unwillingness to make the iPod compatible with music stores other than its own iTunes platform. As the boss of the RIAA when internet music piracy became the big issue for the music business, Rosen welcomes the numerous legitimate download services which have launched in the last two years, recognising the opportunities they offer for music companies and music fans alike. However, she says, Apple's current business model in the music space is "anti-consumerî and "user unfriendlyî.

Writing on a new blog-website called the Huffington Post, Rosen says: "I know Steve Jobs is a god. Look, I bowed at his feet when the iPod and iTunes was created because HE GOT THE BALL ROLLING. He is as laconically casually cool as Bono and makes really good cartoon movies too. But keeping the iTunes system a proprietary technology to prevent anyone from using multiple music systems is the most anti-consumer and user unfriendly thing any god can do. Is this the same Jobs that railed for years about the Microsoft monopoly? Is taking a page out of their playbook the only way to have a successful business? If he isn't careful Bill Gates might just Betamax him while the crowds cheer him on. Come on Steve - open it up. Why am I complaining about this? Why isn't everyone?î

She's right you know. And you can read the full article at: 05/steve-jobs-let-.html


SonyBMG have said they have no plans to bring forward the release of the new Oasis album, despite several leaks on the internet. As previously reported, tracks from Oasis' new album 'Don't Believe The Truth' have appeared on a number of P2P file networks, and a CDR copy of the long player was put up for auction on eBay. Then last week the German version of iTunes accidentally made the new album available for a 24 hour period, giving music fans in Germany the chance to download tracks.

However, bosses at SonyBMG, who are Oasis' record label outside the UK, have said the leaks will not alter their release plans - the album is due to come out here on 30 May, and in the US the next day. As you'll remember, some labels have in the past brought forward major releases after tracks from them surfaced on the internet - with the last albums from Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Destiny's Child all moved forward in this way. However SonyBMG say they see no need to alter their current release schedule, despite the leaks.

A spokesman told reporters: "We have no intention of bringing the release date forward. The situation at both iTunes and eBay is currently under investigation. Our concern, of course, is that illegal file-sharers will try to download the album's songs and our response to this would be immediate legal action. But only a few copies have been found on the net and right now that isn't anything to panic about."


Talking of Oasis, the always charming Liam Gallagher has given his support to the ongoing The Killers / The Bravery feud. As previously reported, the two bands have been bitching about each other ever since The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers first laid into The Bravery. As far as we can see, Liam isn't taking sides in the Killers/Bravery debacle - rather, he just likes it when bands bitch.

The Bravery's Sam Endicott told reporters yesterday: "We were talking to Liam Gallagher on Saturday and he said it's really good to see bands fighting again."

With that in mind, Gallagher presumably won't be pleased to hear that Bravery guitarist Michael Zakarin added to Endicott's comments by saying: "We like to be friends with bands we like. We're totally over The Killers thing."


LIVE REVIEW: Amon Tobin at Mean Fiddler on 4 May
This gig was in "glorious 5.1 surround", which was exciting, though I got was trapped near the centre and front left channels so I didn't really get into the surround effect, but I can confirm it was pretty damn loud. The Brazilian electronaut, sporting stubble and a cap, took centre stage behind a stack of electronic trickery and commenced his live thang whilst green lasers shone onto a young crowd enclosed in the dungeon of the LA2. And the sound? A tad like Aphex Twin. Squarepusher also came to mind as he pushed a '93 roller vein whilst some shards of the 'Splinter Cell' album were in there somewhere. Bass ballistics were lapped up by the eager crowd and threatened to take out my left ear as the Valve sound system seemed on the verge of rupturing thoracic cavities throughout the venue. At the last Tobin drew in some hip-hop and Hendrix which excited the crowd, bringing the set to an end on a high note. An encore beckoned with heavy percussive and some heavy thrash metal which incited the formation of a mosh pit, to the approbation of onlookers. So a good night, if not completely surround sound - I guess I'll have to get Tobin's Soundtrack to Thomas Clancy's Splinter Cell, when it is released in 5.1 on DVD on 12 May. PV


Rod Stewart had to cancel his London gig last night because of a throat infection. A spokesman told reporters: "Rod has been forced to postpone his first London engagement at Earls Court tonight because of a severe viral throat infection. Under doctor's orders, Rod has been told to rest until his next scheduled Earls Court date on Wednesday May 11." Last night's gig will be rescheduled for a later date.


Er, Tom Vek is supporting Moby. On the following dates:

16 May: Glasgow Academy
17 May: Manchester Apollo
18 May: Birmingham Academy
19 May: Brixton Academy


Discount download service Wippit has launched two new partnerships - one with the Daily Star and one with Telewest's internet company Blueyonder. The former will give Star readers up to five pounds of free downloads in return for four in-paper codes, while the latter will see Blueyonder customers given the chance to get a 12 month subscription to Wippit at the discount price of £45. The two partnerships are the latest in a string of strategic alliances for the London based bargain download company - as previously reported, Wippit recently announced a joint venture with Loot magazine to offer a cut price download service via the classified mag's much used website.


Harry Wayne Casey, better known as KC of Sunshine band fame, is recovering from a nasty spill that happened as he took part in a concert in Phoenix at the weekend. The singer, appearing as part of the city's Cinco De Mayo festival, tumbled and fell headfirst onto the concrete floor beneath the stage, and, despite visible injuries, finished his set before heading off to hospital. Casey, who was just about to sing 'Boogie Shoes,' blames the incident on his er, non-boogie shoes, explaining "I left my shoes at the hotel and had to perform in a new pair."

On his official website, KC said "Last night in Phoenix at the beginning of the show I lost my balance and fell 6 feet to the asphalt head first. I have had to have six stitches in my forehead above my right eyebrow and have some road rash on the right side of my face. I am very sore. Nothing is broken except my pride, thank God. I sprang my wrists and my knee and my shoulder is sore also. I did finish the show though and then went to the hospital. The bleeding had stopped and the medics put some band-aides on me. I felt that I just had to do the show. Just so you heard it from the horses' mouth".


According to the New York Post, Damon Dash's three month old joint venture with Universal division Island Def Jam is on the rocks. An insider has told the paper that Dash is making too many demands of the major, and that bosses there aren't planning on meeting those demands. It remains to be seen what that means for the partnership between the Damon Dash Music Group and IDJ - though the Post says none of the other big players are interested in working with Dash, so he may have to carry on working with them on their terms.


U2's newest single will feature some classic live tracks. The band, who are currently in the throes of that world tour, release 'City Of Blinding Lights', the third single from latest album 'How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb', on 6 Jun. The CD will include a Killahurtz Fly Mix of 'All Because Of You' and live versions of 'The Fly' and 'Even Better Than The Real Thing' which were recorded at the Stop Sellafield concert in Manchester in 1992.


ALBUM REVIEW: Bang Gang - Something Wrong (Scograph)
For a place with such great volcanic activity, Iceland sure knows how to produce placid artists. No one really knows how to rock out on that particular Nordic Island, except for perhaps Bjork, but even she dances to a different beat. Bang Gang is no exception, and that's no bad thing. 'Something Wrong' contains a world of beautiful songs. Songs that will catch, take, and run away with your breath. The depth of loveliness is immeasurable. It's music for a lazy Sunday, sweet lullabies to send you into lush daydreams. FC
Release date: 30 May
Press contact: Strike3 [all]


New Yorkers Antony And The Johnsons are to tour the UK in June. Their odd yet beautiful album 'I Am A Bird Now' was released earlier this year, and won several pretty passionate fans on the CMU team. So look out for single release 'Hope There's Someone' on 16 May, and the following UK dates:

24 Jun: London QEH
26 Jun: Birmingham Glee Club
27 Jun: Bristol Trinity Centre
28 Jun: Manchester Academy
30 Jun: Edinburgh Liquid Room
1 Jul: Glasgow Oran Mor
2 Jul: Dublin The Vicar
3 Jul: Belfast Empire Music Hall


Lou Reed is to give a spoken word performance in Edinburgh next week, at a show to be held at the city's Reid Hall. The rock star finishes his European tour in Helsinki on Friday and will appear at the event in the Scottish capital on the following Monday, 16 May. The performance comes four days before his headline appearance at the Burns Festival at Culzean Castle in Ayrshire where the Velvet Underground star will play three songs with the Orchestra of National Opera. Reed's new DVD, 'Spanish Fly - Live In Spain' out on 6 Jun.


GWR and the Capital Radio Group are no more, as of yesterday it's GCap all the way with the two companies formally merging their operations to create the biggest commercial radio company in the UK, boasting 55 regional stations in addition to its one national licence - hence the aforementioned growth of purple in the reception at Capital Radio's London HQ (purple being GCap's corporate colour).

GCap might sound more like an investment bank than a radio station, but that doesn't mean complete support in the investment community. The combined value of Capital and GWR was yesterday £527 million, which is £184 million down from when the two companies announced their intention to merge last Sep. That puts the pressure on the management of the newly merged radio company, with some in the investment community yet to be convinced that the promised economies of scale the merger is meant to enable will deliver long term commercial benefits. City types will be looking for some bold moves from the new company to boost audience listening hours and reduce operating costs - which will probably mean more syndication across the group. How GCap respond to the challenge remains to be seen.

Meanwhile Chrysalis has confirmed it has bought the East Midland's branch of the Capital Group's Century Radio operation. The sale of one of its Century licences was the only condition put on GWR and Capital in order to get the go ahead for the merger by the authorities. Chrysalis plan to turn the station into a third output for its Heart brand - which currently broadcasts in London and the West Midlands.


Hurrah for common sense. OfCom yesterday cleared the BBC of flouting broadcasting guidelines by showing controversial musical Jerry Springer The Opera, As you'll remember, the decision to show the West End show on BBC 2 led to a record 16,801 complaints, mainly coming from an online campaign initiated by a number Christian campaign groups who felt the show was blasphemous.

But OfCom said the BBC was in the clear with regard to broadcasting rules, pointing out that the BBC had given "clear pre-transmission warnings about the content of the programme", that it was "appropriately scheduled well after the watershed" and adding that in their view it "did not gratuitously humiliate individuals or any groups... in particular the Christian community".

Needless to say, Christian groups said they were disappointed in the decision, with the boss of Premier Christian Radio, Peter Kerridge, describing the decision as a "slap in the face for traditional Christian faith and practice".

God was still unavailable for comment - he's been very quiet on the whole thing.


Hip-hop star Flavor Flav was amongst the hotch potch of celebrities who have turned up to disport themselves in the new instalment of Channel Five's 'The Farm'. Other attendant s'lebs with a vague connection to the music industry include Sarah from Girls Aloud's boyfriend Mikey from Phixx, Lionel Blair (well, he dances) and Keith Harris and Orville (brief but glorious musical career with single release 'I Wish I Could Fly'). The rest comprise Dallas actress and Charlene Tilton, famously labelled 'the poison dwarf' by Terry Wogan, porn and politics purveyor La Cicciolina, legendary porn star Ron Jeremy, Emma Noble, Emma B, and er, Dave Morgan, who is apparently 'famous' for public dirt ditching about former fiancee, Eastenders star Jesse Wallace.

Meanwhile, the RSPCA have criticised the show, calling it "reckless" and "irresponsible," and voicing fears that animals would be put at unnecessary risk.

Dr Julia Wrathall, head of RSPCA Farm Animals Department, said: "This is not reality television, it is shabby television, and it is irresponsible because there is a real danger of causing distress and suffering to the animals, all in the name of entertainment. If the previous series is anything to go by, the health and welfare of the animals will be put at extra and unnecessary risk, and any educational merit is likely to be completely overshadowed by the antics of the contestants. The farming procedures are being undertaken by people who have minimum knowledge and training, and with entertainment rather than the animals' well-being as the primary objective."

Five, however, say Defra had been consulted for the first series and had found no problems with animal welfare. "We are consulting The State Veterinary Service - the executive agency of Defra - again for this series. As with last year's show, our first priority is ensuring that the highest possible standards of farming are met and that all livestock is treated with the utmost care and compassion."

So, no need to worry about the dumb creatures apparently. Or, indeed, the live animals.


SINGLE REVIEW: The Raveonettes - Ode to LA (SonyBMG/Columbia)
To call The Raveonettes' new single vintage or retro seems like a ridiculous understatement. It's a pastiche, drenched in nostalgia: we're talking jangly tambourines, lashings of 'woaha woaha woahs' and voices like Ronnie Spector. Hold on - that is Ronnie Spector! Does that '60s sound float around her like some ethereal aura? Anyway, remember Gus Van Sant's shot-by-shot remake of 'Psycho'? Well that's what this feels like. Fine - entertaining even - but almost entirely pointless. Listen to this, then stick on The Ronettes' 'Be My Baby' and it's the latter that sounds urgent and immediate, and 'Ode to LA' that sounds ever so slightly limp. WP
Release Date: 9 May
Press Contact: SonyBMG IH [all]


More than 200 Franz Ferdinand fans are petitioning for the return of frontman Alex Kapranos's fringe. Crikey, that was a lot of 'f's.

Anyway, a petition at reads "If you aware of the Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand, you may also be aware of their lead singer's late fringe. The fringe of Alexander Kapranos symbolised a great many things to his fans - freedom, truth, beauty, justice - and he also had to push it attractively out of his eyes in order to see. We liked that. However, it has come to our attention that the much beloved fringe of Mr Kapranos has been cruelly taken from his forehead, to be replaced with a haircut that enables him to see. We find this upsetting, shocking, infuriating and a variety of other words that end in "ing". We have decided that it is necessary to start up this petition, asking for Mr Kapranos to kindly grow his fringe back, so that freedom, truth, beauty, justice and hair-flipping are restored to mankind."

On the official Franz Ferdinand website Kapranos said: "Bloody Hell. There's an online petition for me to grow my fringe back. Er... it's getting there."


Christina Aguilera has said she won't invite Britney to her wedding. The singer, engaged to Jordan Bratman, has no wish to see her former Disney Club compatriot at her nuptials after Spears didn't invite her to her own wedding to Kevin Federline last year. Christina said: "There's no way she's getting an invite to my wedding. She snubbed me so I'm going to snub her too."


An excuse for some more moral outrage in America this weekend as System Of A Down sneaked an unscheduled use of the word 'fuck' into a performance on Saturday Night Live, whilst singing their swear heavy single 'BYOB'. Five uses of naughty words had been sanctioned by NBC, but the unscripted sixth was evidently considered too much for the no doubt young and impressionable audience watching when the show was aired after midnight. A fine may follow.



The Daily Music Show Of The Year: Kerrang! 105.2 Drivetime With Lucio, Kerrang! 105.2

The Weekly Music Show Of The Year: The Selector, Somethin' Else For FCUK Fm

The Breakfast Show Of The Year: Christian O'Connell's Breakfast Show, Xfm

The Specialist Music Award: Zane Lowe, BBC Radio 1

The Entertainment Award: Christian O'Connell's Breakfast Show, Xfm

The 'Music Special' Award: Teenage Dreams So Hard To Beat, BBC Speech & Campaigns For Radio 1

The DJ Of The Year: Danny Baker, BBC London 94.9

The Music Broadcaster Of The Year: Zane Lowe, BBC Radio 1

The News Programme Of The Year: Vote Friction, Unique The Production Company For BBC Radio 1

The News Output Award: The Beslan Seige, BBC World Service News & Current Affairs & Newsgathering For BBC World Service

The News Story Award: The Tsunami, BBC Radio News For Five Live

The Sports Award: City Till I Die, BBC Radio York

The Speech Award: Beyond Belief - Islam And Women, BBC Religion And Ethics For Radio 4

The Speech Broadcaster Of The Year: Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2

The News Journalist Of The Year: Eddie Mair, BBC Radio 4

The Feature Award: Missing The Message, Unique The Production Company For BBC Radio 1

The Short Form Feature Award: Blind Man's Beauty, BBC Radio And Music Factual For Radio 4

The Information Award: Unhappy Hour, Viking Fm News Team For Viking Fm & Magic 1161

The Drama Award: Laughter In The Dark, Catherine Bailey Productions For BBC Radio 3

The Comedy Award: The National Theatre Of Brent's Complete And Utter History Of The Mona Lisa, Above The Title Productions For Radio 4

The Event Award: The Drive Show: D-Day Anniversary, BBC Radio Kent

The Interactive Radio Award: Three Counties Breakfast, BBC Three Counties Radio

The Competition Award: Christian O'Connell's Rock School, Xfm

The Community Award: The Stephen Nolan Show, BBC Radio Ulster Factual For Radio Ulster

The Station Sound Award: Kiss 100

The Promo Award: A77 Guardian Angel Campaign, West Sound Commercial Production for West Sound, West Fm & Southwest Sound Fm

The Station Programmer Of The Year: Richard Maddock, Radio City 96.7

Station Of The Year - Under 300,000: BBC Radio Foyle

Station Of The Year - 300,000-1 Million: BBC Three Counties Radio

Station Of The Year - 1 Million Plus: Radio City 96.7

Station Of The Year - UK: BBC Radio 2

Station Of The Year - Digital Terrestrial: Capital Disney

The 2004 Award: UK Radio Aid

The Gold Award: Steve Wright

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