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In today's CMU Daily:
- Happy birthday us
- Office Of Fair Trading says combined chart isn't anti-competitive
- Best wishes galore for Kylie
- He never touched me: Jacko trial update
- Janet Jackson accused of copyright theft
- BPI back regulated P2P
- Strokes singer attends Bravery gig
- Pete & Geoff to quit breakfast later this year
- C4 marketing chief takes on top job at Kiss
- Speculation grows over Live Aid II
- Warner courting Gotti over possible Inc deal
- R Kelly makes mini movie
- Pilgrem goes live again
- ASA rule Reebok ad should be banned
- German courts favour ISPs in piracy litigation saga
- Napster hope to avoid price war
- Spitzer investigations might find dodgy tactics at high levels
- One Self instore
- Fightstar tour
- Oasis album playback dates
- Diefenbach tour UK and Ireland
- MTV ban Basement Jaxx video of The Queen
- Doherty evicted
- Coke go mobile with music proposition
- Eighties Matchbox drummer quits
- Diaz sues The Sun
- Britney and Kevin do first joint TV interview



Kill All Hippies is back, bigger and better than ever with a brand new home - Scala near Kings Cross. This month live on stage we have Crimea, Infadels and Three Miles From plus Eddy TM, Jeff Automatic and DJ Syrinx will be taking to the decks. Meanwhile we have a brand new room 2 - the Fun House, hosted by Jagz Kooner & Richard Clouston, and this month with special guest Paul Epworth - aka Phones. All takes place 21 May from 8.30pm until very late. As always you need to guest list yourself at to get the special discounted £3 entry price. And don't forget you can download live sets from Kill All Hippies the day after the event from new sets will be available for download from Sunday at 6pm.

Full press info>>



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Well, Happy Birthday us. Yep, today is CMU's seventh birthday. Seven years have slipped on by since the Dandy Warhols graced the cover of the very first edition of the College Music Update. To celebrate we will be spending the day doing what every seven year old does - we'll eat a load of junk food, play the most violent PlayStation games we can find and emotionally blackmail our mothers into buying us some over-priced piece of Star Wars tat.

We're also marking the birthday by doing something we've been meaning to get round to ever since 18 May 1998 - putting a search function on the website. Yep, you can now search the entire CMU Daily archive and pull up all the stories relating to a specific artist, label or topic. Lovely. Just click the archive or search links at

Lots of new things will be going on in the world of CMU during our seventh year - watch this space for more details. Meantime, birthday cards and presents (presents are preferable) can be sent to the address at the bottom of today's Daily. Just fyi: EMI people, I still don't own a copy of Queen's Greatest Hits on CD. SonyBMG people, I see Ben Folds is playing the Barbican later this month. Warner people, I didn't get to keep the CMU copies of the OC soundtracks. Universal people, please remarket that Loose Cannons album so it gets the mass success it really really deserves.

Have a nice day.


The lovable Office Of Fair Trading yesterday turned down requests by the Association Of Independent Music to investigate whether the new combined download and physical sales singles chart contravened competition law.

As previously reported, AIM claimed that relaunching the main UK singles chart so that it incorporated download sales statistics gave the major labels an unfair advantage because not all independent labels had managed to get their music stocked by the flagship download platforms, and especially iTunes.

The BPI, who own half of the company that compiles the British music charts, originally agreed with AIM and put back the launch of the combined stats singles chart. But by Apr this year they said they were confident that everything had been done to ensure a level playing field, and the Official Chart Company launched the new chart on 17 Apr.

However AIM, while in theory supporting the incorporation of download data into the singles chart, said it was still too early to ensure a combined singles chart would be fair on all of their members, hence their appeal to the UK competition authorities. But yesterday the OFT said that there were not "reasonable grounds to suspect" that competition regulations had been infringed by the chart revamp.

An OFT spokesman told reporters: "Based on the information provided, we do not have reasonable grounds to suspect that the Competition Act 1998 has been infringed by the decision by OCC or OCC's shareholders to launch a combined physical and download chart now, in the present form."


Fans and friends of Kylie Minogue yesterday passed on their support to the pop star following the news that she had been diagnosed with the early stages of breast cancer. Pete Waterman, Elton John and a host of fellow former Neighbours stars were among those passing on their best wishes.

Former Neighbours actress Anne Charleston, who played her mother in the soap, told GMTV: "When I heard it was like a stab to the heart because it happened to me at that same age. I think she'll come through it fine. She's very healthy generally and I'm sure she will come through it."

Former co-star and boyfriend Jason Donovan also passed on an optimistic message, telling reporters: "I sincerely wish her well with her treatment, Kylie is a strong woman who will fight this battle on every front."

Pete Waterman, meanwhile, said: "I am so shocked to hear this news, particularly since [songwriter] Mike Stock and I had a very poignant reunion with her at her recent Earls Court gig where there were a lot of hugs and kisses. My very best wishes go to her, and of course her family, at this difficult time."

Sister Dannii Minogue told reporters: "The news is very upsetting. Although as the cancer has been diagnosed at such an early stage we are all very optimistic that everything will be OK. We're all very thankful for the endless messages of love and support Kylie has been receiving - I know all your kind thoughts will mean the world to her as she gets better."

Kylie's illness, of course, has meant she has been forced to postpone the upcoming Australian leg of her world tour. It will also mean that she will not be able to headline next month's Glastonbury Festival. Confirming that, Glasto co-organiser Emily Eavis said yesterday: "It's really sad news for Kylie. Our thoughts are with her and her family at this very difficult time. It's much too early to speculate who may replace Kylie in the programme."


Another day, more testimonies, still no celebrities. Ah well. Social worker Irene Peters took to the witness stand in the ongoing Michael Jackson trial yesterday. An employee of the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services for some 30 years, she met with the Arvizo family during the time they claim they were being held hostage by Jackson and his associates, seemingly the day after the family filmed that video testimonial praising the singer which, they now claim, they made under duress.

Peters says that at that time the Arvizos continued to praise Jackson and deny any inappropriate behaviour on his part. They also did not mention feeling intimidated by Jackson and his people, nor that they were being held hostage at his Neverland ranch.

On the sexual abuse allegations being made by Gavin Arvizo, Peters told the court: "I asked him if he had ever been sexually abused by Michael Jackson and he became upset. He said, 'Everybody thinks Michael Jackson sexually abused me. He never touched me,'" Rather Peters continued, Arvizo said Jackson "was very kind to him and treated him like a father."

On the hostage claims, Peters reported that Mrs Arvizo originally asked if the interview could take place at the Neverland ranch, but later agreed to meet the social worker at the family's own home, a house belonging to Janet Arvizo's then boyfriend (now her husband).

Peters: "She denied all allegations of general neglect. I asked her about the relationship with Michael Jackson. She went on to say he was like a father to her children and she felt he was responsible for helping [the boy] to survive his cancer, for his cancer to go into remission. I asked her if the kids ever slept in Michael Jackson's room and she said no, that never happened."

The case continues.


Elsewhere in the pop courts, Jackson family division, Janet Jackson is being sued over allegations she, her songwriters and her record label committed copyright theft with the 2001 Grammy nominated track 'All For You'.

Michael Ortega, of Santa Cruz, California, claims that the track was based on a song he wrote in 1986 and which he subsequently played to Janet Jackson songwriters Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Ortega told reporters: "It's taken a long time to get this to court. From what I gather, [Jam and Lewis] have a pattern of basically building collages of other people's work for their songwriting."

Ortega is suing the songwriters, Jackson and Virgin Records for copyright infringement and slander. Janet Jackson is yet to comment.


The BPI is making moves to back the concept of legitimate P2P file sharing networks by supporting a seminar which will feature a presentation of 'legal' filesharing software being developed by a company called Mashboxx. The new P2P utilises the track-tracking technology being developed by original Napster founder Shawn Fanning through his company Snocap. Mashboxx is also run by a former key player in the unofficial P2P community - Wayne Rosso - formerly of controversial unregulated P2P network Grokster.

The BPI are keen to point out that backing the Mashboxx presentation is not a major u-turn in policy - they have never objected to the principle of P2P file-sharing, just the operation of unregulated P2P networks that enable mass copyright violation. BPI boss Pete Jamieson explains: "It is a myth that the record industry is somehow anti-filesharing or anti-technology. What we are against is people taking our members' music without permission. We will actively support all authorized initiatives that respect copyright."

Of course, the idea of a legitimate P2P network that pays copyright holders has been around ever since the original Napster exploded onto the scene and Fanning was working on developing a viable model of that kind just before the major labels' lawyers forced his company into bankruptcy. The technology to make such an idea a reality is now pretty much operational. The problem, of course, is that it is completely unproven as to whether anyone would use a P2P network where you have to pay to acquire copyrighted music. The attraction of P2P, surely, is the free supply of content. Take that away and you might as well use one of the legitimate download platforms. The real potential of Mashboxx and Snocap, therefore, is still to be proven.


Julian Casablancas of The Strokes attended a sell out Bravery gig in New York on Monday. The singer watched the set then met the band and there followed a conversation in which, an 'insider' revealed, "there was strong talk of the bands doing something together". No real indication as to what the 'something' might be, but whatever it is, it will have to wait until The Bravery finish that UK tour beginning on 23 May in Leeds.


Virgin Radio DJs Pete Mitchell and Geoff Lloyd are to quit the station's breakfast show at the end of the year, after a three year stint fronting the programme. Station bosses are said to be in talks with a replacement host, thought to be an established name. Pete and Geoff, meanwhile, are likely to present a different show in the station.

The station's acting chief executive Paul Jackson told the Guardian: "We've been talking about this since the beginning of the year... Pete and Geoff have been very successful on breakfast, but they have never seen themselves as part of the establishment and three years on breakfast is enough for them. They are absolutely part of the fabric of Virgin Radio and there's no acrimony here between Pete and Geoff or them and the station. We're some way down the road to securing a successor and we're going to have an awesome station."


Channel 4's marketing chief Bill Griffin has announced he's moving to EMAP to become the new MD of 'dance station' Kiss.

Reporting to EMAP Radio's 'MD Of National Brands', Shaun Gregory, Griffin will be charged with the task of further developing Kiss as one of the strongest youth brands in the capital, as well as building a following across the UK.

Announcing the appointment, Gregory told reporters: "Bill has an outstanding record of achievement with youth brands and we look forward to him bringing his vast knowledge to work on Kiss."


Speculation continues to grow that a second Live Aid event might take place in London in early Jul, despite Bob Geldof telling reporters recently: "It is just talk. Why would I possibly repeat something I did 20 years ago?"

Certainly it seems that the Live Aid Foundation will be giving its backing to a number of awareness-raising music events that will coincide with the next G8 Summit, which takes place in Scotland in Jul. The question is whether one of those events will be a Live Aid style benefit concert in London.

Reports that a major fundraising event is being planned gained more credibility yesterday when The Princes Trust confirmed it was cancelling its annual London based fundraising concert, the Party In The Park, in order to make way for a Live Aid event. Meanwhile there were rumours the BBC was in talks with Geldof about screening on event in London's Hyde Park on 2 Jul.

That rumoured event has been labelled Live 8, and U2, Keane and McFly are among the bands said to be interested in taking part.


Following those reports yesterday that the Universal Music Group is looking to end its business relationship with Irv Gotti, news today that Warner Music is seriously considering forming a partnership with the troubled hip hop mogul. Warner boss Lyor Cohen, of course, knows Gotti and his Inc record label well back from his Universal days, and some say he is therefore unfazed by Cohen's pending court case and possible jail sentence. Remains to be seen if that's true.


R Kelly has made a 16 minute mini-movie to promote his next album. The video, called 'Trapped In The Closet' and described as "Desperate Housewives meets desperate husbands" will be available as a bonus DVD on the R&B star's tenth studio album, TP.3 Reloaded.


Breaks guru Rennie Pilgrem will be shunning the decks in favour of the keyboards this summer with a new show billed as Rennie Pilgrem & The TCR Allstars. Pilgrem, of course, was once part of the Rhythm Section who played live at many a rave back in the day. He also used to regularly play live gigs at his own Thursday Club.

With that in mind, he is teaming up with MC Chickaboo, Richard Thair, William South and Chris Carter to create a new live show. Rennie told CMU: "We have had fifteen years of DJs being the main providers of electronic music, the time is now right to put cutting-edge stuff back in to a live context. We are not trying to be a rock band, we are a dance band'.

You can catch the Allstars at the following dates - press info from TCR IH.

4 Jun: The Phoenix Exeter
25 Jun: Glastonbury
16 Jul: Glade Festival Nr Reading
20 Aug: Beautiful Days Exeter


The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that a Reebok TV ad featuring 50 Cent should be banned because of its violent content. As previously reported, the ad showed Fiddy counting the nine times he has been shot, and then laughing as an off camera voice asked him who he planned to "massacre" next. The ASA said that the advert "endorsed his type of lifestyle and disregarded the unsavoury and perilous aspects of it by implying it was possible to survive being shot nine times".

The decision was welcomed by Mothers Against Guns founder Lucy Cope, whose son Damian was shot dead outside a nightclub in Holborn in 2002, who said "As a victim and a campaigner, I thank them from the bottom of my heart. They don't realise it but they have saved lives."

In any case, Reebok withdrew the ad at the start of last month, pulling it on 8 April saying that "a small number" of people "misinterpreted it and found it offensive". They defended the series of adverts, which featured such celebrities as Lucy Liu and Kelly Holmes, as they were intended as "positive and empowering celebration of the right of freedom of self-expression, individuality and authenticity"


The German courts have told the record labels they cannot force internet service providers to hand over the identity of suspected downloaders, which comes as quite a blow for the legal fight against illegal file sharing in Germany.

Elsewhere in the world judges have been similarly unwilling to force ISPs to hand over customer information automatically on request (as was the case for a brief time in the US), but have generally insisted ISPs hand over the identities of specific suspects when the case against those individuals is convincingly presented to the courts. Therefore the German courts ruling seems particularly harsh on the labels.

However, experts say new media legislation currently working its way through the German parliament could change the law on the matter and give the labels another opportunity to wrestle the names and addresses of suspected downloaders off the ISPs.


Napster boss Chris Gorog has confirmed he won't be pulled into a price war after Yahoo entered the subscription-model download sector with a cut price subscription rate last week. According to Reuters, he told an investor conference in San Francisco this week: "We are not positioning our product as a discount product. I think Yahoo! has". Gorog also announced that he plans to add movies to the Napster service within the next two years.


According to US industry site HitsDailyDouble, insiders at one New York major label are increasingly concerned that investigations by New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer into payola tactics in the US music/radio business are in danger of finding some dodgy marketing practices involving some very senior players as they work their way through a backlog of old emails. Could be interesting, assuming it's true of course.


Ninja Tune signed One Self will be playing an instore showcase at the Small Fish record store on Old Street, London tonight from 8pm. Should be worth checking out. Press info from Ninja IH.


Fightstar are back out on tour. It only seems about a week since the last set of dates. Do those boys never rest?

25 May: Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
26 May: Norwich Waterfront
27 May: Portsmouth Pyramid
28 May: Truro Hall (Surfers Against Sewage Show)
30 May: Newcastle Quayside
31 May: Glasgow QMU
1 Jun: Sheffield Leadmill
3 Jun: Liverpool Academy
4 Jun: Manchester Academy
5 Jun: Cardiff University
7 Jun: London Electric Ballroom


Oasis have announced a series of UK playbacks previewing new album 'Don't Believe The Truth' ahead of its 30 May release date. Entrance is on a first come-first served basis.

24 May, 10pm: Brighton Snide Audio
25 May, 9.30pm: Cardiff Popscene Ifor Bach
25 May, 9pm: Coventry The Phoenix
26 May, 9.30pm: Nottingham Tuned Rock City
27 May, 9pm: Aberdeen Triple Kirks Exodus
27 May, 10pm: Birmingham Ramshackle Academy
27 May, 10pm: Bradford FND Escape @ Bradford University
27 May, 10pm: Bristol Ramshackle Academy
27 May, 10:30pm: Edinburgh Evol The Liquid Room
27 May, 10pm: Exeter Collision Timepiece
27 May, 6pm: Glasgow The Tuesday Club Presents Tom Tom
27 May, 10pm: Leeds The Session The Cockpit
28 May, 9.30pm: Hull Spiders
28 May, 8pm: Liverpool Electric The Krazy House
28 May, 11am: Manchester Roadhouse
28 May, 10:30pm: Newcastle Rata Metro Arena
28 May, 10pm: Norwich Meltdown Waterfront
28 May, 10pm: Portsmouth Chaos South Parade Pier
28 May, 10pm: Sheffield Sonic Boom Leadmill
28 May, 8pm: Wolves Full On Little Civic


Diefenbach will soon be on tour publicising album release 'Set And Drift', which is out on 20 Jun, and is preceded by a single release 'Favourite Friend' on 6 Jun.

28 May: Barfly, London
30 May: Academy , Liverpool
31 May: King Tuts, Glasgow
1 Jun: Bud Rising Festival at Crawdaddy, Dublin
2 Jun: Roadhouse, Manchester


MTV have banned Basement Jaxx' new video from being shown on the channel before 7pm, because of course, that's when all easily offended people go to bed.

The promo for the single 'U Don't Know Me', released on 13 Jun, includes footage of a look-alike of The Queen getting drunk, goosing a lap dancer, fighting and evading police in Soho. An MTV spokesman said: "It's a great video, it's a great track and we plan on giving it heavy rotation in our evening schedules."

The video's director Mat Kirby said "MTV said it would never get on daytime TV because if the scene where the Queen grabs a lapdancer's bum. But I don't understand why. They seemed happy with her drinking and being surrounded by drug dealers."


So what did we learn from last night's 'Stalking Pete Doherty' TV show on Channel 4? That documentary maker Max Carlish is a bit odd. That Doherty is constantly surrounded by nutters. And that Doherty fans are scarily obsessive. So, nothing we didn't already know really. Perhaps the main revelation was how, with the benefit of hindsight, the whole Doherty saga seems so damn tedious. Which is fine, because we love tedium here at CMU, so, here's some more.

Pete Doherty has been evicted from his flat because his regular late and loud parties have been pissing off the neighbours. A source has told the Sun: "Pete has checked into a B&B just around the corner. The landlord said enough was enough. There were always fans and friends knocking on the door through the night. Whenever Pete was there it turned into a party." Just as well that curfew is no longer in force - it would be a bit hard to not leave your home after 10pm at night when you don't have a home to leave.


Coke are extending their music marketing operations into the mobile domain, with a number of new mobile promotions which will let fizzy drink drinkers download ring tones or full tracks to their phones, texting in a special code, which will presumably appear on the drinks brand's bottles and cans. Coke will also brand a version of the Shazam music identification service, where you play a track into your phone and receive a text message telling you what the song is. With the Coke version of Shazam, once music fans have been told what is called they will be directed to the MyCokeMusic website where they will be able to buy it as a download.


The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster have announced the (extremely amicable) departure of guitarist Andy Huxley. Huxley will be replaced by Rich Fownes who will commence guitar duties on the forthcoming System Of A Down tour.

Huxley said: "The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster are the greatest band in the UK and will become the greatest band in the world. I, meanwhile, have decided to pursue my chosen path as the greatest King Buzzo impersonator on earth."

The band said: "It has been an absolute pleasure being in a band with such an extraordinary guitar player who has donned so many incredible hairstyles. We've built a wonderful and enduring friendship and are all very proud of the music we created together. We wish him all the best for the future. We also welcome Rich into the band and are excited by the thought of fresh blood."

The band are currently working on songs for a new album and expect to road test them whilst they're on tour in Europe this summer. Speaking of which, here are their UK dates:

29 May: Birmingham Academy
3 Jun: Brixton Academy
4 Jun: Brixton Academy
5 Jun: Brixton Academy
12 Jun: Donnington Download Festival
14 Jun: Manchester MEN Arena
15 Jun: Glasgow SECC
2 Jul: Nottingham Rock City


Justin Timberlake's fiance Cameron Diaz is to sue The Sun over those previously reported allegations that the actress had cheated on her pop star boyfriend and had an affair with a married man. Diaz denies the claims, and has launched the action via law firm Schillings, who also represent Timberlake in his libel proceedings against the Sun's sister title, the News of the World, which alleged that he also had a secret affair.


And lets hope it's the, er, first of many. Britney Spears and husband Kevin Federline have given their first joint interview on Ellen DeGeneres' chat show. On the joys of being married to the premier pop princess Federline told DeGeneres "The make-ups from the arguments are the best part. Married or not, I love being with her and she's fun. She's very sweet... You can't be serious all the time. Life's too short to be serious all the time." On his new found fame, he added: "I wouldn't say it's completely hard. It gets on you sometimes. It has its ups and downs but I'm just happy with who I'm with. I love her and everything else is whatever." Er, whatever.

DeGeneres also gave the couple a barrage of parting gifts, because they're clearly broke and need all the help they can get. They included nappies emblazoned with the words "Oops... I did it again", and a pram with spinning chrome wheels, neon lights and a Sony DVD player. They also received some anti-paparazzi baseball caps, one for Britney bearing the legend "I'm not Britney Spears," a similar one for Federline, saying "I'm not Kevin Federline" and one for their unborn child which says, "I'm not their baby." Most amusing.

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